Monday, April 27, 2015

BOTOK-BOTOK (a fish and leaves-based spicy delicacy)

Boring je la kan cerita pasal rock2 techno ni semua...
So nari aku nak cerita pasal...

(hereafter this typed as Botok2)

Botok-botok is a delicacy where fish together with lots and lots of different edible leaves and spices and coconut are wrapped in coconut leaves and STEAMED. Eaten with rice. I consider it kind of healthy food due to the lots of traditional green leaves involved. 

Tu hari better half aku nak makan botok2, so meh aku carik, so untuk korang yang dah lama tak makan Botok-Botok atau tak pernah makan...

Let me share with you how aku gi beli Botok2 tu hari..

So aku kebetulan off yang long weekend, so pagi lepas aku abis last kopek kerja malam je aku dah masuk Johor gi terminal Larkin nak naik bas ekpress,
So aku pergi la carik botok2 kat pasar basah,
so aku pergi kedai regular... dia cakap hari ini ada jual, tapi dah abis...Orang KL datang pagi order dan beli semua... (No so Surprising la kan as ni botok2)
ok ok.. so aku carik and carik.. tak susah sangat la carik...

So aku gi gerai2 lain aku masuk dalam pasar la, so aku nampak ada la dalam bakul ada la tinggal berapa bungkus...

So aku beli la berapa bungkusan... masa aku beli tu pun, ada orang lalu tengah beli barang pasar nampak je bungkusan terus cakap " eh ni botok2 eh?", terus ngan lincah dia pun lekas2 beli..

Botok2 ni kan for those not regularly in the know mana nak carik, sesekali, once in a blue moon kalau nampak kat pasar, memang tak hegeh2 la kan, lincah je terus beli.

Makin rare tau botok2 ni...

OK, gerai aku beli ni dia jual satu botok2 harga 7RM.
So gerai yang aku first tanya dia cakap dah abis pagi2 orang dari KL dah beli semua or something like that harganya 8RM. Tak tahu la kan, sama size ke, ikan apa dipakai ke, mana lagi sedap ke? hah...

So gerai yang aku beli ni, yang foto2 ni botok2 dia buat kat PONTIAN. Dah siap then hantar pasar kat Larkin. So memang perjalanan jauh jugak la kan botok2 aku beli ni kan, ada la beratus-ratus KM sebelum dimakan...

Aku tak tahu lak gerai2 lain kat Larkin samada dorang nye botok2 pun buat kat Pontian atau tempat lain atau sama supplier atau lain2.

So kalau korang nak carik botok2 kat Larkin, cuma boleh carik hari Sabtu ngan hari Minggu je, kalau korang gi pasal Larkin hari biasa, aku rasa takde jual...

Tak terkejut la kan, leceh kot buat ni pasal nak carik all the magical daun macam2 daun ye tak nak buat botok2 ni daun ubi, daun kesum , dan apa2 je la daun2 pelik2 aku memang tak tahu nama dan tak kenal bentuk pun, makan aku tahu la.

So botok2 ni tengok la, apa ikan dia kat dalam, so basically kalau korang cerewet pasal ikan, korang buat la sendiri, kalau tak, korang beli je la dan apa pun ikan yang dipakai, korang makan je la...

Anyway, botok2 ni kan ramuan2 nye termasuk ada all those kelapa coconut thingys - santan la, kerisik la, so aku saje je la tanya penjual...

Ye la dah dia dah bilang aku botok2 dia jual buat Pontian, abis aku nak naik bas ekpress lagi kan?
of course aku takut dah rosak kan... or basi gitu...

So dia cakap ok je, siap cakap di gerai dia siap orang dari Ipoh datang beli dan bawak balik Ipoh nak makan Botok2 nye pasal...
On the same day makan elok la kot.. tapi I think makan fresh pagi2 is the best ye tak..

Anyway this botok2 ni very the Jawa-influenced gitu, and its best makan ngan nasik putih, and masa aku kecik2, aku hate makan botok2 pasal tulang2 ikan tu...
So aku kalau botok2 ni aku tak suka makan ikan dia tapi aku suka daun2 ubi/kesum/whatever daun bermacam2 tu, and the rempah..
Rempah dia dan sayur2an dia yang buat best la kan makan botok2 ni.....untuk aku la.

Aku rasa daun sayur2an yang banyak tu aku rasa sangat elok, lagipun very traditional daun2 yang digunakan. Therapeutic gitu, cam korang tahu la melayu kan suka all these ulam2 thingys.

Kira korang bungkak bungkusan botok2 ni apa ada kat dalam tu semua korang makan la kan... cuma of course daun pisang pembalut tu jangan la makan..

contoh hidangan sajian botok-botok ikan yang sesekali makan memang rasa thrill.

So thats about it....

So info yang I think beneficial la untuk korang yang nak makan botok2 atau nak carik mana jual botok2....

kalau sapa korang nak buat sendiri....
Buat la extra berapa bungkusan kasi kat aku... (Rempah lebih)

Thank you in advance. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Maiden United - PHOTOS of how the Vinyl Edition Packaging looks like for Mind The Acoustic Pieces & Across the Seventh Sea albums.

Allow me to express some opinions and a short flashback then its all mostly photo-galore.... ENJOY!!

 - I believed I have quite a decent collection of Tribute Albums on Iron Maiden from different countries bands among my collection, especially the earlier ones. I had stopped collecting them though as there is not much interesting ones among the later tribute albums.

Its always nice to hear other bands interpretations of Maiden with such a vast range of music styles - from the lyrics changing "that we must love all things that SATAN made" (instead of God made) OPERA IX version of Rime Of The Ancient Mariner to the avant-garde-improvisation of SUPERSILENT's Can I Play With Madness.

From the unknown bands from all around the world to big names, such as Dream Theater's JAZZLAND of Gangland. I had the bootleg of that night's performance when they played the whole TNOTB album live. Dream Theater played Gangland TWICE that night!!. I guess maybe the first time they had made some mistakes or some recording problems.
I hope to locate back that live bootleg somewhere in my collection too. LOL!!!
I believe that was the recording that became the DT official bootleg series. I had really forgotten lots of details thru the years.

But without Mike Portnoy, I guess we will never hear the full Piece Of Mind album being played by DT. Its always a choice of TNOTB or POM and DT choose to play TNOTB in full live in a few places where they played two nights at the same location as a treat to the fans. But at least we got To Tame A Land on the Kerrang Magazine CD Tribute.

Anyway, I am very excited on the coming release of the new Maiden uniteD album - Remembrance somewhere next month.

So a photos-packed post of how their first two albums in Vinyl format looks like.

- The 2010 Mind The Acoustic Pieces which the Vinyl Version was released a year or two later with a very nice gesture of discovering my name was printed on the packaging LOL!!! &
- The 2012 Across The Seventh Sea blue-black Transparent vinyl.

Both are delicious gatefolds. Very attractive.

I had previously talk about these two albums in this blog somewhere in 2010 & 2012 when they were first released so I won't talk about it again. If you guys are interested, click under the label/tag Maiden United.. it should be there including the photo of the T-shirt that those who pre-ordered got with the names of the countries printed on the back...

SO lets start with Mind The Acoustic Pieces..

The lobotomised straight-jacketed Eddie has escaped LOL!!!

The gatefold spread Reminds me of one of HANOI ROCKS amazing gatefold.

I really got to blog about HANOI ROCKS one day... I hope soon... LOL!!

but seriously HANOI ROCKS!!!

I always wonder how it would be like if female singers especially Tracy Chapman or Tori Amos cover Maiden songs...

Like I say its a very wonderful gesture Maiden United did with the Vinyl version. At least for me.

Names of Countries... and names of those who pre-ordered when they were coming up with the first album..
I remembered listening to their samples and live versions and really like what I hear so I pre-ordered and its nice those who believe enough to put in the money in advanced being mentioned in the sleeves.

(Which reminds me, Blaze Bailey is without a record-company, he is an Independent now, and his live DVD recording and production was in part helped by the pre-orders of his fans all over the world... and yes, for the I dont know how many times, I am waiting for the Silicon Messiah 15th Years Release... I hope my name is in there too LOL!!!)

Some Raindrops...

Feel It On My Finger Tips
Hear It On My Window Pane
Your Love's Coming Down Like

Wash Away My Sorrow
Take Away My Pain
Your Love's Coming Down Like




The packaging of the Across The Seventh Sea Vinyl..

The Book Of Life is really silent in this photo...Submerged under the sea...

Always love how Acacia Avenue from the futuristic Somewhere In Time album is also submerged underwater....

And finally...

Hope you guys enjoyed the beautiful Maiden United packaging of the first two albums Vinyl version.

Remembrance already have a cool cover artwork...

Yes the music is always the most important, but a nice cover and packaging helps..

I hope one day I can see Maiden United plays...

I love especially the pianos and the hammonds

ok ok I stop now... bye..

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Anthem (Japan) & Maiden uniteD (Netherlands) new "and got me excited" releases coming soon...

Two things that got me excited. One from Netherlands (Holland) and the other from Japan.

Firstly - The new Maiden United or (Maiden uniteD) album is coming soon. Remembrance.

I already got the single, of course LOL!!! (I love their re-interpretations and try to follow their news wherever possible). Here is how the packaging of the first single looks like...

It will be STRANGE WORLD and with the second song an alternate version of THE EVIL THAT MEN DO. Spectacular of course.

This is the Strange World single... Simply Magnificent and wonderful reworking of a personal favourite of mine from the first Iron Maiden album.

I cannot get the Wudstick version of the Evil That Men Do on youtube, so this is the version that appears on their second album Across The Seven Seas..

Untuk korang yang mungkin tak perasan sangat pasal side project ni, Maiden uniteD ni base dorang pemuzik2 Negara Belanda. Berunsur bermain accoustic instruments gitu..

Gitaris dorang ialah Ruud Jolie - Within Temptation.

I will talk more of it next time... and also I think I havent show how the vinyl version packaging of both the previous Maiden United albums looks like...
Its awesome....

Next time...


ANTHEM is coming out with two new releases...

Stupid language barrier. Its very difficult to get news about Anthem as I have zero knowledge of Japanese language and I dont even know where to source for their infos.
I rely a bit on

So the first release in May 2015 will be a Best of - The limited edition has triple disc... From their Victor Label Years 2000 onwards choices of best songs...

The second one Blazing Faith Revisited somewhere in June 2015 will be something like this..


First Blu-ray in 2015 from Anthem features a studio concert, in which current members perform songs in Anthem's first album, and a concert "ABSOLUTE WORLD" held at Shibuya Lamama for their 200 fans. Also includes interview with members, making-of, and more. This edition comes with a live CD featuring the studio live in the Blu-ray.

I tried sampling some of the latest Anthem album with their YUKIO MORIKAWA return as a singer for their latest album...
But... I always prefer Anthem with EIZO SAKAMOTO.

I think EIZO has a bit of metal in his voice compared to YUKIO and personally for me - their latest studio album is a bit less heavy to my ears compared to the EIZO years.
So I never buy it... YET. LOL!!!!!
But I am excited on this Blazing Faith Revisited release. The limited edition has a 2nd live CD... 

I just wonder YUKIO returning means more of the songs from his years are played, and less of EIZO years are played?


I would like to hear YUKIO sings Black Empire LOL!!!  I am still finding out what is EIZO doing now... I got to make a Japanese friend in the internet!! hahahaa...

Akio Shimizu is the best!!!!!
and What is Naota Shibata talking at the end of the song? But it sounds so nice...... I wish Steve Harris also still talks on stage nowadays...

 I think the biggest challenge for me is to find news, get tickets, and backpack all over Japan to see Anthem live on their Japanese Tour... Maybe one day, AFTER IRON MAIDEN IS NO MORE. 
I saw on the Live Unbroken disc documentary there is European Girl (yes a GIRL) speaking in English somewhere in Japan talking about Anthem. I dont know how she got all the infos and tickets in the first place. The fans always look amazing on the videos...


Sunday, April 19, 2015

5 Jam sehari dalam tren/bas/jalan kaki & Latest IRON MAIDEN EXCLUSIVELY MASTERED FOR ITUNES from original analog source - lets begin with the most crucial and triggering my curiosity - the first album

A new Maiden news, even its about them TAKING MORE $$$$$$$MONEY$$$$$$ FROM ME!!! DAMN YOU MAIDEN!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!! LOL!!!  So my usual rants and complaints in Malay language and then in English. So please bear with me.

Ipod Nano on a XPS 13 2015

Buat masa kini, Hari2 atau malam2 yang aku kerja, sekurang2 nak gi kerja aku kena naik mrt (train), bas, jalan kaki ambil masa semua 2 JAM.
Balik tambah lagi 2 JAM. Kalau pergi sana sini, contoh rumah orang tua, berapa jam sehari aku kena jalan kaki, naik bas, naik train. 5 JAM? 6 JAM? so on average every work day or work night senang cakap aku akan spend 5 hours travelling gi kerja balik kerja.

Ini yang hari aku kerja la...
Kalau duduk cramp bontot, kalau diri nak collapse kepala lutut, tapi....Selagi ada rezeki, kerja je la, ENDURE je la... satu hari nanti rezeki abis kat sini, entah tak tahu bila masa terdekat atau jauh lagi masih dapat peluang bekerja di tempat sekarang,
maka kat tempat lain la kita carik rezeki yang lain..

Tu yang hari kerja... tapi kalau hari off day, rest day...berapa jam aku dalam bas ekpress, aku kat TBS, aku naik LRT, jalan kaki...

Jadi masa2  SEPERTI gini aku guna peluang sepenuhnya untuk buat apa aku nak buat, MY PRIVATE TIME!, termasuk mendengar lagu2, band2 dan penghibur yang aku minat.....Sebab tu aku cuba pastikan aku ada alat2 yang sesuai yang akan membantu aku buat apa aku suka buat.. apa yang aku minat dalam masa aku dalam bergerak ni...  ada mp3 player, ada Ipod, mungkin aku nak kena beli satu gadget untuk main FLAC secara portable... (nope aku tak gunakan henpon atau tablet untuk pasang lagu)
I mean, ni passion aku dan aku memang lama betul duk dalam MRT/LRT, bas awam bas ekpress, berjalan kaki jarak dekat, jarak jauh sikit, jarak jauh banyak 1km , 2km, 3km dan lebih...

So aku memang melompat dalam hati bila baca apa STEVE HARRIS sebut tentang dia mastering dari analog tapes album2 studio Iron Maiden dan 2 live albums KHAS untuk Itunes.

Fikiran aku mudah je, Itunes ni walau aku tak suka dan tak sokong product Apple, tapi apa aku fikir Itunes ni untuk orang2 tengah bergerak... So sesuai ngan aku dan cocok untuk aku.

Aku tak boleh lari dari Itunes, pasal kadang2 dorang dapat 1st priority - Contoh - versi Manowar Kings Of Metal MMXIV tu dikeluarkan menerusi Itunes sebulan lebih sebelum album physical.

Adakah aku boleh tunggu? Giler aku dah tak boleh tunggu BRIAN BLESSED (dekni legend - korang yang tengok series BlackAdder tentu tahu betapa legend nye dia) jadi Grandfather ""tell me a story" kat Warriors Prayer MMXIV. Aku kureng ngan Manowar sekarang tapi MMXIV Kings Of Metal memang aku nantikan apa dorang boleh improve dan tak menghampakan walau takde Ross The Boss.

SO jarang2 yang sangat amat, kerana minat aku TERPAKSA mendapatkan product dari Itunes.
Selalu nye 99% of the time, aku prefer RIP 320kbps dari koleksi cd aku. Tapi kali ni aku beri peluang cuba Maiden Mastered for Itunes ni, pasal aku minat Maiden, dan aku memang dengar muzik on the move jadi aku cuba satu dua album dulu.

Jadi album pertama sekali aku dapatkan dari seleksi Iron Maiden Mastering KHAS UNTUK ITUNES ialah tentunya album pertama mereka yang memang dari dulu lagi selalu gembar-gembur rasa kurang puas hati terhadap produksi Will Malone.

Sila baca komen Steve tentang first album ni kat bawah ni kat warna kuning tu...

OK so ni aku nye ulasan first album, dengar ni kat dalam train yang bising, bas yang bising, kaki lima yang bising... (aku pakai headphone... )..

Drums dia... Oooo Clive Burr... trrrrr...trrrrr....trrrrr....  huhu...

Phantom Of The Opera - wahhh memang betul la dari acuan lama dia pakai...  1 saat , 2 saat, 3 saat, 4 saat............, 9 saat, 10 saat - !!Youtorturemebacktothelair!!...

Sanctuary takde. Ni ikut cara pasaran UK 35 tahun dahulu la ye...
Aku rasa NTOTB pun takde Total Eclipse kat mastered Itunes version ni..

Aku fikir...
Berapa banyak kali ni aku dah belanja untuk album pertama Maiden ni?
Bermacam2 versi cd dari first press, different country issues, Jepun nye, dan remastered versions 1998 yang aku terpaksa akui memalukan Maiden sendiri, dan jugak vinyl lain2 pressing lama dan sekarang, dan tentunya zaman sekolah dulu - kaset. Dan ni baru 1st album.

Tapi ni pertama kali aku beli lagu2 Maiden tanpa ada benda (physically) nak pegang kat tangan.
Tapi aku sangat minat mendalam Maiden, dan aku sebagai peminat sanggup berbelanja lagi sekali Itunes ni kerana perkataan keramat ni  - MASTERED FOR ITUNES EXCLUSIVELY FROM THE MASTER ANALOG TAPES.

OK, selain first album, aku sambar Dance Of Death.

Pasal, ni adalah album Maiden yang aku rasa tertekan bila dengar versi studio. Something is wrong gitu.
Nanti la lain kali sambung cerita...



Published: Apr 07, 2015
Parlophone Records (BMG/INgrooves Music Group for the USA) are delighted to announce the release of nineteen IRON MAIDEN catalogue albums which have been Mastered For iTunes (, encoded from 24-bit / 96 khz high resolution masters and now re-mastered with iTunes in mind, delivering the music to listeners exactly the way the artist and recording engineer intended. These are brand new re-masters from their original analogue sources, exclusively produced for iTunes. 

All fifteen studio albums, 2 Best Of compilations and 2 live albums were personally selected by Maiden's founder member Steve Harris for this superior mastering technique : Iron Maiden, Killers, The Number Of The Beast, Piece Of Mind, Powerslave, Somewhere In Time, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, No Prayer For The Dying, Fear Of The Dark, The X Factor, Virtual XI, Brave New World, Dance Of Death, A Matter Of Life And Death, The Final Frontier, Somewhere Back In Time, From Fear To Eternity (2CD), Live after Death (2CD) and Rock In Rio( 2CD)

Steve comments,
"The Mastering For iTunes procedure allows the listener to experience the music as close as possible to the way the artist intended it to be heard.  So of course I was very keen for the Maiden albums to be mastered in this way. The records have been available digitally before, when this medium first became a platform for music distribution but that was mastered with CDs in mind. The iTunes process involves a different approach and it's great to finally deliver the music to our fans in as close to a pure and accurate sound as we could possibly achieve.For example, as most people know, I was never really happy with the sound on the first Maiden album but listening to it now, the guitars are louder, the drums more substantial and the overall tone is so very much improved in my opinion. Tony Newton and Ade Emsley who worked closely with me on the project did a terrific job recapturing everything from the original masters and together we've re- mastered them all digitally and I'm really happy with the results."

Tony Newton adds:
“The process started with locating all of the original album mix tapes (or whichever format they were mixed to). Then the choice of analogue to digital convertor was chosen for the most accurate capture to make it as close as possible to the sound of the mix as it was intended by the band.  When a lot of these tapes were last captured it was in the 1980's, early days of digital and only 44.1khz/16bit files were possible. On top of this the new A/D convertors are far superior now, and of course it is possible to produce files of far higher resolution. The result of this is that the songs now sound more defined with added depth and warmth. I was very excited to be asked to be part of this project, I honestly feel that there is a massive improvement in the quality of these classic albums.”

Fans can download the Mastered For iTunes versions of the albums from April 7th from and learn more about Mastered For iTuneshere.  

As 99% of the time, I only listen to music while I am on the move in the subway trains, public buses, and walking in the streets or anywhere, music in a mobile format is important to me. 
99% of the time it will be something personally ripped by myself from my collection to 320kbps.
So if a AAC Itunes format means I can listen to my favourite band better, then I dont mind buying more and more of the Mastered for Itunes series.

So what I think so far of the Itunes Mastered Iron Maiden selection of albums as chosen and given the master treatment from the original tapes by Steve Harris?

Like I believe most people who will purchase this Itune mastered version, the critical one will be the very 1st album.
My ears wont detect, and I am not a Sound expert but seems I notice more of Clive Burr. Also we got the way Phantom Of The Opera was supposed to be ..... complete with THAT ending.

Everything sound so much smoother when I am listening to these songs on crowded, noisy environments of public transport and streets using headphones, though I guess I need to hear more Itunes Mastered albums to decide better.

I suddenly realised there are a lot of ""sound experts" on the internet once Miaden released this Itunes Mastered series. Its interesting to read that, but for me irregardless, as long as I like it so be it.

I may end up admitting an AAC file from Itunes is simply more suitable for those listening while on the move compared to any self-rip 320kbps rips...
But now I had read some info of a HD files of Maiden being released. So maybe it will be on flac I wont know..

Damn the day I decide I like this band when I was a kid long ago, I think I am going to blow my pocket money on more of the Mastered Itunes albums if not all.
I already got Dance Of Death. I just think its too ponderous the first time around when listening as a 320kbps rip thru headphones.
Hope this will be better.

Lets see how this progress in the next few days and week once I get to listen to more albums.

A Matter Of Live And Death will be interesting as it was never mastered before its release.
plus the Martin Birch years, the non-Martine Birch years , the Kevin Shirley years... the Nigel Green years..
Its nice to return to the happiness, warmth, excitment and self-fulfillment of listening to Maiden after a few months break. LOL!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Heretic - Alive Under SA#AN cd

Salam sejahtera semua, cam biasa aku cakap omputeh kejap then aku cakap melayu panjang lebar bersimpang siur melalut asyik keluar topik k.

I remember I had highlighted clearly on my own personal timetable the time and location for URFAUST, a band I am keen to check out at Hellfest, and I got a surprise when I can see the Heretic logo on stage. I guess its a very last minute arrangement. Never mind, what I understand is that one of the two Heretic bassists plays for Urfaust too. (the slim one)

They are from the Netherlands. Heretic used to be black metal in their early days, but seems they had transformed into Black n Roll. They are also currently described as Metal Sleaze Punk. It don't really matter to me what the description is used, as long as the music is something I enjoy and like, and I have a good time, thats all that matters.

Their latest lineup in Hellfest features two bassist which excites me once they are on stage. I think this is the same lineup that records this CD. It has one new song and the other 7 songs are from a few years ago in an album called Gods Over Humans, Slaves Under Satan.
I really like what I saw and hear, so I am slowly checking out their releases thru the years.

Backcover of this album shows Heretic with THE 666 lightning rig of the Hellfest Temple Stage for 2014 where a brilliant fantastic mix of different style of bands plays. Yes, there are other great bands playing at the Altar Stage, and of course the other 4 stages including the main stages but the Temple Stage was may the one I spend the biggest amount of time and I even sleep at the side on the grass patch when I am tired LOL!!

Foto2 kat bungkusan album 8 lagu ni ialah dari Hellfest tahun lepas.

Bawah Ni ialah foto band Heretic yang aku snap dari tempat aku berdiri. Dua bassist ok dorang dengan lineup terbaru ni. Kum.pu.lan. Be.lan.da. Mula2 aku ingat dorang Jerman.

Sebenarnye aku masa buat jadual waktu persembahan2 aku nak tengok, aku dah pilih nak menengok Urfaust, tiba2 dah tiba time dan pentas dijanjikan rupanya Heretic. Dorang kalau buat pengumuman tukar band last minit pun aku bukan paham kan? haha.

Aku kat sana semua sign language je la..sesama peminat2 sana senyum je la kan...
. Nak berbual Bahasa Inggeris aku rasa aku bastard la kan? . So beli air pun sign language ngan cakap 
bonjour, merci beaucorp , merci beaucorp madeimoiselli kalau pompuan gitu. ahha...Asas sangat bahasa yang aku gunakan..

Bruce Dickinson masa Iron Maiden tengah main pun seluruh show berbual bahasa Peranchis. Aku tak paham tapi aku rasa dia banyak buat kelakar pasal orang semua ketawa2...
Antara lagu, Bruce Kasi laporan  bolasepak France Versus Switzerland nye World Cup kat Brazil pun dia cakap French, happy giler siot orang France, maklum dorang bantai Ze Swiszz teruk kan hari tu 5 - 1 ke hapa ntah...
 so aku rasa lain kali aku dapat gi sana aku nak hentam kromo je la tulis kat kertas berbual French then aku main sembur je la...

kalau dorang tak paham French aku sebut, Aku rasa might as well aku cakap melayu la, dari aku cakap omputeh Inggeris. 
 Sombong dorang ngan English language..


Memang paling cantik design pentas Temple. Ada sejumlah 6 pentas semuanya. Ada 2 pentas utama untuk isi 40,000 peminat. Ada pentas jauh sikit untuk band2 yang jenis peminat2 buat "Wall Of Death"gitu. Aku masih teringat kawan aku kat Pasir Ris tengok Dragonforce kamera dah hilang, 
tu baru Dragonforce kat Pasir Ris tempat berlangsung konsert Pop Yeah yeah dan Flybaits tu hari,, apa lagi wall Of Death kat Hellfest hahaha, 

so lupakan, tengok dari jauhhhhhhhh haha Macam Temple Stage & Altar Stage ni sebumbung bawah satu khemah besar. Nanti video kat bawah ni aku link boleh korang imaginasi kan cammana bawah khemah raksaksa tu.

Selain Heretic ni, antara band2 lain yang bermacam2 ragam aku sempat tengok beraksi kat pentas Temple ni yang ada "lightning rig 666"tu ialah seperti Impaled Nazarene, Equilibrium, Impiety, Skyclad, Destroyer 666, Tsjuder yang tersangat terserlah pro dorang atas stage ngan movement dorang dan stage presence sangat mengujakan aku, Gorgoroth, dan Vried Sognametal dan sebagainya kat pentas Temple ni...Seronok pasal macam2 variety. Errr.... JANJI ROCK gitu. hehe.

Seronok.. aku rasa aku paling banyak masa aku luangkan kat Temple dan Altar stages ni la dalam khemah gergasi ni.
Aku korbankan banyak band2 lain yang beraksi kat pentas2 lain untuk saksikan band2 yang kena main kat ni dua pentas. Menyumpah la apasal banyak sangat band aku nak tengok semua clash aje. Tapi yang ada aku memang miss pasal aku bangun lambat. Skid Row contohnye...baru nak menengok Skid Row main live I Remember You. HAHA. Korang jganan gelak ok, tu lagu aku suka sangat...semua l a first album Skid Row pertama. Tapi aku bangun lambat burn wei... Skid Row lak pagi2 buta dah main. KONGAJAR!! Organiser. OK OK melalut.

Ni youtube salah satu lagu yang jugak ada dalam album ni. Sebenarnya 7 lagu rakam semula ngan lineup terbaru dua bassist ni. Satu lagu baru...
Boleh nampak kat belakang tu Altar nye pentas. So selang seli. Satu band sini, satu band sana, so tengok la cammana.

Aku pernah sekali, abis je band apa ntah main kat pentas Temple. Aku terus  baring dan tidur kat atas rumput kat tepi tu, tidur sampai band apa ntah kat Altar abis, then aku lekas2 ambik tempat tengok balik band yang aku nak tengok kat Temple Stage. Penat ok, tapi syok tidur atas rumput kat tepi2 tu, kat tengah2 tu semua memang dah jahanam dah tanah semua.. Berdebu teruk dalam khemah ni, tak elok untuk kesihatan.
Festival gini dorang, I mean semua orang tak kacau kalau kau kepenatan tidur tapi kadang2 ada sama2 peminat  datang tunjuk concern cek kau ok ke tak, ialah mungkin takut terlampau mabuk ke, pengsan ke, mati ke... paham2 la tempat gini haha.

Giler babi la jadual waktu, contohnye - bayangkan Paradise Lost kena main Altar Stage, dalam masa yang sama Soundgarden main Main Stage. Best nye ialah, berpuluh puluh puluh ribu orang layan Soundgarden kat pentas utama, padalah Paradise Lost tengah main kat pentas kecik gitu depan peminat2 dorang je. Baguslah jugak... Aku boleh rapat sikit ngan Paradise Lost.

Masalah Hellfest ni, confirm banyak band tak dapat tengok. Contoh... Masa Iron Maiden main Main stage, Watain tengah main Altar Stage. Ni belum campur pentas2 lain band2 lain yang tentunya sama hebat sama menarik.
Abis je ni dua beraksi malam pertama, Slayer main pentas kedua, Death (to all) main pentas Altar.
Kau boleh tengok fans yang menegok Iron Maiden main terus macam parting of the Red Sea, ada pergi arah pentas Slayer, ada arah Death.
Giler kan nak pilih?

OK la, nanti aku sambung cerita pasal Heretic ni.
Ni band jangan terkonfius ngan band Thrash Metal Amerika dulu2 tu. Heretic negara Holland ni memula memang lagu2 dorang Black Metal gitu. Tapi cam aku cakap kat atas, peredaran zaman dan muzik dorang pun bertukar...

Aku suka lagu ni...  ni versi kat album Alive Under Satan.

OK kat album ni,
dapat CD, dapat liriks dan belakang liriks ialah poster gitu...
foto2 kat album ni semua memang dari Hellfest la. OK la, buat kenangan gitu untuk aku. haha.

akhir kata, Belinda Carlisle Rules!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

MAKANAN kat kedai dan masak sendiri tapi bukan aku, aku cuma tukang makan (last episode Exploring England)

Ok, last episode.

Tak banyak cerita la, aku kalau start cerita tak boleh stop.. tonggang langgang posting. Apa tu? Darsil komen? - "bersimpang siur"? haha. Korang kena paham aku buat blog ni semua kadang2 pakai word pad je, mana2 ada masa walau kat mana aku berada, aku buat sikit2, pasal idea kadang2 datang banyak nak mengomel cerita2 pasal benda2 duniawi yang aku passionate sangat, dan dah tu bila ada tenet, aku upload foto, wahhh publish. Then tersengih sendiri.. bangga maklum aku lemah I.T.

Errmmm... Maaf makanan2 nye foto kat Oxford dan Portsmouth takde lak. Lupa nak snap gitu. LUPA=KEBULURTAKINGATDUNIA.
TAPI makanan nasik beryani nasik minyak gitu kat satu kedai kecik kat OXFORD tu sedap giler.

Aku really la, penuh dengan giler2 nye recommendation kat korang, ada chance pergi Oxford, macam aku cakap, naik je bas express pagi2, malam2 balik keluar Oxford. Aku tak tipu... gerek... kita gi time Winter..
Tapi korang jangan tunjukkan kebodohan macam aku, selenger bacin masuk kawasan Oxford aku tercarik2...mana dia university Oxford ni?  bodoh nye aku...

Makanan2 kat kawasan Hackney, Dalston dan masak sendiri kat rumah orang yang kita duduk tu pakai airbnb dan jugak tengah2 kota London jugak, dan makanan dalam plane satu foto... Gitu la ENJOY.

Ni contoh2 mana yang sempat disnap foto bila makan2 luar kat kawasan East London - Hackney ni...  sana nasik jarang sangat ok jumpa kat kedai.. Mati akal ok kalau korang jenis lapar nasik macam aku.

Aku pun dah lupa nama la, tapi mostly daging, ada satu tu ikan tu... So aku most of time makan ikan la, muak la daging jenis kebab2 gitu...

Ni pulak kat Dalston - ni yang korang jalan kaki dari Hackney korang boleh sampai..
yang aku dah cerita tu hari banyak kedai2 murah2...
pasal yang pergi sini semua ialah orang2 tempatan di East London tu semua...

ni ambik dari dalam kedai Turkey ni, sana kat Dalston, korang jalan kaki kan tepi jalan korang perasan ada jugak la beberapa kedai makanan Turkey semua sebaris gitu.... cam ni tempat port dorang kot.

KFC yang aku nampak semua halal.. Maksud aku bukan tulis jawi "ha lam alip lam" tapi dengan sijil2 pengesahan dari organasasi2 Muslim disana.
YANG AKU NAMPAK AJE OK!! (tak semestinya semua ye tak?) kat Hackney (East London) dan jugak di tengah kota London tempat ALDGATE EAST - ni yang tempat korang nak pergi tengok Jack The Ripper nye lorong2 gelap dan hitam pada waktu malam yang aku dah cerita tu hari...


Macam aku dah cerita2 tu hari... kat kawasan Hackney, kat kawasan Upton Park ni semua,

Kira ni semua kawasan EAST LONDON, pasal macam aku cakap kita tidak duduk kat tengah2 bandaraya kota London, so kita basically duduk tinggal seminggu gitu macam penduduk tempatan, so basically dapat shopping dan makan2 dan jalan2 kat kedai2 yang dorang orang tempatan pergi,
so memang menarik la termasuk jugak dari segi makanan..

Macam aku cerita kat TESCO HACKNEY Central, dah macam kat Mustafa ok dorang punye halal section.
Dan macam aku cerita dorang nye daging halal siap tulis äda la ayat dia lebih kurang "All our meat are prepared based on guidelines of the Al-Quran and the Sunnah".

Aku tahu ada melayu kan suka gunakan perkataan KAFIR!! KAFIRR!!! ini semua kan?

Sudah2 la, jangan sangka kita melayu dan tempat kita duduk tinggal ni semua kita boleh berdabik dada bangga...
Sebenarnye bila tengok cammana semangatnye dan kuatnye iman mereka orang Islam yang duduk minoriti, then korang realise kita melayu is nothing..

Nanti satu hari nanti aku nak buat blog title "Kenapa Orang Melayu suka nah guna perkataan Dayus dan Kafir dalam konteks perbualan seharian dan takde kena mengena dengan perbincangan ilmiah? Adakah words ni lagi banyak kita guna lagi tunjukkan kita ni TRUE?"" ni maksud aku dalam perbualan harian dan konteks kehidupan harian bukan perbincangan agama yang berunsur Ilmiah dan fokus.

ok ok ni ada foto recycled dari post lepas, so ni contoh2 kedai2 daging, kedai2 ikan, macam kedai2 daging halal ni semua aku tengok kat Upton Park dah malam pun masih bukak....

So macam kedai2 runcit gitu... jual barangan seharian kalau malam2 pun masih bukak so no hal la korang nak beli apa2 je la barang harian..

So korang boleh masak2 la.... contoh2... nasik, ikan goreng, ayam goreng, spagetti, pasta, telur ngan roti...

contoh hidangan kat meja kecik tu can fits 4 but impossible la kan, so basically korang duduk atas lantai or whatever atas tilam or whatever je la......or gilir2 or whatever je la...

So basically, its all about balance ye tak?

balance dalam perbelanjaan..   ingat kita mengembara, travelling so mesti la nak kena ada balance. kalau korang berpegangan konsep melancong...tourist gitu... entah eh, tak tahu sama ke tak cara pemikaran nye.. Aku rasa lain...

ni sebahagian stock... aku pun kagum tengok stok gini , roti malaysia tu wei...

Macam aku dah cerita, apa tak abis dan tak perishable macam beras, minyak masak, sabun basuh baju washing machine, semua kita tinggalkan je kat rumah tu, sapa lepas tu nak pakai, pakai la...

Ermmm... of course la kita tak jangpeng sangat ok...

masa ronda2 kota bandaraya London makan jugak... ok la, kena pilih kedai ye tak... sekali2 boleh la kan.. Kotaraya London tengah2 tu memang la up sikit kan.

contoh sempat disnap..

aku rasa aku mintak brocolli tapi tengok cam asparagus ke aku tak tahu cakap speaking London ke aku yang tak tahu tengok sayur ke sayur omputeh lain dari sayur kita..

ok ok,

aku nak komen sikit macam beli barang ni semua... cam aku cakap korang nak beli baju harian, boxers whatever semua aku cakap kedai Primarks kan?

ok cam aku kasi contoh cam air ni kan? ni kat airport ok 3 pound ok Hot Chocolate LARGE. airport/Large beverage. 3 pound.

Korang jangan tukar matawang ok, tapi korang tengok angka nombor tu.

Ni macam kat Msia mineral water RM1, kat Spore satu botol S$1 gitu..
So cam...

korang tahu tak kat sana aku tengok2 ok kerja kosong... apa aku tahu dorang nye transit nak pakai ramai orang...
pengangkutan awam gitu...
So macam.... fikir2.. patut la ada orang gi negera Omputeh ni semua kerja.. paham tak apa aku nak cakap?? Serious berbual ni..

OK, ermm kalau Emirates Stadium pakai jaket kuning nye jaga2 kat tepi padang masa game tu? hahh tu boleh buat part time kan?
Lagi kalau kerja shift work in duit omputeh..... wahhh BERANGAN MAT JENIN!!!!!

Aku pernah cerita tak masa aku tengok Iron Maiden kat Perth dulu tu...

Ada satu orang Singapore kerja kat kedai jual Souvenir kat Freemantle. Ni kat Freemantle la ni,

Dia sudah offer aku suruh kerja Cleaner kat Food Court kat Freemantle tu...

Aku serious tengok food court dia bersih siot. Korang pahamlah Omputeh ni konsep lepas makan macam kat Mekdi, dorang clear tray sendiri, tak macam kita berkecah macam kat Pasar Tekka.

Dah tu, kan apa aku tahu dorang ada Minimum Wages. Aku ada give a sserious thought on it ok..

OK kan? aku dah melalut. Ni word sapa pakai tu hari? Speedrider... haha. Melalut...

ok ok back to the story...  Ni tu jam pasal aku gi tengok Queen main kat London O2 kan so aku nye schedule memang lari sikit starting travelling ni ngan love ones aku..

So ni aku kat kawasan mana eh Aku was2 la korang halal ke tak, so aku ambik vegetarian meal

tak boleh abis la... aku tak reti makan.. mungkin aku tak kebulur sangat kot? kalau aku kebulur... haha.

OK OK ni ada cerita sikit...

aku ni jarang2 la naik kapalterbang...tapi tu hari pergi naik MAS tau gi Heathrow.


So korang tahu apa dorang hidang?? nasik ngan ikan asam pedas la korang... Serious.. ok ok bukan ikan pari.. tapi asam pedas...kuah pedas...
Korang tahu tak? Aku betapa happy giler....


TAKDELAH SEDAP SANGAT...  HAHAHA (portion ikan dia besarr.)

tetapi..its  still nasik dan ikan asam pedas ok, makan kat aeroplane tengah terbang kat sky.

Aku cam. unsangkarable,..biar betik... tapi biar betik happy punye la...

OK la, katalah aku takkan dapat naik Flight 666 ED FORCE ONE yang Bruce jadi Pilot untuk fanclub members pergi specific show Maiden,

aku rasalah, naik flight yang aku cakap ni dapat makan nasik putih ngan ikan asam pedas adalah satu pengalaman yang paling best la dalam aku naik flight hahaa....

Buat apa kan kalau aku katalah, aku dapat duduk first class atau business class tapi makan makanan omputeh??  CEHHH AYAT DENGKI....

ok ok aku stop...


p.s - Thats all, till next time kita gi travelling or jikalau ada rezeki lebih aku akan backpack sorang diri FOR MY IRON FUCKIN MAIDEN Live experiences.

Semua yang travelling kita kali ni Winter Time sejuk giler duduk kat Hackney, pergi naik express bus tengok OXFORD yang tersangat sangat aku kagumi pasal best giler, naik keretapi pergi Portsmouth, dan apa je la pasal trip ni kali..sila pergi sini.... atau tengok scroll kat post nye bulan2 lepas gitu.
adalah dalam 8 episodes gitu..