Thursday, December 1, 2016

Phil Collins - The Singles (3cd version) - dan mengapa aku rasa dia ni hebat sangat karier muzik dia.

Salam & Greetings.
A bit in Malay and then in English.

Recently released Phil Collins The Singles. This is the 3cd version. (There is a 2cd version also.)

Mungkin untuk sesetengah orang Phil Collins ni ialah seorang penyanyi popular dengan lagu2 nya dimainkan di radio.
Tapi, aku suka Phil Collins ni bukan sahaja lagu2 dia banyak yang gerek2...

tapi.. sikit lebih kurang macam gini la ye...

Masa dia muda2, dia mula2 di ambil jadi pemain drum kumpulan GENESIS. Tapi dia bukan ahli original.
Dan GENESIS ni, masa zaman STEVE HARRIS muda2, dia akan pergi tengok GENESIS main "live". Jadi, memang IRON MAIDEN ni pengaruh progressif dan "time changes" dorang banyak pengaruh dari band2 macam GENESIS dan JETHRO TULL.

Dan Phil Collins ni, selepas dari zaman Genesis, walau jadi artis solo, penyanyi solo, tapi dia tetap bermain drum, 
dan bila LED ZEPPELIN bergabung untuk Live Aid, dan selepas kematian JOHN BONHAM, tak lain tak bukan, drummer yang dipilih Led Zeppelin untuk main bersama dorang ialah Phil Collins.
dan jugak Phil Collins juga ialah pemain drum untuk ERIC CLAPTON.
Dan memang dorang banyak bekerjasama dan kalau korang dengar kat radio lagu "I Wish It Would Rain Down", lagu sayu sangat romantik tu, semua guitar solo ialah Eric Clapton nye kerja dan lagu juga melahirkan Music Video yang antara aku paling terbaik dan terhebat dalam sejarah aku tengok mana2 muzik video.
Dan jugak, bila kumpulan QUEEN yang tinggal dan aktif iaitu Brian May & Roger Taylor main dan perlukan Roger Taylor tampil ke depan nyanyi pasal FREDDIE MERCURY DAH MATI KAN??, maka bangku drums akan diisi oleh Phil Collins.

Jadi.... memang DAHSYAT la dekni. TERDAHSYAT DARI LADANG.

Muzik2 dia kan, memang tak tahu nak fokus mana satu, ini serupa macam kalau aku dengar TOTO. Dan macam aku pernah cakap, kalau aku tak tahu kewujudan Iron Maiden, maka TOTO adalah band terbaik dan paling aku kagumi dan antara band paling menakjubkan aku pernah tengok main.

Anyway, kalau perasan, pemain bass bagi Phil Collins seperti Gandalf (ala... yang famous macam Gandalf tu, dan jugak Nathan East, kedua2 bermain bagi Phil Collins dan jugak bermain untuk TOTO.
Jadi ni bukan satu kebetulan je kan?

Aku tak pernah tengok Phil Collins main live, aku pun tak tahu cammana kalau gi tengok dia main live nak tengok sapa.. haha.
Dahsyat segala pemuzik2 dan penyanyi2 latar Phil Collins.

Drumset dan percussion set je sekurang2 nye ada tiga set complete atas pentas.


Ni contoh dia main live... drum solo, lepas tu dah mengah2 terus nyanyi lagu SOMETHING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO HEAVEN.

Dia termengah2 tu ok, tapi suara maintain giler sedap... Dan tengok dia punya band kalau main live, tak giler babi tu band pemuzik dan penyanyi latar dia...
AMAZING la cakap kan...

Dan ni ialah video klip aku minat sangat... JALAN CERITA VIODE MUZIK DIA SANGAT SEDIH.

Aku kalau sedih2, nanti aku tengok video lagu ni, lagi aku sedih...
video ni 8 minit,
pasal permulaan pemain drum dia yang kulit hitam tu cuma jadi pencuci pentas. Tengah mop lantai...
Sedih giler ok, siot nye tuan Producer. 

Ni kira loser nye song la. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Kalau korang tengok video clip ni menampilkan personaliti dan pemuzik yang mungkin korang tahu.

Phil Collins...

What can be said that has not been said??

I think he is one of the best ever musician, songwriter, singer, entertainer...

I have always like him, and his music will continue...

I hope one day to explore more his time with GENESIS, and also his less known songs on all his solo albums...

Unfortunately I have never seen him or his wonderful band (irregardless who is the musicians he choose) play live.

Maybe one day. I am sure I dont know who to look out for on stage. Just like watching TOTO. LOL!!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Ritchie Blackmore's RAINBOW Live In Germany Memories In Rock - Japanese Pressing Blue Ray + 2cd (with additional songs Japan version only)

Assalamualaikum and Greetings Everyone
Wherever you are.

I hope this will be a short post but knowing me, I will stray completely out of topic usually LOL!.
As usual first in my broken uneducated incoherent English Language followed by my market-street-lingo style  Bahasa Melayu Pasar Malay Language.
I will try to have different contents, so its good to know both languages. LOL!!

Much has been talked by me in this blog, as I was at the first night Loreley Germany show.

The fireworks was amazing during Smoke On The Water in Loreley.
A photo of that situation is at the back of the booklet of the version packaging that I have.

My review of the first night in LORELEY for you who have not read it and the photos of the first night show in an amazing place, with and amazing performance and fans coming from all over the world is here plus opening bands is linked here.

I also add some info on how I managed to get to Loreley and spent a few days besides the Rhine River at Sank Goar and exploring villages and towns along the fearsome river.

Anything and everything else Deep Purple/Rainbow related , boxsets, deluxe released, magazines, Japanese pressings and whatever is all under this label..

Anyway, this are some photos from the packaging.
The Japanese Pressings of the Blue Ray + 2cd versions besides having additional songs also have as usual a Obi Strip and also another booklet in white which has Japanese texts and also on the seperate Japanese booklet contains all the SETLISTS for the three nights that Rainbow 2016 version played - LORELEY, STUTTGART and also BIRMINGHAM. That means 2 nights in Germany and 1 night in England.
The Japanese booklet looks interesting but sorry, I have no idea at all what is printed.

Anyway, Rainbow of the year 2016.
Probably the very final Rainbow lineup ever.

And I will say again and again. This is a Ritchie Blackmore band. He do as he pleases all his career and he won't start pleasing anyone now.

He can choose who he likes, and who are we all to complain and be bitter about it just like Joe Lynn Turner? Well, at least Joe Lynn Turner is a somebody. LOL!!

So I will just roughly says what I like about this release, and whats the special about the Japanese Pressings of this release.

So as can be seen,

All the video footages and audios only come from the Monsters Of Rock events of Loreley and Stuttgart.
Bietigheim Bissingen is the actual place, but then I discover its at Stuttgart so lets call it Stuttgart.
Stuttgart being a famous Bundesliga football club, so its easier for identification and familiarisation process.

The Confusion that causes me to decide to go for the better content Japanese Version is -
The Blue Ray that I have has this footage as the intro showing the River Rhine and vicinity of Loreley
Pomp & Circumstances (Loreley)

The blue ray and audio cds have the exact following just for a start because then it becomes complicated -
Over The Rainbow & Highway Star (Loreley)
Spotlight Kid (Stuttgart)
Mistreated (Stuttgart)
16th Century Greensleeves (Stuttgart)
Since You Been Gone (Stuttgart)
Man On The Silver Mountain (Loreley)
Catch The Rainbow (Loreley)
Difficult To Cure (Loreley)

Perfect Strangers (Stuttgart)
Stargazer (Loreley)

Long Live RnR (Stuttgart)
Child In Time (Stuttgart)
Black Night  (Stuttgart)
Smoke On The Water (Stuttgart)

- In addition I think all pressings has a Bonus of
Spotlight Kid (Loreley)
Man On The Silver Mountain (Stuttgart)

Long Live RnR (Loreley)
Stargazer (Stuttgart)

and this where the difference start
the Japanese pressings of the blue ray and cds
have additional of following
Since You Been Gone (Loreley)
Catch The Rainbow (Stuttgart)

So its really a good value for money.. 

buts Its very confusing really everytime Japanese Pressing has this extras on any rock or metal band releases.

More photos

- The video is beautifully shot, with lots of very nice angles especially of Loreley and the Rhine River vicinity...
- Lots of different angles that I like
- Every band member is fairly featured in the videos and have close ups shots and also enough time on the videos for us to enjoy their playing and touches.
- The Drummer is wearing a Depeche Mode tshirt for the 2nd night in Stuttgart I realise on watching the blue-ray.
Now this is someone with great taste. (I am so excited for the new release of DM).

- nice shots of the audience showing lots of people of different age groups which is awesome..
- the sound is superb, I like what I hear too.
- Ronnie James Dio \m/    \m/ sign is seen alot during the shows of course.
As long as Rock and Metal music is alive, his hand sign will go on and on, on and on...

- As expected of a Ritchie Blackmore band, (being it Deep Purple or Rainbow),
in just two nights of back to back shows of their very first two ever shows together and there are plenty of variations and improvisations to please the fans of these two bands.

So its a really value for money to purchase these official releases.
And for those who were there a wonderful momento.

I am so pleased to hear the performance and variations of the second night, and especially Stuttgart has an extra song of 16th Century Greensleeves, which has Ritchie Blackmore wandering of to a another dimension.

After all these slaggings from the internet critics who did not attend the events but has so much garbage to throw at the Rainbow 2016 and Ritchie himself,
I watch the video, and I still find happy people, happy singalong fans in the audience, exactly like I was there,
I never see any unhappy faces, I never hear any Booing when I was there, and again just look at the videos everyone was clapping and having a good time

and yet on the internet, quite a few very bitter people who keep slagging of RB and his band, even the choice of songs..
And please its incredible people are slagging a 71 year old man with Arthritis problem, who just had a finger operation before the Loreley show, who had not played these rock songs for 20 years, and had choosen a completely new band with an unknown singer,  and surely the whole world knows what to expect once the drummer and bassist for the new lineup is announced, and his words he just want to play some rock music,  and on their first two shows ever.

I think respect would be nice after all the happiness that he had brought to us all with Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmore's Night and also all the family tree that leads from the first two bands into Whitesnake and Dio and whatever other bands and musicians.

I mean, people have to stop being bitter in life. Please.
A reminder to myself this one and to all you
bitching fuckers out there.

Just enjoy the moment because nothing last forever. Even Ritchie Blackmore.

And Lets see how good you are when you are 71. LOL!!
Maybe you cannot even stand up. So there.
Its weird because if you want a RB of your dreams, you can always have your music collection or memories.

Thats all, if I get the photobook version of this release, I will show it in this blog also.

Lastly some snapshots I took while watching the video...

awesome shots of Loreley mountain top with the Rhine River besides it and awesome ships passing thru..
I stayed at the small tiny town/village opposite called Sank Goar. SUPERB place for travelling and backpacking and exploring this section of the Rhine River.

Ok la apa aku nak cakap aku dah cakap...

Untuk peminat2 Rainbow zaman Ronnie James Dio terutama nya, terbaik la kan Ronnie Romero dapat dijumpai oleh Candice Night melalui youtube (ni sebijik kes si Ariel Pirno penyanyi Filipino tu yang ditemui oleh Neal Schon melalui youtube dan akhirnya menjadi penganti Steve Perry dalam kumpulan Journey.

Terus terang la kan, aku cakap penyanyi terbaik untuk jadi penyanyi Journey tetap Joey Belladona dari kumpulan ANTHRAX. Mesti gempak ok Joey Belladona masuk kumpulan Journey.

Tentu Neal Schon dan pernah tengok Joey Belladona bawak lagu2 Journey lam youtube pe. haha.

Apa pun rilisan ni, untuk la terbaik dari ladang...   pasal kalau Ritchie Blackmore ambil sapa2 penyanyi yang lepas, konfem takde sapa boleh bawak lagu zaman Dio,
jadi tetap kena ambil penyanyi yang boleh nyanyikan lagu2 zaman Dio,
dan memang handal Ronnie Romero boleh bawa lagu2 yang waktu ni Ian Gillan dalam Deep Purple pun dah tak mampu bawak, seperti Child In Time.

Jadi kalau korang nak beli rilisan ni, aku rasa bagus la. Pasal seleksi lagu nya ialah lagu2 popular yang dikenali ramai,
contoh macam Catch The Rainbow, dua2 malam pun terbaik..
dan Stargazer terutama malam Loreley, cam aku cakap kat blog post aku dulu...
Dreams Come True untuk aku...
pasal malam tu Stargazer nye ending sebijik cammana aku nak... tak berhenti, diteruskan diteruskan diteruskan.......

dan jugak boleh dengar inpretasi Ritchie Blackmore dan bagaimana dia nak lagu2 berkumandang ikut selera dia dalam tahun 2016 ni.

Terus terang cakap la kan, pergi tengok Deep Purple main dengan Steve Morse, aku rasa aku dah tengok Steve Morse main dengan Deep Purple dah 5 kali kot, kat Hellfest pun aku dah tengok dorang main tapi solo Highway Star tu kan, betapa live dan jugak kalau kita tengok  dalam youtube macam2 handalan hebat kan, tapi cuma satu orang je la yang boleh buat mata rasa berair, hahaha.....
iaitu bila Ritchie Blackmore solo lagu ni.... 
rasa macam ok, segalanya worth it.

Dia kalau buat persembahan tambahan tahun 2017 dengan gunakan nama RAINBOW, aku speku dia akan main sepenuhnya lagu2 Rainbow sahaja. 
dan tentu KILL THE KING akan berkumandang buat kali terakhir.

Walau aku tak konfiden Rainbow sekarang ni akan bawak Light In The Black..



Cehhhh Asyik Puji Metallica je skarang kan. hahaa.

Monday, November 21, 2016

18th November- Metallica & Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow keluarkan new releases - I still don't have the hardcopies of the releases, but still I can talk about them...

Salam semua pembaca sekelian, 
Kita tinggalkan rock melayu dengan Sweet Charity dan kembali ke rock omputeh, kasi aku cakap Omputeh versi Pecah Rumah dulu, then aku berbual cakap Melayu Pasar k.

Hi All,
I ordered the new Metallica thru and while waiting for the cds to arrive ( I choose the cheapest general mail option so it will be slow.. LOL!!),
I am entitled to the Digital Download version too on the 18th November.
So yesterday, its a Sunday, I was going to work on public transport, on board the subway train, its the first I begin listening to the album properly. (USING HEADPHONES).

I nearly got a nervous breakdown listening to the first six songs of this album. I know its supposed to be good, but I didn't anticipate it would be this amazing.
By the surprising time changes of the 6th song... Halo On Fire. I was on fire.

I stopped listening. I dont want the thrill of excitment spoiled the rest of the listening.
Till today.. I had only listen to the first Eight Songs. LOL!!!

I will do so probably later. My proper first time listening is usually by Headphones, and when I am on the public bus, or the trains. So I can focus. LOL!!

So maybe this new album Hardwired To Self-Destruct could be my favourite album by Metallica. Maybe I rate it as the best Metallica album.

Its not groundbreaking, I am duly reminded of stuffs like Leper Messiah and such, but I love it.

I have no problems with Nostalgia.. I mean I enjoy Maiden's History Tours, but I always like the bands I like to be fresh and refresh , and continuously thrilling, and making new music and playing new music.
If the bands I like are afraid to play new music just because the fans ask for the old, then the new songs will never be a classic.

And I do not want the bands I like to become a cabaret act, and keep recycling the same old and same old..
BLACK SABBATH really have a failed opportunity on this their final tour. No 13 songs.
Yes, I like the old songs, yes, most of the times, I do know the lyrics to sing along least the chorus, but at least one or two newest songs would make it fresh but alas, no.

I hope Metallica plays the WHOLE album LIVE (because I think the first 8 songs I had listen to properly, are all awesome and I am sure the rest are equal)when they come to Singapore in January and I hope to be there.

I will talk more the next time, when I got the physical cds.


On the same day 18th November, RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW LIVE IN GERMANY was released.
I am trying to get the Japanese Version as due to the extra songs, and also the Photo Book. LOL!!

I kind of indulged myself as I was at the show in Loreley, the first night.

There is this sample out, ITS LORELEY footage for THE MAN ON THE SILVER MOUNTAIN.

I am standing somewhere in front section Man In Black side. LOL!!

Amazing camera angles, its really worth it for me to backpack by myself to this place, its bloody awesome, and an amazing experience to travel by trains and ferry with the only German word I know is "danker" and see these spectacular Loreley / Sank Goar/ Sank Goarhausen, especially its the Muslim Month of RAMADHAN. Something very memorable for me.

Check out all the Ronnie James Dio sign  \m/   \m/   after the solos and till the end of the songs by the audience and the this Ronnie Romero guy.

And let me say again, Man In Black is 71 Years Old, He never played rock and these songs for nearly 20 years, he is suffering from that bone problem Arithris or something, he just had a finger operation on his left hand,
AND in advance he announced the drummer and bassist..

AND still you all think it will be a heavy metal or heavy rock presentation?

Please continue to daydream of the Late Great Cozy Powell or Ian Paice ok?


My review was here...

Thanks to the 2000 people (from all over the world) who had click this review from all over the world,
It kinds of gives me find funny as I never link my blog or posting or promoting it and you all still found it thru google or words of mouth.

I kind of want to revamp this blog, and yes, I owe a gentleman the SCORPIONS SINGAPORE bootleg... LOL!!. I try to get it done, I was talking on the bootleg, and its horrible, so I kind of edit my talking and my voice. LOL!!

I WILL review the Japanese Pressings and the Photo book once I got them.

Thats all...
Belinda Carlisle Still Rules

Hi Semua, sekarang kita tukar cenel tiga pulak.

OK, so aku start dengar Metallica cuma hari Ahad je...

Aku ada la tengok sikit yang Mayhem nye video clip tu tapi aku takde time nak mendangok depan Youtube tengok satu2 video. Lagipun aku tak minat.
Aku suka dengar lagu bukan tengok, pasal aku orang zaman dulu. Muzik is guna telinga.


So hari Ahad, aku gi kerja, so aku start dengar, dalam keretapi.. Pasang Headphone...


Aku cakap nak pekik dalam MRT " MAKKAO!!! METALLICA BARU GEREK NAK MAMPOS!!"

Lepas lagu ke enam aku stop dengar, tadi aku jalan kaki gi kedai, aku pasang dengar lagu dua lagu pakai headphone.
Aku dah dengar semua 8 lagu gerek nak mampos..

Time changes Halo On Fire.... DAHSYAT................... Aku sudah sangkut.


OK, atas tu lagi satu, aku gezekkan dari youtube, Rainbow nye video, ni persembahan dari LORELEY.. untuk lagu Man On The Silver Mountain.
Live Video ni nanti banyak dari Stuttgart nye show, tapi Loreley pun ada la...
Aku highly rekemen sapa nak backpack, atau nak travel, korang gi kawasan SUNGAI RHINE ni... Gagah perkasa sungai ni.. dan tempat2 dia, kampung2 dia semua lawa...

Ada kadang2 show kat Loreley ni.. so aku highly rekemen.

Korang tengok video bila Ronnie Romero tanya " Whos the Man On The Mountain ",
Semua buat DIO nye SIGN..

Lawa video ni... aku ada la diri kat bahagian2 depan belah kanan, hahaha...
Yang Metallica pun aku beli tiket paling murah kan? Tapi tetap tiket sebelah kanan jugak...

HAHA, Kirk Hammett, aku kureng la bassist tu buat kangkang2 macam gorilla... ahha... Rob Trujilo eh nama dia kan? HAHAHA.. Tapi dia dahsyat ye album ni... 

And please la..... kalau aku kasi Middle Finger adakah aku maki??

Yes, Omputeh Middle Finger tu maki ye kot? Tapi mungkin melayu kalau middle finger tu mungkin apa khabar??

Melayu ok Melayu...

Tapi kalau aku buat ni \m/  \m/   adakah aku sembah Setan?

Tak aku cuma rock je, tu sign rock... Britney Spears pun nak jadi rock, so biarlah dia buat jugak.


OK Nanti sambung...

Friday, November 18, 2016

yaahhh!! aku complete akhirnya beli cd2 Sweet Charity cetakan terbaru secarai curai-curai.

Hi Semua

Errr ingat nak cerita pasal kucing, ye la hari Jumaat. (Muahahahaa!! MUAAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!) - harap aku tak kena sambar petir

Aku kejap2 masuk email, cek nak donlod Metallica baru, takde je... ye la Amerika kan lambat waktu dorang banding ngan kita.

OK... Saje je nak bilang aku kan beli cd-cd Sweet Charity yang cetakan terbaru tu curai-curai. (WAHHHHH MELAYU AKU SEMAKIN DAHSYAT AKU BERANI PAKAI haha)
So bila tu hari tengok blog korang semua, wahhhhh ada boxset kan aku macam tertanya2 mana korang dapat?

So aku masih tak tahu cammana nak dapat box tu... tapi tak mengapa... akhirnya beli curai2.. pun dapat penuh koleksi...

BERITA GEMPA is at the kedai already...

So... Aku happy la...

Kejap foto...

OK, nanti aku cerita2 la aku pun dah tak tahu apa aku nak cerita tapi aku nak cerita nanti satu benda yang satu2nya benda yang aku belum cerita, sepanjang dengar Sweet Charity,
dari zaman kecik2 nyanyi lagu Bulat-Bulat,
dari zaman dengar cerita abang abang lobang, cammana zaman Sweet Charity main ngan Black Dog Bone kat zaman National Theater ke hapa tu yang dipanggil zaman TIKET DAUN, hingga aku sendiri, dah kerja, dah boleh tengok dorang main kat KL, kat Singapore...

Yang kat KL nye show, aku try something pengsi la, - aku suruh dorang sain Pelarian nye CD cover, lepas tu following year kat Singapore nye show, kekurangan sain kat bahagian lirik Pelarian nye CD pulak (kira aku buat front and back) pasal dah meninggal and all that la...
ok, fast game...

sebenarnya takde benda sensasi pun, cuma pemerhatian aku je la sebagai peminat dan bayar tiket tengok dorang main....

Nanti aku cerita lain kali dan aku akan stanby kena lahar hahaha

Sunday, November 13, 2016

GHOST Meliora "REDUX" - (2cd with Zenith & Popestar EP)

LETS GIVE METALLICA A REST FOR NEW ALBUM AND START OF THEIR NEW ALBUM TOUR IN ASIA JANUARY 2017. (I think this is the best album since ...ajfa so I pre-ordered the triple cds version, (and I am going to get the digital versions at midnite of release LOL!!).

finally the conclusion to my intended Ghost trilogy postings.
Lets take a look at Meliora their 3rd studio album.
lets specifically take a look at MELIORA REDUX and I show the full packaging for those who have not seen it especially the artworks. Seems this time not so controversial unlike the artworks for the second albums inlets where printing companies are not wanting to print the inner booklet and such.

As usual I will talk cock in English first, and then talk cock in Malay Language Bahasa Melayu later.
As usual I try to make the contents slightly different so its good to know both languages, albeit the street market uneducated vulgar incoherent versions. LOL!!

Meliora Redux content are two cds.

- the first cd is the Meliora album PLUS the song ZENITH. Meliora was released in 2015 originally.
As we all know Zenith is very difficult to find on any official CD pressing. So on Meliora Redux at last we can the song Zenith on an official CD for Ghost fans who wants an original physical copy.

- the second cd is the POPESTAR EP. Containing one newer Ghost song and 4 cover versions.

With this Redux release, I can safely say possibly MELIORA is the second best rock album of 2015 behind Maiden's Book Of Soul.

A short review.

-Meliora is a consistent album with great songs from start to finish. Pinnacle to the Pit, Mummy Dust are heavy like fuck, and MAJESTY is simply a MAJESTIC song with a MAJESTICAL intro.

-He Is, is like the slow rock song of the year. LOL!
And all the songs are great, no need to skip any song on listening.

and of course the first single from Meliora - Cirice is still an unknown meaning. Seems its an old word for a church? LOL!!

-While POPESTAR, Square Hammer is a very catchy song, addictive happy song with an addictive chorus and the 4 covers songs, with the known name of Eurythmics and Echo and Bunnymen, its the other two songs called I BELIEVE and BIBLE which are astounding.
One thing about Ghost, they play great cover versions of unknown songs from unknown bands that really are beautiful.

-Meliora seems has the change of singer from the elder PAPA EMERITUS II to the younger sibling PAPA EMERITUS III.
I dont bother really, for me its just the same singer but with a gimmick. If its a different singer is also not a problem for me. I love the music from the band. I have no issues with whatever they want to do or change as long as the music are fabulous.

-Unlike previous albums, MELIORA is not an album with straight-forward lyrics of GROUPIES praising and worshipping Satan, and everyone in the Devil family.
This time around, the lyrics are more discreet. But you know, HE IS there on all songs.

I wonder if HE IS, would be a popular Wedding Dedication, or a male Family member dedication song. LOL!
"We're Standing here by the abyss, and the world is in flames,
two star-crossed lovers reaching out, to the BEAST with many names"

Simply one of the better romantic songs these past few years. Unfortunately it being from Ghost.
DEF LEPPARD should sang it, and change the lyrics a bit.

Meliora is a heavy album.
Incredible catchy chorus for all songs on this album.
A straight forward heavy rock album with not as much variety as the previous two albums. I think this was their plan although they use a Pop Producer who had never produced a rock or metal album before.

With the inclusion of Zenith on this album for Redux, I think it makes this album even better as Zenith is simply a superb song though a bit out of place with the style of other songs.

I was supposed to catch GHOST play after the release of this album in Donington Download Festival 2016.
It was a chance for me to see them play this album song live.
It was supposed to be a SUPER SUNDAY last day  of a supposedly heavily "METAL ELITIST" 2016 bands lineup happiness which piss-off other type of rock music fans, LOL!!,
with the 3RD STAGE OF consecutive GOJIRA, ELECTRIC WIZARD, GHOST and SAXON before all will shift to the Main Stage to watch IRON MAIDEN.
Unfortunately GHOST Cancelled. Seems a Virus going around the band.
I am not aware of it, I just seems odd the timetable for Stage 3 are going late and I realised something is going very wrong.

So I didnt wait around after Electric Wizard and Gojira played and I went to catch NIGHTWISH with their amazing new singer, and hang around for about an hour for the Main Stage to be prepared for the Headliners Maiden.

Anyway, I think Donington 2017 wont be called a "Metal Elitist" favouritism, though seems surprisingly SLAYER has been reserved and confirmed.
I thought SLAYER will never play Donington under the Download Festival name? LOL!!
A big problem with the Promoter or something.

But it will be fun, and though I am not going to Donington 2017, it would be nice to see where Slayer is slotted. I think Stage 3 under the circus tent as the last band at night would be amazing.

So thats about it, right at bottom I will link youtubes.. but right now is the packaging of MELIORA REDUX continued from top I had shown some of the photos already.

If you are thinking of getting Meliora or Popestar EP, buy it, but if you can get Zenith the song officially on a cd or vinyl, that would even be better.

Hi Semua,
Pertama sekali, tak payah la korang semua nak tujukan lagu kasih sayang kat Suami, Boyfren, Bapak, Atok, Abang, Adik, Anak Lelaki, Jiran Lelaki, Boss Lelaki, Kawan Kerja Lelaki dengan lagu HE IS ye.
OK OK tapi kalau boss macam setan, hahhhh Sesuai sangat la tu HE IS.


Banyak lagi lagu kasih sayang untuk lelaki yang sesuai ye. HAHA

Anyway HE IS ni lagu ni Ghost dapat siapkan lepas kematian salah satu kawan mereka kat band apa tu? aku lupa lak masa menaip ni, yang mengaku Satanist kemudian bunuh diri.
Tapi entah eh, nama yang bunuh diri tu , dan nama adik pompuan dia macam nama2 kita je la orang2 MIM.
Takpelah cerita pun dah jadi ye tak.

Apa aku nak cakap eh? aku dah cakap atas.

OK Memang kalau korang tengok 2015 nye penobatan (CEWAHHH!!! MELAYU AKU STUPENDOUS SIOT) senarai album2 rock terbaik, Meliora ni ada kala jatuh nombor dua, dibelakang album Iron Maiden Book Of Soul.

Memang terbaik dari ladang album ni untuk telinga aku, cuma tu jam baru keluar heran takde Zenith. Tapi lepas tu Zenith timbul kat salah satu cetakan piring hitam.

So nasib baik keluar Meliora Redux yang campur sekali dengan mini-album EP Popestar.

Terus terang aku cakap beli la album2 Meliora dan Popestar ni. Terbaik dari ladang.

Nanti aku link bawah semua youtube2 yang ada dan ada satu awek nyanyi lagu HE IS kalau sapa tak pernah tengok...

Aku sepatutnya nak tengok GHOST kali kedua kat Donington 2016, teruja pasal konfem dorang akan main lagu2 dari album MELIORA ni la, pasal memang susah nak tengok GHOST cam aku cakap aku sekali je dapat tengok dorang tu pun dorang opening band untuk Iron Maiden kat Serbia 2014 masa aku backpacking.

Tapi malangnya, kat Donington , kugiran GHOST kena serang virus, dan terpaksa tarik diri.
Dan aku tak tahu cuma,
bila aku dah la kelemasan penuh sesak beribu2 kat pentas ketiga pasal kat luar hujan tak berenti abis tu dah jadi bah lumpur teruk, ramai orang masuk pentas ketiga selamatkan diri pasal pentas ketiga ialah ada bumbung khemah gergasi,

abis tu pulak hari Ahad, hari Iron Maiden headline jadi memang hari paling banyak tiket jual dan about 90 ribu la kot, walau pasal suasana huru hara berapa ribu tak dapat masuk tapak festival pasal huru hara..

Aku heran, apasal Gojira dan Electric Wizard start main lambat dah tu main seret?

Babi la, Ghost cancel... haha, terus fikir.... lepas Gojira dan Eletric Wizard tunggu Saxon set up aku terus pergi tengok Nightwish kat pentas utama, lepas tu tenggelam dalam lumpur sampai buku lali tunggu Iron Maiden setup main headlining act... WOO HOO!!!

Korang tengok cammana la 2016 tak kena maki dengan peminat2 genre rock lain yang panggil 2016 Donington Metal Elitist nye lineup haha.

TU la.... Takde nasib tengok Ghost lagi sekali, pasal ni kali aku dah ready, dah hafal lirik sikit2 kat korus, boleh singalong ye tak? hahaah.

Ohh yeah, Donington 2017 dah umum beberapa band, dan headliners dan confirm untuk tiga2 malam kat pentas utama.
Maknanya gossip aku kongsi tu hari silap, GNR dan Metallica dua2 tak main la kat Donington 2017. Nampaknya Download Festival nye organiser dah siap sedia untuk masa depan muzik rock.

Dorang akan letak pelapis2 rock anak muda hari ni yang akan jadi rock band utama masa depan dengan letakkan band2 muda kat Donington 2017 kat taraf atas.
kecuali Aerosmith dan SLAYER.
Tahun 2016, peminat2 muzik rock yang kurang condong ke arah Metal sangat tak berpuas hati dengan organiser Download Festival, pasal memang Donington 2016 memang digelar METAL ELITIST nye senarai band. Banyak band rock yang main heavy dan laju seperti mana kita minat.

Siap Megadeth lagi boleh announce si Dave Mustaine atas pentas cakap OK, organiser kasi Megadeth main tambahan satu lagu lagik, so Dave Mustaine panggil Nikki Sixx sama2 bawak lagu ANARCHY IN UK, mesti bengkak je kan peminat2 rock genre lain. haha...

Donington 2017 , dah start umum beberapa band, alahai... SENDU betul band2 tu kebanyakkan pada aku. Tapi banyak band anak muda, dorang dah start ready untuk zaman depan nye Rock pasal banyak band rock dan metal yang kita minat semua samada dah nak berhenti main, atau dah bersara atau dah mati.


Yes, akhirnya SLAYER kembali ke Donington 2017 baru diumumkan. Teringin ok aku nak tengok SLAYER kat Donington. Mesti huru-hara nak nak kalau hujan lebat, hujan tak berenti dan semua keadaan dah banjir lumpur pekat.
Sejak Download Festival takeover Donington ni memang masalah dengan beberapa band rock seperti SLAYER
Bukan sahaja band rock terulung seperti SLAYER je ada masalah, tapi sama dengan SCORPIONS dan TWISTED SISTER juga.
Band2 ni mungkin ingat dorang boleh dapat bayaran tinggi, dan dapat slot permainan yang prestij.

Tapi pada ketua Download Festival, dia tak anggap gitu, contoh Scorpions nak main Donington bawah jenama Download Festival tapi cuma diberi peluang headline Pentas Kedua sahaja, begitu jugak Twisted Sister nak slot utama, tapi mana boleh, kat Donington dorang macam band sendu, jadi bayaran kurang dan slot pun takde glamer mana.

Macam pertama kali aku gi Donington, UFO main kul 11 pagi ok, 11 pagi giler ke hapa, aku pagi2 buta2 dah keluar dari Derby tempat aku tidur naik bas gi Donington.
Tahun ni aku gi backpack lagi, SIAL BETUL, AMON AMARTH kena main kul tengahari. GILER KAN!!!!!
Langsung takde pedulik siak organiser.
Padahal kat festival2 muzik rock lain, band2 ni dapat slot utama dan bayaran tinggi.

Korang tengok cam Bloodstock 2017, Amon Amarth headliner hari jumaat.
Ni satu festival aku cakap sesuai kalau korang nak tengok band rock kegemaran korang main, dia kat kawasan Derbyshire,
dan tak ramai orang, lagi kecik dari Hellfest pun.
Tiap2 tahun dahsyat2 band2 yang main kat Bloodstock ni, ni satu festival aku betul2 teruja nak backpack pergi tengok... tapi aku belum research betul2 ada bas keluar masuk kat tapak festival ni ke mana2 pekan atau bandar pasal mati hidup balik, aku tak mau camping sorang2...


Jadi Slayer ni balik ke Donington lepas sekian lama mesti gempak.
Tahun ni Megadeth was out of this world main lagu2 baru Dystopia album, jadi tak tahu apa kemungkinan tahun depan.
Walau aku ada baca gossip ni kali terakhir SLAYER akan main festival di UK. maknanya, kalau kali terakhir mungkin ada sesuatu belakang curtain tentang hal perihal Slayer ni ye tak.

So tu je la, aku dah terkeluar ring berbual kon pasal lain pulak.

So sila beli... meh dengar... album MELIORA, lagu Zenith dan album EP POPESTAR.

dan jugak awek ni perform lagu HE IS. haha.


Ni cover satu minah ni bawak lagu HE IS.
Kena pulak suara pompuan lagu ni.

Meliora full album

Lagu Zenith yang akhirnya sapa nak kumpul lagu ni dalam bentuk cetakan CD boleh jumpa kat album REDUX ni...

dan ni EP POPESTAR.  Cek out cover version lagu I Believe dan Bible.

SO THERE, Everything about GHOST that I want to blog... or blogs.

until the new album? LOL!!

All previous album reviews, and whatever , and live review, and whatever...

is all here

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

METALLICA WorldWired Tour 2017 Singapore Ticket is boringly designed. sigh.

A continuation from the previous blogpost.

A short fantasy post (with alternative contents in the Malay language) but firstly, this is how the ticket design for the 22nd January 2017 - Metallica WorldWired Tour 2017 at Singapore Indoor Stadium will be like.

Takde logo2 pengsi Metallica yang tajam2 ke hapa ke.., setakat font biasa je..

Apa pun, tiket2 yang harga paling murah (tapi masih tahap mahal giler babi) yang kena duduk kat kerusi, paling jauh, paling tinggi kalau sapa tinggi dah terhantuk kepala kat bumbung stadium.. (ok, aku exxagerate) dah makin nak abis.. Aku tahu bahagian2 yang mengadap2 depan2 dengan pentas untuk tiket paling murah semua dah abis. 

This is my fantasy setlist, I hope Metallica will be fresh, will be daring and abstaining from wishing them playing the full new album of 88 minutes long..
The Single Reason why I am still buying a ticket although I am very dissapointed at the expensive price tikets for all categories,
is the new tour for the NEW ALBUM will start in Asia. And Singapore will be like the 5th or 6th show, so means Metallica will try out new songs, it will be fresh and exciting.

This is my fantasy setlist which I know wont happen, no Enter Sandman, no Nothing Else Matters. LOL!!. I have not even pick anything from the Black Album.
ATLAS ALIVE is so Iron Maidenish. I like all 3 songs but this one is a KILLER.

1. New Song #1
2. New Song #2
5. New Song #3
6. New Song #4
7. New Song #5
9. BLEEDING ME (I think the best Metallica song betw. year 1992 till 2015)
11. New Song #6
12. New Song #7
13. New Song #8
14. ONE


Special Encore Just Because I AM THERE and to appease my cursing for the expensive tickets.
21. PROWLER (In Full Please)
22. KILL THE KING (In Full Please)

wow.. 4 songs from DOT DOT DOT AJFA. Ok I am bias. LOL!!

Nanti kalau ada show kat KL nye, aku rasa aku akan pergi pasal nak tengok Metallica main live lagu2 baru, dan aku ok je sama lagu kat atas ni, tapi of course mungkin satu lagu kat atas baik ganti dengan A LIGHT IN THE BLACK? 
(Untuk sapa tak tahu, Ronnie James Dio cakap tu lagu permainan catur. So sila jangan lahar.)