Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hello again - Some incoming, Some outpouring and Glasgow "Palestine" Celtic

Kembali sekejap ke dunia cyber.. dunia fantasi..

Menggigil jari sey kalau lama tak dapat masuk tenet...

OK Firstly...

Some incoming...

New Roxette - good karma.  Okay... no need to be alarmed!! no need to be alarmed... LOL!! I am sure this is not their final album.. Definitely they owe the fans a rocking album as the final one.
This one is shocking though not as shocking like when Paradise Lost goes Depeche Mode direction long time ago. LOL!!
I never expected the whole album to have this electronicspop direction but nothing bad, its just.. Shocking for me.. LOL!!!

But of course the songs are so sweet.. LONG LIVE ROXETTE!!! 

I will review and show packaging next time.

Also, I realised its time I got a proper Dokken official "not pirated" collection on CD, so the "MAT JIMAT" , the economic boxset of the 5 first Dokken albums is a very good buy.

And also... a nice pressing of Sweet Charity on CD...  Will talk about this packaging the next time also.

Metallica - new song.. Hardwired... I am listening it repeatly..

The first song of Metallica I like since............ BLEEDING ME..

Now, how many years is that....  
Ok, now maybe finally I can like that new bassist.

Incoming shows....

Absu - I dont know if I working that day, I dont know what shift I will work, but my friend says he got me tickets. I think free ticket for me? So I will go.
I hope he treat me dinner also. HAHA.

Scorpions? - OKay.... I will check my shift hours for the Malaysia and Singapore shows...

Maybe I want to be ready... and have TWO BIG CITY NIGHTS??? LOL!!!!

Incoming Maiden news..?

I am waiting for 2017 UK dates..

I always wish to do a Maiden UK Tour visiting a few cities all over so I would like to do that for 2017.



you remember PALESTINE, 
the whole world cheers for you!!!

Now that is something I really respect...

I hope Glasgow Celtic wins the Scotland League title this season. LOL!!!

More incoming... besides of course the avalanche of Malay language rock bands albums pressed on cd, that I am slowly collecting as the cassette tapes days are gone and lost forever...

I am waiting for the Uli Jon Roth Japanese shows playing the Tokyo Tapes Era which will be on Blue Ray, I hope to get the Japanese ones due to the packaging..
as you know his Scorpions revisit album of 2cds has an awesome extra track for the Japan and Korea pressings...

Waiting for some Phil Collins also, 

and waiting for the ed force one plane model to add to the previous two models...

OK, I got to be back to the real world....

Hai Korang Semua...Apa Khabar??

Kecoh sey, nak cerita pasal backpacking tengok rock bands main kat europe tak abis2...
Nanti aku sambung k...
Korang kena tengok tempat aku tidur kat Jerman k, rumah orang... tapi terbaik semua, nanti aku tampal gambar...
Ohhh aku nak cerita pasal makan2... tu hari aku makan mee tarik...
aku makan apa tu? ala... yang mee to tet let sikit je dalam mangkuk tu...
Apa entah....

K bye...


Thursday, August 11, 2016

random photos- Rocking Backpacking Europe 2016 pt 2 (Anjing Diabetes dan foto2 keamanan, tenang dan huru-hara)

Salam &

random not in sequence photos and story telling sessions.

(above photo was start of first day, the conditions is still endurable, I think whats the band playing before BabyMetal is playing main stage then? LOL!!.. by the 3rd day it was horrible conditions,)

In the craziness, mud floods, non-stop rains and chaos of Donington,
you can see still the beautiful things in life that hard rock and heavy metal fans can bring along.

A HYPO (Diabetic) ALERT DOG in action.

Untuk sapa tak tahu sangat, ni Hypo Alert Dog ni boleh bantu pesakit2 Diabetes pesakit2 Kencing Manis dalam kehidupan seharian dengan boleh kasi amaran awal dan beritahu kalau pesakit tu akan mengalami keadaan kekurangan gula atau terlebih gula dalam badan.

Jadi memang cam aku cakap la, kat konsert2 rock omputeh, kat festival2 rock omputeh yang aku dah pergi la cam Hellfest, Download ni semua, 
memang best sangat kalau mereka yang sakit, OKU, kurang sifat pancaindera, dan sebagainya, memang semua ada la, cuma masalah  kalau hujan teruk sangat memang susah tapi kalau keadaan ok, memang seronok la..

Dan jugak kalau band rock cam Iron Maiden main dekat dalam indoor stadium gitu contoh Festhalle Frankfurt, keadaan stadium tertutup memang kagum tengok peminat2 semua disorong masuk siap dengan tiup2 penafasan semua.

Dah macam katil sorong yang kat ambulans dan katil hospital ok peminat2 Iron Maiden dibawak masuk.
Tapi well...., Iron Maiden kan..  So tak terkejut la.

This is the Main Stage Special Viewing Area for the music fans who are special in their own ways.
On my last post, I had shown the Second Stage Viewing Area for the Special Fans.

Foto atas pulak ialah, ramp tinggi, platform untuk peminat2 rock Istimewa yang nak saksikan band2 beraksi pentas utama.'

Yang Pakai kereta roda, OKU berlainan keadaan masing2, 
buta, apa2 saja kecacatan dan apa sajalah, sila gunakan platform ini untuk dapat keadaan terbaik (walau jauh sikit).



Some bands Tshirts and bands events tshirts for Donington Download Festival 2016.

For bands that plays on the Second Stage for all 3 days, you have to go to another area of the festival to get them.
Its a Tshirts shopping Centre at whole of Donington LOL!!!

From the biggest bands to the smaller ones.. Its crazy and its $$$$$$ going wild.

Of course Iron Maiden tour related tshirts has pride of place on displays,
but other bands like even Nightwish, has some special event tshirts for playing Donington 2016
even though they are not even headlining the festivals.

I catch a bit of LEMMY tribute at Donington.
Motorhead was confirmed to play 3rd from top Friday Main Stage, before Lemmy's Death.

So there was a Lemmy tribute, and they mixed it with footages of Motorhead Donington Download 2013 Performance (which I was there), so I kind of left early and check out other stages.

On stage, you can see Korn crew setting up their stage for Korn to play next.
Nope, I skipped all that LOL!!!

OK this is a photo of a tram station at Manchester central shopping area or something like that.
I took the tram here to go to Eltihad Stadium to see AC/DC.
Very easy to travel by public transport in Manchester city area.
It was my first time there, I was so sleepy, I was very tired, I was alone, but I have no issues getting around.

Manchester, kalau bukan nak tengok band rock main, adakah aku akan pergi tempat macam PUAKA dan haramjadah macam Manchester ni dengan team-team bolasepak yang ntahapa-hapa?
Dengan lagi Jose Mourinho tinggal kat sini...
Nak muntah hijau siot tempat ni.. HAHA.

Tapi mudah tempat ni, kawasan bandar dia dan nak gi stadium Etihad la.
Aku ngantuk giler ok, sebelum aku sampai bandar Manchester, aku dah la kat kerja sepanjangnya kerja malam, aku tak cukup tidur, abis kerja terus kemas bag, terus gi Airport terus naik flight, dalam flight tak tidur, tengok movies, transit lagi, dah tu pandai2 sendiri dah sampai Airport Manchester nak gi bandar, dan terus lepas campak bagpack kat tempat aku tidur, terus aku gi carik jalan nak gi Etihad Stadium.
Mudah tempat ni,
apa pun, aku cuma nak cakap, masa aku buat backpack ni, aku tak gi London langsung, kapalterbang aku naik terus ke Manchester.
Aku naik Etihad. Aku save beratus-ratus Sing dollar dengan skip London terus.
Jadi pendapat aku, kalau nak gi UK, kalau tak perlu pergi London, terus skip London dan Heathrow pasal pada aku belanja nya sangat mahal kota ni dari semua segi,
dan jugak, cek keselamatan untuk Airport Heathrow untuk aku adalah mimpi NGERI.

Below - About 3 hours before AC/DC plays at Etihad Stadium.

It was Thursday night, and I think attendance in the news was reported as 75,000 AC/DC music fans.

It was very nice. W Axl Rose combines nicely with the current AC/DC formation that night.

My full AC/DC Live In Manchester Etihad Stadium 2016 is here...

Manchester in early morning after AC/DC and I am finding my way in the lonely streets looking for the bus terminal,
to take my express bus all the way to Derby for the weekend of Donington.

Bandar Manchester, kosong siot.. masih awal lagi kot.
Ni dalam pukul 7 pagi kot? sebelum 7 pagi la gitu,
aku sorang2 dengan backpack berat nak mampos, tengah carik2 mana dia terminal bas, aku dah lambat tu jam, bas tiket aku 7.30 pagi gitu nak naik bas ekpress dari bandar Manchester ke bandar Derby untuk Donington Park Download Festival tiga hari tiga malam.

Now I know why Derby County has all these Rams on their logos.. LOL!!!

Entering Derby area, at the sides of the roads are all rams, sheeps, cows....

Masuk je wilayah Derby gitu, kiri kanan semua tempat terbuka luas, dan cuma nampak kambing biri2 dan lembu. BABI TAKDE. HAHA.
OK, patutlah Derby ni badge dia kambing biri2 kan..


RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW First Ever Show after 20 years...
I just got to be there on the first historical night... So Germany here I come. (Sorry Iron Maiden tour dates along that week, but its Rainbow.. LOL!!)

so its me 4 days and 4 nights along the Rhine River as they will be playing in Loreley...

Like in my previous post,
I will continue post a bit of scenery along Rhine River, my explorations LOL!!!


Below is Bacharach (view from the Rhine River, I was then above the boat, and nope I was scared I miss the last boat back to Sankt Goar, that I skipped Bacharach as I want to spent more time in Rudesheim).

Macam aku cakap, aku 4 hari 4 malam kat tepi sungai Rhine di Jerman.

Aku tidur kat satu rumah ni terbaik. Nanti lain kali aku tunjuk korang bilir tidur aku, siap aku sorang pakai bilik air dan dapur.

Tu jam bulan Ramadhan kan, 
memang seronok sangat la dapat rasa Ramadhan kat tepi sungei Rhine ni , walau pun memang puasa dari 2.30 pagi sampai 9.30 malam dalam 19- 20 jam gitu memang dahsyat. Dah la takde apa nak makan ye tak?
Aku pun spend time mengembara sorang2 tempat ni, jadi jangan mimpi la nak goreng telur ke hapa sendiri ke hapa ke (pasal nak budget ikat perut, tapi KORMA AKU BAWAK BERLAMBAK, Buka puasa time ACDC main, time SABBATH main, time MAIDEN main, time RAINBOW main, LAWAK GILER!!! kiri kanan togok beer, keadaan tak terkawal...aku dah la puasa, selok poket keluarkan korma makan time waktu buka...    Aku pernah ceritakan kat post lepas2, suasana Ramadhan kat Donington dan Sankt Goar, dan aku jumpa orang2 bukan Islam yang luahkan kata2 dan buat perkara yang memang tak disangka bersempena Ramadan dan pasal keagungan agama Islam di merata tempat dalam dunia ni...), pasal memang dapur kat rumah tu tuan rumah kasi aku pakai sorang...
cuma nak SERTU je la kan...
sabun sertu aku memang dah standby semua...  

So masa aku naik2 boat tu semua, aku tak turun kat mana2 aku cuma turun last kat pekan Rudesheim. Terbaik ok.....

Nanti aku ada time, aku cakap kat korang yang kat Rudesheim tu kat lorong2 tu aku jumpa tersorok gitu ada satu musium untuk torture. Memang sangat sadis dan ganas dan brutal musium ni.

Nanti lain kali, aku tunjuk setiap pameran kat tempat kecil ni..

Sample photos of each exhibit I took of a small TORTURE museum in Rudesheim that I found tuck away in Rudesheim when I explore the streets alone..


While walking along the river banks of Rhine River at Sankt Goar,

I saw all these caravans, and behind the mountain top, THAT IS LORELEY.

Its historical... but actually lots of rock bands had played on that mountain top.

I think there is a heavy-metal festival organised before on top also...

A really nice place, classical roman -style colliseum open area..... Very rocking place.

Atas gunung tu ialah LORELEY.

Tempat bersejarah, puitis dan klasikal untuk orang2 Jerman.

Tapi kadang2, ada band rock dan band heavy metal akan main kat atas gunung tu, maka kalau terjadi malam tu jadi malam peminat2 muzik je la. HAHAH..

There is an amazing HUGE ruins Castle / Fort at Sankt Goar.

Seems its strategic location hundreds of years ago for different War Armies.

I was going to rain so I did not explore... LOL!!



Black Sabbath final show at Donington Park.

There is no pro-shot or official footages so far,
although gossip says Black Sabbath brings their own video cameras for that night's show.
Hopefully something will be release of that heavy rain night. 


Sunday, July 31, 2016

random photos - europe 2016 (the tranqulity and not so peaceful moments) - foto itik, foto bilik rumah orang aku sewa, dan sebagainya.

Hello All..
Today, lets just look at some random photos of my rocking europe 2016.
I wish I can blog in detail next time, hopefully next time...

But for now.. random photos..

Donington Park Download Festival SECOND STAGE.
BREAKING BENJAMIN is playing. They are good, I like this band.

Boleh nampak platform tinggi tu, tu untuk OKU, orang cacat, buta, pakai kerusi roda, apa je la dan sebagainya...
Walaupun Download Festival Donington Park memang kena cemuh dan asyik kena kutuk je cara organasasinya, tapi tetap festival muzik di Eropah dah sampai tahap tinggi ni semua untuk semua peminat muzik.

Kalau HELLFEST, tak payah berbual ok, sapa pakai wheelchair, kerusi roda, betul2 bawak kaki TSUJDER, bawah kaki IMPIETY, bawah kaki Destroyer 666, waktu dorang main....
paling depan kat kaki pentas LOL!! 

Sorry i realise below photo not fully uploaded. Will repair it soon. LoL.

AIRBNB moments...

I was always lucky with AIRBNB.. Basically I get the whole house usually.. LOL!!

Ni tempat bilik aku tidur kat rumah orang, ni yang kat Derby, aku pakai sistem airbnb pasal aku boleh dapat harga2 murah...
selalunya, end up, aku dapat konker bilik air, dan dapur dan sebagainya...
tapi aku mainkan peranan, sebagai seorang yang datang tumpang tidur, sopan santun dan jaga rumah elok2...
dan selalunya, tuan rumah terus alrite je apa hal pun...
dan langsung tak nampak muka sapa2 pun lepas hari pertama aku jumpa tuan rumah ambik kunci rumah.


This is the scene of Nightwish playing....

This is when I am a bit late as I went to watch Electric Wizard and GOJIRA plays in stage 3 far far away walking distance... LOL!!!


LUMPUR YANG SANGAT GILER, bayangkan air lumpur semua turun mengalir pergi bahagian depan pasal Donington Park ialah bukit2 gitu, dahsyat...


Two different worlds completely these bands, but both are so rocking... and they have certainly lots of fans in stage 3 of Download Festival 2016.


Oberwesel this one....  I need to change trains in here or was it another station I forgotten, from Franfurt to Sank Goar to see Ritchie Blackmore Rainbow plays in Lorelei...

I have a wonderful 4 nights stay in the small town/village of Sank Goar facing the Rhine River.

SANKT GOAR from hilltop.

Kat Sankt Goar pun aku duduk tumpang kat rumah orang gitu...

Dan lagi sekali, bilik air, siap dapur.. AKU PAKAI SORANG... 

Kalau nak masak ke hapa ke, sila bawak sabun sertu..


Megadeth, in the last minute was given permission by the Promoter to play an extra song.



A nice rare moment to be there and see them do this. LOL!!

And Dave Mustaine give TRIPLE H the WWE star some Lemmy Award..

Waiting for the owner of the house that I rented a small room to sleep in to arrive in Derby.

OK last saje nak cakap...

betapa pun rock omputeh cam aku cakap kat atas ni semua...


Cant resist to paste this photo in my blog...

These are fellow RAINBOW fans who were taking the ferry to Sankt Goarhausen as we have to cross RHINE RIVER from Sankt Goar,
to go to Loreley..

To be continued...

I hope wih a proper post next time...

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Rojak Post - Kerrang's Maiden Heaven Vol 2 Tribute Album, Thomas Zwijsen's Preserved In Time, and a bits more photos of Rockin Europe 2016 TRAVELLING EXPLORING photos..

Hi All.
As usual a mix-mashed post.

A detour from my rockin europe backpacking trip travellog as I have not resized the photos to ones that can be uploaded easily..

I want to review and give my opinion on

- the new Kerrang's Maiden Heaven Vol 2 ALL-STAR TRIBUTE to Iron Maiden which was found on the Kerrang Magazine Download Festival Preview Issue which is also their 35 Years Anniversary Issue with lots of Maiden of course (maybe next time I show the articles) 

- and the new double cd of Thomas Zwijsen Nylon Maiden's Preserved In Time.

I'll start in the Malay Language and proceed to English next.

I'll try keep it short, I am late for work.. Its bloody SUNDAY Evening, and I am going to work... LOL!!!

Selalunya aku seronok dengar cover versions lagu2 aku minat dipersembahkan orang lain.

Seronok kalau lagu lelaki tapi orang pompuan nyanyi balik, atau vice-versa.
Seronok kalau lagu heavy dan bising jadi lagu senyap dan sayup2.
Satu yang ditunggu ialah seronok sangat setiap kali Paradise Lost buat cover version lagu2 pop dan electronics.

Iron Maiden nye covers, ada la jugak banyak jugak cd2 album2 cover versions dari merata tempat aku kumpul terutama zaman 90an dan awal 2000an nye rilis.

Untuk Iron Maiden, aku suka dengar cover versions yang lari jauh dari asal.
Dari heavy jadi pop.
Kalau yang buat FAITHFULLY kat original, aku takde masalah, tapi lagi lagu2 tu ditributekan ke tahap extreme ke Utara, atau arah Selatan, lagi aku suka...

Aku jugak suka, band2 buat tribute versions kalau lagu2 baru...
Penat dan boring la, kalau lagu2 80an dan 90an sekalipun...

Kerrang Vol 2 Tribute kat Maiden ni memang dah lama tunggu, rasanya VOL 1 ialah 10 tahun dahulu??
Yang ada Metallica tu?

Untuk Vol 2, korang try dengar TRIVIUM nye cover. TRIVIUM sangat terbaik... Aku ada link kat bawah contoh2 sikit dari album2 ni...

OK yang Thomas Zwijsen ni, memang terbaik... aku suka... Tengok la aku link dari youtube sikit2 apa ada kat album terbaru Nylon Maiden dia,
k tu je la...
Take care semua...

KERRANG Maiden Heaven Vol 2 An All Star Tribute To Iron Maiden which comes on the very nice issue of 35 Years of Kerrang.

I dont read Kerrang anymore, but this issue reminds of why KERRANG used to be such a most important HEAVY METAL and HARD ROCK latest reference. Lol.


For Me,
Tribute Albums to Iron Maiden...

I really like if

The tribute is played to either side of the extremes,

I dont mind if the covers are played faithfully to the originals, but I prefer if
the songs are tributed in a completely different way...

and I would rather have covers from the latter era of Maiden, and not the same old 80s/90s songs tribute.
Kerrang really did well,
some post2000 songs got covered for this wonderful release.


These are the more unusual ones,

I like the girl singer song on Wickerman... Muncie Girls??

A bit of change of lyrics..

Brother - Brother part changed to...

Daughter and their mothers...

And at the other end of the other extreme..

a ROUSING version of Powerslave by Anaal Nathrakh

Next is..

the simply beautiful and sometimes haunting melodies of THOMAS ZWIJSEN NYLON MAIDEN new DOUBLE CD of IRON MAIDEN (and two Bruce Dickinson solo tunes) songs...

So on this album you not only have the amazing JERUSALEM and tears of the dragon,
you also have Burning Ambition among others..



One of my favourite songs from the X Factor. This is a great live version from Thomas Zwijsen and Blaze himself.

Like I say above, I most like it to hear interpretations by other musicians on newer Iron Maiden songs.
Thomas Zwijsen is always UP TO DATE. LOL!!

This is simply another haunting version of an already haunting song...


Last but not least, I hope to upload some photos I took while backpacking to the Rhine River territory in Germany to watch Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow play in Loreley.

Here are some of the photos I took while exploring some portions of the Rhine River.
I stayed at Sankt Goar,
and exploring by boat along the FEARSOME Rhine River...
I ended up at the amazingly beautiful Rudesheim.


A seriously shocking discovery of a TORTURE MUSEUM which is simply mind-boggling.

I will try to create a post on this Folter Museum next time.



Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Some Amazing Pro-Shots Videos of Iron Maiden in Donington 2016 are broadcasted on British Television. Hurry before YOUTUBE remove all of these few songs. LOL!!

Firstly in Malay Language
Secondly all the videos, before youtube brings them down again
Thirdly a round up in English Language.

Untuk sapa tak tahu, "PRO-SHOT" pertama untuk Tour Book Of Soul 2016 dah ditayangkan kat salah satu cenel di England, aku tak tahu BBC ke hapa ntah.
Empat lagu dari persembahan Iron Maiden di Donington Park sebagai headliners hari Ahad 12/06/2016 dan jugak band penutup bagi Festival Download 2016. 
Lagu2 tersebut ialah Speed Of Light, Children Of The Damned, Blood Brothers dan Book Of Soul.
YOUTUBE nampaknya sentiasa menurunkan apa yang diupload pemnat jadi video2 ni mungkin tak lama jugak.

Walaupun Bruce umum 85,000 peminat sewaktu Maiden main, tapi aku rasa konfem beribu2 peminat yang punya tiket tak dapat tengok Maiden pasal jam teruk kat jalan2 menuju Donington, dan jugak pasal hujan tak berhenti, lumpur sangat teruk, dah banjir lumpur, banjir tanah liat,
maka ramai jugak terpaksa balik kerana tempat perkhemahan mereka semua runtuh... Memang dahsyat.

Aku sendiri terpaksa buang boot Caterpillar aku, seluar aku semua lepas je hari terakhir Donington tahun ini. Pergi Primarks dan beli kasut kembes murah untuk teruskan backpacking ke Jerman untuk tengok Rainbow main pulak.

Walaupun Iron Maiden kena lahar teruk2 pasal arahan mereka, bila Iron Maiden main, semua pentas lain kena shutdown. Takde band lain boleh beraksi. Jadi ni dah kira tak adil kepada mereka yang ada tiket festival tapi tak mau tengok Iron Maiden beraksi dan oleh kerana Iron Maiden beraksi malam terakhir jadi maknanya kalau sapa tak mau tengok Iron Maiden maknanya festival muzik ini bagi mereka tamat pukul 8malam. Pasal kul 8.30PM gitu Iron Maiden mula beraksi dan waktu tu semua pentas lain dah kena tutup, semua band dah kena berhenti main.

SANGAT TAK ADIL KAN APA ARAHAN IRON MAIDEN KEPADA PENGANJUR?? Untuk aku ni sangat tak adil kepada peminat2 muzik yang ada tiket festival dan berhak untuk enjoy band2 lain, tapi tu la keras kepala dan degil dan suka tok nenek Iron Maiden buat arahan begini.

Tapi ada baik nya, kerana hari Sabtu Black Sabbath beraksi pentas pertama, mungkin ada 70,000 menonton dan mereka yang kat belakang sekali melaporkan sound bunyi bocor boleh dengar dari pentas kedua walaupun jarah jauh.

Aku pernah alami sound bocor dari pentas ke pentas kat Hellfest, dan tu memang sangat rasa PUAKA bila ni terjadi, tapi berbanding HELLFEST, Donington Park lagi besar giler la kan size dia pada aku.
Dan Hellfest pentas pertama dan pentas kedua ialah sebelah2, sedang Donington Pentas pertama pergi pentas kedua jauh giler lagi keadaan berlumpur dan berbukit berlereng gitu.

Aku speku, kalau Iron M aiden akan keluarkan dvd/blueray/live album rasmi untuk tour 2016 ni,
aku speku dorang mungkin akan pakai rakaman kamera2 Donington ni, atau Wacken nanti malam terakhir tour 2016 mereka, pasal aku tak rasa ada mana2 show Iron Maiden lain yang dorang bawak berbelas2 kamera, jadi mungkin mereka akan gunakan kamera2 festival2 muzik besar yang sedia ada.
Dan jugak Download Festival persembahan dorang memang dahsyat, sila tengok Book Of Soul nye persembahan kat bawah.. sangat terbaik dari Bruce dan semua anggota band kat lagu ni.

Children Of The Damned - Beautiful video isnt it? Makes all the seriously flooding muddy fields and non stop rain and horrible disaster conditions worth it for me for my Donington 2016 backpacking trip.

Speed Of Light -

Book Of Soul
(Eddie Appeared starting 06:40minutes,
scratching his ass/backside.
scratching his private parts in public.
giving the middle finger to the audience

So could footage from Donington Download Festival 2016 be the official live DVD/BlueRay/Live Album?
Maiden played a blinder that night, an example as can be seen during the song Book Of Soul above,

When I view these videos a few times, I realised how brilliant they were that night, so I vote this performance as to be an official release. LOL!!

So it could probably be, with Youtube keep removing all the uploads of the FOUR SONGS available since the British TV Channel broadcast of footages from Download Festival 2016.

Now in Youtube there is only 3, fortunately good quality uploads, but I cannot find the Pro-Shot of Blood Brothers.

So enjoy, a horrible horrible weekend, the trouble begins from Friday about 3pm till all the way to Sunday night with non stop rains, and muddy disaster zone environment.

And Sunday with lots of great bands, and Maiden headlining, I think there are over demands of Day-Tickets for Sunday which cause so much chaos in traffic and human flow to Donington.

Bruce says 85,000 but surely thousands cannot make it due to traffic jams, and floodings of mud waters which destroys some camping setups of fans.
I myself threw away my boots and pants after Sunday night. LOL!!!

So enjoy these videos if you have not seen them. I AM THERE SOMEWHERE IN THE CROWD!!! LOL!!!

Donington is a special place , a dream for me since I hear/read/listen to tapes of great bands playing there of it as a little boy till now I can backpack to this special place.
I thought, I will be going to Donington only once, due to the horrible conditions of English Weather in the open environment for the weekend
but here I am returning again,
so I am not surprised few years down the road, when Iron Maiden plays their final Donington ever, I will be there again.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Eid Fitr Greetings, end of Ramadhan & some new Iron Maiden related mags & cds incoming last few weeks

Aloha Everyone.. this time around a bit ""terbalik"" upside down, in English language first before I close this post in Malay language.

Lets get the Heaviness side of things out of the way first...

Some new incoming Iron Maiden related stuffs both Magazines and CDs I obtained for past few weeks.

Some of the above are 

-1) the Kerrang Magazines Issue before the weekend of Donington Park Download Festival with all the build up excitments write-ups...
-2) the Kerrang Magazine Issue just after the weekend of Donington with the reviews and photos.
-3) The Iron Maiden Fan Club Magazine Number 102. Super thick and all colour and great stories, interviews and photos as usual.
-4) The MAIDEN HEAVEN TRIBUTE CD VOLUME 2 which comes with the after Donington Kerrang issue.
About 15 songs being played by newer bands and established ones like Trivium. No.. No Metallica this time around LOL!!!
-5) The beautiful amazing thrilling NYLON MAIDEN Preserved In Time double CD, by Thomas Zwijsen. I got it as a pre-order way before hand. 

Will reviews all these sooner or later. I hope... I have even write up on IMFC magazines 100 and 101 yet. LOL!!!!

Thats about it...

As I am writting this, the holy month of Ramadhan is just about 24 hours left.
It is an experience for me this year, as I got to experience Ramadhan while backpacking Europe to catch ACDC, Sabbath, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Electric Wizard, RAINBOW, and lots more....

Its a fucked-up feeling knowing that many of the terror and tragedies of the innocent are laced with the Muslim and Islam name. Especially so in the most holiest of Islamic Calender Month.
Whatever it is, only God knows whose hands are behind all these. 
Maybe we wont know who they are in this world, but on Judgement Day.. We surely will.

But I wish the world will be a better place.

So... Happy Celebrating the arrival of Syawal, and bid sadness goodbye to Ramadhan, and hope our love ones got to live to see it next year.

Thats all...

Salam Semua,

Untuk Jauh, Untuk Dekat, 

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Syawal lagi sikit lebih kurang 24 jam.
Selamat Mengucapkan Selamat Tinggal kepada Bulan Ramadhan, semoga ahli keluarga kita, sahabat2 kita baik real life atau cyber world, semua umur panjang, dapat jumpa lagi Ramadhan tahun depan,

Macam siol kan? Bangladesh kena, Istanbul kena, Puchong kena... ni on top of the ruckus yang biasa2 kat seluruh dunia.

Abis tu nama Islam dan Orang2 Muslim jugak kena taik.

Sapa yang calit taik tu, lebih penting... SAPA OTAK BERGELIGA yang calit taik tu??

Mungkin kita tak tahu dunia ni, tapi Allah tahu. 

Dan untuk mereka yang senang kena bubble, kena buih buat itu buat ini, jadi itu jadi ini, semoga mendapat kesedaran..

Cehhhh... Korang jangan lahar aku, jangan cakap aku YO-YO-OH nak berbual macam bagus je kan benda2 ni semua... padahal aku la chief Setan.
Aku tahu sapa aku....    Sua terang lagi bersuluh. Tapi ye la, selagi aku tak mampos lagi... sapa korang untuk menafikan hak aku untuk berbuat dan berfikir baik, walaupun sebesar kuman.

Anyway....  Thats about it, Selamat Hari Raya Puasa..  Selamat Menyambut Aidil-Fitri..

Baik korang menyambut nye dengan macam pesta ramai2 berpuluh2 beratus2 ahli keluarga dan beribu2 kawan riang ketawa gelak ria....

atau korang sambut sorang2... dalam keadaan paling PATHETIC.. 

Tu semua tak penting...

Yang penting hanya hati korang dengan Allah je, dan Nabi Muhammad kalau korang selawat kat atas dia then of course, kena konfiden Nabi Muhammad akan dengar korang selawat la kan..

Pasal dalam dunia ni, tak pedulik apa Masyarakat pandang kat kita, apa taraf kita kat masyarakat...

paling penting kita kena konfiden when it comes to hubungan ngan Allah dan Rasul walaupun kita perangai seperti hardcore bala tentera Setan.

Jangan lahar aku ok.  Inilah pegangan aku.


Selain dari perkataan KAFIR dan DAYUS...

Aku perasan orang Melayu sekarang suka perkataan MUNAFIK. dan macam jadi trend label2 orang lain MUNAFIK.

Ni mungkin pasal tempias pilem wayang tu hari... 

Kira trendy la kan, nak tunjuk betapa Islam kita, kena pakai word KAFIR, DAYUS dan MUNAFIK kat orang lain..

Baru kita rasa kita hebat, dan mendapat sanjungan dari sekeliling manusia yang berebut nak sanjung pangkat kita, dan status kita dalam masyarakat.

WELL...  Masing2 la kan...... 

 Maaf Zahir Batin.