Friday, May 19, 2017

Maiden SCOTLAND pretty photos and short review. (GLASGOW 16TH ABERDEEN 17TH MAY)

A quick one. I am using a tablet so not too familiarise with this,
Full review next time. (Maaf lain kali ok aku cakap melayu, ni aku pendek2 je, kasi intro, kalau tak blog aku sendu , haha)
I will share how I travelled and how much it cost. Or bring your love ones, its possible.
Dont follow how the rich and famous people travel, they all are for show,
Its possible to travel for everyone, nowadays everything is easy and comfortable and if you know how to do it, AFFORDABLE,

So those travelling by yourself can gauge the price on backpacking to some UK places to see your favourite bands play.
Or thise want to travel with your love ones also I think can follow how I did and do my journey for my Maiden UK 2017 trip

Firstly, Glasgow show at the huge amazing dome of SECC was amazing. I think the capacity is 13,000 and I think its full house.
Aberdeen show was beyond amazing, its an all standing set up for the audience and I think its a full house 8,000 show.
Reviews of this shows next time but Aberdeen show has a special touch when Bruce start to mention the names of towns and places near to Northern Scotland I think, and the people around me are so happy.

This is just another example of what Maiden has been extra extra special to many many people all aound the world.
That little human touches here and there.

Travelling around and across Scotland from the southern part to the northern part is very long but beautiful. Its worth the trip,
You see the sea, the fields, the flowers, the beatiful old houses, castles, and fields, and fields, and fields, the mountains and of course the beautiful cows, sheeps, huge horses, cows, cows, sheeps , cows, cows agsin, sheeps, horses, and cows again.

I took an express bus from Glasgow to Aberdeen for about 3 hours.
I took an amazing beautfiul sights train travelling for 7 hours from Aberdeen changing trains at Edinburgh, change again at Preston, and now at Liverpool for the first Iron Maiden show in Liverpool since 1990. It will be very very loud on Saturday I am sure.

This trip can be done, and I do find it easy and comfortable, so those of you planning to bring your families for this kind of trip and creating adventures by travelling on your own selfs, OR THOSE ENCOURAGING YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS TO TRAVEL AND EXPLORE AND IN A WAY MAKE THEM A BETTER HUMAN BEING LEARNING ABOUT OTHER PLACES AND CULTURES, should have no problem. ITS SAFE.

UK has a far more advance and comfortable trip for public transport FOR ALL AGES compared to many other places.

Ok photos time...

Beautiful free roaming cows and sheeps grazing huge huge eternity distance beautiful hills.
I love Scotland scenery. From the south to the north where I manage to pass by.

A bit of Glasgow street scene where I manage to walk thru. Ok Glasgow was easy and I only have to walk everywhere. I slept near the SECC and it takes me a slow walk carrying backpacks haversacks about 25 minutes to reach the city centre where everything is. Buses, trains, food, lots of Halal Food for Muslims and sceneries and wundow shopping.

Aberdeen has this standard colours for buildings,
Beautiful place.
Its again all walking for me.
The harbour, the trains, the buses and the food and malls are again all in one place.

But, to go the AECC for Maiden show, I have to take a public bus, but no worries all is easy and even after the show ends, lots of buses are ready to bring those taking public transport bqck to the central bus station,

Not so in Glasgow, BUT IN ABERDEEN THEY SPEAK A DIFFERENT ALIEN LANGUAGE, BEAUTIFUL, as seen from the signboard above, they have their own.
A BIT LIKE THE MOVIE "braveheart", but I cannot have any idea what they talk about. haha.

Ok, full reports and pretty pictures next time.

Oohh some Maiden photos.. I love this one. I got lucky.
Ok ok, you may find the photos ugly and poor photo taking,
But for me its all HAPPINESS.


A steve harris pix, and a dave murray with janick gers pretty cute photo.

I had resized them and bluetooth around to the tablet so I have no idea on the quality. Sorry if its grainy or blurry.


P.s I was at Aberdeen, warm up band has completed playing, anyway Shinedown was very good. I have no idea at all about this band but choosen by Maiden to open the UK tour, there must be something Iron Maiden like about them,
And the vocalist is a humble person. He knows their place, they are there like in his own words, for the event of 2017, Indeed.

Anyway, when the Aberdeen crowd is jostling for position waiting for Maiden intro to start,
A group of ladies in what seems working attires crowds near me, and guess what? "THESE LADIES ARE POINTING AT THE IRON MAIDEN LIGHTNING RIGS ON THE ROOF OF THE STAGE AND ANIMATEDLY DESCRIBE THE LIGHTNING RIGS, Yes I dont know exactly their language but there are describing about the lightning rigs which will tilt and all that. THEN THEY TAKE OUT THEIR HANDPHONES AND SNAP THE IRON MAIDEN LIGHTNING RIGS!!!".

now this is why another reason i love to travel to places to see Maiden. Extra ordinary moments like these, and there are many of them.
And surely, Aberdeen is a friends and family oriented shows seems a lot of families young and old, and seems everyone knows each other,
Maybe thats the Scotland way, haha,

And the six new songs from new album? Huge roars same like old songs.

Aku sepatutnya FIRST OT THE BARRIER aku dapat message untuk persembahan Aberdeen. Tapi rasa Tak kausa dah aku , tapi aku suka letak nama kat first to barrier ni, tapi kalau dapat, aku tak gi. Haha. Aku rasa aku takut aku kena potong nama dah, pasal buang karen je. Ni not first time dah. Haha.

Ok aku nak gi pasar dorwng ni kat Liverpool aku suka tengok orang mat salleh beli ikan, beli sayur.. hahaha. Tu cara aku kenal tempat orang.
 Apa pun Liverpool ni nampak rebellious orang nye,
Semacam, dan aku suka.
Aku pakai selipar jepun jalan meleser dan aku happy sangat lalu lorong2 belakang bandar Liverpool ni explore shortcut carik makan, Ok je..

Ooohh makan, haha. Nanti aku cerita cammana aku survive backpacking ni untuk budget makan,

Ingat, aku kan lapar nasik nye orang. K bye,

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Crimson Idol - W.A.S.P (1998 Japan 2cd Remastered version).

No Food photo to launch this post.
Lets start with Bahasa Melayu Malay Language and then to English.
Photos are scattered the whole post.

**Sebelum aku post aku tengok balik apa aku type ni semua?
Giler aku dah datang haha.

So abaikan la ye kalau tak suka.
Otak aku sort-dort WAYAR KEJAP KENA KEJAP TAK KENA ni aku rasa masa aku type.

Nak edit malas. so let it be je la.

Ni panjang pasal aku ambik kesempatan cakap sikit pendapat aku tentang beberapa perkara.

Ni mula2 keluar 1992. Kalau korang tengok video live zaman tu di youtube antaranya persembahan mereka di DONINGTON 1992. Mereka antara band termasuk Slayer terbabit untuk DONINGTON Monsters Of Rock tahun tersebut dimana IRON MAIDEN menjadi headliners.

Tahun tu jualan tiket 70,000 je pasal masa 1988 Maiden headline dah dua peminat mati pasal lumpur dan asakan penonton 107,000 masa GNR beraksi siang hari.
Tapi aku dah gi Donington dua kali tengok Maiden headline dan dua2 hari Maiden headline rasanya 80-90,000 datang kot. Tapi dah dialihkan tempat pasal memang padang Donington besar giler, boleh isi berapa banyak airport gitu kat kawasan terbuka tu.

Nanti aku link kat bawah korang tengok video tu kat belah bumbung semua lampu2 show Iron Maiden dah dipasang, dan kat belakang pentas pun dah ditutup kain hitam segala stage set Maiden.
Ni ialah Donington di mana keluar cd dan video tape Iron Maiden Live In Donington 1992.
(ada minit ke berapa entah kamera fokus kat penonton siap bawak gitar kadbod lagik).

Jadi album THE CRIMSON IDOL ni memang terbaik dan sangat dahsyat kehebatan nya.
Sepatutnya jadi album solo Blackie Lawless tapi last minit jadi album kumpulan WASP.

Album ni ialah album konsep. Dan istimewanya, kebanyakkan lagu akan membawakan tema dan melodi sama berulang iaitu antaranya "Only Love Can Set Me Free", dan "Long Live The King Of Mercy".
Suara Blackie Lawless dalam album ni menyentuh jiwa.

Ceritanya ialah pasal Jonathan Steel ni anak kedua dalam satu keluarga dan mak bapak dia hanya beri perhatian dan kasih sayang kat anak sulong saje. Iaitu abang Jonathan.
Jonathan nasib macam kentang, kena pukul ngan bapak dan mak dia pun tak suka dia.
Nak jadi cerita,
masa Jonathan 14 tahun abang dia mati eksiden kena langgar pemandu mabuk kot? (haha.. aku dah lupa la cerita dia eksiden kereta, tapi tak tahu mabuk kot drebar lagi satu).
So abang dah mati pun.. Jonathan tetap tidak dipeduli dan siap dipukul lagi.
So Jonathan lari dari rumah, jadi budak nakal, satu hari dia pecah masuk kedai guitar, dan dia beli gitar yang Crimson tu... (warna seakan Merah pekat tu).
Jadi nak pendekkan cerita, Jonathan jadi rock star.
Satu hari dia telepon mak bapak dia, pasal dalam hidup dia, dia cuma nak rasa kasih sayang dari ibu bapa, sekali tu borak borak kejap, tiba2 mak dia cakap yang dia takde anak dah...

Jonathan kecewa, malam tu masa persembahan dia ambil string gitar dari gitar warna Crimson merah dia buat ikatan tali gantung, dan dia gantung diri.
Jonathan mati, bunuh diri kecewa mak bapak dia masih tak mau terima dia sebagai seorang anak, walaupun dia dah besar, dah kira berjaya dalam hidup.

OK, kalau 1992 waktu album ni keluar, album ni cuma ada 10 lagu.
Tapi tahun 1998 waktu album ni keluar remastered dah ada bacaan cerita pasal Jonathan ni dibaca oleh Blackie Lawless.
Dan kalau korang jumpa versi double cd memang terbaik pasal ada dua lagu studio yang aku tak tahu bersangkut paut jugak tak dengan konsep dan tema dan jalan cerita album ni,
dan jugak ada banyak lagu dari persembahan mereka di Donington 1992 yang aku cerita kat atas tu.
Jugak termasuk satu cover lagu Led Zeppelin When The Levee Breaks.

Album ni sangat hebat, dengan setiap lagu tersangat sedap. Ada beberapa bahagian slow dan mendayu2 kat album ni dan jugak ada lagu Hold On To My Heart. antara lagu paling tak sangka WASP boleh buat lagu2 cam gini.
Antara lagu aku paling suka dalam semua lagu gerek ni ialah Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue) lapan minit panjang tapi tak rasa, lagu The Idol, dan tentu lagu feberet aku ialah I AM ONE, dan kira semua lagu la. dan semua babak.

Aku suka kumpulan ni, walaupun aku tak ikut satu persatu segala album mereka, dan yang paling terakhir sekali aku minat dan betul2 ikuti ialah Babylon, walaupun pada pendapat aku Blackie Lawless ni ialah seperti agungkan kulit putih dan kalau korang perasan masa video lagu BABYLON IS BURNING, masa part liriks dari Bible "Who Unto The Beast?" video screen belakang keluar gambar President Barak Obama kan? dan tak semua kan rakyat Amerika suka Obama tu kulit hitam dah diragui latar belakang nya,  aku pun dah lupa korang gi cek sendiri video lagu tersebut. Jadi kesimpulan aku memang mereka ultra kulit putih.
Tapi seriously aku suka lagu Babylon Burning cuma video screen belakang tu, boleh la buat kesimpulan sendiri tentang pemahaman sebahagian kulit putih seperti kumpulan WASP dan Blackie Lawless sebagai ketua, 
ada makna tu video video sejarah tu semua. Yasser Arafat pun ada ok.
Well.....? masing2 nye pendapat ye tak?
Tapi again aku cakap, aku suka WASP pasal lagu dorang gerekkk.

Dan masa aku sekolah dulu, kau tahulah dulu budak2 melayu semua katak bawah tempurung, akronim WASP ialah "We Are Satan People", dan di barat, seperti isteri Vice President USA, Tipper Gore cakap akronim tu ialah "We Are Sexual Perverts" tapi rata rata akronim sebenar ialah "White Anglo Saxon Protestant" yang pada pendapat aku memang golongan ni ialah mereka yang agungkan kehebatan kulit putih.
Memang sangat terserlah.
Aku takkan tuduh kumpulan ni dan Blackie Lawless rasis menjunjung kehebatan kulit putih amerika, tapi cukup aku cakap dorang bukan Bruce Dickinson sebagai frontman Iron Maiden nye cara pemikiran yang sangat universal dan menerima semua.

(korang kena paham ye, aku bezakan ye, aku minat seni mereka, lagu2 dan persembahan kumpulan ni sangat unggul dari aku kecil sampai kini aku minat band ni, tapi pada masa sama aku nilai band ni dari segi pemikiran dan apa yang mereka nak tonjolkan).

Tapi tu mungkin perbezaan zaman dahulu antara band rock Inggeris dan band rock Amerika.
Inggeris mungkin rasanya rakyat mereka secara umum terima semua warna dan kepercayaan manakala Amerika rakyat mereka ada macam "hidup atas pokok", mereka hanya fikir negara mereka saja wujud dalam dunia.

Steve Harris minat West Ham, dia ada tempat duduk sendiri di Upton Park, dan aku pernah jalan kaki dari stesen keretapi di East London sampai ke Upton Park, kiri kanan semua kedai India dan orang India origin. Kedai Alhamdulillah banyak kedai halal, dan kedai jual daging halal, so waktu aku jalan tu aku memang imagine yang memang kumpulan Iron Maiden tak lari dari kehidupan becampur gaul dengan masyarakat berbagai bangsa dan agama.
Memang seronok kalau tengok kawasan Upton Park Stadium tu...
Rasa cam kat Little India je.
Tu la ceritanya, West Ham United gi majlis2 masyarakat India contohnya, kasi tiket untuk tengok game, untuk besarkan fan base dorang, ye la sekarang dah pakai Stadium Olympic London siot. 

Balik kepada pemikiran band London macam Iron Maiden, Mungkin, Sebab tu tak kekok untuk Bruce Dickinson atas pentas berbual pasal warna kulit dan sebagainya.
Mungkin Metallica ada berbual pasal famili la apa la, tapi... aku rasa dorang taklah expose kepada kehidupan majmuk di Amerika seperti mana masyarakat am exposed di England.

Ni pendapat aku je la.

Lagi satu keunikan WASP untuk aku ialah, selain dari video2 mereka beraksi di Donington depan penonton2 yang dahsyat ramai berhimpit lagi membakar aku nak gi Donington tapi masa aku nak ulang kaji cammana keadaan Hellfest pasal memang aku langsung tak tahu apa2 dan cammana nak gi sana pun,
aku masih ingat aku ulang2 tengok youtube WASP beraksi di Hellfest, dan aku study video handphone peminat mereka dan aku dapat konfiden suasana peminat masa WASP main cammana keadaan pesta Hellfest, yang aku boleh gi sorang2.

So tu la kalau aku kenang WASP, pada aku mereka jadi reference aku untuk nak gi Hellfest dengan konfiden sorang2 dengan prinsip main rembat je, apa jadi jadilah. hahha.

Gitar kat album ni kalau kat album ni ialah Bob Kulick (abang gitaris Kiss zaman feberet aku akhir 80an awal 90an) dan Doug Aldrich.
Tapi bila dah terbit main live ialah Doug Blair. Aku suka dekni dia keluar masuk Wasp tapi video2 live Donington tu semua dia la, dulu rambut perang2 sekarang hitam kot last aku tengok youtube.

ni ialah album original Crimson Idol.

Sila dengar satu album dan jatuh cinta ok dengan album ini. 
Berapa rock mampos pun sebagian, dan berapa mendayu pun part lain,
inti nya, kalau nasib macam kentang, mak bapak tak beri kasih sayang dari kecik, kena pukul lagi, sampai mengaku takde anak lagi, maka gantunglah diri pakai string gitar.

bawah ni pulak, korang tengok
bumbung dia, semua dah siap untuk Iron Maiden waktu malam dan semua kain hitam tu sembunyikkan prop dan pentas gergasi Maiden.
Minit ke 1:48 orang masih bawak gitar kadbod..

Kalau korang cam bendera kat guitar Blackie Lawless.


Kalau aku salah betulkan, ni ialah bahagian Amerika zaman dulu yang antara agendanya nak kan HAMBA ABDI dari golongan kulit hitam dan sebagainya diteruskan.
Mereka yang ditewaskan Abraham Lincoln nye Union yang nak rakyat Amerika semua hapuskan HAMBA ABDI.

Ni masa peperangan CIVIL WAR.


untuk peminat muzik, takde tempat sepertinya dalam dunia..
walaupun bertukar organasasi, walaupun dah ada peminat mati pasal berlumpur dan himpitan 107,000 orang berasak,
tapi dari 1980 sejak pertama kali Donington jadi tempat metal dan rock, sampai sekarang.
Lokasi mereka ialah kawasan Blue Collar sangat
Kawasan di mana Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest ((Maiden ialah budak2 bandaraya London dan Ritchie Blackmore dan Deep Purple dari kota2 lain, Roger Glover dari Liverpool sama bandar dengan si Jeff Walker Carcass, pasal masa aku tengok Carcass, Jeff Walker bukak story pasal Roger Glover Deep Purple cakap dorang sekampung)) mulakan segala tok nenek rock dan metal mereka,

jadi tempat Donington tu ialah seperti jantung untuk muzik rock dan metal kerana yang datang setiap tahun ialah peminat2 dari Birmingham, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham dan ni semua ialah kaum masyarakat yang memang kaki rock dan metal.
Aku dah gi dua festival 2013 dan 2016, dan aku tahu Maiden akan headline lagi satu festival sebelum bersara, dan aku nak gi lagi, lengkapkan hat -trick. Banjir lumpur ke, keadaan darurat ke, apa ke, its rock n roll.

OK saje je.. ni ialah video Babylon Rising dari tahun.. entah dah 10 years kot lagu dan album ni..
tapi cek out video screen dia kat belakang dengan synchronisation lyrics nyanyian Blackie Lawless.
apa pun ni antara lagu paling aku suka dari Wasp.
Walau aku kurang suka dengan pemilihan kat video belakang tu..
Tapi WASP ni cubalah buat create fantasy setlist show 100 minit kalau kata dorang main bawah kolong flet blok rumah aku. Impossible kan? Giler banyak sangat lagu sedap yang aku suka ni band.

WALAUPUN AKU MINAT LAGU NI, hebat sungguh lagu2 dalam album Babylon.

Tapi pada pendapat aku, untuk rakyat Amerika yang dimana band ni berasal pun,
yang aku tak nafikan rakyat Amerika antara yang paling "KATAK BAWAH TEMPURUNG" mentaliti mereka, dan pentingkan diri sendiri, dan tindas kulit lain dan agama lain walau mereka ada Freedom Of Speech,
untuk mereka yang minat WASP, tapi nonton video ni,
apa rasa mereka? tengok watak2 kat belakang tu.
So benda2 gini aku suka tengok, untuk aku ni la benda2 cucuk jarum.
Dan jangan keliru, mereka sendiri tak percaya dengan Obama dan soalkan latar belakang nya.

Blackie Lawless ni seorang yang sangat pintar.
Bukan sahaja pandai main muzik, cipta lagu, tulis lirik dan suara sedap giler.
Aku suka giler dia ni actually. haha.

Liriks balada Hold On To My Heart cantik sangat dalam album Crimson Idol ni.

There's a flame, flame in my heart
And there's no rain, can put it out
And there's a flame, it's burning in my heart
And there's no rain, ooh can put it out
So just hold me, hold me, hold me

Take away the pain, inside my soul
And I'm afraid, so all alone
Take away the pain, that's burning in my soul
Cause I'm afraid that I'll be all alone
So just hold me, hold me, hold me

Hold on to my heart, to my heart, to me
Hold on to my heart, to my heart, to me
And oh no, don't let me go cause all I am
You hold in your hands, and hold me
And I'll make it through the night
And I'll be alright, hold on, hold on to my heart


So This is the Remastered Japanese Pressing of the Crimson Idol.
It comes with two cds instead of one.
As usual the Japanese packagings are very cute with the Obi and everything.

Even the story naration of Jonathan text is printed. And even all the Donington live songs from 92 as the lyrics printed. So I post here all the English text.

In summary as I type above in green italic,

-I was talking about why Donington is so special to me having seen Maiden headline there on two seperate years festivals.
-The awesomeness of this Crimson Idol album.
Every song is so special
and the 2nd cd of songs makes this version an amazing collectible.
-The suicide of Jonathan due to his parents attitude towards him.
- A small matter of Babylon Rising song and the video behind it.
I am not agreeable with some of the faces featured among others but I think the song itself is a fabulous song.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

soto ayam, Hats Off To Led Zeppelin, Maiden Empty Box Replacement for the ill-fitting 1980-1988 red box.

Hi, lets astray from real life for a while and bring my silly, fun, laugh out loud in front of laptop, happy times into this blog.
I will summarize (its actually a long novel LOL!!) on 3 SERIOUS topics.
In green italic will be in Bahasa Melayu and the rest will be in English.
As usual the Malay Language version is longer as its full of GOSSIP and SLANDERS. LOL!!

Soto Ayam - tamak haloba macam jin aprit, bagedel sekali dua.

Soto Ayam is a traditional Indonesian food of spicy soupy chicken shred, with packed rice, potato cutlets and bean sprouts, addition of chili paste to your own taste, and its famous in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia of course.

Next, Tribute Bands.
I will never see the Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin and many others performers play live. So the feel is when there are great talents performing tribute acts.
HATS OFF TO LED ZEPPELIN seems has won an award in UK as the best Led Zep Tribute Act.
So I hope I am able to see them play.
It would be nice to get an imaginary feel of the REAL THING, while having a bit of fun.

Seriously, if I live long, and Steve Harris has close the book on Iron Maiden not long from now, the Maiden tribute acts would have an important part to play to sustain the needs of the Maiden fans all over the world.
So HATS OFF TO LED ZEP is playing in Singapore soon. I got a ticket, I hope I am able to go depending on my working shift pattern, and also its the RAMADHAN month. LOL!! (I hope my soul can still be saved. LOL!!)

Here is the text from 2013 article -

Macam aku cakap kat atas, BANYAK!, RAMAI! kumpulan2 dan artis2 aku minat aku takkan dapat tengok pasal, dorang dah takde lagi..
ada dah mati, ada dah berpecah, dan ada yang masih wujud tapi aku takkan dapat tengok yang betul.
Jadi apa yang boleh dapat?
Aku cuma boleh dapat tengok Tribute Bands.

Dan ini peluang untuk tengok satu tribute band Led Zeppelin yang memang dinobatkan sebagai antara paling terbaik.
HATS OFF TO LED ZEPPELIN, seperti artikel memang cengkeh band ni.
Aku tengok2 youtube awal tahun ni ada rakaman dari Greece, memang dahsyat No Quarters.

Aku tak tahu kenapa, setiap kali aku dengar lagu NO QUARTERS, aku rasa nak nangis.
Ada macam sesuatu di kerongkong. AKU RASA HIBA sangat.
Sebab tu aku suka sangat John Paul Jones, dia punya mainan keyboards menyentuh sanubari ku.

So, bulan puasa confirm, aku dah cek rota kerja aku.. aku kerja hari tu, tapi kerja pagi....
Aku masih teringat zaman2 dulu, SLAYER main kat Expo Singapore 10 malam terakhir RAMADHAN.
Buka puasa makan Burger King.
tu jam Slayer - Jeff Hanneman masih hidup, masih ada.. dan Dave Lombardo masih ada. 

Jangan cop aku jahat, SETAN, dan apa2 negatif bersangkut paut agama, bukan aku tak suka, tapi pasal aku sayang korang semua pembaca blog aku yang huru hara ni, pasal nanti takut korang wujud dalam hati perasaan sombong dan rasa korang lagi baik pulak. Bahaya.
Ni memang adat Melayu kan, rasa diri lagi baik, lagi agung, lagi prestige, dari orang lain. Dah sebati dalam orang Melayu.
Kita takde kasta terbuka macam kat India.
Tapi kita Melayu ada kasta yang tak diperasan orang and I fucking hate it.

Aku tak mau jumpa korang dalam oven nanti. Walau aku pun takut mati masuk oven.
Tapi aku harap love ones aku, famili aku, kawan2 aku yang gerek nak mampos baik alam nyata atau alam cyber semua tak masuk oven la. Amin.
Anggap je la aku nakal. HAHA.OK nakal macam kucing.. 
(Aku baru dapat wassap group ada hamba Allah ni baru meninggal hari ini, jatuh dalam bilik air, terhantuk kepala meninggal, dikhabarkan muda orang nya pasal aku tak kenal hamba Allah ni, begitulah kehidupan dan pengakhiran masing2)

atas ni aku tampal dari youtube tribute band Hats Off to Led Zep ni main No Quarters pun, aku dah rasa semacam punya Sayu masa keyboards start. Ni la lagu magik untuk buat aku kesedihan.
Untuk aku keyboards lagu ni ialah tersangat cantik. John Paul Jones adalah "water carrier" Led Zep Tukang angkat baldi band Led Zep.
Korang sapa sokong Arsenal ingat tak Gilberto Silva?
Aku sayang giler kat dia, kalau jumpa aku peluk dia.
Dia la pencacai.. dia la tukang basuh jamban pasukan Arsenal.
Turun naik turun naik, matikan bola pasukan lawan, jadi tukang pencacai team, jadi player lain boleh bebas buat sarkis bodohkan team lawan.

Sama la John Paul Jones.
Dan versi ni, minit 3:15 onwards masuk bahagian instrumental... aku nak tengok la. Harap dorang main lagu ni..

ok sesuatu yang rancak. Ni tempat sama Megadeth beraksi di Singapore tu hari, harap kerusi semua masih boleh duduk dan belum pecah dan sompek macam kerusi2 kat stadium bola Bukit Jalil. hahaha)



For those of those who have the Maiden Remastered 1980-1988 box and are trying to stuff the stuffs into that RED BOX and cursing and swearing at Maiden for always making life hell for you,

there is a something nice to cushion your pain.

Email nicely to telling them your horrible predicament.
They will nicely email you back, and the rest is history.

My original box I got from Amazon UK I think, and this replacement box is from US, and I think the box looks similar. But at least, more space.

This is a sample of my email and the unboxing of the box. LOL!!
A million thanks to the staff at Warnermusic who had assisted me.

PER ok
tahu apa tu PER??

Bukan PER MERTESACKER ok ( Ni gua punya CAPTAIN ok!! walaupun season ni satu game dia belum main, final FA Cup memang kalau? dia jugak gi ambik piala dengan Royalty kat Wembley. HAHAHA).


So....  ada rakan2 yang dah mencuba... nampak so far menjadi.. tapi jangan pos pulak buat hal. Tapi aku punye sampai masih elok kotak dia. Tapi aku pakai alamat Singapore untuk ni.
So korang try ok..

Jumpa lagi...

Monday, May 1, 2017

Maiden FC Mag #105 dan NASI AMBENG MAK UDA

Lazy and lazier. I wont be saying I am busy because that is exaggerating life.
Everyone has 24 hours. 
 So I condense two blog into one.
Firstly in Malay Language , I want to talk about a nice place in Singapore to eat a nice dish called " NASI AMBENG" quite well-known among the Malay ethnic group of Singapore/Malaysia and Indonesia in South East Asia.
Then secondly , a short review on the latest Iron Maiden Fan Club Magazine number 105.

Nasik Ambeng...
Susah nak komen Nasik Ambeng ni, makan la 5 kedai/gerai baik di Johor Bahru dan Singapura, dan setiap 5 gerai/kedai tu kandungan nye lain.
Nasik Ambeng ni terpulang masing2 punye citarasa.

Jangan anggap mahal, jangan anggap murah, jangan komplen harga, pasal pandai2lah pilih lauk sendiri kalau nak murah. haha.

OK nari aku review/ulasan/opinion cerita pasal NASI AMBENG MAK UDA. Ni kat belakang Chong Pang Yishun, kat satu gerai kat dalam AA Restaurant kat sepanjang Sembawang Road.
Terbaik dari ladang.
Ni gerai seorang brader peramah dan wife dia , run the show dorang je.

Sambal Goreng dia aku suka giler, mungkin antara sambal goreng paling sedap aku pernah makan, dan terkejutnya portion dia kasi banyak. Dah macam ratah Sambal Goreng tu.

Anyway, kalau pilih lauk macam nasik campur harga sangat berpatutan. Aku suka gerai ni.

Ni pulak set Nasi Ambeng , katanya hidangan untuk sorang tapi tu hari makan kita dua orang je pun boleh, siap beli tahu goreng gerai lain.
Ni aku tukar sotong dan udang yang sepatutnya ada dengan lauk lain.

Enjoy the view of the Nasi Ambeng Mak Uda.  Cantik sajian nya.

Kalau korang bungkus, takeaway, tapao, gerai ni akan letak dan susun cantik gunakan plastik tupperware besar giler.

Untuk sapa kat Singapore please try..  Atau sapa kat Malaysia yang balik Singapore atau datang visiting sedara mara, kawan2.. boleh try jugak kat kedai ni...

Aku suka k, maybe tekak aku..   

So this is the cover and backcover of Iron Maiden Fan Club magazine number 105 which coincides with the now running Book Of Soul Tour 2017, the second part and conclusion of the World Tour which starts last year.

never a dissapointment, superb quality paper all colour 48 PAGES, no ads no nothing except everything Iron Maiden related, Iron Maiden fan related, everything got to do with Maiden

So Adrian Smith has 8 pages latest interview.

And lots more, but the best is MARTIN BIRTCH.


PLEASE, maybe RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH (the best era when Ronnie James Dio was fronting), and OF COURSE IRON MAIDEN,

will the albums and songs even be the same if its not Martin Birch producing???

Now that is something to ponder.

So Maiden Magazine got a 8 pages AMAZING latest interview with MARTIN BIRCH.

And now seems they have a constant photographer John McMurtrie who did the Flight 666 photo book, to select his favourite photos,

and this is two of them , a nice shot from Singapore fancy Marina Bay Sands with background of Marina Bay and the Financial Centre.

and also...

Muslims do their daily prayers before Iron Maiden play. A shot from Jakarta Indonesia.

Also, Nicko McBrain usually have a two page spread of him behind his drum kit...

I always like to ogle at his pretty drum kit and one of the photo spread I most look forward to everytime a new fanclub magazine comes out.

also this is the first two pages of the 8 pages Adrian Smith interview about lots of things especially about China and also EL SALVADOR. Both an insight into how these two countries work.

Also a nice few pages about the Live Props For Maiden England Tour of the previous Eddies being frozen in time, 

Lastly some pages on the Martin Birch interview.. total of 8 pages of amazing information and I am so happy he is in good health though he looks older.

This is the producer of many albums that I love from Deep Purple Machinehead, Rainbow Rising, Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell and of course Maiden in their glorious 80s and early 90s era.

Love the Ritchie Blackmore mention, seems its Ritchie Blackmore who first plays to Martin Birch the very first Iron Maiden album, and both talk about Martin should be producing Maiden,
and love how the first meeting between Martin Birch and Maiden went.


I got to go thru the lyrics of Great Unknown a bit, LOL!!! New song played live this tour replacing Tears of Clown. The damn song ends when they are speeding up. DAMN YOU MAIDEN!! The fast parts should go on longer!!
Amazing reviews and fans opinions so far of their shows..

But since when it hasnt been amazing.

(and I am not speaking of their sound. LOL!!) 


I am travelling a huge distance, and I am going from show to show backpacking and sleeping on buses and such...

AND I DONT HAVE ANY TICKET BECAUSE THE DAMN SYSTEM IS TICKETLESS, at least for the standing section of the shows I am going to see.

Oh well, hope it goes fine.

p.s This blog is played with a selection of songs from Youtube playing WASP pre 1992 era.

Very emotional and nostalgic era... haha.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Metal Hammer magazine May 2017 Maiden galore & incoming KEMBARA cds aku baru memperolehi

Hi all.

Firstly.. WRATHCHILD?? WHY???? I will never understand Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson mentality in choosing a setlist for PART TWO of their most successful album tour ever.
2016 has simply an amazing well-balanced setlist for an album tour.
Antwerp Belgium two nights ago, and it was simply suspenseful following the news on the internet as each song is being played in Belgium for fans all over the world.
Great Unknown replacing Tears Of The Clown is amazing but basically swapping Wrathchild for Hallowed Be Thy Name is mind-boggling.
The only valid reason surely is the setlist is very difficult for Bruce as it is.
But still, never mind. Better Wratchild then no more Iron Maiden ever LOL!!
Maiden can just play Wratchchild 5 times in a row and say goodnight and I will still try to be there. LOL!!

Anyway, not many bands with such a long history, dare to play at least 6 new songs each night consuming up to 50 minutes of the stage time, and the audience are loving it and singing to the lyrics and "football chanting" all the melodies and instrumental sections.

A quick post as I require minimum time for thinking as I will be posting lots of snapshots.
I hope to have more time to talk cock soon.
In English for the awesome Maiden laden issue of Metal Hammer Magazine May 2017 issue.
and in Bahasa Melayu for some Kembara cds that I got recently.

I have no choice but nowadays to cramp two topics blog to make one. LOL!!

This is the cover and the outer jacket of the Metal Hammer Magazine May 2017 issue.

My only intention in posting the below photos is I KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE cannot get their hands on the Metal Hammer Magazine May 2017 issue.
Its a very excellent magazine issue for the still surviving Metal Hammer.

Lots of things for everyone,
-some nice articles on German Thrash bands inclusive live reviews.
-some X Japan even So this is really a very nice issue to purchase
-some of other bands that I am curious.
-some of other bands that I skipped completely the pages and photos as I have no interest.
-some very nice and interesting advertisements

and a little matter of SIX PAGES OF interview with Steve Harris.
and a little matter of a weird Top 50 Iron Maiden songs.
IT MAKES A GOOD READING, but for me, how is there to create a top 50 of Maiden songs?
On this magazine Top 50, even though it includes nominations and scores from the writers, the fans, other bands including Kirk Hammet,
but it cannot even fit in Dance Of Death? For The Greater Good Of God? LOL!!

Maybe a Top 100 Iron Maiden songs would be possible for me to try nominating a list.

So here it is, I only try to capture the Steve Harris interviews, and the Top 50 opinion of Metal Hammer staff and whoever they checked with.
Click to make it big, save and enlarge or buy a magnifying glass.
I hope you all can see them.

For those who are not interested or cannot be bothered, enjoy the designs of the pages and pretty photos.




So below it the Metal Hammer May 2017 issue of their selection of Top 50 Maiden songs.

Like I say, its just impossible to select a Top 50, although Metal Hammer May 2017 list done by their staff, other bands and whomever is certainly interesting with the write up for each song nomination,

Maybe a Top 100 may be realistically possibly to nominate top Maiden songs.

but, one glance and there is no Dance Of Death? A few songs from A Matter Of Life And Death..
There is no Einstein Intelligence of a Formula E = mc SQUARE and the description of  an Atom Bomb lyrics of Brighter Than a Thousand Suns? There is no STARBLIND.
THERE IS NO STAR"FUCKIN"BLIND. A genius of a song both musically, delivery and lyrically.
There is a lot of songs I like that is not there. LOL!!
SO a top 100 would be great.

Like I say, this makes a very good read and a good advertisement for Maiden. Thats all.


Simply love on Metallica 2013 Tour, I dont know about other shows, but on the Singapore show he did Where Eagles Dare during his solo.
Here he is talking about the song POTO

Lastly these are the backpage and the cardboard backcover of Metal Hammer May 2017 issue.

On the right is the new issue of the Maiden Fan Club and 


Yes, the master producer who gives amazing production to Maiden, and also Deep Purple's Machinehead and Rainbow albums and of course Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell album...

Love the part when Ritchie Blackmore plays for him the first album of Iron Maiden.

I am lucky I grow up and still is loving on all these musical merry-go-around talents of the above.......

OK Tu hari aku dapatkan empat cd Kembara, campur dengan cd yang aku dapat masa Kembara Mark 1 dan Mark 2 beraksi di Istana Budaya...  so aku suka la pasal aku nak simpan bentuk cd yang dirilis.

campur dengan bootleg2 aku tape, aku nak buat boxset sendiri haha...

so aku pasang balik bootleg IB hari Jumaat nye show yang aku tape...

aku rasa macam sial sangat, macam SIALLL sangat pasal tentu ada yang ingin curious nak dengar cammana suasana malam tu terjadi, walaupun rakaman bootleg.

aku tahu, walaupun bootlegs aku cuma beberapa orang je dengar kat youtube,
dan siap yang tengok pun kasi thumbs down aje..

tapi cam aku cakap, kalau ada satu orang je paham apa aku buat ni semua, then aku happy.
Ni semua akan mati dan hilang gitu sahaja pasal there is no documentation of any official or unofficial release.

Lepas tu audience tape untuk hidupkan seni tu dan untuk peminat satu dunia, yes Melayu tersebar satu dunia...

kau paotokan aku.

Well...... akaun aku dapat balik lepas kena ban setahun so not so bad....