Sunday, October 23, 2016

Scorpions -Live in Singapore 21.10.2016. (Photos/Merchandise/Review and lots more not so pretty photos)

As usual first in English then in Malay Language Bahasa Melayu kat bawah.

Scorpions at the Singapore Suntec Conventional/Exhibition Hall - 21st Oct 2016.
A Friday Night. I was lucky to work morning shift, so I can go without taking precious leave or do MX.
Surely a SOLD-OUT? Completely Full-House.
The standing area are packed. I turned around and the seats all seems occupied.
Maybe 8000 max this place holds.
A nice comfy place in the city area with superb public transport facilities.
The place supports good sound whether you are standing or seating anywhere from my experiences there.

The floor shakes and vibrates if there is enough HAVOC CROWD reaction.
Its not sitting on the ground floor this hall as below it are shopping malls. So its kind of weird when the floor starts shaking in the chaos. LOL!!

No opening band,
Scorpions starts early, there are still lots of people outside when the INTRO SIRENS begin.
They have an EGO ramp tonight. How Nice.
Maiden too should try having an Ego Ramp for their own shows. It would be something different.

Again Lauretta Alabbons LAMC has been amazing promoters. They better bring back Iron Maiden to Singapore next time.
Guns N Roses early next year will do till then.

During the song MAKE IT REAL with the Singapore flag backdrop.

There are some upbeat evergreen inspirational songs that I love, and besides Van Halen Dreams, this is one of them.

OK lets start the review with the merchandise stand and the tshirt(front/back) I bought. LOL!!

Klaus Meine was late. VERY LATE. LOL!!!


Like I say, I am always worried if the bands I like are too reliant on old songs and being caberet acts, and I always get a habit everytime I see Iron Maiden, and when the new songs are played and I realised there are are a few people around me looking curious or DONT MOUTH THE LYRICS!!!
I always like bands I like continue play as much new songs as humanely possible LOL!.

So I was happy last night when the new song We Built This House, and the crowds are loud and singing that "Oooo -oooo- oooo" part.

2nd Observation.
Last night No One Like You was played. Lucky us.
And, strange, we got HOLIDAY acapella style by Klaus Meine before Rock You Like A Hurricane. So its happiness.

Zoo was a monster. A huge green slimy horrible HEAVY MONSTER.
With that Matthias Jabs Bon Jovi Ritchie Sambora Livin On A Prayer talkbox. LOL!!

Delicate Dance was awesome isnt it Matthias Jab piece.
I simply prefer this electrical version rather than the unplugged version.

3rd observation.
Mikey Dee was awesome as usual but I like his coolness on Herman Rarebell's No One Like You. LOL!!!

Motorhead's Overkill was a nice Lemmy tribute.

and I love Mikey Dee solo.

4th observation
4/5 of last nights Scorpions look extremely happy, Especially Rudolph Schenker, Matthias Jab, Klaus Meine and Mikey Dee.
Hopefully the loudness of the audience and the loud singalongs plays a part especially that 'we want more!!! we want more!!!'  chants immediately starting after Big City Nights ends. Very fun moments.



5th observation
Seems people around me knows the words to the songs and express their happiness. So I guess I stand at the right place.
Also, I used a new recorder to bootleg the show last night, I dont know what to expect but I love the sound as I am playing back the last night full show. 
(Now all I need is a necklace style dual microphone LOL!!)

The standing price ticket is horrific but worth it.

For the past few months in 2016, I was fortunate to see the "Monsters that create the music that rules" that I grew up with since a little boy play live
- some Iron Maiden (of course), AC/DC, the last mohicans of Black Sabbath, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow and to end it this year with The Scorpions. 

2016 has been memorable for me in terms of personal earthly rocking pleasures. LOL!

2017 my only target is to perform some rough low budget backpacking to Glasgow, Aberdeen, Liverpool, Birmingham and Cardiff for Iron Maiden's 2017 UK Tour.
FIVE Maiden shows in Scotland, England and Wales in NINE DAYS. LETS SEE.
The tickets are mostly bloody sold even now. 
maybe plus GnR, and thats all. I got to slow down. LOL!!

Matthias Jabs "Adidas" stripped guitars.

More of Coast To Coast with Klaus Meine on guitar,

Mikey Dee Solo has a part where all the albums cover appear one by one.

Klaus Meine

-  Always Somewhere
- Eye Of The Storm (ok not this one, cannot remember the lyrics LOL!!)
- Send Me An Angel
- Holiday with only Klaus Meine and the audience was a very nice touch.

Did I say I have a good time? I think I forgotten I hated the bloody song Wind Of Change and I was even singing along to that boring song. LOL!!

Rudolf Schenker

Still Loving You Flame Fire Backdrop LOL!!

Klaus Meine & Matthias Jabs


Like I say, attending this show is not only for having a good time, but I think for many, its also the way to maybe say Goodbye To The Scorpions for the last time.
Though having the other classic Scorpions lineups would be even better.

Rudoph, Klaus, Matthias.

Rudoph Schenker with his Ronnie James Dio salute. LOL!!


OK The ending backdrop for Scorpions.
Not so horrific as the Black Sabbath The End isnt it? LOL!!
But at least Black Sabbath has some beautiful and pretty fireworks at their Final Donington Show.


Intro - SIRENS

- HOLIDAY (acapella)

Aku tengah dengar balik bootleg aku rakam Scorpions main kat Singapore hari jumaat lepas.
Aku pakai recorder baru. Tengok macam ok je so nanti ada aku gi konsert band Melayu nanti boleh aku tape dan letak kat youtube macam selalu. HAHA. Sila jangan lahar.

OK, apa aku nak cakap? Memang TERBAIK DARI LADANG persembahan Scorpions malam kelmarin.
Penuh sesak, penonton semua best, seronok sangat. BISING! GAMAT!! Bak kata Ramli Sarip masa Sweet Charity main kat Esplanade, nak buat apa buat, asal jangan ada rusuhan.

Mat Salleh ramai ok kat tempat berdiri. 
OK cam aku cakap ni tempat Wings main dulu yang ada satu hari raya tu. Alaa show ada Musafir Di Hari Raya, then last Kristal join in lagu Peronda.

OK apa aku nak cakap? Semua aku dah cakap bahagian omputeh atas. Gambo semua dah tampal kat atas.

Scorpions ni kan... untuk orang2 MELAYU la kan, macam sama dengan BAYGON, MEE MAGGI, paham? Household nama.
Nama yang seisi rumah, ramai Melayu kenal.

Jadi, korang boleh paham la kenapa Scorpions tu istimewa dari zaman Abang-Abang Lobang, Minah-Minah Karen zaman dulu sampai sekarang.

So apa lagi nak cerita kan pasal Scorpions.

Dan tak terkejut penonton semua dah macam KOIR ok semalam. Choir. Melayu eja cam mana eh? aku tak reti.
KARAOKE melalak melolong gitu baik lagu rock atau lagu slow rock.

Persembahan semalam alrite, Scorpions takde hegeh2 ok. Start awal. Takde band pembukaan ke hapa, aku ngan kawan aku beli tshirt, masuk terus SIREN BERBUNYI haha.
Nasib baik sempat aku start bootlegging aku.

Anyway, suara Klaus Meine alrite la kan, suka sangat aku tengok dia masih maintain. Scorpions semua maintain.
Hensem, kurus, Hensem, kurus, hensem, kurus.

Maka Ulasan pendek aku Scorpions beraksi 2016 di Singapura.

Sebenarnya aku nak tengok Show yang Malaysia punya di Sepang, pasal harga tiket lagi best, dan jugak WINGS ada. Wings kalau lama tak tengok, bontol gatal, tangan gigil.
TAPI aku nak cuba tengok yang Hard Rock Cafe tu.. Aku tak tahu aku kerja apa satu dua hari tu. Aku nak gi la.... 
Tapi tengok la cammana.

OK Scorpions, beberapa lagu baru yang sangat hebat, dan macam aku cakap kat atas, aku seronok bila peminat hadir ramai respon kat lagu baru, tahu bila nak singalong...
Memang seronok, pasal sentiasa menjadi RELEVAN dan bersaing dengan mereka yang zaman modern sangat penting. Cewaahh.. Kalau tak jadi nostalgia je. Asyik2 cerita lama. Tu boleh kasi kat team bola yang asyik sebut je pasal zaman dulu menang tu menang ni, pasal zaman sekarang hancur.

Apa pun, setlist Singapore kat atas.
NO ONE LIKE YOU ada ok, aku tahu berapa negara takde, TAIWAN takde lagu ni.
Dah tu ada HOLIDAY, sikit je la jugak nasik tambah gitu...
tapi terbaik..

Ni kira macam Amy Search kat Larkin Search sambut 30 Tahun akhirnya hujan berenti, semua kat stadium basah kuyup terus Amy nyanyi sorang2 dengan peminat tanpa muzik, Setelah Hujan.
Tapi tu pendek, ni lagi panjang la kot. hahaha.

OK dah tu je.. aku tak mau hegeh2 nak post blog ni, pasal nanti terus tak post.
Blog aku ni dah la sendu sangat. HAHA.
So aku berenti sini la, maaf la cakap melayu nye pendek cakap omputeh aku merapu panjang lebar kot.

Semalam kan, I mean hari jumaat tu, masa lagu Steamrock Fever. Macam terus rasa kenangan la semua ni kan. HAHA. Omputeh panggil life past before my eyes gitu.

Lagi satu bila Make It Real dipersembahkan..
Rasa nak nangis. Cewahhh.
Lagu ni macam perangsang aku gilerbabi sanggup backpack tengok Maiden dan band rock lain merata tempat walaupun memang rasa diri tu bodoh buat semua ni kerja giler.

OK OK, aku tarik balik la aku cakap Wind Of Change nanti aku tidur, aku menguap la, aku kutuk2 lagu ni serupa lagu Search Hisapbella. Boring nak mampos.

Aku nyanyi la lagu Wind Of Change. TERPUKAU GITU keseronokan Scorpions terbaik dari ladang. 

k bye.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

SCORPIONS - This Friday.... (kawan kerja aku dah belikan aku tiket hiphip hurray).

As usual, In English then In Malay.

As The Scorpions are playing in both Malaysia and Singapore,
Singapore - This Friday.
Malaysia - Next Weekend.
I would have preferred the Malaysian show as that show has Wings on the bill. Unfortunately, its my working day so I cannot make it.
The Singapore is also my working day but it falls on my morning shift, so lucky me.
(Taking Annual Leaves for Personal Entertainments are reserved for Iron Maiden trips only LOL!!).

So I think Scorpions will avoid being a caberet band and they will play as much new songs as possible. I only checked them out- the new songs- in youtube and I have no issues with the new songs.
I think Scorpions find their touch back during the UNBREAKABLE album. The albums in between SAVAGE AMUSEMENT and UNBREAKABLE are albums I dont like except for some songs.

Its like so long since I have listen to Scorpions songs except for the Uli Jon Roth years due to his Scorpions revisited studio and live albums (which I had shown the packagings in the last few blog post).

If I have my way, and I dont really think about it, and I DONT WANT SCORPIONS TO BE A CABARET BAND, I would like Scorpions to play something like this set below.

-New Song 1
-Speedys Coming
-Love Em or Leave Em
-New Song 2
-Loving You Sunday Morning
-New Song 3
-Dark Lady
-Make It Real
-New Song 4
-Rhythm Of Love
-Lady Starlight
-Always Somewhere
-In Trance
-Send Me An Angel
-Fly To The Rainbow

-Big City Night
-Life Like A River
-The Zoo
-Another Piece Of Meat



20 songs of fair mix, no Still Loving ,no No One Like You ,no Rock You Like A Hurricane and please not that rubbish song that puts me to sleep out of boredom - Wind Of Change.
I am sure it is missing a lot of songs I had forgetten while typing this, but the idea is there with Another Piece Of Meat.

OK dont be offended if any.. its just a fantasy.

So I hope to go, especially for the price of the bloody ticket, then I will write a review.

I am thinking of getting a new recorder to bootleg live shows, I am thinking of going to get a higher end BOOTLEGGING DEVICE LOL!!!!
Lets see how..

Hi Semua, 
aku nak cakap sikit ni paling penting, sapa yang tengok Wings 30 Tahun tahu yang dekat dua2 show kat KL yang dorang main 4 jam, dan kat JB nye show, dua2 show Awie sorang2 dengan gitar dia nyanyi lagu When The Smoke Is Going Down kan? Walau kat JB dia nyanyi versi Cantonese kot? Macam lagu Hong Kong je kan? muaahaha...

(dua2 show full show aku bootleg dari intro sampai abis dan aku upload kat Youtube Channel aku),
dan Scorpions akan main kat Suntec dewan yang sama Wings main show masa lepas hari raya tahun bila yang Wings bawak lagu S Jibeng Musafir Di Aidilfitri.

Lagi sekali, show yang ni pun aku bootleg dari mula sampai abis unedited, semua kat youtube channel aku,
anyway aku cakap aku bootleg ni semua korang paham eh? semua audio macam mana kita semua dengar muzik zaman dulu.

Anyway aku tu hari wassap Zan, aku cakap "eh Wings kalau overshadow Scorpions cammana eh? haha..  "
ok aku tak gurau eh.

korang agak Awie dengan Klaus Meine nyanyi sama2 tak When The Smoke Is Going Down? muahaha.

Dan macam aku cakap, zaman jahiliah dulu When The Smoke Is Going Down ni basically boleh ubah suai jadi lagu Dikir Barat ye tak? hahaha...
So memang aku cita2 nak gi tengok yang KL nye show pasal aku kalau lama tak tengok Wings beraksi, aku gatal bontot. So jadi opener main kejap pun ok je la kan, lepaskan gian.

walau kebabai show kat Sepang, ala... leceh siot Sepang2 ni untuk orang cam aku...
Sepang ni serious last aku gi tengok ialah Deep Purple main. Tahun bila entah. Dah lupa haha.

OK so... Tu la nak cakap takut lupa...

haha, lain2 semua aku dah tulis cakap omputeh kat atas.
Wind Of The Change ni boring sey, seboring lagu HISAPBELLA kalau tengok live. Nak tido rasa.


Untuk ramai dari korang sama la kan, soundtrack kehidupan kita dari budak kecik, dari darjah satu, darjah dua...
Aku lagi suka Rainbow lebih sikit tu jam.

Tak dinafikan, Scorpions ni HOUSEHOLD NAME untuk masyarakat Melayu tak kira di mana sahaja.

Jadi mungkin ni last tengok dorang main, dan basically aku pergi ni, lebih kepada untuk aku pay tribute kat dorang.

Macam nak cakap timakasey banyak2...

dan aku tahu aku mesti happy giler time lagu the Zoo. ROCK MAMPOS TERBAIK SEPANJANG ZAMAN lagu ni, segala2nye tentang lagu ni dari muzik dan lirik.

Korang tahu tak, dari aku kecik, cita2 duniawi aku selain nak pergi Donington, lagi satu tempat aku nak pergi ialah nak gi 42nd Street. Pasal aku budak2 dulu aku ingat kat tempat ni ada zoo ada rimau, ada singa gitu. HAHAHA. BODOH SIOT AKU.

Serupa Sama macam tu hari aku pergi Jerman - Loreley tengok Ritchie Blackmore dalam usia 71 tahun, dia cakap dia rasa nak main lagu rock lagi sekali lagu2 yang dia tulis pun lagu2 dari kumpulan Deep Purple dan Rainbow., dia dah cakap dia tak mau main heavy, dia cuma nak main balik lagu rock dia dengan musicians pilihan dia dan dia pakai balik nama yang menggegarkan jantung sanubari ku, R-a-i-n-b-o-w.

Aku macam pay tribute gitu, pegi jauh backpacking sorang2,, bayar tiket show, dan show support dari start sampai abis permainan. Macam nak cakap Terimakaseh banyak2 la Ritchie Blackmore dan tengok dia main lagu2 Rainbow dan Deep Purple.

Maka sama jugak dengan Scorpions hari jemaat ni..

pergi, hurray hurray, buat muka tongong time lagu wind of change, lepas tu dalam hati cakap  -

Terimakaseh banyak2 la Scorpions, dari zaman apa pun la dari dulu sampai sekarang, tak kira apa line up pun la pemuzik dulu dan sekarang.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

GHOST BC infestissumam (deluxe edition) & If You Have GHOST ep

This time I will show all the inside packaging of the deluxe Infestissumam 24 pages booklet and also the packaging of If You Have Ghost EP for those who have not seen it.

I will write a bit in both English Language and Malay Language Bahasa Melayu to the best of my ability.

The Photos of the packaging will be right at the bottom at the end of this post.

Lets start with Ghost BC Infestissumam.
The BC is more for the North American market copyright issues.
Ghost 2nd album.

In majority - A rather traditional pop album, reminds me of The Carpenters, ABBA, surfing Beach Boys and the Soundtrack to the movie PULP FICTION.
(But at the same this is the album with Year Zero on it. A simply blood-baying singalong chorus for a live Heavy Metal Crowd.)

As usual, a straight forward groupie support and one-sided praise for all things Satanic and anti-wholesome family values lyrically.

I always listen to this album as a complete, I don't pick specific tracks. I dont know why but with Ghost I always do it this way.
I press Play button, and put my headphones, and just let the albums flow, while I am walking, waiting at train stations and bus stations, and inside public transportation.

My fave songs on this album are -
- The Rousing Anthem of the Intro Infestissumam.
Less than 2 minutes, it should have a full song. Very very INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC.

- Jigolo Har Megiddo. A happy feet song. Mischievous.

- Ghuleh / Zombie Queen. - Starts slow with Ghuleh and then proceed to remind me of Surfing Rock of the 60s.

- YEAR ZERO - First song I ever see Ghost play live. They were Opening for Iron Maiden. I think most of the crowd also have not seen them play before. I like what I see and hear and I become a fan.

- Idolatrine - very catchy chorus

- Depth of Satan's Edge - A beautiful catchy song. The kind you move your shoulders to the beat.

- Monstrance Clock - Original this album ends on this song. A nice chorus about everyone coming together as one for Lucifer or something.

The deluxe edition has two more songs - a hard to find on official physical cd - La Mantra Mori, and also I'm a Marionette which appears also on Nirvana's Foo Fighter's Dave Grohl produced EP - If Youu Have Ghost.


If You Have Ghost EP.

Produced By DAVE GROHL of Nirvana and Foo Fighter's fame.

Basically a covers songs EP with one live song version of Ghost own song Secular Haze.
Though all are beautifully done. Maybe in some cases ends up more nicer than the originals. (Speaking of Pulp Fiction Soundtrack above - surely Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon by Urge Overkill is something I like so much more than the Neil Diamond original).,

If You Have Ghost is a beautiful song. Crucified is also a simply another sweet song.

I'm a Marionette is an ABBA song.
Waiting For The Night is by one of the best bands in the world - DEPECHE MODE.


And I am very happy.


Some festivals with Ghost headlining Friday, Maiden on Saturday, and Depeche Mode on Sunday.
That would be so out of this world combination.

Yes yes, many people find Ghost annoying. LOL!!!!

OK, like I say, the photos of each page of the INDESTISSUMAM Deluxe Editon are right at the bottom of this posting. For those who have not seen it and are interested.

Hi Semua, 

Tu hari aku ada time, aku masuk Youtube,

aku pergi carik semua info pasal Karen Carpenter. Pasal dia sakit yang paksa diri muntahkan diri tu, Pasal dia nak kurus.
Orang semua cakap dia sakit teruk, dia jerangkung, kurus giler,
tapi dia sorang cakap dia tak kurus, dia gemuk or something like that.

So sambil tu dengar la lagu2 Carpenters. Korang tahu la kan betapa sedap lagu2 Carpenters zaman 70an dulu.

Memang sedih perjalanan hidup Karen Carpenter, tapi lagu2 yang dia nyanyi dengan abang dia dalam kumpulan Carpenters memang lejen. Hidup selamanya.

So, lepas tu aku terfikir, betapa dekat nya lagu2 Ghost ni dengan lagu2 Carpenters pun.

Lepas tu kalau korang perasan, kat album ni memang ada lagu memang rentak Pop Yeh Yeh pun ada.

Tapi ni album kedua ni memang ada kelainan sikit dari album pertama. Mungkin mereka masih mencarik arah dan tujuan dan cuba memperbagaikan aneka ragam muzik mereka.

Lepas album ni terus dorang cakap dorang nanti akan heavy sikit untuk album ketiga iaitu Meliora. Meliora ni akan datang aku akan tunjuk versi Meliora Redux yang ada Popestar punye EP kat dalam.

OK, aku takde masa lebih, AKU memang ada niat nak buat trilogi posting pasal kumpulan muzik Ghost ini.
Tu hari aku dah intro dan buat ulasan sikit album pertama, ni kira posting kedua dan nanti mungkin aku panjang lebar balik untuk post seterus nya pasal Ghost.

OK, cam aku cakap, intro album ni, Infestissumam ni sangat BERSEMANGAT , dan sepatutnya ni bukan intro tetapi lagu panjang kerana sedap sangat.

Dalam album ni kalau lagu heavy metal contoh Year Zero memang terbaik la kan.

Dan jugak lagu2 lain yang aku minat seperti aku sebut kat bahagian atas aku tulis omputeh.

Ohhh jugak, EP If You Have Ghost, penuh dengan lagu2 sedap cover version tak lupa dari KUMPULAN ABBA dan KUMPULAN AKU MINAT YANG AKU DAH LUPAKAN TAPI DATANG BALIK JADI PEMINAT, KUMPULAN DEPECHE MODE, dan dorang akan keluar album baru ok, SPIRIT.
Teruja menunggu... haha.

ok tu je...

Ambik dari youtube.. If You Have Ghost EP..

Ni pulak full album INFESTISSUMAM

OK, Sapa berminat, kalau tak minat tak payah tengok ok, 
sila scroll bawah untuk packaging bungkusan dan buku lirik Infestissumam.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

tayang headphones baru, Scorpions coming two shows, GNR officially announced. Happiness...

Salam & Salute To All.

Kawan baru.. Headphone Audio Technica yang entah ke berapa aku beli. Puas hati bila kita gunakan sesuatu kita suka sampai lunyai sampai rosak.
Jadi ni kawan baru aku..
Kawan semasa berjalan kaki ke destinasi diperlukan terutama kena jalan kaki jauh jauh punye.
Kawan untuk tunggu bas.

Kawan untuk tunggu tren.
Kawan dalam bas awam

Kawan dalam tren - MRT ke, LRT ke apa ke.. macam2 pengangkutan jenis keretapi... dimana pun aku berada.
Kawan bila tak mau kacau orang lain.
Kawan untuk dengar muzik pasal aku suka dengar muzik pakai headphones

For the past few years I exclusively use Audio Technica headphones for my listening pleasure to music, They are quite rugged and usually I will wear them out till they are damaged one way or another.
while Walking to any of destinations near or far.
Waiting for the buses,
Waiting for the trains
While inside the buses, and the trains.
And When I need to be quiet and not disturb anyone.
I always choose different models, designs and colours, but lets return to stylish black this time around.

Scorpions are coming soon, to both Malaysia and Singapore.
The Malaysian and Singapore internet posters.

The Malaysia show has WINGS (not the Paul McCartney one LOL!!), in the bill, I try not to miss them whenever possible, but sadly I am working then.
So I guess if I go, I will have to go to the Singapore one. I have my work, I will be working morning shift on the day Scorpions play in Singapore.
The standing price ticket is quite a pain in the ass, but its Scorpions with Mikey Dee.
and like Lemmy introduce him in Donington 2013 when Motorhead plays , "Best Drummer In The World - Mikey Dee".
*Mikey Dee was supposed to drum for Thin Lizzy Anniversary Band when they opened for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow on the first show in June, but he joins Scorpions and Thin Lizzy uses Judas Priest Drummer Scott Travis for that evening show in Loreley... One of my most unforgettable rocking moment.
And he brings out Phil Animal Taylor on that same show. Not exactly in the best of conditions Phil Animal Taylor that evening.
I really have no idea of their new album, Scorpions I mean, but it will be fun, whatever songs they play. Scorpions I mean.

Ooo finally the worst kept secret is out. OFFICIALLY NOW -..  GUNS N ROSES.... GUNS N ROSES.... GUNS N ROSES.... (say it Get In The Ring style) is coming to Singapore early next year.

Seems they are going to play in the same place like Metallica a few years back, a bit out of the way for Public Transport Users.
For once a rocking environment, no seating tickets. ITS ALL STANDING.
Metallica draw 40,000? So I guess GNR will draw much more than that.
Two price tickets, both will be standings only.
And its super fuckin expensive.
How many Iron Maiden shows while backpacking in Europe (Standing Front) can I see for the price of a Front section to see GNR in Singapore?

But (again), its the Guns N Roses not some Democracy lineup, albeit only Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan from their Appetite, Lies, and Illusions albums.

And please,

I found it amusing, some people are calling Axl Rose a washout? a fat person? who cannot sing anymore?
Its weird. Cause the comments are simply unfair and untruthful and sit in the bedroom fantasies fairytale.

Angus Young decide on AXL to sing for ACDC.
That is something for the annals in the history of music.

I went to see ACDC plays Manchester with Axl Rose singing in front of a 75,000 hardcore crowd which streches all the way to the other side of the Manchester City Etihad Stadium Football Field.


So buy a ticket , go to a show with Axl Rose singing, and then you will take back your words.

And the same goes for the new Queen lineup. I had this negative impression of Adam Lambert until I see them play, 2 sold out shows in London O2 of 15,500 each night,  ADAM LAMBERT RULES THE STAGE, AND RULES THE AUDIENCE. And really he does Queen songs justice, at least for me. And its not easy to sing those songs for 2 hours.

OK cakap melayu sikit,

Scorpions, aku nak tengok tau.. Saje je suka2, kecuali lagu2 album baru aku tak tahu,
tapi tak kesah la kan, ni Scorpions, apa lagu pun tetap rock dan tetap slow rock.

Mikey Dee, ok la, ni tambahan anggota yang buat aku makin suka.

Serupa Search untuk aku, kalau Yazid main Search rok, tapi drummers lain Search macam metal pulak.
Jadi entah eh.. Mikey Dee main dengan Scorpions mau kang jadi metal.

Mikey Dee, sekali je aku tengok dia main, tapi jauh jugak, kat Donington, gigih.. gi depan tapi tepi la. Dia main dengan Motorhead.
Lemmy Introduction dia waktu kenalkan Phil Campbell dan Mikey Dee sebagai Drummer Terbaik Dalam Dunia.
Kelakar nye (ok tak kelakar ) petang tu Lemmy panggil jemputan khas dia keluar.
iaitu PHIL ANIMAL TAYLOR jugak seorang pemain drum dalam kumpulan Motorhead satu masa dahulu. Mungkin FINAL APPEARANCE EVER PHIL ANIMAL TAYLOR WITH MOTORHEAD ON STAGE kat DONINGTON 2013 pasal lepas tu dia mati.
Dan terus terang, macam aku pernah cerita, sama ada Phil Taylor tengah mabok, atau baru lepas tekan dadah apa ntah, atau memang dia dah otak dah mereng.
Dia lost giler atas pentas. Tak terurus.
Siot je Lemmy.
Dah mati dah dua2 ni Lemmy dan Phil Animal Taylor.

So rasanya tiket berdiri untuk show Singapore masih ada kot, kalau aku pergi, aku mungkin beli tiket satu dua hari sebelum nya, jangan kena sumpit OT sua. Tapi antara OT dan Scorpions, OT la kan lagi mulia.

Ok, Ok, Guns N Roses. Akhrnya dikonfemkan main kat Singapore, tempat sama Metallica main tu hari. Aku sebenarnya suka tempat tepi laut tu walaupun public transport macam PUAKA!!.
(Aku tunggu Seek And Destroy start terus blah, naik bas, terus aku dapat naik last MRT, besok nya nak kerja ah hhahaha).
Pasal tempat dia semua berdiri, adil saksama, cuma tiket bahagi dua la, sapa cepat dia dapat gitu.
So Metallica 40,000 so GNR lebih la tentunya
tapi harga tiket, giler babi tak silap aku 298 ngan 198. Sing$.
Tapi.. Tapi.. ni GNR Axl, Slash , Duff ye tak..

Anyway, percaya la cakap aku, Axl terbaik dari ladang. Kalau tak, Angus tak ambik dia, dan takkan nak sambung main dengan dia masa depan untuk ACDC.
Cuma dengan ACDC dia tak banyak colok. Relak one corner, nyanyi bersungguh2, relak one corner. Depan mata orang bakar flare pun diam.
Takde maki maki nak balik rumah tu jam jugak.
Dan on time ok dia dengan ACDC.

Aku tengok kat Manchester City nye stadium bola, 75 Ribu Peminat ACDC penuh satu stadium dari satu goal sampai goal lagi satu hujung haha...
Security masuk paling sial aku pernah alami tengok band rock buat konsert, tapi worth it. (Aku punye jeruk dan buah kana cina semua kena rembat dengan security, padahal tu semua tak mau kasi aku mabuk dan pening pasal aku backpack giler babi sorang2 so aku kena standby tu semua mau kang aku apa2 kena congkong pasport dan wallet mampos siak aku sapa nak tolong, dan nak tuduh aku macam2 dan tuduh buah kana dan jeruk2 cina tu semua macam2 benda taik, betul2 bukit siot mat salleh mat salleh ni yang ada, jangan mat salleh semua bagus ok).

So aku akan sokong ni GNR ni datang ni. Tapi dengan sokong beli tiket tu belum tahu lagi.


bak lagu Ramli Sarip.

Tapi nanti la kita tengok cammana kan...

ok dah cukup membebel. Aku bukan apa saje bual kons pasal nak aktifkan balik blog aku yang sendu ni.

Long Live Rock N Roll.

Post ni dibuat dengan dengar lagu2 dari satu lagi band Pop-Rock Jerman macam Scorpions.. tapi aku punye feberet la band pop-rock sekarang ni sejak berapa tahun ni. iaitu Powerwolf.

Catholic In The Morning, Satanist at Night.

Metal In The Morning........, Metal In The Night!!

Sekarang ni kan, selalu je aku pasang lagu ni... Let There Be Night. Menenangkan.


Ni lagu dorang bawak LIVE kat salah satu show dalam boxset Metal Mass.

Nanti aku review boxset tu, belum review lagi..

OK bye..