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review/ulasan - JUDAS PRIEST/BABY METAL - 4 Dec 2018 Zepp Jurong East Singapore.

A quick review of Judas Priest Live in Singapore for the latest Firepower album Tour.
They are supported by the new formation of Babymetal.
Its held a Zepp Bigbox 4th December 2018.
I'll start with English and follow up with Bahasa Melayu later.

I guess the tickets sold is about 2000 attendance, its all standing event, and I guess everyone can see the band in real close up situation.
Surely Babymetal helps with the tickets as a number of fans were wearing Babymetal tshirts.

I also heard all Babymetal merchandise was completely sold out.
Not the same rings for Judas Priest. But I did get one tshirt, a nice Satan's Tuning Fork design with the cities Judas Priest is playing on the backprint. (see last photos).

Glen Tipton turned up for the encores. Worth the price of the ticket just for that alone.
Andy Sneap covers Glen Tipton for the main set before the encores, and take a back position when its time for the Three Guitarists Encore performance,
but Andy do not exactly plays all Glen Tipton solos. I think Richie Faulkner has taken more solos this time around and not just KK Downing solos and guitar parts.
Painkiller was terrific, I believe they had Glen Tipton original solos on the mix and Richie playing along with it. Glen did appear on the video screen though for this Painkiller song.

Anyway, Andy Sneap is a huge name producing and engineering and mixing for bands like Kreator and the new Firepower album, and at last I now know how he looks like.

Ian Hill was awesome as usual at his rear position.
Rob Halford was amazing with his singing, though he drops some of the chorus of more famous songs for the audience to sing themselves without the band. He did that fast singing verse on Freewheel Burning though.
The drummer Scott Travis, besides seeing him for Judas Priest, he also played for the Thin Lizzy All Star Tribute band opening for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow first ever show in more than 20 years, when it was held in Loreley Germany where I was lucky to be in attendance. What a night that was, and another glorious night for Judas Priest in Singapore this time around too.

Last time Judas Priest plays here, it was a double bill with Lamb Of God unfortunately.
but this time it was more fun and I am more entertained with Babymetal.
They had one original member leaving the group,
but instead of having two backup dancers, Babymetal has this triangle triple formation for the Singapore show.

Some Babymetal photos in Singapore live that night.

Judas Priest setlist songs played in Singapore 2018 Firepower Tour is

- Intro Tape Black Sabbath's War Pigs up to first verse only.
- Intro Tape Firepower
- Firepower
- Running Wild
- Grinder
- Sinner
- Ripper
- Lightning Strikes
- No Surrender
- Turbo Lover
- Green Manalishi with Two Prong Crown
- When Nights Come Down ( a weird choice for a sentimental ballad, I wish they did Out In The Cold or Angel instead)
- Guardian (from Tape of the album)
- Rising From Ruins ( the solos are already improvised and superb)
- You Got Another Thing Coming ( with the vocal singing with audience at start)
- Hell Bent For Leather ( with the bike )
- Painkiller ( Richie does all solos I believe and Glen video on the screen and I think his original solos is mixed in)

- Metal Gods
- Breaking The Law
- Living After Midnight (Glen goes to mic everytime for chorus but dont actually sings, and Glen solos for this song)

 Its nice to see Judas Priest with a 6 men line up like Iron Maiden during the encores.

I just realise - No Electric Eye this time but its ok..

So this is how Andy Sneap looks like LOL!!!

**********************Other stories about Judas Priest previous live, boxsets, deluxe editions , etc etc etc are here -

Laporan, ulasan pendek konsert band rock Judas Priest di Singapura di Zepp Big Box Jurong East.
Ni la pertama kali aku tengok band rock kat tempat ni. Bagus la... just nice...boleh tengok band rapat dekat.

OK jadi macam ni la rupa Encik Andy Sneap.. Selalu baca nama dia kat dalam sampul cd band2 rock sebagai producer, mixing, apa je la....

so bila dia keluar tu... hah!!! ok ok dah tahu dah rupa haha.

OK aku pilih diri sebelah Janick Gers side ni pasal dengan harapan Glen Tipton nanti keluar.

Walaupun feberet ahli Judas Priest aku ialah tetap KK Downing.

Setlist lagu2 yang dipersembahkan Judas Priest ialah di atas.

Macam aku cakap kecuali lagu Sinner, lagu2 lain dalam setlist tu busuk2 pun tahu sikit2 korus, so boleh la join in nyanyi2 kan happy2...

Rob Halford memang hebat...walau lagu2 yang Pop - Hits dia akan hulur mic kat penonton suruh nyanyi kan korus.

Tapi dia serious berbual, dia masih nyanyi part Rapping Freewheel Burning tu...
Wooo Freewheel Burning, dengan Desert Plains, aku memang nak tengok JP bawak lagu ni 2 live cammana, akhirnya....pasal tu berapa tahun dahulu tu mereka tak main ni dua lagu.

Scott Travis... dia tak flashy eh, dia macam duk belakang diam2 tapi macam aku pernah cerita dulu waktu aku gi backpacking tengok Ritchie Blackmore Rainbow main di Jarman Loreley, show pertama dalam 20 tahun lebih, 

Band pembukaan ialah Thin Lizzy All Star, drummer sepatutnya Mikey Dee Motorhead, tapi last minute Mikey Dee kena panggil jadi drummer Scorpions,
terus malam tu Scott Travis yang ganti, last minit gitu... 

Ian Hill ... hah... dekni, macam kasut kena gam atas stage, tak gerak... tapi badan goyang.. haha...

terbaik kan.......legend.

Richie Faulkner, pertama kali aku tengok dia main ni masa dia jadi gitaris Lauren Harris masa jadi band pembukaan Iron Maiden zaman 2008 dulu....

Lepas tu masa kat Singapore berapa tahun lepas bersama Judas Priest ni aku suka giler dia nye solo2 time lagu You Got Another Thing Coming,
sekarang ni dengan Glen Tipton dah sakit teruk untuk main live, Richie Faulkner bukan saja tapao semua solo dan gitar parts KK Downing, tapi solos Glen Tipton pun aku rasa dia dah ambik dah contoh Painkiller. Macam aku cakap kat atas, Painkiller tu kat video screen ada video Glen Tipton beraksi, dan aku speku...mixing lagu ni diletakkan solo Glen, dan Richie main bersama.

Andy Sneap - macam aku cakap kat atas... oohh dah tahu dah sapa mamat ni sekian lama nampak nama di sampul2 cd berlain band rock, dan wajah dia macammana...haha

Glen Tipton -  bila dia perlahan lahan keluar dari belakang pentas sorang2 untuk encore...


pergerakkan dia pelan, tapi dia masih boleh panjat ego ramp, dan masih boleh lompat terjun.

Metal Gods , Richie solo tapi Living After Midnight Glen tapao abis...

Seronok tengok Judas Priest main 6 orang macam Iron Maiden.

Dah tu je.... Tengok foto foto eh... Long Live Babymetal.. 

boleh la kali ni Judas Priest dengan Babymetal..

tu hari Judas Priest dengan Lamb Of God, aku dah sengaja dah datang lambat, tapi LOG masih main lagi....  terima je la... haha.

Setlist kat atas tu kaler merah.

six men lineup Judas Priest , three guitars!

Richie Faulkner spotlight

Rob Halford

Glen Tipton slowly walking alone before the encores.

Glen Tipton

Six men lineup with bike

more photo

thank yous and bows at the end

Below is thsirt I bought, Judas Priest Devil Tuning Fork design and backprint of Firepower cities bands are playing for this section of tour.