Monday, April 24, 2017

Metal Hammer magazine May 2017 Maiden galore & incoming KEMBARA cds aku baru memperolehi

Hi all.

Firstly.. WRATHCHILD?? WHY???? I will never understand Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson mentality in choosing a setlist for PART TWO of their most successful album tour ever.
2016 has simply an amazing well-balanced setlist for an album tour.
Antwerp Belgium two nights ago, and it was simply suspenseful following the news on the internet as each song is being played in Belgium for fans all over the world.
Great Unknown replacing Tears Of The Clown is amazing but basically swapping Wrathchild for Hallowed Be Thy Name is mind-boggling.
The only valid reason surely is the setlist is very difficult for Bruce as it is.
But still, never mind. Better Wratchild then no more Iron Maiden ever LOL!!
Maiden can just play Wratchchild 5 times in a row and say goodnight and I will still try to be there. LOL!!

Anyway, not many bands with such a long history, dare to play at least 6 new songs each night consuming up to 50 minutes of the stage time, and the audience are loving it and singing to the lyrics and "football chanting" all the melodies and instrumental sections.

A quick post as I require minimum time for thinking as I will be posting lots of snapshots.
I hope to have more time to talk cock soon.
In English for the awesome Maiden laden issue of Metal Hammer Magazine May 2017 issue.
and in Bahasa Melayu for some Kembara cds that I got recently.

I have no choice but nowadays to cramp two topics blog to make one. LOL!!

This is the cover and the outer jacket of the Metal Hammer Magazine May 2017 issue.

My only intention in posting the below photos is I KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE cannot get their hands on the Metal Hammer Magazine May 2017 issue.
Its a very excellent magazine issue for the still surviving Metal Hammer.

Lots of things for everyone,
-some nice articles on German Thrash bands inclusive live reviews.
-some X Japan even So this is really a very nice issue to purchase
-some of other bands that I am curious.
-some of other bands that I skipped completely the pages and photos as I have no interest.
-some very nice and interesting advertisements

and a little matter of SIX PAGES OF interview with Steve Harris.
and a little matter of a weird Top 50 Iron Maiden songs.
IT MAKES A GOOD READING, but for me, how is there to create a top 50 of Maiden songs?
On this magazine Top 50, even though it includes nominations and scores from the writers, the fans, other bands including Kirk Hammet,
but it cannot even fit in Dance Of Death? For The Greater Good Of God? LOL!!

Maybe a Top 100 Iron Maiden songs would be possible for me to try nominating a list.

So here it is, I only try to capture the Steve Harris interviews, and the Top 50 opinion of Metal Hammer staff and whoever they checked with.
Click to make it big, save and enlarge or buy a magnifying glass.
I hope you all can see them.

For those who are not interested or cannot be bothered, enjoy the designs of the pages and pretty photos.




So below it the Metal Hammer May 2017 issue of their selection of Top 50 Maiden songs.

Like I say, its just impossible to select a Top 50, although Metal Hammer May 2017 list done by their staff, other bands and whomever is certainly interesting with the write up for each song nomination,

Maybe a Top 100 may be realistically possibly to nominate top Maiden songs.

but, one glance and there is no Dance Of Death? A few songs from A Matter Of Life And Death..
There is no Einstein Intelligence of a Formula E = mc SQUARE and the description of  an Atom Bomb lyrics of Brighter Than a Thousand Suns? There is no STARBLIND.
THERE IS NO STAR"FUCKIN"BLIND. A genius of a song both musically, delivery and lyrically.
There is a lot of songs I like that is not there. LOL!!
SO a top 100 would be great.

Like I say, this makes a very good read and a good advertisement for Maiden. Thats all.


Simply love on Metallica 2013 Tour, I dont know about other shows, but on the Singapore show he did Where Eagles Dare during his solo.
Here he is talking about the song POTO

Lastly these are the backpage and the cardboard backcover of Metal Hammer May 2017 issue.

On the right is the new issue of the Maiden Fan Club and 


Yes, the master producer who gives amazing production to Maiden, and also Deep Purple's Machinehead and Rainbow albums and of course Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell album...

Love the part when Ritchie Blackmore plays for him the first album of Iron Maiden.

I am lucky I grow up and still is loving on all these musical merry-go-around talents of the above.......

OK Tu hari aku dapatkan empat cd Kembara, campur dengan cd yang aku dapat masa Kembara Mark 1 dan Mark 2 beraksi di Istana Budaya...  so aku suka la pasal aku nak simpan bentuk cd yang dirilis.

campur dengan bootleg2 aku tape, aku nak buat boxset sendiri haha...

so aku pasang balik bootleg IB hari Jumaat nye show yang aku tape...

aku rasa macam sial sangat, macam SIALLL sangat pasal tentu ada yang ingin curious nak dengar cammana suasana malam tu terjadi, walaupun rakaman bootleg.

aku tahu, walaupun bootlegs aku cuma beberapa orang je dengar kat youtube,
dan siap yang tengok pun kasi thumbs down aje..

tapi cam aku cakap, kalau ada satu orang je paham apa aku buat ni semua, then aku happy.
Ni semua akan mati dan hilang gitu sahaja pasal there is no documentation of any official or unofficial release.

Lepas tu audience tape untuk hidupkan seni tu dan untuk peminat satu dunia, yes Melayu tersebar satu dunia...

kau paotokan aku.

Well...... akaun aku dapat balik lepas kena ban setahun so not so bad....

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Belinda Carlisle live date confirmed.

First in Bahasa Melayu and then in English.

Dengan konfemnya berita ini, maka tiket paling PANAS untuk aku tahun 2017 ni ialah bukan berharap nak backpack sorang2 ikat perut tengok Iron Maiden main bulan 5 ni 5 kali, tapi nak tengok Belinda Carlisle beraksi "live". Dia akan buat tour untuk 30 Tahun Heaven nye album.
Aku serious kurang dengan album Heaven pasal beberapa solo album dia yang lain memang pukul abis dahsyat terbaik dari ladang.

Aku berharap seperti biasa Kuala Lumpur nya event boleh jadi umum lambat sikit. Harap Belinda Carlisle pun beraksi di KL. Muahahaha. So aku boleh gi dua2 haha. 

Ni la lejen. Cengkih segala cengkih.
Kalau aku dapat jumpa dia aku cakap " You are Ronnie James Dio equal". haha.
"AND I HAVE SEEN YOU AND RONNIE DIO PERFORM AT The same place - FORT CANNING PARK!!" (both amazing nights )

Play somewhere else please next time.
But I have no choice. I excuse myself this time from purposely avoiding this place.

Bulan 11, lambat lagi, tapi aku dah teruja, dan aku dah rezeb satu tiket.

(a quick from on top of the head) DREAM SETLIST. 
Fantasy but realistic choices of popular songs.

- As its a Heaven On Earth 30 Years Celebration I will take 4 songs from that album.
- I have chosen only the singles and the popular songs to be realistic
- ROXETTE IS OPENING BAND. (yes yes I am over-fantasizing on this part).

1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
2. Our Lips Are Sealed
3. World Without You
4. I Get Weak

5. Runaway Horses
6. Mad About You
7. Circles In The Sand
8. Leave A Light On
9. Do You Feel Like I Feel
10. New Song From Coming Album

11. Vision Of You
12. I Plead Insanity
13. Half The World 
14. Always Breaking My Heart (Roxette joins on stage. Pers Gessle sings!)
15. New Song From Coming Album
16. Summer Rain
17. California
18. Falling Into You (First Time In History and the original singer blows away Celine Dion version)

19. Vacation
20. We Got The Beat
21. Little Black Book

22. Valentine
23. Lay Down Your Arms  (Charlotte Caffey plays please)
24. Big Scary Animal

I will surely miss out many songs surely.
I CANNOT EVEN FIT IN "LA LUNA", thats how difficult it is to create a fantasy setlist for Belinda Carlisle.
I know the above won't happen. Not in a million years. HAHAHA.

But this is the greatest female singer of them all
Belinda Carlisle can sing any song, she can sing Do-Re-Mi and not a problem for me.
Hell, she can sing just one song and go home and I will be happy.

So as the above advertisement says Belinda Carlisle is performing in Singapore coming November 2017. I am not so liking the Tour Name of Heaven's 30th Anniversary, as I am worried the focus is too much songs on Heaven's album.

I would rather a REAL 25th Anniversary to celebrate REAL album. Now that would ROCK!!

But still, beggars cannot be choosers.. 

Anyway, I think she has finished recording a new album.
I cannot wait.

For other of my blog postings on Belinda Carlisle - Her deluxe editions, Her rare box sets, live review and whats what.. 
over here -


I try to find time to finally talk about the Prime Domestic CD Single which I obtained at their live show two weeks back, and the Japanese Only Release of Hanoi Rocks Million Miles Away..

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gary Moore Montreux 2010 Japanese Version 2cd & Prime Domestic KL 02Apr2017 bootleg penuh aku dah upload dalam youtube dan aku merapek meraban depan laptop lepaskan frust!!

Lets begin with an extended version in Bahasa Melayu and then a short one in English.
Photos spread all over the post.

Seperti banyak kali aku Mat Jenin berangan di blog ini, lepas berapa tahun akhirnya aku berjaya memiliki cetakan Jepun yang complete bentuk 2 cd bagi Gary Moore Live In Montreux 2010.
Pasaran lain untuk cd nya hanya sekeping maknanya tak complete semua lagu dipersembahkan.
Video persembahan ni dikeluarkan bentuk DVD dan BLUE RAY dan sangat popular video2 rakaman untnk show ni dalam YouTube dengar viewers ramai giler.

(** nota, aku tulis blog ni dua kali, separuh jalan , terus aku sambung ni balik, so mesti huru hara, tapi sapa kalau nak baca tu, paham2 je la,
sapa tak mau baca, nak tengok gambo je tak kesah la).

Anyway Montreux ni setiap tahun ialah wujud nama Montreux Jazz Festival, tapi sebenarnya macam2 jenis muzik ada selain jazz.
Dan untuk peminat2 rock tak boleh lari pasal sapa minat Gary Moore dan TOTO tahu dorang selalu main kat festival ni,
dan jugak, pengasas festival ni ialah zaman dulu masa DEEP PURPLE tu yang ada lagu Smoke On The Water yang bangunan tengah terbakar "FUNKY CLAUDE" tengah selamatkan orang kan?
Claude tu juga pengasas Montreux Jazz Festival ni.

Memang rasa ni tempat untuk music lovers kot festival ni.. ok satu hari boleh backpack gi sana kalau Iron Maiden headline HAHAHA.. tak mungkin la kan haha.

Setlist persembahan ni memang dahsyat, Gary Moore drop blues dia, 
Still Got The Blues kan popular giler, lagu2 yang radio akan putarkan.
Jadi apa yang peminat cam aku dapat bila Gary Moore main persembahan dengan condong ke arah lagu2 rock dia? Heaven la siak!!

Tapi penggunaan tepat dalam nota dalam ni ialah "celtic rock". 

dia combine balik dengan Neil Carters si botak tu, lagu2 dari Wild Frontiers dan After The War yang kalau korang tahu ialah album2 solo dia yang sangat rock, lagu2 zaman Phil Lynott, dan lagu2 slow dia yang terbaik seperti So Far Away/Empty Room yang serious berbual lagu Empty Room sedih giler siot, tiga lagu baru yang tersangat hebat dan rock walau salah satu nya slow rock sedih giler, dan of course lagu2 top dia macam Parisienne Walkway dan tentunya Still Got The Blues yang aku skip hahaha.
Dan tak lupa Gary Moore bermainkan satu lagu dia Nightwish cover version. Yang memang lagu dia tapi terimakaseh kat Nightwish, Gary Moore dapat peminat2 baru yang expose kat lagu2 dia.
(Ni serupa dulu aku kat sekolah, lawak pasal ada budak Cina cakap Scorpions tiru lagu Wind Of Change dari penyanyi Cina. Nasib baik takde budak Melayu buat lawak cakap Scorpions tiru Still Loving You dari Jatt Ali). 

OK, divert sikit, untuk sapa tak tahu, aku nak bilang aku dah UPLOAD seluruh audio persembahan Prime Domestic selama 2 jam pada 2nd April 2017 lepas kat House G Tower, Kuala Lumpur.
Terimakaseh banyak la kat kata semangat pasal aku takut masyarakat melayu ni, jarang hargai rakaman bootlegs band2 tak macam masyarakat barat dimana setiap show banyak tapers, lepas show semua tukar rakaman dan rakaman terbaik dikongsi untuk peminat satu dunia sebagai koleksi peribadi dan harta dunia.
So ni rakaman aku, macam biasa pecah rumah nye taping, tapi pasal takde orang lain upload full bootleg, maka aku upload la versi aku yang ok la jugak, tak la hancur sangat haha.
Full review kat dua posting lepas dalam blog aku.
Enjoy, dan tolong jangan bastard aku...
aku kena ban lagi dengan Youtube selama setahun, aku tak mau upload lagi apa2 bootleg band rock melayu yang main kat Singapore atau Malaysia yang aku tape. haha.

Lama siot aku kena ban dengan youtube pasal aku upload full show Kembara Mark One dan Kembara Mark Two main kat Istana Budaya.

Dan yang aku tape tu ialah malam pertama dorang main extra song.
Teruk siak aku pasal setahun aku kena ban so aku pun malas nak upload bootlegs rakaman2 aku buat untuk show2 Melayu..

Aku upload is for fans ok, peminat2 yang sama minat cam aku.
Tak lebih tak kurang.
aku cuma tahu, ramai fans seluruh DUNIA MELAYU akan nak tahu apa jadi dan nak dengar seluruh kejadian malam tu.

SO AKU CUMA NAK CAKAP " SIOT LA , tak puas hati tak happy sila bilang aku, kau pergi paoto Youtube dan entah apa kau dah bastard, terus setahun siak aku kena"

Apa pun aku nak cakap sikit...
Korang tengok la adakah aku bebal dan tongong dan buat kerja bodoh? tapi hingga hari ni aku asyik tanya apa setlist Wings dan Superfrens?
Giler empat malam, tapi takde fans bilang apa setlist?
tak payah 4 malam.
satu malam je pun?

Korang paham tak? ni masalah aku... NI PROBLEM AKU.

Aku nye mindset, ok aku tak pergi I WANT TO KNOW!!! apa setlist? apa perform apa?
That kind of thing...
Sebab tu aku mati kejong siot benda ni...   
kalau omputeh sorry la, satu dunia tunggu twitter, tunggu song by song setlist, siap peminat buat periscope live broadcast.. pasal kepentingan setlist dan lagu2 dipersembahkan.

OK OK, ni masalah aku.. aku tahu Melayu tak penting ni semua, tapi untuk aku penting.

And please dont give me the crap " nak tahu, datanglah".. aku cuma boleh ambik annual leave satu hari pasal semua shows tu aku kena kerja la, haha, and of course Prime Domestic wins hands down is the show I want to go pasal Joe hanya seorang pemain gitar bergabung dengan musicians mature dan muda yang handalan. Bonus nya the 3 new songs are nice. Band Sendiri, lagu sendiri. 

Aku tak paham, kenapa dalam show2 aku pergi, aku jarang sangat jumpa tulisan atau apa2 yang ada kena mengena dengan setlist atau apa2 pun pasal lagu sendiri.
So nasib baik aku pergi, dan aku syok sendiri dalam blog aku..

So macam aku cakap, mungkin ni masalah aku. Orang Melayu tak penting sebenarnya untuk mendokumentasikan peristiwa malam tersebut tentang apa sebenarnya yang dipersembahkan.
Yang penting, SELFIE. Pakai cantik2 hanya untuk jadi tarikan. Dan tunggu lagu hits yang Jom Heboh selalu keluar untuk singalong.
Tapi takde dokumentasi atau rakaman untuk jadi reference masa depan, takde info untuk peminat2 setia yang tak mampu pergi atau tak dapat, takde butir2an yang patut dinotakan.
OK tak perlu semua,
aku paham.. tapi takkan dalam ribu2, berbelas ribu.. takde satu pun orang pedulik?
Mungkin aku speku, ada ramai tapers golongan Melayu, atau mereka yang buat nota dalam blog2 mereka, website2 mereka cuma aku tak tahu je.
Dan mungkin mereka tulis dalam FB. Hahahahahaha.

Siot la korang, jangan jadi secret society boleh tak? manjang cakap FB ada info tu la, FB ada maklumat ni la, tau kat FB la...

Meluat siak aku baca korang puji2 FB. haha.

Tapi aku rasa aku sorang la kot ada masalah ni, pasal kaum Melayu CANNOT BE BOTHERED, so nak puaskan hati aku...
aku akan kena pergi, aku akan enjoy myself sorang2 pasal aku malas nak cakap dengan orang yang aku takut tak komited macam aku.
Aku akan bootleg, aku akan dokumentasikan dalam blog aku untuk maklumat sapa yang berminat.
Aku akan dokumentasikan apa terjadi dalam bentuk inferior bootleg aku,
pasal macam aku cakap " kalau satu orang je, satu orang je paham apa aku buat, paham kenapa aku buat ni semua, aku gembira pasal at least ada satu orang MELAYU dalam berpuluh juta peminat seni melayu tahu apa aku nak sampaikan".

Anyway jangan lahar aku ye? 

Ni keyboard aku.
Dan wifi ni bukan pakai wifi korang.
So suka hati aku la nak cakap apa.

Nak jump ke page terus gi sini -

Aku upload Sabtu malam kot?
Eh? ada orang dengar, 2 ribu view? wahh pendengar muzik melayu tahu dengar bootleg? haha. Kot pasal takde orang lain upload full show , so nak tak nak terpaksa layan.
Tak pun dengar sikit dah trauma. haha.
OK OK Enjoy untuk sapa berminat.

ok balik ke judul berbual syok sendiri kali ni..

Rasanya tentu ada peminat muzik rock melayu yang suka dengar lagu2 Gary Moore dari berbagai zaman terutama bila dia main lagu2 bercorak hard atau heavy rock.
Jadi album ni, yang ada versi video Blue Ray/DVD ni dirakam live Montreux 2010 , enam bulan sebulan Gary Moore mati kat Sepanyol.
Istimewa sangat dan kenapa aku suka giler rakaman live ni sampai aku beli cetakan Jepun pasal aku nak seluruh persembahan dalam 2 cd ni ialah kerana masa persembahan ni, Gary Moore sengaja rancang untuk kurangkan lagu2 Blues, dan main balik lagu2 bercorak Hard Rock dan Heavy Metal dia.
Ini terutama, ceritanya Gary Moore hantar anak2 dia ke sekolah, dan cikgu kat sekolah tu yang dia jumpa ialah si botak Neil Carters.
Neil Carters ni masa muda nya ialah Rhythm Guitarist dan keyboardist bagi kumpulan UFO, dan dia juga main dengan Gary Moore zaman Wild Frontiers.
Dan kita semua tahu, betapa dahsyatnya kerock mamposan sangat album Wild Frontiers.

Jadi mereka bergabung, dengan perjanjian akan main semula lagu2 rock dari album Wild Frontiers dan After The War, dan After The War tu kalau kita tengok pemuzik nya ialah Cozy Powell dan Bob Daisley.
Anyway, selain dari setlist condong ke arah rock, Gary Moore jugak waktu tu dah tiga lagu baru yang tersangat hebat (kalau ikut tulisan kat inlet buku cd ni dia cakap Celtic Rock ke hapa entah) dan perancangan ialah album studio selepas tu Gary Moore akan buat album Hard Rock.

Tapi apa nak buat, Gary Moore dah ajal.

Tapi kenangan album ni, dan video nya... aku rasa akan sangat disenangi dan disukai peminat Gary Moore.
Kalau korang tak minat atau tak tahu Gary Moore, aku rasa korang pun enjoy.

Anyway, aku minat Gary Moore kalau dia main rock, tak kesah la dengan zaman solo, atau zaman Phil Lynott ke hapa ke.
Kalau Gary Moore main blues.. aku ok tapi kureng.. Sebab tu aku giler ngan album live ni.

Kalau nak test dengar apa tu Gary Moore, seriously berbual aku suruh tengok youtube rakaman2 Live In Montreux 2010.

Kalau korang tengok Gary Moore ok la dia dah mati tak boleh jawab tuduhan, tapi dia cam banyak togok.
dia nampak tak sihat...
Yang dia mati kat Sepanyol tu pun rasanya dia minum banyak kot sebelum dia dijumpai mati.

OK borak Melayu abis kat sini tapi kat bawah banyak fotos, aku link youtube sebahagian rakaman video persembahan ni dan... aku baru dapat apa aku carik selama ni.... hehe..

Hi Everyone,

after an emotional , laptop breaking session in Bahasa Melayu,
this post is just to show the Japanese packaging for the audio cd version of Gary Moore Live In Montreux 2010.
Other versions worldwide carries only one cd which is incomplete show.

Of course the video versions are very popular and the footages on Youtube is going crazy till now,
but I love these recordings so much that I want a full original audio cds version.

In short, as the notes say, Gary Moore meet up again with his Rhythm Guitarist/Keyboards player Neil Carter at school which his children goes.
Neil Carter had stopped performing in rock bands but Gary Moore called him to join forces again, drop all the blues and play Hard and Heavy Rock again, but its referenced in the text and on Neil Carter's own writings in the internet as "CELTIC ROCK".
He wrote 3 new songs, retrieved the Wild Frontiers material.
And they tour and the Montreux 2010 shows was filmed and recorded.

The plan was for a "Celtic Rock" studio album next,
unfortunately Gary Moore died.
If nobody had seen Neil Carter's personal website do check it out. He also plays for UFO.

I think on this album and video, Neil Carter does nearly steal the show.
But as he wrote on his website, after Gary Moore died, he will not play Rock again or something.

So those who have never heard or seen about this Montreux 2010 recordings please do so.
Especially those who love it when Gary Moore drop the blues and just ROCK.

These are some videos...

Thunder Rising from Wild Frontiers, I doubt this song is often played live.

Wild One , one of the 3 new Rock or they called it "Celtic Rock" Gary Moore had written and performed on this show, and supposed to record a full album.

I always think the "You Hope That She Will Change Her Mind" part is heartbreaking.

Some Phil Lynott era of course.
Of course I had never seen the chance of seeing Phil Lynott play.
but I managed to see the Thin Lizzy Tribute Band featuring BLACK STAR RIDERS members + AEROSMITH bassist + JUDAS PRIEST drummer opening for Ritchie Blackmore RAINBOW in Loreley Germany,
and the Thin Lizzy / Phil Lynott songs played was simply amazing amazing AMAZING!!


At last the Japanese Pressing of the Remastered 1998 double cd of WASP The Crimson Idol.
Absolute CUTENESS PRETTINESS AWESOMENESS this Japanese version pressing.


Friday, April 7, 2017

"LIVE METALLICA" official 2cds of the shows for Jan 22, 2017 & Aug 24, 2013 and how the packaging looks like

Let me talk-cock in Bahasa Melayu first before ends in English.
(The Bahasa Melayu version is quite long this time because its full of gossip. LOL!!)

- Selepas "euphoria" dimana peminat rock melayu dimana sahaja tentu meraikan bersama berlangsungnya persembahan PRIME DOMESTIC selama 2 jam ahad lepas, yang dimana PRIME DOMESTIC mempertabatkan dan mengingatkan kembali kegemilangan rock melayu didepan penonton melimpah ruah di ruah kecil yang dilaporkan penonton ialah 800 orang (??) yang datang. 
- (patutlah aku pun heran, tempat kecik, dan aku sampai kul 9 gitu, tapi sungguh heran, non-stop peminat keep on datang turun basement level, dan masa PRIME DOMESTIC beraksi, kat tangga2 penuh orang, dan kat atas ground level pun ada orang pasal dinding kaca kan so boleh nampak. Aku siap wassap Zan, show dah nak start, aku masih beratur panjang kat belakang nak tunggu cek tiket hahaha )
- Anyway, I will try to upload audio bootleg yang aku tape untuk show ni bila aku ada masa.
Aku dapat tape the whole show, untuk peminat2 PRIME DOMESTIC yang paham apa aku tape dan kenapa aku share live bootlegs rock melayu yang aku tape sendiri. Tolong jangan bastard bontot aku macam bila aku upload bootleg full show Kembara Mark 1 and Mark 2, beraksi di Istana Budaya, pasal menyusahkan sangat akaun aku tempehasuka666 di youtube. 

Maka dari rock melayu kita kembali kepada rock omputeh, dengan aku nak tunjukkan korang 2 bungkusan packaging LIVE METALLICA untuk show2 di Singapore tahun 2013 dan 2017.
Nak cakap ni OFFICIAL BOOTLEG DIRECT FROM SOUNDBOARD?? DEFINITELY NOT!!!, seperti style Deep Purple buat kat boxset boxset istimewa mereka pada awal tahun 2000an dulu tak boleh jugak.
Pasal aku speku, Metallica sangat prihatin kualiti maka cd2 live persembahan mereka di setiap tempat yang mereka beraksi, rakam dan jual kat peminat2 yang hadir pada malam tersebut atau siapa2 yang nak sesebuah persembahan kerana apa sebab pun,  maka mereka tidak terus ambil terus rakaman audio dari "soundboard" mereka, tetapi mereka masuk studio, edit dan REMIXED.
Jadi, boleh cakap la dah macam live album rasmi. Memang rasmi, tapi kualiti nya sangat baik.
Macam Matakucing cakap pasal Pearl Jam dan sebagainya,
apa aku tahu, satu masa dahulu, beberapa kumpulan muzik jual selepas show rakaman2 yang baru dipersembahkan pada malam tersebut.
Jadi kira - Soundboard > burn cdr > jual kat sapa nak secara rasmi.
Aku tahu KISS pernah buat gini.
Pearl Jam aku tak tahu dorang jual terus lepas show atau pre-order atau buat style Metallica, rakaman2 tu masuk studio dulu untuk Remixing.
Apa pun cakap lagi sikit...
- Nak dapatkan ni semua kena beli kat website METALLICA.COM untuk dapat versi cd atau versi digital download tapi tetap seronok pegang CD kat tangan ye tak?
Bila dah dapat rip MP3 sendiri la kan masukkan kat portable player masing2 nak dengar masa jalan kaki, naik bas, atau naik train.
- Bungkusan2 LIVE METALLICA ni memang canggih, Cantik dalam packaging kadbod yang berkualiti dan lawa designya.
- Kalau korang perasan LIVE METALLICA cd2 zaman dulu semua print hitam putih tapi untuk Singapore nye show ada warna MERAH. Pengsi abis.
- Dan design kat cd tu stylo kerana meniru kertas setlist bagi show tu sendiri, dengan boleh nampak kat kertas setlist tu lagu2 yang betul dimainkan malam tersebut.
So memang menarik la kan.
Berminat atau nak tahu lebih sila pergi tengok kat -

So for anyone curious about LIVE METALLICA cds at their official online store, this is how the packaging looks like for the physical cds.
As can be checked on the packaging the sound is remixed. Maybe that is the reason there is a waiting time between the shows and the dates the shows are released.
These are the two shows they played in Singapore in 2013 and 2017 and the 1993 show I guess is not available.
The 2017 show is part of the  World Wired Tour, and is special because the tour starts in Asia, and the last show was in Singapore. THE NEW SONGS ARE SO FRESH AND EXCITING.
The 2013 show is laden with dot dot dot AJFA stuff. Four songs including the 9min plus title track.

So thats about it. I was going thru the latest setlist of theirs and I think Chile Lollapaloza show has a pretty nice setlist. Maybe next time I would like to order shows that I find has nice songs that I like.

I talk-cock a bit for the 2017 Singapore show.
Its here for anyone interested

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