Friday, November 29, 2013

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Most of you young and old, will have heard of this song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow..
And even if you are the wicked witch, NENEK KEBAYAN!!! your heart will melt a little on hearing this song I guess.

- A number of famous ladies singers had covered this song in the 60s to present..
from Amy Winehouse to Norah Jones.. (At the bottom of this post I link a few youtube videos of their versions).

- One of the best heavy rock band ever to grace the rock and metal stage had covered it.. though its more Ritchie Blackmore who loves it haha..
- even Ronnie James Dio had sung it when he was young and its on youtube... I guess past blog posts in this blog shows how much I adore Rainbow, all the musicians and singers that ever grace this most awesome legendary band, and the extended family tree of heavy rock that is linked to them. I really love how especially the Japanese famous rock musicians came out with all the tribute albums for this band, and even at least two specific "rest in peace" tribute cds for one of the drummers that had played for Rainbow - Cozy Powell. I had blogged about a number of these Japanese Rainbow/Cozy Powell tributes since this blog began.

Browsing thru this juicy gossip book from the local library...

This is about the late great COZY POWELL..  how he died from the road accident and the supposed reasons..

With his death, means the world will never get a Rainbow Rising classic lineup reunion.. and especially now Ronnie James Dio is no more too...
But I guess he will never be forgotten, and his name will still be talked and mentioned...

I put on Rainbow's Donington Park Monsters of Rock headlining performance from 1980 when they surprisingly played Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. This was Cozy Powell's last show with Rainbow. He left the band after this performance. Ritchie Blackmore had sacked Ronnie James Dio, and got Graham Bonnet to break into the commercial market.
On this youtube you got Don Airey who was chosen to replace Jon Lord in Deep Purple, Roger Glover..what a lineup...Actually Rainbow has all these incredible lineup of musicians and singers no matter how Ritchie Blackmore hire and fire any of them and get a replacement.
It doesn't matter... I love all the Rainbows...from the 70s to the 80s...not quite fanatic though for the Strangers In Us All line up though haha.

(33 years later from this footage, I got to reach Donington Park myself....)

one of the description was true even from the original Monsters Of Rock 1980 festival, when there is a lot of madness of all kind of rock genre music being performed on the ground, there are airplanes taking off nearby and flying on top of you...

and of course Maiden got the Spitfire flypast as their intro....

There's something about this song WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW....I mean...from the black and white old footages of The Shirelles, to Amy Winehouse, to the latest latin version that I realised had hit millions viewers on youtube and that woman can sing..., to Rainbow doing this, and to Ronnie James Dio as a young man back in the early 60s doing it...

The Shirelles version from the 1960s

Amy Winehouse version

The Ronnie and the Prophets version (Ronnie DIO before he became the Man On The Silver Mountain!!)

and lots more...

like the awesome Norah Jones version...

or this quite recent great version where this superb singer switch from English to Spanish and vice-versa.. The name is Leslie Grace

Thursday, November 28, 2013

backpacking for ............

This is my backpacking bag. I had used it for like 3 to 4 years, looks worn out but I trust this bag.

I am fortunate to find the type of bag that I had dreamt of if I want to backpack. No metal parts so its very light but the material and workmanship seems reliable, enough side pockets, able to be expandable topside, and I didn't detect any stich failures even if I carry over 12kg and squeeze as much things in. Able to fit into the plane easily as I carry it with me on-board. I had never anyone asked me how much my bag weights when I want to board the plane, so I presume I can carry as much heavy stuffs as I can I can on my backpack.

I think I got another photo of how I pack my wet stuffs like shampoo and shower creams into the zip lock bag (of course I stand in the muddy fields and in the rain for Maiden, or indoor stadiums getting sweaty, exchanging sweats and having others perspirations bathing me in the horrible madhouse of the more front section of the craziest fans, but still I must smell good right? hahaha.. Bullshit I know, its but its not always greasy and slimy all the time even being a man on the street.. )...will find it later .. but first..

So Maiden will play live in 2014, whether they will play, at least to me, the two most important countries that is Singapore and Malaysia is unknown, but definitely a short Europe tour is confirmed with the Rock Am/Im Ring announcement. Manager Rod Smallwood had let known they want to play live every year as to ensure their fitness especially Nicko.

Personally I would want Maiden do a new studio album in 2014, and do a full world tour just like Final Frontier Tour end of 2014 till mid 2015. I need new stuffs from them. Been so long...and never shall Maiden turn into a CABARET BAND!! playing to old stuffs, living and hanging on the past relying on past songs, and all that style..(I first learn of this Cabaret Band term thingy from an AC/DC interview long ago). That's is why the bands that I like, I would want always brand new albums from them with brand new songs.
Now it seems the we will get a new album which seems likely as their final studio album is somewhere in mid 2015 the EARLIEST.

Now, in my hearts of hearts, I just hope...Maiden will drop by Asia/Australia either April 2014 or after the very short Europe Tour of mostly festivals which will be around end of July or August 2014. (REMEMBER FASTING MONTH IS END OF JUNE TO END OF JULY 2014).
The Ass Of The World as far as Maiden is concerned lacks Maiden since early 2011.
So the gap of more than three years is enough to get pop/rock/metal music lovers to get excited again and buy Maiden tickets. I guess Maiden is a household name for many, still.

What about myself?
I had planned to see Maiden again, so its basically backpacking by myself for about a week to another location I have never been. I had thought it will be in 2015 on the next world tour to support a new album, but with these announcements, and all the rumours and gossips about Hellfest full line up which is yet to be announed, I was just doing some surfing to see the feasibility of me travelling to this village called Clisson or something near a city called Nantes.
- Donington Park Download Festival was quite easy as everything is in English. I choose to keep my stuffs and refresh and get some sleep in nearby Derby and have no problem at all with the transportation and everything.
- Backpacking across Australia for Maiden was also easy due to the language usage.
- Germany for Maiden is not that difficult as I just stay in Frankfurt city for Maiden two nights there and its solely for Maiden and though the signage and stuffs are in German but the people there are helpful to me when I speak to them in my PHUA CHU KANG ENGLISH.
- But I understand Hellfest will be about 40,000 per day max, so I guess its smaller than Download which I believe hits 100,000 fans for the day Maiden headline.
So how do I get the tickets? and where do I refresh and catch some sleep, that's the problem, as I don't think I want to camp.
But Hellfest is playing in my head, reading the rumours of the lineups is incredible, what with the ones already announced. A chance of a lifetime really for me.
- Rock Am Ring/Im Ring Festivals.. is unfortunately not worth it for me at the moment, I rather travel to see Maiden arena shows at different places..
- Knebworth with that rumour of Maiden/Metallica/BlackSabbath and even ACDC can I put this?? FASTING MONTH!!! for Muslims. Kind of inappropriate. HAHA.

Anyway, lets see how the dates announcement goes these next few days...
Its always a gamble, get the tickets first, and then start to worry the next few months about the finance, cost of flight tickets, the leaves from work, ensuring my love ones quality of life are not affected by me going crazy for Maiden.. again and again and again.

If for whatever reasons I cant make it, the tickets will be kept for a memory of what could have..

Theme of 2014.

I guess it wont be Maiden England... I guess it will like all the rumours - some 90s songs will be in the setlist.

So my wishful guess and I kind of fantasise it not to deep but not too shallow kind of thing.., taking into consideration - only songs played live before will be played.

2. (scream for me - name of city/festival) - THE FLIGHT OF ICARUS
3. (if you gonna die!!??) - DIE WITH YOUR BOOTS ON
5. (good evening, this short tour is to celebrate some songs from the 90s, some old songs we rarely played, some songs which I guess we will never play again, this one is a title track from...blablabla) - NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING
7. FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (with lots of sing-alongs crowd participation)
10. (the next song is a song we left out from the previous tour...bla bla bla) - INFINITE DREAMS
16. BRING YOUR DAUGHTER TO THE SLAUGHTER (with lots of sing-alongs crowd participation)
17. SANCTUARY (halfway introduce band members and mentioning the next album will come out next year and it will be a double album, yesss this is a fantasy).

though I guess Tailgunner, Afraid To Shoot Strangers will be played I guess?
p.s -
and in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore they will play a second encore - World Premiere of live version of JUDAS BE MY GUIDE and I WOULD BURST INTO TEARS AND CRY MY EYES OUT!!!!! Freaking fabuloustic song.. and I got to stand in front of Dave Murray for this one.

ok bullshit I know.. haha.

Check this photo,  I remember I kind of lump everything into this zip-lock bag, including two finger-nail cutters yes KIASUISM haha..
I remember at one of the airport I was informed "YOUR BAG IS TOO BIG!!", haha...and the kind lady gives the proper size, and both of us were hoping we can squeeze the liquids stuffs into it.

You meet nice people everywhere....

Sunday, November 24, 2013

rezeki (livelihood) & popiah basah(wet spring rolls)

every man deserves a chance to bring home a decent pay... - belinda carlisle...


Aku berpeluang rasa kerja kat lain2 tempat, lain2 waktu. Tu hari balik kerja malam, aku jalan kaki sambil snap PANORAMA mode skyline yang pada aku menceritakan macam2...(aku pakai henpon htc one untuk petik gambo))

- Ada orang kerja kat darat...kerja kat ofis, menara mencakar langit gitu, kerja pengawal, kerja pembinaan, petani.., kolar putih kolar biru dan apa2 je la kaler..
- Ada orang kerja kat laut...kerja bawak bot, kerja dalam kapal, nelayan...
- Ada orang kerja bawah tanah.. kerja dalam terowong..., tukang korek gali jenazah kat kubur...
- Ada orang lak kerja kat langit..

Ni semua rezeki Allah..
aku perlu kerja, tapi cam kawan aku cakap kerja tu ialah " A MEANS TO AN END" - In philosophy, the term means to an end refers to any action (the means) carried out for the sole purpose of achieving something else (an end).
 Aku bukan hidup untuk kerja... Tapi aku perlu kerja.
Kadang2 bila abis kerja...nanti orang lain akan cakap "wahhh can go and rest",
Selalu nya jawapan aku, dan orang2 cam aku, kita akan cakap "NOPE!, my day / my night has just begun".

Pasal kehidupan kita ialah di luar sana, kerja tu ialah untuk kita carik rezeki dan kerja tu apa aku tahu kalau niat betul ialah dah kira ibadah (cehhh...semanis kurma siot aku, rasa cam nak terbakar lak), untuk pastikan ada bumbung, ada pakaian, ada makanan, dan ada segala asas untuk diri kita dan love ones kita, (kalau sekali2ada lebih tu boleh la happy2 horray2 sikit muahahaha) dan jugak untuk kita laksanakan tugas kita sebagai orang Islam, iaitu membantu orang lain baik kenal atau tak kenal, jauh atau dekat.

Semoga kita semua sentiasa Allah berikan rezeki, semoga kita semua dapat terus berpeluang mencarik rezeki...Amin.

Aku tahu....ada kita, carik kerja ada sangkutttt sikit...
-Ada yang rekod nakal zaman dulu pasal ada kerja nak kena ada clean rekod,
-ada lak yang kelulusan sekolah tak cukup (tapi boleh la ambik kelas sekolah malam ke kursus upgrade diri), - ada lak semua ok, interview ok, tapi periksa kesihatan, macam2 masalah kesihatan,
-ada lak yang semulajadi ada kecacatan..

kalau ingat hidup dah ada cam ok, ada lak datang retrenchment la, kontrek abis la, kena bastard ngan orang tempat kerja la sampai kita terpaksa berenti la, macam2 la 666 problems.
Ni semua Rezeki dan dugaan masing2.

Yang penting kerja tu adalah kita diberi amanah. A.M.A.N.A.H
zaman giler2 dulu, kat kerja dulu2, aku selalu teringat kita selalu buat kelakar buat lawak bodoh , nanti hari kiamat nanti, kita nak kena semberang jembatan apa tu nama tu? Aku tak tahu la nama jembatan tu yang bawah ada neraka, kalau dapat lepas jembatan tu nanti kita masuk syurga or something kan?

Then, kalau kita lak, korang tahu la, attitude kerja cam siot, dah tu nak manipulate kerja to our advantage dari apa segi pun dan at same time bring disadvantage to the stakeholders of that job we are working for right?, nanti kita nak semberang nanti, boss kita, supervisor kita nanti tunggu bawah jembatan tu ngan galah, dia mesti kait kan kaki kita jatuh masuk neraka pasal dah tipu dorang hahaha.
Siot je kan lawak gini...

tapi tu la, ulat dalam batu pun kat dasar lautan, kalau tersepit pun, kena hempap pun, Allah boleh suruh semut hantar makanan passing kat dia, so dia boleh survive. Ni cerita2 pasal nabi, aku pernah dengar ok.

Kadang2 aku mengelamun terfikir benda2 gini..


ok, aku ni maklum la, dalam henpon banyak gambo makanan, so meh kasi korang semua craving gitu... air liur melilih2 gitu...

Mamat Anonymous tu mana? Anonymous yang sebut pasal popiah basah tu hari....

Popiah basah ni kan? Scary dia, ialah kalau korang salah beli, abis la...sakit perut la, food poisoning wooo..
Melayu yang ada nak cepat kaya, jual makanan dan minuman dah basi. Selenger bacin la korang kalau sengaja kan? kasi love ones korang makan duit hasil menipu. Kalau tak sengaja takpe...

Sebab tu kalau bulan puasa, yang gerai2 tepi jalan yang bisnes bulan Ramadhan je kan? hah, ni kadang2 aku kalau beli pun, kalau aku nampak dorang buat depan aku...
Kang kalau dah balut dari tengahari, silap2 semalam punya dorang re-cycle.. Get ready la korang melabur amanah saham ahaha.
Tapi kalau macam kita beli kat gerai atau kedai tiap2 hari dorang memang meniaga, hah ni ok sikit ok...pasal Q.C tu penting la untuk dorang, kot buat tak elok, pelanggan tak datang lagi kan...

Popiah basah...nak2 kalau pedas giler gitu....nak2 kalau basah abis gitu..kulit popiah dia tu cam dah koyak dah pasal dia punya filling kat dalam tu penuh padat ngan sambal sos cili dia kat dalam tu cam dah nak membuak-buak gitu nak terkeluar gitu...terpanggil2 korang untuk cepat2makan dorang..

Giler ah....lepas tu cam crunchy2 gitu kan Sengkuang dia kan? betul kan melayu aku? Sengkuang? bila korang kunyah ada cam bunyi basah2 gitu grap grup grap grup gitu..
Finger licking good wooo ni Popiah basah ni....

Excited? Aku pun...

This is called "Popiah Basah" directly translated as "wet spring rolls". Its a kind of a spring rolls but its not fried, and mostly its filled with a kind of chilli sauce combination that makes it hot..

Just like Satchel Pooh eating Fig Newtons and he says - " Ohhh...This must be how heaven tastes like"...

Friday, November 22, 2013


Ni nama singkat dia Tulang.
Kalau orang kat Malaysia aku rasa nama dia ni dipanggil Sop Tulang Merah.


Soalan - Kenapa susah nak carik gerai atau kedai jual Sop Tulang Merah ini di Malaysia yang sebijk cam kat Singapura, walhal kalau Siti Nurhaliza pun turun Singapore pun Sokkabar Melayu Singapura cerita pasal dia pergi makan tulang kan??

Aku pernah ajukan soalan ini ( ajukan? biar betik melayu aku...) kepada satu dari orang kat salah satu gerai kat pusat penjaja Beach Road hawker center.

Dia jawab - Boss dia, pernah bukak kedai kat Johor Bahru, kat ngan OCBC sign board besar sana tu...
Jual Tulang Merah ni sebijik cam kat Singapura.

Dia cerita selalu aje, pegawai-pegawai datang raid kedai tu pasal pewarna digunakan...
So soalan dia, kalau asyik carik pasal pasal pewarna, defeat the purpose kan?
So ada tanda tanya di situ...
So akhirnya....tutup la kedai yang dia ceritakan kat aku....

Well....for whatever reasons, no one knows right?

Tulang ni is something like Indian Muslim style ambik tulang kaki kambing atau tulang lembu yang ada sum-sum kat dalam tu,masak dalam sop pekat warna merah gitu...
taruk kobis hiris2 gitu, bawang, mungkin telur masak lembik2 gitu...

Makan ngan Roti Perancis la paling best... dan actually pada aku la makan tulang ni, beli tulang ni kat kedai atau gerai mana pun merata Singapura pun sedap, tak semestinya Beach Road nye Pusat Penjaja je..

Isi nya kat tulang tu sikit, yang best dia korang kena ketuk.. KETANG!! KETUNG!!KETANG!! KETUNGG!!!...
kasi la semua sum-sum tu keluar...then korang makan.....  Paling best makan kat rumah...haha.

Gerekkkkk sey......

This is bones of lambs or cows which should have the jelly like contents inside that bones, cooked Indian Muslim styled and found in most places of hawker centers and Indian Muslim food stalls and restaurants all over Singapore. Best when eaten with French loaf bread.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nasi Jenganan, Lapar Nasi, HellFest 2014 dan Nasi Ayam Rex Mackenzie

(aku nak post ni aku perasan ni post huru-hara. aku sumbat semua satu post senang, kalau tak paham apa aku nak sampaikan, sorry la)
Aku ni jenis kena makan nasik. Letak makanan omputeh ke, apa je la, aku carik nasik putih jugak.
Satu hari suntuk takde nasik, aku dah jadi "Lapar Nasi". Aku makan nasik beryani ke, nasik lemak ke, tak sama cam makan nasik kosong.
nasi putih ngan kicap pun on, nasi putih makan ngan margarine gitu je pun aku on, janji nasik putih.. kalau yang nasi puteh makan kosong ngan margarine, nasik tu kena panas la jadi margarine tu cair...pshhhh!!! (kasi sound efek sikit).
kecik2, korang tahu lesung tumbuk tu, kalau lepas tumbuk sambal belacan, taruk nasik dalam situ, gaul, makan nasik putih ngan sambal belacan gitu2 pun heaven ye.

Hari ni kita layan gambo nasik.. sila tengok dan meleleh air liur
ni gambar foto nasi jenganan. Ejaan fail, sebutan pun dah ke laut.
Jenganan/Jeranan/Jerangan ke hapa ke, yang penting aku suka makan.

Senang jugak la kot nak dapatkan nasi ni kat gerai2 nasi campur melayu kat Singapura, tak tahu lak Johor senang ke tak.
So kalo ko gi gerai nasik ko kalo mintak nasik ni, (1) nanti dorang akan campurkan nasik tu ngan sayur kangkong/taugeh/kobis/ yang dah dicelur air panas gitu. (cehhhh melayu aku...DICELUR siot ). Kejap kasi aku kagum ngan perkamusan diri aku sendiri. HAHAHAA!! (2) Then korang taruk tempeh goreng, tahu goreng, then ada bergedel/bargedel/potato cutlet gitu, then paru goreng. Then ada gerai akan taruk sotong sambal.(3) LAST SEKALI KAN, kena taruk cam sambal kacang pecel gitu la....
Sedap...aku type ni, air liur pun dah forming banyak ni....teringat2...

Anyway ada kah makanan ni sounds healthy/sihat? mungkin kot.

ok lagi sekali, dari sudut lain lak....Enjoy..

dah syok?? aku nak out of topik kejap pasal berita mutakhir...

Ada jual nasik tak korang agak kat Hellfest 2014 kat Clisson, Nantes?  Yo-Yo-Oh je berangan Hellfest!! 
tapi aku rasa satu dunia tengah tunggu khabar berita angin yang sedang melanda ni... Bloodstock dah umum headliners, Download dah umum headliners  tapi...
tapi cerita nya... Hellfest confirm - Emperor, Death nye logo tu,,, Carcass, Powerwolf tu semua tu kasi warm-up news dulu awal2...
Ceritanya yang jadi buah mulut gossip tepi tingkap....headliners ialah Black Sabbath, Maiden, dan...Aerosmith..haha. Serious ni la gossip tergempar melanda dunia hiburan. Kalau Depeche Mode terbabit, konfem korang semua kalau pergi mesti baju hitam seluar hitam kan? haha. Aku tahu la Depeche Mode susah sikit kot nak main Hellfest haha.

Masalah berganda dia ialah ni dia semalam teaser dari organiser Hellfest

Gossip, khabar angin melanda cakap Maiden nak buat tour pendek giler Summer 2014 untuk "keep fit" terutama drummer, ...Pendek punye tour ok,dan nak main berapa lagu 90an dorang....
Biasalah ni semua khabar angin je...
So adakah??? Adakah khabarnya Hellfest 2014 ni memang betul terkumpul segala Cengkeh setiap genre rock dan metal terbaik?
Apa pun, promoter Maiden di Australia, yang jugak tukang buat Soundwave, jawab soalan peminat, yang Maiden takkan jadi headliner ngan Green Day untuk Soundwave 2014.
Dia tak jawab soalan samada Maiden main kat Australia 2014.
Aku tak terkejut kalau dorang datang Asia Ocenia untuk 2014 pasal dah lama sangat dorang tak main di Jepun dan masih hutang Jepun sejak Tsunami 2011 melanda Jepun.
Aku tadi ditanya, 4hb Januari depan pergi tak tengok Rusty Blade/Rockers + lots more kat pulau Sentosa nye event..
Dalam hati aku, untuk benda2 hiburan peribadi ni.....aku rasa semua hiburan dan perbelanjaan duniawi yang libatkan aku sorang, aku KIV dulu la....Tangguh semua segala bagai..
Segala annual leave simpan sikit berapa hari,
segala belanjawan peribadi stop, cuma untuk belanja love ones aku dan tanggungjawab je cam biasa...
Terpaksalah aku rajin2 carik peluang Overtime....

pasal...Hellfest 2014 tu cam menarik, dan sebelum bulan puasa kan?

ok, ok cerita makanan balik lak nasi ayam rex mackenzie... 

Ni nasi ayam Rex original la kot? Betul tak? kalo aku cakap Rex original yang mula2 dulu kat Rex kan?
Ok, dia ada dua kedai sekarang , satu kat Prinsep Street (dekat ngan Dhoby Ghaut/Orchard/Sim Lim/Tekka)  semua rasanya jalan kaki je sampai la. Satu lagi kat ngan Geylang Si Paku Geylang, GEYLANG!! Geylang si rama-rama... dalam banyak2 versi lagu ni, paling sedap Awie nyanyi sikit masa Wings main kat Singapore zaman awal 2000an dulu..cehhhhh... angkat sey.
ok ok, back to nasik ayam Rex ni... ok kedai Cina ok, tapi ada sijil halal ok. Tak la paling sedap dalam dunia , tapi sekali2 gi tempat gini ok la kan...
so korang order2 la side dishes... cam gini...ok la style cina

dah dah dah...aku yang salivating dah ni...haha

.nanti la aku nak cerita lain2 ok, pasal Tulang belum cerita lagi...sabar...

aku ada gambo TULANG BLOODY TULANG...nanti la.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mindcrime at the Moore (blue-ray) - Queensryche

Demise of HMV at Somerset means 70% discounts and finally I can afford some blue-ray discs. Hoohoohoo..(ikut style ketawa BAPAK KRISMAS).

Lets start with Queensryche (QR) “Mindcrime at the Moore” where they play Operation Mindcrime and Operation Mindcrime Part II in its entirety with some improvisations, plus a couple of encores inluding Jet City Woman. Running time for this disc is 179 minutes including the bonus features which has Ronnie James Dio's on stage performance and back stage chats footage. The Joy!\m/

If you haven’t notice, I really love the original Operation Mindcrime and Empire albums. I blogged on them like mad, and when the special editions and remastered editions came out I blogged again and praised them even more. 
Unfortunately, after Empire, QR starts to go in a different direction which I am not so keen. Hopefully, with them now splitting up into two different bands, things will get better with their new music especially for the 4 who retains QR name and new singer. 

So watching the first part of this blue-ray disc excites me. Everything is so clear and sharp, Geoff Tate was still in the band as we know it, no Chris DeGarmo, but we have Pamela Moore a number of times on stage. She’s really a fabulous singer and the band is brilliant of course.
Watching the second part of the show when QR plays the complete Mindcrime Part II is shared by doing household chores at the same time HAHAHA....
For sure there are some interesting parts and of course who else to sing Dr X parts rather than Ronnie James Dio himself. Though he appeared on video screen only.
- Anyway on one of the bonus features, there is a footage of him appearing live during the Los Angeles show to perform “The Chase” with Queensryche on stage.

Mindcrime at the Moore involves the presentation of a kind of rock opera throughout the whole concert particularly involving Geoff Tate (but with the rest of the band solely focussing on playing, and there are lots of nice camera footages of the four of them on their instruments). So you have the characters like the nun and of course Nikki appearing on stage one time or another. I DO NOW HAVE A MUCH CLEARER PICTURE OF THE STORY SINCE QUEENSRYCHE PRESENTS THE DRAMATISATION OF CRITICAL SCENES OF BOTH ALBUMS ON STAGE which kinds of make it good and bad. Good because I know more of what Queensryche originally wants the audience to guess and explore more into. Bad, because Operation Mindcrime lost a bit of its mystery to me as a listener and fan.

- A wonderful documentary on the bonus features showing the Moore Theatre itself. This beautiful theatre is located at Queensryche’s hometown in Seattle. They sold out three nights for this show in front of their local fans.
I also like the backstage shots of the band tuning, rehearsing, discussing the show with the crew and all that behind the scene stuff. 
- Its marvelous and creative by the way they use the drum players of Seattle Seahawks Drum Line marching on stage for the Mindcrime intro and at the ending. Its nice especially the drum line have both men and ladies on a heavy rock presentation.

I really like this disc, certainly the first half and the encores, and hopefully I will enjoy Mindcrime Part II better next time I watch it.

Monday, November 18, 2013

REAL deluxe remastered triple disc edition - belinda carlisle

Gambo makanan kasi berenti kejap
Continuing the Belinda Carlisle avalanche that hits me these few months with her live show, plus the  excellent deluxe edition releases of four of her solo albums, and her live dvd and cd Live from Metropolis. 

This is her solo album number five called 'real', originally released late 1993, the deluxe edition triple disc release contains these
- remastered original album, 
- single edit versions, 
- some mixes, 
- the fantastic DEMOS (though her original demo of the song Falling Into You before Celine Dion sung that song and make it famous is still unreleased or maybe lost forever ) 
- some tracks which turned up on her compilation and best of albums, 
- and also some live songs. 
The third disc is a dvd, with her latest interviews regarding this album, and also the promo videos of songs from this album.

- 'real' is raw, back to basic album which reminds me of Iron Maiden similarly going back to basics with No Prayer For The Dying album and tour in 1990,
- 'real' is also maybe the most rocking and heartfelt album among Belinda Carlisle's solo releases. 
- She sounds fantastic as usual and the music is awesome as usual by whoever the musicians she used...
- Belinda co-wrote  six of ten songs on the orignal album, and co-produced some of them with fellow The Go-Go's Charlotte Caffey. 
- Belinda's image is also simple for the cover and inlets of this album.
- All the songs are very good and depending on my mood, any of these ten songs could be my favourite. 
- A memorable album that includes the drums intro ladden Goodbye Day, to  the infectious "we know history" hook in Big Scary Animal to the re-make of The Graces (Charlotte's band) Lay Down Your Arms, the slow Here Comes My Baby, the chorus of Too Much Water, and great songs like Where Love Hides, One With You, Wrap My Arms and Tell Me.
disc one includes all the above plus some single edits and also the Dyme Brothers mixes are included.

next, disc two
- awesome as it contains six of Belinda's demos and this includes Whatcha Doing To Me, Dont Cry and Change. The latter two songs are very nice.
- plus the bonus tracks that appears on one of her greatest hits releases, Feel Like I've Known You Forever, the wonderful A Prayer For Everyone which contains the lines "Every man deserves a chance To bring home a decent pay" - straightforward inspirational words, and also All God's Children. Plus three live version songs of I Feel Weak, Circle In The Sand, and Heaven Is  A Place On Earth.

now, the 3rd disc. the dvd. - a 20 minutes interview with Belinda regarding 'real', the making of, and that era. 
Plus the music videos. The video of Lay Down Your Arms is simply fabulous with that Western silent movie/spaghetti theme.Remember it was made in 1993. I was basically waiting for the Red Indians from the Maiden's "Run To The Hills "video to make a cameo.

 'real' deluxe edition is a very good one for me.

Friday, November 15, 2013

roti plaster, roti tampal, roti jantan, tahu goreng...

Aku rasa Belinda Carlisle kena tunggu lusa tulat la eh?
Kang korang gi smayang jemaat nanti teringat2.. hahaha...

So meh kita borak pasal makanan lagi... dan nari aku nak sambung merapek pasal perbezaan nama makanan yang sebenarnya serupa di berlainan tempat...

ok korang semua maklum, kalau korang kat Malaysia, korang panggil Roti Canai, bila korang masuk Singapura korang panggil Roti Prata.
Selain tu yang common tu cam...roti kosong, roti telur, roti telur bawang, sama je sebut..

Kalau korang nak berbual speaking London, tetap cam one egg, one plain, onion with egg gitu... sama je..

tapi hah....bila korang nak mintak modified punya roti prata/canai ni kadang2 kena explain...

Kalau kat Malaysia...selalu kita pakai Roti Tampal.
Bila kat Singapore, selalu kita pakai Roti Plaster.
Dimana..telur tu kena masak melekat kat luar roti tu la...

Tapi...kalau dua telur, front and back...

Cam gini,

power sey yang ni aku makan tu kat KL nye..
Korang panggil roti Jantan.  Pasal kalau korang cakap roti canai tampal telur dua, nanti jadi kasi dua roti lak padahal kau nak satu roti aje telur tampal depan belakang kan?

Hahhhh... nanti boleh sambung pasal roti ni semua....

ok last kopek buat hari ni...., gambo makanan tak boleh tampal banyak2 aku yang excited air liur semua terkeluar semua haha..

ni Tahu Goreng... sedap.....  tahu korang goreng, then taruk sambal kacang gitu yang paling best "on the spot" baru buat, hah ni dulu kalau korang makan kat pusat penjaja yang Harbour Front tu depan vivocity tu dia buat sambal tu on the spot..
Ada gerai lain, dorang dah ready dah sambal tu, tak kick la, pasal sambal ni cam kena pedas gitu...
then kena ada taugeh, kena ada timun...
Sedap korang, kalau korang jenis tak reti dan tak suka makan tahu pun, tapi makan ni pun korang tentu rasa sedap..
Pun tak mahal pasal makanan penjaja kan....
Lagipun, tahu tu sihat kan?
sedap korang...


ok la...nanti kita sambung...

popiah basah... tulang....
hah ni semua nanti....haha....

ok la, tak boleh bual kons banyak sangat, aku nak blah...

Anyway, roti canai roti prata paling sedappp kat Singapore aku pernah makan ialah kat satu tempat pembinaan tu jam kat Marina Bay, dah abis dah construction site tu, India tu dia tunggu kau order baru dia canai roti tu depan kau...
Sedap giler....
Tapi sayang la, orang luar tak boleh masuk sebarang kan, tempat pembinaan gitu....tapi elok je la makan takde la batu ke pasir ke dalam makanan tu ye tak?
Kalau aku masuk Malaysia, rasanya semua gerai pun sedap roti canai je,
cuma kat Singapore, kadang2 roti prata je cuma nak alas perut je,  kuah sedap la tapi roti dia cam tebal la apa la...

ok la, aku nak blah ni kali serious, como estais amigo.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

epok-epok central dan suku-sakatnya

Makan kat rumah ke,
makan kat gerai ke,
makan kat pusat penjaja ke,
atau sekali2 ada rezeki lebih kita pergi makan kat restoran ke,
tak kesah la apa pun, yang penting kita enjoy the food, dan bersyukur Rezeki Allah.

Ni Epok-Epok dari gerai pusat penjaja bernama
Epok Epok Central .
Sangat legend gerai ni. Terletak di Pusat Penjaja Eunos Crescent, Singapura.

Dah patah dua tu, epok-epok kentang tu 40sen, epok epok sardine tu 40sen jugak, epok-epok ada telur tu besar sikit, satu 60sen. S$ bukan RM.

- Untuk orang Singapore dan orang Johor dan sesetengah kawasan lain, korang panggil ni Epok-Epok.
- Untuk orang Yang Rest Of The World - Korang panggil makanan ni karipap.
Peringatan untuk diri sendiri, jangan lupa bila dah naik masuk kawasan KL dan sebagainya, panggil ni karipap. Korang panggil ni Epok-Epok, orang tengok korang cam "WEIRDO!!".
Siap kena gelak lagi. HAHAHAA!!..

Sejarahnya dan asal-usul nya Epok Epok Central ni...
(kalau salah sorry la eh..tapi ni old skool Nye cerita sambil makan epok-epok central ni la.).

Suatu masa dahulu, di perkampungan Melayu Singapura yang atas sikit dari Geylang Serai tu, kira sebelum sampai masuk Kampung Melayu Jalan Eunos/Yunos (cehhh...) dan jugak the Legendary KAKI BUKIT,
kalau korang tahu mana tu Sekolah Jalan Daud (cehhhhhhhh old skool ok ni), pada zaman sebelum Eunos Crescent dinaikkan, di mana Eunos Crescent dulu ialah jugak kampong melayu,
Apa aku agak la,
Warong Epok-Epok Central tu betul2 sebelah sekolah Jalan Daud. Jadi aku rasa blok 19, 20, atau 21 tu kot lokasi asli Epok Epok Central. Kat situ diceritakan ada panggung wayang Central jugak.
(Bukan kat perses, 4PM lama kampong melayu jalan eunos yang ada klinik maju tu tempat korang sunat semua hahaha...)

Ni semua cerita sezaman P RAMLEE Jalan Ampas dulu ok... zaman 60an or maybe 50an dah ada gerai ni? mengikut lagenda old skool Nye kurang pasti sikit haha... Ye la cerita lama.... banyak cerita2 legend semua hilang2 kadang2 borak2, korekkkk rahsia cerita lama, dan betapa susahnya hidup orang dulu...
Jadi memang lagenda la EPOK EPOK CENTRAL, yang memang wujud kat Eunos Crescent Hawker Center sejak dinaikkan Eunos Crescent 70an dulu...

Tak tahu la sekarang sapa pengendali gerai ni, mungkin sama keluarga atau apa pun, yang penting, nak cakap epok-epok paling sedap, takde la...
tapi nak masih dia buat depan kau, kepit2 tu pakai tangan depan kau, sebab tu epok epok tu semua senget-senget, BENTUK TERPELEOT, pecah pecah, goreng depan kau, sampai kaum Cina pun sanggup tunggu untuk brader-brader tu goreng epok epok ni....
kira memang menarik sangat...

p.s Anyway, lagi satu EPOK-EPOK Nye gerai yang aku teringat-ingat ok...
ni tak bedek....
North South Highway, gerai makcik melayu yang pakai van tu kat Rest and Relax Yong Peng menuju Selatan arah Johor Bahru
Makcik tu cuma jual epok epok kentang, aku interview dia ( cehhhhh...interview siot), "kak! apsal sedap ni epok-epok kakak? sapa buat?", makcik tu cakap dia buat sendiri...
so korang gi la try...
I mean kalau korang naik bas ekpress cam aku, nasib korang la hahaha....driver jarang berhenti sana, dulu bas Alisan suka berenti sana, gi toilet break.

Zaman ni, kadang2 nak makan epok-epok, terus gi OLD CHANG KEE.
Epok Epok style cina la kot, tapi halal ok. Ada sijil...

Hah, cam gini la bentuk dia..., I mean ni dah tercampur lain2 la...korang tahu la mana satu epok-epok tu kan , kira dah besar gini jadi curry-puff la ye...
Curry "O' - sedapppp...$1.30
Sardine - sedapppp
chicken and mushroom kot? baru jugak - ermmm lembik gitu la.

ok ok ,

best tau kalau borak pasal makanan, terutama kalau actually makanan tu sama tapinama beza beza...
mesti gelak besar la,cam JAKUN sey dengar nama benda sama kat tempat lain.
nanti sambung makanan... banyak ni nak berbual kons nihaha.
lepas ni aku nak sambung borak belinda carlisle lak.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Goodbye hmv & artikel vinyl revival

Dua minggu lepas gitu, aku sedih ah korang..
Lagi satu mangsa....Kedai HMV tutup kat Somerset Singapura, jadi dah takde la HMV kat Orchard sekarang.
Satu tinggal je kat Marina Sq.
HMV ni, tempat lepak, tempa lari dari masalah, rasanya dari aku zaman sekolah..., zaman remaja..., zaman NS, zaman apa je la...
Ada aircon, bersih, terang, banyak benda nak tengok dan godey2 dan cuba2...
Satu perangai buruk aku masa zaman jahiliah dulu kat HMV dan Tower Records...kalau aku suka satu cd ke hapa ke kan? Lepas tu aku tak berduit nak beli, atau barang tu mahal sangat..
Korang tahu apa aku buat? Aku akan sengaja alihkan cd tu gi rak lain. Paham? Kata artis atau band bermula dari huruf "A", aku sembunyikkan kat kat rak huruf "R" kat genre muzik lain. HAHA.
Kalau band rock Jepun Nye cd, aku alihkan gi Mandarin section..
Pasal...ngan harapan lain kali aku mampu, barang tu masih ada la... Kira kalau aku tak mampu beli, aku pastikan orang lain pun tak dapat beli.
# DENGKI !!! #
Tapi tu la kenangan manis masa zaman silam... Aku sedih... Sadness!!.

So Goodbye HMV at Somerset (and previously at Heeren). Only sweet memories remain....
Though the 70% discounts means at last I can afford some stuffs haha.

Walaubagaimanapun, heran nya, sambutan umum untuk rekod LP piring hitam semakin meningkat dan meningkat, dan ini ada laporan akhbar Straits Times, suratkhabar Singapura yang menceritakan tentang penjualan dan minat para pendengar muzik kepada vinyl records ni.
Jugak temuduga, nama dan lokasi kedai2 yang menjual lp rekod piring hitam ni, dan jugak harga2 pemain piring hitam ni untuk korang nak mula dengar vinyl ni.

Pendapat aku la eh, ok la pasal aku pun dah nak kena slow down benda2 gini...((CEH!!!! berbual cam betul je haha))
Aku jangka dan aku rasa la, kalau aku minat giler satu dua band tu, dan masih minat lagi,
dan guna cara pembelian betul la eh, pasal aku nak sokong band tersebut.

Satu hari nanti, apa aku buat ialah....aku download album terbaru sesuatu kumpulan tu mungkin guna lossless quality cam FLAC (ni Metallica pakai ok, ni aku respect Metallica, untuk peminat dorang boleh pilih kualiti FLAC lossless kalau nak),
Pasal aku cuma dengar lagu "on the move", bila aku jalan kaki sorang2, bila aku naik bas, naik keretapi, 
selain tu aku jarang dengar lagu (yang aku personally minat) bila kat rumah.

Tapi bukan sahaja download officially je, lepas tu aku akan beli vinyl album terbaru tersebut....pasal tak stim ah takde cover, takde liriks, takde apa2 je la untuk sesuatu album aku minat. Dan mungkin sekali sekali aku putar.

Ni aku jangka, ok aku bukan jangka, tapi aku rasa la, apa mungkin aku buat untuk masa akan datang...

walau, definitely strictly for Maiden only haha.

There was interesting article in the Singapore main English newspaper on the revival of vinyl records. Useful, with lots of informations on locations of record vinyl stores, and even the wide range of prices for the vinyl players.

Friday, November 8, 2013

kacang pool / kacang phool

Banyak gambo makanan dalam standby for food avalanche..

kacang pool atau kacang phool ni, setakat kat Singapura, kalau gi Pusat Penjaja Geylang Serai ke, Pusat Penjaja Eunos Crescent ke, ada la...maybe $2.50, or $3 gitu.

Masalah nya aku susah nak jumpa kat Johor Bahru..
Lagi masalahnya, aku tak pernah jumpa kat KL.
Tu hari aku tengok kat program tv3 or tv9 kot, Jalan2 Carik Makan, and dorang tunjuk kacang phool dijual di Kuala Lumpur, tapi ni kat restoran arab cam...harga up la.. Tapi actually setakat pusat penjaja makanan lebih dari sedap dah..

OK..tak kesah la kan,   Ada orang suka makan pusat penjaja, ada orang suka makan tempat restoran...
tapi...well...Kacang Pool ni setakat kat Singapore is makanan pusat penjaja Selamat poket.

Nak buat sendiri? Kirim salam hahaha...

This is a local and cheap delicacy among the Malay Muslim community in Singapore, available at hawker centres, and I believe the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia like Johor. I guess its very arabic influenced of previous generations..

Ni foto kacang pool gerai makcik yang kat pasar pusat penjaja Eunos Crescent...
Sorry yang gerai brader kat Pusat penjaja Pasar Geylang Serai aku rasa aku dah hilang foto dia, nanti la aku makan, aku snap lagi....

Sapa tak pernah makan, its like, mixed kacang nye kuah, ngan kena ada telur, and all the bawang hiris and cili hijau hiris....and a limau kecik diperah and all that thingys la...

Oooo... nak kena hidang kacang pool ni ngan roti peranchis la kalau makan kat Eunos Crescent or Geylang Serai..

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

motorhead - AFTERSHOCK album (cd+ live donington park dvd double disc edition)

This is my review of the double disc "best buy exclusive" version of Motorhead's Aftershock.
The Best Buy version contains the dvd of Motorhead Live at Donington Park Download Festival 2013 which I was at, thats why I bought this immediately as a form of memory.

Firstly the album Aftershock.

There are a few versions of this new Motorhead album.
There are the normal single cd version, and there is another double disc version which contains the dvd featuring their live performance at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.
So if you want to purchase the cd, do check out the different versions available for your maximum value.

Aftershock has 14 songs of total length 46minutes of " beautiful entertaining adrenaline rushed music that is enjoyable, very loud, speedy, crunchy, roaring, greasy, bluesy, and lyrically cunning" , with the shortest song Death Machine at 2:38minutes and the longest is the wonderfully titled and song Silence When You Speak To Me at 4:30minutes.

My favourite Motorhead album will always be INFERNO. Its just to me Inferno is very traditional heavy metal structured. Maybe its a rubbish point of view, but thats just how I feel personally.

Aftershock is more of the same Motorhead. Beautiful loud noisy every musical instrument is louder than everything else music, with Lemmy dirty, husky throaty voice and his prominent Rickenbacker bass, great guitars and solos by Philip Campbell and Mikkey "Lemmy introduced him as the best drummer in the world at Donington Park" Dee.

The album starts with two stormy songs Heartbreaker and Coup De Grace, then slows down for the outstanding blues song Lost Woman Blues which speed up near the end. The other time the album slows down is for the moody and bitter-sweet Dust And Glass.
Most of the other times its always fast and furious, or at least rowdy and furious haha. Songs like Do You Believe,  End Of Time, Going To Mexico,  and the awesome ending song Paralyzed. But a check on the lyrics sheet, and you realised Lemmy really has a way with words and lyrics. He is very intelligent I guess, and it seems he did the drawings for the inlets, not the cover though.




OK NOW, the DVD.

The (INCOMPLETE ONLY FIVE SONGS) Live in Donington Park Download Festival 2013 DVD which accompanies this Aftershock album. Which I remember well is 15th of June, it was a Saturday.
Motorhead was scheduled in the late afternoon, Main Stage. The weather was very kind when they were on stage.
They were in queue together with Alice In Chains, and then Queens Of the Stone Age, before Iron Maiden headline at night.
I remember it was kind of miserable for me as there was a very huge clash of timetable (at least for me),
as Motorhead was playing Main Stage, another wonderful British rock band that I really want to see play THUNDER, was at stage two at around the same time. Miserable clash.
-As from the youtubes or this dvd, you can see still quite a large number of the about 100,000 crowd were at main stage to see Motorhead plays.
-I really love Phil Campbell's stage presence and movements. Love how he walk right to the very ends of the huge main stage.

-Phil "Philty Animal" Taylor, the ex Motorhead drummer was introduced and welcomed on stage on that day. Though he seems a bit disorientated, yet he still gave Lemmy a kick on the backside haha.
-They did play "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch" and I am so happy as its my favourite song.
-I got my handphone camera on video mode ready when Motorhead appeared on stage, because I want to record the video of Lemmy saying those immortal lines "We Are Motorhead, and We Play Rock N Roll!".
-Being in the ass of the world, as far as heavy rock is concerned, Motorhead has still not play this region yet, but thats life.


So the dvd has five songs, not the full show Motorhead did that day.
I kind of realised there was sporadic small mosh pits being created all over the huge crowd during Motorhead's performance when I watch this dvd.
Its my first time there at the legendary Donington Park, so its like safety first for me, and just enjoy the shows from different bands at different stages safely.

These were two short videos I took during Motorhead, quick one minute videos for my own memories..

firstly of Motorhead appearing on stage and Lemmy saying those immortal lines and of course the throwing of beers at each other starts.
and one of the small mosh pits that happens, this one was during Ace Of Spade. IT WAS MUDDY!!! hahaha.

I think Donington Park is a very nice place to see your favourite rock bands at these festivals among 80-100,000 fellow minded music fans, if you can forgive the cold English Rain and Weather, and the miserable horrible muddy fields haha. I went alone, and its all quite easy, with the transports and such.
And everyone is so nice and courteous.
I think its an experience I want to re-live, if Iron Maiden headline there one more time before they shut down the band for good. Anyway, Kerrang did say Maiden is Donington's house band.

if you see it well,
the lightning rigs for Iron Maiden is all in place the icy blue Maiden England theme coat.