Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rainbow Rising Deluxe Edition

Photos and short review of the Rainbow Rising Deluxe Edition. But first a bit of talk cock in Malay.

Aku ni kira beruntung ke?pasal zaman akhir 70an dan awal 80an tu, aku dapat feel rock as in abang2 lobang punye rock walaupun aku kecik lagi. Selalunye band rock omputeh la, rock melayu was like masih Bulat-Bulat haha. Siol je kan? ooo Sweet Charity 40 years Esplanade show nak keluar dvd, cant wait, memang kecoh giler malam tu bak kata Ramli Sarip " nak buat apa buat, asal jangan ada rusuhan sudah " haha. What a night tengok all the pakcik makcik original mat rock and minah rock 70an return kasi full house. Ni pun Lovehunters dvd esplanade dah keluar kot tu hari dorang launch.

Jadi mungkin tu sampai skarang ke'maintain'nan aku jiwai lagu rock tu tak rock sangat untuk orang lain, ye la macam2 genre rock skarang, of course la there some fantastic metal bands out there, tapi macam aku cakap aku bukan posseur just because rok ke metal ke, aku nak kena fly the flag of rock atau metal, kalo best best, kalo tak best tak best.

Sepatutnye belajar agama masa tujuh tahun, aku memang lagi fascinated tunggu abang2 lobang lagi besar dari aku, yang smuggle tape recorder semua dalam beg, main lagu rock. Dan banyak2 rock band tu takde lagi ajaib dan penuh misteri dan istimewa dari band Rainbow. Rainbow, - Pelangi. Tak rock langsung la, ngan logo pun cam hapa, sampul Rising lak Pelangi kena genggam,(aku cuma tahu ni mamat yang sama buat Manowar nye artworks dan Kiss Destroyer cuma tahun2 90an je la. Katak bawah tempurung betul.) tapi lagu, fullamak, biar betik. Tu jam la bila aku belajar dengar Rainbow live aku kagum giler, ok la kaset pirate, tapi kenapa satu side satu lagu je? biar betul dorang sudah extended main satu lagu sampai 15 minit gitu. Giler babi abis. Jadi tu la pengaruh aku sejak kecik, so aku bias la kot sampai skarang, orang cakap hu ha hu ha hu ha Rock la, hu ha hu ha Metal la..tapi aku dah ada guideline dan standard operating procedure aku ikut dah kalo nak dengar lagu2 atau band2 jenis gini dari kecik. Another soundtrack of my life since I was little. If I can bring only 5 English rock studio albums cds of any kind with me to a desert island, well..., I think I am not the only one. Rainbow is such a unique band, like the name represents a spectrum of colours, so does the music, the different lineups has some great albums and Rising is one of them. This Rising lineup, has such a magical attraction for me. I always like to see these lineup in photos, either as a group or on stage. They epitomise what I always imagine as the best line up and best looking image of any heavy rock band ever. Unfortunately, two had died, Cozy Powell and Ronnie James Dio. So should we blame Ritchie Blackmore for not reuniting this line up when there was still time? Tony Carey and Jimmy Bain we can still read popping up here and there with different bands or projects, but Rainbow is all about Ritchie Blackmore controlling everything. Its his band. He do what he likes. Also, Bruce Dickinson did say this is his top 5 favourites of all time at the Jakarta interview. So here you have two cds. All remastered. Very Pristine. Disc one you have the New York Mix and Los Angeles Mix. What I understand is the mix for the first batch of cds ever released in when? I dont know maybe mid 1980s? were different from the first batch of vinyls pressed back in 1976. For most of the time, it dont make any much difference to me. I grow up listening to the bootlegged pirated cassette tapes which should have come from the vinyls. Got the cd, I dont know, German early pressing? when I build up a proper cd collection. Even now listening to cd 1 of this remastered deluxe series one after another mix, I dont really care. I enjoy both of them.

CD 2 is so much more interesting because of the rough mix, not really rare because we all have the bootlegged Cozy Powell Rough Mix already available. But to get it as an official released with studio improvements is fantastic.

Rough mix of Stargazer with the keyboards intro is heavenly, and as usually Stargazer is always the highlight especially the ending... never a rock song has a more fascinating and lump in the throat ending than the studio version of Stargazer, ever.

Besides Rising, Down To Earth is already released as a double deluxe edition too and its interesting to note as its the only Graham Bonnet album and released before the others. Next would be Long Live Rock N Roll and I do hope they have some rehearsals of Rainbow Eyes in there. I hope next time we will have the Joe Lynn Turner albums too. Bend Out Of Shape would be nice.

Lastly you have Stargazer in rehearsal at Pirates Studio. Really interesting to hear how Rainbow rehearse this song in the studio before going out for tour.

-So if you are a Rainbow fan,

-or if you just have a fetish for Rainbow Rising,

-or if you like the singing or musicianship of any of the 5 members of this line up,

-or even if you already have the different cds pressing or vinyls and cassette tapes of this album,

-and / or if you think Stargazer and A Light In The Black are the best two ending songs of any rock album ever,

-or if you always hear from others about this magical mystical band called Rainbow who had album out in 1976 called Rising

-or if you wonder about the album cover and how the content sounds like

this deluxe edition is worth having.

The booklet, although informative, did not mentioned anything about Cozy Powell's passing. As for Ronnie James Dio, its understandable as his passing was when the released of this deluxe edition was announced, cancelled, reannounced and finally it really came out worldwide. Maybe they just want to focus on Rising itself.

Something to share, when I was at Brisbane checking in the backpackers , the lady staff asked me what band I am going to see at Soundwave, so I say I came specifically for Iron Maiden and its great Slayer is there too and also I have never seen Dimmu Borgir live so I want to see how DB is like in a live situation too. And I told her I had beforehand seen Maiden in Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne too and Brisbane will be the last Maiden show for me this tour. She exclaimed " HEY!! HE"S A GROUPIE!! " to everyone. Very embarassing. So I was listening to Starstruck on this cds, and I was laughing away remembering it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

model air force one

Mainan baru :-) photos of "1/200 scale model - approx. 24cm in length. Made from high quality ABS plastic. Self assembly from 6 parts - no glueing required. Exact replica of the Boeing 757-200 'Ed Force One' that the band are using on the Final Frontier World Tour 2011. Exclusively available from the Official Iron Maiden Shop. Does not include 1/200 scale Captain Bruce!" A nice souvenir to have, especially if you see them on the dates reflected on the side of the plane. You can actually see the names of the locations.. Thats what I like about this. For me its Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane.

the packaging is similar to last time plane.

I have more patience this time, and not so rough...

A few years back I got the SBIT plane which has Perth on it. So these are both of them together on the current tour programme.

sesi takde kerja carik kerja..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brisbane.Darwin.Food.Glorious.Food.( My Maiden Australia 2011 Backpack part 9)

Click all photos to enlarge

Domestic airport

train to city

central station

I stayed here. Base Backpackers. Just across from the central station. Its very convenient to anywhere.
Sampai Brisbane, baru aku tahu betapa dekatnye Gold Coast dari bandar Brisbane.
Naik MRT dorang 90min je. Tapi aku tak gi la pasal aku nak gi Lone Pine Sanctuary, tapi ni aku dah tahu ni senang, pasal Air-Asia ada LCCT gi Gold Coast, Jetstar lak Changi gi Brisbane dan pasal Air Asia lagi murah so ok la naik MRT dorang je la senang. Contoh cam ada tiket murah giler, so kita bleh gi Gold Coast then sampai sana kalo pandai susun budget boleh pergi banyak tempat. Ni cakap terbuang je la, yo-yo-oh je angan2 mat jenin gitu. Lagipun MRT dorang kerusi kusyen siak
(Now I understand better why I heard some people from Singapore go see Metallica at Brisbane. Hmmmnnnn...) For me, I do check out on the airports and... I think Brisbane airport is comfortable enough to fall asleep too :-)

Memalukan, aku tak tau pakai lift ni, naik tangga, tapi lepas tu aku study orang lain pakai, baru aku cuba sendiri.

Question to all who stumble to this blog and actually read this line - Do you know how to operate this more traditional elevator?

Compared to Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane is a bit similar to Perth ( as this is the 4 places I had travelled to see Iron Maiden ), but I notice Brisbane has a more bustling and bigger shopping area.

Aku jalan kaki pusing bandar ni ikut Brisbane River. Ada la pelan2 jalan dalam tiga jam empat jam. Penat jugak dan takut, pasal aku tak tahu aku sampai balik ke tak atau jalan makin jauh.
Malam2 lak tu tembus kat Kebun Bunga dia, aku dah terbayang macam2 orang jahat, hantu, macam2 la, tapi pasal kat tepi tu Sungai Brisbane jadi aku masih relak jugak. Dan malam2 buta pun masih kadang2 terserempak orang jogging.

The river color is still not clear, still has the color of mud due to the huge flooding in Queensland.

I didnt take this huge ferris wheel, or eye of brisbane or whats its called, but it looks very nice from below.

I like this photo very much..

I just keep on walking and crossing bridges etc, as long as I see the river, I know I wont be that lost.. It took me to near 4 hours of walking, very enjoyable walk, but it do get creepy when I was in the Botanical Gardens at night.

Motivational poster? Floods can Flood Off! . I like it.

Then you come back to the city center with all the tall buildings which are mostly empty of any humans as its already night and also it being Sunday...

A nice street art piece of a man using a handphone.

There it is, Brisbane Bridge, I was intending to climb it, but I dont have the time and the cash haha. Its about half the price of the Sydney Bridge Climb by the way.

They have this sort of riverside dining and drinking spot ala boat quay and clarke quay.

This is how some of the Brisbane residents go to work or run their errands. By boat. Similar to us taking a bus.
Last aku nak cakap, antara paling penting makanan.

Aku kira selenger jugak la, pasal semua aku buat research dan plan, tapi makan aku tak, aku mungkin ingat ni macam kat Perth dulu, siap jumpa nasik padang lagik. So aku sampai kat Melbourne, ok jugak aku jumpa makanan halal senang, those doner kebab yang siap ada tanda halal.

Tapi kat Sydney aku macam kejong sikit, kedai2 kebab takde sign halal. Aku macam fikiran ni boleh makan ke tak? So aku kat Oxford St Sydney tu aku jumpa kedai Istanbul Kebab ni, aku tanya halal ke tak? so dia tanya aku orang islam ke? aku cakap ah-ah. Terus dia cam bingit dia cakap terang2 dia orang Turkey, mesti la halal. Pasal dia cakap orang Turkey kan Islam ramai, dia cakap.

Aku cakap balik, aku tak tengok sapa jual, kalo kedai melayu pun jenis nak cepat kaya guna barang tak halal atau was-was sumber dia, pun takkan kita nak support. So aku cakap la, kalo masakan Jepun ke cina ke, kalo ada sijil halal aku makan la tanpa was-was. Terus dia cakap "eh mana boleh? kan jepun kan bukan Islam? ", jadi pekedai ni konsep dia lain sikit ngan cara pemikiran aku, tapi whatever la kan, dia pun baik ngan aku dan aku enjoy makan2 kat kedai dia selama aku kat Sydney.

Kat Brisbane aku suka pergi kat food court dia kat mall mall kat tempat shopping district dia. Insyallah korang akan jumpa la kedai2 yang halal dan jugak kedai2 aku tak was-was iaitu kedai jenis full vegetarian nye.

Tapi korang nengok la harga...ni aku kasi contoh...fruit mixed, buah2 potong taruk kat cawan gitu kecik nye size dah $AUS5. Giler babi mahal dia haha.
Aku budget aku dapat kontrol tapi banyak kena cover kat makanan.
Balik kerja kawan aku cakap aku gemuk. Dia cakap " eh apa ko dah makan kat Australia ah? " haha. Siol betul.

Balik aku pilih untuk landing kat Singapore, bukan Kuala Lumpur pasal aku nak terus gi kerja.. so aku ambik Jetstar. So ok la, aku beli awal aku dapat tiket harga ok la, tapi kena stopover kat Darwin. Darwin ni tempat buaya eh? wooo aku suka aku suka... Tapi dua jam je, airport pun jenis airport kampung je...

This is the final photo I took of Australia haha. When the plane left Darwin after a stopover and change of plane.
So... I would never thought all these possible before. Its quite an experience. An eye opener. Insyallah ada rezeki boleh tengok negeri orang lagi... tapi aku try to squeeze Maiden inside la.