Friday, June 29, 2012

one nil to the nil to the nil..

Dua benda paling best pernah datang dari London England.
1. Iron Maiden
2. Arsenal

( and come to think of it, both are Red and White ).

- Aku tak dengar band lain takpe, tak tengok band lain takpe, tapi untuk Iron Maiden aku akan cuba yang terbaik aku termampu dan sanggup lakukan.

- Aku tak tengok team bola lain main takpe, takde news team lain takpe. Tapi berita Arsenal aku akan scrutinize, dan jugak dalam favourites list aku akan lawat kat internet ada nak kat 20 websites Arsenal Fans blogs dan discussion forums dan best baca tulisan peminat2 Arsenal terutama mereka yang memang pergi tengok games.

Aku kat rumah takde Astro, takde Starhub, takde MIO TV. Tapi....aku subscribe Arsenal Online.

So Arsenal is coming down to Bukit Jalil Stadium Kuala Lumpur Malaysia again.
I am not sure if we can make it,

but this is how the tickets and training passes looks like. Timing for the training is unsure yet it seems due to the Fasting Month. Arsenal will play Malaysia XI on 24 July 2012 and the training pass is for 23 July 2012.

And...this is the Manchester City Training Pass for the Malaysian 2012 Tour on 29 July 2012 ( waktu belum tahu pasal bulan Puasa ), and a look at how the tickets for the Manchester City vs Malaysia XI on 30 July 2012 looks like.
It would be ""nice"" to see all the Arsenal Ex Players whether they are still players or just team officials.

And to think NA$RI received the loudest applause from about 40,000 Arsenal fans last year. YES, the loudest cheers was all for him the whole night and yes unlike other teams like Man Utd or whatever, the stadium is not fill up to capacity.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

antologi - arah perjalanan

Got to get my dose of the latest Malay (heavy) rock music.
Antologi is from Singapore and this is their recently released cd called Arah Perjalanan.
I enjoy this cd (ripped to 320 kbps mp3 to be heard when walking and on public transport ). Its heavy and with enough mixture to entertain me on every song. I am not bored at all when listening thru the eight songs everytime.

Cammana pusing2 pun, ngan aku bertenggek kat porum iron maiden tengok foto2 peminat2 kat amerika snap, baca2 macam2 cerita dorang yang best2 pasal Maiden England tour ni yang nampaknye cam paling best giler,
aku mesti nak kena dengar lagu heavy rock melayu yang terbaru. Dan memang tak menghampakan la album2 band2 rock tempatan masakini. Nanti la satu2 aku cerita eh.

Antologi Arah Perjalanan. Harga 14 ketul. Packaging tip top. Photos and liriks semua.
Kalo korang nak dengar rock melayu yang heavy, melodic, menghiburkan, gitars, Ah ni la dia.
Cam biasa aku jarang sangat dengar siaran radio, so aku tak tahu lagu2 gerek macam kat cd ni dimainkan ke tak.

Lapan lagu.
Antomystica - Intro instrumental.

Arah Perjalanan - Start ngan bunyik tapak kasut.
Aku terutama sangat suka dengar heavy rock kalo ada 'time changes' kat lagu tu yang terperanjatkan aku.
Lagu ni 'time changes' dia kat tengah tu best. Aku suka.

Amuk Si Jebat - mula slow, lepas tu..... I like the lyrics. eg " nama mu jebat, akan tersemat ".
Tak Bisa Ku Terima - slow song, nice. Aku tak skip.

Mat Motor - bukan glorify mat rempit ok, ni ceritakan the good side of Mat Motor. Start ngan bunyik motor , chorus teringatkan aku kat chorus Manowar Hail And Kill tu, pakai sama choir kot. Ada part lagu ni a bit entersandman.
Antologi Trajedi Dunia - Makin dengar, makin aku rasa ni lagu best giler.

Terasing Sepi
- slow song, ada part awek yang nyanyi, surprise..., terus buat lagu ni jadi lagi sedap.
Dimensi Dementia - Instrumental yang ubah2. Progresif. Abiskan cd ni on a high note.

Nak dengar lagu melayu yang best2, tak semestinya kat radio dan kat majalah. Kena gi carik sendiri dan try sendiri. Selalunya yang buat sendiri, pandai pandai sendiri tu la yang paling gerekk.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

there's just got to be more to it than this.. tell me why do we exist..

yesterday early morning (Singapore time, Malaysia time, even Indonesia time ), on the internet was already posted a photo of a piece of paper with the possible setlist of Maiden England first night in Charlotte USA.

It looks kind of real deal, photo taken by a Security staff or whom, I cant recall, and all that, but then no Infinite Dreams and no Hallowed and with a few unexpected songs. So off I go to do what I got to do, thinking it just cant be true - just because there is no Hallowed. Although I was more wishing for Infinite Dreams to be in there.

By the time I got an internet access again, it was late afternoon here, and the show in Charlotte USA had finish, and so its true, that photo is true.

So my own thoughts,
- So first the sad part, no Killers , and cruelly no Infinite Dreams.
I really hope if I can see Iron Maiden in Malaysia or Singapore or anywhere next year 2013, these two songs are in haha.
These few days beside Antologi Arah Perjalanan, which I will mention next time, I was listening back to this bootleg from 2nd night Hammersmith Odeon 7th December 1988 ( which was about a week after Maiden England was recorded in Birmingham ) called DECEMBER 7th 2008, IT WAS 20 YEARS AGO.
nice audience recording complete with Sooty chants and of course the complete encores which Maiden England lacks.
On this shows, Infinite Dreams and Killers were back to back....and its a delight to my ears even in noisy crowded places and also on board the trains and buses.

- Secondly, Afraid To Shoot Strangers is inside, so does that mean no next history part?
- Weird, no HBTN. Most unexpected.
- the stage designs are so beautiful.
- Lots of Pyros it seems. Oooo!!!
The first two photos is by this Maiden fan who was at the show is so absolutely awesome. I was just looking at the photos he took and I was like thinking he got the essences right. His photos tell everything.
The two lower ones are the official ones of course.

I wish they would announce the 2013 World Tour dates as soon as possible.
So I can look at the possibilities, the chances and probability and most importantly the cost constraints more clearly.
Sleeping at airports again is not a problem at all.

So I really like this very much... Infinite Dreams on the piano.
Most beautiful version of Infinite Dreams. Enjoy, even if you dont like Iron Maiden or not interested in them. This pianist is super supreme.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Kings Of The Twilight Zone - The book and the triple cd

The early to late nineties was a great period for fans who wanted more and resort to collecting unofficial releases due to the number of properly packaged factory pressed live bootlegs and special releases with fancy packagings.
Nowadays once in a while these items will pop up on the internet, but
a)its either too expensive.
b)or its a pirated copy of an already unofficial release.
So its no more fun.

This is a very nice triple cd unofficial release that comes with a 24 full color pages of info and photos.
Its seldom Maiden bootlegs come with books.

I will show each page and why I like this release so especially then, when internet was still the dial-up crawling speed and its hard to get anything especially being a Maiden fan in some flung ass of the world.
- The Cambridge Spaceward Studios Demos of 1978.
- the spectacular Bruce Audition Tapes 1981 to get the Maiden job.
- Rehearsals and Demos including Stairway To Heaven
- Bootlegs of interesting live performances up to 1993 including Tush, "Freunde Schones Gotterfunken" and Bruce giving a rousing speech about Frank Herbert writer of science fiction book Dune which ends with Frank Herbert is an arsehole. Also Bruce talks about East and West Germany and Berlin and the border.
- the delightful " I dont know who did this but its a nice mix " Demo Extended Version of Caught Somewhere In Time of 12min 42sec which I tell you I think fool at least a few people back in those days, and I thought this extended version really exist with new undiscovered things, until I got this boxset and I realise but those were the days where things in life is so different ha. It was very fun indeed then exploring Maiden more in depth.

Maiden-World has the details of each track typed, so I just copy from there this following info as I am lazy to type again.
CD 1 Cambridge Spaceward Studios Demo (30-Dec-78)
1. Iron Maiden (3:37) 2. Invasion (2:52) 3. Prowler (3:59) 4. Strange World (4:58) 5. Running Free (2:57) 6. Transylvania (3:51)
Metal For Muthas (24-Oct-79)
7. Wrathchild (3:01)
Top Of The Pops (1980)
8. I've Got The Fire (2:45) 9. Women In Uniform (3:06)
Studio Demo (1980)
10. Sanctuary (4:07)
Bremen Beat Club, Germany (29-Apr-81)
11. Innocent Exile (3:52)
Bruce Audition Tape (Oct-81)
12. Twilight Zone (2:30) 13. Wrathchild (2:53) 14. Killers (5:01)
Rehearsal (Oct-81)
15. Stairway To Heaven (1:49)
Hammersmith, London (20-Mar-82)
16. Murders In The Rue Morgue (3:18) 17. Children Of The Damned (4:31) 18. Total Eclipse (3:54) 19. The Prisoner (4:56)
UIC Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois (30-Sept-83)
20. To Tame A Land (9:05)
Total Time: 77:11
CD 2 Espace Ballard, Paris, France (17-Nov-83)
1. Tush (ZZ Top) (4:18)
Westfallenhalle, Dortmund, Germany (17-Dec-83)
2. The Trooper (4:12) 3. Revelations (6:19) 4. Run To The Hills (4:31)
Studio Demo (1984)
5. Flash Of The Blade (4:02)
Ex-Caserma Ravelli, Arma Di Taggia, Italy (20-Aug-84)
6. Aces High (5:00) 7. 2 Minutes To Midnight (5:54) 8. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (13:43) 9. Powerslave (6:57)
Maroszowy Sp., Katowice, Poland (14-Aug-84)
10. Hallowed Be Thy Name (7:25)
Demo (Extended version, 1986)
11. Caught Somewhere In Time (12:42)
Total Time: 75:08
CD 3 Monsters of Rock, Donington, U.K. (20-Aug-88)
1. Moonchild (5:39)
Stuttgart Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany (4-Dec-90)
2. The Assassin (4:08) 3. No Prayer For The Dying (5:30) 4. Sanctuary (incl. "Freunde Schones Gotterfunken") (5:22)
Brabanth., Den Bosch, Holland (2-Sep-92)
5. Can I Play With Madness (3:37) 6. Fear Of The Dark (6:57) 7. The Clairvoyant (4:22) 8. Heaven Can Wait (7:01)
Stadth., Bremen, Germany (16-Apr-93)
9. Be Quick Or Be Dead (4:21) 10. The Number Of The Beast (4:49) 11. Remember Tomorrow (6:30) 12. Where Eagles Dare (4:34) 13. From Here To Eternity (3:50) 14. Wasting Love (5:50)
Palasport, Padova, Italy (29-Oct-81)
15. Purgatory (3:29)
Total Time: 76:06

Love the back photo of Blaze Bailey then with Wolfsbane with Iron Maiden in 1990 when Wolfsbane was opening for Maiden. Who would have known three years later...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

blaze book and a bootleg from 1998 with seven songs from VXI

Been reading a few books slowly as and when I feel like reading a book, now reading this one..
The part of Maiden times in his life in recruitment and all thru those years is fabulously fantastic and interesting in mixed emotion ways.
One day will come when Maiden will be over, and one of the more long time band member will come out will a tell-all book, but I can wait for that haha.

At The End Of The Day - The Story of the Blaze Bailey Band by Lawrence Paterson. His old drummer.
A unique book as they are together in the band. So I guess all the details in this book have been scrutinized daily then.
Love the dog shit on Blaze shoes on his first visit to Steve Harris house. Laugh out loud funny.

I cannot locate any first edition of this book anywhere, when it first come out few years back I was like prioritizing other things, then its just completely sold out just like a few other rare Blaze limited edition thingys. So here it is the updated version with more up to date stories.

If I got the time, I will tell more about this book, I have not even shared the fabulous Colin Hart book about his experience with Deep Purple and Rainbow even.

So...whats best when reading a book about Blaze Bailey life story then at same time listening to the boots of his time in Maiden.
This is from 1998. Its called
Virtual Light Strikes Over France.
27 April 1998 Zenith Nancy France.

I hope one day we will have another Eddie Archive with this show on it.

SEVEN, yes SEVEN wonderful songs from Virtual XI including Educated Fool, Dont Look To The Eyes Of Stranger which I really love when VXI first came out, When Two Worlds Collide, Lightning Strikes Twice...

Come to think of it, for me the foundation of reunited Brave New World is all here in Virtual XI. So its no surprised of the rumours 4 songs leftoever from VXI period popping up on ....

So this shows the confidence Maiden has on VXI album in playing live. And the songs sounds fabulous live and the audience was great.
It must have an been experience to be at this show with this setlist. I was comparing it with the Japanese show later in the year, and by then the setlist has change quite a bit. Hmmmnn.

One thing I like this bootleg more is also the presence of Murders In The Rue Morgue, which starts immediately without the slow intro.
Another thing is, listening to Bruce times with Maiden playing in France and he will go on and on talking in French, but for Blaze, its more to a few Merci Beaucoup and I think he wish good luck to the then France team for the World Cup.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Megadeth returns etc etc etc etc

Few things..firstly,

Megadeth is back again in South East Asia.. at last.
I am not up to date on their latest music. So it would mean some exploration on the internet haha. But the song 13 is slow and nice. I just dont have the motivation to really listen to the rest, just some browsing thru when their new cd comes out last year.

Megadeth Singapore 2007 United Abominations Tour 26th October 2007 was very interesting cause its the first time I saw them live so I dont know what to expect.
Its just that they were very good but Black Sabbath Heaven And Hell the following night were just so superior to me that the memory of that few days belong to Ronnie Dio, Toni Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinnie Appice.

I got to search back the bootleg I taped for that show. I dont where I put all the old tapes. Maybe I throw away everything...

The Megadeth Singapore Setlist for 2007 was this plus She Wolf which was a surprise and of course Mechanix was inside Holy Wars ...

oo some memories from that night from my old blogs. I think I got a bad memory, so its good I have a blog haha.

"Good Evening, alrite it is such a priviledge to finally be here playing for you tonite.
When we're flying in this morning I was looking out the window of the airplane, and I was looking at the ground and I was looking at the buildings, I was looking at everything here and I thought fuck this is a beautiful country.
You know Megadeth is one of those bands that will play anywhere so if the promoters will bring us there and we've played some places that are pretty much disaster areas.
Coming in to town today, I want to tell you something, I feel like I am right at home.
I do want to say one thing before we go any further, for those of you that have heard we're going to cancel because of the fires thats in California, in San Diego. The fire's thats in San Diego, my home, James's father home, is in San Diego. The fires are ok and as you can tell with me standing here in front of you, we did not cancel.
And one thing you got to know about me, and about Megadeth, is its going to take more than my house burning to the ground, to ever cancel for you..."

" Man, I wish for one second that you can standhere with me and see how beautiful you look.
And I want to tell you something, so far since we left United States and came over here, we played Thailand and Indonesia, and we did not play She Wolf for them so you got an extra song. And I was talking to the boys backstage and I said - you know what, I got a feeling this could be one of those nights and we probably will play some extra songs tonight, ( cue - mega cheers from the audience ) ......... and of course they say no. ( cue - mega depression from the same audience LOL! )

I'm just kidding, so I dont want to fuck around anymore, I dont talk a lot in concert because I dont think you pay to comr here for this concert and listen to me talk. I think musicians who stand up here and waste your time by talking are fucking losers. So we're going to play as much as we can right now. We got about six more songs and then its off to the hospital "

DM - "I have a really really silly question to ask you - did any of you ever seen Megadeth before?

DM - Where?

Audience - You Tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

So Megadeth Singapore 2012 would be a nice welcome return. And this time Dave Ellefson is back so its nice to see him in action in the songs that originally feature him and especially peace sells.., and the new guitarist Chris Broderick, so it would be a thriller to see Hangar 18 solos if I go. If I dont go...then too bad not thrill at all haha.

oo and check this out.. Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherihan and Billy Sheehan and Toni MacAlpine in Singapore.
So whats its going to be like...? I am sure some Dream Theater / Mr Big songs and MacAlpine instrumentals will be played.

OK the second part of the M.

I was searching some bootlegs for the Metallica current tour where they play the whole Black Album.
I am so liking it. The Rock Am Ring bootleg was absolute beautiful.
So I was wondering...why I really like the whole Black Album live. I guess because its been very long since I hear the Black Album..since the cassette tape first come out I guess in 1991? or something like that.
Or maybe when live the songs are so much better. Or maybe the whole setlist for Rock Am Ring was the first five albums? hohohoho.
Anyway, for the first time in a very long time I am so excited for Metallica.
The Orion Festival will be so anticipated for the first bootlegs to come out.
The Whole Ride The Lightning album. wooohooo.

Sigh. I hope to get the complete Metallica XXX all four nights soon.

Friday, June 8, 2012

seventh tour of seventh tour black cover program and Machester City visit

amacam? tempat keja aku budak2 kecoh pasal euro2012. ( boleh? budak2 padahal muaahhahaa ).
Aku mana la ada cable tv, baik astro , mio, starhub. gigit jari je la.
aku lagi tanya cenel 5 ke, rtm ke tv3 ke ada live tak.
Anyway, as long its not about Arsenal I dont really give a fuck and Up The Irons.
Anyway, aku rasa aku belum share pasal ni buku program dari tahun 1988 kot. kalo dah sorry la, aku koleksi huru hara tak teratur pun, mana terjumpa tu la aku borak.

Maiden England history tour is starting very soon..
I was impress by the amounts of Van Halen bootlegs going around for their current DLR fronted US tour and hope Maiden will have even more superior numbers and quality.

27 & 28 of November 1988 on the above dates is the actual Maiden England that we have and very soon North America will get their taste of the action and hopefully we all here in South East Asia will have it next year.

Anyway this is the cover, Seventh Tour Of A Seventh Tour program or programme book got two seperate covers , a blue and a black and the black is for the end of the year UK tour.

In all of Maiden history, I am very most interested in 1988 and especially the events of Donington Monsters Of Rock, its a place I have read as a school boy first fascinated by Rainbow and Scorpions and RIOT and to some extend Saxon on a bootleg cassette tape of the very first Donington Monsters of Rock.

With 1988, with all the 103,000 people and listening to Nicko McBrain describe it on the last cd of First Ten Years, collecting old 1988 magazines about that event,

the two deaths and also injuries that happen during Guns N Roses earlier in the day..

I was searching for all the bootlegs of that 1988 Monsters of Rock Castle Donington event, I really like Helloween who then previewed some songs from Keepers Part II, and Megadeth of that period and especially the GNR set.
Maybe next time I put it all on this blog, but I think some magazines of that period and that event I had already shared here.

It was all hidden away from Maiden, and only informed to them after their headlining show. And it would be nice to know about the behind the scenes of Maiden visiting their fans in hospital and all that.

My wildest dream is to backpack see Maiden headlining Donington Park, and I think 2013 they will play there, but....its just a wildest dream cause its bloody fucking expensive and I dont think its possible.

Imagine...this white frozen ice stage set is used for Iron Maiden England Live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Singapore next year 2013, with all the pyrotechnics explosions.. which Maiden decide not to use for last years Final Frontier Tour, not only in Singapore but elsewhere.
It will be a mega jumbo king of awesomeness enjoyment.

I really like this photo of Adrian turning around during Heaven Can Wait.

Steve Harris Blue bass. Ohhhh , I think I am going to see Manchester Shitty game at Bukit Jalil. On the house request, to see how Kompany movements are in real life hoho. Ok la I have nothing again Kompany haha.
Never will I support Malaysia team more louder than for this match.
But I will JEALOUSLY and quietly marvel at this dream machine of Manchester City team, but I will I will definitely reserve some good boos and jeers for Na$ri haha. $*%& Nasri indeed. Of course I have to censor the worst parts la.

I think Nicko McBrain will use an all white drum set up to match with the frozen snow and ice and it will be so fancy and beautiful.

All time favourite hehe
Mr Dave Fuckin Murray. I got to get that tshirt or maybe print it myself.


Bruce Dickinson - " I'm not a numberrr... "
Adrian Smith - " I'M A FREE MAN!! "..

super live rendition of Prisoner , ever!! from the bside of Clairvoyant single.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cozy Powell Forever ( produced by Munetaka Higuchi )

Mati. Bila Munetaka Higuchi (Loudness) yang buat tribute album ni untuk Cozy Powell yang meninggal pun SAMA jugak dah takde lagik, aku sebagai peminat muzik dorang seluruh hidup aku lagi sekali diingatkan yang sooner or later....tapi later tu pun, kejap je pun datang.
Dan dorang dua pun bukan tua sangat la jugak ye tak?, kira masih elegantly rocking lagik, tapi dah ajal , satu eksiden terbabas, satu cancer liver. But thats life.

Can anyone do a translation of what this handsome Munetaka Higuchi is saying? hoho.

OK, another superb Japanese tribute to Cozy Powell this time by the late Munetaka Higuchi and join by a super line up of Akira Takasaki, Minoru Nihara,
and members from other bands such as the Earthshaker guitarist etc etc plus one or two non-Japanese like Carmine Appice the brother of Vinnie Appiece drummer of Black Sabbath/Dio etc etc.
Reminds me of another tribute to Rainbow by Niji Densetsu ( and I still fail to know what NIJI DENSETSU really means ) which features some non-Japanese i.e Joe Lynn Turner.

This tribute cd possibly could be the trigger for the original Loudness that we all love to get back together for Spritual Canoe album back in 2000.

Similarity to Rest In Peace tribute which is more to Anthem guys, this cd has songs from various Cozy Powell drumming contributions like Rainbow ( of course ),
Michael Schenker Group with Armed And Ready, some Jeff Beck and Gary Moore, Whitesnake and his own drum instrumentals, an example is sure to have Tchaikovsky Overture 1812 but this one has complete bells all over. Plus Emerson Lake and Powell.

What I really like about this cd.
- Tchaikovsky Overture 1812 complete with all the bells being rung. Majestic and magical.
- Munetaka Higuchi+Minoru Nihara+Akira Takasaki plays Stargazer and Jeff Beck Ice Cream Cakes together. Stargazer is complete version with all the " my eyes are bleeding my heart is leaving here i wish ... " infinity never ends ending. Dio! Dio! Dio! Dio!...
Stargazer Studio version by these Loudness guys is very nice and Ice Cream Cakes is highlight of this cd, very groovy.
- Lost In Hollywood, All Night Long and Since You Been Gone , super songs from Graham Bonnet Down To Earth Rainbow era is represented here...

- Theme One is an old BBC Radio programme show theme. Makes this cd becomes a nice pleasant mixture of style. When you add Emerson Lake and Powell the Score, this album actually has a few interesting instrumentals plus the most beautiful and sad The Loner.
- Kill The King guitar on this tribute is refreshing after listening to this song by the original group and tribute groups studios and live versions till cannot be calculated times for all my life.
- I like the Armed And Ready here. These Japanese rockers sure know how to make songs we listen too becomes something unique.
- This cd is sort of a incomplete very basic historical trip along Cozy Powell career. Should have at least one Cinderella Long Cold Winter on it.