Thursday, August 29, 2013

suratkhabar dah basi dan majalah baru dibeli

Aku ni kan, selalu sokkabar dah berapa hari baru aku baca, maklum kutip sokkabar orang lain dahbis baca.
Walaupun mungkin berita sukan, berita2 hal-ehwal dah mungkin basi, tapi...rencana2 nasihat agama, column2 agama takkan basi, sampai kita besok lusa tulat mati pun, sampai hari kiamat pun masih relevant.

Jadi aku nak share satu artikel pendek yang tarik perhatian aku, pasal aku ni hal agama ni aku cetek, sebab tu apa2 hal agama pun aku cam jakun.
Ni artikel sangat straight to the point, dia punya logik sangat mudah nak dipaham aku.
Jadi pada aku ni artikel memang tepat untuk setiap individu.
Tak kira sapa pun, pasal besar periuk besar keraknya, kecik periuk, kecik keraknya.

" jika seseorang itu meletak matlamat menjadi pemberi zakat, beliau akan lebih tergerak menguruskan harta nya ngan baik ".
Ni tulisan keluar kat suratkhabar melayu Singapura, Berita Minggu 25.08.2013 lepas.

Movingggg on....

Tu hari tunggu bas ekpress aku jalan so aku gi kedai buku la tengok2.. so tertengok majalah ni, so tertengok artikel2 menarik kat dalam. So aku pun tangkap secopy.

Aku masih ingat, susah nak lupa....
Pertama kali, dan satu2 nya kali, dalam hidup aku, aku jumpa seseorang yang mengaku dia Syiah.

Tu jam aku kerja kat satu tempat ni lebih sepuluh tahun dahulu, dan korang semua tahu kan?
Dari zaman kita budak2 sekolah, sampai ke full time NS, sampai pun dah kerja pun, kalau waktu nak gi sembahyang jumaat adalah satu event isimewa ramai2 gi kan, best gitu kan, gi makan dulu ke, balik pun sama2. ( Tapi untuk shift workers tak rasa sangat la kan.)

Maksud aku cam, meriah, cam bedeklah korang dulu zaman budak2 kat sekolah atau pun kerja, korang gi Sembahyang Jumaat tanpa ajak yang lain kan?
Korang gi masjid semayang jemaat korang tengok budak2 sekolah, cam gitu la kita dulu kan, ramai2 members gitu semua pakai baju sekolah. Walaupun satu perangai yang tak tetap sama ialah banyak bermain dan berbual kuat2 haha. 

So macam perbualan cam " eh dok, nak gi semayang jemaat sama-sama??? ".

Ni ialah satu perbualan yang jangan bedek la, setiap kita, baik geng baik ke, atau geng tonggang terbalik pernah ungkap  atau at least pernah kita jawab la soalan tu dalam hidup kita.

So aku pernah tanya la seseorang ni soalan tu kan waktu tengahari jumaat gitu la kan.

Dan perbualan singkat tu berakhir ngan dia cakap " Aku syiah. ".
Ada sebab kot dia jawab cam gitu.

Aku ni tak reti apa hal agama, so aku diam je la. Kita semua ada prinsip masing2 pun. Tapi at least aku tahu kan.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Metallica / Anvil - Live Singapore 24 August 2013 (part ii)

continuation, opposition, contradiction, violation, mutilation, of my opinion and a short review of how I feel.

After the kudos for Lauretta Allabons organisation in the previous post,
I do find some things that I would have felt would have make things better, hopefully next time for the rest of the fans, for myself I am happy and as I am not going to buy a Metallica tshirt that night, I got a Pen A ticket early, I catch the bus that reach Expo on time to transfer to Tanah Merah etc etc, but it could be improve for the fans like these below..

- the merchandise store should be in the same area as the show itself, and they should open a few more lots, Lauretta Allabons and gang would have enough experience attending huge overseas shows.
- Scrap Pen B. WHY OH WHY DOES PEN B EXIST?? YES ITS STILL CLOSE BUT NOT CLOSE ENOUGH!. My heart goes out to those in Pen B. 
I think Singapore are lucky to avoid all these caste class pricing segregation nonsense but from now on just scrap Pen B completely, make it all a Free Standing One Price Ticket once and for all. Just balance up the price ticket fairly  or something.
Just ensure enough comfortable yet proper safety barriers are placed at strategic locations especially the middle sections as its the most congested and to prevent any incidents or accidents, but still people are free to move about easily at the sides.
With this one price ticket, its fair for everyone, NO  DISCRIMATION after all we're all fans and ffs its heavy rock music!!,  the crazy ones can packed all they want right in front and exchange sweat and body odour with each other, while the rest can just enjoy the show from a calmer view at the sides or back.
- With all the transport complains, maybe some Singapore fans (and organisers) are not ready for huge festivals like Soundwave or Donington Park held in the middle of nowhere or "tempat jin bertendang".
- But Changi exhibition is beside the sea, its so cooling once the sea-breeze blows inwards and with all the aeroplanes in sight.

ok Metallica....
- So where should I stand? And Hungry.
kind of funny, having some food at the back, and keeping the ears open for ACDC "its a long way to the top" cue tape.
- No Harvester Of Sorrow, but we got Shortest Straw.
- No fight fire with fire or Damage Inc, but we got Battery.
- dot dot dot and Justice For All played. (I remember reading that the three dots are very critical, never forget it haha). This is not an easy song, I sometimes find this song turgid, but if its played live, and you're there, this song is a marvel. And this song means more Metallica time on stage,
I do find how the best rock bands like Metallica or Iron Maiden makes use of their own intro tapes for certain live songs interesting.
- Like I say in the last post, I have not heard many of the songs for a long time, but, I think its a testament to how much Metallica means to me in my growing up years that I can recall the lyrics, and very confidently having a loud lunatic sing along for most of the songs chorus and even the verses.
The weird thing is, they play a new song from Death Magnetic that I dont know at all and cant even give the title, and the young Chinese guy near me know the words. HAHA. Now that is something. Metallica's future is secured with their younger fans.

ok, some videos, Memory Remain's ending was awesome with the fans not stopping till the next song. Reminds me of Blind Guardian's Valhalla live ending moments.
I think this is one of the highlight of the night. Luckily I got it on video for me to remember something by till the soundboard comes out which I want one, as my bootleg was corrupted and sabotaged by myself haha.

Another highlight was Blackened. I think after all these years, maybe ...and Justice For All album is the album that aged the best. I got to revisit this cd. And I got to check out ...and Justice For Newsted fans remix too. I may have forget the track sequence, but if I think about it, the songs from this album got replayed in my mind and they sounds fresh.
I know Blackened is part of the fixed portion of the set, so I got my handphone ready from the start to the finish and to the jam, and to Kirk's doodle before Nothing Else Matter.
Is this true? When you do neck and head exercise, your hold on your handphone gets very shaky. muaahahahaha.

Lastly, Love the Metallica's choreography especially James Hetfield...
His coolest ones were the frozen ending of Sanitarium and the camera zoom in for ending of Nothing Else Matters with the tattoos on his knuckles, flips of his guitar pick and going into Enter Sandman.
Those are really cool gimmicks.

What else?

Ok, lets see how Belinda Carlisle is going to outperform Metallica.
Song by song comparison, its going to be a thriller.
fade to black vs little black book
I think I'll flip a coin haha.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Metallica/Anvil - Live Singapore 24 August 2013 (part "I cant remember anything...cant tell if this is true or dream" aka part one)

Anvil short review is in red further below, the rest of the text is just some observations of the whole event and organisation. Metallica I talked a bit till next time in this colour at the bottom.

2013 has been a year of firsts because I finally I got to see bands like UFO, Motorhead, Alice In Chains, etc etc and surprisingly Anvil.
Seeing Anvil is certainly another one of those once in a lifetime occasion, its really a wicked surprise to announce them just few days before the Metallica show.

Firstly, kudos to Lauretta Alabbon, I cannot find any fault at all with the whole organisation for the Metallica show. 
-I think lots of money has been spent on the whole organisation of the show, they even occupy the whole Hall 3B Expo to cater to those travelling by the 'advanced book' bus service.
- I notice they employed quite a lot of support staffs from even at Expo itself. 
-I notice the taxi queue at Expo with lots of those wearing Metallica tshirts, I think the organisers are strict with the "tickets only" for the bus service.
-Pleasant surprise, a headcount done to ensure everyone has a seat on the buses. NOW, THAT IS CLASS!!. I'm sure all these catering to the expats/foreign visitors/tourists/ do have a nice benefit to the locals.
-Reaching Changi Exhibition Site, and I realise, FUCK  there will be no PYROS!! The airplanes are landing and taking off at quite a distance but I dont think they will allow all these fireworks, or maybe its just Metallica not bringing Pyros for Asia?
-So a friend I went with wants to look for the merch, and then seems I hear BADASS ROCK N ROLL? so I called my another friend who came earlier and he said " ANVIL HAD STARTED!!
What the fuck! So forget Merchandise, its a rush for Anvil.

So Anvil played about 45minutes, - Winged Assassins, On Fire, Mothra, Swing Things (and what a super jazzy drumming instrumental), Hope In Hell, Metal On Metal etc etc.

The guitar solo with the Vibrator is performed. I quickly took out my handphone to record it.
I recorded the show on audio as usual, but unfortunately I missed the first two songs at least.

So this is the vibrator solo for Singapore haha.

Got to hear Anvil count in "one two one two fuck you"
Anvil changed the lyrics for Mothra to  " IN THE LAND OF SINGAPORE, LIVES A MIGHTY MONSTER CALLED MOTHRA!!"
Also the guitarist/singer introduced the drummer as his best friend in the world or something.

this is another one I videoded (yes I know broken english),
its the last part of Winged Assassins and start of On Fire.

If it has been any other band playing after Anvil, then Anvil could have killed the following band, but then its Metallica.

Still I think Anvil has won over a lot of fans in Singapore. Good for them.

Metallica I will talk cock about it later, or tomorrow...

ok, roll the bootleg, 
really rubbish with me having a lunatic karaoke session and moving about, but not to worry, I hope there is the soundboard out soon.....
Anyway, how easy the lyrics are recalled and confidently sing alound, even some of these songs I have not heard for many years.

Metallica's setlist for Singapore 2013 was...

1. Hit The Lights
2. Master Of Puppets
3. Shortest Straw (SURPRISE!!!yes!yes!yes!yes!)
4. Ride The Lightning
5. Fade To Black
6. Memory Remains (infinity ending haha)
8. Welcome Home Sanitarium
9. Sad But True
10. ...and Justice For All (HIPHIPHORRAAYY!!)
11. One
12. For Whom The Bell Tolls
13. Blackened and jam
14. Nothing Else Matters
15. Enter Sandman
16. Creeping Death
17. Battery
18. Seek And Destroy and I dont know what happen next thing because we left during this song, rush for the bus, and then the last MRT to leave Expo for Tanah Merah haha.
If Metallica and Anvil had done a special encore together I wont know. But boleh la, korang semua hari minggu tak yah kerja!!! haha.

Somewhere in there Kirk Hammett doddle Iron Maiden's Where Eagles Dare.

To be continued.

Friday, August 23, 2013

passion & less-abled - keinginan yang kuat & mereka yang kurang upaya

Merapu Hari Jumaat, aku rasa kita kena sokong usaha terutama masjid-masjid lama yang ngah kumpul duit pasal dah tiba masa untuk renovation, upgrading semua, 
jemaah pun semua usia makin tua...especially masjid yang design waktu buat dulu2 tu, nak masuk dewan utama kena naik tangga yang agak tinggi.
Ramp kerusi roda, lift-lift yang memang ada masjid dah start pasang, aku tak terkejut lain kali makin teknologi murah, masjid2 kat Singapore dan Malaysia semua pasang eskalator dan lif.
Benda2 ni dah macam henfon dan komputer kat rumah gitu, suatu masa dahulu benda2 ni cam dianggap mewah, tapi zaman ni dah jadi cam satu yang kemestian dah ngan cara hidup kita. Ngan public transport semua nampaknya sangat prihatin untuk mereka yang berkerusi roda contohnya, baik bas atau keretapi gerak cepat dan stesen2 nya.

Moving on and keeping still to the topic of providing comfort to the less able and people with physical handicap, lets move from mosques to something else....
When you have passion, it doesn't matter who you are, and what is your physical condition.

Aku pernah cerita tak...
1)Masa aku tengok Maiden main kat Melbourne, aku nampak ada satu mat rock omputeh ni siap tshirt 'satan 666' tapi mata dia buta, pakai spek hitam, ngan kayu blindman dia, abis satu pakcik(aku rasa bapak dia)  pimpin dia masuk Hisense Arena. Lepas show, masa aku dongak la tengok2 penonton2 kat seat, aku nampak dorang kat seat depan sekali, paling dekat ngan stage.
Dalam hati aku, tu la passion. Dan dalam hati aku, kalau orang sebut pasal kasih sayang, tu la antara aku tak boleh lupa bila bapak budak tu (dah tua la), pimpin anak dia, sabar gitu. Aku tak rasa bapak dia hardcore Maiden haha. Mesti bapak dia cerita kot kat anak dia yang buta tu waktu sepanjang perjalanan persembahan tu-, "ok sekarang Steve Harris tengah 'machine-gun' peminat depan, Janick Gers tengah baling gitar dia tinggi2 dan tangkap balik, walk-on Eddie tengah jalan kat pentas..., ok tukar backdrop design sekian2, lagu ni light show warna apa cahaya pentas dia"
2)Masa aku tengok Maiden main kat Brisbane, ni  dahsyat... tu jam Soundwave Festival, 40,000 orang so cammana? Mendangok depan stage one lebih satu jam berhimpit2, tunggu Maiden main. Pasal kalau lambat atau gatal gi stage-stage lain, by the time Maiden nak mula main, dah 40,000 depan kau mampos otak jam, so pasal kiasu nye pasal, terpaksalah himpit2 diri mendangok gitu sapa yang giler Maiden sejam lebih depan stage.
Sebelah aku ada sorang ni...aku mula2 perasan, apasal dia asyik cam tak selesa gitu, dan ada satu perempuan (aku rasa isteri dia), asyik kesatkan peluh suami dia, tanya " are you ok?" gitu. Dalam hati waaa sayang betul dan prihatin betul isteri ni kat suami dia tengah keadaan penuh sesak huru-hara tu..
Hah, sekali aku pandang bawah... Laaaa....Dia ada satu kaki aje "A one-leg man". Lagi satu cam besi panjang gitu. Sanggup dia lebih sejam berhimpit2 dan tak buat apa2 cuma diri himpit2 je ramai2. Patut bini dia kat sebelah dia cam prihatin je gitu.
Ni belum Maiden start main, dan confirm 40,000 kat belakang mesti rempuh ke depan maka gitu dia punya "ombak" startkat depan memang melayang semua sampai kaki tak pijak lantai.
Dalam hati aku, tu la passion..Aku tak tahu apa jadi kat orang satu kaki ni lepas tu.
OK, secara logik kita cakap, apa kebodoh carik pasal? tapi ni semua semangat masing2, tak boleh nak buat apa dah kalau dah suka kan HAHA
3)Aku tengah surf2 youtube, ada time sikit ni, carik2 rekoding2 peminat yang show2 aku pergi.
Jadi aku jumpa video ni...Masa aku gi tengok Maiden headline kat Donington Park.
Ni kat Download Festival 2013., rata2 masa Maiden main ada 100,000 orang la tengok.
Ni video dari platform untuk orang2 yang istimewa. Korang tengok kat video ni, ada nampak crutches, wheelchairs.
Platform gini aku rasa aku belum perasan ada tak kat sini buat gini... Jadi sapa2 yang cam istimewa, mungkin buta, pakai kerusi roda, mungkin apa2 je la keadaan jasmani dia dapat tengok pentas ngan selesa dan selamat dan clear.
Korang tengok mamat ni satu yang berkerusi roda, dia yang macam ada ponco merah ikat kat bahu dia gitu. Dia kat bawah, belah kanan video ni.
Aku tengok reaksi dia kat lagu Run To The Hills ni, aku rasa dia cam nak terbang...that guy on the wheelchair is Like a Superman getting ready to take off. Seeing his enthusiasm he could be as hardcore as anyone in that 100,000 people.
Dalam hati aku, tu la passion...  100,000 orang  berdiri kat lumpur, yang lompat2 lain, yang muka berseri2 penuh kegembiraan tengok Maiden main, kat kawasan aku diri budak2 semua sibuk buat moshpit lagi masa lagu ni dah la lumpur giler, air beer melayang2 orang rejam haha, 
dan mamat kerusi roda ni duduk tapi boleh nampak energy dia.ngan hujan renyai2 kejap2 turun, sejuk, angin kuat giler ( korang boleh dengarkan sound pecah bila dah sampai belakang pasal angin kuat giler tiup dari arah kanan ke kiri.
We should encourage big scale rock shows in Singapore (and Malaysia) to have these type of special -raised platforms for the disabled and less-abled to join in the havoc with safety and comfortand a birds-eye-view in place, even though they are sitting while all around them people are free-standing. OK! OK! before THE USUAL MORAL POLICIA gives me crap for promoting "evilness"
LETS say, not rock shows, but for clean-living mass attendance activities ok. HAPPY!!?? yes.thank you.

Sebab tu masing2 ada passion, ada orang passion buat amal yang tangan kanan buat tangan kiri pun tak tahu, macam2 passion la.
Sesetengah passion ni kita panggil sukarelawan, ada kita panggil buat amal, ada kita panggil hobi, dan ada kita digelar Orang Gila hahaha pasal passion yang memang kalau cerita kat orang pun orang anggap kerja giler la.

Tapi ni semua tetap passion.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

metallica, belinda carlise or ANVIL(a last minute entry)? sapa lagi Legend? (part III)

Part III..

while waiting for reviews and updates from those attending the Metallica show in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia tonight. I want to say how pleasantly surprised I am with the late news for this Saturday's Metallica show in Singapore.

I got an SMS from a friend late morning just now saying ANVIL is opening for Metallica in Singapore.
With just about 3 days away, and this amazing news coming in now, got me excited.

I was just thinking ok I am going to see Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett in all their MTV rock stars glory, but now with Anvil in the mix, its going to even be more fun.
I always think Metallica is a three member band now, but I guess that's just me.

Nothing is going to steal Metallica's thunder this Saturday, but I am sure Anvil making their way to Singapore will be treasured and loudly cheered on by the gathered masses at Changi sea coastline.
I dont think any opening band will get a better response than Anvil. This band is legendary, its just I guess many people ignore them before. "that" documentary helps them a lot.
My most important concern, Is there enough time for Anvil do perform their guitar solo segment? The most awesome guitar solo ever haha.

So lets have a photo Anvil related

Quick warm-up with Anvil's 48 minutes performance at Wacken 2013

ok, with reference to the title of this posting.
Metallica versus Belinda 
- its going to be competitive..
and like the tickets printed - its going to be free-standing, where everyone, 
I mean everyone, stand together as one and not partitioned with some ridiculous staggered pricing where the fans that may really mattered may end up at the back. 
(Look, for example , I love Bon Jovi, but seeing them play Villa Park Stadium and I cant afford the Diamond ticket really hurts haha, 

but well thats Bon Jovi but isnt Metallica suppose to be a heavy rock band? with their gung-ho fans deservely in front?). 
Or maybe its just me having this mentality.
Metallica this Saturday and Belinda Carlisle following quite soon....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

maiden fan club mag 95, blaze bailey platinum edition soundtrack of my life etc etc etc

out of topic kejap, Fandi keluar dari JDT aku pun ngah tunggu berita penuh jugak.
Pasal berita dari lain2 tempat lain2 berita dan laporan, maklum la haha.
foto "Sad looking Fandi.... " ha ah la siak, apa dia buat duk kat kerusi tu letak kaki kat atas kerusi depan lagik, tengok je buat apa. Fandi pro, he should know what to do next and he will have lots of support and love.
ok lupa nak cerita, 4th August lepas, aku siap pasang alarm. Takut lupa..
Blaze Bailey cuma cetak 300 je Platinum Edition " Soundtrack Of My Life". 300 je? giler sey.
Apa aku tahu aku sempat dalam 300 tu, jangan ada problem dah haha. Tapi aku rasa ramai tak dapat...
bayangkan satu dunia cuma 300 je.
Walau Blaze Bailey tak la popular sangat, tapi tetap ramai ingat dan nak sokong dia. Rasanya masuk hari kedua dah sold out dah. Untuk sapa terlepas pandang -
Pre-order options:
Silver package - £15: Album signed
Gold package - £17: Album signed + your name in cdbooket
Platinum package - £25: Album signed + your name in cd booklet + 40page book "Albums of my life"+ your name in book+ fridgemagnet+button badge+ certificate

There will only be 300 copies of the platinum package available.
The "Albums Of My Life" book will contain rare photos, tourdates and autobiographical account of the recordings, written by Blaze. This book is limited to the Platinum package only and will not be sold seperately afterwards.

Seriously, tengok harga platinum dia , Blaze ni, aku tak tahu apa dia fikirkan...betul2 respect giler kat dekni apa dia buat projek2 dia ngan harga sangat berpatutan.
(iii)as usual click to enlarge..

ok for those who have no access to the Iron Maiden fanclub magazine number 95, this is some of the content.
Its not a fun-filled edition really. A bit sad magazine this one. With the passing of the one and only Clive Burr and also Steve Gadd.
One the drummer for the first 3 albums and Nicko came in to replace him, The other, long time Nicko friend, and who then became Nicko drum tech, and then Maiden's tour manager.
So here are the write-ups by Laz (fc guy) and Nicko.
Interesting, informative, yet solemn reading.

Some questions for Adrian Smith which are interesting.

Other articles are
-a great write up on the research, making, and stories of the Trooper Beer with interviews with Bruce Dickinson. - I dont drink, but it do makes a good reading to read about people's passion and hard work on what they like and also their jobs.
-Also stories interviews with Steve Harris on British Lion tour.

Plus lots of other things..
-the rio samba procession with Eddie floater.
-Ooo one great story is of the Nodding Donkeys secret show back in 1992 by someone who was there, even took photos of it, now this is a good read.

Plus many other good readings on the band and their fans. Always had fun reading about the lucky fans. Also the flashbacks old mags, with Dave Murray wedding photos from around 1985 in black and that is so nice

As usual Many awesome photos..
I always look forward to Nicko in action photos as I look to see what all around him, his drinks etc haha.

And finally, I love this pixie of Dave Murray... I really love this photo, everything about it.

 thats all.
Up the Irons, Up Blaze Bailey, Up Fandi Ahmad.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sapa lagi Legend? Metallica atau Belinda Carlisle? Part II

Bulan puasa lepas, Pet Shop Boys datang dan main dorang nye full show untuk current Electric tour dorang.
Gigit jari je la. Apa aku tahu - Pet Shop Boys nye show happening abis. Takpe lain kali.

Bulan 9 ni, Retrolicious nye event line-up ialah Rick Astley, Bananarama, dan Belinda Carlisle.
Rick Astley aku tak minat, Bananarama alrite, tapi Belinda Carlisle ni kalau pizza dia ialah mega jumbo super supreme triple layer cheese with all extra toppings nye best giler lagu2 dia.

So apa aku harap, kalau Belinda Carlisle headline, then dia perform full show, yang lain perform kejap warm up dah.
Kalau tiga2 sama timing, then aku harap Belinda Carlisle main dulu, so lepas tu aku boleh blah takyah hegeh2.

Apa pun, layan Metallica dulu.
Biar betik Singapore nye show Section A sold out, tapi the price is reasonable, no complaints dan no complaints ngan transport logistics untuk fans jugak.

Dan aku was like fikiran pasal Shanghai China nye shows dua tu dan pasal tiga lagu paling popular dorang kena pangkah tu. Rasanya kena pangkah la kan? tak logik kot ni tiga2 tak main untuk pasaran baru. Lain la main kat pasaran lama.

So aku was like , apsal lagu ni tiga ni kira cam anti-establishment kot untuk China?
One? - ok boleh anggap anti-perang.
Creeping Death? - apa sey...ok agama related, tapi apa sey.
Master Of Puppets ? ok, pasal chopped your breakfast on a mirror dan sekutu2 nye kot? Ni memang fail la kalau nak strict giler.

Tapi Metallica alrite la dorang hantar kat censorship board China - 35 lagu. So kira dalam tangan dorang boleh rolling 35 lagu at short notice ler untuk main live untuk ni tour. Maiden?? jangan mimpi!! Gitu jugak la dorang dah chreorograph semua timing api menyambar semua untuk Maiden England tahun lepas, tahun ni.
Slayer? kat Singapore dulu kena censor potong dua lagu, hmmmnnnn gitu2 je abis cepat haha.
Tapi tu China la kan, setakat Malaysia Singapore lagu2 Metallica takde hal.

So whether you're going this Wednesday?(which I'm not, anyway a vote was held and the voting goes to Barcelona!! hahahaaha) or Saturday? or both, enjoy..

Ni malam, Linkin Park bukit jalil kan?
Mahal giler la tiket...Cam Metallica KL jugak.
So terus kensel je la aku cakap, aku gi kerja, carik chance ot, lagi best. tunggu lain kali sapa tu lima ekor tengah top tu? one direction? hah.. murah kot tiket dorang nanti.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Raya bersama Barcelona FC

ok, raya kedua raya ketiga.
Training session raya kedua.
Senang je kan Bukit Jalil naik lrt.

Malaysia XI prektis dulu, then Barcelona.
Peminat2 semua recce letak goal post kat tengah padang tu. Mengadap ke mana.
Boleh nampak MASS MIGRATION semua pindah tempat duduk beribu2 penonton. Kelakar abis.

- warm up,
- bagi Tiga group. Golkeeper tiga orang prektis sendiri, lain bahagi dua group main bola monyet.
- lepas tu bagi dua group lagik. Prektis shooting satu group, belah sana tactical sikit kot.
- Then bagi tiga, warna bib merah, kuning, hijau. Messi sorang warna bib biru.
Main 7 aside, sapa kena gol, keluar. Messi main semua gitu tapi dia banyak tukang spread bola dari bawah.
Then abis.
Padang memang boleh nampak ada patches gitu. Tak nampak la muka satu2 jauh kan, so tak tahu rupanya Barcelona memang dah concern pasal kualiti padang sebelum pun dorang mula training.
Abis, takde la pergi dekat2 ngan peminat semua, dari jauh je.
kat youtube channel aku aku ada taruk la 2minit clip dorang main, tiga gol, cammana prektis dorang...boleh la enjoyable tengok dorang.

Paling best malam tu, 
ADA DUA PEMINAT start dulu, satu panjat tapi dia tak pegi kutip bola Neymar tendang tapi tak sampai kat peminat.
Dia lari je peluk Neymar punya lama dia peluk Neymar, Respect giler, dia ngan backpack lagik, dapat lepas tu longkang parit security pit bukit jalil tu.
Member dia pun lepas tapi member dia ambik bola Neymar tendang tu.
So ada huru hara sikit la tu jam... pasal dah ada loophole kan cammana nak cross over parit keselamatan tu kan
Cuma satu kulit hitam ni, dia cedera...kesian. Mula2 ingat kaki patah, dia salah landing,

 tapi rasanya salah urat je kot, tak pun terkehel. Tapi dia selamat keluar, medic attend kat dia.

Hari game, pagi2 aku masuk porum, hah kau, apsal ada sesi kutuk mengutuk ni? kan raya. haha.
La...biawak komodo betul. Game tukar Shah Alam Stadium.
Bingit sey, so kena keluar awal la kan, naik komuter gi sana.
Siap google " how to go to shah alam stadium by public transport?", tak puas hati, google melayu " cammana nak pergi naik pengangkutan awam? " haha. Aku tak biasa naik komuter ktm kan.

So, berhenti stesen Batu Tiga ok? dan menapak la korang lenggang kangkong 30minit la kot, ok la cuma ada naik jembatan, dan korang kena redah sikit jalan besar. Petang tu, sampai awal, teksi 15RM ok, lambat aku dengar dah naik 30RM.
Balik paling lawak, separuh jalan tanya apek tu berapa? dia cakap 40RM. bayangkan separuh jalan dah.
Orang carik kesempatan carik makan lebih.. aku komen satu je la " you can shove that money up your ass je ". Tapi ramai2 la orang2 guna publik transport kejar komuter last train so nasib baik sempat la.
kita dah beli pergi balik nye tiket, tapi rasanya ramai jugak la lompat pagar haha.

so ok la, pandai2 la korang nak intersection ngan rail sistem lain dalam kawasan kl. Sentral sibuk kan? so avoid la, basically semua pun turun sentral, so korang turun tempat lain la.... Sogo tu alrite la.
Tapi by that time, semua rel lain pun dah abis. Tapi at least sampai balik kawasan kl la kan, kalo tak tido tepi jalan la kat shah alam haha.

ok, game, alrite la.... Aku suka Malaysia nye right back. Yang player tahun lepas Arsene Wenger puji yang kasi Jenkinson lengit tu, masuk reserve je 2nd half.

Fabregas ada, Song masuk reserve, puaka Fabregas injured. Messi tak main terus. Dia dah kena main ngan padang bukit jalil semalamnya.

- rasanya fans arsenal ramai masih rindu Fabregas, sila lihat contoh banner. Definitely much effort had been made to create and bring along this.

- game start terus, takde hegeh2..... so takde la booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. haha.
- messi 2nd half tu laungan untuk dia memang bergema la.
- scorebod masa Barcelona second gol, is taruk Malayia XI 2 Barca 1, tapi dibetulkan.

- Barcelona tak buat pusingan satu stadium lepas game, dan tak applause pun peminat seluruh stadium walau tengah padangke hapa ke.
Which is fuckin dissapointing especially for their younger fans.

This is so completely different from the way Arsenal treat their fans, especially during the training sesssion siap kasi souvenir, tak cukup gi ambik lagi, Arsene Wenger siap diri tengah padang kasi speech lagi kat peminat.

Barcelona, I think lack class or maybe the stadium's field quality issue really pissed them off.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

cerita gerai lemang di pagi raya

FC Barcelona. Paling last sekali kena boo!!! haha.
Cam puaka kan last minute tukar stadium.Nasib baik perasan, kalau tak...
Dah bagus semalam horray2 kat Bukit Jalil, nari gi tukar gi Stadium Shah Alam.
Kelam kelibut tadi tukar2 gi naik komuter.. Leceh memang leceh, tapi ok la.

Nanti aku cerita apa jadi FC Barcelona.

Ni aku nak cerita pasal pagi raya...sesuatu yang aku nampak, yang pada aku menunjukkan The True Spirit Of Raya, especially untuk kita yang hidup di masyarakat majmuk.

Ada satu gerai jual lemang ni, sampai nak kena "order". Pagi raya, lepas sembahyang hari raya, memang sepanjang jalan tu ada jugak gerai2 lain bakar dan jual lemang tepi jalan, tapi gerai ni tak, dia dah siap dah bakar semua, yang datang ambik semua orang yang dah order.
Rasa nya gerai ni terbaik.
Lemang dia macam iklan roti Gardenia. Lemang dia - So Good You Can Even Eat It On Its Own nye lemang.
So ada orang bangsa Cina ni pun datang ambik, dia order 5 batang, so then ada datang orang ni dia nak beli 2 batang, tapi tak boleh kan? Pasal gerai tu dah tak buat dah, dia cuma simpan pesanan orang je.
Tapi orang ni tak berganjak la, cam dia tunggu ngan penuh harapan.
Aku heran, eh kan ada gerai lain banyak? Apsal nak gerai ni jugak, tapi ialah la sedap kot.

So pegerai tu cakap datang 5 petang, rasanya 5 petang nanti dorang start buat lemang baru,
tapi orang tu cakap tak boleh dia dah nak balik Sarawak. Jauh tu kan, konfem nak naik flight semua.

So Cina tu, willingly, kasi dia punya 5 batang tu kan, dia kasi dua kat orang tu.
Cina tu agree to datang lagi petang, ambik lagi 2. Padahal dia dah order, dan dia punya dah siap dah pagi raya tu.

Mungkin ada pendapat, ni cerita cam, takde benda, mungkin ada cakap apa2 je la.
Tapi pada aku, ni ialah sesuatu yang capture apa tu suasana hari raya dalam kehidupan berbilang kaum.

apa pun, FABREGAS INJURED!!!!!! MESSI TAK MAIN LANGSUNG!!!! Semalam dah kena makan ngan padang Bukit Jalil la tu, dah la dia satu2 nye pemain yang tak berhenti rehat masa 7 a side, dia main tiap2 game tukar2 tiga team tu, dia pakai bib warna lain special.
BARCELONA SOMBONG NAK MAMPOS hahah!!! dua2 hari tak pergi kat fans lepas training dan lepas game........

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

FC BARCE"hari raya"LONA

(If there is a soundtrack for this post, then its Van Halen's "I cant stop loving you".)

First reason I thought of that song and humming it while typing this post is that, ya I know its Hari Raya, but just like the first line of this song " There's a time and place for everything, for everyone".. So got to try to make it for FC BARCELONA , need  to find the time to go Bukit Jalil Stadium on this Saturday night, and ooohh training session on Friday too.
Secondly yap, the chorus, its for ex- EL CAPTAIN Fabregas, and Song. Never forgetten them, especially Fab4.

So its a rare chance to see Barcelona plays live. 

To see close-ups of Messi, Neymar, Valdes, Alves, Pique, Xavi, Iniesta, Song, Fabregas etc etc etc basically the whole team.
I am not really a fan of this club, but I think they play the best and most entertaining football besides ARSENAL FC. The only difference is Barca plays well and win trophies. HAHAHAHA!! ( thats a painful laughter may I add ).

Ooo another thing, check out the stored-value card for travelling on Kuala Lumpur's subway with this design. Fancy.
The usual stored value card is worth about 12RM with a 10RM value, but this fancy design cost 20RM with the same 10RM value.


in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia 
and the Rest Of The World -

Happy Eid Fitr, Aidil Fitri, Hari Raya Puasa, Lebaran, or whatever you called it.


World Peace, Arsene Knows and Up The Irons \m/

Friday, August 2, 2013

suasana tadi dan baju raya... not!

tadi sembahyang jumaat sayu je.. aku sembahyang kat Singapore, Masjid Darul Makmur.
cuaca redup nyaman.. 
sapa datang lambat, yang dah takde tempat kat dalam dah penuh pun kena sembahyang kat luar pun mesti masih rasa selesa ngan cuaca tadi..

start khutbah tu imam / khatib sudah cakap ni Jumaat terakhir untuk Ramadhan ni.
Sedia maklum, tentu ada sebak, ada sedih walau sedikit pun pasal  Ramadhan pergi, pasal tak tahu tahun depan jumpa lagi tak atau tak sempat, dah mati,  dan jugak Ramadhan ni peluang buat benda2 istimewa gitu.

Kalau nak difikirkan tak yah tahun depan, tahun ni nye Ramadhan ntah penuh ntah dapat rasa sampai last ke tak pun kita tak tahu..
Tapi seriously la korang, suasana tadi kan, cam langsung takde hiruk-piruk bunyi2 apa2 la... Senyap je, aman je, sedih je gitu.....atau ni cuma perasaan bermain dalam diri aku je...  Khutbah panjang sey, pasal Lailatul Qadar dan keistimewaan nye.
Betul kan? khutbah ada cakap malam tu nanti bumi ni sempit, pasal ramai malaikat turun... hah.

Selalu gi semayang jemaat cam...chop chop, ngiong ngiong, abis blah.
Tapi tadi, ntah eh, aku rasa lain sikit. Perasan aku je la kot.

A bit of eye-candy intermission...

ok ok.... baju hari raya.....NOT!. hehehehhehe.



Raya pertama, raya kedua , raya ketiga..... NOT!! haha.



tapi kalau kena jeling.\.

kita tukar yang melayu...

Sopan sikit....

Ni exklusif kot? haha...  Wings Rockestra nye tshirt rasanye pasal beli awal harga tiket masih lebih sikit tu jam.
Terimakaseh la kat saudara yang menghantar ni. Buat susah saudara je , dan saudara2 lain yang terlibat sama. Nanti kalau jumpa mana2 nanti aku ingat aku akan cakap la " thank you".
Aku baru teringat tadi nak sms Zan cakap aku dah dapat haha.


ok enough eye candy,

to all Muslims everywhere,

have a Meaningful last week of Ramadhan before the arrival of Aidil Fitri.

May all your prayers, your amal, and good and charitable deeds big and small, hidden or exposed in public, be accepted by God.
And may Allah protect and bless you and your love ones, alive or already passed away, here and here after. Amin.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

lailatul qadar dan aku, saya, gua, (despicable) me, i, myself

Ni post bukan untuk semua orang...

masa budak2 dulu, zaman sekolah, masa berkumpul ramai2 pagi2, nanti kita suka tunjuk2 langit, then main teka2 gitu " hah, kan? semalam lailatul qadar, ko tengok cuaca", atau "ahh semalam bukan lailatul qadar, ko tengok cuaca hari ni cam hari2 biasa je".
Main teka2  bila Lailatul Qadar hanya ngan menengok keadaan cuaca besok paginya. Then banding2 sapa gi sembahyang terawih semalam tu dan sapa tak?
Kira sapa gi terawih malam sebelumnya cam dah rasa diri geng baik la gitu haha, sapa tak gi lak dah rasa diri cam setan. Padahal kalau gi sembahyang terawih pun main je lagi banyak dari join orang sembahyang pun, tapi tu la budak2.
tapi tu dulu,  masa gini,
Setiap kali 10 malam terakhir Ramadhan, Aku macam " clutching or grasping at straws " gitu. makna ni sikit lebih kurang ialah " to depend on something that is useless; to make a futile attempt at something.",

Aku jadi desperate.

Aku tahu betapa besarnya nilai Lailatul Qadar, aku berangan kalau aku dapat lailatul qadar, dan cun2 tepat waktu tu aku pulak tengah doakan semua love ones aku , orang2 yang aku sayang, dan pahala tu betul2 nabshot love ones aku semua dapat, betapa untungnya mereka. Pasal aku ni takdebenda nya orang, ni je benda2 kecik aku boleh buat untuk dorang, dunia dan akhirat.

Tapi aku tahu ngan perangai aku cam gini, jangan harap lah.

Tapi aku tahu, ibadah tu berbagai cara, carik rezeki walau waktu malam pun ibadah dan aku
 jugak tahu Allah suka orang yang permudahkan kehidupan orang lain.
Aku harap aku bukan berbual champion, sebab tu aku dah cakap kat mula2 atas, ni post bukan untuk semua orang, ni post lebih kepada orang macam aku, orang2 yang "clutching grasping at straws", aku cuma nak bilang masih ada harapan..

there is still hope, selagi nyawa dikandung badan.

Aku tahu bukan saja kat rumah, tapi kat masjid2 seluruh malam  pun berbagai aktiviti dijalankan sempena 10 malam terakhir ni, qiyam kul 2 pagi all that. Syiar Islam masih hidup dan ngan teknologi
mass media zaman ni, mudah kita nak tahu program2 ibadah walau 2.45 pagi dimana dan dibawah bimbingan ustaz sapa. Betul2 teknologi zaman ni is so canggih, sapa nak carik agama, mudah giler sama ngan sama nak carik pasal, pun mudah giler jugak.

Apa pun, I hope one day, I'll be there (carik agama, bukan carik pasal ok. [muahahaha!!!- ikut style gelak ketawa jin]).

So, kalau nampak paip tak tutup betul, masih ada air menitis, sila tutup ngan lagi ketat.
nampak kulit pisang kat lantai, sila alihkan sebelum orang tergelincir,
Kalau nampak sapa2 tadah tangan, sila beri apa korang termampu walhal duit siling pun.
Ntah2 yang datang approach kita tu Malaikat in disguise, pasal nak uji kita malam lailatul qadar. You never know.

So there is still hope.