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Dragonforce " live " review - 20th May 2007

" You say the F word, You're going to JAIL, dude "
Sam cakap kat ZP masa show tu, biasak la, mesti dorang dah kena briefing pasal law & order kan? hehehe.
" Come on lets hear it for Vadim on f****** Keyboards!!"
" Did I say f***? Oppsss "

Herman Li to himself hehehe.

" Watch out for the f****** barrier man "
" I agree I've been told dude "

ZP lak tercakap hehehe.

On stage banter dorang best giler. Drummer je low profile, lain semua kecoh.
Anyway, report wa.

Dragonforce " Inhuman Rampage World Tour 2007 "
Sunday May 20th 2007
Downtown East D'Marquee, Singapore

Tiket taruk time kul 7pm, tapi biasa ek, aku masuk pun lambat kul 7.50pm. Q panjang giler. Q hardcore fans DF, kul 6 dah macam gini, kat belakang tu dah U-Turn woo Q dia.

Ramai rupanye fans DF, selalu cam gini la, bila ada benda2 gig gini baru aku tahu kat sini ada market untuk bands/lagu2 jenis gini, cuma normal days, kita tak perasan.

That guy wearing the X Japan tshirt got taste ye.
Dragonforce & X Japan - Match made in South Of Heaven hehehe.
Anyway, Security best, tanya pasal nampak aku bawak bag, bring camera? No sir!!. Memang wa tak bootleg video pun hehe.
Dah tu tunggu DF, salah satu lagu main kat speakers ialah Different World - Maiden, ada taste la.
Then kul 8.15 gitu terus lampu padam, and lagu Slayer " Raining Blood " start, ni memang intro DF la.
Then its showtime.

Setlist dia -
Intro - "Raining Blood" Slayer
1. Revolution Deathsquad
2. Fury Of The Storm
3. Operation Ground And Pound
4. Black Fire
5. Trail Of Broken Hearts
6. Vadim Solo
7. Soldiers Of The Wasteland
8. Storming The Burning Fields
9. My Spirit Will Go On
Encore - Bass / Jokes
10. Through The Fire And Flames
11. Valley Of The Damned

Total time 98mins hehehe.

I want to say I am dissapointed because they didn't play Black Winter Night. Sob. I was waiting for it the whole night. That song was played for the Australian / NZ tour just before coming here. Anyway, we did get Black Fire.

The show has this unusual sound, because maybe the sound man/mixing desk is way back. The band also seems to have problems for the first few songs, with lots of signallings done to the crew to solve the sound problem. ZP the singer did even said that since there were barricade problems at the front of the stage with eager fans pushing forward, DF wants to do some soundchecks while the security was handling the fencing issue.

Seems once in a while, ZP needs to take a breather during the solo breaks and he will go to Herman's side to rest.

Like I said earlier, the banter among the band members especially between Sam Totman ( guitar ) and ZP was marvellous. Seems they really enjoy being on stage. Although one negative thing for me is that with the show having no age restriction, some of the language use may not be so appropriate to the youngsters in the crowd. Anyway, the other side of the coin tells me that Heavy Rock/Metal fans are the greatest and the best, and should have no problem filtering the influences and able to accomodate that in different environments. ewah! hehehe.

Layan Herman Li. Pasal dia diri stage bahagian sebelah aku, so banyak la gambo dia hehehe.

I did snap a number of photos when the security guys were not near, the ones on this blog are the less ugly ones hehe. To get near to stage and see the action, I have to go a bit to the wings, its impossible to be at center of the stage, its so packed, dozens of human layers deep and with lots of body movements.

Layan Sam Totman lak.

I am not a huge fan of Dragonforce actually, I discovered and check them out when I realised Iron Maiden choose them as openers some years back, and I thought they must be good to be chosen by Maiden. Although I have all their albums, and enjoy their songs but they dont make me go all out to memorise all the lyrics etc, but seeing them, I think my favourite members must be Sam Totman and the bassist Fred Leclercq.
I think I should check out this band more after this heheehe.

Trail Of Broken Hearts, the slow song for the evening. ZP has this cool old fashioned microphone for him to use on this song.

ZP said " I want to see all Singapore smokers light up their lighters "
Sorry dude, cant participate on that ekekeke.

Anyway, during Operation Ground And Pound, the band do criticise the fans for not knowing all the words LOL!. " Terrible " was one of the comments by them. But I do think they are pleasantly surprised at the response to the gig. DF is unknown here and its nice to see they actually have a following. I have seen the Indonesian Senayan photos of the DF show on Saturday, and that one had awesome response. Indonesians have good taste in music I guess.

Occasionally Vadim ( reminds me of AC/DC style of dressing ) will roam around while leaving his keyboard stands behind.
His keyboards solo begins with the Theme from Godfather, and do include snippets of the Simpsons ( just like that Dream Theater guy ).

Fred. Sometimes I got lucky, I like this photo a lot. ( go inside basket and carry myself, snigger ).

Fred with the Steve Harris stance, & nearer to camera, ZP drenching the crowd with bottled water, and he did throw the water bottles to the crowd, caps removed first, of course.
( Sapa ingat YANTZEN masa reunion Rusty Blade kat tempat sama 2002?? Yang dia lempar botol mineral water, belum bukak tudung, lepas tu satu mamat tengah khayal cakap kat henpon, kena kat kepala? rabak siak Yantzen!!! tapi memang kelakar ah, once kita smua yang diri situ realise mamat tu is ok!!

Herman Li ( further away from Vadim ), doing his licking hehehe. Panjang giler sey rambut Herman Li, sampai kat pinggang dah rambut dia. Macam mana sey dia basuh...
Dekni ni Hong Kong nye orang tau asal dia.

For Trivia lovers or completionist ( does this word exist? LOL! ), after Fred played his bass melodies and the band returned for the encore, Herman was like still in the gents, and seems the joke was he was locked in the toilet, but Fred took over Herman's guitar and start to play on it, and act out Herman's style. I didnt have any nice pix of it, just the one below, but for me its a stand out KODAK moment ( similar to when Deep Purple played here some time back and Roger Glover and Steve Morse exchange their instruments on one of the songs ).

More pics from the rest of the show..

Fred again

ZP again

finishing soon..

finishing very soon...( Mr Clairvoyant Records guy, please bring in Helloween next, I know Iron Maiden is impossible )

near the finishing line already..

The End. A great show. The ticket is reasoanably priced ( the advantage of being an early bird ticket buyer ). Air-con environment, and I like D'Marquee for its great airconditioning, free standing and getting so close to stage.
Last but not least, the view from the rear after the show.
Kalo diri sini, tak nampak la, jauh sangat, so kena menyelit gi depan jugak, tapi koner la.

p.s - Tour Shirt dia satu je, abis tu muka Dragonforce nye orang, leceh ah pakai tshirt ada muka orang, so aku tak beli...mahal jugak $30. Tapi belakang dia ada tour dates la. Style belakang dia. Indonesia nye gig tshirt lawa, aku nengok gambar kat internet.

p.p.s - Everytime aku gi Downtown East, asyik tukar2 je, atau aku yang jarang amat pegi sana. Yang melayu2 nye stalls makanan halal renovate dah grand ek, aku beli roti john, banyak jugak la $3 lepas show makan ngan kawan2. Ok la kenyang..

Next show apa ek? siot wa dah tua, nak kena reduce hiburan...reduce....!! eekekeke.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pergas @ Jalan Damai & sejarah kawasan waktu itu

Note: 29 August 2013 - It's been like 6 years ago that I did this post, 
I am so embarassed that its hard to even read back what I type. But I'll still leave the text originally like this. Forgive me, this was me 6 years ago (still no change though). I read the comment from the  Pergas staff, so I though it would be nice if I repost back all the photos from the record book (RIGHT AT END). Unfortunately, I have lost the Pergas newsletter from the early 80s, now that is a RARE item, and I have lost sticker "hari bendera" Pergas of that time. 
Bring back memories isnt it? And I was kind of reflecting, kids nowadays dont have all these enjoyment. I enter Pergas as a small kid, and bang! I got to study all these deep religious subjects as a small kid, without missing a beat on secular school. And still got lots of time to play and play and play all day and night. Like I say, the words stay back after school, homework, or tuition dont exist then.
Anyway, Playfair Primary School was at Paya Lebar, I cant recall exact plot of land.
The school also kind of look like Geylang Primary School Lor 12, so you guys can imagine the vast land that Pergas used to have back at Kaki Bukit and even Playfair. 
Lastly typing this, I kind of remember all the guru-guru agama that teach me then at Pergas. I doa for them now, semoga mereka selamat di dunia dan akhirat. I'll never forget them both the nice ones and the garang ones. They shaped me for the better.
"tumpukan perhatian kamu terhadap pelajaran semasa belajar. Jangan banyak berbual dan bermain" 
- and I can still read jawi!!!

Tadi Sekolah Jalan Daud, ni next blog aku nak cerita pasal Pergas, korang mungkin familiar ngan Pergas ni, ngan aktiviti2 dorang for all ages especially adults zaman ni, with their classrooms and all that sebelah Masjid Kassim. Tapi let me bring you back long ago, when at one time, Pergas have their own super huge school, on a super huge land kat Kaki Bukit. Yes, Pergas satu masa dulu bergerak dari bangunan2 satu tingkat yang huge dekat kaki bukit ngan keliling smua rumah2 kampung, tak besar cam Sekolah Geylang depan lorong 12 tu siap ngan padang bola besar gile, but something like that, so you all have the idea la ye. They have their own canteen, dewan besar, and also siap ada family staying there to operate the canteen and also maintain the place. Also, since its kat bawah bukit gitu, ada sumber air mata air kat hujung one spot coming out dari anak bukit tu.

Tempat nye no 25 Jalan Damai, Singapura 14. It was so long back, masih guna nombor poskod bukan 6, bukan 4 , tapi 2 nombor je hehehe.

in jawi - buku kenyataan murid yours truly ekekekeke

Pergas ni ialah tempat wa belajar sekolah agama lak, kalo sebelum ni wa ceta pasal Sekolah Jalan Daud kan?
So ni kira zaman tu, sekolah secular half day, balik rumah kejap then gi sekolah agama, or vice versa nengok morning or afternoon session la.
Reminder, zaman tu takde extra class ke, takde homework ke, takde additional activities apa2 yang consume budak2 nye time. So basically we have all the time in the world.
Untuk gi Pergas ni, aku kecik2 lagi dah kena pandai naik bas la sorang2, dari mana aku tinggal, naik no 50 ke 53, tak salah aku tu jam 53 pun dah cease to function la near the end.

This post pada aku juga pun, ntah eh, mungkin bleh fill the gaps, fill the voids tentang informasi pasal zaman tu, zaman orang Melayu have their own huge kampungs and districts.
Aku sekolah kat Pergas waktu akhir2 zaman kegemilangan dan seterusnye pemindahan orang2 Melayu dari kampung batak, kaki bukit dan seluruh kawasan besar giler tu, so actually from the photos of buku rekod Pergas aku, korang bleh nampak sendiri, jumlah orang2 melayu semakin pupus dari kawasan tu pasal ikut peredaran zaman, smua pindah flat.

cek out 1979 bilangan murid is like a normal school rite? It was thriving at that time.
In fact in 1980 , bilangan murid untuk kelas aku was even more sampai 47 orang ( sorry aku tak snap foto ).

Tu jam, korang naik bas gi kampung melayu Jalan Eunos/ kaki bukit kan? Bila sampai Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu ( the original one, not the Bedok Reservoir one ), nanti bas no 51 akan jalan straight masuk Jalan Eunos abis atas sekali, tapi bas no 50 ngan bas no 53, belok kanan, turun tu gaung.
Ah once sampai bawah je kan, ada simpang tiga, yang ke kanan tu la Jalan Damai. Ada la kot korang tanya orang2 tua, atau generasi aku ke atas, mesti ingat la ni tempat semua, now semua gone with the wind.

Wa gi Bedok Reservoir skarang, wa lost siak. Belok Jalan Tenaga tu kan, tu je yang remain the same, lepas tu dah nak masuk kawasan kedai2 deret doktor Klinik Maju, ah terus hancur wa dah tak kenal. ( yep, kalo korang nak tahu, doktor Klinik Maju yang operational kat pasar Geylang Serai pun asal dari Kampung Melayu Jalan Eunos jugak, wa kena sunat kat situ pun sebelum dorang kena pindah gi Geylang pasal kampung smua nak kena roboh, tu jam wa sunat dah kira advance teknology dah ekekeke ).

1983, cek out the nombor of students. Yang Hadith nye subjek wa dapat zero tu smua, nanti la wa ceta kejap lagi.

Apa aku ingat, 1982 ialah tahun dimana pemindahan ramai2 berlaku untuk most people.
Tak silap aku, yang pindah Hougang gi dulu ekeke. Tu jam dah memang asal sana, so memang aku spend many years kat kampung melayu jalan eunos & kaki bukit , gi jalan sudin la, jalan pagak la, jalan ambo soloh la, jalan tu jalan ni, dan wa dulu tinggal jalan **** hehehe. Siot wa cakap kat satu old timer ni, dia cakap kampung aku dulu pontianak banyak, memang pun aku kecik2 slalu dengar mulut orang hehe. Tapi tu smua next time stories ye.

Yang ke Bedok Tampines, tu jam, mati hidup balik, ramai orang tak tahu apa dan dimana tu Tampines, untuk kasi clear instruction, kena sebut Bedok Tampines, dan skarang, Tampines is one of the best locations dah kat Spore, dan mahal giler harga flat dorang ekekeke. Dulu, aku was like, giler tu tempat kat hutan mana sey. Ni wa kena acknowledge, gavemen memang terror dan ada plan masa depan.

So back to zaman aku Pergas

dulu, a classic example of diri aku.
Perangai dahsyat giler betul zaman tu rekod aku masa 1982 wakakaka. Siot, Hadis dapat 0, Lurah dapat 2/50, Tajwid 2/50, Quran 10/50, Ahklak pun wa bleh fail 13/50 wakakakaa. Siot wa memang problem child la.

Ni lak dia punye laporan, siot boleh Ustazah aku cakap " Jangan Banyak Berbual Dan Bermain " .. Sorry Ustazah, i am still the same till now ekekeke.
Aku fail siak that year, cek it out, aku punye kedatangan , " sederhana ", banyak ke aku ponteng? or pegi tapi tak masuk kelas? ekekeke.
Tapi kecoh, tak bleh accept, kelakuan aku " sederhana " aje, sorry Ustazah.

Tu jam, tak cam sekarang, cikgu/ustazah marah sikit, parents nak sue kat mahkamah, siap report polis report sokkabar..tu jam setakat diri atas meja, kena sebat ngan ruler kat backside, smua normal la, ketuk ketampi ni smua tapi it makes me a better person.
Aku kena tulis nama aku full name jawi, 100 kali pasal aku tulis salah masa ustazah aku panggil aku gi papan hitam, its an old fashion punishment, tapi sampai skarang, aku rasa that punishment buat aku tahu tulis nama aku jawi sampai bila2 tak lupa.

Semoga Allah je eh bleh balas jasa2 Ustazah2 yang makan hati ajar aku kat Pergas ni. Amin.

Anyway, zaman tu pun punye their own negative sides la, korang pun kot tahu, zaman dulu orang melayu Spore masih expose to drug abuse la apa la.
So basically aku still remember, kat Pergas nye toilet massa aku kecik2 la aku nengok what is steam gam and how to do it. Its not aku buat, tapi ye la, part of growing up aku belajar different kids ada different pengaruh ye tak.
Disclaimer - jangan pikir bukan2 pasal zaman tu or just because its sekolah agama, pasal zaman tu budak2 nakal is like nakal tapi tak la mencurik or kaki pukul or samseng cam skarang, is just that gitu la zaman budak2 dulu kan.

At end of 1983, its time up for Pergas and kampung melayu jalan eunos/kaki bukit and Pergas shifted to Playfair. So aku pun pegi Playfair, tapi tu jam belum ada kelas lagi kot, then thats it la hubungan aku ngan Pergas hehehe. Tapi sampai skarang aku lalu mesjid kassim, aku mesti ingat Pergas, the place aku grow up dan belajar dan buat kawan.

Ooo another thing, bila tahun bila ntah, instead of 5 day week, Pergas convert to 3 day week, senin, rabu, jemaat pasal tu jam, ramai pelajar dah keluar dari kampung, so its a bit difficult kalo datang tiap2 hari.

p.s - ntah aku sampai skarang, aku masih kadang2 mimpi2 seram, dan salah satu mimpi aku masih ada sampai skarang is aku sorang2 kat Jalan Damai tu, waktu malam, takde orang lain, dan aku kena kejar ngan dont know what, and i have to run along that Jalan Damai, until i wake up. Its a long stretch of straight road hehehe.

Thats about it, nak siap2 gi nengok Dragonforce ekekeke, balik nanti buat repot ek.

OK THESE ARE THE PHOTOS UPDATED 29 August 2013. Back then 6 years ago I was using imageshack which kind of dissapear now.

(Sekolah) Jalan Daud School

dulu kan bila aku buat ni blog, aku memang ingat nak buat a bit cam those reflective2 or kenang2 gitu pasal benda2 lepas dan share things yang maybe bermakna bukan untuk aku je tapi mungkin orang lain especially years to come bila dorang do search kat internet. So, sambil warm up dengar2 Dragonforce untuk gig dorang besok, aku snap gambar school badge sekolah rendah aku.

Aku masih simpan sey badge Sekolah Jalan Daud. Ni sekolah officially pupus tahun 1983. Yang sebelah tu ialah keychain souvenir bila sekolah ni dah takde lagi, so korang kira la 1956 ke 1983, berapa ribu eh budak2 sekolah sini? tapi aku search kat internet, ada jumpa satu je website sebut pasal budak2 sekolah jalan daud ni hehe.

Sekolah ni kalo korang nak tahu, skarang Eunos Primary kan, ala kat Eunos Crescent nye belakang tu, sebelah PIE tu, padang sekolah tu la sekolah ni nye tapak..
Tu jam betul2 belakang blok 17 ke hapa tu, sekolah Jalan Eunos, kat tengah is padang bola. Jalan Eunos kira upclass sikit la, Jalan Daud kira slack sikit. Maklum, majoriti melayu, aku pun dulu ingat apsal aku tak masuk sekolah rendah Kaki Bukit eh? hehehe. Tu jam, sekolah rendah Kaki Bukit, cam smua melayu je hahaha. " Sama2 maju ke hadapan ".

Tu jam kan, aku darjah satu, darjah dua..masih ingat, cam sekolah melayu la, semua Melayu.. Tu jam takde cam sekarang integration multi racial, cuma masa aku primary 3 onwards baru la ada kawan2 cina, tu pun bila Jalan Eunos School roboh, budak2 dorang kena join Jalan Daud.
Uniform is the baju putih, seluar the kaler hijau.

Sekolah ni is just tiga tingkat, satu deret, zaman dulu nye sekolah2 banyak cam gini, one corner smua toilets, lepas tu tingkat satu ada la kantin. Tu jam is like air 5 sen, karipap tiga segi tu kan? korang bleh beli 10sen, 15sen, 20sen, 30sen full piece, no worries, pakcik potong kecik2 ikut budget korang.
Ada dentist nye pondok gitu, aku suka la, tiap2 kali ada nurse panggil aku gi cek gigi aku tampal2 besi hehe.
Tu jam golden years la...tak cam budak2 sekarang, kesian nengok dorang, ntah seumur pernah main kejar2 ke, sembunyik2 ke, silap2 tak pernah dengar pun.
Sekolah means half day, setengah hari aje, pagi or petang.
Takde homework, aku rasa waktu aku tu jam, perkataan Homework ni tak wujud lagi, publisher Oxford Dictionary pun tak pernah dengar ni word kot tu jam hehehe. Best woo, gi sekolah ngan happy2 pasal takde pressure.
Make lots of frens and betul2 joy la, zaman tu ialah cam kata kalo teacher risau apsal ada satu pelajar kita tak datang sekolah, nanti tanya sapa tau rumah kat mana, nanti kalo satu jawab " saya tahu, dia tinggal Jalan Silat Gayung ", then teacher kasi permission kawan tu satu tinggalkan kelas gi rumah kawan lagi satu tu gi cek apsal tak datang sekolah, tu jam is like pure la, bersih suci zaman tu.
Tu jam, aku masih sempat rasa nengok budak2 kelas Basic, tu jam this is like primary 8 mono ke, primary 8 extended gitu la, ada lagi kot sistem extended gini skarang?
Lepas basic, nanti terus masuk VITB Skarang dah takde VITB ni smua ek, skarang ITE, bangunan2 sekolah cam university siot, glamer abis budak2 skarang, tekejut aku nengok Bedok ITE wakakaa. Waktu tu kan, aku gi sekolah, bawak beg kotak briefcase gitu, korang ingat tak, beg2 zaman dulu gitu...ingat2 balik, selenger abis sey.

A school treat is like kalo national day ke hapa kan, nanti kita nengok pilem black n white, pakai projector wakakaka. Siot dah tua siak aku ingat balik zaman tu.
Games no problem, main bola hentam paling favorite, balik rumah, uniform putih ada tompok2 bola smua kat belakang ekekee. Then main bola kat court simen, ( tu jam zaman sepaktakraw is like important sport la , selain dari bolasepak ), kalo takde kawan bawak bola, kita pakai buah apa ntah, ada sort of obscene name given to this buah la tu jam, dah lupa lak the name, tapi it's shaped like a tennis ball, so ok la, main sampai buah tu pecah, then ambik baru hehehe.
Sports day, lari kat padang je, ada la acara2 lempar2 bean bag ke, kalo menang dapat tumbler.

Then sekolah ni kan, tahun 1982 nak kena roboh pasal tu jam nak buat sekolah baru and also belakang sekolah ni tu jam PIE baru naik,
dulu kan, PIE tu takde, UBI Avenue semua takde, smua kampung, blakang tu kampung2 melayu aku tak tahu la jalan taugeh jalan apa ntah, mesjid kat situ pun dah lupa mesjid apa ntah, tapi dah roboh nak roboh dah smua, aku tak tahu pasal tu jam aku bukan campur budak2 dari situ or pegi merayap main2 kat kawasan situ sangat, aku masih ingat waktu aku darjah 3, PIE jembatan tu yang naik atas Eunos Link tu patah dua, aku tak tahu korang smua tahu tak, tapi that jembatan did patah dua, i mean literally break into two parts at the middle and drop to the ground floor. Tu jam masa construction period la hehehe.
So tahun 1982 ni, sekolah ni pindah gi Bedok Reservoir yang Jaya Primary School tu ngan East Coast Primary School tu kan dua tu kan? Sapa2 budak2 bedok reservoir zaman tu tahu la ni dua sekolah, ntah ada ke ntah tidak.
1982-1983 tu jam budak2 sekolah Jalan Daud tumpang sana dua tahun hehehe.
Then lepas tu bila nak return kat original location, siot kena combine ngan some school, telok kurau west ke east ke apa ntah, gitu la , masih ingat masa combine dorang ada up sikit pada mata aku, ( ye la, aku budak sekolah Jalan Daud, scum of the earth punye sekolah, very the takde class la, majoriti melayu lak tu ), so sekolah tu tukar nama jadi Eunos Primary as it is now.
Tapi for whatever reason, kalo orang tanya aku, aku primary sekolah mana, aku mesti jawab, Sekolah Jalan Daud, walau kalo aku nye sijil sekolah primary taruk Eunos Primary, aku nye PSLE cert apa ke benda tu la.

Aku masih ingat tu jam, kita ye la waktu tu mana ada nursery ni semua, aku sekolah makan pun kat Kaki Bukit, ala, yang sekolah PAP tu pakai baju putih, seluar kaler kotak2 merah muda hehehe, masuk primary one baru start belajar ABC.. baru belajar omputeh..
so aku masih tak bleh lupa, teacher aku test la " what is your name? ", " where do you stay? ", senang la, just guna ayat tu balik kan pusing2 bila jawab.
So dia tanya " How do you go to school? " aku nye bodoh , aku jawab " I go to school by walk " hehe, tak bleh lupa siot English aku pecah dari dulu lagi sampai skarang.
Miss Suppiah, ingat lagi sey aku teacher aci ni, dia pakai sari ekekee.
Mintak2 ni blog tak hilang ( kalo aku tak delete ler hik hik hik ), pasal aku tahu , years from now, mesti ada orang cari nama sekolah ni kat search engine, dan mintak2 jumpa ni post, kasi dorang ingat balik ceta lama dorang jugak wakakaka.
Dan aku tahu, ada korang lepas baca ni, mesti gi search engine, carik balik pasal sekolah rendah korang jugak.

Apa2 pun, less than 24hrs from now...

Monday, May 7, 2007

Aquaria KLCC ( part 2 )

k sambung usual nak nengok gambo besar sikit please click.
ni lawa ni, cam jakun aku nengok..

besar tau, anyway, depan yang ni ada bahagian ikan2 gigantic, takde lak gambar nak tunjuk korang.

next few photos were all taken at the main display. Dia cam travellator gitu, lantai bergerak ( tapi of course kat tepi pun ada lantai biasa untuk korang jalan atau stop and admire suasana ), then korang dalam terowong gitu, then keliling korang smua air, macam2 ikan2 berenang sana sini. Aku suka. Anyway, benda ni korang bleh pusing berkali2 korang nak. Aku pusing tiga kali. Tak bedek, bagus woo.

Korang dah nengok Jaws 3? ah yang adegan jaws mengamuk dia pecahkan kaca terowong tu? nak makan orang ramai pengunjung Sea World tu. real ek. Teringat aku ceta tu hehehe.
Tapi paling important ingat, korang merayap la berapa banyak kali pun kat Aquaria ni, tapi jangan naik escalator kat hujung tu sampai korang puas. Ada kot tangga turun balik, tapi tak yah la, korang pusing2 la ulang2 kali dulu sampai puas.

ikan pari kat sini, dahsyat, punye la besar..kira kalo buat payung kan, dua orang la bleh pakai tak kena ujan, kalo slim, tiga orang la bleh pakai hehe.

A school of fish swimming ( aisey bedah, skali2 wa speaking london terpeleot )

dekat tau ikan2 jerung tu berenang, korang bleh nengok gigi dorang clear. Ngeri ek.

pasal transparent semua kan, korang bleh nengok dari bawah shark ni.

cam ceta wayang gitu - Dum Dum.. Dum Dum...Dum Dum Dum Dum. Dum Dum Dum Dum. DumDumDumDumDUMDUMDUMDUMDUMDUM!!! ( lagu jaws )


lupa nak cakap, lepas korang naik escalator bila korang dah puas pusing2 ulang2 kan, kat atas tu ada cam souvenir shop, macam2 souvenir dijual, harga a bit ex tapi cantik2.

ni skali dua ekor sama2...ada shark tu kan kat atas dorang ada ikan lain bertenggek, parasite ke hapa ntah.

k la, thats about all, last kopek, gambo ni, ada satu display tu kan, skali nengok cam display sejenis ikan ni la, tapi nengok lagi skali, rupanya sejenis kumbang air gitu, violent sey, dorang perangkap2 ikan then makan ikan2 sedut2 nutrients ikan2 tu la pasal ikan2 tu sama besar hehehe.

final whistle pun, last home game of the season. Musim yang menghampakan ekekeke.

Anyway, aku nak beli jersey Argentina la, lepas tu kat belakang nak taruk Hangar 18. Dapat idea nengok live video Megadeth baru tu " live in Buenos Aires ". Bagus la, tapi dah jadi more tu Dave Mustaine nye solo show. Tak macam zaman Ellefson, Nick Menza dannnn Marty Friedman.