Wednesday, February 29, 2012

cancellation, sold-outation, and Maiden England World Tour 2012/2013 wishation.

Three things..

I think Foo Fighters cancelling Friday cause some fans to lose out on their hard-earned money spent for flight tickets if they are coming by flight. (I was myself contemplating getting a ticket for the show on the day itself if I got some spare pocket money to spend as I work morning shift that FF show day.)

Its always about getting the very cheapest rates possible and you have no choice but to arrange your trip in advance cause usually the earlier the better for budget flights.

This have not include all the stress especially if you have to risk facing the wrath
of your employer to the extend of losing your jobs in taking leave from work to see your favourite rock band in far away places.

But that is the risk a fan have to take, if they want to travel far distances to see their favourite bands whether once or a few times on that tour.
If Maiden had cancel Australia 2011, I would be like an idiot in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, cursing expletives about the day I become a Maiden fan as a small boy and cause me to suffer financially just for them, ( but at least I got to see Slayer again and Dimmu Borgir.)

Anyway, REMEMBER, Life Responsibities and Priorities must continue without fail, being a rock fan is just a curse haha.

Second part of this self-indulged blog post...

Lady Gaga - Her presale for one night at the Indoor Stadium was crazy enough for the promoters to add a second night.
She got fans indeed - TWO NIGHTS INDOOR STADIUM SOLD OUT IN SIX HOURS once it went on general sale. TWO NIGHTS in 6 hours!!

Roxette - the cheaper seats are completely sold out. I understand there are no standing area for this show. WEIRD, this is the ultimate pop-rock band. I hope I will be there haha, cue begging colleague to mx shift haha

Thirdly and mosttttt full of happiness, yes I envy fans in USA , Canada and worldwide who are going to see this show this year..

So as all the rumours and gossips turn out to be true,
Maiden fans worldwide are aware of the Maiden England Tour being announced, and this year seems it will only be USA and Canada.
How I wish... Really wish...haha but I know I just cannot.. Unless I stumble on QARUN TREASURES.

So the rest of the world will be next year 2013...and I am sure Asia and Oceania will be early 2013.
So.... I dont know, but I think its something like get the umbrella ready before the rain.
So start saving up!!!! especially if you want to backpack to few shows or just want to bring your love ones along to your home show

By the look of things...
as this is going to be a popular history tour with popular songs that everyone knows, it will go to many places.

I guess maybe Dubai will get it, Mumbai...because they completely miss the last tour.
Singapore is highest possibility as usual, Kuala Lumpur - Rod had mentioned KL before, its just a matter of time for Maiden to play KL, Jakarta and Bali - I dont know, Japan definitely and I think if any Maiden fan want to see Maiden in Japan, ( and I read Yokohama venue is fabulous to see Maiden ) then this is the time because I think its the cheapest ever, and of course Australia, I dont know, but I hope so cause its the cheapest and most logistics convenient for people like me to see Maiden in a few places at one go.

This is my dream Maiden England theme 2013 setlist with taking into consideration what Bruce says as 2/3 of Maiden England plus 1/3 something else of Maiden pop tunes that the general public knows.

- Blade Runner Intro
- Caught Somewhere In Time ( with Bruce wearing the lampu kelap kelip costume )

( stage is the complete white frozen SSOASS of 88 )

- Moonchild ( completely live with live intro )
- Evil That Men Do
- Killers

- Prisoner

- Still Life or Where Eagles Dare ( I think Trooper should be rested )
- Can I Play With Madness
- Holy Smoke or Judas Be My Guide ( ok not realistic for JBMG )

- Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
- Afraid To Shoot Strangers ( I think Fear Of The Dark should be rested )

- Run To The Hills
- Iron Maiden

- Number Of The Beast
- Phantom Of The Opera
- Clairvoyant
- Hallowed Be Thy Name

a bit long? but its a dream.

Lastly... I love both Eddie on the horse charging frontal with cannons pointing at him and his cavalry on the their own ways...
I do hope to hear something from Maidencroatia on his book projects.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

bootleg Judas Priest 20/02/2012 Singapore Fort Canning Park

For fun, and purely for my own memories.
But if anyone else is interested, enjoy.

Nice to hear Rob talk about lots of things including Margaret Thatcher, John Lennon's place for British Steel, Singapore Sling etc etc,
Rob's intro vocal gymnastics and Richie Faulkner solo on You've Got Another Coming, starting from about 7:30 min mark is ridiculously awesome once he hit the 8:50 minute mark. WHAT IS THIS SONG?
I think I want to use that portion as my handphone ring tone haha.
To think I was like reminded of Zakk Wylde when I saw him playing with Lauren Harris opening for Maiden before and now he had takeover KK Downing.

anyway its here

I was like having some spare time and do this for fun la.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

review Judas Priest 20 Feb 2012 Singapore Fort Canning Park

Rupanya ada jugak yang lain relaks lenggang kangkong je jalan pelan2 naik bukit ke Taman Fort Canning tu walau Lamb Of God dari jauh dah boleh dengar tengah main..Mungkin cam aku ngan kawan aku la, datang nak tengok Judas Priest aje.
Siap pergi tengok2 jual tshirt, harga $45 gitu beberapa design, tapi takde yang pengsi la. Lagipun aku memang plan tak mau beli pun. Apa pun, Ni ulasan merapu yours truly.

So I got to see a portion of the Lamb Of God opening act,

okay la, better then coming early for Whitesnake and see two Indonesian girls being called on stage to dance along to a dangdut number. Slank or something. well... to each, their own, but I am happy when LOG complete their set..Because at last, I got to see Judas Priest live ( though with no KK Downing ) and another luminary is added to the list of rock bands that played at Fort Canning from Mr Big to Toto to Deep Purple to Helloween to Megadeth among others.

Like I say in a recent blog post, lots of my personal fave songs is not going to be played, but still the setlist is full of Judas Priest more famous and popular songs.

So here is my observations of the small little things that interest me and the proceedings for Judas Priest first and last time in Singapore 20 February 2012 at the open sloping fields of Fort Canning Park.

The intro tape used was Black Sabbath's War Pig, which cuts abrupt into Battle Hymn introduction and RAPID FIRE and METAL GODS is first two songs. The crowd is like maybe hits 5000 at least from my estimate. ( I think there are a lot of Lamb Of God fans still in school who may have problems with the ticket price, furthermore its a Monday and LOG starts playing early, and Foo Fighter is coming next change ahaks. )

Although Rob Halford has a few costume changes the whole night but Glen Tipton wins best dresser hands down. His red pants is so ROCK MAMPOS!.

I am not so into Rapid Fire song but Metal Gods is nice, love the ending Heavy Metal Gods addition in the chorus.I came more to see Rob Halford, Glen Tipton and Ian Hill in action as they are the Priests that I know so of course I am standing more in the right direction.But by 3rd song, I enjoy watching Scott Travis and Richie Faulkner too. For me the sound improves by the 3rd song too.

Now next song is I smiled the widest from ear to ear. HEADING OUT TO THE HIGHWAY. At least one personal favourite is played tonite.

JUDAS RISING is next. Nice live song, even if we dont have Angel song tonight from the same album. Followed by STARBREAKER.
VICTIM OF CHANGES slows things down. Seeing Judas Priest at last live, at least now I know how busy Ian Hill is with his pedals especially near the end of this song. Ian Hill always stay rooted at the same spot but very aggressive. Very the Slayer style haha.

So then Rob Halford talk about Rocka Rolla, talk about taking risk on the album, about the riff coming straight out from Birmingham. The thing is on some of the songs, the background screen displays the album the song is from.So its the song NEVER SATISFIED.

Then the acoustic guitar is set up on the Richie side and Rob starts to talk about California , beautiful lady Joan Baez and their latest interpretation of the song DIAMOND AND RUST. I so like the intro this time and I like Scott Travis entertaining himself on his drum riser on the slow part of this song and of course when it speeeedddd up.

I am not a huge fan of Judas Priest so its a nice surprise to see Rob Halford costume changes thru the whole show.PROPHECY is next with the Nostradamus background, and Rob was wearing some very glittering shiny robe and holding the Judas Priest long fork on one hand.
I never hear this album, I really cant be bothered, but I like this song last night.
Then the screen starts to play some lightning strikes and we get NIGHTCRAWLER.

The next song was funny. TURBO LOVER has all the laser beams, but the background screen shows some gears rotating and some pistons and cylinders in action. So its very sexually related to the song, and some guys near me were like creating action jokes out of it. Very happy atmosphere.

Rob talks about Judas Priest always being a classic heavy metal band even they go thru different phases. And he introduce the next song as a ballad. BEYOND THE REALMS OF DEATH.Super duper fantastic song now that I hear and see it live.

SENTINEL is next with the Derita Bangsa Juara Juara Rock II intro,so at last I see how the GLEN/KK/GLEN/KK/GLEN/KK/BOTH solos live that is always listed on their cassette tapes inlays. Only this time its GLEN RICHIE GLEN RICHIE GLEN RICHIE BOTH with Rob moving from side to side as to the guitarist who solo.
Goosebumps on the " now facing one another.. " part.
I always think Defenders Of The Faith has so much great songs and to have only one representative is a bit letdown for me.

BLOOD RED SKIES follows, very epic very dramatic song. Live with the burning sun on the screen is very nice. Then the the whole stage turns green, and we got GREEN MANALISHI WITH TWO PRONG CROWN or whatever. I always got problem with the title of this song.

Rob says hello to British Steel, and he talks about The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and he says they were there before anybody else.
BREAKING THE LAW is completely 100% instrumental with Rob not singing even a word because he expects the audience to sing. Sorry I dont know the words of the verses I only know when it reach " you dont know whats its like..." part haha.Very very happening moment anyway.
Then Scott Travis starts a drum solo with Rob backstage joining in some OI!! OI!! and I was thinking why waste time with drum solos when they can add another song,then I realise its just a short one and its actually the start of the PAINKILLER song. Oh, okay then haha. I think a lot of people like this song very much.

Then the intro tape of HELLION and the band plays ELECTRIC EYE. Last night lack the ' audience singing the guitar parts melodies ' among the audience which is starting to become the norm among heavy rock bands audience.

Then Rob rides his Harley on stage, with a nice costume and sings HELL BENT FOR LEATHER all the way sitting on his bike. At least he can have a good rest, seems his legs last night is not good? I dont know but age is catching up fast.

Then Rob Halford comes on with the flag of Singapore drapped around his shoulders and he talk about finally they come to play and bla bla bla.

Then the longest most extended Rob and audience sing along chants I ever hear before YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMING. Reminds me of those Freddie Mercury Queen Live at Wembley moments.
I dont know how the gadgets help him with those high screams all through the show but this part shows he still is awesome singer.
This song has a spotlight on Richie solo in the middle. Wasnt it this song that has Richie and Ian Hill both exchanging their instrument while the song is played.
The songs end with the Rob and audience chants again.
I think this is the best version of You Got Another Thing Coming since the live cassettes tapes and cds and bootlegs and Rob's solos.

Then the band bades farewell. But of course its not possible without LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT. Scott Travis takesover the mic to urge the crowd to make loud noises before the start of the song. The song is played with the background of Judas Priest UNITED. Reminds me of a certain football club with all the redness in it.
This song has quite a long audience portion singing of the chorus. Nice happy rock song.

The show ends. Rob came out with his tattos all on display, and seems he got problem walking and he needs the cane. I dont know. He leads the crowd to shout Judas Priest and thats all. Outro tape was " We Are The Champions " by Queen.

Very worth it for the price of the early bird ticket.
I think for the fans of both LOG and Priest , it must be beyond worth it haha.

So at last its nice to see Judas Priest live for the first and last time with their Judas Priest style heavy metal though not the full band that I enjoy growing up but I think the Richie guy brought so much energy with his movements on stage, but its always have to be standing more on the Right Side as its where Glen Tipton and Ian Hill are.
Judas Priest was on stage for like 2 hrs 20 mins.

Friday, February 17, 2012

rock melayu di suratkhabar minggu ini..

aku ni baca suratkhabar selalu nye dah lepas dua tiga hari orang lain dah baca baru aku ambik dan aku baca.
Pada aku tak basi la, basi cuma berita sukan aje kira basi, lain2 topik, berita dunia ke, berita tempatan ke, tak jadi hal baca lambat sikit.

Remember " IQRAK ". and kalo sapa rasa dorang bijak pandai nak tunjuk terror atau nak bodoh2kan kita, ah susah sikit ah.

Anyway, terkejut aku tengok baca berita pasal rock bands melayu kat sokkabar melayu Singapore minggu ni.

So a huge full page full colour latest story and interview with the THREE members of Lovehunters.

As you all know 1st of January last year, Lovehunters did a full house Esplanade Concert Hall THREE hours longs incredible show which was also their farewell.

Ah, kat artikel ni ada sebut pasal dorang main last part semua bukak baju then kat cable tv pergi tunjuk the footage without censors or something haha. Makcik2 bising kot hehe.

Ni Lovehunters ceta ah pasal pompuan2 , tattoos, drinking culture, drugs etc etc masa zaman muda2 dorang or something.
Interesting reading.


Last Minute punye penyanyi lelaki was featured for his new band, Mann Defera.
Aku expect nice Malay rocks songs from this band bila/jika/kalau dorang release dorang nye first cd nanti.
Ala...last minute...lelaki pompuan duet - dari mata tentang mata hati mula bergelora...

Kaset Clash Of The Bands dulu2 tu hehee...

ok next

Yakamashii dapat prominent coverage in colour jugak, tukar nama jadi Sundae untuk dorang nye radio-friendly songs album yang dorang nak release nanti. Seems M Nasir also advise dorang pasal ni or something.
Tapi , apa aku gather the Yakamashii name dorang retain and continue for their heavier rockier music they are known for.

Aku bukan big fan of dorang, tapi ada la pernah tengok dorang main. And of course, its nice to read about Yakamashii going to Indon for some heavy rock shows etc.

last kopek and the most happening news of all tapi ni kat sokkabar omputeh kecik aje,
Tadi sebut Esplanade Concert Hall, tadi sebut M Nasir.

We got Kembara back after 25 years it seems.
Aku rasa ni lineup last kopek Kembara before dorang cease to exist 25 years ago. The five man line up.
Jadi Kembara reunion, 22 April 2012 kat Esplanade. Dah 25 tahun eh? rabak lama tapi rasa kejap, hidup ni cam musafir lepak kejap bawah pokok sebelum dia resume dia punye journey aje.
I think, definitely Kembara nye gig ni going to be sold out surely fast..

Aku siap dah cek rota kerja apa hari tu haha. Giler ah, tapi its Kembara.. and they have great songs that all of us grow up with. I dont even know where to start. ok la, Kembara ni bukan exactly rock melayu la kot haha.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This monday Judas Priest + Lamb Of God, Live in Anaheim soundtrack, etc etc

Lepas baru menengok dua band rock Melayu XPDC dan Search perform nak kat 4 jam, yang aku enjoy..

Senin ni dua band rock omputeh lak main dan kalo ikut jadual 90min + 140 mins = 4 jam jugak la tu.

Lamb Of God - tak pernah dengar betul2 tapi aku kagum tengok dorang punye releases untuk peminat2 dorang, ada pernah aku tengok kat forum Maiden ruang "show offs" tu, fan dorang punye elaborate photo shoot untuk rare releases dorang. Awesome, terutama yang boxset gitar tu punye kandungan. Hebat.

Aku cakap ngan kawan aku ' amacam nak datang awal tengok opening band atau star karatz cam biasa, dia jawab " Lamb Of God?? " ngan cara yang..... So nampaknye tak tengok la haha. Mungkin sikit2 je la ending tu dengar kat luar tembok je la sambil tunggu nak masuk lambat nanti.

Judas Priest - minat jugak dari zaman jahilliah dulu, sampai beli jugak kaset dan cd dorang ( dan solo Rob Halford ) tapi tak pernah tengok live, so ni kalo aku dapat pergi ( walau tiket ada tapi belum konfem lagik ), pertama dan terakhir tengok live dorang, walau tanpa KK Downing ( and to an extent Dave Holland ), dan aku selalu fikir dulu2 tengok inlet kaset2 label CBS dorang yang ori tu, aku selalu fikir KK Downing ni yang paling cool sekali.

Tapi gitaris peganti tu, memang giler la, aku pernah tengok dia main gitar untuk si anak Steve Harris tu bila Lauren Harris opening untuk Iron Maiden, dah aku ingat Zakk Wylde siot haha. Ligat atas stage.

Apa pun ni keratan sokkabar omputeh Singapore yang interview Rob Halford sebelum dorang main kat Taman terbuka dan slopping Fort Canning nanti.

Kesimpulan nya,

takde Desert Plains, takde Freewheel Burning, takde Wild Nights Hot Crazy Days, takde Dreamer Deceiver, takde Out In The Cold, takde Angel, takde Tyrant, takde Jawbreaker, dann takde Rock Hard Ride Free...takde macam2 lagi lagu2 yang personal favourites aku..tapi tu la kalo band lagu banyak yang gerek.

tapi ada blood red skies kot? so ok la. Takde la aku stim kering sangat.
Plus of course lagu2 popular dorang yang konfem dorang akan main ngan satu dua lagu2 album tok nujum latest tu.

ooo aku warm up sikit2 ngan dengar cd2 Rob Halford, yang ini Original Soundtrack to Live in Anaheim.

So sikit2 review, Rob Halford nye live cds memang best giler, mungkin pasal Roy Z produce kot, dan tak bleh imejin la kalo Roy Z (with Adrian Smith ) produce Maiden.
ok memang la tak boleh challenge Live Resurrection, tu double cd memang legend,
tapi aku suk Live in Anaheim sampai beli cd original dia, ialah pasal lagu2 solo Rob Halford kat cd ni ada yang gerek2 versi live yang lagi rock lagik..

We have of course Heretic, Golgotha, even Sun. Plus some Judas Priest old songs like
Never Satisfied and a rousing spectacular Diamonds And Rust which I think for the Singapore show will even have an acoustic start. This song really evolves thru the years.

I think if anyone wants two live cds to enjoy, and they like Judas Priest/Rob Halford style of music, then they should get Live Resurrection and Live in Anaheim cds.

Lastly, while taking the photo of the packaging, I was at the same time ripping some of my Motorhead collection to mp3s to listen to while walking/travelling, and I realise the color similarity of the Live in Anaheim and Inferno.

Both superrrbbbbb anyway. But there is one as superrbb or maybe more than these two...

Whitney Houston, of course.