Wednesday, February 27, 2013

akan datangss / COMING SOONer or later...

Berapa benda nak cakap,

Few old lps that I intend to youtubed and share the lyrics , items I have that I intend to talk cock about, items that I hope to have... etc.etc.

1) Tadi aku bukak tv kejap, tukar2 cenel per, tengok RTM, ada segmen preview filem Rock Ooo Rimba Bara Kembali.
Aku rasa mesti fun dan enjoy cerita ni. Yang cover Hukum Karma nye adegan tu nice.

2) " Aku janganlah engkau godaaaa...lalalala"
Nanti la aku senang2 aku sambung balik upload youtube good malay music yang macam hilang dimakan masa. The Queens, lagi sambungan album2 piring hitam al-Mizan dah Hidayah..
Full songs from albums, not just the top hits yang terjual kat kedai bentuk2 cd kompilasi, sedang banyak lagu2 best hilang gitu je. Kalo ada kat kedai of course la sapa minat pegi beli la, tapi masalah nye takde...what a waste.

3) Thecoming issue of Metal Hammer  will be awesome with the new modern Maiden England artwork gracing the magazine cover... this is the sypnopsis ( boleh?? sypnopsis? aku rembat je )

In Metal Hammer April Issue 242:
They are the greatest band of all time.
They are a British institution.
They are IRON MAIDEN, and they’re coming to getcha this June at Download 2013! (and I so sincerely hope I can be there if all goes to plan)  On the eve of the release of their epic new Maiden England ’88 DVD, we talk to all six members of the finest metal band of them all to reveal some amazing brutal truths about the Seventh Son… era, those history-making Donington and Birmingham NEC ’88 sets, why Maiden’s golden age was very nearly the age that tore them apart and why it all went a bit Spinal Tap. This is about the first Golden Age of Maiden, and some very loud clothing. It's only in the new issue, ladies and gentlemen. SCREAM FOR ME HAMMER READERS!

4) Nanti la senang aku borak2 pasal Powewolf nye cds..

5) Oooo damn, how I wish I can make it for Journey and Deep Purple shows especially...
Especially Deep Purple....about 18 days away...
I love them still haha. and maybe this is the last time for Ian Paice and company?
hope not.

6) Dio's DREAM EVIL DELUXE EDITION IS COMING OUT SOON!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
I cant wait how the sound will be like...but the 2nd cd could be better, but still better than nothing.

Actually still got a lot of things I want to continue talk cock about, but sleeping is better.. ha.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Samarkand Observatory, the Quadrant dan lain2

starblind with sun..the stars are one
take my eyes for what I've seen, I will give my sight to you..
Let it be said, Starblind is a spectacularly jaw dropping, teardrops forming, astounding, unbelievably fullsome in every way new classic. "starfuckinblind indeed!!"

Quadrant ni cam pakcik model ni pegang ni, salah satu kegunaan penting zaman dulu2, masa zaman umat Islam paling bijak paling pandai dalam ilmu sains dan ciptaan alat canggih ialah carik dan tentukan arah kiblat nak sembahyang, selain kedudukan planet bintang di langit dan jugak boleh ukur ketinggian bangunan.
Malas aku nak lak type panjang2... lagi banyak aku merapek meraban, lagi tak game lagi foto2 aku snap dari pameran Sultan Of Science tahun lepas, TAHUN LEPAS ok, kalo jeruk pun agaknye dah expired tak boleh makan dah, yang kat Pusat Sains Singapura..Kalau tapai lagi lah...
tak tahu ni dah episode bahagian ke berapa, dan tak tahu bila aku nak upload semua....

Lagi satu, Samarkand punye Observatory...sorry la aku tak tahu makna melayu dia apa,

"bangunan guna teleskop besar untuk mengkaji dan memerhati cakrawala dan angkasa?" aku main hembus je pun.
Ada satu ayat kat pameran tu cakap... umat Islam, kena solat ikut waktu, kena ada arah kiblat...jadi perlu tahu pasal arah kedudukan planet, bintang, matahari semua, jadi boleh la dirikan solat dan kiblatkan Kaabah Mekah. 

So this is the continuation of DOOM TO NEVER END uploads of the photos I took at Singapore Science Centre during the Sultan Of Science exhibitions, and I upload stuffs on the Quadrant, Armillary Sphere, Celestial Globe, and the Samarkand Observatory.
As usual, all the exhibits are in English so click to enlarged.


Awesome Great song Perfect from start to finish...and..., Eyes Bleeding deep lyrics.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Superman Tonight

I was just making some plans and calculations with hope that I can see Iron Maiden play a few dates in Europe this June.
I think UK and Germany will be very strict, so I guess I cannot explain that I am going to sleep at airports to save cost isnt it??

I was also thinking I got to make full use of this opportunity, althought its going to a short, tight super budget trip which involves a few flights and train trips.
I was searching around for dates by other bands or acts that I like, or at least I have interest in. Maybe its still early but I got to make some plans now, and searching around, I know I just miss out on Kiss and Depeche Mode, I know I can make it for one The Who date, but I keep searching...

Then I saw this.. .

Dave Bryan, Tico Torres, Ritchie Sambora and the handsome guy who writes good songs, good voice, good showmanship for a very long time now and also "is just the singer in a long-haired rock n roll band."

Bon Jovi is playing some football stadiums and other big places etc all around UK while I am going to see Maiden.
And now, I got to try to squeeze.... squeeezzeeee... squeezzzeeee.... them in.
By hook or by crook. Near impossible I guess, with limited time, and long train journeys, but I got to try my  best to find a solution.

A Bon Jovi stadium show, a UFO, an Alice In Chains, a Motorhead, a bit of Mastodon (if I feel like it) and of course 3x Maiden England shows..

I need a Superman Tonight to help me haha.


Monday, February 18, 2013

together at last- lion city hardcore

In the early to mid 90s, Big O Magazines helps to widen my scope not only on music but also life.
It helps that there are great contests with great prizes with every issue haha..

I remember winning what was a quite rare cd by one of the grunge bands, I forget what band, the one with babies on the cover ( no not Nirvana ), I just gave it away to a friend cause he like it (and I dont get it haha) and he cant get it at the shops, in exchange he gave me a 'rock mampos' cd. Typical.

Whatever the contents on Big O, you can be sure the write-ups are interesting, informative and passionate and drags me to read it.

Funny thing is I remember, not only was this magazine supports the local, alternative, hardcore, grunge, punk, new school, old school, etc,
but there was a very fair and interesting review on Iron Maiden's X Factor back then when it first came out. I think I still kept that issue. The rest of the magazines are gone with the wind..

But I still kept some of the cds I guess, because I came across this in one of my collection. Ooo the Padres single is still with me...

So this cd Lion City Hardcore is a sort of thing which is like "either you get it or you dont".
So if no one had seen the inlay to this legendary out of print cd, this is how all the inlays and lyrics of Lion City Hardcore - Together At Last looks like. It comes with Big O issue 88 in April 1993.

1. StompIntro Stompin' Ground

2. Man...Machine Stompin' Ground
3. Out Of Reach Upright
4. Chance Your Arms Upright
5. Stop These Fights Bawlout
6. Stereotype + Virus Bawlout
7. Realize Rectify
8. Reveal The Truth Rectify
9. Free Minds Enrage
10. Never Enrage
11. Suffer... Til When? Voiceout
12. Shout In Chorus Voiceout
13. Skin United Blood
14. United Blood United Blood
15. Clockwork Soulfire
16. Rage Soulfire
17. Hypocritical Society Intense Decibel
18. A Place To Live Intense Decibel
19. Locked 4-Sides
20. Propulsion 4-Sides

Its been 20 years, and the songs still sounds so fresh ;

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fandi vs Sundram

Sebelum apa2 kita out of topic kejap.
Ni newspaper semalam, macam makin kecoh je benda2 gini..
hah kau semalam terus back page full page open story, siap Fandi ngan Wendy foto kaler besar2.

click to enlarge

Movinggggg on.....

As far as possible, aku try to follow up ngan liga tempatan, baik Liga M atau S-League ngan menengok sokkabar atau kalo ada game kat saluran2 percuma. Lama aku tak gi tengok2 bola ni semua...Last gi stadium nengok yang Man U, Liverpool, Sporting Lisbon under 19 je tu hari..

So tengok tengok jadual....start balik ler hari ni kan lepas rehat untuk Asia qualifiers..

So... a big date is coming...

Feb 19 Selasa ni. Johor DT lawan Lions XII.

Fandi ngan Sundram lagi sekali...

Pada suatu masa dahulu,

- Bila Fandi main untuk Kuala Lumpur, aku sokong team KL. Tu jam Malek Awab pun ada..

- Bila Sundram main untuk Kedah, aku sokong team Kedah, sokong hijau kuning..

- Bila Fandi main untuk Pahang, aku sokong Pahang... nak2 zaman tu Arwah Borhan Abu Samah the Kereta Tank pun main, dorang tak kasi dia main center-back kan? dorang takut dia kasi penalti kat team lawan kot? hahaha. Masa Pahang dia leftback kot.

Its better I dont  make any comments on Johor DT, tapi.... aku rasa ramai orang dari merata tempat nak tengok Fandi berjaya.

Fandi nye team mesti nak attack, tak kesah apa team..janji team Fandi je kan, dah tahu mesti kaki attack.
Sundram nye team....defend paling important...
Tak kesah la kan....
pasal aku suka dua2, dari dulu sampai skarang... mesti carik news dorang..

I hope one day they will work together for one team..
Cammana aku selalu berangan in the near future Dennis Bergkamp jadi manager Arsenal, dan Thiery Henry jadi assistant dia, cam gitu la aku nak Fandi & Sundram sama2 haa.
(please please Bergkamp leave your current Ajax job and take over Liam Brady youth team position, in a few years time you can take over Le Boss when he says Au Revoir ).

Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo gitu... haha. Boleh buat perumpaan Star Wars gitu.

Fandi And Sundram.....kat youtube masih ada ni......salah satu tag-team dorang bila masa dorang main untuk Singapore lawan Pahang...
Sundram nye 'acah je..' tu....giler babi unforgettable moment...sampai bila2 la aku rasa orang tetap akan cerita pasal backheel tak jadi tu. Sekelip mata..

At the 50 second mark. An example of Sundram + Fandi moment.

Also korang tengok awal sikit yang Abbas Saad nye gol jugak, dari mana tu Abbas Saad dapat bola, tolak, lari belah sana, tahu2 dah kat depan tengah..Magic show!!!

" I am Jang Jung I will walk all over you!! " ( style Korea nak berbual omputeh ) kan? dah lupa liriks...
dorang memang the Dream Team.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

12 Wasted Years videotape No More....

12 Wasted Years originally was released in 1987 as a videotape.
My copy of the VHS is totally worn-out and fungified.
Really love some of the footages like Hammersmith 1982 which was then still not released on Eddie's Archive cd boxset and Early Days DVD, Japan Tokyo Budokan Somewhere In Time Tour even for a short while, even Derek Riggs and how he looks like and sounds like, and love the description of going to see Maiden is like supporting a football team, its just the whole place is supporting for one team.
Fans nowadays can get all these footages on youtube, but not then...the days before internet even exist.

Now, it is set to be available after 26 years later as a DVD format with its confirmed inclusion on the Maiden England 1988 dvd set to release this late March 2013.

This is how the cover, backcover and inner of the vhs packaging looks like.

I am really excited and happy that this Maiden England 1988 double dvds and cds will include the encores among others..

But, I am sad for two things...

1) Why does the artwork cover is changed from Derek Riggs original Infinite Dreams Live version?

2) Does it really means, that IRON MAIDEN, cannot locate a full show video recording from 1986-1987 world tour Somewhere In Time? Yes, they made a mistake of not doing an official video recording, but there must be stuffs somewhere? Budokan is all there is?
So??? Forever we will not have a chance to have an official release of the futuristic, colourful stage, colourful stage clothes, that Walking In The Air Walking On Glass instrumental? Bruce wearing all that LED lights all over his body costumes?

Or Maiden may have a good footage somewhere, and keeping it for after retirement??? When they will definitely be making lots of money still with all the unreleased stuffs..

Saturday, February 9, 2013

ngaji & when I say hu, you say hah

ok ok, edit nasik tambah, ingat tak post aku dulu pasal kipas gergasi tu ngan foto2 dia kalo pasang kat masjid ,ok semalam, aku smayang jemaat kat KL, so aku tanya satu bilal ni berapa harga pasang kipas gergasi tu kalo pasaran KL, dia cakap 45,000RM.
oooo ok la, kalo kat masjid2 Singapore berapa tu hari aku taruk keratan suratkhabar pasal harga dia, memang mahal tapi rasanya berbaloi.. Ye la dah convert2 kan. Harap2 masjid2 nak pasang kipas gergasi ni semua dapat kumpul funds ngan cepat dan mudah.

Budak2 dulu belajar mengaji tak sama ngan budak2 sekarang...
Skarang is basically more accountability..
Skarang semua sopan je dressing...dulu especially budak2 lelaki lain setakat tshirt, seluar bola, kain cuma sangkut serampang kat bahu je, kadang2 dah masuk rumah pak guru baru hegeh2 nak pakai betul2kan kain, pasal mobility is important, ingat nak main je.
Paling lawak kalau kain sarung terburai depan semua orang tengah mengaji ramai2, ye la tangan dua2 pegang rehal, takdelah boleh selamatkan keadaan. but it was fun though cam aku cakap untung budak sekarang, ngaji nye lebih pro gitu, dulu siap main tipu, ambik eraser, hilangkan tanda lama, buat tanda baru, just nak kejar kawan2 dah mara ke depan... giler nye kerja, fikir balik khatam2 zaman tu pakai ke tak haha.
Budak2....nothing is unforgiven.

Dulu2, ngaji nye sikit 20 minit lepas magrib, main nye banyak dua tiga jam haha sebelum muka innesen balik rumah, cam aku selalu cakap, " perkataan homework ni tak wujud zaman dulu " 
Rebut2 nak ngaji depan pak guru, pasal dah otak nak main kejar2, main sembunyik2.. Quran, muqaddam, songkok, semua dah letak tepi dah...
fikir balik....giler main sembunyik2 malam2 buta... betul2 kena sorok...abislah.

Aku ingat ni semua pasal mengaji pasal aku nengok youtube Powerwolf ni..
Teringat kat cammana bengapnye, ungkalnye, nak paham macam2 hah, ha, hah besar hah kecik, sebutan panjang pendek, harakat...

Betul cakap yang aku pernah tengok satu ustaz kat tv RTM ajar progrem ngaji yang korang tepon tepon nak ngaji live tu, yang selalu yang tepon pun bukan calang2 orang k, semua terror wooo dari seluruh pelusuk Malaysia. Ni yang progrem bukan Ustaz ravi nye. Uztaz lagi satu baru nye kot.
Dia jugak bilang, kena keluarkan yang terbaik bukan suara percakapan tapi lebih dari tu, persembahan kenalah yang terbaik.

When I say Hu you say Hah.
40 %, give me more.
When I say Hu you say Hah.
Too long..., Hah.
When I say Hu you say Hah.
No! No ! not Haaahhh!!  Hah. 
When I say Hu you say Hah.
No! No! Not Haaahhh!! Hear me!!! Can you hear me!!! Hah.

memang lawak tengok , tapi aku rasa frustration yang dibuat2 ni tak jauh ngan cammana guru2 yang dapat pelajar degil dan ungkal tak mau dengar cakap...

Korang abaikan dorang nye makeup , dorang nye prop, pasal dorang ni memang lawak abis, betul2 nye kelakar but damn solid quality. Unholy gitu konsep dorang...

tapi aku suka, one of the few "newer" rock/metal bands that I really am into and even buying their cds.
Their singer is classical trained, and the keyboardist....
ok aku pernah tengok Dragonforce live, keyboardist memang berkecah satu stage semua dia roam, tapi ni pun kecoh giler..

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flybaits - Pusingan Ke 2 ( LP ) youtubeded

( Click all to enlarge )

kenangan lalu lagi... I'll try to upload as much as possible into youtube the piring hitam original versions walaupun ada skip2, some of them quite irritating.
Kalau kat kedai ada jual original nye, of course aku tak buat tapi takde... so I believe everyone deserves to listen, appreciate and treasure these great malay songs from yesteryears, especially versi asli.

tu hari dah cerita pasal piring hitam Flybaits 3, so ni back to the future lagi lama sikit, tahun 1981 ngan piring hitam kedua Flybaits - The Flybaits Pusingan Ke2.

kalau kat Singapura, rasanya Flybaits  zaman tu ngan Black Dog Bone kira famous amos la kot,... Sweet Charity keluar ring sikit pasal dorang rock, tapi cerita2 lagenda aku dengar dari old timers yang tengok ni bands sebelum dorang jadi recording artiste, ni Black Dog Bone zaman National Theater, ( whats the word? ah yes, tiket daun ) was like rock abis. Ntah eh.. aku dengar2 je orang cakap, ntah betul ntah tidak. Memang legend la dengar cerita2 zaman kegemilangan gitu...I listened to the stories in awe.
Lain kali aku nak tengok apa aku boleh buat ngan BDB vinyls yang aku ada, .

ok, back to topic...

Album cover, biasalah piring hitam, you'll get the whole details.

Konsep Sampul - M Nasir.
Gambaran adegan tinju nye rehat antara pusingan, dua trainers , dua peninju - satu ngah makan siap dah bukak glove,  satu lagi ngah jumpa apek jual sayur ngah hulur dia botol susu, pengadil ngah boring ngan satu minah ngah angkat papan tanda pusingan ke 2.
Details sey.. iskandar, eddie marzuki.. still big names till today these two in Singapore.

Lagu2 kat LP ni, nanti senang aku taruk liriks kat bawah post ni..

1. Senandong Irama II
Rangkaian Trek Tek Tek, Nona Nona Zaman Sekarang, Lenggang Kangkong..
( diubahsuai M Nasir )
2. Kesan (kenangan lalu II ) ( lagu senikata M Nasir )
3. Dewi Pujaan ( Flybaits )
4. Cahaya Cinta ( Flybaits )
5. Mami Mami ( lagu Flybaits/senikata M Nasir )
6. Balada Pemain Musik (Boria ) - (M Nasir)
7. Cemburu ( Flybaits)
8. Joget Perkelahan (Flybaits)
9. Maafkanlah Kesalahanku ( lagu Flybaits senikata M Nasir )
10. Dia ( dan Suria ) ( M Nasir )

Dont feel like talking cock too much, so let me type out some of the lyrics from this album and appreciate them.... Mami Mami was like kelakar, very hilarious.. , Balada Pemain Muzik is like so boria and entertaining, Joget Perkelahan too, and of course the slow songs....

mmacam biasa...AS USUAL GO TO....
One hour from now...

Some of the lyrics of the above songs...with ejaan zaman tu..

Senandong Irama II

Trek trek..
Pisang monyet pisang kelat
Mari digoring sianak dara
Sakit gigi bolih di obat
Sati hati yang bagaimana

Buah duku hai buah langsat
Mari dimakan sianak kera
Sakit gigi bolih diobat
Sakit hati simpan sahaja

Nona nona Zaman sekarang
Tak bolih ditegur tak bolih dilarang
Kalau nak usik jangan sebarang
Salah silap kau kena terajang

Ho ho ho nona jangan begitu
Kami hanya menegur saja
Kami bukanlah hai ulat bulu
Kalau tidak suka tidak mengapa

Nona nona zaman sekarang
Tak bolih ditegur tak bolih dilarang
Bajunya pendek bertambahlah jarang
itu membuat lelaki senang

ho ho ho nona jangan meradang
Kami hai cuma bergurau saja
Kalau lah nona tidak meradang
Kami belanja menonton wayang

Lenggang lenggang kangkong
Kangkong ditepi paya
Memang nasib tak beruntong
Dapat isteri boros belanja 2x

Lenggang lenggang kangkong
kangkong tepi telaga
Terpaksalah engkau tanggong
Kalau hati sudah lah suka 2x

Kesan ( Kenangan Lalu II )
Benarkah ini dihadapankun
Sekeping hati yang pernah ku rayu
Datang dengan wajah yang pilu
Ku terharu

Kiranya kini membawa kisah
Kau cuba lupakan kenangan lalu
Ku pandang wajahmu penuh kasih
Kau menangis

Tiada akan ku tanya mengapa
Kerna ku tahu sikapmu tak sekejam dulu
Tidakkah kau mengerti hatiku
Ku tak pedulikan sejarah cintamu
Ku terima dirimu oh! kasihku

Hiduplah cinta antara kita
Tinggalkanlah kisah yang sudah sudah
Terima kasih duhai cahyaku
Oh! cahyaku

Mami Mami
Ketika ku masih kecil
Ku ditimang dan dimanja
Apa saja yang ku pinta
Ibu tak pernah menolaknya oh

Mami mami
Beginilah suara ku
Mami mami
Bila meminta sesuatu

Aku punya seorang ayah
Dia garang dan pemarah
Bila aku nakal sangat
Aku akan dibelasah oh

Mami mami
Tolong ayah nak rotan
Mami mami
Tolonglah jangan biarkan

Bila ayah kejar, aku mendapatkan ibu
Bila ibu pujok, barulah ayah sejok

Hidup kini dah berbeza
Aku sudah menjadi ayah
Bila aku naik darah
Anakku pula jadi mangsanya oh
Mami mami
Suaranya minta tolong

Mami mami
Hingga terpekik terlolong

Bila aku kejar, dia mendapatkan ibunya
Bila isteri pujok, barulah aku sejok

Joget Perkelahan
Si bujang sudah siap
Si dara kelam kabut
Begitulah akibat
Bila kepingan hendak ke laut

Ayoh kawan semua
Mari kita berkelah
Bawa sampan ke tengah
Dayong hilang entah ke mana


Lek golek, sampan nak terbalik
Tolong panggil apek
Kalau tenggelam umor pendek
Pek apek, jangan gelek gelek
Tolong cepat sikit
Kalau tenggelam umor pendek
I like the above photo very much...I realise there is the reflection of ACDC and White Lion on the vinyl itself.

Monday, February 4, 2013

masjid al-rabitah, bukit merah, ikan todak... etc etc

Its rare that to raise funds for upgrading and repair works, donors can actually vote for the colour of the mosque building and dome.

Masjid Jamiyah Al-rabitah pun sama sey.. Tapi korang sumbang la fulus sikit, sepuluh ketul sekali undi.

click to enlarge.

Masjid jamiyah Al-rabitah ni kan, aku ada la jugak semayang jemaat sini, kadang2 mungkin at least  dua tahun sekali kot? haha,  dia dekat ngan stesen mrt Redhill. So macam korang tengah menaiki South-West line kat kawasan situ, , then nak gi semayang jemaat, mudah la, I mean speaking as a public transport user.

Selalunya, sapa yang tinggal rumah flat rumah pangsa, kalo nak cat baru nanti penduduk boleh undi kan online nak warna apa korang nye rumah flat? ah...skarang masjid pun korang boleh undi gak.. So undi korang nye faberet kalers sambil beramal, cewahhh.
REDHILL... tukar melayu jadi BUKIT MERAH...

ni yang dulu yang budak melayu pandai tu sapa tu nama mamat tu? Yang cerita Singapura dilanggar ikan todak tu. Waktu tu, Sapa lalu tepi pantai ke, semua kena tikam ngan ikan todak beribu2 ekor tu terbang sana sini... Masa tu, kira semua jadi dumb blonde gitu , tak tahu nak selesaikan serangan ikan todak.

Nasib baik budak cerdik ni cakap suruh buat benteng pakai banana trunk dari pokok pisang, abis la ikan todak semua terbang nak rodok manusia tapi tercocok kat batang pisang tu jadi selamat la penduduk..
Budak tu pun jadi hero.
Tapi adat la kan, sebahagian melayu ni kalau mata tak merah tengok orang lain berjaya atau lebih sikit, mesti tak sah kan?

jadi ada la tukang cocok cakap nanti budak tu pandai sangat nanti dia overthrow pemimpin all that stuff, so mamat tu rumah dia atas bukit, so dorang pegi rumah budak tu dan bunuh dia, so darah dia pun mengalir ke bawah dari atas bukit, maka bukit tu jadi merah... kira bukit tu bermandi darah budak kecik tak bersalah gitu la... maka bukit tu jadi merah, so jadi Bukit Merah la hahaha... ni la cammana Bukit Merah dapat nama kalau dari sudut cerita2 lama,
tapi actually kot tanah liat kat situ semua merah abis kot, tu la gaknye..orang dulu kan kasi nama "ooo sungei besar?" jadi sungai besar, paya parit tu besar? maka jadi paya lebar.. nama tempat diberi bersabitkan apa jadi landmark kat tempat tu...

ni salah satu versi. Ada versi2 lain cerita dongeng Singapura dilanggar/diserang todak, budak pandai tu kena buang kat laut la apa la..
lawak nye, aku dulu percaya sey, kat laut mana ntah, Jonsen eh? korang jangan ketawa siak, Johnsen, SAPA TAK TAHU JOHNSEN tu kat mana? JOHNSON sebenarnya...biasa la lidah melayu - Jonsen.

Masa aku dulu2 budak kecik katak bawah tempurung, aku percaya bila orang cakap masih boleh dengar bunyi rantai besi dari arah laut, tu ah, ngan suara 'tolonggg' tolongggg'......besi rantai budak tu kena ikat sebelum dia kena buang kat laut... TAK HORROR TU DENGAR, biasa ah budak2.
nanti nak pasang balik la xpdc metal 60an...eeiii ikan todak, eeiii ikan todak haha.


Aku tahu takde kena mengena ngan derma masjid ok, cuma pasal aku teringat redhill aje, so aku saje je merapek... nanti.., whats the word eh? ah... Mengarut.

Ooo the water is red
with the blood of dead
but I'm still alive
Pray to God, I survive.
- longest day, Iron Maiden.

part ni, suara Bruce Dickinson, merdu..(pada aku la.)
I think part ni ngan starting verse For The Greater Good Of God yang slow tu, aku nye feberets, ni dua pada aku Bruce punye paling terbaik dari ladang untuk studio album AMOLAD. For the greater good of god, bulu roma ternaik siak dengar ni lagu.
"Are you a man of peace or man of holy war?"
First time aku dengar ni lagu For Greater Good Of God, aku ngah kat tepi laut duduk2,....serious...sebak sey... giler nye lagu sedap start sampai abis, perfection.

ok stop...!

Friday, February 1, 2013

despots and dictators

review buku Desktop Digest DESPOTS AND DICTATORS. An A-Z of Tyranny by Gilbert Alter Gilbert. Illustrated by Steve Krakow.

Aku kan, kalau nampak buku2 kat kedai, aku baca2 belek2 gitu kat kedai then kalo best, aku masuk website national library aku tunggu dah keluar belum, kalau dah, aku reserve online, dah.
Aku jarang beli buku untuk diri aku sendiri..

tapi kadang2 aku beli jugak kalo buku best giler, dan aku minat..
Ni buku hardcover, cantik warna warni kat dalam ngan banyak drawing2 muka2 satu2 pemimpin ni semua. So rasanya worth it.

Dia punya torture, dia punye siksa2, rabak2 weii...korek mata lain, siksa macam2 la yang tak boleh imegin pun ada, sembelih2 bunuh2 tu biasa la,
cara rompak duit rakyat punye la banyak, cara salah guna kuasa untuk keluarga dan kroni..,
lontar musuh dalam kandang harimau bintang, bakar hidup2,
ketuk paku kat kepala orang dia tak suka pakai paku pasang khemah..., simen orang kat tong gitu cuma kepala je keluar semua ada, macam2 ada.... best la...

AKU SUKA baca gini2... evil that men and women do, bila dorang ada kuasa..

200 mukasurat lebih, 100 lebih orang pemimpin gitu.