Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Uli Jon Roth Tokyo Tapes Revisited Live Nakano Sun Plaza Hall. (Japanese Blue Ray with double CD version packaging).

Salam Kepada Semua & Hello Everyone.


That version had about 6 discs of additional dvd and two more cds of the final night in Osaka I think.
 Plus that version has a Photo Book and other interesting things. But it cost a bomb. No way, I am saving up to try to backpacking alone for Iron Maiden 2017 European Tour. LOL!!

This is the Japanese Blue Ray Triple Disc Version which two of them are cds.
2. This is definitely the best live video and live album of the year.
UNLESS the November release of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Live dvd is the footage from first night in Loreley, Germany, then that will be the best release, BECAUSE I WAS THERE!!!  LOL!!!!

As usual allow me to talk cock a bit in my Distasteful Horrible Vulgar Market- Style Malay Language and then I will continue on in my similar Broken Disgusting Incorrigible English Language.

Cerita2 Uli Jon Roth kat inlet buku kecil bungkusan ini dalam pembikinan dan rakaman album ni sangat dahsyat.
1. Uli Jon Roth cerita pasal dia tak puas hati bangunan Nakano Sun Plaza nak dirobohkan pasal tu tempat bersejarah dan jugak kenangan dia rakam TOKYO TAPES disana dengan Scorpions.
Jadi dia plan nak rakam video di sana main lagu Scorpions yang kira ni bahagian kedua Scorpions Revisited dia la lepas studio album double cd tu hari.
Abis tu,
Dia tak jumpa anggota band nye yang terlibat dalam kegiatan SCORPIONS REVISITED dia selama berbulan2.
Dan terus janji nak buat tiga show di Jepun dan malam kedua dah janji untuk buat rakaman rasmi DVD/Blue ray dan live album.
Uli Jon Roth cuma dengan gitaris lead kedua dia pasal mereka sama2 dalam band Uli Jon Roth. (Dia ada extra dua lead guitars untuk SCORPION REVISITED) jadi dorang dah macam Iron Maiden pasal Uli Jon Roth cerita lagu2 Scorpions zaman dia dalam kumpulan tu lagi hebat dengan guna tiga guitarists.
2. Uli Jon Roth ingat sempat nak rehearsal, tapi tak sempat langsung masa di Jepun terus beraksi malam pertama di Nagoya.
Heran nya, drummer Scorpions Revisited dia pun tak beraksi malam pertama di Nagoya kerana urusan lain.

tarik nafas kejappp..

3. Jadi bayangkan show kedua di Tokyo baru Uli Jon Roth jumpa drummer dia untuk Scorpions Revisited, dan dia baru jumpa band members dia selepas berapa bulan tanpa rehearsal terus main di Nagoya dan terus malam kedua di Tokyo nak buat rakaman rasmi DVD di Nakano Sun Plaza tempat TOKYO TAPES dirakam 37 TAHUN DAHULU.
4. Tapi memang hebat rakaman ni, cam Uli cerita2 pasal kegunaan tiga gitarist, dan jugak rakaman ni nak abis Fly To The Rainbow, tali string gitar Uli putus, dan semua dirakam dalam video, dan text inlet dalam bungkusan ni Uli cerita apa jadi atas stage.
Aku tengok ok je masa instrumental dia main lagu Tokyo Dream Prelude tapi Uli cerita dia tak dengar apa2 waktu atas pentas tu..
dan jugak banyak solo2, instrumental2, contoh cam lagu Ive Got To Be Free dah jadi macam panjang 10 minit gitu dengan pusing2 jam dan instrumentals..

Memang hebat la segala improvisations dalam live konsert ni dan sound nya.
Tak kesah la korang minat muzik apa jenis pun, kalau korang minat muzik korang mesti teruja tengok dan dengar rakaman2 dari Uli Jon Roth Tokyo Tapes Revisited ni...
Ni album memang untuk music lovers gitu la...

Bahagian In Trance gitu, macam.. sayu sangat.. 
dan untuk sapa minat Scorpions, teringat zaman kecik sampai besar pasal terang2 Scorpions tak lari dari menghiburkan kita semua sejak kecik sampai besar dan masa hadapan.

Aku tak bedek, serious berbual. Beli OK. haha.

5. Semua gitaris dapat solo, dan penyanyi pun tiga orang termasuk Uli Jon Roth.

SILA BELI. Ni rakaman video paling unik dengan band takde rehearsal, tak jumpa berbulan, drummer baru join pagi rakaman, dengan apa2 segala masalah atas pentas..

tapi memang paling hebat.. memang betul2 rock abis...

Terngangah tengok video live ni, dan jugak bila aku baik jalan kaki, dalam bas, dalam train, tunggu bas, tunggu train,
aku pasang headphones aku dengar rakaman dua2 cd kat bungkusan ni, memang kagum. Happy sangat.

OK, Sila Beli.

Sila Beli boleh macam2 la maknanya hahaha...

K dahbis cakap Melayu. 

I think the above photo was the moment Uli Jon Roth broke his guitar string near the end of Fly To The Rainbow which according to the text seems giving him lots of problems.

Its amazing all the footages of problems and the No Preparation that Uli face while recording this video was only highlighted in the text of the booklet that accompanies the package, but if you see the video all seems under under control and seems like everything is going so well.

Three lead guitars like Iron Maiden, chances for triple harmonies, lots of songs extensions, improvisations, jams and instrumentals.
Sails Of Charon goes to extended "UNLEDDED Kashmir" territory..
Usage of three vocalists and all the lead vocals including Uli have beautiful voices.
Kojono Tsuki is there somewhere LOL!

After the end of the concert, the credit roll is very classy and emotional. Seems there is a continuation of the instrumental of Rainbow Dream Prelude and Tokyo Dream Prelude called Nagoya Dream Prelude.

Buy this and the studio double cd Scorpions Revisited by Uli Jon Roth (for the maximum enjoyment the Japanese version if you got the money, and the Korean version which has the same amount of songs like the Japanese version but Korean ones are much cheaper, as for this release the European versions is incomplete I had shown this double cd before somewhere in this blog.).

These are the text....  I dont arrange it according to the pages...


I was wondering if Ritchie Blackmore had used Uli bassist, keyboardist and drummer instead for his 2016 Rainbow version. What will happen. It will be so much more teutonic.

But nevermind. LOL!!
I was wondering all the big noises about Ritchie selection and the style of playing, its Ritchie band he can do what he likes.

OK long live rock n roll..

and this post was make while listening to May Rahsia, and May Hakikat. LOL!!


One of the newer rock bands that I really like...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Apa2 je dan matlamat duniawi 2017 aku dan IRON MAIDEN 2017 Tour Dates are leaking already.. tarikh dah mula bocor dalam tenet.

Salam semua & Greetings to all.

Kasi aku cakap omputeh kejap then aku membebel macam biasa kat bahagian bawah post ni.

A post after long long time yeah...

This I found on the Maiden forum, and reading from the comments of others, I think this is true.

A leaked information about dates and locations of thr full Iron Maiden 2017 Book Of Soul Tour Complete British dates (with no Belfast show.)

Part of 2017 continuation of Book Of Soul Tour. (I think it will be a full British, German territories tour and other Europe nations, North America and possibly South America again, (I doubt Asia will be in the loop, if South East Asia was on schedule, it would have been done in between China/Japan and Australia/NZ leg this year).

The unusual 3 day gap at the start could possibly be a DUBLIN (Republic of Ireland) slot? 

The other gaps are common and definitely London will have one more additional night or two additional nights once the tickets sold out (fast).

I have always wanted to follow some shows during a Maiden UK tour all my life from a school boy fantasy to a now more possible "working adult" focused DETERMINED mind-set.

This is what I am considering.

All shows will possible by taking the cheap National Express Buses and sleeping on the buses and bus terminals instead of paying for lodging anywhere. (YES, as usual this will be a discipline tight alone BUDGET "IKAT PERUT"control Backpacking trip again, LOL!!).
Except for the first show of Glasgow, irregardless which airport I use to land in England (depending on the cheapest flights available and I try to avoid BLOODY expensive London and especially I hate the chaos of Heathrow and I super-hate the panicky security at Heathrow.), so I think I will need to take a budget flight to Glasgow and after that all will be Express Buses.

Taking trains is faster is more faster for Backpacking from a place to place but a train is more expensive, and I guess spending more time on the Express Buses means more sleeping time for me.

Taking into consideration, the fasting month of Ramadhan for the Muslims should begin on 27th May 2017.

But all these, means I got to save up some dough beginning now. LOL!! Ohhh the crazy things I do for Maiden..

I hope to review and show the packagings of the latest releases I got sooner not later.

I kid you not, Uli Jon Roth Tokyo Tapes Revisited is super awesome complete with broken string and all challenges. I CANT BELIEVE MYSELF watching and reading his text on that night and the preparation with his Scorpions Revisited band lineup.

My time-management is very poor right now. 24  hours a day and night is not enough. LOL!!!

Hi Korang, amacam...

OK, kat atas tu ialah gambar bocor iklan Iron Maiden pusing satu Britain tahun 2017.
Mungkin tak betul, mungkin betul, Tapi kita sediakan payung sebelum hujan.
Failing to plan, is planning to fail bak kata omputeh.

Ok, jadi cam aku cakap, aku dengan Angan Angan Mat Jenin aku nak Backpacking ikut berapa show tengok Maiden main sambil tengok tempat orang, dan jugak tengok gelagat peminat2 Maiden yang giler babi terutama peminat dan penonton serakan negarawan mereka sendiri di England.

OK, jadi aku plan nak buat tiga negeri Scotland, Wales dan England. 
Mungkin lain kali boleh buat BACKPACKING MENENGOK MAIDEN MAIN di Northern Ireland, dan Republic Of Ireland pulak..
Cewahhh , ok aku memang giler ok... haha.

Walaubagaimanapun, ni semua adalah duniawi, dan ni semua tak penting dalam kehidupan seharian dan tanggungjawab setiap hari.

Cuma dalam banyak benda duniawi yang memang kerja bodoh menyusahkan diri, Maiden ialah paling tak kurang tak penting dan backpacking untuk menengok Iron Maiden main di lain2 tempat dengan suasana peminat yang berlainan di lain tempat memang sesuatu aku suka, betul kerja bodoh tapi dah suka ye tak? . Paham? HAHA...

Harus diingat, Bulan Ramadhan sekarang ni jatuh bersaing Summer Eropah.

Macam tahun ni, aku bulan Ramadhan baik di merata tempat aku buka puasa makan kurma masa ACDC, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden dan Ritchie Blackmore Rainbow sedang bermain depan mata dengan sekeliling aku selalunya keadaan dah tak terkawal haha, cuma yang Rainbow tu ok sikit sekeliling cuma hujan hahaa. tapi yang lain, huru hara....  
dan kena ambik kira pasal waktu berpusa siang hari summer Eropah panjang,. Puasa dari kul 2.30 pagi sampai 9.30 malam sikit lebih kurang. Anyway, Kurma aku dah standby dalam poket seluar jeans so tak jadi hal la kan.

Sangat sesuatu pengalaman aku takkan lupa seumur hidup, hidup sebagai ""seorang peminat rock n roll band"".
Sapa cakap kat blog lepas? aku cakap pasal band rock omputeh, tapi tetap pusing2 balik mesti rock melayu jugak champion.

Yes, aku tetap cakap Rock Melayu sama hebat dengan band rock omputeh ni semua,
bak kata kumpulan Rockers dulu kat Radio program Adnan Maswan, lepas Loudness main kat Pulau Sentosa, kalau band rock Melayu dapat segala perkakas, equipment dan support yang band asing pakai. Band Melayu sama level.

Dulu Pergi Hellfest, tapi on the way ada mp3 player, dalam semua lagu melayu. HAHA.

So aku dah plan, kalau jadi aku akan semua perjalanan aku naik bas ekpress. Kecuali hari pertama Glasgow tu jauh giler babi kot, naik bas mampos pukul berapa sampai.

Kalau dalam bas pun lama sikit kan? So boleh tidur dalam bas, dan kalau dapat tiket bas yang sesuai dan waktu yang sesuai boleh jimat banyak perbelanjaan lain.

Keretapi sebenarnya gerek, tapi... tengok la nanti budget cammana.

Airport yang aku punya pilihan, kalau boleh mati hidup balik aku nak avoid Heathrow, dan kalau boleh mati hidup balik aku tak mau masuk kawasan London. MAHAL NAK MAMPOS London ni.

Jadi aku rasa aku akan pilih Manchester sebagai airport walaupun terkeluar ring, pasal....
Kalau nasib baik, Manchester boleh dapat tiket paling murah nak2 kalau korang naik kapalterbang yang sponsor Manchester City tu... iaitu Eltihad. haha.
Kongajar sey team ni..., Alexis Sanchez pun dorang nak beli.... tengkorak punya team!

Alexis bagus ok, tapi korang jangan dia ambil penalti, cam sial dekni ambik penalti, aku harap Wenger potong gaji dia, berani dia ambik penalti, padahal tu tugas Cazola. Kalau gol takpe jugak, ni entahapahapa. Ozil pun jangan kasi ambik penalti, Ozil ambik penalti entahapahapa trick konon!!

Oppps jangan marah terkeluar topik, tapi aku tahu korang semua suka kan aku kutuk2 Manchester City. WAARGGGHHHH HAHAHAHA...


Selain tu, tu hari aku beli cd Batu, jadi Sweet Charity pressing cd yang terbaru tu dah complete la kot?
Cehhh..  Tengok gambo.. lain kali boleh borak...

OK Lefthanded first two albums yang pressing cd terbaru pun aku dah beli...

Wahhh lama tak dengar, beribu2 tahun lama nya tak dengar ni dua album...

Rasa terbakar tetap ada masa lagu SERUAN, kulit ni macam kena siat2 panas. HAHA.

Tapi kan, aku ulang2 dengar lagu Ku Di Halaman Rindu..

Lama tak dengar, bila dengar balik kat cd Seruan, ni kira original version la, versi paling utama selain dari versi2 lain...

wahhhh terus repeat mode all the way...  Buat blog ni pun all the way lagu ni.

Aku suka lagu ni, dan perkataan Ku Di Halaman Rindu tu macam luas sangat, masa aku nak buat blog ni satu masa dahulu, aku tahu aku akan namakan blog aku ni Ku Di Halaman Rindu, pasal luas sangat....
Yes, aku rindu Hellfest pun ok jugak kan? Muahaha.. 

OK Bye. Kita jumpa lain kali. Kalau panjang umur ye tak....

Aku try to seperate dunia blog aku, dunia intenet aku dari perasaan aku dunia betul, so biarlah blog ni terus takde perasaan. Muaahahahahahhaa (ketawa jin).

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hello and Incoming - Uli Jon Roth TOKYO TAPES REVISITED Japanese Edition blue ray deluxe edition with additional 2cds.

Salam semua.

Sebulan dua ni entah memang kurang chance nak buat blog.
Aku masih dapat masuk internet, dalam bas dalam train, malah jalan kaki sekalipun, memang sentiasa main internet pakai tablet la apa la, tapi aku takde chance dapat duduk depan laptop. So maka takde la blog posting. Dan tu pun tak masuk blog korang semua pun seminggu ni... 

Aku tak reti buat blog pakai tablet atau pakai henpon. Henpon pun aku menyampah nak surf internet. Terkial2 aku.

Kat kerja, memang ada komputer, tapi aku tak berani masuk tenet, aku dah la problem child kat tempat kerja, mau lagi masuk tenet, dorang trace ok, mampos terus aku kena buang kerja.
So sabar je la kalau takde blog posting ye korang.

Jadi ni pun, kejap je aku dapat depan laptop. Nak tunjuk incoming terbaru.

Harap aku dapat masuk tenet dan buat blog macam biasa.

Memang boleh rasa Sendu je blog aku sekarang. K bye..

ULI JON ROTH Tokyo Tapes Revisited Live At Nakano Sun Plaza Hall -Japanese Pressing Limited Blue Ray Deluxe Edition with additional two CDs.

This is like the 2nd part of the Scorpions Revisited by Uli Jon Roth.
The first was the Scorpions Revisited Double CD where Uli found this amazing vocalist to make the album a must buy.

I wrote about it here..

Read this first until I show the Japanese Pressing Deluxe Packaging of the above LOL!!

I hope to resume blogging as usual soon. I wish I can manage time better. LOL!!

Anyway, Human League is coming out with an Anthology.

I am so so HOPING to get the deluxe boxset of 4 disc version of the above.

I believe its going to have a number of early recordings of the start of the group.

I think this is the album cover.

A VERY BRITISH SYNTHESIZER GROUP. Seriously...? YES!! The masters.

Ohhh be still my heart... DAP DUP DAP DUP DAP DUP!!!

This album will be purely Human League so no Together In Electric Dreams song as its a more Phil Oakey solo project with Giorgio Moroder.

September is going to be an amazing month, TOTO officially is finally officially releasing officially the Montreux 1991 show.
One of the last shows and final recording of Jeff Porcaro.
Steve Lukather take lead vocals for this era I think.

And Extreme, oooohh I am so curious about the Japanese only double cd of Pornograffiti Live.
I am not so eager of the live dvd as I already see them play the whole album Pornograffiti in LA BATACLAN but that double Japanese Live cd is cutesy to the max, the cover I mean.

Ooohh lots more... Deep Purple final Jon Lord show in Birmingham and with Don Airey playing the first part and they play together after Perfect Strangers is finally out on dvd.

and I still havent got Lefthanded Keadilan and Seruan. LOL!!

If ever a Song which basically makes my skin imagining and feeling like burning in hell hotness, its Seruan. LOL!!
macam cacing kena panggang, well basically macam drama atau wayang melayu, setan kena azan gitu.

OK bye.