Sunday, October 30, 2011

alligator snapping turtle & death lemurs frolic in the park

alligator snapping turtle ni istimewa. Dia tak gerak, mulut terngangah, nanti kat lidah dia ada cam bentuk cacing menggeliat gitu. Ni umpan supaya ikan datang dekat terus abislah la ikan tu kena ngap. Korang letak jari, rasanya jari korang nanti kodong. Gitu la kuat kena ketap ngan mulut penyu ni. Ikan2 kat sini semua main jauh2 sey, dorang dah kenal sangat kot haha.

Like the signage says alligator snapping turtle is one of the largest freshwater turtles in the world with weights hitting 100kg. It can stay submerge for 40-50mins with a worm like structure tongue to lure fish. The jaws can snap off fingers so have to be careful.

In this video to see the worm like structure on the tongue is about 26 seconds and 56 seconds. The fish in the tank are very experienced. They keep away from the turtle.


More from the magical wonderful playful agile lemurs. Since its morning, seems they are basking in the morning sunshine, sunbathing and cleaning themselves and each other.

I like to move it move it..


Friday, October 28, 2011

TWO wishlist, ONE bumi berais, ONE just arrived yesterday.

4 things, aku sumbat semua senang..

Wishlist number one
is the autobiography by Herman Rarebell,yes, there other latest and more popular books by and about Ozzy Osbourne and Dave Mustaine etc, but I am not really interested unless the library carries them then I will borrow.
But I think this one seems fantastic..this is the drummer of Scorpions best years to me, the person who help writes another piece of meat haha, and the way I read the 6 reviews at by other readers make me very very keen on this one.

of course like all other true-blue loyal metal maniacs my second wishlist is LULU. HAHAHAHA. ACAH JE!!!
No, my second wishlist is the Paradise Lost Draconian Times MMXI DVD.
I know, they should have added the most happening Sister's Of Mercy Walk Away as its what appears as an extra track on some pressings of the original cd, but never mind we still get the first twelve songs, and the best songs from so remind me of Depeche Mode "One Second".
If, if only Depeche Mode do songs a bit similar to Paradise Lost " One Second ". That would be something.

I dont know, Iced Earth latest cd, is something that is ok for me if I never have the opportunity to listen to it at all but seems whoever buy the cd or whatever, I am not sure, will get access to download Iced Earth latest version of the Trooper.
As you all Iced Earthlings know, Alive In Athens had Iced Earth performing Trooper as a tease at the very very end of the triple cd version.
But this time Iced Earth with the new singer had covered an interesting version of Trooper.
For those Maiden freaks who cant get enough of Maiden, this is the Iced Earth version of Trooper latest -
Sorry what the fuck - YOUTUBE delete it, so until someone else upload it to Youtube , you all have to buy the Iced Earth latest cd to get the password to download this song haha.

Just arrived, its supposed to arrived about 10 November or something, as I only used the normal version of delivery..but its already here yesterday.
I will write it soon...once I go thru it...
All I can say is, bila aku flip sekali dua, terus terang lag nyata, There are a few photos of muka budak2 melayu and abang2 melayu kat buku ni.
It could be your faces inside braders... Something to cherish.

Really really magnificient and heavy book.

I will write more when got time and space and access and if I got chance to flip thru this photo book.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

zoo feeding scene - (Madagascar) Lemurs, Sloths, Fruit Bats, Red Lories @ Fragile Forest

Best memang best, tapi aku paling takut kalo kena 'shit on or piss on' ngan kelawar pasal dorang mmang kat atas kepala.
Lagi satu aku tengok kuku2 dorang, siot ah, kalo kena cakar abis la. Kalo kena gigit? boleh berlakon walking dead season 3 nanti haha. Siot je aku.

Pagi2 buta, (Madagascar) Lemurs tengah mandi sinar matahari sambil lompat energetik cammana kat dalam filem katun tu, beruang sloth aku carik2 mula2 tak jumpa, kelawar buah ( sorry la nama melayu aku tak tahu ) tengah cam biasa memekak. Burung si Red Dory tu memang cantik, of course lain2 haiwan dan burung pun ada kat dalam Fragile Forest ni... Tapi lets focus kat yang ni semua.

Kalo fikir balik, Allah tu maha berkuasa cipta semua ni.

Boleh makan berdamai dorang semua. Dah kenal kot so dah jadi members, saje je Fruit Bats ngan Sloth tu share makanan takde gaduh2. Betik! Jagung! Lobak!. Korang pernah kena maki " Serunding!!" tak? haha.
Korang kalo tengok video ni, tengok waktu 4.30 minit gitu si beruang sloth tu dia lepak tempat lain.

Fragile Forest , sort of a monster huge airconditioned dome enclosure at the Singapore Mandai Zoo. Early Morning. FIRST KOPEK of the day.
At last I have the opportunity to videotape ( something I have never done before with animals but now that we got a video camera so I can start doing things I love even more deeper, I got to videotape the 'umpan worm' inside the mouth of the alligator snapping turtle etc etc ) and the usual snap some photos during the feeding of the Lemurs, the sloths, the "i dont know what the name" black and white thingy, the beautiful birds including the Red Dories, the fruit bats and the best thing is they are all enjoying the fruits together.

This video I uploaded to youtube is about 6 mins long. Check out the entrance of the majestic Sloth ( I never know its full species name and never bother to check on it ) at about 4.30 mins mark.


If got problem...kejap ada sound kejap takde, or jerk , enlarged, or whatever, go here

More to come, at last I got to snap a photo of the lonesome Leopard seemingly opening its mouth in anger. Damn! I always fail in remembering which is the leopard / jaguar / cheetah etc haha. Yep, should be the leopard.
Coming soon next time if I got the time.

And I want...and I need...and I lust... Animal.. haha.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Untouchables - 3 pesen aku nak cakap

Untouchables - cakap apa Melayu dia? Tak Boleh Dipegang? Tak Boleh Di Sentuh? Tak Geng?

First kat India, sistem kasta dorang.

India's Untouchables are relegated to the lowest jobs, and live in constant fear of being publicly humiliated, paraded naked, beaten, and raped with impunity by upper-caste Hindus seeking to keep them in their place. Merely walking through an upper-caste neighborhood is a life-threatening offense
- national geographic
Sapa tahu aku ada rezeki backpack tengok Iron Maiden kat Mumbai India lain kali, aku nak nengok first-hand betapa susahnya hidup orang susah yang memang susah serabak-rabaknya kat sana. Aku suka dengar cerita pasal India bila time kerja aku memang kerja dan campur ngan pekerja2 India tapi memang rabak pasal kadang2 bebual ayam itik siak, tapi ok la, dorang cakap aku gi India aku bleh survive dan rakyat India akan paham aku, pasal aku dah macam dorang haha. SIOL!!

The Untouchables filem wayang cerita paling best dulu late 80s.

Best Giler. Violent, brutal, bloody, ayat2 pelakon best2, lawak, suspen, banyak adegan kanchong, cool, sedih, semua ada. Aku masih ingat first time tengok kat wayang. Starting je dah budak pompuan tu dah meletup pasal pegang beg dalam ada bomb. Andi Garcia cool giler ah. Tapi tak bleh angkat part Sean Connery mati lepas dia seret2 diri dia tu. Sedih siak pasal very life-like. Errr... hmmnn..
Robert Deniro tak yah cakap...meh ni dia cakap
I want you to get this fuck where he breathes! I want you to find this nancy-boy Eliot Ness, I want him DEAD! I want his family DEAD! I want his house burned to the GROUND! I wanna go there in the middle of the night and I wanna PISS ON HIS ASHES!
Best giler ayat2 skrip kat pilem ni.

The Untouchables fronted by
Adrian Smith.

This is a very nice little bootleg of some The Untouchables songs that the world is fortunate enough to hear. 3 live songs from 1992 and one demo from 1993. These collection of songs are So much Enjoyable.
Yes, in today's world we already have the easy way out in Youtube, but.. its nice to have a proper bootleg so here it is to those who havent had this bootleg yet...
OR kalo korang tak boleh, pasal apa aku tahu kat ada tempat MEGAUPLOAD kena sumpit!!try ni

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fan Club Magazine 90 - Iron Maiden

So Iron Maiden fan club magazine number 90 has arrived.

Another superb one and spectacularly informative (again). About 52 pages of full colour, quality paper of everything Maiden from text to photos.
A short review but this is a nice photo.

- The Interview with Rod Smallwood to summarise the Final Frontier World Tour is very interesting. From the cd release, winning a Grammy for El Dorado and how Maiden feel on winning a Grammy Award, and the number 1 success in many countries, to the preparations, to every part of the tour worldwide up to the end.

The South East Asia part and Rod mentioned about first time playing Singapore, and its 12,000 sold out and a fantastic audience. We all know this because its been said before in previous fan club magazines and the fc online pages reviews by the band members and crew.
On the other hand, I think not many people know the problems in Jakarta Indonesia until reading this interview about the inexperience and equipments to do big shows and how they decide to proceed just two days to the show. I dont know how it feels for Maiden fans over there if they really cant proceed with all the problems there.

- Dave Murray four pages of answering fans questions is very interesting, especially I think to those who are really into his guitars, gadgets and setups. I wish there are more questions and answers from his early days to present and his opinions but 4 pages is quite ok. Also questions on the three amigos writting a song together the 3 of them and a solo album.

- Few pages on John McMurtrie regarding his photo book..

- Interview with the guy who does stage design for Maiden... Very nice to read about other acts that I do enjoy being mentioned here that he worked with - Spandau Ballet, Big Country even Spice Girls.
Interesting to see about acts he got problems with too.
The paintings of the huge backdrops that we love which change song by song, and how its done makes interesting info. They are actually paintings huhu.

- The fans who travelled all over and took the fanclub trips and the Superfans column. Well all I can say after reading this segments is 'some guys got all the luck'.
- The lightning designer guy interview and again Jakarta is being mentioned as a stand out moment. Seems he say when they arrived it looked like a disaster blablabla.. very interesting to read that part and all the interview here if you're a Maiden fan or loves to read about this type of thing.

- A flashback of Maiden Magazine no 8 back from long ago.
- A Super super photo of Steve Harris on the back cover haha.
- As usual some other things inside the mag and of course some superb photos of Maiden on stage, close ups of the Maiden members individually in action and of course the giant Eddie spread all over the pages.

So conclusion I really love the fc mags once they switch to the A4 size now compared to last time, which made me feel not worth it. Now I think its really worth it for me to spend a bit on something I love.

hensem giler Steve Harris kat gambo ni, haha. Suka aku foto ni.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

handphone camera, point & shoot camera, dslr camera, kamera cap itik, doesnt matter. This is so inspiring to anyone who had ever snap a photo.

I am extremely excited. I want to share with you all this youtube that just came out.
Just check it out to hear how John McMurtrie talk about from preparing his cameras up to the end editing process and finally authoring a spectacular hardcover photo book. 135,000 photos he had and he had to choose from them for this book.
As long as you guys love taking photos.. fuck care what type of device you use, from the most cheapest cameras to the most expensive cameras..
its all about passion.

John McMurtrie talks about On Board Flight 666

And above is an interesting 7 minutes of one of the best photographers in the world talking about his work, and I say one of the best because hey Maiden wont use any kucing kurap cameraman to follow them across the world for two seperate tours Somewhere Back In Time 2008 and Final Frontier 2011.

Anyway, though officially announced as 20th October, seems those in UK who ordered thru WHSmith already got their copy and seems its all positive.
I called up KINOKUNIYA, and they cant promise how fast the book is going to arrived. Elehhh kalo buku photo Metallica laju je sampai. Kejap.. aku cakap word paling Metallica skarang ni - "LULU". haha.
So what am I going to do!!!
Amazon UK is a solution. Damn!!! I hate all these hassle and unforseen problems ordering online.

I hope there will be photos from
Perth 2008, Singapore 2011, Melbourne Hisense 2011, Sydney Ent Ctr 2011, Brisbane Soundwave 2011. HAH!

And since this fellow already talk about the temperature in Singapore so confirmed at least one place.

Ni John Tak Sedar Diri McMati punye version lak haha.

p.s Mr Adrian Smith sir, can you donate one of your guitar to me please?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

mary long

tak tahu nak kasi post ni judul apa sebenarnya haha. Great live song, cruel lyrics. Tapi masih tak bleh celen Knocking At Your Back Door. Oppss kes mahkamah.

With Maiden lying low except for the recent very strong rumours of them headlining the next Rock In Rio which will be in September 2013 ( as a dreamy fan , I think RIR will be the last Maiden show of the next History Tour of Maiden England DVD official release, similar to Brave New World Tour which we got the Rock In Rio dvd, and I got a feeling for fans in this part of the world, early 2013, Maiden will come to this part of the world for the Maiden England DVD History Tour or it could be earlier 2012 if they really want to compensate for missing the 2011 Japan Tsunami dates. ),
I revisit the music of some of my other fave rock bands, and surfing and reading up on these bands fans discussions in the internet. Not fans who enjoy the band just because its cool or trendy or the band suddenly become the flavour of the month, but real fans. Their discussions are so in-depth especially with some are in the inner circle of actually researching and contributing to releasing of the older very rare recordings etc.

One of them is DEEP PURPLE, and I have been recently enjoying some nice but 'not so clear' bootlegs of the Mk III lineup (I am writting from memory so dont know the Mk number is correct, but its when Coverdale first join in ) especially the shows where Ritchie Blackmore was already playing Still I'm Sad for his solos and maybe during that time he already had planned RAINBOW even without the other members realising.

Its hard to escape the fact that when we say we love Deep Purple, whatever the lineup is, the musical chair that links it to other fantastic bands and individuals will crop up. From Rainbow, Whitesnake, JLT, all the way to present Black County Communion.

Speaking of RAINBOW, I just read somewhere that Rainbow Rising Deluxe Edition which I bought and also blog about it many months back, actually received 10/10 from Terroriser magazine while Classic Rock only gives a 14/20 score.
But like we all know, many times ratings or praises or condemnation of someone else, will be opposite to what we think

Anyway, a blog post will look a bit better with some photos, so again , a very quick collection of what Deep Purple items I have that I found in the messy pigsty haha.

Some complete cds, some cds with no covers, some covers with no cds, some missing the back cover, I got to once and for all clear the sarang tikus ( rat nest ) haha.
The rest of my Deep Purple collection is I hope still recoverable.

Ooo... checking out the photo, you guys may notice what look like bootlegs..

Yes they are bootlegs but official ones. This is sort of similar to what Mike Portnoy did for those special Dream Theater live releases, studio rehearsals stuffs where the fans can get their hands on these sanctioned releases.
For Maiden fans, the idea is similar to the original version of Live In Donington. The 1993 ones with the black and white paper sleeve with no inner prints. The idea of re-releasing it as part of the remastered series with new cover Eddie and inlet is I think weird.

I have always love Deep Purple so I even got their official bootlegs and I remember it was originally in a boxset of six different shows from different years from the Perfect Strangers reunion up to about 2000 but I had thrown away everything leaving only the cds and the front/back cover. Like the cds said, Collectors Edition Bootleg Series 1984-2000.

I think I had seen Deep Purple 4 times? or more I cant recall, but I wished I had seen the Kings Of Dreams line up playing at Kallang Stadium.
Its one of those legendary shows where I can just listen to the stories of those who went. It would have been a great show to see, Ritchie Blackmore was so pissed off that he dont even want to play Smoke On The Water and ends up its Joe Lynn Turner who did everything.

Seeing Deep Purple, just even for one song, lets make it Highway Star and its a marvel. A sight for sore eyes. A ear pleasure too. Seeing them for 90 mins, its always enjoyable though of course I will be cursing they are not playing my favourite songs.

So like I say its always a musical chair, so I hope I can make it for Ular Putih.
To finally see the legendary one and only David Coverdale live ( its like when I finally saw Ronnie James Dio singing live, its like I guess how other people with different taste feel finally seeing Frank Sinatra or Pavarotti live in the old days ).

And speaking of Dio, like I say its a musical chair really, Whitesnake have Doug Aldrich..

Ooo the Killing The Dragon lineup. The PUSH guy.
I always enjoyed watching the youtube of Dio's Push with Tenacious D. Jack Black and his funny pussshhhh..

Anyway, I missed Alice Cooper, no money no honey but nak sedapkan hati, terpaksa kerja.
Ya ya, I am going to miss the teutonic thrash too...

But, the weird thing is I actually miss out the triple whammy of
last saturday...fucking sold out in advance 7000 tickets. but in life no matter how I love Together In Electric Dreams, Human, Summer Rain, We Got The Beat, Little Black Book ( hahaha Siol kan aku? ), Venus, I Heard A Rumour, Hey Hey Goodbye - they are never a priority hehe. Maybe next time.
I read the reports that even after Bananarama who headline it left after Na Na Na Hey Hey, the 7000 crowd was still continuing to sing that song. Must be a fantastic show. And Bananarama was asking for the zouk moves haha.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

silksutra - akhirnya

I bought this debut cd from Silksutra, a Singapore rock band performing their own songs in the Malay language. In my opinion. Fantastic entertaining exciting heavy rock. So I want to write why I like it so.

Ikut prinsip "kalo kita tak sokong band rock Melayu baru -yang buat cd dengan lagu2 ori sendiri (yang lagu sedap2) dengan aku rasa mungkin segala cost pembikinan album dorang self-financed- dengan kita membeli cd dorang sapa lagi nak sokong", maka this is another one. And its a SUPERB one. Trust me.

SILKSUTRA - Akhirnya. Apa yang akhirnya tu aku tak tahu la.

So lepas beli aku rip terus 320quality dan pasang kat telinga dalam mrt pergi kerja. Suka giler aku. Heavy giler. So aku dengar dua kali round tempat bising, dan sekali ni dengar senyap sunyi. Bila dengar suasana sunyi, makin aku suka.

Tergamak Kau - Fast and heavy. Sedap lagu. The keyboards very menonjol. In out everywhere gitu.. Ingatkan aku kat berapa band rock yang aku suka cam Rainbow, Deep Purple, Lost Horizon huhu.
Mengapa Sukar - Slower song. Stay heavy.
Percaya - Ni yang aku wish ada liriks kat inlay dia. " ...perihal Pocong dan Bunian ". Did I hear right? wow. Lagu berunsur keteguhan iman gitu. I like.
Melissa - Hah, boleh buat Melissa Trilogy ler ngan Mercyful Fate & Helter Skelter weewits. Very nice song. Slow, but nice and rocking.
Bila Akhirnya - Lagu pasal derita, kehancuran, perbalahan gitu. Rancak.
Peristiwa - Ni lagu boleh celen lagu " Superman Tonite ". Sedap. Kalau filem2 Melayu hero heroin hensem cun happy2 gitu bila last part nak ending gitu hah sesuai main lagu ni.
Mungkir - Very nice intro.. dah part solo tu aku ingat aku dah teringat Toni Carey kat album Rainbow Rising sey. Backing vocals lagu ni ingatkan aku kat backing vocals Hail n Kill Manowar. Sama orang kot? haha.

So semua best. Suara sedap. Guitar solos. Rhythm section bass ngan drum gedebang gedebom bikin rhythmic havoc. Keyboards yang buat ni album so alive gitu. Kalau only radio stations give them a chance. Aku tak tahu, aku tak dengar radio haha. Tapi aku suka dengar pendapat brader2 kat muzika pasal giving these bands a chance for people to hear and hopefully support.

So kalo korang nak dengar band rock melayu yang baru2 yang best, menghiburkan, exciting, melodic, fast, loud, and HEAVY. Maybe this will suits your taste.

Aku beli ni ngan harga about 15 ketul. A great buy.

Kalo ada time, dan ada mood, aku merapek merhaban a few more cds ok. There are a lot more great Malay language rock bands putting out their own cds out there. So check them out.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday to Somewhere In Time

(A quick grab and photo taking of some of the related items I can find in my messy collection to make this blog posting better looking haha. Click all photos to enlarge.)

This posting may make a lot of Maiden fans since those days who were gleefully savouring the cassette tape/vinyl of this album which first came out in 29 September 1986 feel really OLD. Cue song - Alphaville Forever Young haha.

Nevertheless, I also want to join in fans worldwide celebrate 25 years of a magical album that brings sunshine to my younger innocent uncorrupted school boy days. haha.

I still remember this was my first original EMI cassette tape I bought from saving every single coin I have by skipping canteen break at school. Unfortunately, the bloody original cassette do not have lyric sheets, so back then, the only way to get the lyrics sheet was to look for the Indonesian bootleg cassette tape under the label of Rockshot.

Firstly a super fantastic album cover, which is maybe the most detailed Derek Riggs work ever with a lot of hidden items you have to find all over the artworks. You can spend a long time going thru every thing and you will still miss out some hidden stuff.

His Run For Cover book includes the pencil sketches of how he wants the Somewhere In Time cover and also Eddie itself, which appears as a cyborg to look like for this album.

The Eddie Cyborg as Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western role in a Star Wars Ep 4 New Hope niteclub scenario is one of my favourite Eddie ever. Maybe 2nd favourite right behind the Trooper Eddie.

The songs... and yesterday I transfer SIT into my mp3 player and I listen to it on the MRT on my way to work. I think people will find me crazy because I was like smilling and grinning away at the beauty of every song in this album. It has been so long since I listen to the studio version songs from the album in sequence.
Maximum hearing volume of 30/30 never feel this good. haha.
Ooo I rip it from the original pressing , not the pathetic remastered version of the late 90s. I still think the 90s remastered repacking old Maiden albums is still an embarassment. Though having the whole remastered set on the 25,000 only Eddie head skull box is still a neccessity haha. Fuck!, the day I start to become a Maiden fan as a little primary school boy is a curse moneywise haha.

Caught Somewhere In Time has a great intro and guitar solos, Wasted Years is easily one of the most romantic lyrics Adrian Smith had ever written, and the song itself is golden, Sea Of Madness and listening to the live bootlegs of this song from the SIT tour and I really like the way Bruce sing some parts of this song live, Heaven Can Wait, and I still remember finding an internet access in Perth just to check if we won the lucky draw to go onstage to sing the 'wooo wooo wooo' part and unfortunately no luck haha, I was like even trying to ready my better half on how to sing that part haha. Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner is simply unique with for me it has a bit Oriental feeling, dan bila aku jumpa orang yang rakam Belgrade Yugoslavia 1986 dimana lagu ni dimainkan sebelum kena drop, dan aku pergi tengok konsert Maiden ngan dia, dan tengok cammana dia punya pattern, memang aku respek giler. Betul2 legend tapi relaks santai je.
Stranger In A Strange Land, is a so lonely song again composed and lyrics by H, Deja- Vu and I know its not only me who went to look for a dictionary to find the meaning of this word. Lastly Alexander The Great... a historically facts-laden song with so difficult to pronounce legendary names and places that has a great instrumental break can bring moist to my eyes. If I can choose one song Maiden have to play live that they never did before, I will choose this over gems such as Judas Be My Guide, Run Silent Run Deep, Invaders, Thin Line Between..., Montsegur and even the spectacular Star'fuckin'blind, still for me the best song on Final Frontier one year later. But there was the youtube from the 2011 Greece show where Bruce seems to be hinting of a possible future performance of ATG? well at least he sing the chorus already haha.

Let me tell you, Alexander The Great is so influential then that even a group of girls performing the traditional BORIA dance in Singapore use the slow marching intro as their performance intro.

It would have been fantastic to see the band during SIT World Tour of 1986-87 with a beautiful stage

and a handsome and not so fearsome Walk On Eddie.

I saw the similar Eddie during 2008 and it really is so nice live.

The setlist was fantastic and they can still slot in songs like Phantom Of The Opera and Where Eagles Dare and they even fit in Rime Of Ancient Mariner, and we have Dave Murray and H doing an instrumental from a song by Nightwish Walking In The Air haha. Just joking, actually it was all taken from a children cartoon show song in the early 80s. The cartoon snowman was flying in the clouds etc.
It would be tragic if like reported, Maiden really do not have any professional video records of a full SIT show recorded. If anyone watch the videotape of Twelve Wasted Years, there was seems like Budokan Japan show if I still remember correct being shown a bit.
But still we have fan recorded Sheffield and Paris etc and thanks to youtube all of us can view them. I have no need to beg people for the fans collectors videotapes and dvdr anymore haha.
For myself, my favourite bootleg from that era are the ones from Bristol which I really like the fans recording. Bruce was very chatty that night haha. It makes me just want to backpack to Bristol to see The Carlston Hall he was talking about haha.

Or at least see Bruce wearing the "Hari Raya Lampu Kelap Kelip" decorative lights thingy on his body at the start of the show.

Besides the eight songs on the album, we have some amazing bsides from the two singles from this album. Sheriff of Huddersfield was hilarious, That Girl sounds ok, Juanita was a most fast and catchy song, but the champion bside is definitely Reach Out with H on lead vocals. Absolutely one of the most amusingly full-of-love Bside cover version by Maiden ever. I only managed to listen to this song in 1990 from the First Ten Years Series haha. Better late than never.

So I think I have summarise what I feel about Somewhere In Time 25 years later.
I really like it, but if I am going to be marooned on a desert island and I have to choose one Maiden studio album from that period, it will still be SSOASS.

I've got to keep going be strong
Must be so determined and push myself on...

the story of my life haha.

p.s I always thought the West Ham 7 Arsenal 3 is just the most stupid impossible dream, but alas, a miserable 8-2 scoreline did happen. I prefer it being West Ham than Man U, at least it will make Steve Harris happy.