Friday, March 11, 2011

Sydney 1 of 2 ( My Maiden Oz 2011 Backpack part 5 )

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Sampai je kat Sydney aku ada rasa panik sikit haha. Maklum bandaraya besar giler, modern.

Sydney on arrival from Melbourne really intimidates me. The domestic airport is already huge and seeing how their MRT subway from the airport are double deckers is awesome.

I alight at Central, and I realised there are over 20+ platforms. I cant even find my exit haha. Luckily my backpacker's lodge is so nearby to Central.
In fact all is within walking distance ( at least for me ), so I did not spend a single cent on transport, on my 2 days in Sydney.

Jadi aku dapat save duit kat situ dan top up kat makan yang Sydney ni memang mahal walau setakat kebab atau Pizza halal.

Darling Harbour pemandangan dia cantik2...korang boleh tumpu banyak masa kat sini, macam2 aktiviti pun ada, nak keluar duit keluar, tak nak, jalan2 je pun ok pasal tempat ni besar dan memang cantik... Ni sebagian foto dia..

Pasal aku ni suka kat haiwan dan aku pun ni kali travel tanpa love ones aku, selain tiket2 untuk 3 konsert Maiden kat Australia dan merchandise Maiden, perbelanjaan lain aku yang budge ni aku spend hanya untuk pergi tempat2 aku rasa unik di Australia ni yang ada kena mengena ngan Haiwan.
So between the world famous Taronga Zoo and Sydney Wildlife World I decide to opt for the Wildlife World as I want to see how they build a 'zoo' in an enclosed area in the middle of a city. There are also the famous Aquarium but I dont have the time to go as basically I know I will spend a few hours at least visiting each of these places so I just choose one.
Furthermore, I have decided to go to Lone Pine Sanctuary ( which is a fantastically brilliant place for animal lovers ) when I am in Brisbane, so it is ok for me to opt out of Taronga Zoo although I did managed to catch a boat to the entrance of the Taranga zoo itself on its Sydney harbour stopovers.

A Modern City Zoo that is brutal haha...with lots of venomous snakes, and Australia is the home of the Tai-Pan, the single most poisonous snake in the world, also one of the hugest fearsome crocodile on display anywhere, a killer bird, koalas ( which of course is more superb at Lone Pine Sanctuary ) and beautiful red kangaroos..

Rex ni kan buaya 5 metre. Giler babi ah sejarah dia, dorang kena tangkap dia kat Darwin pasal dia brutal sangat, dah tu, kolam dia tak boleh ada buaya lain pasal nanti dia bunuh semua. Rabak siak dekni haha.
But what a pity, I miss out on the feeding day of Rex. He is only feed I think on each Wednesday. The feeding session would have been great fun to see.

Burung Cassowary ni aku tengok pun seram, besar giler, korang nengok kat reflection budak mat salleh ni, dah tu memang kecoh beb kaki dia...mau dia cakar sekali, boleh maut.

This reminds me of the Kangaroo Jack movie haha, I came from a land down under...
below meanwhile are some wallabies..
I can spend hours and hours just looking at these beautiful creatures...sigh.

Then I go for a bite and continue to explore and found many nice things...
Its really fun place to be at this Darling Harbour...

You even have a warship, a submarine and a olden day ship with sails though of course I think you must buy tickets to board them, as its beside the Maritime Museum which unfortunately I dont have time to explore into, but even without tickets the view of the ships is spectacular already...
One thing in Australia, history and museums is for everyone with the museums having free entry. Its fabulous.

There is this nice bridge across the Darling Harbour, which even have a monorail system and it provides you with some breathtaking view of the whole place.

Then I go for a boat ride... but I think I stop here first...

Before I forget lets talk about why I go to Sydney in the first place hahaha..

This is because Maiden is going to headline Soundwave Festival across Australia and Bruce did mention in Sydney intimate show that Brisbane is 46,000 crowd and we already knew Brisbane Soundwave is sold out way in advance. Sydney Soundwave is going to be over 50,000++ crowd and Melbourne was the first to sold out with 30,000++ Soundwave crowd.
So For Maiden to still have two arena shows by themselves at Melbourne and Sydney with about 9000 capacity and basically having just a few rows of seats at the highest stands not being sold, is an achievement by itself as it means many people are hardcore enough and willing to pay just to see Maiden in an intimate place and going again for the Soundwave Festivals which is a day night affair with 40 bands on 6 stages.

For Sydney Arena Show I didnt bother to take any photos as I am so happy with the pics I took at Melbourne, so this is just one photo I took when Eddie came out.

Siot mat salleh semua besar2 memang aku tak boleh rempuh2 sebarang haha. Dah tu macam aku cakap Sydney nye crowd suka baling2 beer macam peminat2 suka buang2 air botol mineral water kalau tengok Search kat JB. Nasib baik tak kena aku... tapi lecak rabak lantai ngan beer. Tapi Maiden fans memang civilised abis, so takde la any untowards incident.

For what its worth, SYDNEY Intimate Show crowd is superior to MELBOURNE'S Intimate Show crowd.. And Maiden plays a cracking blinder show in Sydney too.

Before I forget this is how the Australian Event Tshirt looks like and the programme which is not available for the Singapore show.
Just like SBIT 2008 and 2009, there were all these similar looking programmes but I hope to keep an eye out for the rare book type programme which I'm sure will be released by middle of this year in Europe and that will be a huge souvenir to keep as a memory.

TO BE CONTINUED about my boat trip and...

This is what you see at Sydney Botanical Gardens if you wait for it in the evening..

Bats and more bats flying all over you...

and also this haha


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