Monday, June 30, 2008

apa aku makan

lama tak ceta pasal makanan eh?
kadang2 tu sebelum makan nasik bungkus, aku suka snap gambo dulu pakai henpon, saje2 buat kenangan.

nasik rawan $3. ni kira yang kita tak pilih sendiri nye.
ada sotong, paru, bagedil, sambal goreng, tempeh.. memang worth it ler.

ni 3 ringgit kot, lauk nangka ngan ikan goreng

ni lak nasik goreng merah.. korang perasan tak ada mamak eh dia tanya nak mata lembu tak, tapi ada tak tanya, dia terus kasi, kalo kasi free takpe jugak kan.

goreng udang $2 ngan lada ijau dia. besar2 jugak..

air cincau yang ikat nye 70sen, ngan keropok yang aku kadang2 beli kat puduraya..

Sunday, June 29, 2008

be quick maiden observation

most of my humble maiden piring hitams 7',10',12' vinyl format in a hurried photoshoot ( click to enlarge ), I used to only collect 7 inches singles because they are cute but as the old saying goes, "once you get started, you cannot stop".

Busy is busy but I still got time to be a busybody. Follow up to my story of Paul Roxy asking me whether I still want my SBIT vinyl as someone wants to buy my reserved copy. This is my quick observation from the past few days about demands for Iron Maiden stuffs especially vinyls/record/LP/EP/12'/7' in Singapore and chat with some people.

Jadi kelmarin wa ngah lincah pegi collect SBIT vinyl wa. Siot ah.. LAWA NYE!!! CANTIK NYE!!! GORGEOUS NYE!! FANTASTICALLYBEAUTIFULICIOUS NYE!!.. nanti lain kali aku review.
1 ) So aku tanya Mr Seah, dia cakap memang, dia pun perasan tiba2 demand untuk Maiden stuffs makin naik. Selain dari customers yang memang beli barang Maiden, dia cakap customers yang tak beli barang Maiden dari dia, tiba2 sekarang dah tanya mana tu yang vinyl Maiden gantung kat display tu. ( Kalo korang perasan, Maiden nye vinyl singles kat Roxy yang dia gantung2 tu semua dah takde, orang dah beli dah semua hehehe, padahal dulu2, kumpul habuk siak ).
Mr Seah cakap orang2 ni bukan saje nak mula kumpul sekarang, tapi ngah carik vinyls lama Maiden. Abis ler, makin susah ler orang cam aku nak gi carik vinyls buruk lagi.

2 ) aku jugak gi kedai antik jual barang lama kat tingkat tiga tu aku tanya apek tu pasal piring hitam Maiden, dia pun tahu siak, dia cakap dah 10 orang before aku datang kedai dia mintak vinyl Maidens.
Anyway , sapa takde Maiden Japan vinyl bleh gi kedai apek ni, aku flip2 at random aku nampak ni. Aku tak beli ah, pasal aku dah ada jepun pressing "heavy metal army" dah cukup ah.. Budget tak mengizinkan.

3 ) ni paling klassik.
Kalo korang gi Gramaphone ke hapa tu? kat belah penin tu.
Dah berapa lama dvd-audio Dance Of Death ngan vinyls Dance of Death ngan AMOLAD kumpul habuk. Aku gi nengok smalam kot.. Semua dah takde hehehe.

Kebetulan? aku tak rasa.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

southern ridges ( part iii ) - Forest Walk

I like this one..

Continuation of my Southern Ridges stroll.
This is the Forest Walk segement. Very nice.
Here are the photos..( as usual click all photos to enlarge )

The beginning if you are from the Henderson Waves side or the end if you are from the Alexandra Rd side.

My first view..
I thought it will be something like the Leftenan Adnan battleground Canopy Walk or the Macritchie Reservoir Tree Top Walk, but its so much longer I think..

Then I glanced down..very impressive..

As usual, can see lots of things including the sea..

If you dont like to use the sloping walkway, stairs are provided at some parts.

as per normal,
no open fire, no cycling, no feeding of monkeys ( again I didnt see any monkeys that day ), and no catching of insects

The walkway cuts through the forest, so that makes it nice.

At night especially, got snakes or not?

Like I say its really a great place to go, somemore its free.

I hope this place remains unpopular because once everyone comes in, there will be lots of noises, uncivillised behaviour not suitable for these type of place, and littering.

To be continued..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

essential gift dan roxy tepon

Ada dua cerita..
cerita pertama, so tu hari love ones aku kasi gift kat aku, so aku bukak, eh? " iron maiden essential ". so aku was like big surprise!!..aku memang takde ni sey.
so aku pikir, takkan koleksi maiden aku kena scrutinize dah tu cek apa aku takde, impossible pasal its all over the place huhu.

so aku tanya my better half cammana tau which maiden cd aku takde, so mbh aku jawab " BECAUSE ITS A COMPILATION ". huhuhu...
Aku rasa, that is the definitive answer..and aku take it as a compliment hehe. Happy siak.
Even Edward The Great compilation pun aku takde, aku cuma ada promo 5 track dia je.

Anyway, just untuk sapa2 interested Essential Iron Maiden is a USA released under the Sony label featuring about more than 25 songs on 2cd. It begins with Paschendale from the Dance Of Death album ( 2003 ) to the beginning. Features 4 Blaze era tracks, and the Running Free full length version from Live After Death. Most Bruce era tracks are the singles. Oo and there is the Phantom Of The Opera in there. All in all, this is a good compilation from my point of view.

Cerita kecoh..
Tadi Paul Roxy tepon aku , " eh hallo!! when you want to collect the Somewhere Back In Time vinyl? "
Sekali aku jawab " wait ah, I busy, also I wait for payday coming soon already "
Aku tanya " WHY? I pay deposit already what $10 three months ago.. so you know I confirm will collect from you "

siak ah....

dia cakap lagik " This guy wants to buy two of the vinyls, one for listening, one for keeping "

stress siak aku...
dah la nak carik barang Maiden kat sini susah, ngan makin banyak demands, prices will go up..
Lagi si Paul lagi bleh cakap " I just check internet, the price of this vinyl shoot up already ah!! "

siak ah.... maut siol kalo pekedai semua dah tau dorang dah bleh jack up the price of Maiden stuffs pasal there are more demand than supply for Maiden listeners...


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

southern ridges ( part ii ) - Terrace Garden

( as usual click all the photos to enlarge )
Continuation of my Southern Ridges stroll. (A bit like a frolic in the park.) After crossing the beautiful Henderson Waves which I had described the last few days,

you will come across this nice looking relaxing park. Definitely the spot for some lazy afternoon nap.

you can choose a few paths or routes to take.

I opt to take the Terrace Garden & the Elevated Walkway paths. I hope to explore the other two directions ( plus the Marang Trail ) next time, when I'm a bit free and it must be a working weekday, when there will be very few people around :-)

Special attention is given to those on wheelchair, and of course the "dont feed the monkeys" signages are prominent. Unlike Macritchie Reservoir where there are groups of monkeys monkeying around, I didnt see any here.

Not knowing what to expect of a "terrace garden" which sounds like a sissy name, its pleasant to discover that when I reach there, I like it.

ooo before I forget, there are gents and ladies facilities plus a drinking fountain nearby. Seems like a lot of money has been spent to form up the Southern Ridges but its worth it I think as the public will love it.

One thing about Terrace Garden, get ready to climb the stairs to reach the top, but I think there is a little road for those who cant walk up. The view is worth the climb for me.

In one direction you can see all the buildings and such..

And the other..

the sea, the ships,

the cable cars.

So the next time you visit the Southern Ridges, do not skip the "terrace garden" ok? The name is not nice but the place and view is.
The group of visitors resting there are from one of the nursing homes who I am sure are enjoying themselves too.

The next time, when I am relaxing a bit and have internet access, I will talk about the elevated walkway, like the one below..,

pengsi sey jembatan ni...pada aku kan, Southern Ridges dia punye magik kat jembatan2 dia semua stylo mylo macam2 pattern dan kegunaan.

Monday, June 23, 2008

wings & superfriends- opera dlm kenangan ( part 2 )

Sambungan ulasan pendek ngan foto2 cd kumpulan Wings & Superfriends Opera Dalam Kenangan part 2 yang keluar tahun 1994 dulu.

Part 2 ni yang cover dia kaler hijau. Pada taste aku, part 2 memang lagi best lagu2 dia. Kira bila main cd ni takde skip2 track, start sampai abis dan ulang.
Alam Barzakh ngan Dari Tuhan tak payah ceta ler, Biarkan Berlalu, Orang Kita smua dah jadi makin best, Nike Ardilla pun ada. M Nasir pun, dua kali.

Senarai lagu ngan penyanyinya untuk cd part 2 ialah..
1. Paus Menangis ( instrumental )
2. Alam Barzakh - RAMLI SARIP, MUS MAY, AMY SEARCH, AZUL, ANDY McLEAN ( versi lagu Alam Barzakh yang ada cakap omputeh sikit. " I have taken shelter from the fire thats burning all around" )
3. Di Tepian Gelanggang - ITO
4. Orang Kita - RAMLI SARIP
5. Biarkan Berlalu - ITO
6. X'Po Imaginasi - M NASIR
7. Pengembara Terasing - NIKE ARDILLA
8. Kiblat Laser - AMY SEARCH
9. Satelit Puaka - MUS MAY
10. Dari Tuhan - A ROMZI
11. Jerangkung ( instrumental )
12. Bernafas Dalam Lumpur - MUS MAY
13. Rantai - M NASIR
ending Rantai ada instrumental PTW.


the end

Saturday, June 21, 2008

wings & superfriends- opera dalam kenangan ( part 1 )

Sapa yang minat Wings, Gi blog Ijan, usaha sedang dijalankan untuk tubuhkan fanclub Official Sayap Sayap Wings. FYI.

yang merah tu pt 1, hijau nye pt 2

Anyway, tu hari aku gi jalan2 nengok2 barang lama ( sebenarnye nak carik barang2 Maiden orang dah nak buang nye ler haha ), so jumpa Wings And Superfriends nye cds part 1 & part 2 brand new kira mint condition. Ni terbit tahun 1994 gitu, so aku memang takde so aku sambar ler sepasang.

mata aku sakit nak baca info2 dia..dah tua..hehe

The next two postings with handphone photos will be about the content and the packaging of the two cds. The two are released together which reminds me of the GNR Use Your Illusion albums. During this period, Wings had just lost their singer Awie and this two albums of about 25 tracks are made up of different genre of singers with their own style.
Anyway Black was also not around then. He was not even around for the Bazooka Penaka album which I really like.

Apa Joe tulis untuk sampul pt 1 & 2, Joe tulis lain2.

The basic infos for Wings & Superfriends - opera dalam kenangan ( part 1 ) or referred as the kaler merah cover are-

Wings - Joe/Eddie/Jojet
The Tracklist with the singer
1. on My Side - ANDY McLEAN ( This song is similar to Julang Timur Tengah if I can remember correctly )
2. Dia - HATTAN
3. Rock N Roll Band - AZUL
4. Taman Rashidah Utama - RAMLI SARIP
5. Perhentian - JOE/EDDIE/JOJET
6. Sejati - AZUL
7. Midnight Blues - HATTAN
8. Serati Tidak Bisa Jadi Undan - AMY SEARCH
9. Peronda Jaket Biru - SAHARA YAACOB
10. Bazooka Penaka - YANTZEN
11. Tangisan Marhain - SAHARA YAACOB

Each song is nice in their own way, but I like the one with Amy Search best.
Slow beautiful song. As usual the most complicated liriks by arwah loloq - piala kasturi, raden galoh, and the like.

Apa Eddie tulis..

I think this is one of the more harder to find cds among all Wings releases. So if you find it anywhere. You should consider purchasing the originals.

Liriks dia..berpinar mata nak baca..

to be continued..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

southern ridges ( part i ) - Henderson Waves

ini jembatan kayu..

Kadang2, kita semua suka syok sendiri. So this is mine sambil wa sahut seruan New Straits Times untuk speaking london. Korang dah nengok iklan NST kat tv Malaysia? yang budak2 tu dalam bas jawab awek mat salleh tu? siak ah, National Monument sua jadi rumah makcik Maimon ke hapa ntah. Lepak sey. Serious bebual, iklan2 tv Malaysia seribu kali bagus dari Singapura nye, atau is it aku jarang betul nengok tv Singapore? oppss. Tapi apa pun, its good to learn proper English, regardless of our education level, job description or lack of both hehe.

Click All Photos To Enlarge. Hope you enjoy them although its very amateur, especially for those who havent got a chance to visit this beautiful place yet.

Photos of my trip to the Southern Ridges. The total length of the whole links of hills, forest, gardens, parks and brigdes is about 9km. I did walk a bit, but not the whole length at one go of course. Some of them I had visited before like the leftenan Adnan punye tempat perang, but I would like to visit Reflections On Bukit Chandu again and of course the rest ...soon.

The Henderson Waves is not the beginning or ending point of the Southern Ridges trail, but I pick it as my starting point during my trip.
How I reach there?
I take MRT to Redhill then I took bus no 145. Its about 8 bus stops away, you all wait until you see the bridge then you all alight ok?
But, you all also can take from Vivocity also can. Actually got a lot of ways la if you all are taking public transport ok.

There is another path leading to the other side called the Marang Trail and the cable car area.
And also, there are warnings to avoid this place during bad weather, I believed this is due to lightning ( petir/kilat ) factors as the Southern Ridges are all on high ground.

Like what I described beforehand, these are some guides and infos on what the Southern Ridges are all about at the start of the Henderson Waves.

Seriously speaking, that one on the bottom right corner is one of the best historical places in Singapore. But, not many people knows about it I guess. Its the area where Leftenan Adnan and the Malay Regiment battle the Japanese during World War II and for those who are interested in this event, its THE place to go with the museum and everything.

from this photo, you can gauge the height of this bridge, about above the height of the Telok Blangah hdb flats. ( The last time I think I mentioned Telok Blangah was for the Kerajaan Johor's Masjid Temenggong photos. Its been a long time since I syok sendiri about mosques which have their own stories to tell isnt it? , maybe next time, insyallah. )

If you notice the curvy roofy thingys? Well, surprise, they have wooden benches built into them.

As you can see ( from far, as not to attract unnecessary attention to yours truly ), a Malay family is having a nice afternoon enjoying themselves.

The view, you can see the sea..kejap wa nak send long distance dedication lagu Ozzy osbourne kejap -
Sitting By The Ocean
Mapping Out My Plans Of Action
Baby, They includes You.
Serious bebual wa ngah touch siak skarang, wa ngah dengar cd Wings & Superfriends pt2 ( nanti wa review ), tengah lagu Dari Tuhan, Wings ngan A.Romzi. Lagu ni very the menginsafkan. Dah tu lagu Alam Barzakh lak, ada Amy Search, Ramli Sarip, Mus May, lagik, siap ada part lirik omputeh lagik... Seram... I like.

Can you spot the Chinook up in the air? I think too small ah but you click on photo see how? can or not? I dont know about Military stuffs, but I always think the Chinook is a very stylo mylo helicopter and easily identifiable.

So lets continue with the Henderson Waves shall we? photos from different angles.

And it makes me wonder..
The bridge uses timber, so isnt it easily flammable? Will it wear out faster in the hot sun and rainy weather? Surely all these were taken into account when building this bridge. Must be some good wood ah? Rocco kot? hehe. Anyway, there are signages not to smoke, and not to start any fire.

Its very nice somemore... its for all of us... I can see the apeks and nyonyas dating haha.

aku suka. lawa.

maximum optical zoom session. Anyway, I use my 2ndhand beloved FZ30 for this shots. Bila main zoom optical je, terus goyang. Wa tak stable ah nak ambik gambo betul2. Tangan gigil huhu.

I will continue, if I have the time and the mood. More of the wonderful Southern Ridges next time k.

(Kira ni macam ceta wayang Lord Of The Rings gitu ah, ada sambung2, ni kira part one dah bis, Frodo ngan Sam ngah naik sampan seberang sungei then Aragorn, Legolas ngan si Dwarf pendek tu nak gi carik dua ekor pranksters tu kena kidnap Orcs tu.. )