Monday, October 16, 2017

Mr Big - 15th Oct 2017 Defying Gravity Asia Tour @ Singapore Kallang Theater - ulasan/review

Salam and Hi Everyone.
Mr Big is back to play and its happiness all around.
First in English and then lots of talk cock in Bahasa Melayu Malay Language.

Just for one song.. its just Billy Sheehan, Eric Martin, Pat Torpey and Paul Gilbert.

Other than that Matt Starr plays the drums while..
-Pat Torpey plays Percussions/Tambourines and backing vocals on other songs.
-Pat Torpey appears only on after the 3rd or 4th song and occasionally leave the stage.
-Pat Torpey always received the loudest applause and cheers for the night everytime - when he first appeared, when he takeover the drums, when he finished Just Take My Heart, and during the individual band members introduction.
-I think Pat Torpey did not say anything to the audience last night if I remember correctly. Yes, no cover version song encore.

Below are the front and back design for the 2017 Defying Gravity Asia Tour Tshirt Merchandise.

Its awesome evening, I was supposed to be working night shift yesterday, but its Mr Big and so it need favours from colleagues to allow me a chance to not miss Mr Big.
There are a lot of nice overseas bands playing within the same period in this month or two..
Dream Theater, Loudness (opening for Sebastian Bach), Belinda Carlisle.. (LOL!!)..
but you cannot have have everything in a short period of time budget wise, work and family commitment wise,  and you have to choose wisely from past experiences, and unless its TOTO, Mr Big is the best "superband" I have ever seen and I want to see them again and again. Of course Belinda Carlisle is a compulsory attendance for me everytime too.

So, watching Mr Big is like watching Toto. I dont know whom to look at.
At least watching Iron Maiden, you basically knows whom to focus on at which parts of the shows, and backpacking different places watching Iron Maiden multiple times means I can afford to OGLE at Dave/Adrian/Bruce/Janick of course Steve Harris playing on stage (except Nicko he is somewhere buried).
But its seldom to see Mr Big. So its a big deal for me.

the price ticket is worth it just to see Billy Sheehan plays for 2 hrs. (no he did not bring out his double neck).
Simply exhilarating , enjoyable, thrilling, awe-struck, happy to see Mr Big perform.
Pat Torpey I had already mentioned above.
Amazing amazing songs, and the bonus are the solos section by Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert.

Billy Sheehan also does the bulldog sound.
Billy Sheehan closing speech is always very uplifting and he knows how to win over the crowd.
He really says some nice things at the ending yesterday... about when Mr Big is asked all over the world everytime by the media on the question " Where is some of the most amazing places you have played?"

Eric Martin is singing very well. He got a few mic problems at the first two songs. Some swaps done.
Matt Starr seems to be doing the backing vocals a lot, head tilted to his left to sing on the microphone and not looking at where he hits his drums and cymbals. LOVE IT!!!!! if he is going to be THE permanent "very special guest" for years to come.
There was a comedy when after throwing his drum stick to the sky he failed to catch it and he candidly blame the spotlights or something.
He wore a Motorhead England tshirt yesterday.

The songs..  They are on stage for about 2hr and 8 mins.
Six New Songs played.
I got worried when I saw their setlist for North America a few months back but then coming to the Asia part of the World Tour,
its all very good.. Six New Songs and a longer playing time. They even play Promised Her The Moon. This is not exactly a constant song on the setlist thru the years and even on the earlier part of this World Tour.

Daddy Lover Brother Little Boy
American Beauty 
Alive and Kickin
Just Take My Heart (Pat Torpey on drums)
Take Cover
Green Tinted Sixties Mind
Everybody Needs  A Little Trouble
Price You Got To Pay
Paul Gilbert solo
Open Your Eyes
Forever And Back
Wild World
Damn I'm In Love Again
Promised Her The Moon
Rock N Roll Over
Around The World
Billy Sheehan solo
Addicted To That Rush
To Be With You
Colorado Bulldog
Defying Gravity.

so six new songs from new album.
so no cover version of Deep Purple or Judas Priest or Grand Funk during the encore.
Paul Gilbert does not play the drum last night.
Paul Gilbert does not sing Highway To Hell last night.
Eric Martin plays acoustic guitar for Forever And Back and Wild World and.. the next song? (I have forgotten).

THIS IS A CRAZY BAND THAT PLAYS ALL THEIR POP HITS FIRST, and FINISH THE SHOW WITH NEW SONGS!!!!! (because they know the audience will love the new songs as much as the old ones? haha)

(more photos right at the end with CAPTIONS at each photo, mostly not all... ok.. bye).

.Apa Khabar Semua..

Hai korang,

OK aku dah berbual kon cakap omputeh so mari cakap melayu lak.
Apa nak cakap eh?
Puaka kan, tetiba macam2 band nak perform.

So aku pilih nak gi tengok Mr Big la. 
Pengsan la tengok semua kan..
Aku dah la kerja shift, everytime nak tengok band rock main je kena tengok rota kerja.

kawan aku wassap Loudness Malaysia nye show kat KL pergi ke? pasal gossip nya ada May/ Wings dan Metalasia juga kan? Dia memang minat Loudness, rumah macam kedai cd Loudness aje dia kumpul mungkin dah lebih 20 tahun nye koleksi...
So aku cakap tak boleh..
aku bilang aku weekend tu aku kena kerja malam, dah la Sabtu aku nak tengok Belinda Carlisle main kan.. so aku tak boleh gi la..
Dia nye reaction " ERK??!! kau gi tengok Belinda Carlisle? "

Hah.. Jangan memain, kadang2 tu aku rasa Belinda Carlisle lagi best dari Iron Maiden. haha.

OK Mr Big, terbaik dari ladang kentang potato McDonalds Amerika Syarikat.
Terutama sekarang sokongan peminat makin kuat dengan kesihatan peribadi drummer Pat Torpey terganggu.
Tapi semalam memang nampak pada aku la, dia macam makin sakit sey....
Boleh tahu la kan... korang tahu " salah bantal? ", hah.. macam gitu la bila tengok dia, tapi dia ni macam " salah bantal " satu badan..
Dia lebih kepada main tambourine je, tapi ada lagu dia main percussion lain.
Drum kali ni dia main lagu Just Take My Heart aje.

So sila ambil perhatian bila kawan atau drummer sakit, tolonglah tiru Mr Big apa dorang buat untuk drummer bukan sakit sebarang tapi sakit Parkinson.

OK yang lain lain tu cammana nak cerita. ?
-Eric Martin hensem giler. Suara maintain.
-Billy Sheehan cam aku cakap atas, duit tiket tu kalau dia sorang je la naik pentas main live dengan backing cd pun aku akan bayar. Giler ah Billy Sheehan. DAHSYAT MAKDATOK! apa dia buat siot macam orang tengah main mahjong pun ada.
-Paul Gilbert.. hahahaha... ni kira tengok Paul Gilbert main depan mata macam aku ni beruk sarkis tengok belon terbang.. mulut melopong.
-Matt Starr kelakar siak, lambung stik tak boleh tangkap abis tu cam marah2 bumbung ke hapa entah hahahaha. Aku suka dia nyanyi backing ah.. tak pandang sey ketuk mana.
-Pat Torpey aku dah cerita atas, lagi sekali.. aku rasa kalau penyakit boleh sembuh dengan sorakan peminat, Pat Torpey dah sihat semalam.

Jadi tu je la....
setlist ke, apa aku tak berbual kon cakap melayu, aku dah cakap kat omputeh nye...
rasanya omputeh lagi banyak colok la aku..

nanti la aku cerita2 lagi k.. 

Hingga kelain kali bye.. nah layan gambo,,,

Paul Gilbert Cheers!!!!!!!

Eric Martin on acoustic guitar.........
This is the part with the nice new sweet song Forever And Back, (Billy Sheehan does sweet backing vocals) and then Wild World Cat Stevens.

Billy Sheehan bass solo and he can solo for one hour no problem....

One leg standing

Pat Torpey when he first appeared. I think after Undertow.. or was it before Temperamental. I had forgot.

Paul Gilbert solo.

Billy Sheehan with his very nice speech right at the end.
Final night of the Asian section of the Defying Gravity World Tour.

p.s - aku tanya Berteromber, dia baru review tu Defying Gravity kan?

So aku tanya... " ada lirik tak dalam inlet? "

so dia jawab " takde "....

OK....   hahahahaha... KIV je la dulu album "original." terbaru ni. tapi aku tak tipu la, sedap2 lagu baru, 1992, Defying Gravity...fuuhh aku suka aku suka aku suka Defying Gravity ni lagu ni..
dan lagu Forever and Back..

jiwang giler siot lagu ni... Billy Sheehan backing vocal ah ah ah tu..

"I am the Beast and you're the Beauty..."
" I've been a fool to my Princess.. "
sweet giler lagu ni siap lirik kelakar pasal kaki minum dan main judi... lepas tu janji nak jadi baik...siap bukak bank akaun nak save duit.
lawak.. tapi sweet giler 

geng lipat kain mesti suka nye...

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Def Leppard Hysteria Expanded 3cd Deluxe 30 Years & Iron Maiden Fan Club Magazine no 106.

Hi All.
Lots of photos on this post but minimum text I hope.
As usual first talking cock in English, and then talking cock in Bahasa Melayu (Malay language).

Incoming Iron Maiden Fan Club Magazine edition 106
and Def Leppard Hysteria 30 Years Deluxe 3cd Expanded edition.

Lets start with Def Leppard...

I will show all photos of the packaging for those interested.

This album is basically imbedded into many rock fans ears and brains thru all these years.

Remember that I only listen to the ripped-format while walking, waiting for bus and trains and inside public transportations of bus and trains,
and plus being aware of the songs since its release many years ago..

The remastered version do not make much difference to me.

I only got it for the 2nd and 3rd cd of In The Round In The Face cd official format.
I want to collect a live album officially release on the Hysteria tour, so this is my chance.
Again, a hit and miss live album..
Some portions are amazing, some are boring.

But if you love anything on the late STEVE CLARK.. THIS 3cd version is a MUST!!!!

Click to make it bigger.

Hai Semua...

Macam aku cakap kat atas.. kalau korang minat Def Leppard,
berapa korang menyampah pun album ni pasal terlampau pop sangat...,
tapi ni album dan lagu2 dia dah konfem terpahat dalam sanubari korang sejak berpuluh tahun lepas.
Memang banyak lagu dari album ni gerek..
terbaik dari ladang.

So kalau korang fikir nak beli versi 3cd ni... 
aku tak boleh cakap ni paling gerek la...
lagipun kalau korang dah ada...

tapi kalau korang nak simpan satu live cd zaman Hysteria yang official punye walau korang dah ada videotape ke hapa ke, ni la tempatnye..
walaupun aku rasa konsert tu pun tak complete kot...

Apa pun.... cam aku cakap jugak.. kalau korang minat Steve Clark.. ni la album nye versi 3cd ni..

We're fighting for the Gods Of War.

Moving on to Iron Maiden new fan club magazine...

Very very good issue as usual.

44 pages all full colour, no advertisement just pure Maiden with lots of cute pretty photos and superb and informative text , and essays and writeups.

But its not all fun and happiness.. There is a very nice reflective and memorable text , a full page write up on the passing of Mr Khan.

So you have the preview of Bruce Dickinson new biography.. The Rock In Rio 1985 quote is amazing really..
Interview with the book editor.
Interview with Metal Blade CEO on him being an Iron Maiden fan.
Interview with the artist for the Legacy Of The Beast Comic book.
John McMurtrie accompanies his photo spreads with lots of nice captions and stories...

Plus lots lots more... of both text, stories, articles and of course photos.
Anyway Dave Murray is really looking cute on the front cover. Its from the last night of the British UK Tour 2017.

So here are some of the pages...

IJAU... Adrian Smith ambik gambo untuk kau ni.. haha.

Tulis tangan tu untuk buku dia tu...
ceritanya dia kasi kat editor dia 7 buku dairi penuh tulisan tangan yang tak boleh dibaca...
nasib ada orang kerja dengan Iron Maiden boleh cakap kat editor apa tu perkataan2 yang ditulis tu..

Bruce dengan Rod Smallwood tengok peninggalan Apollo yang terbakar zaman dulu bunuh angkasawan 3 orang tu...

Aku suka tengok foto Iron Maiden beraksi atas stage dari belakang....
Walaupun tengok dorang main dan dapat diri kat tempat dekat dan best, tapi tak nampak semua...
Tak boleh nampak apa Nicko buat...

Dan foto ni, dalam keadaan best giler tu... Dave Murray kat tepi tu......ngah buat apa tu...