Monday, June 30, 2014

aerosmith warming me up before gorgoroth and carcass way after midnight photos & youtubes at Hellfest 2014 ((my Maiden Europe 2014 backpacking to Serbia, France & Hellfest 2014 report PART 2)

Continuation of my Hellfest 2014 dumb and dumber review,.. from the Tsjuderss, Impietyss and Death To Allssss of the previous post to something more varieties this time around, a bit about the late evening presentations of the Saturday night bands that I choose to see, the second day.

Another angle of the Hellfest tree at night...

I dont have much idea now to share more miserable itsy bitsy stories on this post, so just straight to the late evening of Hellfest 2nd day which is the Saturday...

After some other great bands & other adventures which I will talk next time,

its time to relax a bit firstly with Deep Purple... they were playing mainstage 2, lots of nice tshirts and embroidery patches in the crowds...
they play I think 3 new songs??
Besides Maiden, I think this is the band that I seen the most times, I always love them...
Maybe Deep Purple should not play too much at their age, maybe some selected shows only??

Obviously they have slowed down a bit... it would be nice if they had played some of the songs that I can say would have helped influenced how heavy and fast music itself is shaped...songs like Fireball and Highway Star.

Like I say, one of the personal problem I had was the choices of bands that I like requires me to switch different stages which are far apart, so everytime I am at mainstage 1 & 2 , I just prefer to be behind. Especially as the Europeans are generally taller and if I am trapped in a mass of tightly congested pool of people, my view is restricted LOL!!

then, its time for some Aerosmith at stage 1..

I just stay at the back because I wants to catch some Gorgoroth and then Carcass at the tents, so I avoid passing thru too much mass of people.
Aerosmith did some old songs, I think I hear at least one or two new songs, CRYING was played, I am so happy.

Then Steven Tyler introduced the keyboards/piano player, OHHH COULD THAT MEANS?? and I start to record the video, and I take the opportunity to just pan across the area, so it gives the idea of the surroundings around mainstage 1 while Aerosmith is playing,
and also Avenged Seventhfold fans waiting for their band to play at mainstage 2 immediately after Aerosmith.

Lagu dari filem Armageddon, Liv Tyler jadi heroin gitu la kan, haha, 
lagu cinta paling jiwa-jiwa gitu... 

Aku suka ok lagu ni, lagu ni sangat2 Sweet sekali...

 Dianne Warren tukang tulis, dekni ialah antara penulis lagu yang paling terror la pada aku untuk band rock omputeh.
Aku suka API bakar2 tu...

Its very surreal , I Dont Want To Miss A Thing performed at Hellfest just before I switched to the Temple and Altar stages.

Oooohh Aerosmith has the EGO RAMP set up for them for being the number one headliner for day two.

And Aerosmith is like Metallica having this huge super clear LED screens behind the stage.

Then its time for some GORGOROTH. I only got time for a little of them, as I am late due to catching Aerosmith first. Watched from a bit far behind, as I am standby standing nearer to the Carcass Altar stage.

got a bit of them playing Destroyer as one of their last songs...

Attendance wise, the Altar/Temple stages was quite fully packed although majority of the people are at the main stages with Aerosmtih being followed by the Avenged Sevenfold which is the butt of Carcass jokes later.
In addition you have two great bands playing Warzone and the other stage, I forgot what it is as I am typing this blog.

then its CARCASS time...its already 1 AM in the morning, I am so tired and sleepy....and I am sure many in the crowd are a bit drained too..

- and CARCASS knows it, Jeff Walker keeps asking the crowd about their situation, in between instigating the crowd to proceed to mainstage 2 to see Avenged Sevenfold plays instead,
- he even cover his eyes too to wait for the crowd to leave Carcass and goes to AX7,
- the AX7 sound leakage was bad as I believe it comes from stage 2 everytime Carcass is in between songs and Jeff's chatters and story-telling sessions.
- He talk about Roger Glover "the Poor Bastard", they are from the same town or village, he talk about seeing Emperor for Sunday, he talked about Dan Lilker,
- I think he did say "death to false metal" after one of his rambles.

this was their Carcass TV..

I tend to stand at the sides, firstly it gives me more chance to be nearer the stage, as the crowds are so deep in the center area,
also, standing at center area to catch the full stage means I cannot compete with height, if you get what I mean in that congestion..

and lastly, ALL HELL CAN BREAK LOOSE ANYTIME AT THE CENTER, if you get what I mean hahaha. So, I politely stand at the side, its the best for me.

Sometimes when I see some of the more rocking bands playing their more rocking music, and you glance to the centre,
and you see the Whirpools, the rotating Tornadoes developing, haha..  ok ok, have fun haha. Not me. No Stamina haha.

oooo I catch a bit of Carcass on video, ( a bit!! get it?? most of the times its blocked LOL!!! and sometimes you have to worry about blocking the views of those behind you too )

... this was one of the bands which I can feel the crowds anticipation before they comes on stage.

this was their entry , they use 1985 before first song is Buried Dreams.

Last part was controversy...

everyone thought Carcass has finished, Carcass also has finished their one hour set.

Its like 2AM in the morning,

suddenly while majority has left, Jeff came back on stage and says Carcass wants to play somemore, which is logical as they are the very last band for the night,
so I think its a happy announcement, but then I think a Hellfest staff asked them not to.

a bit what happen is here

Maybe its because its curfew time, or 2AM is the limit for the Hellfest organisation.

So then I left...

I will talk about the HELLtransport back to Nantes at 2AM in the morning from Hellfest Clisson roundabout in a post about the travels and transportations next time....

I still got a number of bands to go thru, been ogling thru the photos, especially those bands that play in the daytime as it means nice pixs...

OK next post I will get out of Hellfest and talk instead about EXTREME playing their own full show at Le Bataclan Paris, the day after Hellfest is finished, I hope to upload the full audio on youtube too...

Thursday, June 26, 2014

tsjuder,impiety,deathtoall at hellfest2014 photos (my Maiden Europe 2014 backpacking to Serbia, France & Hellfest 2014 report PART 2)

I dont really know if I ever get the opportunity to talk-cock about the bands that I saw at Hellfest 2014.

But one thing for sure,
I am going to write and I try to do it in detail with a lot of my own personal mistakes that I made while travelling by myself to Nantes and then to Clisson on a daily basis and returning at night to Nantes again and all the UNFORSEEN difficulties that I faced. 
Maybe just maybe someone will find it useful especially if you don't want to camp.

But for now, here are some SELF-INDULGED (syok sendiri) photos of 3 bands that I took while watching roughly about 30 bands out of the over 150 bands playing from morning till early morning for those 3 days and nights,

as can be seen, I do spent more of my time at the Altar and Temple stages while I am at the festival site as the bands I choose to see usually plays there.
Not exactly pretty fancy photos, just more of me having a terrific deafening time and snapping some photos as memories.

Aside to DOD - hoi Dod,  aku pakai point and shoot camera simpan poket aje...tapi lokasi dod, lokasi...kat tengah kirim-salam la kamera aku penyek kena pijak. Dorang dah la tinggi2 mat salleh ni semua.


Personally for myself, besides watching up-close these bands playing a sort of a "HOME GAME" to their "HOME FANS' with it being Hellfest and all,

I do look out for those tiny miserable itsy gritsy things that actually makes you realise more about LIFE and Human Beings. That is a Red Bull mini fridge with mineral water.
Anyway, that same size mineral water drink will cost you TWO TOKENS at Hellfest bars, you have to exchange tokens for drinks. I remember its like a token is for one euro. I BROUGHT HUGE SIZE DRINKING WATER FROM NANTES daily to save money hahahaha. Sorry, I know I sound pathetic but you got to set priorities in life.

 I don't drink alcoholic beverage, so its water for me, oooohhh and the occasional Red Bull and Orange Juice at the Hellfest bars. 

A Swiss rock fan, who basically travelled everywhere to see his favourite bands, who I made friends with and have a chat with me on the train back to Paris from Nantes,..
he was asking me about the quality of beer sold at Hellfest. Certainly he asked the wrong guy LOL!!

him - YOU DONT DRINK????!! 
me - no..., anyway I am a MUSLIM.
him - So... you are a GOOD MUSLIM?? ( with a serious enquiring face)
me - ................(speechless)...  hahahaha.
(thinking how cramp my fingers are making non-stop ronnie james dio's evil signs on those 3 days of Hellfest).

\m/     \m/


Most of the time, the bar staffs will remove the caps of the mineral water, I guess for stock-taking purpose? or is it to avoid it being used as a MISSLE?? hahaha....

I will try to write more of these stuffs, I think its amusing and I have a good laugh recalling the details of these itsy gritty things...

Oooohhh now for some Singapore band...


Hellfest official report mention Singaporeans band if I recalled correctly.
Like I say, I am happy for them, and its obvious they really got their fans at Hellfest.

ok...the last band to photo-ogle for this posting.


I dont see DTA's whole show unfortunately as I left before the end just to take in a bit of HALF-SLAYER at mainstage 2. Its just not the same anymore for Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer!  Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! , even when Hanneman was firstly ill, Lombardo was still around when I last saw them.

Anyway, I saw at least two seperate guys wearing Jeff Hanneman Still Reigning tshirts at Hellfest.

More will come....

anyway as Muslim Fasting Month Of Ramadhan approaches,

lets stop all these techno pump up the jam stuff... or maybe just tone it down a bit? (giggles.)

and let me talk-cock about museums, and castles, and street scenes of Belgrade and Nantes especially.
and Louvre was fucking awesome, I spent about 6 hours there , and I wish I had three full days at least.

For that time I was in Louvre Museum I felt sophisticated and intelligent, but just for that six hours, after I reach the exit, back to my Dumb and Dumber self. LOL!!!!

ooo no food photos I guess, that can wait after the fasting month.

So one more photo...Hellfest tree, a bar counter and a merch counter, with a nice pink carousel at the background.. I should have taken a ride....
But damn the Q!!!
I am plain miserable lazy to queue haha.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mr Adrian "H" Smith in action...(my Maiden Europe backpack to Serbia & France & Hellfest 2014 report PART 1)

Mr Adrian Smith in action with my most favourite band on Earth, at Kalemegdan Park Belgrade Serbia on Tuesday 17th June 2014 , lovingly caught in photograph by me.

Yes, its not that nice or whatsoever, its not a big deal but, the key word , the DIFFERENCE is that its LOVINGLY caught in photograph by me, so I dont care haha.

To quote a song he wrote, I really felt like a Stranger In A Strange Land on this crazy lunatic looney-tunes trip...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ulasan pendek Extreme at La Bataclan 2014

Mula2 aku heran, penuh giler tempat ni sampai belakang semua. Confirm sold out. Panas siak.  Rwmai pakai baju kerja gitu.
Lepas openiing band, boleh rasa tense.

Aku kat belakang tapi semua excited keliling aku. Dah macam bola final giu.

Ni hardcore extreme Paris gitu la kot baik lelaki or the pompuans.

Tunggu Extreme keluar encore dahsyat giler suasana. Teruja aku. Cam nuno cakap memang passionate. Gini kot orang bangsa French.

Extreme main 2 jam lebih sikit.

Lepas show nye lama dorang stay atas stage terima tepukan..non stop gamat giler.

Satu2 nye peraembahan aku bootleg masa travels ni.

Full review dan aku rasa akan upload full show ni nanti...kalau takde orang lain upload.

ulasan pendek Hellfest hari ketiga - hari terakhir

Hari ketiga Hellfest memang banyak pengajaran berlaku untuk aku tentang penggunaan public transport di Clisson.
Dari segi susunan band pun sama - Iced Earth last minit kensel Jon scaffer masuk spital pembedahan leher lagi, dan Megadeth kensel david ellefson nye abang mati dan diganti ngan Surprise paling besar - dark angel.
Soundgarden clash sama waktu ngan Paradise lost. Well....bastards jadual dia. Haha.

Jadi cam biasa kestar karatan aku buat aku miss berapa bands aku nak tengok.

55 bands main hari ahad dari 10pagi ke 2 pagi kat 6 pentas... ni yang aku tengok seperti jadual aku pilih sendiri.

Powerwolf - betapa gembiranya aku...dorang main stage kedua. Panas2 buta. Satu band yang aku suka sangat diwaktu siap beli boxset bagai.

Repulsion - tak tengok pasal aku pergi tengok bands merchandise yang tak sama gerai2 ngan hellfest punye. Asa bands special tshirt khas untuk hellfest.
Unleashed pun aku tak tengok, aku tengah duduk2 atas tanah gersang.

Urfaust - ni aku keliru, pasal dorang tak main sebagai Urfaust. Ada masalah kot.

Angra - dulu2 aku fikir ni band boleh breakthru international. Lepas tu andre matos blah, hancur. Masa angra main, bomba pancut air, nanti la aku tampal foto2 rock mampos hellfest. Kecoh abis.

Equilibrium - mungkin antara band terhangat sekarang ni? memang enjoy la.

Annihilator - tengok dari jauh pasal aku dah ambik tempat depan stage untuk Dark Angel.

Dark Angel - pro giler.old timers semua. Vokalis siap shout out untuk Megadeth dan David Ellefson. Memang cemerlang.

Vreid Sognametal - ni band aku curious sangat. Tapi aku tak pergi tegok dekat pasal aku nak chop tempat untuk aparadise lost.

Paradise Lost - akhirnye.... selepas lama minat dorang, aku tengok dorang main live. Cam nak nangis ok aku.
Terang2 yang tengok dorang semua banyak fans pasal stage pertama ialah Soundgarden.

Emperor - main stage 2 ok. Pyros banyak ok.

Black Sabbath - ermmmm bertqhun aku tak degar lagu2 dorang, tapi aku happy aku boleh sigalig word by word NIB. Ok, dua lagu baru. Aku suka dua2 lagu baru nye main live.

Dah, aku malas nak tengok Opeth. Paranoid abis je aku pergi bas balik Nantes. Ada bas aku dapat naik awal. Hoorraaayyy.

Sekian dah hellfest aku. Memang menyusahkan diri betul festival ni hahaha. Pengalaman yang tak dapat dilupakan.

Rock tak rock tapi memang penuh cabaran. Nanti la aku buat full report ngan fotos semua.

Apa pun, last kopek, Extreme main full show kat La Bataclan...

Monday, June 23, 2014

ulasan pendek Hellfest hari kedua pulak

Kul 2 aku masih kat Nantes, carik nasik. Aku lapar nasik.

So aku miss 3 band aku nak tengok Skid Row, Lez Zeppelin dan satu band Polanf MGLA.

Apapun, aku jalan kaki dari stesen keretapi Clisson pergi tapak Hellfest. 30minit la relak2 jalan. Nanti aku full details lain kali.

Lagi sekali 56 bands dari 10 pagi sampai 2 pagi kat 6 pentas.

Aku sampai 3.30pm gitu, ni bands aku memang dah pilih nak tengok. Dah memqng aku susun jadual aku sendiri.

Incantation - sikit je.berapa minit je.

Skyclad - terbaik, ada pompuan satu main violin. Show Hellfest ni dorang pakai lagi satu gitaris metal.Drinking songs....

Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench - lagi best dari aku expect. tak tengok full pasal gi tengok Extreme main stage 1.

Extreme - introduce more than words as - our most metal song.
Aku tak tengok sangat pasal hari senin nqk tengok dorang full show la bataclan.

Shining - vokalis kong ajar asyik fuck you penonton je hahaha. Terbaik ni band. Time changes dia aku suka.

Gorguts - sikit je.


Tsujder - Dahsyat..... macam tornado. Kira macam dorang punye home match gitu.... hellfest kan. aaarrrggghhhhbaikkkkkkkk....
Aku suka dorang dua i mean gitaris and bass control dqn roam the stage. Memang champion ni band.

Soulfly - aku tengok sikit pasal nak get ready Deep Purple. Semalam Sepultura. Organiser tak taruk sama hari ye.
Ending - Trooper. Dorang style ending Iced Earth alive in athens triple cd tu gitu.

Deep Purple - maybe last time aku tengok dorang. Lagu2 baru dorang main alrite. Nampak dan dengar  dah slow.

Aerosmith - satu lagu aku expect dan tunggu dorang main - crying.
Satu lagu tak expect - i dont want to miss a thing.

Tak temgok abis pasal pergi ambik tempat untuk Carcass.

Gorgoroth - tengok dari jauh sikit masa diri kat stage Carcass.

Carcass - avenged sevenfold jadi bahan jokes setiap berapa lagu. Paal dorang main sama time dan sound bocor.
Jeff Walker buat lawak siap tutup mata tunggu semua orang pergi tengok avenged sevenfold. Jokes diakhiri ngan death to false metal. Hahahaa.
Jeff cerita pasal dia ngan Roger Glover satu kampung. Dia panggil roger glover poor bastard. Kong ajar sey. Hahaha.
Elok la dorang dua main sama malam, boleh gi borak2.
Tu jam kul 1 lebih, dia asyik tanya ok tak? Haha.

Ooo dia sebut besok nak kena bangun pasal nak tengok Emperor.
Dia jugak ada dedication untuk Dan Lilker.

Last part kontroversi.
Abis show, semua dah bersurai, jeff keluar kat pentas cakap Carcass nqk mqin lagi paaql dorang last band kat Altar stage.
Dah semua celebrate rush semula.

Tapi kena stop ngan staff hellfest. Mungkin time curfew dah kot.

Aku dah standby tido tepi jalan or mana2 rumput padang ladang kat situ, tapi tengok ada Q untuk Nantes. Aku tengok pakai bus.
So aku beratur. Kul 3 pagi baru dapat giliran naik bas.

Gedebak gedebuk kul 4 kat Nantes.

Betul nye hell. Penat giler. Padahal aku punye la relak2 one corner je kat festival tu.

Nanti aku full details especially part travels tu.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

ulasan pendek hellfest hari pertama cehhhhhh

Ulasan pendek je. Aku gunakan blog ni untuk kenangan aku sendiri, segala itty gritty maklumat kecik, dan jugak photos2 adalah unutuk bukan sahaja sharing tapi harap jadi reference sapa2 yang perlu info masa depan dan kenangan aku sendiri.
Jadi pelan2 expect a detailed postings about my maiden europe 2014 trip in the futre cehhh.

Hellfest 2014 memang hellfest, terutama aku yang gatal tak mqu camping dqn nak lodging kat Nantes. Rasain gue.

Pergi ok, balik was... ni malam aku standby nak bawak jaket tebql kot aku perlu tidur kat festival site yang besar giler tu. Sejuk siak malam.

So, leceh la first day kan, aku nak beratur ambik tag tangan yang stylo siap ada blacksmiths cehhhhh exagerate ketuk besi kat wrist kau jadi tag tu stay cehhh exaggerate blacksmith.
Aku kan bukit first time, dah tak reti bahasa dorang, so kena belajar sendiri beli air kena pakai token. Hellfest merchandsie lain tempat gan bands merchandise.

Ohhh dorang ada pasar besar jual barang rock.giler korang tahu pasaraya giant ke tesco ke...
Segala tok nenek accessories rok, segala vinyl dan tshirt rock segala band metql semua ada. Aku tengok je.

Ok, 56 band gitu hari pertama, 6 pentas.

Seperti dijangka, aku duk altar dan temple je la selallu..

Yang aku tengok dan menghayati cehhhhhh

Kronos - sikit je...aku masuk lambat...aku kan star karat...

Impiety - first time ke dorang main hellfest?
They rock hellfest nye temple stage fans la kan. I am happy for this band.

Satan - aku tak sempat tunggu Impiety abis last song gitu pasal aku nak rush pasal Satan main kat stage one. Masters la dorang. by end of show makin ramai orang dan chants untuk dorang. by the way ni first time dorang main kat France pun. Terbaik ni band NWOBfuckinspeedyHM.

Of course la aku ada jalan2, minum2, ,  makan tak la, tak konfiden. Mungkin nari nak try la apa yang patut hahaa.

Ok masa aku pergi donington kan, 95000 orang tapi kawasan dia tu besar, sini hellfest 45000 tapi sempit..

Anyway, panas sey hellfest.. bahang. Best kering la tak berlumpur. Mampos mat rock french semua pengsan merata siak..ok, sambung...lepas tu..

Toxic holocaust aku tengok - nice and speedy... i realise banyak bands sound semua gerek walau aku jauh... mungkin takde angin kot.

 Destroyer 666 -Hah start ramai...

Impaled Nazarene hah... apa sey euro freedom of speech aha, ok kita merantau tak paham haha. Bendera negara mana la kat depan tu. Aku tak cam.

Banyak band la, tapi aku tak kuasa la, aku gi jalan2 tengok2, lepak2, buat apa patut, hahahaa

Lepas tu asyik tukar timetable la, tiba2 last minute trivium swap gan death qngel nye waktu la.
Suka toknenek dorang je hahaa.

Nocturnal AD  -aku kalau boleh pilih satu je man of the match seluruh hellfest day one- aku ambik si speki band ni. Thorbaik live ni band.
Padahal drummer yang nyanyi. The evil one hahaha. Gelak kejap aku masa intro band members.

Rob Zombie - giler hapa stage ada kingkong. Haha. Ok la, aku tegok gitu je, nak pergi survey tshirt nye harga masa tu hahaha. Schoollsss out for ever! HEHE. fun la kot ye rob zombie.

Ok, ni paling siol.aku plan sqtu jam sebelum Maiden mqin stage 1 aku nak ambik tempat best sambil layan sepultura nye sound dari stage 2.
Babi betul. Satu jam sebelum tu dah penuh, aku 100meter atau lebih dari stage 1.

The french  loves their iron maiden i think. Ooo ada tour shirt khas maiden untuk france. Eddie jqdi napoleon gitu...hahahaha.

Bruce banyak colok show ni. Berbual french all the way. Kasi laporan game swiss lawan france. Aku tak paham pun dah gelak2 kelakar abis.
Terbaik peminat france walau aku kat belakang boleh rasa minat dorang dan sokongan terhadap maiden. Depan tak yah cakap la kan, depan dan tengah.

One of the most fun show la...maiden main. Aku jauh dari stage,
Sound ok, cuma kalau lagi kuat lagi giler gempak, tapi terbaik la Maiden main depan mereka datang festival hellfest ni. Exposure untuk mereka budak2 yang tak tahu Maiden.

Lepas ni memang antara suasana paling legend dalam aku pergi tengok band rock main.

Au boleh nampak mat2 rock french ni semua split antara Slayer dan Death To All. Pasal ni dua main sama waktu.

Ok, pasal slayer dah tengok 2 kali dan dah jadi cam kerry kings slayer je lombardo pun takde, so of course akuu pilih DTA, babi penuh siak altar nye tent.

Then aku gi tegok Slayer kejap...

Then hati aku tergerak... aku dah la pakai tshirt je, mau aku takde transport bqlik aNantes, beku siak aku. Dah la aku takde bahan camping ke baju tebal kan?

Rezeki aku, ada satu van tu, dorang tengah rqmai2 cakap french. The aku kedepqn aku cakap nans, itu sebutan nantes.

So aku dapat seat last. Padahal banyalagii band tengah main orang semua dah star blah untuk yang tak pilih camping.

Ni malam aku dah plan la, Carcass last kopek. Puaka organiser tark dorang main kul 1 pagi. Aku ngantuk la oi.

Rock ke, carcass ke, kalau aku dah penat dah ngantuk. Sorry naik lori.
S lepas Carcassmain abis 2 lenih, aku kalau takde transport balik Nantes aku tido depqn stage Carcass cehhhhhh pagi pandai2 la pergi pekan clisson dan balik Nantes ahad pagi.

Lepas tu mandi patah balik. Sunday sharon osbourne main headliner.banyak band best sunday...2 jam sebelum powerwolf main aku nak rezeb tempqt best la hahahaha.

Semalam, masa lagu Wasted Years. Aku cam terfikir lirik lagu tu...

Aku cam nak nagis semqlqm iron maiden show. Mungkin last show aku.
Dan liriks wasted years kan romantik giler.

Then aku fikir hidup aku suka gi tengok band rok main, dan aku dah sampai donington park dan clisson. Satu festival rcok paling legend dalam sejarah tok nenek band rock, dan nipuaka baru nye, a bit extreme rock tapi tetap rock maposssssss,,,,,,,,,,

Dan aku cam fikir segala lirik wasted years yang romatik giler tu betul..

Too much time on my hands i got you on my mind.

Gilern  adrian smith buat lagu rok tapi lirik semua romantik giler.

Friday, June 20, 2014

budaya berselipar jepun tak sama, budaya tengok bola sama je...

Aku fikir balik haversack aku berat sampai 11kg pasal siap boots aku sumbat dalam. Cadangan ialah pakai selipar jepun yang jenis masuk jamban tu  kat dalam flight je.

Malas la aku naik flight ada security tu. Belt pun tak pakai, aku pakai seluar track yang cotton je tu. Selesa pun. Ingat sampai cdg baru pakai kasut pasal aku ada dalam 8 jam sebelum pergi Serbia so aku nqk gi nengok benda2 Louvre tu.

So akuu pergi Louvre museum pakai selipar jepun. Best la kan santai..
Dah syok aku tak pakai kasut langsung sejak tu sampai cuma tengok Maiden ngan Ghost main je pakai boot.

Peliknye, Mat Salleh semua tengok aku pakai selipar jepun. Macam heran.

Baik Paris, Belgrade dan Nantes. Semua orang pakai kasut, aku sorang je selipar jepun, jalan meleser. Seret2 terkengkang cam paikia tak jadi hahaha. Selesa kan.

Well..... tapi mula besok aku pakai la, nak gi tengok band2 rock tu semua main ye tak. Sepatutnye nari aku pergi recce, nak belajar nak gi Hellfest dari Nantes. Last2 aku perasan Nantes macam cantik giler so Aku tak kuasa so aku jalan2 bandar Nantes 5 jam aku jalan kaki. Cantik dan sama cam Paris cuma takde orang. Best dan lawa.

Ok bola lak...aku ada kat Nantes ni kan..

Sama je, sidewalk2 cafe dorang, kan orang peranchis banyak gitu suka minum dan bual kat tepi jalan ne cafe tu kan?

So memang ada tv, bola live.
So aku apa lagi, diri kat situ tengok la. Aku kantoi Uruguay second goal aku celebrate haha. Apa je Gerald tu kan? Cuma dia tak slip je la. Suarez jangan buang masa la. Gi la main team lain hahaha.

So adat dan budaya tu ada sama ada tak sama la...


Thursday, June 19, 2014

sebelas kilogram backpack aku rupanya.

Aku baru tahu backpack aku bawak tu berat dah 11kg. Patut berat nak mampos aku angkat haha. Tapi ingat kita mengembara bukan melancong.
Kalau ada masa aku akan full details segala baik dan kurang baik travels aku kali ni dan of course foto2 menarik. Cehhh

Kalau korang jenis tourist berlagak, not for you, tapi kalau korang traveller, semua cuba dqn buat silap belajar sendiri dan paling penting, ikat perut beg semua sumbqt kurma dan vitqmin c banyak2 untuk tenaga dan kesihatan mandang tak tidur, travels yang banyqk explore jalqn kaki dan pandai2 sendiri ngan budget minima,, then maybe this is for you.

Cammana aku tahu 11kg? Pasal Serbia satu2 tempat aku pergi dalam aku bqckpack merqta nengok iron maiden cehhhhh aku kena timbang beg aku depan check in tu bila aku cakap aku nak angkut backpack aku sendiri.
Mampos, fail la kan. Berat had dia 8 kg. Yek eleh.sikit je lebih pun.. ok la cek in la.

Belgrade ni usia diduduki manusia dikhabarkan 7000 tahun. Penuh ngan segala sejarah. Orang Serb ni memang semacam.
Nanti aku cerita. Hari pertama je aku aku explore SEPULUH JAM JALAN NON STOP. Aku just jalan tengok kota dan surburb sana. dwn perangai orang sana.

Ni passal dah 2 hari tak tidor cuma 2 , 3 jam aje, so nari aku duk sehari kat Paris aku sampai, gi notra dome, naik kapal satu jam pusing, kebulur so aku makqn mahal nak aku tido. Bangun ni, ala....aku lapa. Lekas2 gi carik makan sebelum semua tutup. Mahal jugak.

Tu pasal aku avoid tempat gini lagipun aku trqvel sorang. Kalau ngan love ones of course lain lq ye tqk. aku pusing jalan kaki 6-10 jam, then lekas2 gi tempat lain, gi tempat murwh..
 Ni aku ni ngah travel sendiri tuk tengok Maiden dan gi hellfest, So no hal memqng aku budget giler.

Ok begrade maiden serbia. Tujuan yang bawak aku akhirnya gi negara yang penuh semangat nasionalisma yang sangaaaaaat tinggi. Terkejut beruk aku tengok museum tentera dorang. Dorang memang punya mental kuat bangsa ni.

Ghost opening band untuk Maiden, alaaaaa apasal ada tempat Anthrax? Oj la Ghost pun alrite ye tak.  Lucifer Son, aha, ahahahahahaa.
Apasal aku dengar dorang aku teringat jim morrisson Doors? OK la gimik dorang semua, nanti aiu cerita lebih. Qku masa dorqng soundc3k aku siap speku tech tu semua ke ahli Ghost? Hahaha.

Ok la..rock jugak la Ghost. Apapun, kita kena ingat prinsip - no Slayer, no Terroiser magazine ye tak? Cehhhhhh ada kena mengena ke?

Iron Fuckin Maiden in front of their Serbian and regional fans from old Yugoslavia. Aku nampqk bendera Macedonia. Bendera Bosnia dan croatia tak nampak ahahah.

Terbaik Maiden. Aku cuba dengar sound betul2 sejak kes tukar soundman dan kontroverwi semua..alrite je sound mana aku diri.
 Happy giler dorang atas pentas dan peminat pun. Steve Harris  aku rasa ada sikit senyum kot haahaa. Tapi apasal takde Wrathchild. Aku dapqt ambik gambo aku suka. Happpyyyyyy sangat. Dalam fligt dari belgrad3 gi cdg asyik tengok je foto2 tu. I meqn Maiden is my passion so its perf3ctly normal i guess to ogle at their photos i took myself hahahahahahaah.

Aku speku dorang salahh masuk lagu kot hahahaha.
 Well... nanti aku cerita lq pengalqmqn qku bqckpqdk ni segalq toknenek3k nye adventure.

Ooohhh aku ni asyik lupa je, lagi sikit kena langgar kereta. Aku asyik toleh kanan jeak seberang jalan. Ada pompuqn jerit kat aku haha. Dia pun pqhqm bila aku explain kat tempat kita kereta dari kanan kita kan. Sana cam cerita hollywood. Semua terbalik.

Sorry kalau slaah spelling banayk. Au r3voir. Up the irons.

Friday, June 13, 2014

some new boots I have been listening these past few days...

Aku kadang2 tiba2 teringat nak dengar balik album2 rok yang aku suka...
tapi untuk kasi lagi exciting, aku akan dengar album tu dan sambung ngan rakaman2 live kualiti tinggi yang dirakam sewaktu band2 tersebut buat tour untuk album tersebut sendiri.

Contoh macam aku teringat Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell, aku akan pasang bootlegs dorang main full-show untuk tour album ni, dan kalau aku teringat Scorpions - Savage Amusement aku akan dengar bootlegs dorang main full-show untuk album ni.
Pasal selalunya ada berapa lagu dari album baru tu dorang akan main live kan, so enjoy la dan boleh dengar cammana lagu2 tu TRANSFORM dari suasana studio ke persembahan live.

Jadi ni diantaranya.... Ni semua aku tak pernah dengar sebelum ni, terbaik dari segi kualiti rakaman dan juga lagu2 yang dimainkan...

Ni Helloween main kat Osaka Jepun tahun lepas... Gamma Ray aku belum dengar lagik waktu type post ni.

Helloween & Gamma Ray - Osaka Japan 2013.06.09

Date:        2013.06.09
Venue:     Matsushita IMP Hall
City:     Osaka
Country:     Japan
Other Info:  2013 - Hellish Rock Part II In Osaka 

Source:     Dragonflame
Transfer:    CD => Jet Audio Extractor 7.5 => Flac (Level 8)

CD 1  (67:20)
For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
Walls Of Jericho
Eagle Fly Free
Straight Out Of Hell
Where The Sinners Go
Waiting For The Thunder
Burning Sun
Drum Solo
I’m Alive
Live Now!
Hold Me In Your Arms
Steel Tormentor

CD 2  (47:08)
Hell Was Made In Heaven
Are You Metal?
Dr. Stein
Medley (Halloween, How Many Tears, Heavy Metal (Is The Law) - with Kai Hansen
I Want Out - with Gamma Ray
A Tale That Wasn't Right (Outro)

CD 3  (64:47)
Anywhere In The Galaxy
Men, Martians And Machines
The Spirit
Dethrone Tyranny
Master Of Confusion
Empire Of The Undead
Future World
To The Metal
Send Me A Sign

Line up
Vocals: Andi Deris
Guitar: Michael Weikath & Sascha Gerstner
Bass:   Markus Groskopff  
Drums:  Dani Loble

Line up
Vocals & Guitar : Kai Hansen
Guitar: Henjo Richter
Bass: Dirk Schlater  
Drums: Michael Ehre

Country: Japan
Label: Dragonflame
Catalog# DF-096
Year: 2013

Do NOT convert to mp3 or other lossy formats. 
NOT for sale, Free Trade ONLY AS LOSSLESS FORMAT !!!


TERBAIK KAN SETLIST HELLOWEEN....Dahsyat rakaman bootleg ni....Aku suka sangat.
Banyak giler lagu baru dorang main... aku suka cam gini, aku paling takut band2 aku suka jadi kabaret band.
DAN SEMUA SEDAP bila jadi live walaupun Hold Me In Your Arms , ala....terpotong stim kejap haha!! dan audience Jepun memang very happening...Aku cam heran jugak apasal drum-solo applause cam giler-babi gitu???
SUPER RECOMMENDED ni Helloween bootleg Osaka 2013 ni. Baik dari segi pilihan lagu2, persembahan, suasana happening nye dan kualiti rakaman terhebat.
Power memang Power la lagu ni live ye..!! cammana nye kecoh tu!! haha... Aku rindu nak tengok Helloween main live you Andi Deris " SWEATING LIKE A PIG" come S'pore again and "SWEATING LIKE A PIG!!!!" again!!!! haha.
and play KL too!!.
Ni Scorpions lak...
Main kat Sweden 1989 dulu zaman Savage Amusement.. Hah ni sound terbaik la, hujung tu ada rakaman interview dari radio dorang rakam ngan Scorpions zaman 1986. Menarik.

So aku realise mungkin ni tour dorang tak main ye dua lagu slow kat album tu - Believe In Love dan WALKING ON THE EDGE.

Tapi lagu2 lain ada la 4 - 5 lagu. Aku suka album ni walau a bit pop.

Johanneshovs Isstadion 
Stockholm , Sweden 
January 13 1989 

Disc 1

1.  Intro 
2.  We Let It Rock, You Let It Roll 
3.  Blackout 
4.  Big City Nights 
5.  Rhythm Of Love 
6.  Every Minute, Every Day 
7.  Bad Boys Running Wild 
8.  Media Overkill 
9.  Make It Real 
10. Coast To Coast 
11. Crowd 
12. Holiday
13. Holiday (Cont. Tape Flip) 
14. Still Loving You 
15. Don´t Stop At The Top 
16. Can´t Live Without You 
17. Drum Solo > Guitar Solo 

Disc 2

1.  Guitar Solo > Coming Home 
2.  The Zoo 
3.  Audience > Rock You Like A Hurricane 
4.  No One Like You > Audience 
5.  Long Tall Sally "Jam with Vixen" 
6.  Dynamite > Post Concert

Bonus Track:

7.  Interview Klaus Meine & Rudolf Schenker
Rockbox, Swedish Radio P3 August 1986

Klaus Meine - Vocals 
Rudolf Schenker - Guitar 
Matthias Jabs - Guitar 
Herman Rarebell - Drums 
Francis Buchholz - Bass

Tak boleh accept tu "continue Tape Flip" tu haha. Peminat2 Scorpions zaman Savage Amusement ni memang enjoy abis dengar!!! Sound terbaik dan happening dan ribut.
Vixen ada join satu lagu...

Anyway Rhythm Of Love adalah lagu yang sangat baik pada aku.

Lagi korang semua tahu betapa aku suka album DIO - DREAM EVIL kan? 
Pada aku ni mungkin album paling terbaik solo DIO la, LAST IN LINE pun kalah ok.

album Holy Diver? Ok bagus la album Holy Diver tapi tak boleh celen la ngan berapa album Dio lain pada aku.

Album Holy Diver popular pasal semua orang cakap, so jadi popular la.... Pada aku la. Tapi Well..... masing2 nye selera.

Ok, ni aku baru dengar Dio rakaman 1987 gitu, bootleg ni aku tak pernah dengar..
dan aku macam - bestnye rakaman ni......
Ni Info dia...

Dio - Pforzheim, Stadion "Monsters of Rock" 30 August 1987 

FM Broadcast

My FM analog masters -> Sony Tape Deck -> Harddisk -> FLAc (Using Audacity and Traders little helper)  

01 Intro
02 Stand Up and Shout
03 Dream Evil
04 Neon Knights
05 Naked in the Rain (with Craig Goldie Guitar Solo)
06 Rock 'n' Roll Children
07 Long Live Rock 'n' Roll/Rock 'n' Roll Children
08 The Last in Line/The Temple of the King/children of the Sea
09 Holy Diver
10 Drum Solo
11 Heaven and Hell
12 Man on the Silver Mountain
13 All the Fools Sailed Away/The Last in Line
14 Sunset Superman
15 Rainbow in the Dark
16 We Rock

Ronnie James Dio - Lead vocals
Craig Goldie - Lead Guitar
Jimmy Bain - Bass
Vinnie Appice - Drums
Claude Schnell - Keybaords

Complete version of the gig combined of three different radio braodcasts! 
The mix is a little bit strange in the beginning (especially the keyboards), but improves very soon. 
I guess the radio station (SWR3) took the sound directly from the mixing desk and added some ambience micros.
DREAM EVIL has a small glitch, because of a traffic warning message (Someone used the motorway in the wrong direction). 
I tried to fix it as good as possible. 

Nevertheless great gig of the "Little Big Man" and his band. I was there and was very happy that they
broadcast some of the concerts later on radio. Of course they were not allowed to broadcast the Deep Purple set 
except for two songs.

The "Monsters of Rock" festival line up was:

Deep Purple
(Pretty Maids had to cancel because of technical problems with their equipment)

Banyak lagu baru , of course Naked In The Rain dan SUNSET SUPERMAN, ooo Sunset Superman adalah lagu solo Ronnie James Dio yang memang hebat.
Banyak pusing2 putar belit medley2 yang ok la Dio boleh buat apa dia nak haha.

Tengok setlist tu dan korang peminat Dio solo albums pun mesti teruja kan?

ok... apa lagi aku dengar last few days??

Oooo Bon Jovi Tokyo 2013,
sorry nak celah sikit aku rasa aku untung lak tengok dorang main kat stadium bola Aston Villa tu pasal memang la dorang ni selalu main lama, dua jam lebih tapi yang Birmingham tu nak kat 3 JAM. banyakkkkk lagu.
Aku cam.....ok happy la, rasa untung gitu. Betul2 la great memory.
Aku ada rakam bootleg show tu tapi, biasalah gitu2 je kualiti dia, tapi aku nak carik pro nye bootlegs atau sumber2 lain tak boleh jumpa la Bon Jovi Birmingham 2013. Puluh2 ribu gitu satu stadium takde satu taper pun ke!!! boring sey...

Istimewa rakaman bootleg ni pada aku la.....
Dave Bryan nyanyi In These Arms hahaha.... SUKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

dan aku rasa ni dorang punya 100 show kat Jepun pada malam rakaman ni....
So a nice bootleg la.

ok ok stop....

Ni masih dengar Helloween atas tu tadi.... TERBAIK la...

ok teka lagu apa tu?

Power la!! haha....


pecah siak Jepun...

ok, Kai Hansen masuk balik Helloween, duk diam2 tiga guitarist cam Maiden sua....

ni pun macam meriah je dia join on stage HARROOWEEENN!!!

AHHHHHH!!!! its Harroweeeen!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Its Harrooweeeen!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Two Apaches, a Chinook and some Strike Eagles

Selain bulan Ramadhan bulan puasa nak dekat kalau umur panjang, lagi satu nak dekat ialah National Day, Hari Merdeka untuk Singapore 9hb dan Malaysia 31hb bulan lapan ni.

So nanti ada la meriah2 gitu kan, flypast etc...

Antara aku nye unforgettable experience ialah, waktu Malaysia sambut 50 tahun, aku ada menengok live kat Dataran Merdeka tu ngan puluhan ribu lain, memang cam jakun aku time persembahan jet fighters, la serious berbual, aku rasa TAK BANYAK NEGARA dalam dunia berani buat gini kat tengah bandar skyscrapers semua,  jet fighters (Sukhoi kan dorang pakai hari tu?? sorry kalau salah)  buat acrobatic giler2 kat atas pencakar2 langit kat kawasan Dataran Merdeka tu... It was very very impressive ok.

Kalau fikir benda2 gini rai2 ni semua flypast je la, keluar asap kaler2,...kalau nak acrobatic giler2 nye stunt, buat atas laut... paham2 je la kan?

So ada satu hari tu aku dongak kat atas tengok langit ni kat Spore ni,... Ohhhh Apaches!!! dua bijik..

So, try ambik gambo... ni la jadi nye... dekat la boleh nampak roda kat bucu belakang tu dan apa2 je la hehe...

ni tengah koner la yer...nampak atas gitu....apa tu atas tu ada nama tu..

sapa main komputer games semua tahu la nama2 bahagian2 kat apache ni..

Dorang tengah mengapit atau escort ni Chinook sebijik ni.... Chinook ni ngah bawak bendera besar, sapa la yang kena jadi tukang lipat bendera ni?? haha. Untuk National Day la ni..

Anyway, dulu2 gitu, aku pernah tengok airshow, dorang demonstrasi Attack Helicopter buatan negara Afrika Selatan.. kat atas laut la , kita penonton kat pantai gitu..

dulu2 aku suka tengok airshows...dapat tengok dekat2....apa2 je la kita nak tengok ye tak...

kalau Singapore kat Changi, Malaysia Langkawi ye, Lima or something kan?

Sekarang dah tak la... tapi memang best la airshows...nak2 demonstrasi capability secara live gitu...

balik kat attack helicopter south afrika tu,
dahsyat, macam boleh gohead, gostan, terbalik semua.. giler.. apa nama nye , helicopter tu pun ada nama, tak ingat.

selain dari Apache ngan Chinook ni aku snap gambo kat atas
ada la jugak F15SG Strike Eagle pun ngah zoom sana zoom sini prektis....

aku je yang perlu kena banyak prektis ambik gambo benda2 bergerak laju haha.

So satu gambo je la hahah.

Monday, June 9, 2014

cekik darah dan keseronokan (BLOOD SUCKING & HAPPINESS)

ok dari lepas kita membukak kotak boxset Powerwolf dalam posting lepas,, ni kita berbual topik serious pasal rock jugak la kan. NO...bukan yang malay rocker gossipy thing in public hari tu, but omputeh punye.

Kenapa aku panggil Black Sabbath sekarang - Ozzy / Iommi / Geezer Butler / "no Bill Wards No Black Sabbath " replacement drummer sebagai Sharon Osbourne's Black Sabbath?

Tentulah macam korang semua , lagu2 Black Sabbath tak kira apa era mewarnai zaman budak2 dulu sampai ke sekarang, untuk aku sendiri, dua kali lain2 re-incarnation group ni Black Sabbath dengan penyanyi Tony Martin dan Black Sabbath dengan Ronnie James Dio (Heaven & Hell) main kat Singapura aku dapat peluang gi tengok. So aku memang minat la.. dan aku nak sangat tengok Snowblind main live cammana. Segalanya tentang lagu ni ialah terbaik.

Tapi aku kureng sikit la ngan Black Sabbath sekarang

translation GOOGLE

Book your tickets for the festival: OZZY OSBOURNE PACKAGE - SCOPE LOUET
The ticket price is: € 650.00
Date: Sunday, June 22, 2014

Here are the contents of the package:

- A meeting with Ozzy Osbourne before the concert
- A photo with Ozzy Osbourne
- An autograph Ozzy Osbourne
- An exclusive tour gift
- The pass laminate Remember tour

Attention, the package does not include admission to the concert, it is only valid for customers already equipped with an entrance ticket to the concert.

Lagi aku makin tak sedap hati ngan IKLAN ni, ok korang boleh cakap "tak minat buat bodoh sua la!!" dan sebagainya, tapi ntah eh....aku cam rasa tak best la kan...
I mean, 650 EURO!! hanya untuk sebelum Black Sabbath main Hellfest hari Ahad bulan Jun ni, bayar 650EURO untuk
- jumpa Ozzy (kau rasa berapa minit paling lama??)
- ambik gambar  (A photo with Ozzy)
- mintak autograph (An autograph with Ozzy)
- laminate pass ngan exclusif gift.

dan ni TIDAK termasuk duit tiket tengok konsert ok, pasal terang2 nak kena ada tiket Hellfest pe. 650EURO untuk apa2 je kat atas. Aku tengok sekarang, pemimpin2 Negara2 dunia pun senyum je budak2 ajak Selfie.

dan cuma OZZY ok?? Bukan Black Sabbath!! maknanya boleh aku cakap Tony Iommi ngan Geezer Butler tak mau ada kena mengena ngan MENCONGKONG duit peminat ngan bayaran mahal gitu!! atau dorang memang tak diajak langsung jadi Sharon bolot duit semua???
Memang la aku tak berkenan ngan Sharon pasal dia suruh pencacai2 dia buang telur kat Maiden masa Maiden tengah perform, dan paling "tak-sporting" dan BUSUK HATI, dia shut down power masa Maiden tengah main kat OzzFest. Mungkin kesilapan besar Sharon kerana jemput Maiden pasal Maiden dapat sambutan hebat dan bukak peluang pasaran kat para pendengar muzik Ozzy dan Black Sabbath yang tak pernah tengok atau mungkin kurang tahu pasal Iron Maiden di Amerika.

Aku sebagai peminat, aku dukacita ok baca2 laporan dan iklan gini pasal nyanyi tak serupa bikin!!
lain la
- ada makan2 ke,
- duit tu disalurkan kat badan amal ke?
- atau mintak maaf la ye, tapi ada minuman alkohol yang mahal2 free-flow ke (maksuk aku untuk peminat2 yang minum2 gitu) , tapi mahal sangat la kan?? mungkin murah sikit la kan...untuk waktu, untuk bayar gaji pekerja nak susun jadual ni).

Apa pun, Aku memang tak percaya orang2 rock ni, WAAAHHHH nyanyi berkobar2 - anti-perang, anti-establishment, nak keadilan, tapi makan duit peminat.
Terang2 Bruce Dickinson tu cakap pasal Maiden tidak akan main GLASTONBURY tu bukan boleh percaya ye tak?
Mungkin starting2 ye la, semua hati jujur, dah bertapak, DUIT HULUR LA DULU!! ok DUIT PERLU tapi kadang2 pada pendapat aku cam melampau la gitu kan??
OK la, aku tahu korang akan cakap pasal aku tak berkenan ngan Osbourne Family tu kan? So aku cam carik pasal la kan?? haha.
ok balik cerita Bruce berbual pasal GLASTONBURY tu...
GLASTONBURY hulur duit kat Maiden sekian2, hah Maiden akan main jugak ye tak?? pada aku la. Semua duit. Walau aku minat giler kat Maiden tapi aku tahu, dorang ialah satu perniagaan yang dimana keuntungan untuk setiap anggota dan management dorang perlu untuk menjamin masa depan dorang dan keluarga dorang walau aku tak rasa dorang akan kena kan bayaran mahal giler untuk jumpa anggota dorang cam apa Ozzy Osbourne dah buat ni Euro 650 yang tak munasaba.
(Walaubagaimanapun, tak logik la kan Maiden main Glastonbury, Metallica boleh la, Metallica crossover peminat muzik semua kenal dalam dunia, Maiden tak la tahap populariti Metallica untuk peminat muzik. Apa pun Glastonbury nye tiket sold-out sebelum lineup diumumkan pasal ia festival seni secara luas bukan nyanyi2 aje)

kesimpulannya aku tak rasa ada mana2 anggota band heavy rock dalam dunia ni nak charge 650EURO untuk ambik gambo, dan sign autograph cam iklan atas.
tapi mungkin sapa tahu kan? diri tepi stage, nyanyi War Pigs sama2 satu mikropon ngan Ozzy kan?? tapi tu pun...tak kan la kan?? .

Apa pun, selang satu dan dua persembahan sebelum Black Sabbath main nanti, jadual ialah SOUNDGARDEN , PARADISE LOST dan EMPEROR!!.

Selamat la engkau SHARON, takde orang nak MENGKAYAKAN kau dah...haha.

OK hati aku dah sejukkkkkkkkkkkk... mari kita berbual happy things pulakkkk...


Korang tahu kan hari KHAMIS baru lepas ni, Maiden headline malam pertama Rock Am Ring Jerman...

Dan disiarkan siaran secara langsung kat tv cable, dan jugak kat internet...

Apa aku baca, kat tv je.. sejuta lebih orang tengok Maiden nye siaran langsung tu..... Giler kan?? ke aku salah fakta???
tapi bayangkan muzik sebuah kumpulan tu, betapa boleh EXPOSURE kat pendengar satu negara atau rantau tu ngan dapat peluang macam gini...

Anyway, ni Rock Am Ring ni macam Download Fest la gitu kan, band campur haduk...sebelum Maiden main headline, band yang main sebelum Maiden ialah Offspring. Jadi mesti lah tempias peminat2 Offspring tentu cekitout Maiden kan?

Aku suka video ni, rasa nya semua orang suka la , untuk sebuah broadcast telivisyen secara langsung, ngan takde edit ke, takde nak kameraman kelam kabut nak tukar2 adegan sesuai...
- dan aku suka, pasal video ni mula ngan Doctor Doctor..
- aku suka pasal video ni tunjukkan penonton tu rasanya tak semua minat atau tahu lagu Maiden, Exposure ok main2 festival gini pasal dapat perkenalkan diri kat peminat2 muzik baru dan dapat masuk tv gini...
- dan aku suka, starting tu tunjuk crew2 Maiden tengah bukak selubung (betul ke selubung??) hitam dan tunjukkan stage prop Maiden yang ais beku tu haha.
- rigs lampu maiden start kelip2 masa intro tu...

Kalau korang tak tahu pasal video ni macam makin popular je, enjoy... ada berapa versi upload kat youtube la, ni satu darinya...

happening la kan tempat2 dorang...happy je semua...KHAMIS lepas ok. Jadi paling terbaru sangat la ni pro-shot walau edit dia kadang2 ke laut, ni siaran televisyen so jangan harap nak part solo dorang tahu nak tunjuk kamera man rakam sapa tengah solo. Tapi kalau Maiden dapat master-tape semua, hah edit balik, mesti lagi cun part solo-menyolo ke hapa ke.

Maiden cuma start masuk lepas 5 minit....aku suka, siap intro tape semua....

pada aku video ni tunjukkan enam2 anggota Maiden fit giler, main bagus, top-form abis buat persembahan, dan drummer si nicko mcbrain baru sambut hari jadi ke 62 kat show ni.
62 ok!!
siap topi ada kek lagik.

kalau tak boleh tengok kat sini pasal ownership apa ntah, korang tengok kat youtube je la click kat video atas nanti bawak gi youtube. Enjoy....

Friday, June 6, 2014

powerwolf - HISTORY OF HERESY part one (2004-2008) boxset

Powerwolf History of Heresy Part One (2004-2008) boxset.

Unboxed it and you get this.

Turn them over and it looks like this...

I discovered Powerwolf late, by then they had came out with album number three, but better late than never....

I was going thru youtube looking at fans-recordings of newer metal bands playing live, hoping I find something that I will like enough to explore more.

On the youtube I saw this German band called Powerwolf working the crowd in the afternoon daylight of a festival, and it was lots of fun crowd interaction, and the song was nice too.
- the singer who I think came from Romania (thats why he is good with Werewolves LOL!!) is awesome and intelligent and also Opera-trained (so maybe thats why Powerwolf lyrics are filled with Latin too). the keyboards player was everywhere, they use two guitars without a bass for live performance unlike studio, their GIMMICKS are simply entertaining and most important IT WORKS to attract people's attention in  a positive way.

I remember buying Bible Of The Beast cd, it was way better than what I expect, I love the whole cd, and it goes on from there.

They really love Mercyful Fate and Black Sabbath, and these two names keep cropping up in the book on this boxset.

Also add that to their liking for Iron Maiden and their gallops and melodies, Steve Harris bass playing, using of Latin's language to make the songs more mysterious and religious soundings, (although what I think is its just a jumble-up Latin to just fit the themes and lyrics of songs), 
sings about Satan!! Werevolves!!!, heavy metal in a very very cunning (hillarious) way , lots of melodic singalong for live purpose, great songs, and I was hook and becomes a fan.

Seriously, look beyond their song titles, their satan theme songs, werewolves fantasies, their HALLELUJAHs!!! look beyond their looks, check out their songs, and I dont think you will be disappointed. Bible of the Beast is good to start with, their 3rd album.

An example is a song called "We Take From The Living", with its DIE FOR HEAVY METAL!!!, RAISE YOUR HORNS FOR SATAN!! but its actually a song about bands that sell their merchandising t-shirts at an expensive price during concerts. Put a smile on your face right because its so true.
How can you not like a band like this?

So this is Powerwolf boxset to celebrate 10 years, just a short review and also a bit of photos of the packaging, I think there will be two boxsets, because this one is History of Heresy part I (2004 to 2008) and it contains the remastered first two albums Return In Bloodred and Lupus Dei, but just to make your heart feel less pain if you already have a copy (LOL!!!), there are live versions added to the cds which comes in a completely new packaging and design which I think is only for this boxset, and also you have the Worship Wacken DVD which is live from their first Wacken show in 2008 and also a documentary during that era.

A nice story informed at the packaging of the DVD was some of Powerwolf members are huge CARCASS fans, and Carcass reunion was at the same time on another stage as Powerwolf were playing on a smaller stage, so they missed Carcass.

And most beautiful is the hard-cover book, OVER 100 pages thick, with lots of photos and essays, and informations, and backgrounds, ideas and influences to each song, and LOTS OF THINGS.

Seriously, this boxset is really value for money, its not expensive compared to other bands boxsets, and you get two cds with revamp packaging plus bonus songs, you got a dvd, YOU GOT THAT INCREDIBLE BOOK, and 5 cards among others, and its really beautifully packaged.

I am so happy to get this boxset and waiting for the next one to accompany the other two cds.

lastly, just an idea of Powerwolf live, maybe I had shared this before but its really an awesome footage.

this was like 2012 from a fan recording, a German metal band, with a Romanian opera-trained singer, able to work the Moscow Russian crowd in English language and you can see beyond the hilarious situation of the singer getting "frustrated" with the crowd (40 Percent!!!!, and the Haaaaaahhh!!! that causes him STRESS),

you can see how good, entertaining, crowd-pleasing, enjoyable this band is...
The singer got the audience full attention and they are eating out of his hands...


they will play Hellfest 2014, I hope to be there and I know it will be so much fun and enjoyable to see them perform.