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Ghost -The First Ritual Demo 2009 bootleg & gezek foto2 Makanan aku makan masa Book Of Souls UK Tour backpack tu hari..

Hi, as usual I will begins in English and ends my usual nonsensical "talk-cock" in Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language).

I am a sucker for Ghost, the Swedish pop/rock band who sings about unholy beings and stuffs. Or Ghost BC or how you want to call it.

I have no idea who they were until I saw them warm-up for Iron Maiden in Belgrade Serbia.
I was early then to check-out this hype band call Ghost, and it turn out to be a game-changer moment. Love their love show, and now I would like to say I am a fan who try to follow news about them.
Though, I have to say I HATE all the band members squabbles, court actions and problems.
I just hope whoever Papa Emeritus gets as the Nameless Ghouls musicians will be great as always.

So this is a another item I got regarding Ghost.
Its a very pretty looking pirate bootleg CD packaging of what is actually consist of the 3 songs from Ghost demo from 2009.
Legends say this demo was originally distributed as a cassette tape format of total Seven pieces only.

Three demo songs happily bouncy Roxette-style songs celebrating Lucifer and other unholy beings and things.

Prime Mover, Ritual , Death Kneel.
All songs will re-appear when they record their first album Opus Eponymous.

These are the pretty packaging photos. A nice cd to give yourself a treat occasionally.

this is a video I took of them, for the whole song of Year Zero.
It was at Belgrade, and you can see Iron Maiden props, stage presentation and lightings all in place covered by black curtains...

Very nice very catchy Abba/Roxette Swedish Pop lives on with Ghost.

"Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer"
Welcome to Year Zero indeed...

So as the above photos, especially the first one...

- That Opus Eponymous is a Japanese version,
GET THAT Japanese version simply because of the extra song which is  "Here Comes The Sun" from the Beatles. A very superb cover of a George Harrison Beatles classic.
And of course Japanese pressings has some cute inlets which makes it more worth it for a Ghost release.

- That Meliora Redux is a Swedish version release.
GET THAT version simply because of the extra song which is "Zenith".
I have no idea why the best song from Meliora is not on the Meliora album. LOL!!!
I think this is still the only place to get Zenith on CD.
Ohh and Meliora Redux has the Popestar EP on it too...

- That Infestissumum album, I hope to get the Japanese version next because there is one more song of Ghost I want on cd format that I do not have yet, so its on the Japanese version of Infestissumum.
Yes.. I am a sucker for Ghost.
The worst disapoinment was I am suppose to catch Ghost supporting their new album Meliora at Donington on the last day of 2016 Donington (Maiden headlining that evening), but then something happen, a virus or something and Ghost cancelled at the last moment.
Well, hope to see them again next time...

All the above previous albums and full packagings of each cd packagings are all here..

Next post I want to show you some great food I ate while backpacking across UK for The Book Of Souls Tour. (sample photos below LOL!!!)

Salam semua, dan aloha..
Apa khabar, semoga sihat2 selalu..

ok.. aku dah merapu omputeh kat atas ni, so macam aku cakap panjang lebar kat atas la, aku ni terpeleot sikit bila kena mengena ngan band nama Ghost tu.
Suka sangat first time tengok dorang main, terus kumpul2 cd2 dorang.
Cam puaka band ni, lain2 cetakan lain2 isi. So memang nak kena plan la kan kumpul cd2 dorang.
Ni pun aku kalau ada peluang aku nak sambar Inffestissumum cetakan Jepun pasal aku tahu ada 3 lagu extra, dan satu lagu tu aku belum ada dalam bentuk cd.
Sorry la eh, kadang2 aku cakap gini, korang jangan cakap aku ni macam sial ke, menunjuk ke berlagak ke nak itu nak ini..., riak ke.., pasal kalau korang rasa begitu, korang salah masuk blog la kan..
Sapa yang korang passion macam aku, tahu la apa aku nak cerita sebenarnya. Berkongsi maklumat, berkongsi pendapat, dan berkongsi sesuatu yang aku minat giler...

ok aku stop sini pasal kalau tidak cuma ulangan apa aku cakap tadi kat atas...
sapa tak pernah tengok foto2 packaging lain Ghost cetakan Jepun ke, versi Redux ke,
sila klik link kat atas...

Nanti sambung pasal Ghost ok? .....

Gezek pasal Makanan pulak...

lepas tunjuk pasal semayang jemaat kat mesjid kat Liverpool tu hari,
lepas ni aku nanti aku nak tunjuk foto2 makanan2 sepanjang aku backpack kat UK sorang2 tengok Iron Maiden merata... bulan mei lepas sebelum Ramadhan tu hari...
ni gezek dulu....

Ni bawah ni masa aku kat Bristol...
last tu kat Birmingham...

Saturday, September 23, 2017

ParadiseLost -OneSecond 20th Anniversary 2cd, HansenXXXWacken Live, Helloween Japan only Sweet Seductions boxset

Firstly, a happy new year to all Muslims celebrating the new Islamic year of 1439 last Thursday evening.
As usual I will start in English and then in Bahasa Melayu Malay Language. 
Lots of photos as usual, with a bit of review and opinion, plus lots of talk cock.

"Washes of digital sound
that had more in common with Depeche Mode
than Celtic Frost."

says this write up...

I bought this album again!! albeit 20 years gap. LOL!!!
Paradise Lost can play anything.
Though with new album MEDUSA they go back to their traditional death doom, growling, s... l... o....w... style.,  this is from what I hear on the internet, I have not yet bought the cd.
Even much slower than Plague Within before this.

I love this One Second album from last time it came out.
Basically its the best album that neither Depeche Mode or Pet Shop Boys did not make. 
Superb electronicpop songs like Mercy, Lydia, Disappear, One Second, This Cold Life, but do not be mislead about all the comments in the internet and magazines too much, there are still some very nice heavy fast songs here for example Say Just Words and Soul Courageous.
In addition , Blood of Another has this haunting keyboards sound.

Now, I bought it again for the Paradise Lost One Second 20th Anniversary Edition.

Not exactly so much for the remastered version, as I have no problem with the original pressing,
but because of the 2nd CD.

So now I have a official live CD of the concert that supports the One Second album.
SIX SONGS at least from One Second is played live on the 2nd cd in this 20th Anniversary release.
Plus more songs from Draconian Times album to backwards from their early days.., like True Belief, Shadow King etc..

A very nice live album, so its worth the buy for me this anniversary edition.

HANSEN & FRIENDS Thank You Wacken Live.

I bought this double disc (one cd and one dvd), is because there is a few nice live rendition of the Hansen XXX album.
This show was performed before the release of that XXX studio album.

Songs like Born Free and Burning Bridges are as great as any Helloween Classic.
Contract Song is hilarious and very funny, like any funny Helloween song.
The stage banter is comedic.
A very good buy. I dont have time to watch the DVD, as I only rip the music to my player and listen to the songs only when I am walking, waiting or riding on the public buses and trains.

I enjoyed this live album very much. I saw a bit of the dvd footage and its very nice too.

Oooohh The musicians and guest singers are great, the lady singer Clementine sounds and looks good too.
Ooohh and of course Michael Kiske is in the album too...

So if you are a Helloween fan, this is a very very good buy.

Speaking of Helloween..

There is a very very nice JAPAN RELEASE ONLY call Sweet Seduction.

It will be a 4 disc set of 3cd and 1dvd.
It will have few songs songs from each and every Helloween studio albums VOTED BY HELLOWEEN FANS IN JAPAN.
I think all the 3 cds will have a total of 46 songs with two unreleased songs in Japan.
Plus the dvd will have the music videos.

I hope to get my hands on this release. It will come out in November probably to coincide with the
Pumpkin United World Tour.
And I saw this so-called possible setlist of Pumpkin United.
What a dream setlist indeed.

So lets hope Pumpkin United play shows in both Malaysia and Singapore, so I can go two shows.

And if Helloween's PUMPKINS UNITED open for Iron Maiden on Maiden's heavily rumoured and gossip by fans worldwide of 2018 LEGACY of the BEAST tour,
then... I have an even stronger excuse for my what is now seems an annual backpacking adventure to see Iron Maiden play in different places, cities and countries again and again. If i can save up without disrupting my real life responsibilities that is, Lol!!!

Till Next Time, good bye..


OK, aku cuma cakap sikit je la tapi aku rasa nanti mesti panjang.

Pertama sekali paling atas tu, lagi sekali lepas 20 tahun, aku beli lagi album Paradise Lost One Second.
Memang, ni album memang terkejut beruk waktu tu.. dan akan lagi tambah terkejut beruk dengan beberapa album selepas ini lewat 90an dan awal 2000an.

Macam aku cakap kat atas ni la album paling terbaik yang Depeche Mode mahupun Pet Shop Boys tak keluarkan.
OK pasal PSB lagi happy sikit, memang sesuai lebih kepada DM.
Seperti sapa pernah baca blog ni, band music paling setan untuk aku ialah DM.

DM ialah satu2 nya band yang paling sesuai main kat Festival Hellfest. Main headliner malam.
Tentu seronok kalau Iron Maiden headline satu malam Hellfest atau Donington, dan DM headline lagi satu malam.

Apa pun, khabarnya Hellfest nye tiket dah habis dijual, padahal headliners dan banyak bands belum diumum, 
walau desas desus banyak kat forum Maiden ialah maiden akan headline Hellfest 2018.

Masa aku gi dulu Hellfest, masih boleh dapat tiket selepas Iron Maiden announce akan headline, tapi nampaknya sekarang tiket sold out dulu sebelum diumumkan..
Hellfest sangat best dan memang bands yang beraksi berbagai ragam dari pop rock sampai Tsujder sampai Emperor (dengan drummer Faust) seperti tahun aku pergi..
dengan clash giler2...
waktu Soundgarden main pentas utama, Paradise Lost main pentas kecil dalam khemah besar giler (teka la band mana aku gi tengok main kan? ) haha.
waktu Iron Maiden headline main 2 jam kat pentas utama, Watain main pentas kecil dalam khemah.
Memang giler babi clash2 kat Hellfest.

Aku pernah terfikir nak backpack lagi sekali, kalau Iron Maiden headline la, tapi dengan keadaan sekarang tiket dah sold out sebelum announcement band, aku rasa takkan dapat gi sana lagi la. haha.

OK nak cerita pasal album2 atas tu pun aku dah cakap omputeh, so korang baca yang text omputeh atas je la ...

Hansen and Friends XXX Live In Wacken, aku memang rekemen sapa minat Helloween beli.
Pasal ni memang lagu2 pengaruh style Helloween lama.
Kai Hansen kan..


Dan... Helloween Sweet Seduction yang atas tu pun, memang dahsyat kan, punya susah nak dapat informasi album ni, tapi ada la dalam internet senarai lagu yang dipilih oleh peminat2 Helloween di Jepun yang undi untuk koleksi giler babi terbaik dari ladang ni..

Aku harap aku memiliki koleksi unik ni, dan kalau ada kat tangan aku, aku cerita la kat sini nanti..

Dan paling last tu, aku jumpa kat satu website Brazil kot? entah betul entah tidak, tapi nampak macam realistik susunan lagu2 yang dijangka merupakan setlist untuk PUMPKIN UNITED.

Sekali je la kan Helloween main di Singapura/Malaysia kan waktu album apa eh, Gambling With The Devil nye tour,
aku takkan lupa Andi Deris cakap dia tengah berpeluh macam babi.
""Sweating Like  A Pig".
wahhh happy days...
Tu la, minat Helloween tapi peluang nak tengok mereka beraksi susah....

Aku rasa sangat terkilan ialah kerana tour Straight Out Of Hell, dorang tak main di Singapore atau KL, ni kerana album tu sangat dahsyat, dan lagu2 setlist untuk tour tersebut sangat dahsyat, dahsyat serupa semua planet di cakerawala tersusun satu barisan...

OK dah tu je...

nak borak banyak sangat nanti dah macam encylopedia lak posting... nanti sambung...


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Masjid Al Rahma Mosque, Liverpool & more Iron Maiden live photos (Book of Soul UK Tour 2017)

Salam and Greetings (as usual first in English then in Bahasa Melayu Malay Language)
LOTS OF PHOTOS on this posting till the end of the post.

While backpacking alone for the Iron Maiden Book Of Soul UK Tour, travelling by long distance buses and trains,
I take the opportunity to walk around and explore the cities and places I went to.

So on one of the Friday, I was already in Liverpool and take the opportunity to attend Friday Prayers at the Central Liverpool Mosque called Al-Rahma Mosque.
I took a slow walk of about 30 minutes to absorb the surrounding and Liverpool environment walking to the mosque from the bustling city centre of Liverpool.

So here are some photos of the place...

Full of different colour skin and languages of peoples from all over the world, understandable as this is England, the UK. Coming from my part of the world, its easy to identify Muslims from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
The sermon of course was in English. The Khatib was not using any script, he got the positive messages across very well, it was near to Ramadhan then.

So here are the photos of the mosque building from outside, the inside, the ablution location, , the main prayer hall and all that.

To get a close up view of the pulpit, I waited till majority of the Friday Prayer Congregation had dispersed.

I hope to go again...

And now an Iron Maiden photo before the Malay Language text and then lots more photos till the end. There may be repetition from previous photos in previous blogs postings but I hope not.
The photos are from different shows. (I think) LOL!!

Hi semua...

ok apa aku nak cakap eh...


So masa tengok Iron Maiden main tu hari kat bebebeberapa tempat kat Britain... England, Wales, Scotland..

SO memang aku ronda la sorang2 lorong2 ke hapa ke, semua aku rembat je, insyallah takde apa2 la. haha. Macam aku cakap, pakai tshirt Iron Maiden adalah paspot kebaikan di negara2 barat.

Kalau kat sini, kau pakai tshirt Iron Maiden, memang kena chop kat dahi, macam kau dah fit a certain character profiling, macam mereka-mereka tahu je la kan sapa dia nak tahan mintak tengok IC.

Masa Jumaat aku dah sampai Liverpool dari Aberdeen, aku masih ingat aku naik keretapi Tujuh jam tukar keretapi 3 kali kot, tapi ok la, sana sistem semua tersusun, tak yah bimbang, ikut jadual je, turun kat bandar mana pekan mana, gi platform berapa tunggu je ikut waktu nanti konfem keretapi kau nak akan sampai....
Permandangan pun cantik..

OK post ni aku tunjuk, aku nak gi semayang jemaat, solat jumaat kat Liverpool.

(OK, ni bukan nak menunjuk ok?? Atau nak bilang aku ni konon baik ke hapa k, aku bukan nye betul pun kan..), aku cuma nak kongsi je la informasi untuk sapa belum berpeluang lagi kan...

So aku jalan kaki, memang cantik pemandangan, bangunan2 klassik, memang best la kan... Liverpool memang terbaik dan special. Aku dapat rasa berapa tempat la kan..
Aku ada jugak la merasa berlainan tempat di UK sikit2 tu ada la, dan aku dah sampai dari atas tu Aberdeen tu dan paling bawah Portsmouth dan Isle Of Wight. 
Dan memang Liverpool sangat unik, 
tempat nya, dan orang nya... budak2 sekolah pakai dressing dan rambut macam James Dean.

OK so aku jalan jalan jalan tu gi masjid, aku hirup pemandangan dan udara, so aku pun sampai kawasan Masjid.
Nama Masjid ni Al-Rahma. Macam aku cakap kat atas aku hegeh hegeh ada la 30 minit, jalan stop jalan stop kan tengok tu ni.
So kat masjid ni, masuk je aku dah nampak orang orang Melayu.

Memang kelakar pun ada..

Kat Singapore, kat Malaysia tak sapa orang Melayu la kan, buat apa nak sapa Melayu, merata ye tak?

Tapi kat sana, nampak je Melayu pakai kain pelikat, nampak je muka Melayu hidung penyek.. Ye la Melayu hidung penyek apa...

Aku siap tegur " MELAYU EH?? " haha.. Serious, ada satu orang tua ni, aku tak tahu apa nak panggil dia, datok? Pakcik? Tuan? Encik? So aku pilih panggil Abang, kasi angkat sikit la kan hahaha...

Dahsyat dia dah duduk Liverpool dari tahun 1960 or 61. Siak ah dia kat sana masa zaman Beatles.
Terharu dia peluk aku dia tanya aku " MELAYU???"

Gitulah... Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia, Sama Macam dengan ROCK NEVER DIE!!!

So dia cerita asal usul dia kat aku, Penang, KL, apa je la dia lahir kat mana semua,  dan pasal bang azan lambat lagi so ada la dia share story dia,, 
so then aku jumpa Melayu la... Dari Malaysia dari Singapore.. haha...
Biasalah semua dulu orang Navy kan, lepas tu merantau.. semua landing Liverpool tak balik la.
Balik Singapore, balik Malaysia pun jumpa sedara mara keluarga je.
Tapi kan... dorang tanya aku kat Liverpool buat apa?
takkan aku cakap aku backpack tengok Iron Maiden main kan?

Aku cakap aku tengok persembahan budaya.. .. aku memang pakai tshirt Iron Maiden, tapi pasal masuk masjid aku zip up tutup dengan jaket aku. 

So seronok seronok sangat dan aku tahu dorang seronok berbual melayu dengan aku

Aku seperti biasa seorang bastard.. aku suka tanya " INGAT DAN TAHU CAKAP MELAYU LAGI KE?? " haha.

So ni la kat atas ni beberapa foto suasana solat Jumaat dan selepas solat. Ye la ramai orang takkan aku nak snap foto. tapi ada foto foto tempat ambil wuduk istinjak , sama jugak England ke, UK ke, apa ke sama jugak ngan konsep kita.. takde beza la...
Satu dunia orang Islam sama je, tak kira kulit dan bahasa.. kita semua sama... Itulah kekuatan Orang Islam, pasal kita semua sama je dari corok mana pun kau kat mana2..

Aku tak pernah percaya apa mass media cakap, bila aku tengok Rainbow main kat Jerman kat Loreley masa Ramadhan 2016 dan ada orang Jerman tu cakap cerita kat aku masa borak2 dia makan dinner lambat pasal kawan dia berpuasa dan nak tunggu 9.30 malam buka, 
bila dalam keadaan huru hara banjir lumpur hujan turun, 80,000 peminat tengok Iron Maiden main kat Donington 2016 , orang sebelah aku peluk2 aku cakap "Then I love you twice as much because Islam means Peace" masa Iron Maiden tengah main bila aku provoke dia masa kita pekik2 kat telinga satu sama lain pasal tengah gamat kecoh suasana Maiden tengah main, dalam keadaan tonggang terbalik dia tanya aku dari mana dan aku nasik tambah info yang aku orang Islam.. saja nak test market..  (NI SEMUA AKU PERNAH CERITA DONINGTON FESTIVAL 2016 NYE POSTINGS)

aku tak pedulik apa mass media cakap, siapa yang racun kan hubungan orang Islam dan bukan Islam, dan memang ramai dua dua pihak suka racun meracun masyarakat untuk benci membenci , tapi.. pasal untuk aku yang penting peminat2 heavy metal dan heavy rock dan band2 rock dan heavy metal semua takde  masalah dan takde tanggapan negatif kat agama Islam aku alright je pasal this is my kind of crowd la kan. Lain2 tu gi relak one corner sua.

Dan memang people on the street Insyallah tahu apa terjadi.. dorang pun macam kita jugak, tahu mass media dan hasutan internet sebar kebencian ni semua putar belit je.

SO sambung balik...
Khatib tak pakai skrip... berbual style Will Smith...
Tu jam nak masuk Ramadhan kan Iron Maiden nye UK Tour, so khatib ni sound la pasal Ramadhan, kalau sakit ke, travel ke, apa ke.. ada keistimewaan Allah dah beri...
macam2 la dia cakap..
Heran nya aku boleh paham... pasal dia gunakan bahasa mudah dan cara penyampain yang sangat mudah dihadam dan macam Will Smith siak dia nye bahasa haha.

Aku nak tergelak pun ada.
(Sambil dia sendiri pusing kan mata buat jelingan gitu)...
Dia cakap pasal solat jamak la apa la, .. anugerah Allah kenapa kita manusia elak padahal tu anugerah untuk sekian sekian peristiwa kita sedang lakukan.
semua nye sama, standard operating procedure SOP la kan umat Islam satu dunia.

So tu la... ni semua pengalaman dan pengajaran ye tak.... terutama untuk orang cam aku. (MUAHAAHAHA!!! - KETAWA JIN)

nanti aku cerita2 lagi... entah bila game nya...

OK layan foto foto kat bawah ni... ni semua merata tempat la, aku pun dah tak fikir mana show mana show..

Dave Murray, Janick Gers dan Adrian Smith... the 3 amigos..

Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith have a new hilarious action during the last two chorus of Wasted Years with Bruce monkeying around with Adrian's mic.
When Adrian is suppose to do backing vocals for this song....

Climb Like A Monkey... Bruce with his monkey mask presenting Dave Murray with a banana for Dave solo during this song...

Janick Gers with the amazing ending solo of Blood Brothers, when the whole world eyes will be on him...

Steve Harris face... haha.

TO be continued.... once completed I will retitle all these Maiden UK 2017 to proper labels..

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Mr Big - RLS 113 Sendai Official Bootleg Nov 8, 2014 double cd - review

Salam and greetings to all. 
As usual first in English, then in Malay Language - Bahasa Melayu. 
I have no time to resize my UK Iron Maiden 2017 British Tour backpacking photos,
so until then, lets entertain other things. (Lots of packaging photos on this post).

From Kreator live review to now showing off the double cd Japan only - MR BIG R.L.S 113 SENDAI OFFICIAL BOOTLEG NOVEMBER 8 , 2014.

after opening... the cute obi strip....
Two booklets,
one colour photos booklet,
the other is text booklets complete with all lyrics in English and Japanese.

(more photos of packaging below)

So a few things special about this album...

Its stated Produced by Mr Big but I suspect its very minimum production and basically it sounds like any Fan-Collection Bootleg which is sourced from the Soundboard Recording.
But still the sound is absolutely nice if you are into Mr Big or even if you never hear of Mr Big, this is a very fascinating live album.

- R.L.S 113 - stands for Raw Like Sushi.
Mr Big has some Japanese only release live albums which is entitled Raw Like Sushi, so this is basically the one labelled 113. On this same tour (supporting The Stories We Could Tell album in 2014) is already a full live album with the full blue ray recorded in Tokyo or something. That one is entitled R.L.S 114.

This tour is also where Matt Starr comes into the picture, Pat Torpey is more to percussions and backing vocals and taking the lead on Judas Priest Living After Midnight cover.
But Pat Torpey still drums on some songs.
*Amazing how the band take care of their unwell drummer*

- Sendai 
I guess Mr Big release this special live 2cd official bootleg album, is because finally they get to play for their fans in SENDAI, which was hard hit by the Earthquake and the Tsunami of 2011. 

- This album has live versions of songs from ..What If and ... Stories We Could Tell..
For myself, I kind of prefer Mr Big live albums as its so exciting.
Anyway, they are coming again to South East Asia.... going to see them play in Singapore this October, wishing I could go to the Kuala Lumpur show too..  

- The packaging of this album reminds me of those early 1990s Italian bootleg companies which print professional bootleg cds of high quality fans recordings or soundboard sources like companies like the famous K.T.S (Kiss The Stone) label.

A really good buy...  whether you are into Mr Big or even if never hear of Mr Big before...

And for their live shows, just bite the bullet and buy a ticket, even if you never know them, it will be magical once they perform on stage. And.. you will be surprisingly impressed by the quality of their songs live too.

(more photos till end of blog)

Hi Semua...

Ingat nak cerita sambungan Iron Maiden, tapi aku malas nak resize photos.
Aku tak suka terus tampal photos nanti blog aku makin berat.

So dari ulasan Kreator buat persembahan live minggu lepas ke menunjukkan bungkusan Mr Big Official Live Bootleg - 2cd rakaman dari 2014 Sendai Jepun.

Ni macam aku cakap atas dinamakan R.L.S 113, kerana Mr Big ni kat Jepun dorang keluarkan album2 live khas dan RLS ni sambungan nya, RLS tu maknanya Raw Like Sushi.

Live album ni sebenarnya dari show2 Mr Big tahun 2014 yang support album baru waktu tu album.. Stories We Could Tell.
Jadi antara sebab aku beli cd ni aku nak simpan koleksi live2 version dari album2 What If dan Stories We Could Tell,
pasal Mr Big live ni istimewa sangat. Tak bedek... Aku tak tipu...  Satu pengalaman menarik tengok Mr Big Live.
Sama macam tengok kumpulan Toto beraksi.
Macam.. cakap macam.. Biar Betik... apa nye persembahan ni, dan lagu2 mereka gerek.. dengar sekali first time pun dah suka... dan showmanship memang power jugak..

Aku tak tipu...

So bungkusan ni jugak tiru macam sapa2 dulu beli atau kumpul bootlegs2 dari negara barat atau Jepun yang punya bungkusan yang fantastik... so dalam ulasan ni aku tunjuk setiap apa ada...
selain obi strip yang kiut tu..

Dan jugak...  Album ni aku rasa Mr Big release live album bentuk "official bootleg" kerana akhirnya mereka dapat main di Sendai.
Sendai ni yang berapa tahun dulu tu kena Tsunami teruk sangat. Yang gempa bumi dan tsunami kena Jepun tahun 2011 tu...? Sendai antara wilayah paling teruk la so memang ada part dalam live album ni memang rasa sedih sangat la..

Ni album banyak jugak lagu2 dari album ... What If dan... Stories We Could Tell..
contoh ni album ada Undertow live.
Jadi aku memang teringin nak kumpul setiap live album untuk setiap tour support setiap album studio.

Dan...  Mr Big ni, waktu ni dah pakai drummer jemputan, kerana Pat Torpey dah makin teruk kot Parkinson Disease dia, jadi Matt Starr takeover drum,
Pat Torpey lebih kepada percussion dan backing vocal dan jugak lead vocal masa nyanyi lagu Judas Priest.

Jadi...  mana2 band2 melayu, cuba la kan bila drummer jatuh sakit, pandai2 la take care, cubalah jangan sampai jadi bahan cacian dan kutukan..., ni band omputeh punya la gerek jaga drummer Parkinson disease.

So Mr Big akan beraksi lagi di Singapore dan Kuala Lumpur jugak, sapa was2 nak pegi ke tak nak, aku cakap pergi...  bayar je harga tiket untuk sesuatu sangat istimewa.

dan apa lagi eh? aku dah lambat la.. so aku stop... bye.

ok more photos...


Pat Torpey main drums lagu Fragiler, Just Take My Heart, pun boleh nampak dia sakit...

Wooo ni tour dia mesti dapat tempukan paling gemuruh dari aku... haha...

Friday, September 1, 2017

KREATOR (w/ Vader) Live 31 Aug 2017 - Scape Orchard, Singapore.

Salam and Happy Eid Adha to all Muslims Worldwide.

A short story, review and setlist of Kreator live in Singapore last night (31st August 2017).
Then it will be followed by a longer one in Malay Language - Bahasa Melayu, which of course as usual in this blog will be full of slander, insults, gossips, and lots of talk-cock.

This was like my first rock concert since doing my 2017 backpacking trip watching Iron Maiden plays all over Scotland, England and Wales in May for their UK Tour supporting Book Of Soul album. So the itchiness to be in a rock n roll environment is there in me.

Firstly, I came early (for my standard), the tshirts I want in sizes I want are all sold out. OK, not so early then I realised.. LOL!. - The opening act has finished, I think Vader was just starting.  
So I left the place and go elsewhere.
I came back later and saw a bit of Vader for about two songs. I do not know Vader, first time watching them. Too short, I cannot make a conclusion if I like them or not. 

Then went out for a drink, came back and its Kreator time.


1. Hordes Of Chaos
2. Phobia
3. Satan Is Real
4. Gods Of Violence (intro tape start used with Sami the guitarist playing along) 
5. People Of The Lie
6. Total Death
7. Mars Mantra (tape)
8. Phantom AntiChrist
9. Fallen Brother
10. Enemy Of God
11. From Flood Into Fire
12. Apocalypticon (tape)
13. World War Now
14. Hail To The Hordes
15. Extreme Aggression 
16. Civilisation Collapse

17. Patriarch (tape)
18. Violent Revolution
19. Pleasure To Kill
20. Death Becomes My Light (tape)

A balance setlist for those who enjoyed different eras of Kreator since this is the tour to support the latest album of which 5 full songs played.

- 1 song from their mid years experiments.
- about 4 songs from their early old-school thrash years
- about 13 full songs from their post 2001 melodic thrash years.

I think everyone has a good time. The hall is full, maybe 500-600 solid in attendance? and enough space for those wanting to circle pit or participate in the walls of deaths.

The band what can be said? it is Kreator. They were awesome. 
Mille Petrozza is in good voice.
The bassist has lots of fun and centrestage on Violent Revolution.
The guitarist Sami was clear and in the spotlight a lot.

The set up after Vader takes a much longer time than expected by the Germans support crew.
Maybe they just want to ensure 100% perfection.

Too bad, no Flag Of Hate, no Tormentor.

But Mille Petrozza does all the countings in German.

Eins! Zwei! Eins! Zwei! Drei! Vier!!

Bye and more photos below...
changing TV Channel to different language broadcast.

Ini cerita semalam,
ulasan dan cerita merapu..
aku off day semalam kebetulan haha.
so raya aji ni memang dah plan aku ada di Singapore.

so aku ingat aku tak mau jadi star karat, nak datang awal untuk menengok konsert rock ini.
sekali aku datang tshirt2 kreator lawa2 kau, ada dates Asia dan Australia,
dahbis dah size2 aku nak...
aku mati2 ingat aku datang awal dah haha.
rasanya tu jam Vader dah nak start kot?
haha.. lambat la tu, opening band dah lama abis main ler tu haha.

So ok malam raya siot kebetulan jugak..
so gi Al-Falah, magrib dan takbir hari raya dulu.
Dahbis sikit lebih kurang takbir hari raya, lap2 air mata sikit muahaha.
apa lagi....

its Kreator time.
so sampai, eh? Vader masih perform, dapat tengok.
Tak tahu pasal Vader so first time dengar dan menengok apa dorang sebenarnya.
OK, ending tu dorang pakai lagu Star Wars "IMPERIAL MARCH" theme untuk farewell dengan audience.
OK haus pulak tekak, gi minum..

then datang balik ok, Kreator.
Dah boleh agak la kan lagu2 dorang nak main lagu2 apa. (setlist atas tu kaler merah). Aku OK je kalau dorang main new album seluruh album start sampai abis pasal aku suka.

Lama jugak dorang set up lepas Vader, entah apa tidak dipuaskan hati sound dorang, semua CAKAP JERMAN dia dengan crew set up on stage...
last2 ok kot.
Then maka bermulalah Kreator. Apa nak dikata? Hebat la kan. Takde la nak cakap apa2 tak baik.
Beberapa lagu old school zaman 80an sampai Coma Of Soul, satu lagu zaman 90an, dan majoriti lagu sejak mula zaman nasik tambah melodik 2000an tu sampai sekarang..
album baru ada 5 lagu full, satu lagu intro..

Semalam, penonton nak buat apa buatlah... asal jangan ada rusuhan sudah. HAHA.

Wall of Death ke, Circle Pit ke, buatlah korang, buat puas2. Cuma aku heran siot, budak2 ni semua mana dapat stamina siak?
Aku tengok macam tiap2 lagu pun lasak betul.
Tapi yang penting, sapa yang tak mau masuk campur sila pilih tempat berdiri yang selamat. hoho.

Kreator tak main lagu raya. Tapi ok la kan forgiven.

- Tiptop ye suara Mille Petrozza memandangkan kalau tengok dates shows dorang tu memang teruk.
- Bassist dia si Christian tu ha, bila diri tengah tempat Petrozza hah, showmanship dahsyat.
- si gitaris si Sami tu memang bapak awesome ler kan, sebijik macam dalam mp3 dengar.
- drummer si Ventor, aku tak nampak langsung dia ketuk2. Tak nampak, tapi of course dengar clear. Crystal clear.

(sapa tanya aku semalam? apasal tak kedepan??
hah... macama aku jawab.. nak mampos??? 
tu.. parting of the red sea tu.... dah sedia nak rempuh tu peminat2 Kreator yang happening2 )


OK dah tu je kot? nanti aku sambung la cerita pasal backpacking tengok Iron Maiden main merata UK Mei lepas dan tempat2 yang aku suka tengok lalu aku spend time dan mengambik gamba kawasan2 tersebut dan perjalanan2 backpacking aku untuk Maiden 2017.

Tu hari kan, entah cammana aku teringat, ada satu band member Iron Maiden cakap dorang nak main full Jepun tour.
So ni macam aku dah terfikir.. last time kan dorang main luar Tokyo ialah 2008 iaitu Yokohama.

Dan aku pernah baca satu tulisan peminat Iron Maiden yang dah tengok Maiden main banyak tempat, dia bilang dia tak pernah tengok betapa best Maiden main dan sound dorang macam seperti kat dewan yang kat Yokohama tu.

So kali terakhir Maiden main kat Jepun dan bukan saja kat Tokyo ialah Amolad tour iaitu - Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima.

Ni yang ada foto famous Steve Harris tengah gi kedai bootlegs dan dia kerut dahi sambil tunjuk show2 Iron Maiden dirakam peminat dan dijual kat kedai cd Jepun.

So the mind boggles kan?

aku pernah merentas negara2 bukan cakap Inggeris macam Jerman dan Peranchis nak tengok Maiden, Rainbow, gi Hellfest dan apa je la, naik train ke ekpress bas ke, tapi tu tempat semua masih guna huruf RUMI huruf aphabet, tak paham bahasa pun boleh cam kan huruf ABCDEFGHIJKL....., tapi nak backpack merata Jepun sorang2 tengok Iron Maiden main dengan guna keretapi atau naik bas ekpress takut siot, dah tulisan Jepun pening. haha.
Tapi takpe, bak kata Winston Churchill , WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER!!!