Saturday, July 26, 2014

Syawal, Shawwal, Hari Raya Puasa, Eid Fitr, Gaza Palestine... &......... STEVE HARRIS in action (my Maiden Europe 2014 backpacking to Serbia, France, & Hellfest 2014 PART 7)

(*I have updated my previous post about the GAZA Palestine humanitarian support for those interested* Using of the word "INFRASTRUCTURE" is such a motivation. So "Open Your Heart" pun intended once you read lower)

Irregardless of how you pronounced or spell it, the arrival of the month of Syawal or Shawwal means the end of the holy month of Ramadhan for Muslims everywhere. None of us knows who among us and our love ones will live to get to meet next year’s month of Ramadhan.

So to all Muslims reading this, wherever you are in this world,
or EID-FITR or how it sounds or spells like in your own languages.
Its not going to be a much pleasant occasion if you delve deeper, even though for us fortunate ones living in peace, as seeing the state of the world we are living in now - Fill with hatred, ego and selfishness. Everyday its just the same...

- Humans treating other humans unfairly and without respect. 
- Humans being trampled by other humans  and much worse purely because of difference in religion belief, political belief, skin colour, ethnic group.... and on and on and on...
- Humans taking other humans on a ride economically, financially, environmentally, socially, educationally, job-opportunities-wise etc
- Humans being killed by other humans by way of Bombs, bullets, sharp objects, blunt objects, muscle strength, blowing them up in the sky, and on and on and on
- Humans not wanting to co-operate, or give and take with each other and just purely have no respect for humanity, law and order both in public and at the privacy of their homes by being abusive to their love ones...

and an opportunity for a public service announcement - Human League Rules \m/

Well... At least when we wonder what happened to the world today and we missed the better days , we don't have to try, we just close our eyes... and we'll always be together, ~~~~~~together in Electric Dreams...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.... 
and how appropriate Human League has a monster of a tragic war song called LEBANON and if people thinks an electronics synthesizer new wave band is hollow, well...they are wrong.

Human League member Philip Adrian Wright commented that the Oakley's politically charged 

lyrics were written specifically about the 

Sabra and Shatila massacre

and that makes me like Human League even more.... and if you dont know of this song before and its background and THAT MASSACRE, NOW YOU KNOW!
maybe one day I am going to blog about Human League.. LOL!! after I go crazy over the new sets of Belinda Carlisle deluxe editions to be released end of this year LOL!!!..

Anyway, So a bit of a Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde blog posting this one...
After ogling the photos of Mr Adrian Smith a number of post before on this post -

, lets change our focus to another Maiden member which is.....
release the dry ice....
make it foggy....



17th June 2014, Tuesday Evening on a most beautiful location to see IRON MAIDEN play. Kalamegdan Park / Fotress Belgrade Serbia.

Its always such a joy, since this posting is only focussing on Steve Harris photos so its like – Steve Harris plays the bass like only Steve Harris can play the bass, Steve Harris running around the stage for 2 hours, Steve Harris face is so serious and really meaning it when singing backing vocals, Steve Harris face is so serious when he is eyeing the fans and looking at the fans in the eyes, (ooo no no our eyes did not met, LOL!!!!) Steve Harris with one foot on the monitors, Steve Harris’ back is against the fans and one foot on the drum riser facing Nicko, Steve Harris going to his racks and doing his tunings and adjustments in between songs, Steve Harris urging and gesturing the fans on, Steve Harris machine-gunning the fans with his bass guitar, Steve Harris placing one hand on his ears during two minutes to midnight, Steve Harris jumping on the spot and I was like "If I live to reach his age, I want to be able to do that!!"Steve Harris this, and Steve Harris that and everything Steve Harris.

and its a huge influenced on me growing up, learning to read and write English as a school boy base on Iron Maiden songs (on which Steve Harris lyrics-writting rules), that I realised that it is important to know and keep up-to-date about GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES, CREED, HISTORY, LITERATURE, WAR AND CRUELTY AND INJUSTICE IN THIS WORLD.

and I am still deciphering and understanding "Brighter Than A Thousand Suns" Albert Einstein-E=M,C,SQUARED formula-lyrics LOL!!! ok ok, Bruce Dickinson must have a big hand to that scientific lyrics? doesnt matter hahaa.
(I have been listening to the famous Stockholm Swedish Radio Broadcast recording while walking and on public transport these few days anyway)

So this post is still all in topic.

I KNOW STEVE HARRIS BREAKS INTO A HUGE SMILE WHEN DURING ‘SANCTUARY’, BRUCE DICKINSON WAS PLAYING ALONG WITH JANICK GERS GUITAR. Playing that famous melody which I really have no idea whats the title as I am typing this. Its that German folk song or something?? I am having a wild guess here LOL!!.

More is to come, a detailed photography and report of the historical thousand years Kalamegdan Fotress and the “I’ve never ever seen such an intense Museum like a SERBIAN WAR MUSEUM and it is as intense as the very important Reflection Of Bukit Chandu site in Singapore which is all about the Malay Regiment which was wiped out with vengeance by the Japanese invading Army for the way they fight at all cost till the last man, while defending Singapore during World War II.

And this is an intense post...   Au Revoir.

I was reading some facts and figures and its interesting that Puma think their new shade of RED which is more similar to the tone of the badge, will be more attractive and marketable than Nike's shade of RED.
Also the statistics of the first one month after Ozil sign, 10,000 jerseys were bought.
Its mind boggling facts and figures. Well.... I love to consume all these itsy bitsy itty gritty details of Arsenal on and off the field.

ok ok, I stop now LOL!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Updated - Gemersik Sanubari ku (pt 2), - Gaza, Palestine dan kawsan sewaktu dengan nye..

Some UPDATES 26 July 2014.

Meneruskan suasana serius, serious macam kucing kena paksa mandi, dari posting aku yang lepas yang terpanjang lak luahan bicara hati aku.
Korang pernah dengar ayat Orang Puteh cakap "Courtesy Begins At Home".
Tapi dari konteks keperikemanusian dan dari segi konteks agama Islam, memang betul kasih sayang mula kat rumah, tapi kasih sayang tu melebar satu pelusuk dunia..
Semayang Jemaat pun kan mesti ada doa untuk semua Muslimin Muslimat. Semua. As in ALL.
Korang baca buku2 ASTERIX? Dah lupa tajuk mana, yang ada adegan seorang jeneral tentera beri arahan kat seorang askar dia.

"You are to start for Rome and bring a message for Caesar. Tell him 'All Gaul is occupied.'
He will ask 'All??'You will answer 'All'. He will understand".

ALL ye, SEMUA!!!
Kalau kira umat yang Islam sejagat 1.8 billion tu ALL tu. Dimana 80% ialah pegangan Sunni.
Aku ada keratan newspaper breakdown umat Islam dari research institusi Jordan ke mana ntah, nanti lain kali aku share.

Macam kebanyakkan suasana perang, kebencian, dan keganasan kat mana2....- Yang paling teruk kena ialah orang awam. Dari baby umur seminit, sampai yang tua umur seratus lebih kalau ada.

Mungkin masalah ni terlalu dalam, mungkin terlalu rumit, untuk aku memahami, tapi ia tak menghalang aku untuk cuba baca, baca dan baca apa2 berita dan maklumat aku boleh dapat dari berbagai sumber. Dan aku harap sumber2 aku baca tu semua bukan fitnah dan bukan berita yang sengaja diolah untuk mengelirukan dan mengeruhkan suasana lagi.

Aku nak share satu artikel ni,
tulisan satu orang Israel, kenangan lama dia diselamatkan dari berdarah hingga mati oleh seorang Palestin. 

Bapak tiri dia menteri kabinet Israel. Suatu masa dahulu penulis ni cedera parah di rumah dan menghadapi kehilangan darah yang amat teruk dan yang selamatkan nyawa dia ialah seorang Palestin dan menarik bila dia ceritakan betapa seorang pemuda Palestin yang hanya seorang buruh kasar boleh pekik kuat2 dan jerit2 mengarah kat seorang berpangkat besar Israel, seorang Menteri Kabinet Israel untuk cepat membantu.

Terus terang pada pendapat aku, FOKUS kita tak boleh lari...

Maksud aku, bila sekarang ni tengah kecoh balik Gaza, Palestin, kita harus jangan lupa masalah yang dialami oleh orang2 Islam satu dunia...

Aku harap korang paham apa aku cakap.. Sebab tu kita tak boleh harapkan orang spoon fed kita, kita kena carik sendiri segala info tok nenek tentang segala masalah, ujian orang Islam merata dunia tengah melalui.

Rantau kita sendiri korang pun tahu apa tengah jadi kat Umat Islam.

Dan always ingat, kita terkejar kan sokong orang Islam merata tempat, kita jangan lupa kita nye own tempat. Tu aku cakap " COURTESY BEGINS AT HOME".

Dalam masa yang sama, untuk korang yang ada kat Singapore, atau nak beri bantuan untuk  Gaza melalui Singapura,
sekurang2 ada dua pertubuhan sedang buat pengumpulan dana.


1) - Yayasan Rahmatan Lil Alamin taruk tabung derma kat semua masjid Singapore. Last Friday nye semayang jemaat masa khutbah aku rasa semua dah umum dah. Aku rasa tabung2 tu remain for a week kat semua masjid Singapura. Also korang boleh derma melalui Muis.
2) - Badan Agama dan Pelajaran Radin Mas (Bapa) pun organise jugak. Ni antara nye korang boleh guna pakai electronics, dan jugak paling mudah pakai Tele-Amal. Tepon je ikut berapa ketul korang nak derma, nanti bil henpon datang nanti korang settle je..
Aku tahu ni dua je la untuk Singapore.
Ni ialah tabung Lil Alamin tu aku snap tu hari pasal tu hari aku semayang Jemaat kat Singapore kat salah satu masjid. Tu aku mula2 tahu pasal tabung ni, pasal time khutbah si Khatib ada buat announcement masa dia kasi khutbah dia tu. Aku suka cara penyampaian doa cakap melayu khatib tu masa sesi khutbah dan semayang jemaat tu. Aku suka dia punye 'choices of words' masa doa cakap melayu.
Pada aku, sama macam mana kita tak suka ada orang menghina agama kita, sama kita tak suka orang gunakan perkataan2 kurang ajar dan celupar kat agama dan orang2 kita, kita pun sama. Tak yah la nak berbual2 cam terror sangat kat posting2 kita. I mean kita kena pakai akal bukan nafsu amarah. 

3) Mercy Relief

Yang penting all sides kena come to an amicable agreement and solution once and for all. Ye la, aku tahu susah, dah berpuluh tahun pun, tapi why not kan? Allah maha berkuasa pe.
dan jugak kat bawah ni keratan2 akhbar related to these two organisations aims and targets for this donation drive.


Apa pun, untuk aku, nak beri bantuan pun kita kena tengok melalui sapa ye tak?
I think the key word is yang "boleh dipercayai" dan yang "mempunyai keupayaan".
Aku tak rasa Palestin, atau Gaza diwaktu ni ialah tempat yang easy-access. So aku rasa tentu ada cara untuk bantuan tu sampai kat mereka. Harap sampai la ye cepat2.
Ooo cek it out the word " INFRASTRUCTURE" kat salah satu keratan sokkabar kat atas tu ok.  Sesuatu Baru untuk aku, selalu aku nampak word cam perubatan, makanan...
hah, sekarang terus pakai "Infrastruktur". Hah, power giler word haha.
Thats about it, walaupun mungkin fokus lebih kat Gaza, cam aku cakap atas, lets not forget predicaments yang umat Islam sedang menghadapi di seluruh dunia termasuk kita kena sokong masing2 kita nye own local masjids-masjids, madrasahs-madrasahs, muslim organisations, orphanages, old folk homes, less fortunate dan charities pasal charity dan courtesy begins at home.

p.s - Kalau dorang ada even an inch or sebutir zarah, aku rasa dorang kena gencatan senjata cepat2 dan lama2 sikit...
cam mana ambulans nak beroperasi, cammana yang hidup nak gi carik yang mati atau yang hilang...

I mean ni benda2 itsy gritty kita kena paham consequences tembak menembak bom mengebom yang kita perlu paham..

thats about it...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Gemersik Sanubari ku... di akhir Ramadhan dan di ambang Syawal...

Ni luahan hati aku, ..

kalau korang perasan, setiap tahun ada sekali dua kali aku cakap apa aku nak cakap secara serious. Serius macam kucing kena paksa mandi ok (bak kata Bucky Katt).. Serious giler.
It is more a reminder to myself, but I just want to share it here, who knows, there will be someone who might find something useful.

Ramadhan dah tinggal sikit lebih kurang seminggu je lagi,
So... mari kita doakan semoga Love Ones kita dapat menempuh habis bulan Ramadhan ni dan jugak mereka semua dapat keredhaan Allah dengan segala apa amalan mereka kerjakan, banyak ke, sikit ke, mengikut kemampuan dan disiplin masing2. Semoga Allah menerima segala amalan mereka, dan mengasihani dan melindungi love ones kita semua dunia dan akhirat. Amin.
Betapa pun kita kejar dunia, cuba beri keselesaan dunia untuk mereka, akhirat jugak ultimate ye tak.

I mean seriously la kan? Tak semua orang perangai geng2 beramal atau geng baik ye tak?

Seterusnya...Khas untuk diri aku, dan jugak sapa2 tonggang langgang, huru-hara, the devil may care attitude macam aku, You Know Who You Are!!! hah....mari kita saling ingat mengingati a few things ok. Untuk korang majoriti, nak baca bacalah....tapi aku segan la, ni kira cam the blind leading the blind gitu. Tapi when you are clutching at straws.... haha.

Zakat Fitrah – hah..jangan tunggu lama2 nanti lama2...nanti orang start semayang raya, hah, naya..... so terutama korang tengok la dan cek la terutama immediate family members or whatsoever. Kalau was2 dan rasa takde time nak cek, aku rasa play safe sua la kan, biar bayar double dari tak bayar terus.

Anyway, aku pernah cerita tak? Aku was around bila ada satu fully attired mak nyah ni, ngan baju dia dia semua punya la vogue, fashionable gitu, masuk kawasan masjid nak bayar zakat fitrah waktu tengahari.
Amil layan cam biasa, dan aku perasan Amil bertugas tu tak salam dia, of course la kan, aku ni pun bodoh lak nak fikir pasal amil salam ke tak salam lak sama mak nyah..,
kira macam mana2 terdapat kaum2 perempuan yang datang untuk bayar zakat fitrah mereka kat masjid la, jumpa amil cam biasa Cuma takde salam2 je la,

tapi aku masih ingat, Amil nak nama lelaki nama original nyah tu, bila nyah tu kasi nama glamour dia untuk amil doakan, amil reject. Hahahaha, pelan2 nyah tu bisik nama original dia kat amil tu haha, siap ngan “bin” lagi...haha. Aku sebenarnye tu jam tengah lepak kat kawasan m

Aku dulu2 budak2, kalau aku join hari bendera, yang bawak tin sana sini lepas tu tunjuk tin tu kat orang lalu lalang kita mintak derma...hah...geng mak nyah la yang kasi paling banyak ok!! Especially dorang cek tu derma untuk organasasi mana, lagi lak kita semua bawak tin hari bendera untuk pertubuhan2 melayu Islam, hah, lagi bersemangat mak nyah ni derma ok!!
Walau kongajar dorang keluarkan duit dari celah2.... ohhhh sesungguhnye aku berpuasa...haha.

Hah... lagi satu...

Zakat Wang Simpanan – I mean tak dinafikan, kita semua sedaya upaya, aku cakap sedaya upaya ok, terlaksana ke tak tu lain kira cuba untuk selitkan duit sikit mana2 untuk tujuan tertentu, masa depan love ones kita especially tiba2 kita mati ke hapa ke, standby duit kecemasan, standby duit kalau kata kena buang kerja kena terminate kerja, ( HAH!! Serious kan aku berbual kali ni nye posting kan??? Aku tak memain ni....Fact of life untuk sebahagian kita, kerja di hujung tanduk, maklum pencacai je haha, aku tahu ramai korang pun cam aku, tak boleh rest on our laurels, hari ni last day kerja, besok tak boleh duk rumah sambil carik kerja baru, sambil carik kerja baru tu besok dah start carik kerja apa2 kerja daily-rated, janji abis kerja hari tu duit masuk, setiap hari abis kerja pencacai apa pun, duit masuk poket, sampai la dapat kerja tetap balik..).

So... kalau cukup nisab wang simpanan tu, aku rasa kita semua tak mau banyak colok la kan, gi bayar zakat wang simpanan sua. Insyallah, Allah tu maha mengasihi dan kalau kita dah bayar zakat, - hidup kita, hidup love ones kita, no worries, Allah akan tolong. Confirm. Kita tak yah takut. Allah dan janji sapa bayar zakat, ada la tu kebaikan nye. Cuma kita nampak tak nampak je la.

So, ni zakat wang simpanan ni bukan saja untuk diri korang tapi Love Ones Korang kalau dorang pun ada savings,asal cukup nisab.

Why not korang set an example, sendiri pergi calculate, korang sendiri buat ilmu hisab dan paling electric...  (yessss Pet Shop Boys is coming to KL & Spore soon!!! Hooo Starjump!! Starjump!! aku nak pergi kalau boleh. KL nye la kot aku gi, Singapore nye kat F1, leceh, walau Singapore nye F1 ada Robbie William jugak tapi leceh la F1 setlist tahun ni PSB ada bawak lagu Being Boring!! huhu) 
.......korang gi la bayarkan zakat wang simpanan dorang.. I mean this is the least we can do...

Tapi korang kena sound sikit la, kata besok korang mati ke, apa2 jadi kat korang ke,.. Love Ones korang kena tahu apa nak buat, ye la kalau kata Insyallah, dorang pelan2 sikit2 tabung duit wang simpanan sampai cukup nisab setahun demi setahun.

Anyway, jangan rasa malu jangan rasa segan kalau zakat wang simpanan kita tu setakat berapa sen aje, berapa sen mata kita, mata Allah tengok lain kan berapa sen kita tu?? anyway, amil yang tukang collect tu, atau sapa2 yang korang kasi terus kat mereka yang korang boleh confirm dorang deserve antara golongan berhak dapat zakat, akan rasa happy irregardless the amount. Walau aku pernah cerita kan?......ada sekali tu amil tu tengok aku cam dia nampak setan atas kepala aku atau bertenggek atas bahu aku.. Well............

Aku pernah cerita tak? ada satu kali aku buat Reservist, aku ada kenal satu kawan jenis huru-hara tonggang terbalik nye la haha, dia cerita dia gi kenduri baca2 doa tu la ramai2 buat bulatan gitu, sekali tu dia, dia scanning the scene setiap jemaah kat situ, dia tengok la satu demi satu jemaah kat situ semua ngah baca doa or zikir or ngaji ramai2 gitu, ni memang jenis giler2 nye orang la, so dia ter eye-contact ngan satu Imam famous ni, imam tu tengah tengok dia cam rupa terperanjat, so dia speculate, imam tu ada la nampak apa2 kat dia kot, atas kepala dia kot?... hahaha. Ketawa besar aku dengar.... something I will always remember.
Tapi benda2 gini...ialah pelajaran hidup... This is life precious lesson.

Ok thats about it,.. Tapi ni zakat ni compulsory so... please take note.


Borak pasal bulan Puasa dah kan,

hah meh kita jawab periksa soalan nak sambut hari raya.....
READY?... sedia?
Multiple Choice ok??
OK, ada dari korang

1) Raya disambut ngan penuh terover, kira iklan kat tv pun kalah la. Kira happening warna warni cam ROCK IN RIO gitu. Ewah!

2) Raya disambut cam iklan tv yang penuh kegembiraan... cam iklan Proton Saga Jamal Abdillah ngan Raja Ema dulu2 tu....

3) Raya disambut sederhana, tapi penuh bermakna...  rasa ramai jugak akan ambik ni la kot jawapan dorang..

4) Raya disambut ok ok je, salam2 gitu.. hangguk hangguk kepala acknowledge satu sama lain je,.nothing much la kan....ala kadar je..

5) Raya pagi gi sembahyang, lepas tu gi kerja la pasal tak tahu apa nak buat, hahaha, ... Pun ada jugak... Aku rasa ni normal la jugak kan.. I mean tak semua orang akan lalui cam pt 1 , 2 , 3, 4 cam kat atas tu kan. Mungkin situasi ni jugak boleh terjadi kat sapa yang berjauhan or something pun aku rasa boleh jugak kot.

6) Raya untuk korang, ialah....Naik bas ekspress, dari satu hujung semenanjung gi KL, sampai KL beli tiket bas patah balik. OK ni ada ok!! Confirm, dah ada cerita pasal mamat ni kat sokkabar....dia sorang je....dia tak tahu cammana nak buat bila raya tiba, so pagi raya dari Singapore dia naik bas gi KL. Siot, korang jangan ketawa oK!!! I feel for him ok!! Kalau aku kenal dia, aku ajak dia beraya ngan aku, simple2 je tapi...ok la kan raya ngan aku hahahaha!! Boleh aku tunjuk foto2 aku bersungguh2 nak snap gambo Steve Harris beraksi atas pentas hahaha.. Actually sebenarnya...... Kalau aku kenal dia, ...kalau aku kenal dia dan aku interview dia, dan Kalau kata dia cam korang - kaki lang heavy metal, aku akan hasut dia pergi BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL !! Hahaha. Bloodstock aku dah cek, just nice lepas raya....hik hik hik. Bloodstock tiket murah wooo line up dia, aku dah aim tau, kalau satu hari nanti dorang boleh bayar Maiden headline, hah.. I’ll be there ok, ...opppssss OK back to topik.
Dan jugak ada dari korang....

7) Raya is empty, hollow... yes, raya ni sepatutnya hari bergembira rai berjaya sebulan berpuasa, raya is special sebab tu tak boleh puasa pun kan hari raya pertama... tapi emotionally dalam hati...empty hollow kosong...

8) Dan last, Raya is penuh kesedihan. For whatever reasons, ah... ni pun ramai jugak... Tak yah bullshit la kan??? I mean... setiap kita berlainan, dan we have to accept bahagian hidup kita masing2 berbeza.
Hidup ni kita semua darah je merah sama, tapi sejuta orang, sejuta cerita ye tak? Sebillion orang? Sebillion cerita masing2 ye tak??... you get the idea.
Nanti korang tengok la kat tv, progrem2 sedih sambut raya sorang2 all that... I mean this is life la kan, dan tv tu interview orang sedih2, raya sorang2, ialah Cuma “TIP OF THE ICEBERG” aje.

9) None of the above... Hah!! Ni aku taruk ni kali..standby... Ada orang takde perasaan kot? So pilih no 9 ni. Hahaha.

I mean, aku pernah buat tau soalan MCQ gini dulu2 kat blog ni la, ada satu tu cakap masa balas kat reply tu, satu pun bukan, none of the above gitu, or something like that la. Kongajar betul!! Hahaha. Penat aku fikir tau jawapan2 ni tau. Dah la puasa, aku sanggup perah otak!!!...Last2 dia reply cakap satu pun bukan gitu. Boring sey aku!! Haha. Takpe ni kalau dia baca ni mesti ada la, 1 to 9 tu dia pilih satu...aku spekulate ni kali dia yang sambut melampau cam Rock In Rio tu agaknya hahaha.
Akhir kata....

p.s – aku suka iklan hari raya kereta nissan tu ATUK tu, mula2 aku tengok2 gitu....sekali ah la,
tapi aku suka, pasal Atuk enjoy life, dia in control....dia have dia nye own sweet memories, dan masa yang sama dia boleh switch back to real life. Atuk is in control... haha.

Mula2 aku tengok kat youtube... HAH??? TUJUH MINIT??? Mesti tak best, sekali giler. Very realistik, nak2 main henpon tu hahaha, dan jugak chemical romance punya la emo.
Tapi aku tak berani tengok dua kali iklan raya atuk tu.......aku cam rasa takut gitu..
Eh? Bulan puasa hantu kena rantai kan?
Ok ok aku melalut, aku mintak maaf, aku tak nak cakap nenek tu hantu ok...tu Cuma sweet memories si atuk aje. Korang bayangkan cucu dia dah ambik alih kereta atuk dia, sekali masa dia tengah driving ada suara Nenek, “cu... periksa dapat nombor berapa cu?”  kat sebelah haha.

Gurau ok!! Aku mintak maaf lagi sekali, a stupid sick joke I am making, sorry.
I mean, aku realise, apa yang penting, I mean salah satu paling berharga dalam hidup kita kita boleh buat, ialah tinggalkan sweet memories... so kita dah takde nanti, orang sekeliling kita jadi cam Atuk, berangan berbual ngan kita, pasal kita “awesome”. Cewah.. masuk bakul angkat sendiri.

Tapi its a fact right? Korang nak korang mati, korang nak orang semua ada sweet memories pasal korang kan? Hahhhh......... korang tak mau korang mati orang keliling cakap "bagus, mampos jugak dekni akhirnya!!!". Betul tak?
Cehhhh.... aku berbual cam ye ye je kan? Hahaha.

p.s – eh korang jangan ingat aku cam bagus ok berbual gini...zakat2 tu semua, cam aku cakap aku kongsi je. Of course korang semua tahu lebih mendalam lagi.

bye and actually aku nak cerita pasal Gaza nye situation dari pandangan aku...takpe next post...

layan satu gambo....

Friday, July 18, 2014

MH17, fireman spraying water, angra, iron maiden, slayer at Hellfest 2014 ((my Maiden Europe 2014 backpacking to Serbia, France & Hellfest 2014 report PART 6)

(My thoughts are with the flight MH17 passengers, crew and their love ones who comes from different countries all over the world. I know you guys are thinking of them too.)

While waiting for mad men (and life is fair because they all come in various political views, religious beliefs, different languages and ethnics, skin colour, regions and countries ) who cannot wait to destroy this world, as long as they satisfy their lust, just for their ego and worldly possession which we wont bring along to our Live After Death anyway, 

This will be a short final part about the bands that I choose to watch during Hellfest 2014. So I can move on to share about other things..
Ohhh the humanity... WATER!!!!

Doesnt they  who are creating trouble and destroying God's Earth knows that, you can fight all you want, kill all you want, but Water , simple water, is everything.

People cries out for water!! its the best thing for me in Hellfest.


This was during Angra , the Brazil band, played mainstage 2 on Sunday in the hot blazing late afternoon sun. A Fire-engine or Fire-truck, I dont know how you guys called it, but some firemen took the initiative to hose down the Angra crowd with water. Its so cooling. I dont know what the crowd is chanting, but I am sure it is something like “Thank you Mr Firemen”.

I got a short video of the hosing too... .

(anyway, my tactics at Hellfest is I always use the sides, besides I am SAFE from all the hurricanes and tornadoes at the center, it allows me easy movements to stand everywhere).

ANGRA. I used to like and try my best to follow up on this band many years ago, I always think they are going to be huge worldwide, even bigger than Sepultura (ooohh before I forget, Sepultura is on the Hellfest line up too, so was Soulfly on different days, if I did the Hellfest timetable, I would purposely put them back to back with the seperation of 5 mins on mainstage 1 and 2 haha, sorry guys, I did not snap any photo of either band for the time I was around when they both play, though Soulfly endings with a short and sweet The Trooper is something I like.)

 I wonder whats Andre Matos is doing now. I like him. I think his Shaman’s Fairytale is also a Korean tv series or Japanese tv series music theme too? I dont mind him being the Iron Maiden singer replacing Bruce Dickinson back then.. too bad, he will never be because he is not British.

Kiko and Rafael is still around though...alwayss around I guess.

This is the pro-shot television broadcast of Angra’s set in Hellfest 2014..
shit, I cannot locate it at youtube, I know it was pro-shot and shown on French television and someone uploaded it on you guys have to search it properly.

IRON MAIDEN first time ever at Hellfest, Hellfest organisation is big enough now to cater to them wooohooo...
The reason.... the main reason I made my journey to Hellfest 2014. Without a doubt, I dont think I will make this backpacking trip to Clisson, Nantes, France if Iron Maiden is not headlining Hellfest 2014.
I remember when Hellfest 2014 first batch of bands was announced, and I found them very attractive mix but then rumours start of Maiden, Aerosmith and Sabbath joining and usually the trees wont sway without wind (kalau takde angin pokok tak bergoyang), so I believe in those rumors and start to do my own research about travelling to Clisson and Hellfest.
When Maiden was really officially announced, I had already got the idea of what I should do to make the backpacking trip happens. Really tough on me to juggle for this trip, but its worth it.

I was at mainstage 1 more than an HOUR before Maiden starts playing...and this is what I get!!
Its one hour before, and I just dont feel like squeezing thru, so this is my view of Maiden during their set.

this is the furthest definitely I have ever seen Maiden from stage. But it makes a nice view LOL,  The whole stage pyros, though my view is far from optimum. Unless I am taller LOL!!!.

The French enjoys their Maiden, and basically everyone around me has a good time.
Bruce Dickinson was talking all the way in French, and maybe one of the reason Maiden is held in high regards I guess. Know the language, know the culture of the place you are inI did not prepare much in terms of French language, just the basic hellos and thank you’s. Maybe next time.
. Bruce was giving score-lines of France versus Switzerland, which in reality ends 5-2 France victory if I remember correctly. It was hilarious, even though I dont understand fully, but everytime it starts with “Ze Swiss....ZERO!!...the French...” oooohhh how the HELLFEST audience loves it.. hahahaha.

Ooo a short video I took during the start of the Trooper....of the audience around me, and even way further at the back...
It was lots of fun...

Iron Maiden in 2014 are at their smoothest, at their best. Yes, it helps they are into the 3rd year of playing the same Maiden England theme tour with a mostly “LAZY” similar setlist.
But it does bring me sadness, just thinking, Maiden with just not much time left, with just a very few short years left, but they are playing the best gigs of their lives, performing the best musicianship and showmanship of their lives, giving awesome incredible shows which I like to coin as really absolutely “ The Greatest Show On Earth “, bringing so much happiness and tears of joy to their fans everywhere, and its soon going to end.
Yes, I know, Maiden are playing it safe, they are not taking risks, they have missed so much golden opportunities this past few years, MAYBE ONE DAY THEY - the Iron Maiden members - WILL REGRET IT??, all the missed opportunities???
My wish for Maiden is just... please, two more studio albums. Next one, Steve Harris please just write your share of the greatest songs that only you can write, and please stand aside, just contribute your “best bassist in the world” recordings to the next album, and please let Adrian Smith (and with an input from Bruce Dickinson), handle all productions (with Kevin Shirley if needed) and maybe lets Adrian Smith gives the final approval to the next album. What will come out will definitely astound the whole world LOL!!!. Do a world tour, then, comes the final album, I know Martin Birch wont be coming back, but lets Steve Harris have control of it as he usually does (with Kevin Shirley), for the final time ever.
Plus three more world tours, to support both above albums, and a best of tour. No Farewell tours, its embarassing to farewell and then suddenly continue and continue...
And every one of that three tours, make sure you visit every single country in South East Asia.... Every single country?? Yes, every single country...Sort of a payback to all your fans in this region. Maybe not that many fans? even better, you play in clubs so we all get to see you upclose, really close

Ok, last but not least,

I guess, if I got it right, I am into the very final band that I set my eyes upon during Hellfest 2014, like I say I choose only a certain number of bands from the hectic timetable of more than 150 bands playing 6 stages for 3 days from late morning till early morning every day and night.
Yes, I moan that this band is not the same, I hate reading all the disagreements and washing of dirty linens in public. But... credit must be given when its due.
Remember the Terrorizer Magazine slogan that “No Slayer, No Terrorizer Magazine” ??
I guess, Hellfest with its lineup of bands wont have this impact and wont be this fun without Slayer’s existence and influence on other bands. Definitely music is not the same without Slayer’s existence.
So it is certainly a nice occasion for me that Slayer is one of the band playing at Hellfest 2014 too.
So the last photo of this post belongs to a shot I took of Slayer a distance away, when I left Death To All set before the end (yes another disastrous clash of schedules for me), to catch just a tiny bit of Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer!....
How appropriate the two bath in lights are......

In the near future, I will try to list down step by step with photos of the locations how I travel alone without really any knowledge of French (except for the basic greetings) from Paris to Nantes to Clisson, getting all the trains tickets and bus and pickups, and also the problems I face, the lessons I learnt, the small things that makes all the difference in travelling, the hidden cost, the amount of money I spent, and also about staying in Nantes for the duration of Hellfest and not camping in Clisson and travelling both directions daily.

Ok ok aku tahu la aku seminggu dua ni cakap omputeh je, berbual pun band2 omputeh je..., kira cam Yo-Yo-Ohh je gitu kan?? Ahhahaha.., aku sedar la aku sapa...

Hoi korang, yang melayu tetap aku tidak lupakan tau.


BAU KEDAI!!!!  Guitar Republicks Volume 1..   Nanti kita borak pasal ni k.

Au Revoir and Bon Voyage MH17.

aku type ni kul 1.36am, aku post kul 1.58am...

aku baru abis kerja tadi, so saje2 nak baca perkembangan Palestin,...cek cnn, ooooooooo....
Malam2 buta, nak tak nak mesti kejut, just to check all is safe.

ye la yang kerja mas lain,
sapa tahu sapa2 naik flight ye tak pun

aku pun gi Hellfest semua tu naik Msia Airlines jugak. Selain tengok harga, walau paspot aku bukan paspot msia, tapi aku melayu, kena la tunjuk sokongan dan kepercayaan kat brand Msia ye tak?

sekarang dah kul 1.36am.
dari tadi mata aku telinga aku, tengok tv cenel Spore, cenel spore is 100% report on mh17 sekarang.
sekarang tengah white house spokesman press conference.

tunjuk all the ukraine nye video footages...

aku nak tunggu rtm nye...tunggu dari tadi...

ok baru aku ngah type ni baru RTM masuk terkini...

its going to be a long night.

tu plane 10,000m, cammana seperatist boleh dapat gadget tembak missle tinggi gitu? Sapa kasi?

ok tukar balik cenel spore, cenel msia dah balik ke dokumentari kuari semula...

spore cenel tengah interview berapa ramai rakyat dari lain2 negara ada...

its going to be a long night...

Spore tv announce kul 4am Msia govt akan buat press conference 4am kot?

oooo ok kena inform family members dalam flight tu dulu...

ooo ok, baru masuk news, airspace tu dianggap airspace selamat...

I am very sad.

edit, Spore cenel cakap.... ni bukan Shoulder missle..... pasal mayat2 scattered jarak2 mereka....

ni senjata lagi canggih......

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

vreid sognametal, powerwolf, shining, impaled nazarene, nocturnus AD, satan etc, at Hellfest 2014 ((my Maiden Europe 2014 backpacking to Serbia, France & Hellfest 2014 report PART 5)

Continuing my personal review, experience and photos of being at Hellfest 2014 Clisson France with Maiden and some nice bands that I choose to see play in the madness timetable of the three days.

One of the most “Darth-ly dark side of the force” intriguing and fascinating clashes of timetables for myself in Hellfest 2014 was on Sunday evening, with Behemoth playing at the same time as Vreid –Sognametal. Behemoth plays at mainstage 2 so we can expect a full presentation of their stage show, while Vreid is on the tents playing the Temple stage.

Its an easy choice for me, Vreid.. This is one of the most anticipated band that I want to see play live at Hellfest 2014 besides the Sweden band Shining among others. Vreid is a Norway band that comes out from another called Windir whose singer passed away. I am really entertained and I am so liking their style of music. The tag - Sognametal is what I assume as a special anniversary celebration with various musicians regarding the music of Vreid and Windir, most probably I am wrong but thats my guess.

Vried Sognametal is definitely one of the outstanding highlights of Hellfest 2014 for me.
Again, its one of the performances recorded and broadcasted on some French stations and its already on youtube, check them out.

Anyway, Behemoth performance was also broadcasted on French tv and its on youtube. I check it out a bit, its exciting, though I guess I made the right choice with Vreid at Hellfest environment.
Next, enjoy some photos galore of Powerwolf.
I never thought I got a chance to see this band play live and they are wonderfully entertaining. I nearly missed this band due to a comical double tragedy of oversleeping till afternoon (DAMN the CARCASS schedule which finish at 2AM and I only reach Nantes at 4AM!!) and I already missed some good bands playing in the morning, worse Powerwolf is playing soon and I am at Nantes!!!!, I rush to the train station, bought a ticket myself as I figured out how to use the automatic ticket dispenser which is all in French (you just remember the ouis and non-ouis or something like that and keep clicking the machine lever LOL!!)
and then horror of all horrors I realise French railway from Nantes to the village of Clisson on Sunday has a completely different timetable. I will tell more of this when I post about how I travelled there. Its still painful on my wallet. The sacrifices I go thru to see Powerwolf live!



Above photo is I think the exact moment as this photo comes out actually from stage direction...

Really Happy times indeed seeing Powerwolf play. Its very enjoyable with their performance and songs..

Next I want to talk about Shining. This is a controversial band from Sweden. Serious shit. At Hellfest the controversial singer keep shouting some Fuck You’s to the audience. I think that is more than enough for me. I dont want anything else to happen haha.
I like the time-changes of this band the most, and the singer, he reminds me of Gary Charone (Extreme/Van Halen III) with his postures and stage attitude. LOL!!

Another fascinating chance to see a band thats really at home in an environment like Hellfest. Oooo there is a pro-shot footage of Shining on French TV and its already on youtube... here it is...

I cannot locate it right now when posting this blog....Sorry either its taken down or its somewhere I cannot locate...

Impaled Nazarene... hmmnnn...
I dont really catch the idea of some statements about Europe voiced out from stage, maybe political statements?? I am not sure, but I enjoy their music live.

Moving On..
I really got to squeeze as much as possible as I want to get this Hellfest bands report to end ASAP so I can move on to other things, .

On Friday, one of the best bands that I saw was definitely Nocturnus A.D..
Again another band with some word-play on their name after their reunion.
Superb and a very very Classy. I like them so much.

Here is a short 2 Minutes video I took..

Everything about NOCTURNUS AD live is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!
Mike Browning I believed installed a camera on the sound desk for Temple Stage to record Nocturnus AD plays. Here it is...

MAYBE, for copyright reasons the Nocturnus AD camera was not pointed at the stage..But still the audio is nice..

Anyway, Mike Browning was introduced as the “evil one” LOL!!!.
And thinking they are playing at the same time as Rob Zombie on Mainstage 1 with a huge King Kong on stage. But I do got time to see the ending of Rob Zombie and prancing along to Enter Sandman & School’s Out medley that he played as last song.

Lastly for this post, I hope to complete all bands that I choose to see among the 150 plus bands at Hellfest 2014 by next post is a band appropriately named SATAN.
I understand there is a Singapore band with the name Satan too who just release a record.
But definitely this is the original earlier SATAN, part of the late 70s NWOBHM from Newcastle.
They are speedy... And I love it.....
I was quite in front for this band.

Oooo yes, I left Impiety (should be the first Singapore band to play Hellfest) early and dont wait for Impiety to finish because I dont want to miss SATAN right from the beginning. .
I enjoy Satan’s performance...thank you very much...
And it was like awesome, HELLFEST, in the Hot Afternoon Sun, and the whole place is going SATAN! SATAN! SATAN! SATAN! SATAN!! SATAN!!!.. Kind of hilarious too for me.
Instead of Satan the band should have name themselves Joyride, or Vulnerable, or June Afternoon or Crash Boom Bang or even plain Dangerous or maybe something really terrifyingly evil like Fading Like A Flower. Maybe they could get more popular worldwide LOL!!!

It was a bit at first the Satan! chants, then slowly as everyone realise how fuckin rock this band is, the SATAN! SATAN!! Chants gets so much louder, the mainstage attendance gets bigger, everyone pushing closer to the stage... I can feel everyone is slowly getting into this band and the moans are loud when the singer announced their Last song. Hahahaha. I love this band. Photos and a bit of video...

This is a short video of Trial By Fire song at the guitar solo onwards...
Sorry most of the times my short videos sounds are not optimum...I was usually near to the huge speakers  at the sides of the stages.. LOL!

In summary, SATAN has a very successful outing at Hellfest 2014. The band I mean.
OK, I guess I will talk the last few bands in the next post.... Bye....till then Au Revoir..

p.s – on my youtube channels I had added more basic wobbly videos of more bands that you might like. I had posted Impiety intro at Hellfest, Status Quo rockin all over the world dancing song hahaha, and some others..More to come.. Seriously Status Quo, I was way behind, but its so addictive this band.