Thursday, December 29, 2011

Maiden fc mag 91 & 2011 Xmas & New Year Greeting Card

This is how the 2011 Iron Maiden greeting card for Christmas and ( fearsome )new year wishes looks like.
Seems there is a significant in the design?
Or just a play on the compilation release of From Fear To Eternity? as from the back of the card grid info.
Or is it a hint on the next history tour?

the grid lines, the tiny looking maps and scenarios, ooo my eyes is feeling pain.

I am not surprised if they skip Maiden England set tour and do a tour with a mix of Maiden England + Live In Doningon 92 setlist + Blaze years or continue to include songs from the 6 man line up since 2000 as I think Maiden newer songs from last 4 albums had been awesomely spectacular.

But with 2012 Japan dates anticipated due to the Tsunami cancellations last year ( and I really hope KL will be slotted in too ) and its crazy to think what are their choices for the songs played.
- More Final Frontier type shows? or the above FFTE style or just a very short Japan / North American tour.
And next history tour is 2013 or even a new album tour?
I for one, would want to see a Maiden England tour. Please.. I want to see the ICE!! I want to see the white.. And I want to hear Infinite Dreams live myself.

ok this is the cover of the Iron Maiden Fan Club Magazine 91.

Total more than 40 pages in full color of Maiden related thingys as usual.
page 2 and 3 is like this.

Dave Murray.... still loving you haha.

I just finish reading the book by the tour manager for two of the best rock bands in the world besides Maiden,
A Harts Life, which I hope to review next year haha, and this article makes as good a reading, by a gentleman who works currently with the Maiden Production team, and his story since the 60s about Toni Iommi and Jethro Tull and even early Guns N Roses and Slash makes good reading and informative.

and he says there is nobody on this planet like Bruce Dickinson.
Ah.... imagine if Bruce had sung with Rainbow...ahhh...ahh.....

Steve Harris answer fans questions this issue, and he mentions about one place he wants to play is China.
I was listening to Clansman ( the real unedited original Brazillian Radio broadcast?? Rock In Rio 2001 recording ) and I was like thinking if the Chinese authorities will allow the song Clansman to be approved ).

And I think these guys got the best jobs in the world haha, but after reading A Hart's Life, but I doubt Maiden is like the man in black haha.

The interviews section with people who loves Maiden is interesting.
Its seems the Mastodon drummer is a hugeeeeee fan of Maiden.

Some more photos... Love this Janick Gers in action photo

Nicko, I hope one day we have a full dvd of cameras just focussing on Nicko for the whole show, I think the ex Dream Theater Mike Portnoy got one for the Live in Budokan or something.
The Nicko's Rhythm Of The Beast dvd got a short footage of what I am trying to say and I really love it. I remember and article, like an octopus.

The fans segment is as usual makes happy reading..

there is one about a young lady from Manchester catching her first Maiden show with her father
and this one is about the son and mom going on travels to see Maiden.
and I have to agree about what they have to say about the budget and spending of money and why its worth it to travel.

That is all... there is lots more but I cannot take all photos la haha,

Up The Irons and lets hope West Ham gets promoted

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

marina bay at dusk

spend a short while dropping by the mrt station around evening Maghrib time here and took the opportunity snapping some photos as it gradually gets darker.
makin gelap, makin gelap, then malam.. sememangnye dah memang hari mendung pun, skarang kan musim hujan.

I really like the ship on top..the swimming pool on that roof is I think is definitely one of the most craziest swimming pool I had ever seen, I mean in photos , I have not been on top yet. haha.

Marina Bay Sands , makes even more nicer and popular with the photo of Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith looking out of his hotel window towards the bay in the On Board Flight 666 book.
Been inside there once, to go to the spectacular Arts and Science Museum which you can see is actually the white structure shaped like an open palm of the hand? or a lotus? bunga teratai?? I dont know. High end place but very nice and I guess a few things to do. It really has a lot to offer beside the casino.

The sharp edges " durian " of the Esplanade Concert Halls and Theaters..
Centre Parting!

The financial area skyline with prominently logo and building of Malaysian's bank " Maybank " standing out.
Especially at night...
In the distance the merlion still vomitting water haha.
I hope to catch the street F1 racing here one day... I mean one night..

I guess if not as a spectator in one the cheaper tickets area, then taking a part time job as " you know what " haha.
I got friends working part=time jobs for the F1 race for about 3 days and its good money to earn to help the pocket haha.
But if Maiden or some other bands I like play the F1 Padang show, then of course thats different. Its very balanced, with Linkin Park and Mariah Carey.. etc

so maybe we should get Maiden + Pet Shop Boys? now that would be heaven. Both great British establishments haha.

And the song that was in my mind while there
" When The Night Comes Down " ..

I think I am a bit excited already to see the PRIEST!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

eye level with Giraffes, a Meerkat on sentry duty and the King Cobra's underside.

I always love the opportunity to be there when the feeding session is on and I can be on the same level with the Giraffes heads/faces.
Muka zirafah ni kalo korang tengok , ngan telinga dorang semua, memang cantik.. makhluk yang sangat cantik, aku tak bedek kalo korang tengok muka dorang betul2. Ngan mulut non-stop nak kunyah daun... rasa cam pelempang pun ada haha.

Giraffes can sleep only 20 minutes a day..

and their tongues are definitely longer than Gene Simmons.
And speaking of KISS, I had just erased Crazy Crazy Nights from my mp3 player. Been listening to that most days. I think Monsters will be great... I hope.

AND opposite of the Giraffes enclosure,

will always be one of my all time favourite animals...

The meerkats, and its always uplifting to see one of them always on sentry duty.

I guess from predators like these....
This King Cobra ( Ular Tedung Selar ) was like behaving strangely that day...

Aku pun rasa takut siak tengok perangai dia hari tu...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You can find good songs everywhere...

Pergi exhibition aku boleh suka lagu kat dokumentari..
keja parttime malam2 pun, curik2 tulang tengok ceta hindi pun, aku boleh terdengar lagu aku boleh suka pun..Korang jangan ketawa siak lagu apa tu ok...

Tu hari kita pergi ni exhibition pasal Titanic.
Serious berbual cam ada lump in my throat gitu tengok exhibition ni...
Betul2 pengajaran....hidup jangan overkonfiden sangat..
This is the real thing punye la kira...

No rose , no jack..
just the glory, majesty and then horror and miserable deaths.

Interested? go here...

Satu benda yang aku balik rumah dan follow up, ialah salah satu lagu kat documentary Ghost Of The Abyss.
Aku belum tengok in full dokumentari ni, so kat exhibition tu ada, so kita gi la tengok sekali dah terlanjur.
Darkness Darkness.. Lisa Torban.

Boleh? Kat dokumentari gini ada lagu best giler gini..


Song of the year aku...

Aku kerja part time malam2 jadi ... YOU KNOW WHAT!! haha. Satu malam dapat $60 ketul beb. Jadi la. A man got to do what a man got to do. To the regular men on the street, just like me, you should try it to if you have not.

So rotate2 duty, aku kalo buat pass counter, tak boleh tido kan? so aku godey2 kat komputer tu...
Hmmm Bodyguard.... Salman Khan & Kareena Kapoor. Kanchong siak cerita, tapi best la.
Satu malam aku tengok sikit2 la, so lepas tiga malam abis la...

And I really love that Teri Meri song... My song of the year...

Listen here.. Terkejut siak aku, siap kat youtube ngan cover version gitar , piano semua ada...

Teri Meri Meri Teri Prem Kahani Hai Musykil.. cewah.

its very refreshing to hear these type of songs sometimes...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

coming soon ( akan datang )...

" So put on a cassette
you can pretend that you're a star...
life's so very simple..
just like la la la "...

Search + XPDC ( Brutal + V6 lineup ) - 28 Jan
Opeth - 9 Feb
Judas Priest + Lamb Of God - 20 Feb
Roxette - 6 March
Duran Duran - 10 March

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

paradise lost - draconian times MMXI deluxe edition opinion

A question
" Is there any rock music fan who listen to the Draconian Times album in full and never like it? ".
I think this is a very entertaining and interesting , exciting yet parts gloomy parts depressing Heavy Rock/metal album, and I like it so..
Furthermore, the cd that I bought back then has additional bonus tracks that include Sisters Of Mercy's Walk Away cover.
So after 16 years later, it finally dawn on me that.. Draconian Times actually really officially stops at track no 12 Jaded hohohoho.

Few months back, there was never ever more envy and jealousy in my heart than those people in Europe who got to see these special shows where Paradise Lost plays this full album.
FORTUNATELY!! The rest of us in the ass/rest of the world, get this releases on dvds/cds/lps.

So I bought the so-called limited edition deluxe draconian times mmxi which includes these.

So this is my review of the DRACONAN TMES MMXI

Firstly, The dvds..
ooo its nice, seems this Forum, London place is nice, and its fully packed. How I wish I was there, there are some bands that I wish to see , Cinderella, Ross The Boss ( ok, I would settle for the current Manowar ), the Swedish metal band Lost Horizon if they ever continue, and of course PL.

Anyway, only change of drummer, the rest are remains from the original album of course. The current live drums is so exciting on this MMXI version, when I plug the rip-cd-mp3s deep in my ears loudly haha.
Simple stage, flags of Switzerland? Poland? in the crowd, also the camera changes are not so fast so nice viewing, except for the rotating camera very occasionaly. I think its fashionable? I dont know but my eyes hurt haha.

If you like Paradise Lost music, you will like this live dvd of the band plus the keyboards player. I mean songs like Shades Of God, LIVE!!
The fans really enjoy it and those movements in the crowd is so nice to see.
Once Solemn etc, those faster songs really had the hairs all flying helicopter haha.

The dvd disc 1 has the full complete show that night, and additional stage banters then the accompanying cd which I will say later.

THe dvd second disc has a very nice documentary On The Draconian Road which I read somewhere is recorded by the bassist.
Lots of rehearsals close ups, And that is so nice... you see them rehearsing in bits. But lots of footage, the documentary is about 26 mins.
Then of course they on the aeroplane ( seating economy , no star treatment ), fetching their own bags, eating, drinking, etc
And nice backstage footage, changing room, and nice from the back view them playing live.
If you like Paradise Lost, then you will like this la.

Then there is another chapter full of interviews with the band, the prdoucer, the manager.

Then there is another chapter of interview with fans, who travelled from all over the world? to their shows. Very nice, those devoted fans.
Got this fan using the term - drac times when talking. Ooo now I know something I didnt know before.

Then you got two promo videos of their latest studio album.. the simple video of just using lightings from different angles but its so depressing - Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us and also the macrabre Rise Of Denial.

Now the cd, as I rip it to mp3 to occupy my ears while walking / taking public tansport so its the most that I am expose to ,
If you think Draconian Times is good, the MMXI live version is so much more awesome at least to me.
Enchantment with additional piano intro.
Shadow Kings really tranform, and the audience backing the song on parts before the guitar solo is a highlight
I really love the guitar solo of Jaded. I really really love it haha.
Shades Of God of course, my favourite slow song here, and my favourite song from the original studio cd, I See Your Face hehehe.

wait a minute,

there is a code on this package, and you can download three more songs that is not on the cd but on the dvd so
we got Depeche Modeness One Second, the most favourite Say Just Words, etc

The booklet that comes with this edition...

32 page booklet, of the magazine reviews/articles/interviews of the period in the mid 90s from all over Europe.

Its in many European languages... Seems the non English ones look informative,
the English ones you have old articles on Draconian Times from Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, etc etc..

I think thats it...

I love the Draconian Times album, and more than a dozen years later to have the MMXI live versions on cd and dvd is magnificient and makes me happy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

thank you Mr Postman - A Hart Life 1971 - 2001

Bila buku ni diumumkan akan dicetak selain bahasa Jepun berapa bulan lepas, aku terus pre-order. Jarang la aku akan beli buku untuk diri aku sendiri, kecuali buku berkait Iron Maiden atau komik strip Get Fuzzy, tapi ni memang special.
Rata2 boleh sebut buku ni adalah antara buku terbaik tentang keluarga besar Deep Purple dan Rainbow dan yang related ngan dorang.

Dan korang pun tahu Deep Purple dan Rainbow nye talian dan kaitan ngan banyak band2 rock dan performers lain. So penulisan buku ni sampai Joe Satriani/Steve Morse punye Deep Purple era pun si penulis ni masih ada sebelum dia bersara.
Penulis buku ni tour manager Deep Purple dan Rainbow selama 30 tahun, so sua terang ni bukan buku yang tulisan dipetik dari keratan majalah2 lama dan ciplak dari tempat lain atau yang ditulis sambil nak ambik hati mana2 pihak.

Buku ni delay memang lama, ada masalah nak buat kotak slip-case tu kat kilang..
Sampai aku ingat aku dah kena bubble.

So semalam buku ni sampai.... hurray. A review will come by me, maybe not this year, but next year, hahaha. ( Stupid joke ).

Aku cuma fikir, last few items aku belanja untuk diri aku sendiri semua British..

tengok whitesnake yang David Coverdale nye sudah berbual sampai sebut2 " cup of tea " lagik, tiket Judas Priest band British, buku Iron Maiden dan kameraman dia pun Britain, Paradise Lost Draconian Times 25 years live dvd+cd memang British, dan ni pun orang British jugak...

I think buku ni akan disclose pasal apa jadi kat semua politik2 yang Ritchie Blackmore buat untuk dua2 band....Alrite.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

done- Search live in JB MMXI, just arrived - Draconian Times MMXI

Imagine if I live in the ancient Roman world, with the numbering system of
i, ii, iii, iv, vi, x, m, l, etc etc.
Konfem, everyday I stressed up haha.
But maths is always my poorest subject back in school last time, so maybe dont make a difference haha.

ok.. bootleg or fan-audience live recording or whatever you want to call it of Search live in JB 30 Years/Tahun Fenomena show is also shared fully in youtube channel of yours truly. Click here...

Hope you guys have a few sample of the songs.. Rozana... has a bit of shoutings at the beginning due to an umbrella blocking the view of those nearer the back.. luckily the 'mat payung' get wise and close it and spent time in the slight drizzle just like the rest of us. The intermission cracking sounds at the start of the fans tribute segment was actually me going thru the platic carrier which contains the goodie pack.
Other songs are fantastic, Amy Search stage banters is very entertaining.. his school days, younger days, the minah stories, and his acapella of Setelah Hujan is so touching especially in the rain. Other 'rarer' songs like Serigala Segalanya, Metropolitan, even Bisa, Mentari Merah or even Kejora was played amazingly.
In fact the whole show is, I got lucky to bootleg it, so here it be shared freely as I really dont like to see people well.... I mean... dont fucking make money out of the bands you love illegally.

ooo look what Mr Postman delivered to the letter box yesterday....

I hope to check it out soon...asap...Paradise Lost Draconian Times MMXI triple disk of two dvds and a cd version..
I dont know, seems its like a limited deluxe edition. I just have to have this beauty because...

Which listener of rock music dont like Draconian Times album right? hehe..
errmm hehe.

if got time I will write about this next time...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Search 30 Years - Live In JB ( in process )

Continue from my previous post...and thanks to all the replies..and so informative some of you guys.

Doing this Just for fun, on the little spare time I have...but seriously...

I like the back cover , best I had ever done haha.

Hope I got time to settle these next few days...

By the time you guys read this, at least I have reached Serigala Segalanya..

Again just for fun, most important is to buy the official releases of the bands you love, and go to their concerts...