Friday, September 28, 2012

Dio Dream Evil Tour Programme & DT Joe Wings suratkhabar melayu promotion for Singapore 2012 show.

I want to talk cock about the DIO Dream Evil World Tour Programme Book but lets detour a bit for something that interest me while flipping the newspapers.

Ni suratkhabar melayu Singapura, Berita Harian hari selasa lepas.
Ada interview ngan Joe Wings untuk promosi konsert Double Trouble Singapore 2012 , 12hb Okt ni.
So.. cam biasalah artikel bla bla bla bla bla...
Then.. " besar kemungkinan Wings akan mempersembahkan lagu terbaru dari album terbaru Menakluk Kosmos. ( tiap kali aku baca ni title, aku teringat album Malex nye Wira Kosmos. Harap sama bagus, at least haha. )
This is nice, untuk korang peminat rock melayu, korang mungkin ingat atau tahu masa Teori Domino dulu zaman tok kadok pun sama, Potret Monalisa orang semua dah dengar kat radio bukan versi studio tapi Live version kat Singapore yang Wings main sebelum kaset Teori Domino keluar kat kedai, tu lagu nye performance kena rakam, dan dimainkan kat radio 94.2FM stesen Singapura progrem pop rok Arwah Adnan Maswan. Makin anticipate peminat2 Wings bila kaset Teori Domino keluar dulu, 1989 la kot. Lama dah.
So it would be nice if it happens again? haha. Apa pun, tentu menarik ler kalo ada lagu baru dorang perform nanti.
So repeated again kat artikel ni , ni kira last Double Trouble konsert, so ok la kot aku gi 1st, 2nd dan takdeperal last show dari dua tahun lepas. Cammana pun, untuk aku, support mesti support these two bands because I like them since the dawn of time I walk across the earth..chewah. teringat Manowar lama kejap. Lama  nye k, not the current crap. Aku nak dengar album baru nye lagu pun takut. Takut dissapointed.

OK OK, tak mau melalut, moving on.....


( size comparison with the back cover of a Paradise Lost factory pressed bootleg Oxygen label from the 90s.. its a nice recording of a Draconian Times live show in Stockholm and a bit of London 93 too )

So this is the program book for Dio Dream Evil World Tour.
I say again, DREAM EVIL is my favourite DIO album. Not five star, but 5 \m/,
like this  \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

The book cover is like..made of leather? kind of leathery material... Very nice.
Quite a lot of great info and stories...
And check it out, there is a list of countries and cities listed inside the programme, and...
MALAYSIA is in....with Bangkok too.
So this shows that, at least sometime in 1987, when Dream Evil was released, and the World Tour Programme was printed, they must have made plans for Dio to play I guess in Kuala Lumpur.
So if you dont know, now you know.
(Same as like the No Prayer For The Dying Tour Programme, Iron Maiden was listed for Australia but I think Gulf War screw it up.)
It would be nice to see Ronnie James Dio performing his Dio songs,
for most of us in Singapore and Malaysia, we only see him sing live with Black Sabbath's Heaven And Hell at Fort Canning, but that was one incredible show although Megadeth was  playing the night before at the same place and the impact of seeing Megadeth live for the first time for most of us is still super fresh. But Heaven And Hell was really superior for me.
Its like maybe how some people appreciate and treasure seeing Frank Sinatra live, or Pavarotti live, I guess its the same for heavy rock fans seeing Ronnie Dio singing live, especially in this part of the world. Falling of the Edge of World, only he can sing this song I guess so emotionally and dramatically and evilly and yet with so much sadness.

Though for Toni Iommi, I prefer enjoying watching him with Black Sabbath Forbidden more in the 1990s at Harbour Front because I was very much nearer haha. Children Of The Grave, makdatok tengok dia main live. Kagum. Unforgettable.

Like I say the Tour Book for Dream Evil is very nice. Lots of nice photos of Craig Goldy  and the rest of course, stories and articles, even how Murray evolve and becomes Dio mascot, how whats Dream Evil album is all about, a bit of background on each song, and all nine is very nice to me, and on stage presentation and performance and other things.
Enjoy some of the photos of some of the pages in this program.

Its a waste that not enough people know of Dream Evil album period.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cute Russian fake mini lp of KILLERS japanese vinyl pressing.

Killers, Iron Maiden studio album number two. The first produced by Martin "the Stargazer, the Machinehead, the Heaven and Hell and all the superb Maiden albums of the 80s and early 90s" Birch.
I never blog about Killers I think, so kill two bird with one stone, talk cock about Killers and talk cock about the cute Russian made fake but beautiful mini lp copying the Maiden's Killers Japan Pressing Vinyls.

Very nice...very fancy fake at its supreme awesomeness.
So it has the OBI STRIP and everything...
When you flip the gatefold open , inside is the lyrics in both English and Japanese, and on the sleeves at both ends is a poster, and a jacket containing the cd, and the jacket itself is similar to the Japanese inner sleeves.

Like I say, king awesomeness of a fake collectible. At the back, you can see I try to take photos of comparisons between the fake mini lp, a sample of the Japanese vinyl and a non-Japanese vinyl.

ok ok, talk about Killers a bit....I am typing this from memory...

IDES OF MARCH - When I was at secondary school, one of the subject was literature and I dont really like school ( hahaha ) but I love it when we have to read Shakespeare " Julius Caesar ". Because there was one scene of the soothsayer telling Caesar " BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH ".
As an Iron Maiden fan in a classroom during a literature class, that is seriously a proud moment. Yes, I know, its childish, and nothing to be proud, but fuck, Iron Maiden fans knows it first even before reading that Shakespeare book of alien English :-)
When I was at the very first Double Trouble show at Bukit Kiara KL of Wings/Search joint show, and the intro was Ides Of March, hohoho, what can I say, yep unoriginal, but great taste.
note - I love the Steel Prophet ( its a kind of heavy metal band from USA ) version of joining Ides Of March and Purgatory. I like it so much that I even bought the Steel Prophet album with that songs, and I discover they even did a cover of " DONT YOU, FORGET ABOUT ME". I think its a mega pop song by Simple Minds or something. Fuck I cannot remember now.


WRATHCHILD - Ooo the footage of the sound check in India on the Flight 666 dvd, with the Indian aunties sweeping the area and Janick and Steve playing this song is very happening. True National Geographic moment.

MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE - You want proper education that you cannot get in school? Then listen to this song. You learn about Literature, You learn about Edgar Allan Poe ( I dont know how to spell ), you learn about streets of Paris, you learn about Italy, You learn about the WORLD MAP, you learn that Gendarmes is the French for Police. I know because this is how I know all these above, thru this song. And what an awesome song with a nice intro.

And Clive Burr..... I love him.

ANOTHER LIFE - Clive Burr again...And what a great Rock N Roll song. THIS IS SUPER SUPREME. I dont think its embarassing if people of all ages dance around to this song... Jumping around or whatever haha.

GENGHIS KHAN - Ok...I dont know...this khans, yes their tactics are brutally effective, throwing dead rotten bodies across walls, I mean catapulting them during sieges, and setting fires to cats tails and release them thru the walls or whatever, and change the Baghdad river to blue and destroying the libraries with Muslim books on everything by throwing it all into the river. Sorry, I just type without thinking so forgive all the messiness and impertfect info. Ooo like how they kill their enemies using carpets, and how they bury their own chiefs... .Crazy world then, crazy world now.
BUT THIS INSTRUMENTAL IS AWESOME. You can imagine Genghis Khan army marching on the second part of this song...

Did I Say I love Clive Burr?
INNOCENT EXILE - ok ok, but the ending part is so much improved ha....faster, faster, faster... Come on, on any other band this song is awesome but on the Killers chance. My opinion la.

side B
KILLERS - If you got the Eddie Archives Boxset, on one of the cd, Reading 81 I think or is it Reading 80? You got KILLERS WITH DIFFERENT LYRICS played live. I prefer the current version of course.
When first time I watch the Maiden England Videotape, and take note Maiden England was never released on dvd yet, what is on the markets are bootlegs copied from videos. If you are lucky try to find the collectors who convert it from superior laser discs.
OOo ya, when I first watch Maiden England videotape, I was like so liking Dave Murray closeupss on Killers. Ooooo.... So heroic.

PRODIGAL SON - For the Malay Rock Fans.... Ya....kaset Battle Of The Bands. I fail to understand this song meaning. I try too. But its too deep for me. Lamia... There are some discussions and topics in the internet on this song...but I still fail to understand. Poor command and grasp of knowledge I guess for myself. Whatever this song is slow and nice.

PURGATORY - Oooo this was and still an all time favourite. Fast and emotional even romantic,  and plenty to find out and pick out in the song everytime you hear it. Never boring.

DRIFTER - Go and listen to the Japanese 1981 bootleg I think of the Nagoya show? Its a famous bootleg and listen to how Paul DiAnno did this song. Its like the most glourious singalong ever. EYO YO YO, EYO YO YO, EYO YO YO...
another nice rock n roll song that put a smile on my face everytime...

How come I find this album endings of the last few songs are romantic? Maybe myself but I dont know.

And now the most TITANIC Jack and Rose song on this album...

DETAILS OF TWILIGHT ZONE, I remember few years back I talk cock about the artwork for the single with the hidden Mickey Mouse placed by Derek Riggs etc etc.
I WOULD REALLY have the 7 inch transparent single of this song. Yap...I really like it. But its hard to get, yes Ebay there is, but its too expensive. Wait, or I already have it somewhere? haha. I dont think so la. Love this song....huuuu gloriously fast and full of action packed about this soul from depth of hell or heaven ,missing his love and coming back for his wife or girlfriend or whatever.

So thats it... KILLERS... and I really wish Clive Burr recover...I was reading the other day about one Singapore Paralympics girl with the same health issues and problems like Clive Burr. . So she says a few years back, she can still pick up a coin from the floor. Now she can't. And....I really hope all of them, those with these disease can endure and hopefully recover. I mean, Clive Burr....he is so important to Maiden that we all love now..
Hope Maiden keeps making money behind the scene for Clive Burr's welfare.

ooo a quick photo taking of what I can find lying around....ha..

I got a Revolver magazine somewhere, its a special issue talking about the best album covers in the hard rock/heavy rock/ metal history, and Killers grace the cover of that issue. I used to just look at the cover, at the homes behind, and find out...yep thats Charlotte there, and whats in another home? and all that... Ooo and checking out what jeans Eddie is wearing?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Maiden 2013, my personal thinking and wishes...


If Maiden is coming early 2013, they definitely must have wrap up all business negotiations with promoters in Asia and Oceania already. So it means I worry for nothing.... So I am typing as a crazy fan, and please let me be wrong on *** ( somewhere below ).

It is all in my mind, and I dont know how to express it in this blog, but I do my best. I will use numbering format. I have been studying and studying and this is my own opinion of things, as I am in South East Asia.

Why it wont happen on February - March 2013
1) Astreus Airline collapse. A ready made Ed Force One is no more. More cost and more plans to get a new Ed Force One. Yes, Maiden can travel like other bands, but it could mean skipping a few cities in Asia. Iron Maiden is a business, and its all about dollars and cents.
2) Over playing in Australia since 2008. Especially with Metallica is headling Soundwave Festival 2013with Linkin Park in number two slot, Maiden may have a tough time selling tickets to make it worthwhile if they fly to Australia in February/March 2013.
3) Not enough hardcore or loyal fans to see them twice within two short years. Yes, some of us really tighten stomach like hell to ensure not only ourselves but we even buy PEN A, Standing Front Section for our love ones just to share the Maiden experience, but not many normal fans will want to see Maiden again in a short while especially with other artists who may be Flavour of the Month playing or never come before playing same dates. I think this is why India was skipped last year, and those who have figures for Colombia thru last few years, and those who had travelled to Bulgaria last year and the festival Maiden headlining was cancelled.
4) I read somewhere Bruce Dickinson is giving a major business speech about aeroplane industry in February 2013 in Europe.
5) British Lion is coming out September 2012, and Steve Harris says his band will do gigs. Club gigs. I wont be surprised if the club gigs in UK is end of the year 2012 to early 2013.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = no Maiden show in early 2013 in Asia / Oceania

One June date announced. 15 June 2013.

Donington is announced. So its expected, summer dates in Europe for Festivals.

BUT, why are they announcing Donington 9 months in advance, when they should announce Asia dates first?
So, maybe, it means travelling to Europe to catch Maiden at some festivals? Ermmm.

Rumours of ROCK IN RIO festival headlining act in September 2013 as the Rock In Rio promoter have said on internet that he personally wants Maiden to headline?

 So this could be true? September 2013 South America.
If they use an Ed Force One, so it could means October 2013 is Asia dates and  Australian dates?
I think 2 years 8 months is a better time gap to ensure big sales of tickets?
Or even 2014 January/February 2014 for Asia / Oceania without Ed Force One?
Can a history tour last for this long.

So that means a very long wait for the next and maybe FINAL studio album? at least 2015 earliest?

Or maybe, *** as what I most worried, Maiden will completely skip Asia/Australia for Maiden England. And only come back for new album.
But, to really screw up my opinion, isnt that they will definitely go to JAPAN, they owe Japan big time. Die Die they have to play there earliest especially to compensate the Tsunami events.


Sort of like phsychological Booster. I Know I will put unnecessary financial constraint to myself, but as long as I have ensure my love ones are taken care of, there is no harm I sacrifice my own self right? haa. Ya...... Phsycological. And yes I dont know how to spell this physchological thingy, but I do hope its correct.

LASTLY THIS NEW BLOG WINDOW IS LIKE FUCK!!! I REALLY HATE THE NEW VERSION.  I got problem typing, thats why all these different colours haha. I cant even see the preview. Hope it come out fine.
I really have difficulty typing this post with this new BLOG LAYOUT DESIGN. Who the genius makes this new layout for typing. KNN. hahaha.

Monday, September 17, 2012

steve harris everywhere

Steve Harris is literally a front page news for these few weeks. And no one deserves it more.
- British Lion is coming out soon.
- Kerrang magazine has him on one of their latest cover and some awesome photos from what I see scans on the internet by those who had already bought it.
- Classic Rock ( latest edition I just saw at the shops a few days back, which has this VERY BEAUTIFUL Eddie artwork cover which looks like US Money currency ) has reviewed his album. I think this issue has about 12 pages on Maiden US tour etc.
- TERRORISER, remember they had the ultimate in thrash special with James Hetfield on the cover? Now they come out with the British Metal Scene special, and of course who else on the cover but Steve Harris.

BUT UNFORTUNATELY, I think the best magazine that is currently or recently focussing on Steve Harris, is the GERMAN language magazine call Hard Rock or something.
Seems the interviewer is a hardcore fan of Maiden, and basically he ask elaborate and deep questions to Steve Harris. Not general questions for the general masses.
I read some of the translations, and its all happy news.
Bruce is also thinking of making a new solo album.
And most important, Steve says Maiden is priority, sort of like British Lion is just for his to expand his other ideas, and he wrote the songs with others, and Maiden will be around for some time yet.
ooo yes, Steve Harris himself did the cover artworks for British Lion according to this interview.

So quite a number of fancy magazines with stories ( yes, maybe some will be repeated basic Maiden infos that we all know ),and pretty photos of Maiden members a t your local magazine shops so I guess I have to really choose the best one or two to buy, or not at all.

The rest, as usual... I AM REALLYING ON OTHERS TO SCAN and paste on the internet and thank you so much... but I saw the Kerrang ones and Steve Harris photos are fabulous and so was the articles.

But, among the maybe hundreds magazines that Steve Harris had grace to the years, I love the cover of this one.
I really like to collect if the chance is available, all about Donington 1988 Monsters Of Rock event. I think , this is one of the most important and historic and tragic shows in history of Iron Maiden.
So I kind of like to know about all that happen that day with list of the most heavenly rock bands from KISS to Helloween to Megadeth opening for Maiden. I wish I was there.
( I REALLY NEED THE DAVID LEE ROTH PERFORMANCE BOOTLEG ). I think I got all the rest already...

An Independent Publication special souvenir od the biggest rock show in the world. Thats what it says on Steve Harris one leg on the monitor cover.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

overdiose - last in line deluxe edition

"we're of to the witch,
we may never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never come home ".

Not much reasons why a Dio fan should get a Last In Line Deluxe Edition.
But, I got it because I want the Pinkpop live 1984 on official release.
A lot has been said about people making money out of Ronnie James Dio's death, but I dont care as long as they come out with the rumoured boxset of Dio's live shows thru the years.
I would like on official release, the Rhine Tense ( its titled differently for different sources and I forget the exact date now ) complete show bootleg as I never hear a Vivian Campbell show as wonderful as that night, I would like a complete offcial released Dream Evil show, and of course a complete official Lock Up The Wolves show. Plus whatever other shows to complete a boxset. Thank you in advance haha.

Last In Line - Dio Album Number Two, definitely not my personal favourite. It will always be Dream Evil.
Maybe Last In Line is the best Dio album. I do think it that way.
( Holy Diver?? yes definitely most popular Dio album, but errmmmm...errrmmmm.. its good but not as good as some other Dio albums ).

CD1 sort of like a Last In Line remastered.
So you get -
WE ROCK and especially I SPEED AT NIGHT.. very tasteful fast heavy rock songs.
LAST IN LINE itself a great epic song, but live versions is always better with the never ending " never never " line.
EGYPT CHAINS ARE ON is another spectacular epic song, though I always enjoys Doro Pesch's cover version of this song too. Her voice is nice for this song.
MYSTERY is a nice pop single, EVIL EYES re-recorded for this album from an original Bside is nice too.
BREATHLESS I always like the Vivian Campbell solo on this song. EAT YOUR HEART OUT, not bad rock song
but, if there is one song from here which I love the most,
its ONE NIGHT IN THE CITY. One of the best Dio songs ever... a song that has everything, even a nice drum roll. I got a fetish for this song, I always like to hear different lineup playing this song with Ronnie James Dio.

CD 2, you have some bsides, two of them is live from Donington 1983.
And like I say the Grasspop release.
Starting with One Night In The City and dont be misled by the Stargazer track. Its just the starting portion.

As usual not bad packaging, with stories and all that.

Now Please Please release a 5cd + 1dvd super deluxe royale with cheese boxset of Dream Evil with a poster of Craig Goldy.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Double Trouble Singapore 2012 & Wings bootleg live 06/08/2005

Standby tiket dulu..
ntah aku pergi ke tak tengok keadaan nanti, ntah kerja ntah off, ntah apa shift aku semua belum cek. Tapi semangat lak gi beli tiket awal.
Double Trouble 1st show kat Bukit Kiara 2010 dulu yang penuh sesak nye rabak tu aku adalah ( ooo la la the surprising Maiden's Ides Of March intro really got me going that night ), lepas tu 2nd show kat Larkin JB pun aku ada jugak hehe.

So ni try rasa Double Trouble kat Singapore lak, selang dua tahun. For many donkey years, I always got a feeling that Wings is bigger in Singapore than Search, so maybe I can gauge from the response of the crowd this coming show, whether that theory is true of my personal opinion that Wings is much more bigger in Singapore compared to Search. But fuck la, I grew up listening to their cassette tapes, and live, I enjoy them both whatever mistakes or forgetfulness happens on stage.
Iklan kejap-
(Travelling thousands of miles to see Iron Maiden on stage, dedication and sacrifice.
Travelling thousands of miles to see Maiden screw up The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner big time on stage, a glance to each other and have a superb beautiful recovery, priceless.) A fan is a fan always.

Tengok harga tiket standing ( 141 x 2.49 = 351RM ), kira everytime dorang main kat Singapore, Wings & Search ni kadang2 lagi mahal dari International artists lain.
Indoor Stadium lak tu.
Ni kira kali kedua la Wings & Search kongsi satu pentas kat Singapore Indoor Stadium. Dulu tahun bila zaman tok kadok dulu awal 90an dulu dorang dah pernah main sama2 kat some anti drug show. Rantai with pencak silat..

Anyway, Search tahun lepas? or awal tahun ni..aku pun dah lost track la, pun baru main kat Indoor Stadium ni, jadi pembukaan untuk XPDC brutal dan XPDC V6 nye lineups.

Jadi harap la ni show yang terbaik, lagi terbaik kalo aku dapat pergi la haha.
Dan since main kat Singapore, aku harap sangat la another all out , nak cakap apa cakap je la punya show. Janji jangan sampai aku miss last public transport sudah. Opss show hari jumaat, ok ok ada nightrider so tak kesah haha.

Bersamaan ngan tu jugak, aku bongkar2 la apa ada significant items aku boleh share kat youtube, siol la mana pergi tape2 aku bootlegs ni dua bands, ( yang show2 aku tape je la ), jangan semua hilang dah...tapi ada yang ini, so aku taruk yang ni la siap buat cover lak tu. Ni aku share kot dulu zaman zaman dulu, tapi nevermind.

lari topik kejap, Wings, ada satu show, Awie ngan Black je tau, lagi dua kirim salam, dan dorang pakai two gitaris back up. Tapi sorry I never tape that show, aku rasa that recording would be a nice memory of Malay Rock live bootlegs collections among fans, which unfortunately Malay Rock is so disgustingly lacking off. What a Pity sial.

Apa pun, ni bawah ni remain antara aku punya feberet Wings show aku pernah tengok.

Amacam pengsi tak cover? haha. Arsenal la beb red and white. Spore nye bendera pun sama jugak eh.
6 Ogos 2005, Taman Fort Canning, Bukit Larangan..
Wings closing band lepas banyak bands lain.

Takde keyboards keyboards ni semua just the four of them on fire. Joe/Eddie/Black/Awie.

Lagu2 masih main style yang fans minat kat kaset2 tu semua.
TAMAN RASHIDAH UTAMA kat show ni adalah yang terbaik la, aku pernah tengok atau dengar Wings main live, kat tv, atau kat mana pun.
Introduced ngan berbual pasal kubur..
9 minit 45 saat gitu, masih pakai original intro, siap ada ending Awie buat scaling India, ada tabla karen semua bagai haha. Best giler. Awie ending siap cakap nasib baik dia tak kena heart attack. Memang superb.
SEMBUNYI ada MISORLOU. Misorlou ni kalo korang tak familiar title, korang tahu la lagu kat wayang Pulp Fiction tu, I love you honey bunny, Royale With Cheese...kebaboom! kebaboom! KEBABOOM!!

JERANGKUNGS introduced as dirakam kat Singapore, HUKUM KARMA, PERONDA, and others was so exciting pada aku la walau sampai skarang aku dengar balik bootleg ni.
SEJATI was marvellous, the way it originally was meant to be la pada aku haha.
Borak pasal Semut Kramat, Geylang, KUBUR kiri kanan, and and all the "HULURLAH!!" and "Eddie mintak bayaran lebih," siot je Awie. Sapa la tu kena panggil "specky" ngan dia. Siap ngan "SEE YOU IN HEAVEN" bila abis show.

Ok Aku akan try upload the bootleg kat youtube ni lagi satu jam dari sekarang.
Ni youtube tempat aku sumbat all these.

Anyway, September October ni cam best la kan...
Steve Harris nye British Lion
Maiden nye Space Truckin keluar lepas kena jeruk terperap bertahun2. Now where is Angel Of Death? ( Thin Lizzy's not Slayer's )
Maiden United...with what I expect to be an awesome second album.
Maiden 2013 Asia Oceania tour dates???

That is all.

Monday, September 3, 2012

raya & overdiose - sacred heart deluxe edition

How is everyones Aidil Fitri or Eid Fitr 2012?
1) gloriously happy like some advertisements on TV?
2) alrighty fun and happy
3) ok ok
4) Solemn and tearjerkers like some advertisements on TV also?
5) Attend Prayer and thats all.
6) Work
7) None of above.
Whatever it is... belated selamat Hari Raya. Let there be no Unforgiven.

ok, been listening to some deluxe edition releases of Dio and also live bootlegs which comes from that era or playing songs from that era.So this is my little of review of Sacred Heart deluxe.

This one is Sacred Heart.
So, why go out and buy the deluxe edition if you all Dio fans already have Sacred Heart and Intermission cds or cassette tapes or whatever?
, seems the Sacred Heart is remastered, nice packaging and informative booklet and of course the 2nd cd has what seems the remastered Intermission and of course Hide In The Rainbow from Dio E.P and some live bsides which includes Like The Beat Of A Heart.

So cd1 is Sacred Heart. Prominent keyboards and personally I find Sacred Heart has a bit less Evilness.

Vivian Campbell, Jimmy Bain, Claude Schnell, Vinnie Appice and RJD.
- I sometimes dont like the way King Of Rock N Roll starts... f.a.k.e. but nevermind, happy listen, not happy dont.
- the pop songs... Hungry For Heaven, Sacred Heart is always fun to hear.
- Rock N Roll Children has a wonderful chorus.. This is a song that can be used when you have enough and want to shout " Fuck The World!!"
- Other songs are always great, but one song that is always outstanding when listening to Sacred Heart is Like The Beat Of A Heart. Ronnie James Dio at his best on this amazing song.

So cd2 is mostly Intermission and a few Bsides and one Hide In The Rainbow.
We have one Craig Goldy with Time To Burn, the rest is live with Vivian Campbell.
Sacred Heart finishing with a bit of Last In Line is one of the highlights for me. Also the medley.

Dio originally wants a double live album but the record company only approved Intermission. I hope one day the rumoured Dio live boxset will be released.

Want to talk about Dio bootlegs, to stop, Real World is calling hahh...

Someone screaming my and make me holy again...ewahhh