Saturday, April 28, 2012

dream theater 27/01/2006 singapore near 3hrs show

More than 6 Years ago.
Flashback review.
60mins14sec + 38mins26sec + 53mins50sec + missing endless sacrifice ( my minidisc tape got fucked moment ) + intermission for DT to take a rest in between.
So how long the show was?....

one thing I used to like about Dream Theater is the long shows they play and the different setlist which makes hearing their bootlegs always surprising. Nowadays, I dont listen much to them as I used to, plus I am not going to their coming show unfortunately ( and I miss their previous show here in the rain ), and I dont listen much to their latest shows recorded by fans.

But this is a bootleg from the Singapore show  that I record myself when they first come during the 20th Anniversary Tour. 27 January 2006 Singapore Indoor Stadium. Check out the incredible setlist above. One of the very detailed bootleg cover I ever did.

I was listening to it again, and although the sound I taped was not ideal,  as I always wish I can do much better ( and  only can afford a peasant seat doesnt help ), but I realised how I love this show and the wonderful choices of songs played that night. And I guess, the cover I did for this bootleg, which had lots of details help me refresh my memories. "Missing track - Endless Sacrifice ( faulty recording ). I screw up the minidisc badly I guess till it get all damagey.

Peruvian Skies slow build up that ends with Metallica's Wherever I May Roam certainly has one of the loudest cheers of the night.
Root Of All Evil, Panic Attack, Fortune in Lies, Under Glass Moon, Lie, Peruvian Skies, Strange Dejavu, Through My Words, Fatal Tragedy, Solitary Shell, About To Crash, Losing Time, As I Am, I Walk Beside You, Sacrified Sons, Endless Sacrifice, Octavium, Spirit Carries On, Pull Me Under, Metropolis Pt 1.... phew..
I Walk Beside You is a very nice little pop song, that got me going everytime haha. The urge to sing Loudly 'without love without truth without faith without hope' in fatal tragedy is great when taping. One thing when taping a show, I sing along with the songs but sort of mouth of the words only or at very low volume so as not to catch it on the mic. Thats why I will never tape an Iron Maiden show haha. One try, and it goes to hell with my looney tune moment.

The show was so long, that Dream Theater has an Intermission in between. Guess it eats up to near 3 hrs in total.
I remember I was I impressed with all the Indons fans with their red " When Dream Theater and Indonesia Unites " tshirts in the crowd. Stylo giler.

The tour tshirt sold that night pressed the Hong Kong date as Honk Kong, I still got it somewhere I think. I remember one thing I hate about this show was the over strict security at the entrance which gives me some kancheong moments. Fortunately all clear.

I guess I love this bootleg and I am still listening to it today, since yesterday. ( English pecah sey ).

Monday, April 23, 2012


Aku baca berita ni kat suratkhabar berapa hari lepas, aku teringat kat cerita2 aku sendiri..
Ada dari kita pernah/sedang/akan datang bila usia meningkat/tengah konsider kerja Pengawal Keselamatan/Security Guard
(1) - Sebagai kerja sepenuh masa.. ada pulak sebagai
(2) - kerja part time hari cuti gitu untuk tambah sara love ones atau perlukan duit lebih untuk apa2 hal kat rumah atau diri sendiri.
(3) ada pulak pasal nak tunggu kerja lain atau omputehnye " in between jobs ", tapi tak boleh duk rumah dan memang independent, mesti nak carik duit untuk keluarga dan tak harapkan sapa2.
(4) dan ada jugak tunggu event yang best2 untuk buat part time.. yang bayaran part time security guard tu lumayan. aku tahu tentu ada korang yang tunggu untuk Formula One Racing nanti, kawan aku dalam tiga hari buat F1 racing part time security guard, boleh dapat kumpul dan tambah sikit lagi dah dapat belikan anak dia laptop untuk sekolah. Respect.

Apa pun, kerja security ni untuk yang anggap sebagai periuk nasik tetap, kalo korang tengok long term, memang alrite, kalo korang upgrade diri, ambik kursus perbaiki diri dan sebagainya. Aku suka bual ngan abang2 yang dorang majukan diri, dan dah pelan2 naik.
Tapi kerja ni tengok tempat la, selalunya rabak...dia punye long hours tu. Tapi kerja jujur ye tak.

Untuk aku sendiri, waktu aku kerja security ni, masa tunggu nak carik kerja tetap lain satu masa tak lama dahulu, pasal aku tak mampu nak relaks dan tak boleh duduk malingering, aku paling suka dia punye 'daily-paid salary' tu, tiap2 hari gaji masuk.

Sekarang, aku dah tak kerja security, tapi aku tahu kalau apa2 jadi, kata rezeki aku dah takde kat tempat kerja aku sekarang, dan aku tengah fikiran mana nak carik kerja baru, aku tahu , buat sementara waktu, dengan banyak company security yang perlukan orang setiap masa, dan aku tahu hari tu atau malam tu jugak aku boleh terus ada tempat untuk bertugas walaupun setakat jangka pendek, dan dapat gaji dan dapat teruskan kehidupan.
Aku suka buat carpark duty kat satu bangunan bandaraya ni waktu pagi, pasal... aku dapat tengok kereta2...yang aku tak pernah tengok dan aku tak tahu wujud masuk carkpark.. Dari BMW, Mercedez, Porsche, Ferrari, Volvo, dan semua yang gedabak, bukan yang biasa2nye, tapi yang high end nye models. Dan paling best, pemandu2 tu semua yang memang high-level people, orang2 pangkat tinggi giler, selalunya, ramai akan angkat tangan acknowledge kehadiran aku sebagai pak pacak kat situ..

Aku suka bila orang kasi aku makanan. Ok aku tak hard-up tunggu orang kasi makan free, tapi menarik sangat orang2 yang tentu nye highly educated dan professional, pakai long sleeve, tali leher pergi kat aku dan bawak piza 4 tray besar, kasi aku untuk aku dan budak2 security lain makan. Siap cakap bila lagi piza tu sampai... Aku tengok pattern dorang ni, aku belajar...cammana nak hidup.

Aku suka.. pasal pada aku , ni tunjukkan kat aku, dan ajar aku cammana nak hidup... Aku suka belajar cara menyesuaikan diri hidup di tempat kerja ngan mat-salleh ni semua, dorang memang tak lari dari ucap " good morning " evening' nite " kat aku. Mula2 aku malu, tapi aku belajar...orang kenal, orang tak kenal, tapi kita nampak orang tu, kita greet. Sama macam kita pergi masjid, kita masuk kat pintu masuk ke apa ke, tentu ada orang kat kiri kanan senyum kat kita, kasi kita salam, sama jugk la bila kita kat tempat luar. Courtesy la kira.

dan aku suka jugak, bila ada orang melayu, yang aku rasa bukan pangkat besar, tapi kalo aku lambat bukak pintu gantry untuk kereta dorang masuk, dorang akan main tekan2 minyak, kasi enjin kuat, macam tak sabar.. dan bila aku bukak gantry tu, satu angkat tangan ke, satu anggukan ke, satu senyuman ke pun takde... Again aku tak hard-up, You Guys Meant Nothing To Me, tapi it shows an utter lack of human relationship skills pada aku.

Pasal aku suka tengok gelagat manusia, apek2 hantar makanan, mamak india hantar suratkabar , betapa sopan santun mereka ngan aku, dan jugak sapa yang berlagak, mungkin dorang ingat dorang besar punye terror dari golongan lain. Aku suka, pasal ni ajar aku kehidupan. Of course there are bastards and there are assholes in all kinds of jobs from high level to the lower ones, tapi... all we need is show a bit of respect and humility in our daily life.

and it begans the next time korang jumpa korang nye security guard/security officer kat tempat kerja korang, atau kat mana je la. Just endure, sabar je la kalo security banyak kerenah, pasal tu tugas dorang.....dan korang silap besar kalo korang sombong atau pandang rendah kat dorang, dan ingat status korang atau career korang ingat korang lagi handal. pasal...mungkin dorang lebih terror dari korang dalam apa2 hal.

Cuma maybe in some places, it is still alrtite kot untuk abuse dan pukul security staff just because they can..
tapi in most places and countries, security staffs are protected by law.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Search 30 Years Anniversary mp3 player boxset

I got the new Search 30 Years Anniversary boxset a few days ago. I took the LRT to Titiwangsa to collect it direct into my hands and save on the postage and time waiting for delivery.
Its much much better than I expect. I dont find anything flimsy or substandard on either the content or packaging. In fact the packaging is one of the better ones I have seen among special releases that I own or set my eyes on. Those glossy embossed magnetic thick cardbox thingys. Something to keep. Even the backside of the box also has designs. Even the paper bag. Over effort :-)
Now the all important contents - the book is full coloured, nice though I wish it has more pages. Next,

The mp3 player shaped like a cassette tape ( and from what I know it can actually works like a normal tape ) itself is something I have never seen before myself, so it attracts me. But idiot me, I always got problems with these IT devices, though it should be easy to use with the remotes and everything The SD card itself with a pre-loaded Search music and interview content of 1.23GB and everything else also carries the Search logo, fancy.

Personally, I wont be using the player or the SD card, as I dont want to damage them. But its something nice to own, being a Search listener, attending their shows whenever I can make it , in KL, JB, Singapore, and sometimes bitching about them when I find something I dont like. But continue to I go, I will, if free and ada rezeki.
Though I really enjoy the last few Search shows I attend - JB 2011, Singapore 2012 and even the Yazit/Hillary Ang 2012 Fort Canning all star line up the other day. In my opinion, as long as you have a fair mindset in regards to Search, the band members and their music, I think you will appreciate this boxset and its contents whether you're going to get one or not.

ok, cakap melayu lak for a closer look at this boxset, siak kan? baru cakap nak cakap melayu.
soo.... maksud saya.......melayu pasar. Ni aku main rembat je , aku nak gi keja dah.

K, first temuramah kat dalam boxset ni, so dalam 80minit gitu, M Nasir, Amy, Nasir.

Aku cam rasa janggal gitu, mula2 dengar interviewer panggil M Nasir datuk.
Ooo aku asyik lupa je skarang M Nasir is a datuk kat Malaysia.
Dari dulu kalo dengar M Nasir kena interview ngan dj kat radio mesti orang panggil, M Nasir, abang Nasir, kalo yang remaja tepon radio stesen akan panggil " Pakcik M Nasir ". Interesting kalo ngah ingat pasal Zed Zaidi cakap tu hari dengan question2 M Nasir kena tanya dulu2.
So ok la, mula2 first kopek M Nasir and Amy bukak story then Nasir continues.
80 minit banyak benda dorang cerita, tapi dalam masa sama kalo nak dengar dorang jawab soalan interviewers dan cerita hal dorang, 8 jam pun aku rasa tak abis. Tapi still, memang menarik sangat dengar first hand macam gini
Pasal macam2 la... starting, Polyram, Singapore, how Search and M Nasir make songs happen in the studio, contracts, Gersang, glam rock, Jakarta, lagu Satu Bangsa Satu Arah, Holland Top Ten, rock n roll pie, what if this or that happens in their career, dan macam2 la etc etc. Aku suka dengar info2 aku tak pernah tahu dalam interview ni. Aku dengar ni masa dalam bas express KL - JB sebenarnye so dah la masalah telinga, enjin bas lagi, but still enjoyable.

k, second.
Kejoraku Bersatu 2012. the only unheard version in this collection, ermmm.. kira ok la jugak pada telinga aku.

third, buku cenderamata yang datang ngan boxset Search 30 tahun ni. Cam aku cakap kalo tebal ratus2 muka surat kan best? Tapi ok la, ada buku gini, warna warni, memang alrite la packaging dia. Cuma kalo ada lineup Search yang lain, dan jugak song credits would be better.

fourth. The rest of the 100 songs. Alrite la. Cuma ni korang dapat bentuk mp3 rasmi. Bukan korang rip dari cd korang, atau rip dari kaset, atau dari mana2 sumber lain.

Korang gi la bongkar gerobok almari korang carik mana2 lagu dan versi takde. Live albums official Search, bootlegs live Search korang rakam yang kualiti alrite nye, even bootleg Hillary Ang + Yazit main ngan Lovehunters tu hari, dan whatever, dan sumbat la kasi cukup korum.
Plus, yang confirm takde macam Double Trouble dan part 2 dia, plus Bikin Wilayah plus Search Sepuluh Tahun Indonesia BMG cd for Cinta Kita/
Mencari instrumental/Manusia oh manusia, dan whatever.
Yang aku happy yang tujuh lagu kat kaset2 polygram Di Pintu Sepi & Berpaling dah ada kat dalam. I really like the versions of di pintu sepi and setelah hujan on the old polygram cassette tape back in 1987 or around then. Gems.

Word of the day.. TERPELEOT!!!.

Suka lak aku dengar Nasir pakai ni word. Classic word ni.

Semalam aku ceta kat kawan aku pasal boxset ni, soalan pertama kawan aku tanya

" Ada serial number ? ".

Wasted kan? Should have a number on each box.

Friday, April 13, 2012

iron maiden en vivo! steelbook 2dvd


disc pertama - pada aku, rasanye terbaiklah dalam semua dvd/videotape live rasmi Maiden sebelum ni, termasuk Flight666. 22 kamera, split screen, ada lagu split screen sampai 6, pasal banyak sangat benda terjadi dan adegan menarik dalam setiap masa Maiden main atas pentas.
disc kedua - ni macam sambungan dokumentari Flight 666 dulu tu, ni lagi detail giler dia punye cerita pasal kapalterbang Ed Force One, apa dorang makan, masalah2 dorang, semua logistik bagai. Ni dah bukan saje cerita band heavy rock, tapi dah macam National Geographic + rencana teknikal penerbangan dan macam2 rencana lain.
Sampai peminat Maiden solat jemaah Maghrib kat Jakarta pun masuk kat disc kedua ni..

OK, a short review,
firstly, I think the First DVD of En Vivo! Iron Maiden live Estadio Nacional Santiago Chile in front of 50,000 fans is maybe the best live video release of a Maiden full concert. 22 Cameras it was stated and if you listen to the Second DVD it has 47 mics ( 2 for each guitar, 16 for Nicko alone , etc,etc,etc )
Full usage of split screens and how useful it is for Maiden with SIX equally important and entertaining and great performing members.

This is the steelbook version, nice and solid but as usual taking out the dvds from the slot is a pain in the ass.

Lots of closeups, lots of everything, so at the same moment you can see different members doing different things at the same time. It gets even fancier on songs like Blood Brother where it has about 6 split screens on display. This is a dvd you watch a few times and always pick up new things each time. Little teases among the guitarists are more prominent here with regularly appearing on one of the screens.

- The full show is here with all the stage banters and even the white tape rolls incident and with Bruce manage to remove it after a few songs.
- Talisman and Where The Wild Blows are for me main highlights considering its a tour to promote the new album. And Talisman must be seen on this dvd. Love the silhoutte of Steve Harris mouthing the words of the new songs, while Bruce is awesome the whole show with his theaterics.
- Its stated the video has scenes from Argentina, well.... lets put it as the STRAIGHT LINE is the ARGENTINA stadium, while what looks like a spreaded V SHAPE is the CHILE one. I mean the barriers on the crowd towards the front section.

OK, now second DVD.. Behind the Beast documentary... Its about the Ed Force One and the 66 days it circled the globe and the shows itself.

They show you the plane, they dismantle the plane, they bring you into inside of the plane, they describe to you all the technical and engineering things about the plane,
they show you how they do the decals for the huge Maiden logos and Eddie on the outside of the plane,
how to pack up the boxes to reduce space and weight,
by they I mean Bruce, and all the technical staffs, its like a plane business documentary on the first part and damn interesting.
they show you the difficulty of packing up the gears, they tell about the food and catering and drinks for the whole period, they tell about airports, applying visas, how to sort it fast using two passports, etc etc

Then they show you Steve Harris walking in the snow of Moscow, and background songs used, is just awesome, we got Mother Russia, Afraid TSS, NPFTD, Flight of Icarus, and when they switch to the Singapore show it was To Tame A Land.., theres even a Strange World in there when they talk about the Santiago Stadium is actually the place thousands of people were killed in the 70s. Like I say , interestinggggg..

Singapore show, a bit of FOTD and you guys in the front row are all there..
All the wirings and cables and electrical supply requirements, all the PA system and lightings and security...
And when they talk about Bali, its a lot about the sound they face and Bali dont have enough PA for a Maiden show,
and when they show Jakarta, its crazy, even the sofa in the dressing rooms is being scanned for bombs.
Of course like in the fanclub magazine, this documentary highlight the details of Jakarta problems that Maiden face, as Jakarta seems not able to meet Maiden standards and requirements but its all solved.
Like I say interesting.

Then Australia...very nice infos, about Soundwave etc,
then Japan...the plane was 10 minutes to land where the earthquake happens and the rumours of a tsunami when Maiden is still on the plane not knowing whats happening.... This part is no joke.

then the rest of the places...
the Belem show, in Amazon area Brazil, is very very informative and educational. Really National Geographic moment.

But one I like the rehearsals footage. So we get to see a bit of how they rehearse... and Steve was at the preparation of the stage and he actually was giving comments where he want the Wickerman drape to be more stand out, and he gives his opinions. Its great cause it shows Maiden really personally check all these things even to the quality of the drapes.

Final thing, there was shown a rehearsal setlist...On it....the last song was RUN TO THE HILLS and written over TO THE HILLS was NING FREE.

So now we know....
and I think its the right choice though I always thought they should have played one more RTTH as its a famous pop song that most people who attend Maiden shows will know.

Anyway, unlike the cd version, theres a tour dates list here...

so you can pick out the one(s) you go.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

iron maiden en vivo! 2cd

This is what I think and also a bias review of the latest Iron Maiden live double cd En Vivo!.
Firstly Lets clear the small things that I would have prefered differently on this cd.
And I am only talking of the official double cd version only.
- Why put lyrics? I rather have more photos. But I think they are looking at newer fans point of view who wants to have a clearer grasp of things.
- All the Bruce stage banters is edited out, maybe Steve Harris when giving his approval has his own opinions on this reason, maybe as its a audio version, he wants to keep the songs flowing. As we all know, Bruce banter is one of the reasons going to different shows or seeing/hearing bootlegs of different shows even more interesting. If you had listen to the fan recordings bootleg of this show, he mentions about Singapore show, the Muslim world, Japan etc so its a waste its not to have it on official cd.
- No tour dates.
ermmm, thats all haha.

OK Lets continue talk now with lots of favouritism and insisting your people is right even when they're morally and lawfully wrong and screw all those who oppose with a loud "theres only one em and thats fuck em", about the brilliant , wonderful, stimulating, exciting, thrilling, nirvana-inducing En Vivo! double cd now. Yes, I am exxageratingggg...

Cover - I wish for the old paintings created live album covers of the past.
The exciting thing is what looks like the SQUID/ CUTTLEFISH / SOTONG in place of one of "eddie"'s teeth.

Inlet - ok just a few photos , some I never seen before. Wish they add more photos and interesting facts and infos than lyrics though.

The 17 songs on the double cd.
- Yes, Sattelite 15 is split from Final Frontier. I was so fearing its like the studio version. The audience is fantastic on the intro.
- Bruce " sayonara " on El Dorado
- The always make me smile and grinning in public that makes people think I am like crazy.
Even using cheap earphones in the busy/crowded/noisy public transports and walking in the streets, its still obvious on the different LEFT earphone / RIGHT earphone / CENTER earphone, the magic of Dave Murray/Janick Gers/Adrian Smith.
- All the new additional guitar bits that appear especially on the new songs. Maiden always evolve their fantastic studio songs to a superior monster when played live.

- Talisman.
Those in the Singapore show got to see Talisman being in the about after the halfway point of the set. I still remember I blog that this song can only get better live after I saw the Singapore show.
By Melbourne it was switch as its not easy for Bruce. It was a pleasant surprise for me. I think someone informed me or I had read somewhere by Bali show they had switch, I dont know, I never hear the Bali bootleg. But its good thing as Bruce says it on stage in Melbourne or Sydney I think.

I think Talisman and When The Wild Wind Blows and Coming Home and all the other songs from Final Frontier is stupendous on this live cd. Just a waste because of the missing stage banters before the songs. Bruce speeches before Blood Brother is always meaningful.

Other than that, a great double live cd. What can I say of Dance Of Death?, a superb superb live song its the single most happy thing for me that they play this song live on this tour, and I got to hear this song live and feels the excitment of this song a few times.

Steve Harris and Nicko McBrain is always there when you want your ears to seek them out, like I say the three amigos Dave/Janick/H are there on my earphones even in the noisy public streets environment.
But Bruce Dickinson, Bruce is the man of the match. I think this is maybe his most difficult setlist.

And Kevin Shirley really makes it superb for Maiden fans and listeners.

Next...the dvd. And that is a different story.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

bootleg sotw 40th anniversary concert

I thought I am keeping it to myself but Berteromber was asking...
So...Until the official releases come out, this is just something to remember by for anyone interested.

The review of the show was in my previous blog post.

like I say I came a bit late.

But you guys should check out Mistreated, once Hillary Ang of Search join the full line up of Lovehunters and the keyboardist for about an hour of great performance ( they did about 5 songs? so you can see the fun they had with each Deep Purple song ).

and with Hanafie Warren joining on their 3rd song till the end of their set with some Glenn Hughes screams and Yazit Search join in for Space Truckin with a great long drum solo with Saha Lovehunters.

And Yazit Search would later perform with Ramli Sarip/Rosli Mohalim/Hamid Black Dog Bone/Ian Antono Godbless lineup.

But there's lots more as the whole concert was about more than 3hrs

Also for fans of Sylvester Sim he has a bit to say before Soldier Of Fortune and Ramli Sarip has lots to say before Black Night. And its EDUCATIONAL, INFORMATIVE AND FUN.

Enjoy.. its a really a great occasion to see all these performers together. It will be difficult to happen again, especially as it involves the Philippines for example. For most part the sound for the night was awesomely amazing, but it drop a bit at the ending part.. just a little.


Monday, April 2, 2012

smoke on the water 40 years concert featuring members of different rock bands

"Your tears are lost in falling rain.."
And this is my review of Smoke On The Water 40th Anniversary concert with an All-Star lineup at Fort Canning Park Sngapore.

Serious berbual, aku tak tahu apa nak expect, Tapi aku tahu ni ialah satu show yang unik jadi cam biasa mintak tukar shift ngan kawan keja aku, jadi aku dapat pegi tengok.

Turn up its much better than I expect, 3 jam lebih, lagu2 yang aku membesar bersama dan penuh ngan live improvisations dipersembahkan oleh ahli2 band rock melayu yang aku suka.
Satu contoh bila complete Lovehunters (Saha, Yazid, Moliano ) + Hillary Ang Search sua bawak 13 minutes version of Mistreated.
ok, Mistreated ni sampai METALLICA pun live ada kasi stim kering sikit, tapi versi Lovehunters + Hillary Ang was like Awesome nye.

Lagi satu contoh Ramli Sarip, Rosli Mohalim, Godbless nye guitarist, Hamid Black Dog Bone , Yazit Search lak bawak High Ball Shooter. Kira rare la lagu ni live.

ok nanti boleh cerita2 lagi

Aku memang minat Deep Purple dari zaman tok kadok dulu dan sampai skarang ambik tahu berita segala band2 famili atuk nenek, moyang, oneng-oneng, apa2 yang related ngan Deep Purple nye family tree yang berkembang giler tu. Dari Whitesnake, Rainbow, Blackmore's Night, sampai band2 lain yang pernah dianggotai sapa2 ex Deep Purple/Rainbow.

Setiap kali Deep Purple datang main kat sini, aku cuba pergi. Aku enjoy tengok dorang walau cam biasa lagu2 aku suka giler mesti tak banyak dimainkan. Lots of fun and happiness, when Deep Purple is on stage.

K, show ni nama nya Smoke On The Water 40th Anniversary Concert.

So kita ada household names anggota dari band Lovehunters, Sweet Charity, Search, Unwanted, Black Dog Bone, and the Klutz guitarist yang join Lovehunters nye farewell konsert last year kat Esplanade, plus other fabulous performers such as the first bassist on stage yang pakai spek.
From Filipina kita ada ni performer yang ambik tempat Arnel Pinada kat kumpulan Zoo Band bila si Arnel ni masuk Journey, Guitarist from a band called Juan De La Cruz or something,
dan dari Indonesia ada Ian Antono dari Godbless.
Dan serious berbual bila Ramli Sarip introduce Ian Antono so aku tahu impak dorang kat Sweet Charity zaman dulu.

So ni line up yang kat flyer show ni.

The stage tu drums kat kiri dan kanan, Dari audience direction, Saha Lovehunters nye kat kiri, Yazit Search nye belah kanan. Tengah in between keyboardist, and he remains on stage all night long, and he's the Jon Lord/Don Airey for the night.

Macam biasa, star karat, show dah start baru aku hegeh2 datang.

Aku datang dah tengah main Child In Time.
So aku miss apa? Fireball? Mary Long? jangan cakap aku miss Wasted Sunset sua haha.

This is the incomplete setlist because yours truly is JANJI MELAYU - Lambaton Latelot.

( saha/moliano/shafiq/tony hoon/the bassist I dont know the name but I like/keyboardist )
1. Child In Time
2. Stormbringer

( saha/moliano/shafiq/sylvester/same bassist/keyboardist )
3. Highway Star
4. Soldier Of Fortune

( saha/moliano/Wally gonzales/ruejenson alfonso/same bassist/keyboardist )
5. Might Just Take Your Life
6. Strange Kind Of Woman
7. Into The Fire
8. When A Blind Man Cries
9. You Fool No One

Video screen shows Deep Purple early days 'hush' live.

( Hillary Ang/complete Lovehunters Saha,Yazid,Moliano/keyboardist )
10. Mistreated

( Saha/Yazid/Moliano/Hillary Ang/Yazit Search/keyboardist/tony hoon)
11. Intro a bit of Woman From Tokyo
/ Space Trucking / Yazit and Saha drum solosss

( Saha/Yazid/Moliano/Hillary Ang/keyboardist/Hanafie Warren )
12. Burn
13. SAIL AWAY...
14. Maybe I Am A Leo
15. Perfect Strangers

video screen shows some Ritchie Blackmore interview

( Ramli Sarip/Rosli Mohalim/ Godbless guitarist/Yazit Search/Hamid Black Dog Bone/Keyboardist )
16. Lazy
18. Black Night

19. Smoke On The Water ( with all guitarists take turn solos and even Sylvester use Moliano guitar to solo also).

Ada aku miss anything since Child In Time? tak kot. Aku ngah dengar ni masa buat ni. Tapi tak tahu lak ada lagu apa aku miss starting sebelum tu.

Some things I observe..

- Saha sua Ian Paice abis la.
- Burn - Yazid sung David Coverdale part, Hanafie Warren sung Glenn Hughes part tapi its Yazid yang on bass. Cam terbalik dari Deep Purple mk3 gitu.
- Ramli Sarip cakap pasal Panggung Negara revisited, tiket daun, introducing Godbless nye gitaris, cerita pasal Hamid BDB nye bands sebelum BDB, cerita pasal Rosli Mohalim nye bands sebelum Sweet Charity memang interesting dan kelakar.
- Filipino nye penyanyi tu cerita pasal dia punya substance abuse sebelum When A Blind Man Cries.
- Dapat tengok Hillary Ang perform ngan Yazit Search. Yazid Lovehunters pun introduce Hillary sebagai Hillary Search.
- All the improvisations and solos and jamms. Enjoy.
- Ada final video tau, best giler dan kreatif, dorang rakam video kat ofis2 dan kat mana2 kot, baik kaum lelaki dan kaum perempuan buat riff Smoke On The Water. I like. Very nice.
- So no Steve Morse era and even errrr, Joe Lynn Turner era haha. OK not that I expected it that much.

- Sweet Charity tu kalo korang tengok live dorang main encore mesti ada lazy, yang kat singapore nye ada black night
nanti aku upload bootleg dorang bawak black nights kat singapore dulu yang 40 years tu. Yang KL nye kat PWTC pegi ngan Zan tu, ala..tape rosak lak haha. so no Lazy.
Official release lagu2 ni takde. Kena bayar royalti kot, tu psal tak dimasukkan.

ooo the outro tape bila aku keluar was Rush Tom Sawyer. Lain kali kot buat all star show untuk Rush lak? haha. Tapi kalo ada Rainbow...