Monday, February 27, 2017

Guns N Roses Live in Singapore 25 Feb 2017 (review/ulasan)

Guns (side English)
Roses (side Bahasa Melayu)

Personally I think this is a very very well-organised concert, for a 50,000 attendance in a God-Forsaken Land, Far Flung "No Public Transport" location Changi Exhibition Centre besides the coastal sea.

For me a lot of complaints are simply unfair to the organiser.
Metallica had played here 2013 in worst conditions and lessons had been learnt then.

You are here for filling up your FUCKING STOMACH? or CRAVING ALCOHOL?
Or you are here for Axl/Slash/Duff/Dizzy's Guns N Roses?
You buy tickets but you are not mentally prepared for the "provided" transportations on reaching there and out?
You think only you are going for the show? There are maybe 50,000 plus thousands more logistic and support staffs involved.
And of course there will be jams.
AND complaints of not enough buses, the buses are trapped in traffic jam outgoing of the area and there are thousands who are smart enough to go to the buses, immediately after Paradise City.
If You guys hang around, and you guys have to wait for more buses to return from sending out earlier passengers. You should have get a private car driver to fetch you then if you want immediate service.

You all guys should come early 5 hours early if want to eat, drink or whatever.
And GNR is on time nowadays. You think GNR will start a few hours later for you all to fill up your lateness, stomach and your beer demands????

You all think Axl will wait for all of you? Axl is a changed person.

All these about poor timekeeping and puctuality stories are now just historical facts.
This is the new Axl and the new Guns N Roses era.
Anyway, for fuck, if the food is finished, GO HOME AND EAT!!!!!!!!!!
You are there to see Guns N Roses.

So I dont understand whats the complaints is all about and seems the mainstream newspaper are picking on these complainants. 
Well, maybe these complainants wants to be treated like a kid being spoon-fed by their mommy, or they are just plain not-prepared for the occasion. 
You are here for Guns N Roses so just endure all other problems and enjoy Guns N Roses plays a full show of 2hrs 49 minutes.

And its most stupid to threaten the organiser of not going anymore to any show they provide.

to these people FUCK YOU!!

all these bullshit talk, and after thise you guys will be become assholes and go again the next LAMC organise another show of your favourite band. 

Organisers have been risking their neck to bring these bands in, they are not cheap, anything can go wrong, and these organisers and promoters have done their best and end result the band played in full and no accidents happens. And you pussy complaint about food, and logistics and what which is due to you all are not mentally prepared to attend a SHOW OF THIS SCALE.

Its not the organiser who cannot handle the large scale, its the consumers public who are too "cocoon minded" to accept difficulty and challenges in a rock n roll situation.

So thanks the organisers rather than complain and threaten them and use "inferior" words regarding their credibility.

You pay for the concert, and the organiser and band delivered. And no accidents happen and you all reach home safely. Whatever the hiccup, please wake up because this is rock n roll.

Around me, There are people who are not well during the show, there is a female fan who kind of collapse. But all is under controlled by the people around them.
They get situation all in order. The fans themselves.

AND THESE ARE THE TRUE FANS NOT THOSE COMPLAINT KINGS AND QUEENS who bring it to the mass media CROWS. And these will be bullets to kill Rock N Roll.

Setlist Singapore 2017 Guns N Roses show...  I cannot ask for more.

Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Show theme

1-Its So Easy
2-Mr Brownstone
3-Chinese Democracy
4-Welcome To The Jungle
5-Double Talking Jive (Welcome Home Sanitarium riff intro & a panic situation when sound was lost for a split second during Slash solo in the middle of the song haha)
7-ESTRANGED (perfection thought I die and go to heaven version)
8-Live and Let Die
9-Rocket Queen (amazing extended version)
10-You Could Be Mine
11-You Cant Put Your Arms Around Memory/New Rose - DUFF on vocals.
12-This I Love
13-Civil War
15-Slash Solo plus Godfather theme
16-Sweet Child Of Mine
18-Out To Get Me
19-Wish You Were Here (Slash & Richard Fortus)
20-November Rain
21-Knockin On Heaven Door

24-Wild Horses intro /Patience
26-Paradise City

2 hours 49 mins. (its the timing on my bootleg recorder).

What I notice.

- The drummer position is a source of debate with all the Steven Adler issues and I enjoy the drummer Frank Ferrer, he gets the job done professionally. Nothing flashy nothing what. He adds a bit to Steven Adler originals. LOL!!

- Axl Rose a few times saying "Thank You For Having Us". He often does his MIDDLE FINGER SALUTE while delivering the songs everytime the video screens are on him.
- Axl Rose moves around the stage a lot, he sings very well, having seen being a PAID SINGER for Angus Young ACDC last year and now this. I think he is very very good performer who dont talk a lot now but gets the job done well.
I love watching him singing for ACDC last year, and this year watching him with his own GNR I simply love him again.

- Duff McKagan he uses the behind stage ramp a lot climbing up and down both sides.
He sings the backing vocals especially I like him on the new songs from Chinese Democracy.
Duff looks very healthy.

- The Lady Keyboardist is like a DURACELL BUNNY RABBIT. She is jumping the whole night. What a stamina this lady. Melissa Reese.
She also does all backing vocals.
- Dizzy Reed!!!! I think no close up of his face the whole night on the video screen.
Just his magical fingers zoom in.

- The Grand Piano for November Rain is mechanically raised up and down at front of stage from below.
- The other guitarist Richard Fortus, he reminds me of The Who guitarist. Throwing shapes. Love his solos on Rocket Queen.
Rocket Queen is becoming an extended song with lots of great solos from both guitarist.

- Slash, he also solos the Chinese Democracy album songs. He shares the main spotlight a lot. Looks like its his show plus Axl Rose.
- The 4 songs from Chinese Democracy are alright. I like them all. Especially the techno song Better.
PET SHOP BOYS should cover this song.
- Most people in general just take out the handphone for a short while each time. So its a very nice environment with everyone focussing on the show and not the handphone.

The sound, I have no issue. The lights the stages are awesome.
Its like 50,000, fortunately I got PEN A ticket, but still I came quite late. I have no complaints about where I stand.
I think those in Pen B must be feeling miserable a bit way behind.

I was hoping for some fireworks during Live And Let Die. LOL!! But nope.

Its a very nice show. 

Once again kudos to the organisers. Well Done. Continue to organise shows please.

And do follow Hellfest style instead of using physical tokens instead of creditting money into the wrist band.

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over 100 live reviews already... from all over LOL!!!

I got to slow down.. LOL!!... backpacking alone for the Iron Maiden UK Tour 2017 (including a Cranberries show in Bristol ) is probably my last crazy ones LOL!!!  My priorities in life are in a mess. LOL!!

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OK, kalau korang baca atas, akan tahu aku rasa kecewa dengan komplen2 yang sangat tak adil yang dibesarkan dan diburukkan oleh media mainstream.

Apa ni komplen pasal makan dah abis?
air dah bis?
kredit duit dalam tag takde kredit walau dah isi?

Ni semua biasalah.. ni semua show 50,000 kau nak semua berjalan lancar?? 

Dah la tempat JIN BERTENDANG.

Abis tu korang kena fikir pasal cammana nak pergi/cammana nak balik ye tak?

dan komplen pasal transport, mak ai boleh maut siak... dah terang2 kena tunggu giliran la.
Dan komplen pasal jam, siak ah... ni konsert skala besar.. kat tempat jin bertendang...
50,000 campur logistiks, support staffs
bayangkan cammana tak jam..
tu pun kalau keadaan Singapore memang rata2 semua orang gunakan bas disediakan,
tu pun kompelen.
kalau kat Malaysia dengan semua guna transport sendiri, bayangkan cammana keadaan.
so diam dan sabar je la...
ni komplen macam2... tu ni tu ni,
abis dah mainstream media dah start lapor...

PADAN!!!! besok lusa orang lagi pandang serong kat konsert rock.

BABI KAN??? Peminat rock matikan rock music sendiri.
Duduk diam2 sudah... sabar....   cammana nak gi Donington Hellfest konsert kat negara omputeh ni semua.

Ca, au cakap, organiser ingat murah dan mudah ke organise ni?
dorang dah deliver, band yang kita bayar tiket dapat main full show dengan selamat.
Keadaan selamat.

DAH CUKUP.. lain semua nasik tambah....  Ni macam apa siak.. NAK MABOK nak makan BALIK RUMAH MABOK dan makan LA OI!!!!  
Semua salah korang sendiri...
Anyway, aku baca komplen2 tu takde komplen pasal orang sakit ke, orang pengsan ke, 
benda2 ni terjadi masa konsert, tapi semua relaks je...
keadaan terkawal dan tak de pun aku rasa staff sampai datang, semua pandai2 sendiri.

Tapi pasal tiket memang lawak,
sampai dia tanya Pen A atau B? kalau PEN A, korang beratur kat tempat disediakan, TAKDE ORANG CEK TIKET SIAK, terus kasi tag, terus cek beg, terus masuk
KORANG TAU???!! sapa takde tiket sebenarnya boleh masuk terus PEN A. hahahaha.

tapi aku paham, mungkin dorang tak mau jam sangat.... ala... buat apa nak tipu, pasal sapa sangka kan? haha... tempat jin bertendang pun...dan terang sampai situ mesti dah ada tiket la kan..
cuma sapa ada tiket Pen B, aku rasa kalau tahu, mesti baik pindah masuk Pen A la kan. haha.

Macam aku, aku tahu apa aku nak... MAKAN dulu siang2, air simpan dalam beg, kat security baru aku surrender botol air aku,
aku tak mau beli merchandise pasal aku budget, so aku skip ni semua....  TAPI TSHIRT DESIGN LAWA2 GILER OK. Sedih pulak rasanya haha.

Aku sampai carik tempat yang sesuai la jugak untuk orang datang lambat, tunggu kejap...
aku tahu pengalaman aku tengok ACDC, Axl dah disiplin on time mungkin dia belajar dengan ACDC, 
chop-chop GNR start main 2 jam 49minit nak kat 3 jam.  Takde komplen pilihan lagu dan segala nasik tambah dalam setiap lagu dan persembahan Axl Rose dan setiap pemuzik cam aku cakap kat atas tu. Kagum aku keyboardist kedua lompat cam Duracell Bunny Rabbit full show. haha.

PILIHAN LAGU2 dari mula sampai abis semua memang hebat2 belaka.
Tak boleh nak mintak lebih dari ni, kurang ajar kalau aku bising takde "Dont Cry" "locomotive" dan "one in a million " ye tak? haha.

Abis Paradise City, terus aku blah.
Ramai macam aku blah, pasal semua nak gi Merchandise Stand beli tshirt tak mau nanti beratur panjang.
So aku terus gi tempat bas... Aku rasa ada ribu2 pun macam aku...
Ikut arahan, pilih tempat kita nak tuju, beratur, naik bas...

Dalam bas, aku dengar mat salleh semua berbual pasal pengalaman puaka Metallica 2013, jadi semua tahu cammana nak selamatkan diri gitu la...

So takde masalah langsung, jadi aku heran dengan komplen2 tu semua,
either tak pernah tengok konsert rock,
tak pernah tengok konsert skala besar,
biasa semua dorang nak, semua disajikan depan mata,
tak tahu bersyukur organiser dah buat terbaik, kutuk hina organiser tahap cipan babi hutan.

ok dah la, aku stop haha...  omputeh nye aku dah luahkan perasan aku. KNN.

Cuma, aku suka, audience gerek pasal boleh kata semua tak peduilik pasal hanphone, ada la keluarkan ambil satu dua gambo, ambil video sikit..

tapi rata2 satu show memang seronok semua fokus dan tak pedulik hanphone.



Wednesday, February 22, 2017

GUNS N ROSES (Saturday/Sabtu), & a small matter of Megadeth two incoming shows in KL and Kallang.

Guns (side English) 
& Roses (side Bahasa Melayu)

Zillion years ago at school.
When I first heard "Estranged", I like it so much.
I read the lyrics at the cassette tape inlets,
"Old At Heart But I'm only 28
I'm Much Too Young 
To Let Love Break My Heart".

I was going ""28??!!!!"" "Fuck that is so long from now."

Time flies. And how time really flies...

And now, I am much much older than 28.
And I still love this song and even more so. Beautiful song and lyrics, complete with dolphins sounds.
If ever the reason why Axl Rose & Slash must reunite, this is it!! LOL!!
And I hope they play it this Saturday.

So it will be lots of emotions when the songs will be played.
I will endure the Chinese Democracy tunes and I am sure they will play a few maybe I like it enough after hearing some tunes played live to finally buy the album.
There is this techno song "better"?? nice....

But any songs from the Appetite For Destruction, Use Your Illusions 1 & 2, Spaghetti Incident, Lies.. albums??

No problem, any songs.
I will love them all. LOL!!
Surely many of the songs I have not heard for a long time.
But I am confident, all will come back to me, the lyrics and the way the songs goes and the solos and all that. Just like Metallica a few weeks back, or any other rock band show that I attend.
These songs never disappear from your head, they will reappear once you see these bands starts to play the songs no matter how long how many years you never hear those songs. All will come back start to finish.

Moving on,

So, another small matter of a DOUBLE HEADER OPPORTUNITY of Megadeth playing both Singapore & Malaysia early May.

Ohh shit its very close to my intention of backpacking all over for Iron Maiden UK Tour.

So I guess I'll skip that, unless an opportunity arises for either show or both LOL!!!

Certainly, the Malaysia Kuala Lumpur show will be a blinder.
Megadeth have problems before playing in Malaysia so the first time will be a killer.
It will be a revenge time.
I am sure extra songs will be played for the Kuala Lumpur show.

The Singapore show? Well.. Megadeth have been to Singapore at least twice but this is the first time it will be indoors, and I have never seen Megadeth indoors come to think of it. NOW, this is an excuse for me to see Megadeth this coming May?? Because I have never seen them play INDOORS ever?? LOL!!! and both Singapore & Malaysia shows are indoors? hmmmn.. (giggles).
(now lets see my working shifts schedules for both days LOL!!)

Dystopia Tour was and surely is still great, I saw them play Donington last year with a bunch of the new songs they played and they even got additional time to play an extra song and they bring out Nikki Sixx to join in for ANARCHY IN UK.
What a choice. Donington. And Queen Elizabeth Birthday Celebrations Period in the UK. LOL!!!
Really slot in well with old ones.
So I think it will be enjoyable for those able to attend either of these shows.


GNR show in Singapore will be held at the "not so easily accesible" by public transport besides the coastal sea side Changi Exhibition Hall.
So its easier to get the special bus services provided,
or I'll end up sleeping on the beach till morning. LOL!!

Even the special bus service ticket looks cool for Guns N Roses.


I was going thru some Donington footage for Megadeth last year..

This is simply a HILLARIOUS FUNNY VIDEO CAM showing the crushing situation in front.

From the video, I think its difficult to breathe let alone move. 
Fans are compressing in front early to get the best spots for Black Sabbath The End later. LOL!!

I was much further back for Megadeth because I want to peacefully enjoy the new Dystopia songs that day. And its flooding mud rivers the whole main stage area. 
Scary like hell sometimes these situations. 

The ending of this video was the best with the CAM guy was ESCORTED OUT BY SECURITY thru the front. LOL!!

Check out this video start to end from someone way up in front, it was a Saturday the day Megadeth plays on Main Stage. Nikki Sixx was on stage, two bassist during this song. Legs all over. 

OKAY... apa nak cakap eh...

Guns N Roses.

Macam aku cakap kat atas, korang tahu Estranged kan? Terbaik dari ladang lagu ni..

Boleh menangis ok kalau dengar kesedihan lagu ni, dan ayat ayat puitis lirik lagu punye la menyentuh perasaan. Siap dengan bunyi bunyi ikan dolphin yang kiut.

Tapi kan masa lagu ni keluar macam kan lirik dia cantik sangat kan, siap ada umur lagi...., "Ala...apa ni cinta2 ni semua? 28 tahun?? siak ah!! tu tua siak!!"..

cam gitu la kan sikit lebih kurang fikir kalau masa baca lirik..

Then.. hah kau dah terover rabak rabak nya..
Dan still, masih aku minat giler lagu ni, makin aku minat...

Jadi kenangan mengusik jiwa lagu2 Guns N Roses, aku harap sikit2 dah la main album Chinese Democracy...
aku harap Better dan This I Love.  Cukup... lain lagu, aku tak cerewet.. Apa2 pun boleh...
Zaman Appetite, Illusion Satu dan Dua, Lies, Spaghetti Incident pun...
Semua aku boleh hadam...

Drummer baru ni cam menarik perhatian aku, so ada sesuatu aku nak cek out jugak.

Harap tak hujan. HAHAHAHA. Mampos siak, tempat terbukak tepi laut lagik... Dugaan ok.
Ohhh, dorang dah sediakan perkhidmatan bas lebih elok dari Metallica nye show 2013.
Berapa ramai korang tido tepi laut? haha..
OK, aku ada beli tiket bas, ada berapa tempat boleh pilih untuk khidmat bas malam tu, tak semua tempat la, berapa tempat je tapi at least ok la, boleh keluar dari TEMPAT JIN BERTENDANG TU.

OK, harap boleh pergi, aku off tiga hari hujung minggu ni.. so satu malam hurray hurray... sekali2 ok la kan? haha...

Oooohh Megadeth...  WAHHHH Ijau dah tayang tiket ok...

GERAAAAMMMM aku tengok haha..

Tapi harap semua gi enjoy la, aku terus terang cakap kalau aku, pilih dua show, aku akan gi KL nye show berbanding Kallang,
hanya kerana aku fikir Dave Mustaine mesti berdendam kesumat nak beraksi di Malaysia.
Jadi dia akan pastikan Megadeth all out ,
dan aku tak terkejut KL dapat lagu2 extra berbanding tempat lain.

Dystopia, masa album ni dibuat, dengan Kiko join Megadeth..
ni semua cerita dua tiga tahun lepas lagi kan..

Memang dua tiga tahun lepas, menaikkan semangat aku kembali sebagai pendengar lagu2 mereka..

Mula2 aku dapat peluang tengok Angra beraksi di Hellfest, Angra is KIKO (&Rafael), dan KIKO(& Rafael) is Angra.

Lepas tu terus berita keluar Dave Mustaine panggil Kiko join Megadeth, 
dan last year aku dapat tengok dorang main tour baru ni kat Donington,
siap lepas dorang main , TRIPLE H  dari WWE naik stage kasi Dave Mustaine apa award entah.

(tu video atas tu aku jumpa kat youtube, kelakar.. aku paling suka ending video atas ni, aku takdelah depan2 gitu.. tak boleh bernafas ok, aku diri belakang diam diam sudah... haha, tapi aku plan nak gi tengok Iron Maiden rasa satu dua show aku nak try depan2, kaki tak jejak lantai nya depan.. TAKUT siak!! haha).

So memang la bara lama terbakar kembali gitu... dan Dystopia pun seronok.
So enjoy, sapa pergi show...

aku rasa aku tak gi la... baca ulasan show korang je la.... Wahhh Speedrider awal2 dah sms aku HAHHA.
K kalau aku gi aku bilang kau.

ok ok... Aku stop.. Bye..

Sunday, February 19, 2017

JUDAS PRIEST - TURBO 30 (Japanese 3cd pressing of Turbo 30th Anniversary album)

For those who have not seen the Turbo 30 Japanese edition.
Plus my short opinion and review of this very UNUSUAL Judas Priest album, in English then in Bahasa Melayu.

Just like the rest, like Defenders Of The Faith 30 Years Anniversary Japan edition obi strip.
which I had blogged and shown the packaging before...

Seems in Japan, their English identification on the Obi Strip is not Judas Priest?

But their id is  <METAL GOD>

Japanese people have always got awesome taste in music.

I like this album. This is a very glam, 'commercial', synthesizerized album.
I was a school boy.
So its nothing weird to be happily serenaded by those happy rebelious Wild Nights Hot And Crazy Days, Parental Guidance, Private Property and Rock You Around The World, Hot For Love, type of songs.
But of course, there are some serious Judas Priest Heavy Metal going on too on this album.

Even then you cannot run away from the Glenn Tipton / KK Downing guitars combination ever.

So it kind of bring back memories of that period. Priest...Live! was an eye opener.
You can start a Judas Priest live concert with a slow love song as the first song.

Listening back now, with this remastered 30th anniversary version,
I think one of my favourite songs if I have to choose one is still RECKLESS. Of course I love Out In The Cold, title track and the rest of the songs.

It would have been amazing if Reckless was in the movie Top Gun.
"No One Can Stop Me Now, I am a HUMAN DYNAMO!!" and with Tom Cruise doing his hero jet fighter plane acts.
Such a lovely lovely song this one..
Unfortunately Judas Priest do not allow the song to be used. They were worried the movie is not successful LOL!!..

OK, one of the main reasons I bought this 30th anniversary besides as I like this album and want a proper anniversary remastered release,
Hot For Love sound effect is still as crazy as ever. LOL!!!
is A FULL CONCERT. I like the selection of songs played on the tour to promote this album.
Priest...Live!! is not exactly smooth full concert.

So this one, the 2nd and 3rd CD is recorded in Kansas 1986. I love it so.

Photos of the release is spread till end of this posting, and a bootleg of a song from Turbo, I taped myself,
this one from Judas Priest live in Singapore, a few years back and when they were playing Turbo Lover.

Yes, this time the cds are packed in individual plastics.
Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt...
DIO ones has packed in individual plastic too. LOL!!!

Aku rasa untuk budak2 Melayu zaman dulu yang dapat dengar kaset2 rock masa dulu2 tu kan,
Aku rasa antara paling TERKEJUT BERUK la kan,
ialah bila pertama kali dengar kaset Priest...Live!

Pasal lagu pertama ialah Out In The Cold.
Ni macam? Biar betik?

Pasal lagu slow, lagu cinta gitu kan.

Tapi gerek kan...

OK ni ialah rilisan 30 Tahun album TURBO dari kumpulan Judas Priest. Jadi ini ialah untuk cetakan Jepun nye version.

Budak2 Melayu belajar sapa tu JUDAS ISCARIOT semua ni dari band puaka ni la.

Album yang sangat commercial. Dengan lagu2 yang gembira kebanyakkan.
Apa pun, sejarahnya, album ni sebenarnya, double album Twin Turbo, tapi tak jadi, dan semua lagu paling commercial diambil untuk buat album ni.

Tapi jangan silap ye, Glen Tipton dan KK Downing tetap carik makan macam biasa dalam album ni dan memang la dorang pasangan gitaris yang terbestest sangat la kan.

APA AKU PERASAN dalam bungkusan packaging ni pemain dram Dave Holland macam ditenggelamkan berbanding yang lain.
OK la, tak terkejut dengan sejarah jenayah yang dia lakukan.

Jadi semua lagu gerek, walau ada lagu dah tua ni rasa lain sikit la iaitu lagu Parental Guidance.

Ye la kan.... kan zaman tu ada PMRC.
Mampos rabak rabak kan muzik Metal semua kena rabak2.

Aku masih ingat nama pompuan tu.. - TIPPER GORE. Bini naib presiden amerika ke hapa.

Luckily, Blackie Lawless and all the heavy metal heroes are still around kicking ass!!


Album kedua dan ketiga ialah sebenarnya aku nak... bila aku nak beli Turbo 30.

Korang tahu la Priest...Live! kan betapa gerek tapi macam tak complete kan? dah la ada remastered edition jadi 2 cd la apa la..

So walau ada bootlegs ke hapa tour 1986 dulu, tapi aku nak simpan satu yang official release. Jadi ini la dia, live in Kansas 1986 bulan Mei.

Susah la nak cakap, nak ulas, nak borak pasal Judas Priest.

Ni antara band orang2 Melayu paling minat dari zaman dulu sampai sekarang, so nak wakrak susah. HAHA.

Layan gambo, dan layan satu bootleg aku tape masa dorang main kat Singapore satu2 nye lagu dari album Turbooooo LOVERRRR!!!!!

Best thing about Judas Priest packagings, is they always break down the solos and who does what and did what for each song on guitars...

Some other Judas Priest in this blog, reviews of their whatever releases and live and whatever whatever may be found here this link.. LOL!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

KREATOR -Gods Of Violence (Japanese Version with extra song- Earth Under The Sword)

Hi All. As usual in English and than in Bahasa Melayu.

Just the end of January, and I think I may have found one of my favourite albums of the year.

Ever since Kreator have a tiny change in their song writing style since the Violent Revolution album, (which some may not like)
but I think it opens up their style even more.
I try to follow their updates as much as possible. I love the album Enemy Of God a lot.

So when the first two songs are released, and the news goes around the Japan version will have the song Earth Under The Sword which already terrorized YOUTUBE at the end of 2016, I had set my mind getting the new album on a Japanese PRESSING.

As usual Japan Pressings is always cuter.
The obi strip is cute as usual.
Extra song seems becoming a regular for Kreator new releases, I hope.
Extra cute booklet.
And on the different parts of the packaging you have tiny Japanese words and information.

The booklet is amazing thick and beautiful, so buying an original is a keeper.

I have zero knowledge of Japanese language, except like that start of the Sushi Bar scene in KILL BILL, but its always nice to hold a Japanese Pressing.

So the songs,
First time I heard SATAN IS REAL, I was thinking... "a bit slow". LOL!!!
But its a very superb song.
All songs are very nice, while doing this blog,  I think Totalitarian Terror and Lion With Eagles Wings are simply amazing.  But so is Death Becomes My Light.
Once I play this album again after the last song, MY FAVOURITE SONGS WILL CHANGE AGAIN.
Love the guitar solos. Simply exciting.
And the lyrics. Mille Petrozza simply writes absorbing, intelligent yet BEAUTIFUL lyrics.

I think music lovers will adore this album.
Its very " EASY LISTENING " for everyone.
Of course some will not like it, demanding that Kreator remains the way they was in their earlier years.
But I think a lot of people like it surely.

SO LETS PUT ON OUR HEADPHONES, adjust the volume of our music player till the counter hits MAXIMUM, 
get on board the public buses, on board trains or while walking to any intended destination, and enjoy this great new album by KREATOR.  Automatic smile will build up on the face. LOL!!!

COMING SOON - Turbo 30.

More pixs till end of this blog.

Kreator baru ni, mungkin dah boleh potong Enemy Of God sebagai album kegemaran aku.

Terbaik dari ladang.

Seperti biasa, aku cuma dengar dalam bas, dalam tren, masa jalan kaki pakai headphone, bukak besar2an, lepas tu senyum sorang2 cam orang giler.
LANTAK LA... haha.
Lirik belum baca dan hafal lagi, so tak boleh singalong lagik.
cuma ikut2 je part korus.


Dan tolong jangan terfikir bila sebutan2 Satan is Real ni semua janganlah komplen kat sapa2 atau buat sensasi ye,
ia lebih kepada lirik2 tulisan yang bijak, puitis dengan cara tersendiri, berkias dan bersimbolik tentang keadaan dunia dan tunggang terbalik kehidupan tamadun manusia hari ni.

MAKKAO!!! giler babi dahsyat melayu aku - tamadun siot. Kejap... wa gelak sorang2 depan laptop.
Salah pakai atau sesuai pakai lain kira,
paling penting, pakai. 

OK, tarikkk nafas.

Aku beli versi Jepun, pasal lagu Earth Under The Sword tu sedap giler haha. Dia dah keluar akhir tahun lepas lagu ni, keluar sebagai vinyl piring hitam kot kat Amerika ke hapa ntah. Youtube dah ada lagu ni so aku tahu dari situ, sekali tu "ooooo lagu ni akan keluar lagi sekali untuk cetakan Jepun".

So boleh tengok foto2 ni, dan baca text aku menceceh cakap omputeh kat atas pasal bungkusan Jepun untuk album ni.

Jadi aku rasa semua tahu betapa hebat album ni...  Aku memang tak tipu, dari intro instrumental lagu pertama hingga lagu terakhir Death Becomes My Light (untuk versi Eropah dan Amerika),
semua lagu sedap...

Jangan takut Kreator masih thrash.
cukup time changes dalam lagu2 dalam album ni untuk buat korang terkejut beruk dan senyum sendiri.
banyak melodi dalam album ni yang best2.
cukup asam garam bibit bahagian slow dan mendayu menusuk hati, yang buat korang jatuh cinta gitu....

banyak anekaragam
gitar solo yang sangat best dan mengujakan dan membeliakkan mata dan memberi senyuman terukir di bibir untuk semua lagu dalam album ni..

Aku nak pilih beberapa judul lagu untuk type kat blog ni sebagai sedap pun tak jadi, pasal setiap lagu gerek, setiap lagu mempunyai bahagian2 yang jadi kegemaran aku dan menarik minat aku.

Dan mencengkam sanubari aku.

Kesimpulan aku la kan..

kalau aku Steve Harris, lepas dengar album ni, mesti menyesal tak panggil Kreator jadi opening band untuk UK Tour tahun ni.

Aku cakap mampos penat dan puas hati kebanyakkan peminat Maiden (ye la, tak semua suka ye tak band pembukaan dipilih lain2 minat ye tak?) sebelum Maiden start main, tu baru challenge besar2an untuk Iron Maiden. Baru kena buat persembahan giler babi 666%.

Kalau aku Steve Harris la.

So aku rasa, kesimpulan aku ni menunjukkan betapa best album ni.


kalau orang tanya aku apa antara album rock kegemaran aku untuk 2017, aku akan cakap Kreator nye baru ni.


THIS IS THE SONG NUMBER TWELVE available only for Japan Press.

(but of course just like the previous album, they will come out with a form of EP like Iron Destiny).

aku suka giler gitar solo lagu ni...

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wet Appetite - RASUK (review/ulasan)

Hi All, as usual first in English and then in Bahasa Melayu
(I TRY TO SPEED UP UPDATING MY BLOG whenever I got time, after a period of long intervals between postings.)

Wet Appetite is a rock band from Singapore and this is their latest self-release. 
All the songs in this new release are in Malay language.

An EP of 3 excellent songs with a running time of about 17 minutes. 

Their first pressing of the CDs for this EP is already Sold-Out but you can still check them out on popular digital song downloads sources like Itunes and Sportify.

Highly recommended if you are starving for new awesome Malay language rock songs which is currently experiencing a dearth of new releases in both Singapore and Malaysia.

"Rasuk" meaning "Possessed" is a 7 minute thriller telling about someone being charmed with "black magic" in today's modern world.
The other two songs are nice slow rockers which could get popular on the radio.


Salam Semua,

memang seronok album2 rock lama dari 80an dan 90an dari band2 rock yang kita minat dari Malaysia dan Singapura semua dicetak semula dengan packaging yang cantik, sampai rambang mata tak tahu nak beli apa dahulu, dan seterusnya gaji bulan depan nak beli apa pulak.
Siap dengan takut sold-out pulak.

Tapi dalam masa yang sama, kita terpaksa mengaku sangat2 sendu dan muram dunia rock melayu dengan ketandusan rilisan rilisan lagu2 baru. Apatah lagi Lagu2 rock melayu baru yang setanding dengan kualiti lagu2 zaman kegimilangan dahulu.

Walau aku ni ada lembap sikit dengan penguasaan teknologi maklumat untuk dapat berita mutakhir, dan aku langsung tak dengar radio atau tengok tv atau tengok kabel tv baik bila kat Malaysia atau kat Singapore,
tapi aku masih cuba dengar words of mouth tentang apa yang jadi kat dunia rock melayu.

Walau betapa aku gigih sentiasa carik jalan dan ikat perut untuk backpacking gi Europe kalau boleh setiap tahun untuk tengok Iron Maiden dan band2 lain yang aku minat main sebanyak mungkin sebelum dorang semua bersara,

tapi rock melayu tetap di hati. Mentaliti aku dari dulu sampai sekarang tak ubah. Rock Melayu setanding dengan apa pun band rock dan metal omputeh boleh sajikan. Apa genre sekali pun.

Dan jangan malu mengaku kita minat "rock melayu".


Akhirnya...Ni Wet Appetite nye rilisan terbaru, "RASUK", so dari line up untuk kumpulan ni di inlet packaging ni, ada 6 anggota ye, ada sedikit perubahan dari album pertama mereka dahulu. 
Memang padat dan penuh setiap lagu dengan permainan instrumen berlainan, dan penuh dengan gitar solos dan keyboards yang menarik. Suara pun sedap penyanyi baru nya.

Walaupun boleh dikatakan album ni 'independent'  nye pembikinan, tapi kualiti nye bagus.
Aku takde masalah dengar pakai headphone, atau pakai laptop sambung kat Soundblaster Roar.

- Lagu pertama ialah "Rasuk" , nak dekat 7 minit lagu ni. So puas la kan, takde pendek2 nye.
Lagu mengisahkan tentang permainan ilmu hitam walau di zaman moden ni. 
- Lagu kedua dan ketiga ialah lebih kepada jenis slow-rock yang orang melayu suka, dan memang sedap pun lagu kedua dan ketiga - "Ingin ku'' dan "Keikhlasan".

Lagu Ingin Ku tu asyik dalam kepala hotak berdengung aku je. 

Apa aku tahu, cetakan hard-copy cd ni dah abis terjual.
Tak tahulah ada cetakan terbaru dan cammana korang nak dapatkan kalau korang jenis peminat muzik yang nak pegang muzik original kat tangan.

Tapi korang boleh dapatkan lagu2 ni dalam bentuk download dari Itunes dan Sportify contohnya.
Kita terpaksa mengakui dunia hiburan dah berubah, walaupun rock melayu.

Takkan Melayu hilang di dunia, sama macam dengan Rock Never Die.

Lepas ni selang seli dengan benda2 lain aku merapu aku akan sambung pasal rock melayu termasuk album progressive rock kumpulan Noetic Theory ( aku boleh cakap aku lambat dapat tahu pasal band dan album ni, tapi bak kata omputeh "better late than never", Dahsyat album ni).
dan jugak cetakan 2016 "digital mastering" bagi keempat2 rilisan Rusty Blade. (aku beli ok pasal aku suka sound dia, dan jugak cover dia pun besar akhirnya, tapi aku cam terkejut lak dengan versi instrumental yang dinasik tambahkan kat rilisan2 ini.) dan lain2.

But.  Next post. Japanese version of Kreator Gods Of Violence with 12 songs edition (if I can get my hands on it, LOL!!)

This album is similar to the latest Powerwolf album, both reach Number One in their country Germany main album charts.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

GOODBYE & Selamat Tinggal BLACK SABBATH (my own memories/ memori indah aku tentang band ini)

So Goodbye Black Sabbath.

How I wish I was at Birmingham. LOL!
There was a live broadcast for the ending, and the front row has Brazil and Japan flags and headbands. LOL!!

First in detail - English,
then in brief -  Malay.

This is one of my favourite rock n roll photo ever.
I took it 30 minutes before Sabbath plays their final ever Donington show.
And damn.. I didnt know so many had already packed the Main Stage, I was busy watching other bands at other stages. I guess it was easily 70,000 already packed by then.
LOL!! So it was "excuse me, excuse me, sorry, sorry" as I wiggle my way nearer stage.

My own goodbye to Black Sabbath. and I dont mean only the Sharon Osbourne era (LOL!).
And yes Sharon, These Colours Dont Run, you bitch , never try to SABOTAGE Iron Maiden while Iron Maiden is playing by getting your dogs to throw eggs and worse shutting down power supply on stage while Maiden is on stage.

You have your mainstream mass media circus, MTV and Simon American Idol judge, and all the Pop Shows influence for Sabbath, and there is no need to sabotage Iron Maiden to that extend.
Just too bad, Iron Maiden don't need all that and they can do what they want and say what they want.

So what does Black Sabbath means to me?
Of course learning English language from the lyrics of Heaven And Hell Ronnie James Dio as a little boy. LOL!!!

- I was fortunate to see "The Tony Martin" era play live where songs from all eras are played. My very first ever "foreign" band show ever.
- I was fortunate to see the "Ronnie James Dio" era play live albeit using a different moniker.
- and I was fortunate to see the "Ozzy Osbourne" era play live with "what the fuck is that hired drummer doing a long solo?" LOL!!.

Certainly, I had much fun on Ronnie James Dio era and Tony Martin era than the Ozzy Osbourne one.

So now, THE END is out of the way, I hope Toni Iommi will get back Bill Wards (and Vinnie Appice), and Geezer Butler and hopefully Tony Martin.
And play Black Sabbath again, as HEADLESS CROSS or FORBIDDEN.

That would be awesome, all Black Sabbath is represented.
For me, Black Sabbath is always been about Toni Iommi and whoever he wants the players to be,
until sometimes later when Sharon Osbourne comes into the picture.

And I am sure, then no money grabbing and ego is involved as Sharon Osbourne is out of the picture.

Some Memories of Black Sabbath for me

1) As a young boy, I had already admired Cozy Powell, and when Black Sabbath during Forbidden era played in Singapore when I was younger, I was kind of dissapointed that Cozy Powell was not drumming but its Bobby Rodenelli. (Toni Iommi likes to use Rainbow drummers?? LOL!!)

2) Geoff Nichols was there then, he just died recently.
But I remember it was Toni Iommi on keyboards for Changes.

3) I remember Toni Iommi and I was at the barrier, and he was standing right in front of me for Children Of The Grave. Forever to me, its what rock n roll is all about.

And I remember Amy Search was rocking along to Paranoid was it in the crowd, I remembered he came in late LOL!!

4) Ronnie James Dio era with Vinnie Appice and Geezer Butler as Heaven And Hell.
I remember buying drinks during "Falling Of The Edge Of The World", and I was on top of the hill and I can only say, that moment of softness in Ronnie James Dio voice at the intro.
Its one of the most beautiful and sweet rock n roll moment for me.

5) "Ozzy Osbourne without Bill Wards" era.
I remember Hellfest the night Black Sabbath headline, was it 2014.
Just before Sabbath plays, the most awaited event for me besides watching Paradise Lost plays
on the second stage EMPEROR played the full IN THE NIGHTSIDE ECLIPSE.

Most memorable because they got FAUST back for that show on drums.

Faust, as we know as a released convict,  convicted before for murder and burning of church, and I thought Black Sabbath cannot top the Emperor appearance for that evening,

but Black Sabbath was awesome, and the War Pigs AIR RAID SIRENS was simply amazing on the Hellfest night environment.

6) and Donington for the last time,

what can I say, I guess it will only be a dream to see Black Sabbath plays Birmingham for me,
but to see them play Donington, in the Midlands of UK, the heart beat of heavy metal, in front of their Midland fans, and it being so near to Birmingham was amazing.

Around me,
- Boys, and Girls, parents bringing 6 year old kid with ear plugs on their shoulder, in the pouring rain, in the muddy sinking field of about 70,000 or more Sabbath fans,

- Young Girls headbanging and singing along to every word of Black Sabbath Ozzy era songs and that was so memorable.

and if that was Midland Donington, how could Birmingham itself be like?? Heavy Metal Heaven?

And the sound, I have never heard a sound so good and clear, in pouring rain and muddy field with possibly 70,000 Sabbath fans.
If people says huge festivals cannot gurantee mega spectacular sound, then I think I can say I had heard that when Sabbath plays Donington for the last time.

This is one of my favourite photo and memory of being a rock and roll music lover on top of this page. it shows everything.
Young old, men and women, all come to pay tribute to Sabbath final Donington.

It was 30 minutes, yes... 30 minutes before Sabbath plays Donington for the very last time in front of their Midlands home territory.

It took me a lot of trouble to squeeze myself nearer the stage. LOL!!

SO GOODBYE BLACK SABBATH. And I do hope Toni Iommi will make it right now and get back Bill Wards with Geezer Butler to make it right for everyone finally.

And this is Toni Martin, (he got Roland Grapow from Helloween for this pro-shot video from 2014) performing Headless Cross.
So maybe he still fits the bill, or they can always get the Ronnie guy from the new Rainbow.
Its always musical chair so I dont think Ritchie Blackmore mind.

Anyway, both of them are Men In Black. LOL!!

I think, Toni Iommi is going to remaster and remix Forbidden and re-release all Tony Martin era albums,
and I am sure Tony Iommi would want to play Ronnie James Dio material, and lots of Ozzy Osbourne era materials that Ozzy cannot sing anymore.

OK, jadi malam tadi aku kerja malam,

tapi hati nak tahu apa jadi kat Birmingham, show terakhir Black Sabbath.

Jadi, inilah satu impian aku sebagai seorang peminat rock n roll band yang tak tercapai.

Nak tengok kumpulan Black Sabbath, beraksi di Birmingham.

Tapi ok, Sharon Osbourne aku rasa pegang lesen nama Black Sabbath sekarang, tapi mungkin lain kali kalau Toni Iommi buat kali terakhir panggil Tony Martin, mungkin Geezer Butler , (Geoff Nichol baru mati tu hari), dan paling penting dia panggil balik Bill Wards.

Dengan Sharon dah takde dalam gambar, maka aku rasa duit bukan jadi hal.

Aku harap nama band ni ikut style Heaven And Hell nye era Ronnie James Dio bergabung semula, dengan pakai nama HEADLESS CROSS.

Giler kan, orang sekali tengok nama Headless Cross dah tahu, cuma sayang Cozy Powell dah mati. Tapi kalau Toni Iommi masih nak pakai sapa2 drummer Rainbow, dia boleh panggil Bobbi Rodenelli. Ni belum teringat Vinnie Appice balik.

Aku rasa tentu Iommi nak main lagu2 zaman Ronnie James Dio, Tony Martin dan zaman Ozzy Osbourne sendiri yang Ozzy tak mau/atau tak boleh lagi nyanyi.

Jadi tu la...

Aku kenang kembali saat aku jadi peminat Black Sabbath.

Tu jam, sekolah rendah kot, budak2 lagi, so tu jam Black Sabbath ialah bukan Ozzy, tapi Ronnie Dio so memang sebati la kan , lepas tu zaman Tony Martin.
Jadi aku bukan minat Black Sabbath dengan nak puji2 kehebatan Ozzy dalam Black Sabbath.
Aku suka, tapi macam aku cakap kat atas,
Toni Iommi ialah Black Sabbath dan sapa jugak dia nak main dalam band ni.

Malangnya, apa aku tahu sekarang, Sharon adalah pemilik nama Black Sabbath? Jadi maknanya dia boleh suka sapa dan berapa duit nak bayar untuk sapa2 beraksi dalam SHARON OSBOURNE'S BLACK SABBATH.

Jadi tu jam tu la, korang panggil la mana2 budak2 kecik, nyanyikan perenggan pertama Heaven And Hell, terngangah punya dengan rangkap syair pertama lirik lagu tersebut.
Termasuk aku,
Jadi? Ayat omputeh bukan belajar "Once upon a time" dengan ejaan "Ones upon a time" hahaha,
tapi "Sing Me A Song You're A Singer..."

Best kan jadi budak2 zaman dulu.

Tu jam, waktu aku dah pandai gi merayap ni semua, tak ditolak tengok Black Sabbath main di Singapore tu jam,
Wahhh aku masih ingat, aku giler Rainbow kan? So sekali bukan Powell tapi Rodinelli, sama la tu dua2 Rainbow nye drummer yang Toni Iommi panggil untuk Black Sabbath.

Tu jam, diri kat barrier, pekak telinga (aku ada pernah tulis pasal tinnitus bila aku gi tengok show tu), takut ok, sampai besok nya ada loceng bunyi kat telinga aku.
Ya Allah... tak mau lagi aku rasa perasaan tu.
Tapi tu jam Remaja.

Aku masih ingat, Geoff Nichol ada, yang mati baru2 ni, tapi aku masih ingat lagu CHANGES, Iommi yang pakai keyboards kecik main "piano" lagu tersebut.
Jadi aku dapat rasalah cammana live lagu HEAVEN AND HELL masuk PARANOID dan PARANOID abis dengan HEAVEN HELL.
Aku dapat rasa live cara Toni Iommi matikan lagu PARANOID kalau bukan zaman Ozzy Osbourne.

Banyak kenangan malam tu, walau dah berdozen dozen tahun, tu la rock konsert band omputeh pertama aku, dan waktu tu tanah keramat Donington ialah sesuatu yang aku hanya tahu menerusi majalah dan video tape sahaja.

Lepas tu zaman Heaven And Hell, bila Ronnie Dio dan Vinnie Appice masuk balik join Iommi dan Geezer Butler, dorang dah tak mau? atau tak boleh? pakai nama Sabbath lagi.
Aku tak tipu, rasanya kalau peminat opera agungkan Pavarotti. 
Aku rasa aku malam tu dengar dan saksikan Ronnie James Dio, dan bila dia nyanyi intro lagu Falling Into Edge Of The World malam tu dengan angin sejuk, bulan penuh di langit.

Aku rasa betapa untung aku jadi seorang peminat rock n roll band.

Kemudian masa berubah, dan aku akhirnya dapat tengok era Ozzy Osbourne bersama Black Sabbath.

Pertama kali kat Hellfest, dorang headline, tapi kelakar nya, ok tak kelakar, sejurus sebelum Sabbath, kumpulan yang disegani la oleh peminat2 yang berkumpul kat Hellfest iaitu EMPEROR beraksi dan istimewa, malam tu FAUST jadi drummer.
Pasal si FAUST ni kan bunuh orang, bakar gereja, dia susah carik makan, pasal lepas tu EMPEROR nak main kat Jepun, tapi FAUST tak boleh masuk Jepun.

Tentu korang semua yang ikut news pun tahu, orang politik pun nak masuk Jepun kena rejek, hanya kerana pernah convicted. Nak kena special permit.

Jadi, tak jadi hal, pasal drummer Emperor pun sangkut nak masuk Jepun. Bunuh orang dan bakar gereja. Siot betul la Faust ni... cammana Black Metal tak kena lahar dengan sesetengah masyarakat. Special evening sangat. haha. 

Jadi memang istimewa malam tu tengok EMPEROR main satu album penuh In The Nightside Eclipse dengan si FAUST ni.

Jadi fikir, abis la Black Sabbath, Emperor dah pukul abis (dan jugak pasal hari tu sebelum tu aku pun dah tengok Paradise Lost buat kali pertama, cinta lama ni Paradise Lost), maka aku pulak DENDAM dengan Sharon Osbourne HAHAHAHAHAH, pasal dia celaka sabotaj Iron Maiden nye periuk nasik waktu Maiden main kat atas pentas kat tempat mereka cuba nak carik makan lebih iaitu Amerika, dengan suruh balaci dia gi tempat pit kameraman dan buang telor, dan matikan elektric karen masa Maiden tengah main.

Tapi jangkaan aku silap. Sabbath pun pukul abis malam tu, cuma aku first time rasa boring sangat apsal drummer sewa Black Sabbath malam tu drum solo punya panjang.

Dan kan aku cakap, impian aku nak tengok Sabbath kat Birmingham susah sangat, pasal aku cuma akan backpack kalau ada Iron Maiden dalam jadual tersebut,

tapi aku tengok Black Sabbath main Donington, cam foto di atas tu, segala mak bapak atok nenek cucu cicit, semua hadir la aku rasa dari Midlands England.
Dan seperti semua aku rasa tahu, bunyian Metal lahir dari kawasan tersebut.

Dalam keadaan hujan lebat malam tu, budak kecik umur 5 tahun 6 tahun di junjung ibu bapa, pasal mungkin tu adalah kali terakhir dapat tengok Sabbath dan itulah memori love ones yang terindah tengok band rock sama2,
aku kagum, budak2 pompuan remaja, headbanging masih takpe, tapi tiap liriks Ozzy Osbourne nyanyi atas stage, budak pompuan remaja nyanyi sama2 sambil headbang.
Begitulah penangan Black Sabbath.

Semua tenggelam dalam lumpur kasut sampai tumit, hujan lebat, tapi tak berganjak semua orang (ok ok aku tahu yang sapa bawak budak kecik 5 - 6 tahun semua terpaksa beredar pasal DARURAT sangat keadaan).

Lagi sekali tu la penangan Black Sabbath.

Jadi selamat tinggal Black Sabbath. Aku gembira Ozzy balik ke dunia Solo.

Dan aku tak sabar Toni Iommi aku rasa akan rilis balik semua Sabbath zaman Tony Martin, dia dah cakap dia tak tahu apa jadi dengan situasi BILL WARDS, dan dia nak kembali dengan BILL WARDS.
Tony Martin aku rasa sihat, Vinnie Appice sihat, Geoff Nichols dah mati, Cozy Powell dah mati.
Geezer Butler mesti pun nak kembalikan suasana Sabbath dengan BILL WARDS.

Sharon dah takde dalam gambar lagi.

So harap buat kali terakhir, Toni Iommi akan gabungkan semua Sabbath lama, dan main lagi sekali semua lagu Black Sabbath dari berbagai zaman dan lagu2 Ozzy sendiri yang Iommi ada cakap, Ozzy dah tak boleh nyanyi lagu dia sendiri.

Aku tak ( Jual )Sold Soul Aku Untuk Rock N Roll,
tapi aku terpaksa cakap Black Sabbath antara band rock kegemaran aku, dan dunia heavy metal akan rasa kehilang band ini.