Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kumpulan Wings ticket , a coincidence date and I didnt know that Ozzy played a long set even up to 2003 and Warrant and Kiss and whatever.

I got the tickets to see Wings on 16 September 2011 in Suntec Singapore. For those who dont know, Wings is a Malaysian rock band which has been around for about 25 years, and has been so very consistent and I had always enjoyed seeing them playing live in Malaysia and Singapore. I bought their first album on cassette when it first come out and nobody knows them, purely on words of mouth of friends at school on how good they are and now, decades later I still enjoy their music.

But something special about this show for me not is only it had been a long time since I had seen them in Singapore as past few years I only attend their shows in KL and JB. I think last show they did in Singapore that I attended was back in about 2003.
The Special Thing is -

Sorry, but I dont like to sit down and watch a rock concert, unless its Esplanade. But I have no choice right? Or else I can choose not to attend.

Moving on... today is 28/8/2011, I was at work last night so I know the date as I opened/closed book at midnight.

Listening to a Maiden bootleg ( what else?? ), its the Reading 1982 festival, and I was meddling with my mp3 player and on the screen is stated the date of the recording.. ooo its 28 August 1982.
So its how long is it now? To follow Minoru Nihara's expletive words, its now 29 Fucking years.

And its a coincidence I listened to a recording made on its anniversary.
And, yes Nicko McBrain is someone we will always love, but hearing the fast and furious rendition of Murders In The Rue Morgue, and intro to Run To The Hills on this bootleg..
Well....Clive Burr always got that something attractive.

Ooo lets talk about Ozzy Osbourne, I am really not aware he played a spectacular long show, its so long that it takes a triple cd for the bootleg.

Seems its at Toronto Canada , during the days of SARS back in 2003.
Jason Newstead was on bass... but I hear it, I dont have any problem with the sound recording, but I dont like the drums, then he was using the Faith No More drummer, and I dont know, I just dont like the drums. So this is not a bootleg I will listen again although just check the setlist, a Black Sabbath celebrations on top of Ozzy's solo hits...and we get Miracle Man too.

Ok Ok Lets talk about the hottest rock n roll band in the world - KISS.
And check out this soundboard from Japan during the I think Revenge tour??
Not only Heaven, but Hell is also on Fire on seeing the songs on this show..Their famous songs all the way...

And lastly, Jani Lane death has me trying to absorb Warrant beyond their Heaven and I Saw Red... and this is a nice , super nice show... and its again what looks like a soundboard.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

be(a)st wishes for a few coming dates & zakat fitrah

Lots of be(a)st wishes all around in the coming days

To all Muslims worldwide - Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri ( Eid Fitr )
To all Malaysians - Happy 54th National Day
To all Singaporeans - Happy voting for a new President and choose wisely

To the rest of the world - World Peace and Harmony.

( hah ko banner tak agak2 kat TBS, lagi besar dari size dua bas ).

But before that dont forget the Fitrah Alms

Kuala Lumpur nye senang, satu harga, Singapore nye dua harga, terpulang kat korang pilih.
Masa aku bayar zakat untuk orang tua aku etc etc etc untuk kat Singapura nye, aku memang 'pa ka liao' la. So amil like tengok the figure aku kasi, so Amil sound aku " awak ni tanggung sepenuhnya ni semua ni ke?? " , aku cakap tak tapi pasal for their own convenience jugak and ala... bukan orang lain pun, walaupun ada macam2 cara zaman skarang nak bayar zakat fitrah. So amil warn aku la pastikan setiap dari mereka tahu aku bayarkan. Aku cakap ' ok '.

So ntah eh, pada aku just make sure la bukan korang ngan love ones korang je korang settlekan zakat fitrah, tapi especially untuk orang2 tua jugak dan kaum pompuan cam makcik korang ke, sibling pompuan or even ipar pasal sometimes for whatever reasons, and there are many reasons, tak salah kalo kita just ensure dan play safe benda2 gini.

So just make sure je la, the people around you...walau dimana mereka berada, walaupun dimana anda berada.

And kalo korang kena bayar zakat2 lain, korang settlekan la jugak setahun sekali je.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Angel Of Death (malaikat maut) will do his duty, confirmed, anytime, all the time..

I was at Darul Makmur Mosque, Yishun, Singapore, for Friday Prayers few days back and as per normal, sometimes you see a funeral vehicle and you know whats going to happen.

This photo shows the male congregation getting into position for the funeral prayer of someone ( announced as a female ) who had passed away and before her burial a funeral prayer is performed.

It is just after the compulsory Friday Prayer and although it is a working day, and a school day, with mostly people in a rush to go back to work or school, I see many people of all ages from old to young stay back for awhile to join in this funeral prayer. How lucky the deceased.

Jadi, jumaat lepas kan, aku sembahyang jumaat kat Singapura, kat Yishun, masjid darul makmur, aku baru ngah fikir macam gini la lebih kurang - Ya Allah untuk semua orang yang aku sayangi, apa je la kebaikan dorang buat bulan Ramadhan ni, tak kesah la betapa kecik giler atau micro tiny insignificant pun, ko tolonglah kasi pahala banyak2 untuk dorang, beri rahmat kat dorang dunia akhirat, protect dorang all the time siang malam pagi petang yang kat dunia yang kat akhirat, pasal bulan Ramadhan ni memang special abis. Bulan yang mulia.

Then pasal ada sembahyang jenazah kan lepas semayang jemaat, so dalam hati aku, untungnye arwah yang meninggal ni ( diumumkan jenazah perempuan ), ramai orang join in, padahal hari kerja. Budak2 sekolah yang smayang kat tingkat dua aku tengok ramai jugak stay back and join in, ramai doakan lepas semayang jenazah. Dah la hari jumaat, bulan puasa lak tu. Memang rezeki siapapun dia ni.

wake up call for me yet again and again.

Maybe One Day I'll be a better man
Up till now, I'm doing the best I can..

Friday, August 19, 2011

Terrorizer's Secret History of Thrash Metal - The Definitive Guide magazine

At last this special edition magazine has arrived at the local shops ( at least in Singapore ). You can even find this at Mustafa.
Terrorizer has always been faithful and loyal to the more heavier,faster, extreme kind of music and when they come out with a special on Thrash Metal, I just know I had to get one although its a bit expensive, terkopak siak. Being a Terrorizer release, I guess this magazine people knows what they are talking about - Thrashperts, I like this word in the magazine.

The cover is a young James Hetfield.

Checkout the contents pages...

And this is why you have to get this magazine.. whether you are a thrash metal fanatic, collector, constant listener, occasional listener or just a sympathiser or even if you just want to know the history, background and stories related to this genre.

see these pt 1...

see these pt 2..

see these pt 3...

98 pages... of everything Thrash Metal.. and like the front cover says " The Definitive Guide ".
Even the unavoidable ads are mostly Thrash Metal.
And we got a brand new 18 songs compilation Thrash Metal cd called Thrash Forward Back To The Future featuring active and newer bands.

Intro by an Evile member.

Be aware this is not a 100% brand new articles, but you can find articles from all thru the years of Terrorizer but its done tastefully and gives you a fantastic picture of this kind of music.

Last few years we got a similar special edition one from Metal Hammer which also has James Hetfield on the cover which I post the photos of some pages on this blog, but like I say this being Terrorizer release, its more spectacular.

Warning - Lots of photos coming up, I think its impossible for me to take each page photo, but this are just a bit of the many like in the content pages above...

this research is very informative.. at least for me.

famous name

labels, I remember the Metal Hammer special also has something like this writeup.


very very famous name

Asians have mostly black hair which then goes to white if you are lucky before it all drops off haha.
So it do get me thinking a bit when I read about the Ginger Hair guy.

Why I read this article with sadness?

and write up of each countries contribution to Thrash Metal..
this is the UK ones..

Iron Maiden of course is mentioned a few times in this magazine, I think the best one is from Billy Milano on the chapter regarding SOD and talking about the cover of Bigger Than The Devil.
I retyped here short form " TNOTB ws the original chalice of inspiration for all this Satanic Metal - It was the first commercially successful Satan record ".
Very funny.

I like the intro to an old article on Slayer which can be found here.
It begins with " No Slayer = No Terrorizer ".

I always like to read about the artworks.. the Beneath The Remain writeup is nice.
Also the worse covers list description is funny.

Top 50 Thrash Metal albums of all time, again I dont recall if its quite similar to the Metal Hammer one.

The world is changing so fast, I dont think kids nowadays even know what is a cassette tape.

This magazine is definitely great because it elaborate a lot on this Thrash Metal thingy.

How to dress up haha.
But its so much more comfortable to just wear slippers to rock concerts for me..

Now not forgetting the cd that comes with the mag. Very enjoyable though I enjoy some more than the rest..

A few pages talked about the newer bands playing Thrash Metal that appear on the cd.

Predator song stand out due to its intro, and there is an advertisement for this band, and I was like " ooooo dorang cam gini eh, oooo sedap la jugak ".

The funny thing is, while reading this magazine, and also listening to the cd, I was surfing to check out the cheapest price possible of the " House Of Lords " Live in UK cd. I am targetting the original for very long, but just dont have the cash to spare. I guess I have to forget about it again.
What a tilt to the left and right of the rock/metal music ...and justice for all weighing scale between House Of Lords and Thrash Metal.

The similarity is the music is nice and rocking ( and loud too ), and both are nice and rocking ( and loud too ) in their own ways.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Terracotta Warriors - The First Emperor and his legacy

24 June to 16 October 2011 @ Asian Civilisations Museum.

I understand it take a few years to get permission, to plan and to transport the exhibits from China to Singapore. So maybe this is a once in a lifetime experience. I try my best to snap about 150 photos ( which is all at deafeningforever.blogspot ) with all the restrictions in using cameras in this low-light and strictly no-flash environment.

Intro a bit -

These are the real original Terracottas ( low-fired clay ). And yes their faces are really individually different just like human beings.

- General - Qin Dynasty.

- Light Infantry Officer - Qin Dynasty

- Charioteer - Qin Dynasty

- Standing Archer - Qin Dynasty

- Armoured Officer - Qin Dynasty

The accompanying notes are very informative.

- Armoured Infantryman - Qin Dynasty

- Horse

Calvaryman - Qin Dynasty

And the most stylish Terracotta with the best pose

- Kneeling Archer - Qin Dynasty

Besides that you have other stuffs, its good that each individual display information has all the details.

- Suit of armour

Korang tengok cerita Transformer pt 2, yang mak hero bila pergi kolej hantar hero dia cakap " suddenly I feel more clever already ". Hah, sebab tu la, sapa pun kita, kita kena pergi muzium, pergi tempat2 cam gini la. Aku tak bedek, korang pergi tempat gini, akan perbaiki cara pemikiran korang. Sama macam kita semua gi masjid kan, kena ada tatatertib dan jaga disiplin.

Kalo pergi stadium tengok bola, selalu la, referee ngan linesman akan kena maki ngan aku, kalo pergi tengok konsert rok band aku suka, kadang2 opening band mesti aku boo... pasal buang masa aku kalo band tu aku tak minat langsung.
Pergi muzium, siak ah, pijak semut pun tak mati. Sopan santun abis. Civilised giler babi la kira. Untuk Terracotta ni, aku suka selain dari mistik dan misteri sejarah Terracotta ni, Kalo korang minat perang2 zaman tok kaduk dulu, atau korang zaman budak2 suka main combat2 ngan angan mat jenin pasal tembak anak panah, pedang, tentera berkuda, hah ni memang gerek giler pasal tentera dia semua life-size dan muka lain2.

So guys, encourage diri korang dan love ones korang pergi muzium-muzium dan tempat2 sewaktu dengan nye. Muzium ni untuk semua orang, sapa pun, tak kesah sapa korang. Ilmu gini tak kasi aku kerja best, ilmu pergi muzium tak kasi aku gaji best, aku tetap struggle in life, tapi ilmu aku dapat ni untuk perbaiki aku sebagai manusia biasa tu pasal aku very passionate benda2 ni semua dan aku share ngan korang benda2 gini.

Peringatan bila manusia dah sangat berkuasa dah lepas mati pun dorang masih nak pertahankan pangkat keduniaan mereka.

Imagine these are from thousands year back..
Soldiers with shields and also on horseback, even back then they try to make it realistic even for these small size ones.

The origins and meanings of these figures is interesting.. especially the eunuch if you can identify which one.

Tapi bukan yang brutal2 je, ada jugak yang lemah gemalai... yang tak kurang menarik informasi dia. Keyword dia - " which has not survived " ni aku rasa ialah untuk bahan dari kayu yang tentu dah hancur dimakan ribu2 tahun punya usia.

"Come On Come Listen To The Money Talks".. even back then...

This bronze chariot is clearly stated as a replica because seems its impossible to ship the original as tney are too fragile.

So if you like these Terracotta history and stuff, this is a golden opportunity to get a glimpse of them because I dont think many of us will got a chance to go to see the bigger picture in China.

All 150 photos are here