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Review Iron Maiden 15 Feb 2011 Singapore

A short review and observations on one of the biggest day in Singapore's (and to an extend Malaysia's) rock music fans history.
History is being made, the greatest band to walk the earth had come to play.
They first played Asia in Japan in 1981. Its ridiculous that it takes them 30 years to play South East Asia.

Entry to the Pen A (front standing area) Singapore indoor stadium was quite late, messy and a bit dangerous for the younger fans and ladies, what a joke using red and white tapes. Suddenly I remember that Double Trouble dislocated shoulder incident.
But the crowd control staffs do try not to make it worse. I just have to say I overhear a few guys behind me urging each other to keep on pushing the guys who are squeezed in front. Sorry but this is dedicated to them " knnbccb ". If someone gets hurt, then what is the fun? If things get serious, and the show is delayed or cancelled? Just because of this group of idiots. Anyway, I have a date with Maiden and to get into a problem with these type of people just before Maiden starts is not worth it.

Seeing some familiar faces, coming across friends, introduced to new friends, sms texts to old friends who are scattered everywhere in the stadium makes a nice feeling. Its sort of a unplanned reunion really going to these shows.

Earlier in the day, taking the MRT in the afternoon, coming across others with Maiden tshirts with a warm smile, and of course outside of Peninsula you can find Maiden fans gathering in the late afternoon. Even the previous day at JB, you can see travellers who seems bound for the Maiden show.

Ooo even having lunch of nasik ayam penyet at the hawker center and all of us in Maiden tees, and the nasik ayam penyet guy also mentioned " So today, Maiden is playing right? ", and also while we were window shopping and a shop seller say he cant go for Maiden's show because he need to keep his shop opened.

At 8 pm the opening band plays. One sentence about opener Rise To Remain, at least they are not booed, just the insistence chants of Maiden! Maiden! but the singer ( Bruce's son ) knows how to say the right things.

The waiting time for the changeover of the bands is filled with looking at the faces of the Maiden's crew on stage with some of them prominent in Maiden fanclub magazines and dvds and wriggling thru from nearer front to the back to keep in touch with my love ones in front and back

The MEXICAN WAVE by those in the seats are fantastic. Just like old days watching football at Kallang Stadium, ooo we are at the same area, no wonder la. The only thing missing is the expletive tat!tat!tat!tat!tat!tat!tat!tat!tat! BHUT* !! to the hated referee, linesmen and visiting teams Hahahaha.
Maiden old stories say, seeing Maiden is like watching a football game, but the whole stadium crazily supports for one team.
There are some caucasians Maiden fans near me, and they were impressed by the Maiden fans at the seats.

Oooo I got the full show's audio bootlegged recorded, but of course the most horrible recording with all the self made chaos by myself- jumping, shouting incoherent noises and attempts on singing, really act like a loony.
The wire in my head got shorted once the piano intro to Doctor Doctor starts.
A bit embarrasing but I cant helped it, its Maiden. I am so sorry if my behaviour disturbs the peace of people around me haha.

The Show review.

Maiden intro tapes starts at about 8.55pm with UFO's Doctor Doctor from Strangers In The Night being the cue. Followed by Satellite 15.
The Final Frontier immediately followed by El Dorado and I really love the way the band starts the second song at the end of the first.
Dave Murray's smile was infectious from the beginning. Marvellous.

Surprised third song as I dont know the setlist. Two Minutes To Midnite. The crowd was awesome. And I am not sugar coating it. The crowd are superb, I keep turning around to the sides and behind, even those up at the highest seats seems to have a really great time just like we in front. Most of them standing already.
When Steve Harris was machine-gunning the audience just after the guitar solos break of this song, I was so happy to see that.

Bruce says next "How are you Singapore, This is the First Time For You and First Time For Us, and certainly its not going to be the last time". He also mentioned the fans from Japan, India and from where Maiden live who cant seems to get away.
Bruce says he was given a word of warning in the morning while having breakfast by a certain expat to be careful of the Singapore audience "who will be very quiet and will sit down."
Laughing my ass off when I heard Bruce says this, at least Maiden wont have a quiet and sitting down fan as long as I am part of the fans haha.
Luckily Bruce respond was 'Bullshit.'
Bruce says a few things about the meaning of Coming Home before Maiden starts the song.
Really love Bruce on this song, also his additional " Where Are We Going?!! " and " Singapore where are we? " before the chorus.
Adrian live solo for this song is already transformed haha. Its just the second time they are playing this song live.
This song Coming Home is so huge live. Cant wait for the official live in Chile 2011 dvd really.

Next, backdrop change and its the backdrop for.....could it be Dance Of Death?? A quick glance to Janick side, yes an accoustic guitar being setup!!...together with the poetry reading intro, I cant believe it, I think this was the best moment for me the whole night! I really love this song and to see this song live is a dream come true. I was so happy thruout this song haha. The crowd really knows to sing the two times melodic part of the instrumental section. I love this crowd haha. Really into Maiden.

Next, I see Bruce runs backstage on Dave's side...could it be? yes backdrop change to The Trooper. Very impressive and how the whole place love this song.
Only I noticed the madness began when the band starts this song, not when the backdrop already appears a moment earlier haha.
Did I say I keep turning around and look at those in the seats and seems everyone is having so much fun. I am very proud to see so much love for Maiden. I was listening again to the bootleg and find that the audience is really loud as one.
Anyway, Bruce never walk and wave his flag on the left platform for this song. He only goes to the right platform to disturb Janick with the flag during the solos.

Next, Bruce says " I do believe we have a sold-out show tonite here Singapore for the first time. ". And he mentioned this could be a start of playing a lot of new places in Asia. He says Maiden do not know what to expect before the show.
He mentioned Maiden could be back in London with the crowd last night because it was amazing and he's not bullshitting.
He says a thing about being Maiden fans everywhere in the world, they play to Muslim audience and tomorrow they're going to a big Muslim country ( Indonesia ) and no matter what religion or creed or what colour you are if you're into Maiden you're part of the family.

Blood Brothers next.
I am at the usual "kumpulan Wings on the Double Trouble stage" side of the audience haha but thanks to the big screen, we got Janick Gers for his climax solo of this song in all its glory.
Maybe I got to switch to Janick's side at least one time if I got a chance to see them again?

Wickerman next. Ooo I was expecting Ghost Of Navigator, but this one is so much pumping live song. Really love the audience singalong for this song especially the mass participation -hohoo hohoo hohoo hohoo- ending.

Backdrop changes to something I've never seen before... also the sound of blowing of winds!!
Yes! Where the Wild Wind Blows.
Bruce Dickinson really perform this song very well and with emotions. Arms around himself all that. I really like his singing for this song, although it would be nicer if he is in some kind of prop costume like in the backdrop artwork haha.
I was afraid for this song live, because seems during recording only Steve has a picture of what he wants and imagination of this song and he split the band recordings into seperate portions and Steve patch it all up into one complete super song. But live this song conquers. You dont realise this is a ten minutes song because its so good.
I cant see Nicko but his drumming is always there to remind us haha.

Talisman next. What I can say for this song is, its a new song, they only play it twice live, it will only get better and better. Its not an easy song for Bruce to sing each night, although he is said to like to sing this song live, and the placing of this song in the setlist really must be challenging for him.
I dont know, maybe some crazy thing happen, Talisman dropped for House Of Doctor D or Mother Of Mercy or worse Wratchild hahaha. Or maybe replaced by Starblind, I can dream can I.
The light show for this song is the best of the best. The one I like most. I was most of the time looking up at the lighting rigs flashing away haha.

Next The Evil That Men Do. A big surprise for me haha. Cue pandemonium as people around me were counting the " one two three four! " at the start. I like it surrounded by like-minded people. Another loud crowd participation song. Cant wait for the Maiden England DVD and next history tour and hope they play Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur too next time. More chance to see them haha.

Next Fear Of The Dark. The people of Helsinki 1992 which appears on A Real Live One will never expect that they transform this song into a live monster and how the rest of the world followed it. I was listening to the audio recording of this Singapore show and it was really magical moment. I think this bootleg version could turn out to be my favourite version of all Maiden live recordings of this song. Yes its a low quality one record by me but the crowd is so loud. Seems like everyone of the audience is singing it. I think I will upload the audio of this version to youtube.
I wasnt really paying attention on stage because I keep looking behind and it was a beautiful sight to see, the whole indoor stadium was having so much fun.

Iron Maiden is next, and how I love the start, the spotlight turns on one by one on each guitar player. Really nice lightings by Maiden, and this is just Singapore, it would be a spectacular lighting show in Europe if I can see them there.
Ooo before I forget, the walk-on hideous predator+motorhead ugly breeding combination that results in something we call Eddie appears on this song. After the show my better half mentioned that Eddie stays a bit longer on stage this time, I think so too, complete with a guitar hang on him, I really like the way Eddie walks over after fooling around with Janick and seems to signal for his guitar to the crew at the side.
End of main show, and Nicko came to the front to throw his drumsticks and cymbals covers.

Maiden takes a short break, the crowd were still in momentum, and the spoken intro for The Number Of The Beast is played. The light show is nice with all the red spotlights.
Love the " and I'll make Singapore fucking burns!! " part haha. How those who accuse Maiden of being Satanic must be shivering at the thought of this HAHAHA. Luckily we dont have people on the street with banners demanding cancellation and ban of the Maiden show here.

Hallowed Be Thy Name is next. Again cue pandemonium. The singalong, the usual screams on Bruce's signals during the instrumental break. Exciting. We always hear the screams on the live cds but its enjoyable to do it ourselves haha. Anyway again not for the first time tonite Bruce is not exactly 100% with his lyrics on some of the classic songs. Excusable as its just the second show.

Immediately after the Dave and Nicko delay ending to this song, which as far I am concerned they can delay it the whole night haha, Nicko starts Running Free.
For those familiar with bootlegs from the North American 2010 tour, Bruce throws his cap and wears a British Cop helmet. 'Helo! Helo! Helo! What have we got here' British cop routine.
"Spend The Night in a Singapore jail!"
and did Bruce mention something about caning while he is chatting away about being a law abiding 'Singaporean' citizen during the jam and singalong segment of this song? I really catch no ball of some of his talks.

TWO HOURS!! Thats whats the indication of my recording time including Doctor Doctor intro tape. Inclusive of Nicko's farewell when the band left the stage its 2hrs 1min haha. After that we have Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life weewit weewitt weewiitt weewiittt! played on the speakers.

So am I happy? Yes of course, Maiden can turn up for just one song but of course it must be Alexander The Great, and I would be very happy.
Its just the second show, they will be so much better once they are at Santiago to record this tour Live DVD.

So what is missing?
No Pyros. So is it only for the Singapore show? as maybe it is not approved by the authorities or is it for the whole tour? There were no pyros on the 2010 North American Final Frontier Tour too.
Still No behind the curtain huge Eddie too. I think Maiden still cannot fit this section into Ed Force One? maybe they need to change to a Jumbo 747 plane next time.

There are about two interviews before the show with Janick Gers by Today and Dave Murray by Straits Times, and I think the one statement that stands out is by Janick on this question and answer.
Do you think you’ll be working on new music on this tour and recording too?
Well, we came out with the album at the end of the last tour, and this tour is meant for that album – although it’s slightly later than we planned. We finish in August, then we’ll take a break and put some new music together, so it’ll be the year after next I think!

So it means they have concrete plans in place and we will definitely have studio album number 16 coming out in 2013 or early 2014. Hip Hip Hurray. We can forget Steve Harris 'we will do 15' words. I really think Maiden will start their next history tour next year 2012 end of the year once the dvd of Maiden England come out, and by the looks of it, I think Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur will be on the tour dates and maybe they will skip Singapore for next tour if its end of 2012. Hopefully they play all three, but just my wild guess. Its a hard life ,the tickets prices is definitely not cheap, so I have to reduce all entertainment and skipping Pet Shop Boys and Belinda Carlisle concerts if they play in KL or Spore haha, and try to save it all up for the next Maiden tour tickets. Two years in advance. Pathetic. But first I hope to see Maiden again next week. Lets see if things work out as planned.

Last but not least , some photos. Front and back.

(Berulang aku tegur - Jangan keluarkan dari poket nanti hilang haha, pasal kejap2 keluarkan tengok kejap2 keluarkan tengok.)


Ijau D. Koceng said...

aku cuma duduk waktu rise to remain dan intro lagu talisman sahaja :D

berteromber said...

aku selalu pikir kalau aku dpt nengok Maiden live...aku nak pencen dah konsert2 ni semua...tapi aura dorang mmg kuat...lepas ni memang boleh pencen dah konsert2 lain...tapi untuk Maiden...kalau dorang turun lagi....konpem aku pergi...dah kalau boleh next time nak bawak my love one...huhu...

record12inci said...

Awesome review dude & hope to hear the bootleg audio in youtube soon...

Nizam said...

framekan pick guitar tu utk anak cucu tgk nnt.kalo tak test tgk dlm ebay brapa bole dpt.keh3

Anba said...

bro..thanx for the review..iwas just 4 rows infront PEN A..and i didn/t notice 90% of things that u said..i was lost in the sea of black T's...the sweat and heat..and the people moving up and down left and right gave me no chance of seeing there were tall dudes obstructing my view...
When troopers came i went bonkers...
and thanx for the earlier info u provided boot the location of the place..where to stay..eet really helped us a lot...
up the irons

speedrider said...

Thanks for the "short" review XD!!!

Nice pick! Buat frame!

Saudagar Mimpi said...

Best baca review ko ni.
Boleh kongsi citer sikit insiden dapat pick tu??

ROKATUA said...

I lioke!

\m/ \m/

♥♥♥♥ dilaBanGi ♥♥♥♥ said...

duhai sahabat ku, apa khabar
lama tak nampak, majuk ke(hehehe)
Maiden ni dalam gengaman DEP;-)

Anonymous said...

bro, aku rasa ko ada dalam ni kot

gayour said...

dapat tengok maiden bawak lagu "Hallowed Be Thy Name"? huh!
lagu sing along yang hebat!

RG said...

Nice review, mate. Brought back memories of that incredible night at the indoor stadium. Singapore 2011 was my first overseas Maiden concert. Have watched them live three times in India, where I'm from. Will try and catch them in Istanbul later this year.

deaf-angel said...

RG if you are reading this..
I would like to ask for an email or something?
Because I think I hope to see them in India next time so I want to ask some directions and guidances