Saturday, August 27, 2016

incoming - Book Of Souls World Tour Ed Force One model & Powerwolf -metal mass Live

Some other incoming of electronics techno-dance and dangdut stuffs.. LOL!!

I got the 1:400 scale Ed Force One (the metal one not the usual plastic assembly one),
maybe next time if I got budget I want to get the bigger one.

Above are the three planes Maiden used for their world tours of Somewhere Back In Time World Tour 2008, Final Frontier World Tour 2011, and Book Of Souls World Tour 2016.

So lets wait for the  2017 Dates. The continuation of Book OF Souls World Tour, where they promise a full British and German Indoor Dates.

This year, I was lucky to do two shows, in two continents..
I think I will stick to this pattern.
At least one show in a RESPECTFUL indoor proper place discipline
and at least one show in a HORRIBLE DISGUSTING outdoor conditions of anything goes. LOL!!

So a bit of contrast. LOL!!

I had always dream of backpacking across UK when Maiden does their UK full tour dates, taking trains and express buses.,
I thought I will do it on their final tour next time,
but I think I will push it forward to next year. I hope so, - a date in Scotland (glasgow or Edinburgh) , another one in Wales (Cardiff) , and one of either side of Ireland - whether Belfast or Dublin would be nice I guess.

Anyway,  I have a favourite bootleg of them from 1986 (Somewhere In Time Tour) in Colston Hall, Bristol. I dont think Iron Maiden can play there anymore due to the demands,
but Belinda Carlise is still playing in Colston Hall on her last British Tour.
It would be nice to see this Colston Hall place, wih maybe bands like Human League, Bananarama or Belinda Carlise or Powerwolf? LOL!!!..


Speaking of Powerwolf,

( the only band that I am willing to take a taxi from Nantes to Clisson for Hellfest, just because I want to see them play, and I had OVERSLEPT till afternoon on the timeslot they are supposed to play ). It was worth the taxi fare.
I hope to see them again next time.

A very nice live band, full of happiness in the hot horrible weather of Hellfest afternoon.

This is Their new arrival...

Metal Mass Live.

417 MINUTES of running time. I guess its worth it then to get the double disc Blue-ray version. LOL!!
I was surprised there is a very nice booklet inside.

Band rock paling kurang ajar ni...
tapi terbaik... dan happy happy sangat...
Nanti review.


Rafi said...

Haritu ada nampak kat campbell model ed force one yg baru tu.sekali harga punya la mahal gila.kalo tak mmg aku dah beli satu.
Next year mesti ada live album book of souls.mintak2 ada la..

Ijau D. Koceng said...

sayang kali ni tak ada kallang wave

yusrina said...

wow! powerwolf!
tak sabar aku nak tunggu review dari deaf nie..
memang terbaik band yang kurang hajar ni.. hih hih

berteromber said...

3 dah yer kapalterbang tu...teringin jugak aku nak beli satu..

dilabangiWORLD said...

boh agi photoq obercea tu dep
lau ada swan kat lake kut ang da simpan

D'arsil said...

fuhh terbaik lah bro deaf, peminat sejati maiden..salute...

Kaboi Tanduk said...

Mesti gempak kan tengok konsert pakai blu-ray tu..