Wednesday, February 29, 2012

cancellation, sold-outation, and Maiden England World Tour 2012/2013 wishation.

Three things..

I think Foo Fighters cancelling Friday cause some fans to lose out on their hard-earned money spent for flight tickets if they are coming by flight. (I was myself contemplating getting a ticket for the show on the day itself if I got some spare pocket money to spend as I work morning shift that FF show day.)

Its always about getting the very cheapest rates possible and you have no choice but to arrange your trip in advance cause usually the earlier the better for budget flights.

This have not include all the stress especially if you have to risk facing the wrath
of your employer to the extend of losing your jobs in taking leave from work to see your favourite rock band in far away places.

But that is the risk a fan have to take, if they want to travel far distances to see their favourite bands whether once or a few times on that tour.
If Maiden had cancel Australia 2011, I would be like an idiot in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, cursing expletives about the day I become a Maiden fan as a small boy and cause me to suffer financially just for them, ( but at least I got to see Slayer again and Dimmu Borgir.)

Anyway, REMEMBER, Life Responsibities and Priorities must continue without fail, being a rock fan is just a curse haha.

Second part of this self-indulged blog post...

Lady Gaga - Her presale for one night at the Indoor Stadium was crazy enough for the promoters to add a second night.
She got fans indeed - TWO NIGHTS INDOOR STADIUM SOLD OUT IN SIX HOURS once it went on general sale. TWO NIGHTS in 6 hours!!

Roxette - the cheaper seats are completely sold out. I understand there are no standing area for this show. WEIRD, this is the ultimate pop-rock band. I hope I will be there haha, cue begging colleague to mx shift haha

Thirdly and mosttttt full of happiness, yes I envy fans in USA , Canada and worldwide who are going to see this show this year..

So as all the rumours and gossips turn out to be true,
Maiden fans worldwide are aware of the Maiden England Tour being announced, and this year seems it will only be USA and Canada.
How I wish... Really wish...haha but I know I just cannot.. Unless I stumble on QARUN TREASURES.

So the rest of the world will be next year 2013...and I am sure Asia and Oceania will be early 2013.
So.... I dont know, but I think its something like get the umbrella ready before the rain.
So start saving up!!!! especially if you want to backpack to few shows or just want to bring your love ones along to your home show

By the look of things...
as this is going to be a popular history tour with popular songs that everyone knows, it will go to many places.

I guess maybe Dubai will get it, Mumbai...because they completely miss the last tour.
Singapore is highest possibility as usual, Kuala Lumpur - Rod had mentioned KL before, its just a matter of time for Maiden to play KL, Jakarta and Bali - I dont know, Japan definitely and I think if any Maiden fan want to see Maiden in Japan, ( and I read Yokohama venue is fabulous to see Maiden ) then this is the time because I think its the cheapest ever, and of course Australia, I dont know, but I hope so cause its the cheapest and most logistics convenient for people like me to see Maiden in a few places at one go.

This is my dream Maiden England theme 2013 setlist with taking into consideration what Bruce says as 2/3 of Maiden England plus 1/3 something else of Maiden pop tunes that the general public knows.

- Blade Runner Intro
- Caught Somewhere In Time ( with Bruce wearing the lampu kelap kelip costume )

( stage is the complete white frozen SSOASS of 88 )

- Moonchild ( completely live with live intro )
- Evil That Men Do
- Killers

- Prisoner

- Still Life or Where Eagles Dare ( I think Trooper should be rested )
- Can I Play With Madness
- Holy Smoke or Judas Be My Guide ( ok not realistic for JBMG )

- Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
- Afraid To Shoot Strangers ( I think Fear Of The Dark should be rested )

- Run To The Hills
- Iron Maiden

- Number Of The Beast
- Phantom Of The Opera
- Clairvoyant
- Hallowed Be Thy Name

a bit long? but its a dream.

Lastly... I love both Eddie on the horse charging frontal with cannons pointing at him and his cavalry on the their own ways...
I do hope to hear something from Maidencroatia on his book projects.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

2013 eh? hmmm... klu s'pore lagi 50-50 la, klu kl confirmed pegi!

berteromber said...

Kalau la dapat gi nengok roxette....perghh..

Tolong bootlegkan kalau ko pegi..

devourment of souls said...

Seandainya Kenny Loggins main, tolong bootlegkan juga. Tapi lagu Footloose tu saya request nak video ye..

matakucing said...

hu furst jugak memula dgr FF nyer cancell..but ni kira jodoh gak ha5..kalu tak bleh layan sesama