Saturday, February 25, 2012

bootleg Judas Priest 20/02/2012 Singapore Fort Canning Park

For fun, and purely for my own memories.
But if anyone else is interested, enjoy.

Nice to hear Rob talk about lots of things including Margaret Thatcher, John Lennon's place for British Steel, Singapore Sling etc etc,
Rob's intro vocal gymnastics and Richie Faulkner solo on You've Got Another Coming, starting from about 7:30 min mark is ridiculously awesome once he hit the 8:50 minute mark. WHAT IS THIS SONG?
I think I want to use that portion as my handphone ring tone haha.
To think I was like reminded of Zakk Wylde when I saw him playing with Lauren Harris opening for Maiden before and now he had takeover KK Downing.

anyway its here

I was like having some spare time and do this for fun la.


SkiD said...

Dari kipas untuk kipas....emmm best!

Kaboi Tanduk said...

baru dengar tadi, memang terbaik! nasib baik ada victim of changes..