Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pretty Pics of Iron Maiden - Janick with Steve, w/Dave & w/Adrian. - a short preview of the first show I attend for the The Book Of Soul World Tour. Just now at Perth Arena.

G'Day Mate.

Some pretty pictures for all to ogle. LATEST. LOL!!! (Perth Arena 14 May 2016).
Something unusual, at least for this blog and yours truly...
Lets have a Janick Gers celebrations LOL!!!

Allow me just a little of the self-indulgence whenever it comes to Iron Maiden, please... LOL!!

So we have....

Janick Gers with Steve Harris

Janick Gers with Dave Murray (and Sooty the Bear and Nicko hidden)

Janick Gers with Adrian Smith. (and Sooty, this time partially hidden, and of course Nicko hidden again... LOL!!..)

(all photos by yours truly, I like them so, even if you don't like them LOL!!...) .

I still have to say a few words,

Simply unbelievable performance, the cancer effect really shows, its like truly every show could be the last one ever, yet at the same time there is a lot of happiness and fooling around but truly an unbelievable delivery by the whole band.

I say again. UNBELIEVABLE.
Hands down, the best Iron Maiden live performance I had ever witness.

Possibly This could be the best tour ever by Iron Maiden to support possibly their best album ever.

Coming soon, more pretty pictures of Iron Maiden that I took, and full review of the Perth Arena Book of Soul World Tour Last Australian date and the place is basically full house for the Standing Area, though black curtains are in place on the higher seats from what I can see, but the lower seats seems full house too.

Ulasan Penuh Shiok Sendiri aku nanti...


Ijau D. Koceng said...

H bawa keluar gitar "pelik" lagi... destroyer-explorer hybrid

Ijau D. Koceng said...

dah zoom gambar baru perasan, itu jackson xtroyer (custom made?)

Rafi said...

Aik?dah ada kat ostrolia dah? thanks for the beautiful pic.aku tunggu review pulak.H pakai gitar baru eh

D'arsil said...

dalam seribu kawan fb aku, seorg ja p tgk kat perth ni.. dia ada kongsi gambarnya masa tgk maiden.. nanti buat ulasan terperinci..hehe

berteromber said...

jeles tengok gambo ni deaf....we want more!!

yusrina said...

alaa.. deaf, pergi perth, australia tak nak ajak aku... hush, sedih la pulak.. kihh kihh

btw... sejak bila pulak cik wahyu intan ni, diberi kebenaran untuk promote ubat-ubat seks beliau ni..? kena pantau ni deaf..!