Friday, January 27, 2017

incoming (baru kat tangan aku) - noetic theory & wet appetite

Excitment and happiness every once in a blue moon, rare moments in my hands, 
I got Malay rock bands albums and releases in my hands to quench my thirst for Malay Language rock music of all kind.

These are bands from Singapore.

- Self musicianship by them.
- Self song writting by them.
- Independent recordings by them
- Self promotions
- Self selling
Every thing is done by the band themselves, who juggles all other priorities in life with love for music.

So let us continue to support our own local "self everything" bands wherever we are.

Reviews soon.

and Wet Appetite physical cd of the above newest release is already Sold-Out.
But most people nowadays get their music from the internet, so no problem.


next - incoming Japanese pressings of Kreator - Gods Of Violence, as I think out of the 3 new songs released for listening so far, that Japanese Bonus Song Earth Under The Sword is so worth it to get the Japan Version.
& Judas Priest TURBO 30 with finally I can get an official release of the 1986 tour complete full show recordings.


Rafi said...

Lawa logo dia mcm tulisan jawi.kasi tau nama band member skali

Kaboi Tanduk said...


yusrina said...

fuhh !! black metal ker ni bro..?

D'arsil said...

jap nak layan dorang punya lagu kat utube klu ada haha

berteromber said...

baca ni...terus google...nice bands..