Monday, February 27, 2017

Guns N Roses Live in Singapore 25 Feb 2017 (review/ulasan)

Guns (side English)
Roses (side Bahasa Melayu)

Personally I think this is a very very well-organised concert, for a 50,000 attendance in a God-Forsaken Land, Far Flung "No Public Transport" location Changi Exhibition Centre besides the coastal sea.

For me a lot of complaints are simply unfair to the organiser.
Metallica had played here 2013 in worst conditions and lessons had been learnt then.

You are here for filling up your FUCKING STOMACH? or CRAVING ALCOHOL?
Or you are here for Axl/Slash/Duff/Dizzy's Guns N Roses?
You buy tickets but you are not mentally prepared for the "provided" transportations on reaching there and out?
You think only you are going for the show? There are maybe 50,000 plus thousands more logistic and support staffs involved.
And of course there will be jams.
AND complaints of not enough buses, the buses are trapped in traffic jam outgoing of the area and there are thousands who are smart enough to go to the buses, immediately after Paradise City.
If You guys hang around, and you guys have to wait for more buses to return from sending out earlier passengers. You should have get a private car driver to fetch you then if you want immediate service.

You all guys should come early 5 hours early if want to eat, drink or whatever.
And GNR is on time nowadays. You think GNR will start a few hours later for you all to fill up your lateness, stomach and your beer demands????

You all think Axl will wait for all of you? Axl is a changed person.

All these about poor timekeeping and puctuality stories are now just historical facts.
This is the new Axl and the new Guns N Roses era.
Anyway, for fuck, if the food is finished, GO HOME AND EAT!!!!!!!!!!
You are there to see Guns N Roses.

So I dont understand whats the complaints is all about and seems the mainstream newspaper are picking on these complainants. 
Well, maybe these complainants wants to be treated like a kid being spoon-fed by their mommy, or they are just plain not-prepared for the occasion. 
You are here for Guns N Roses so just endure all other problems and enjoy Guns N Roses plays a full show of 2hrs 49 minutes.

And its most stupid to threaten the organiser of not going anymore to any show they provide.

to these people FUCK YOU!!

all these bullshit talk, and after thise you guys will be become assholes and go again the next LAMC organise another show of your favourite band. 

Organisers have been risking their neck to bring these bands in, they are not cheap, anything can go wrong, and these organisers and promoters have done their best and end result the band played in full and no accidents happens. And you pussy complaint about food, and logistics and what which is due to you all are not mentally prepared to attend a SHOW OF THIS SCALE.

Its not the organiser who cannot handle the large scale, its the consumers public who are too "cocoon minded" to accept difficulty and challenges in a rock n roll situation.

So thanks the organisers rather than complain and threaten them and use "inferior" words regarding their credibility.

You pay for the concert, and the organiser and band delivered. And no accidents happen and you all reach home safely. Whatever the hiccup, please wake up because this is rock n roll.

Around me, There are people who are not well during the show, there is a female fan who kind of collapse. But all is under controlled by the people around them.
They get situation all in order. The fans themselves.

AND THESE ARE THE TRUE FANS NOT THOSE COMPLAINT KINGS AND QUEENS who bring it to the mass media CROWS. And these will be bullets to kill Rock N Roll.

Setlist Singapore 2017 Guns N Roses show...  I cannot ask for more.

Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Show theme

1-Its So Easy
2-Mr Brownstone
3-Chinese Democracy
4-Welcome To The Jungle
5-Double Talking Jive (Welcome Home Sanitarium riff intro & a panic situation when sound was lost for a split second during Slash solo in the middle of the song haha)
7-ESTRANGED (perfection thought I die and go to heaven version)
8-Live and Let Die
9-Rocket Queen (amazing extended version)
10-You Could Be Mine
11-You Cant Put Your Arms Around Memory/New Rose - DUFF on vocals.
12-This I Love
13-Civil War
15-Slash Solo plus Godfather theme
16-Sweet Child Of Mine
18-Out To Get Me
19-Wish You Were Here (Slash & Richard Fortus)
20-November Rain
21-Knockin On Heaven Door

24-Wild Horses intro /Patience
26-Paradise City

2 hours 49 mins. (its the timing on my bootleg recorder).

What I notice.

- The drummer position is a source of debate with all the Steven Adler issues and I enjoy the drummer Frank Ferrer, he gets the job done professionally. Nothing flashy nothing what. He adds a bit to Steven Adler originals. LOL!!

- Axl Rose a few times saying "Thank You For Having Us". He often does his MIDDLE FINGER SALUTE while delivering the songs everytime the video screens are on him.
- Axl Rose moves around the stage a lot, he sings very well, having seen being a PAID SINGER for Angus Young ACDC last year and now this. I think he is very very good performer who dont talk a lot now but gets the job done well.
I love watching him singing for ACDC last year, and this year watching him with his own GNR I simply love him again.

- Duff McKagan he uses the behind stage ramp a lot climbing up and down both sides.
He sings the backing vocals especially I like him on the new songs from Chinese Democracy.
Duff looks very healthy.

- The Lady Keyboardist is like a DURACELL BUNNY RABBIT. She is jumping the whole night. What a stamina this lady. Melissa Reese.
She also does all backing vocals.
- Dizzy Reed!!!! I think no close up of his face the whole night on the video screen.
Just his magical fingers zoom in.

- The Grand Piano for November Rain is mechanically raised up and down at front of stage from below.
- The other guitarist Richard Fortus, he reminds me of The Who guitarist. Throwing shapes. Love his solos on Rocket Queen.
Rocket Queen is becoming an extended song with lots of great solos from both guitarist.

- Slash, he also solos the Chinese Democracy album songs. He shares the main spotlight a lot. Looks like its his show plus Axl Rose.
- The 4 songs from Chinese Democracy are alright. I like them all. Especially the techno song Better.
PET SHOP BOYS should cover this song.
- Most people in general just take out the handphone for a short while each time. So its a very nice environment with everyone focussing on the show and not the handphone.

The sound, I have no issue. The lights the stages are awesome.
Its like 50,000, fortunately I got PEN A ticket, but still I came quite late. I have no complaints about where I stand.
I think those in Pen B must be feeling miserable a bit way behind.

I was hoping for some fireworks during Live And Let Die. LOL!! But nope.

Its a very nice show. 

Once again kudos to the organisers. Well Done. Continue to organise shows please.

And do follow Hellfest style instead of using physical tokens instead of creditting money into the wrist band.

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OK, kalau korang baca atas, akan tahu aku rasa kecewa dengan komplen2 yang sangat tak adil yang dibesarkan dan diburukkan oleh media mainstream.

Apa ni komplen pasal makan dah abis?
air dah bis?
kredit duit dalam tag takde kredit walau dah isi?

Ni semua biasalah.. ni semua show 50,000 kau nak semua berjalan lancar?? 

Dah la tempat JIN BERTENDANG.

Abis tu korang kena fikir pasal cammana nak pergi/cammana nak balik ye tak?

dan komplen pasal transport, mak ai boleh maut siak... dah terang2 kena tunggu giliran la.
Dan komplen pasal jam, siak ah... ni konsert skala besar.. kat tempat jin bertendang...
50,000 campur logistiks, support staffs
bayangkan cammana tak jam..
tu pun kalau keadaan Singapore memang rata2 semua orang gunakan bas disediakan,
tu pun kompelen.
kalau kat Malaysia dengan semua guna transport sendiri, bayangkan cammana keadaan.
so diam dan sabar je la...
ni komplen macam2... tu ni tu ni,
abis dah mainstream media dah start lapor...

PADAN!!!! besok lusa orang lagi pandang serong kat konsert rock.

BABI KAN??? Peminat rock matikan rock music sendiri.
Duduk diam2 sudah... sabar....   cammana nak gi Donington Hellfest konsert kat negara omputeh ni semua.

Ca, au cakap, organiser ingat murah dan mudah ke organise ni?
dorang dah deliver, band yang kita bayar tiket dapat main full show dengan selamat.
Keadaan selamat.

DAH CUKUP.. lain semua nasik tambah....  Ni macam apa siak.. NAK MABOK nak makan BALIK RUMAH MABOK dan makan LA OI!!!!  
Semua salah korang sendiri...
Anyway, aku baca komplen2 tu takde komplen pasal orang sakit ke, orang pengsan ke, 
benda2 ni terjadi masa konsert, tapi semua relaks je...
keadaan terkawal dan tak de pun aku rasa staff sampai datang, semua pandai2 sendiri.

Tapi pasal tiket memang lawak,
sampai dia tanya Pen A atau B? kalau PEN A, korang beratur kat tempat disediakan, TAKDE ORANG CEK TIKET SIAK, terus kasi tag, terus cek beg, terus masuk
KORANG TAU???!! sapa takde tiket sebenarnya boleh masuk terus PEN A. hahahaha.

tapi aku paham, mungkin dorang tak mau jam sangat.... ala... buat apa nak tipu, pasal sapa sangka kan? haha... tempat jin bertendang pun...dan terang sampai situ mesti dah ada tiket la kan..
cuma sapa ada tiket Pen B, aku rasa kalau tahu, mesti baik pindah masuk Pen A la kan. haha.

Macam aku, aku tahu apa aku nak... MAKAN dulu siang2, air simpan dalam beg, kat security baru aku surrender botol air aku,
aku tak mau beli merchandise pasal aku budget, so aku skip ni semua....  TAPI TSHIRT DESIGN LAWA2 GILER OK. Sedih pulak rasanya haha.

Aku sampai carik tempat yang sesuai la jugak untuk orang datang lambat, tunggu kejap...
aku tahu pengalaman aku tengok ACDC, Axl dah disiplin on time mungkin dia belajar dengan ACDC, 
chop-chop GNR start main 2 jam 49minit nak kat 3 jam.  Takde komplen pilihan lagu dan segala nasik tambah dalam setiap lagu dan persembahan Axl Rose dan setiap pemuzik cam aku cakap kat atas tu. Kagum aku keyboardist kedua lompat cam Duracell Bunny Rabbit full show. haha.

PILIHAN LAGU2 dari mula sampai abis semua memang hebat2 belaka.
Tak boleh nak mintak lebih dari ni, kurang ajar kalau aku bising takde "Dont Cry" "locomotive" dan "one in a million " ye tak? haha.

Abis Paradise City, terus aku blah.
Ramai macam aku blah, pasal semua nak gi Merchandise Stand beli tshirt tak mau nanti beratur panjang.
So aku terus gi tempat bas... Aku rasa ada ribu2 pun macam aku...
Ikut arahan, pilih tempat kita nak tuju, beratur, naik bas...

Dalam bas, aku dengar mat salleh semua berbual pasal pengalaman puaka Metallica 2013, jadi semua tahu cammana nak selamatkan diri gitu la...

So takde masalah langsung, jadi aku heran dengan komplen2 tu semua,
either tak pernah tengok konsert rock,
tak pernah tengok konsert skala besar,
biasa semua dorang nak, semua disajikan depan mata,
tak tahu bersyukur organiser dah buat terbaik, kutuk hina organiser tahap cipan babi hutan.

ok dah la, aku stop haha...  omputeh nye aku dah luahkan perasan aku. KNN.

Cuma, aku suka, audience gerek pasal boleh kata semua tak peduilik pasal hanphone, ada la keluarkan ambil satu dua gambo, ambil video sikit..

tapi rata2 satu show memang seronok semua fokus dan tak pedulik hanphone.




Rafi said...

Aik pasal takda makanan pun nak komplen?apa daa..
Setlist suma lagu best2 kira ok la wish nak dengo lagu estranged tecapai..heheh.kalo ada izzy stradlin mesti lagi best

berteromber said...

pergh!!!...2 jam 49 minit...memang berbaloi la ni....aku tunggu ko punya bootleg la..

Kaemm Reutn said...

ade tak dorg buang hingus atas pentas? hehe

Tahir Jaafar said...

Ok best la komen dan review Deaf.. Tq.

D'arsil said...

mereka ingat konsert raihan kali haha

Ijau D. Koceng said...

nasibla djaman maiden aritu LAMC buat kat SIS, senang nak pegi dan balik

Kaboi Tanduk said...

Bab tiket tu memang senang2 la orang menyelit dok di Pen A

Anonymous said...

Mmg havoc la GnR.. Organiser tak prepare crowd macam ni...

deaf-angel said...

I think yang complain ialah mereka yang manja dan tak biasa susah payah tengok konsert rock.
Ni bukan macam gi tengok wayang, wayang kul 9, kuar rumah cop-cop sampai.

Setakat persembahan di Arab, I think Islamic and Muslim values dipelihara.
So for whatever reasons they have, keluar rumah la awal2, dan remember Arab society basically semua private transport.

I cuma boleh understand kalau ni fans dari Kuwait, Palestin, Lebanon, Iran , Iraq yang komplen. Dorang travel by land untuk tengok band rock International main in Dubai, so mungkin delays.
If local rock fans. Nope I dont understand.