Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Samuel L Jackson funny skits of his films, Metallica official live cd for 24/8/2013, Blaze Bailey Own Words 10 Maiden songs he was not involved & Depeche Mode new album Spirit is going to be out!!

A bit long post, I try to cramp everything in my mind right now...
A short summary of the 4 topic postings in Bahasa Melayu & the rest are in English.

OK dari luahan hati pasal Joe dah tak sama dengan Wings.. (khabarnya), kita gi ke happy2.

1. Pelakon Samuel L Jackson, dari zaman Die Hard 3, dari zaman Coming To America, lejen selejen nya filem GOODFELLAS,  filem2 Pulp Fiction yang paling gerek la tak boleh ditandingi karakter nye dalam filem tu, Avengers, Star Wars dengan light sabre warna Purple dia, DJANGO unchained dengan watak paling evil, dan Snake On The Plane, dan cerita jaws Deep Blue Sea dan apa je la..

dan jugak katun INCREDIBLES yang dia jadi watak boleh jadikan air jadi air batu tu. HAHA.
Watak serious, kelakar, hero, jahat, semua dia pegang dan memang boleh cakap la, mana2 film yang ada letak nama Samuel L Jackson je, ORANG AKAN TENGOK!!! haha.
Jadi sapa belum tengok aku letakkan link skit dia dengan James Corden. Dorang dua lakonkan dalam 10minit setiap sikit2 watak2 adegan film2 yang SLJ lakonkan.
James Corden macam David Letterman, Ellen Degeres, talkshow host gitu...

2. Incoming - Rasa ramai tahu, setiap show Metallica, dorang akan rakam, lepas tu MIXED, dan jual kat peminat, samada yang pergi show tu atau sapa2 yang nak khas sesebuah rakaman show untuk apa sebab pun. So, tu hari aku try la, beli satu, show Singapore untuk bulan August 24hb 2013.
Dahsyat sound dia, ni bukan macam official bootleg, tapi dah macam live album kualiti dia...

Nanti la lain kali review...

3. Blaze Bailey, dari dulu aku puji manjang je beliau ni. Seorang bekas penyanyi Iron Maiden, penyelamat Maiden waktu huru hara zaman 90an, seorang yang rata2 baik hati dan mungkin kalaulah ramai orang dalam dunia hati murni macam dia, DAN TAK LUPA JUGA SESEORANG YANG NASIB MACAM KENTANG!!  Ada je masalah satu demi satu, tapi dia alrite.

Dan aku tak kenal dia, tapi dia antara orang mat salleh dalam hidup aku yang aku nak sangat berjaya dalam kerjaya dan kehidupan peribadi.
Dia diminta oleh TEAMROCK untuk cerita dan pilih 10 lagu Iron Maiden yang dia takde kena mengena penghasilannya, dan tulis kenapa dia suka.
HASILNYA - ANTARA TULISAN SANGAT PUITIS DAN SEDIH DAN GEMBIRA. Nampak sah dia memang seorang hati mulia dari tulisan nya. Aku suka so aku share sini.

4. Ye, pembaca sekalian, aku masih cakap, band paling Jahat, paling evil, antara paling dahsyat, antara paling best giler, dan band yang paling pandai cocok jarum aku pernah dengar dalam hidup aku. DEPECHE MODE akan keluar album baru, besok lusa. SPIRIT.

Aku dah pre-order. hahahaha. Tapi single cd version je...
Masih bertahan dan masih istimewa.
Macam aku pernah cakap, lepas show ABSU akhir tahun lepas, kawan aku cakap , dia dah happy, band paling dia nak tengok dalam hidup dia dah tengok, so dia tanya aku, apa satu2 nya performer aku nak tengok live aku belum tengok dan aku nak tengok , aku jawab DEPECHE MODE.
Ni bawah nanti aku letak link, dorang main live, satu lagu terbaru dari album tu.
POMPUAN TU ialah Stage Manager program tersebut, dan dia suka giler kat DM, so host program panggil dia suruh perkenalkan band.
DM masih pakai Drummer sama, Drummer dorang nama CHRISTIAN EIGNER. Aku suka giler Depeche Mode pakai drummer macam gini live.


1. This is an amazing skit about 10 minutes long by both Samuel L Jackson and talkshow host James Corden, acting out many movies that SAMUEL L JACKSON has acted in thru his career.
So you have lots and lots of the best movies ever made!!! LOL!!

I would call this for myself a FLASH OF A LIFETIME BEFORE MY EYES!!!

 something everyone must see, everyone who had seen at least one Hollywood movie in their life, the youtube came out on March 8, 2017 and already 4 million viewers.

2. METALLICA, and the fever has not died down after their REVIVAL inside my heart,

with their amazing new album, and their live in Singapore show in January 2017 which I have nothing but praises.

So I tried purchasing one of their official live cds which they sell at their STORE.
As a form of memory, and certainly the Singapore 2013 shows has a very nice setlist quite heavy with ...AJFA stuffs.
The sound is awesome and mixed. 
I had pre-ordered the Singapore show, I think the cover is pretty sweet.

3. BLAZE BAILEY, I surely love this singer, love his character, wishing him the best in his musical career and his personal life.
If you go thru my blog, or the labels, you guys can see how much I try to support his solo works as much as possible, depending on my budget LOL!!!
But its always nice... he signs your name on certificates, and book, and cds and whats whats.

So I think he was asked to choose 10 songs from Iron Maiden he was not involved in.
Amazing words , beautiful narration, such love and respect he has for the band.

I am sure, he will be there on stage with the other 6 guys before Maiden call it a day. And I want to be there. Maybe the new Olympic Stadium in London? (WEST HAM UNITED new home).

The original link is here -

this is the text

Former Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley is about to embark on an absolutely epic tour. We asked him to choose his favourite Iron Maiden songs... that Bruce Dickinson sang 

"My hero was Ronnie James Dio," Blaze Bayley told Classic Rock last year. "He worked until he died. And that’s what I intend to do. All that matters now is that I just keep going. For me, that is the dream.”
The former Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane man is true to his word. He's currently a few dates into an epic European tour that leapfrogs across Europe from The Balkans to The Baltic, criss-crossing the continent from Spain to Scandinavia via all points in-between, including a performance at the inaugural Heavy Scotland festival in April (full dates below).
There's 73 shows on the schedule, calling in at rock clubs in towns so far off the beaten track you find yourself checking Google to confirm their existence (and yes, there really is a club named after Lemmy in Kaunas, Lithuania's second-largest city). And there's not a personalised 747 in sight.
We asked Blaze to come up with a list of his favourite Iron Maiden songs... that he didn't sing on. And he came up with poetry.
Blaze Bayley, we salute you.

Blood Brothers

So many beautiful melodies and a melancholy vibe. I like this song so much I did my own acoustic version with Thomas Zwijsen. It feels so sad and so big and dramatic, and for me is one of the best maiden songs ever. If I want to introduce someone with no idea — or the wrong idea — about metal, this is the song I play them. This one song, above all others, proves Steve Harris is a songwriting genius.

The Wicker Man

Every big lovely powerful Maiden thing I love packed into a glorious 4 minute 37 second package. I was actually asked to perform this song at the wedding of a huge Maiden and Blaze Bayley fan. I loved singing it, and feeling the big ooohs and chorus with my own voice was so nice.
Anyone should try to sing songs they like. You don't have to be good at singing. Don't worry about what other people think! It's the truest and best connection and expression of any song that moves you: Your own voice feeling the melody and the lyric in your body, and then moving it through the air as your own emotion. We all know this when we're at a concert and live and shine with our own voice, as part of the huge voice of the crowd, lifting each one of us higher than we can reach on our own.
The Wicker Man pulls me to a small Scottish island and makes me play the fool before I am burned alive. It is the curse of this love: that even if I knew what was waiting for me, I would still go gladly to my doom because of this music.

Wasted Years

Truth is here. A girl in Monterey, Mexico sang this softly to me in the hotel hoping it would be in the set list because it was her favourite Iron Maiden song. It wasn't. I never had the chance to perform this giant song live while I was the band.
When you find a truth — a deep universal truth — something that everyone has felt, and put that into a lyric, then find the melody to bring that lyric to life, then find the music that tells people these emotions are real. That's when you have the elements to create immortality in music. This song could never win a Grammy award because it is simply too real and too beautiful. All other Grammy Winners would be shown up to be egotistical self-important fakes or just very ordinary compared to a band that survived the World Slavery tour. Loneliness and regrets and missing home and feeling helpless and always moving somewhere, but never moving in the direction of home, and when you're with them at home, the ones you miss now so much, you were waiting for something else, you weren't really there at all, and know you cant be there. You understand but it is too late. So understand, and realise you are living in the golden years. I often have this song in my acoustic set. It feels big, raw, emotional and true.

The Trooper

This is greatness. This is legend. This is death. As I lay forgotten and alone, lost to all I loved and who loved me, my death is meaningless. The power and rhythm of the young men that cast this cruel spell over a million other men was undeniable. We were seduced by the power, enslaved by the rhythm, and sacrificed on a new wave of idolatry. I saw them and worshipped them at Birmingham Odeon where they made me a power slave. Again when I was lost somewhere in time. If you have never listened to this song, then I beg of you, do not listen to it now. Those of us who have are not as we were before. We cannot go back. Everything where you are now is ordinary. We have heard greatness. We have seen it. We know its name. We have fallen under its spell, and we are in love with it.

Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter

Fun can be bloodcurdling.

Infinite Dreams

It has no proper chorus and so sets itself free of any conventional song writing rules that I am aware of. An idea loyal and true to itself. Anguish melancholy and questioning your own existence and your god. A perfectly building nightmare. The shades and tones of Bruce Dickinson on this song define magnificent. The lyric is delivered on a melody that is irresistible until it becomes ominous. Then he lures me towards the centre of his nightmare.
Terrifying and gorgeous.

Aces High

An impossible song. Too fast. Too high. Too catchy. Too uplifting.
Popular with Maiden tributes, but very rarely can any of those happy-hearted hopefuls ever get close to the precision required to get near to the original album recording. It has alway felt to me that Iron Maiden were proving something to themselves with this song. I'm probably wrong and I've never had a conversation with any of the guys in the band that would back up or justify my opinion. But I stick with it anyway.
I like to imagine them in the rehearsal room being really fed up with Judas Priest and coming up the greatest song ever written about the Battle of Britain. There was a momentary space and time anomaly on the afternoon they wrote it. From 1940 Winston Churchill glimpses a possible future where five free British men gather to write a song celebrating victory. In 1984 five of the finest musicians Great Britain has ever produced feel Churchill's frustration as the future of our nation is almost lost. Churchill tells his cabinet ministers he will die spitting blood on the floor of the House of Commons rather than surrender. In the rehearsal room Steve Harris shouts across the room to his drummer, as the guitar solo approaches, faster Nico!
Nico finds the extra speed for the song, as the spitfires in the skies found the extra speed courage and determination to stop the evil that threatened to engulf Churchill and the country he led on those dark perilous days between July and October in 1940. We will never surrender.

Run To The Hills

The future is here. Back then. But now.
Listening to this as a young man on headphones on my parents stereo felt a little bit awkward . I started to have the feeling that this music would break the stereo, because it was so different to the Satchmo my father listened to. Dickinson was the future voice of maiden. It was 1982. This song still gives me some of the excitement of the first few times I heard it even now.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

A huge and powerful lament. The condemned man at the centre of this masterpiece does not protest his innocence. Instead, he admits his fear of his own imminent death and his dread of the unknown. As verses end the music takes through the agony of the the last seconds and to the final breath of the hanging man. The death rattle, and it leaves me with the feeling that there is a human soul that has escaped the tyranny and injustice of his age.

Iron Maiden

The Bruce Dickinson version, not the original studio version. Does what it says on the tin: Iron Maiden's gonna get ya, no matter how far.

4. Lastly, Personally for me in my whole life -

I still have the dream that one day DM will headline HELLFEST with Iron Maiden so I can backpack to Hellfest one more time. LOL!!!!

They will release SPIRIT the new album next few days. I simply cannot wait to get the CD.
The leaks are going crazy on the internet, a lot of them dumbass pranks.
But reports say a confirmed leak happened a week ago.
Its ok, I wait for my single version CD. LOL!!

This is a live performance of their first single from the new album.
Wheres The Revolution.
(That lady at the start is the program Stage Manager, who is a huge DM fan, and she got the honour to introduce the band!! How awesome!! Maybe one day I will be the cleaner for the stage, or the toilet cleaner for the program, and I get to introduce Belinda Carlise?? LOL!!!)

This album is going to be very political!!!! LOL!!!!!

Actually, they are going to do a UK Tour which unfortunately just miss out on the Iron Maiden UK Tour Dates,
I was actually trying to plan my backpacking trip to catch Maiden but then, I simply cannot match the dates up and I need more money and more time to cross Europe for DM.

Furthermore, its Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan. I hope to have a peaceful one this year, not the rumpus and craziness of last year ACDC, SABBATH , MAIDEN, RAINBOW, Doningtons... LOL!!

Sorry for mixing all 4 non-related postings to one.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

the wicker man, wasted years, the trooper, run to the hills... 4 lagu ni kitorang pernah main live

tapi the trooper tetap menjadi fan favourites bila semua penonton (mostly) akan join part chorus ooo~ tu

Rafi said...

Samuel l jackson mmg betul2 professional actor.aku suka dia dlm pulp fiction.
Dalam ramai2 rockstar metal aku rasa blaze la yg paling merendah diri.dia lebih pentingkan fans dari diri dia sendiri.aku suka versi live afraid to shoot strangers yg dia nyanyi

D'arsil said...

wow terbaik lah cd live metallica tu, yang kat kl dulu pun perna tengok tapi tak ada jual kat sini rasanya. samuel ni, mmg berbakat jadi penjahat memang ngam. hahaha. kat avangers pun dia kapten.

Portdy said...

You should watch james Corden with Tom Cruise and Arnie doin their skit. Hillarious!

Anonymous said...

Ya dia ada macam2 skit
- deaf

berteromber said...

Selain Morgan Freeman...Samuel L Jackson adalah pelakon kulit hitam yang pada aku sangat bagus....

Btw...aku respek ko suka Depeche Mode...aku dah try banyak kali...tapi tak boleh nak masuk...hahaha..

matakucing said...

Ooo metallica pon ade jual official bootleg eh.. Sama macam pearl jam byk dorang issue official bootleg for fans

Kaboi Tanduk said...

Kulit album Spirit tak menarik. Warna kelam, kelabu hitam. Dah guna untuk album Playing the Angel.. Huhu

deaf-angel said...

cover boring