Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Belinda Carlisle live date confirmed.

First in Bahasa Melayu and then in English.

Dengan konfemnya berita ini, maka tiket paling PANAS untuk aku tahun 2017 ni ialah bukan berharap nak backpack sorang2 ikat perut tengok Iron Maiden main bulan 5 ni 5 kali, tapi nak tengok Belinda Carlisle beraksi "live". Dia akan buat tour untuk 30 Tahun Heaven nye album.
Aku serious kurang dengan album Heaven pasal beberapa solo album dia yang lain memang pukul abis dahsyat terbaik dari ladang.

Aku berharap seperti biasa Kuala Lumpur nya event boleh jadi umum lambat sikit. Harap Belinda Carlisle pun beraksi di KL. Muahahaha. So aku boleh gi dua2 haha. 

Ni la lejen. Cengkih segala cengkih.
Kalau aku dapat jumpa dia aku cakap " You are Ronnie James Dio equal". haha.
"AND I HAVE SEEN YOU AND RONNIE DIO PERFORM AT The same place - FORT CANNING PARK!!" (both amazing nights )

Play somewhere else please next time.
But I have no choice. I excuse myself this time from purposely avoiding this place.

Bulan 11, lambat lagi, tapi aku dah teruja, dan aku dah rezeb satu tiket.

(a quick from on top of the head) DREAM SETLIST. 
Fantasy but realistic choices of popular songs.

- As its a Heaven On Earth 30 Years Celebration I will take 4 songs from that album.
- I have chosen only the singles and the popular songs to be realistic
- ROXETTE IS OPENING BAND. (yes yes I am over-fantasizing on this part).

1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
2. Our Lips Are Sealed
3. World Without You
4. I Get Weak

5. Runaway Horses
6. Mad About You
7. Circles In The Sand
8. Leave A Light On
9. Do You Feel Like I Feel
10. New Song From Coming Album

11. Vision Of You
12. I Plead Insanity
13. Half The World 
14. Always Breaking My Heart (Roxette joins on stage. Pers Gessle sings!)
15. New Song From Coming Album
16. Summer Rain
17. California
18. Falling Into You (First Time In History and the original singer blows away Celine Dion version)

19. Vacation
20. We Got The Beat
21. Little Black Book

22. Valentine
23. Lay Down Your Arms  (Charlotte Caffey plays please)
24. Big Scary Animal

I will surely miss out many songs surely.
I CANNOT EVEN FIT IN "LA LUNA", thats how difficult it is to create a fantasy setlist for Belinda Carlisle.
I know the above won't happen. Not in a million years. HAHAHA.

But this is the greatest female singer of them all
Belinda Carlisle can sing any song, she can sing Do-Re-Mi and not a problem for me.
Hell, she can sing just one song and go home and I will be happy.

So as the above advertisement says Belinda Carlisle is performing in Singapore coming November 2017. I am not so liking the Tour Name of Heaven's 30th Anniversary, as I am worried the focus is too much songs on Heaven's album.

I would rather a REAL 25th Anniversary to celebrate REAL album. Now that would ROCK!!

But still, beggars cannot be choosers.. 

Anyway, I think she has finished recording a new album.
I cannot wait.

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I try to find time to finally talk about the Prime Domestic CD Single which I obtained at their live show two weeks back, and the Japanese Only Release of Hanoi Rocks Million Miles Away..


Ijau D. Koceng said...

guilty pleasure~

berteromber said...

aku lebih suka Runaway Horses...tapi nanti nak cari juga la cd Heaven on Earth...

btw...Hanoi Rocks tu review dulu...lama dah tak dengar dorang ni...

Rafi said...

Wah ada hanoi rocks.lama tak dengar pasal diorang

D'arsil said...

jap lagi aku nak masuk youtube nak dgr lagunya haha

Anonymous said...

deaf-angel said...

HI Anon.
It makes a beautiful read, but I am sure a lot of people who hates Iron Maiden will not agree with this article. haha.
Anyway, its the "replies" to that article is nice but sad.
Got one fan wanting to watch Iron Maiden plays for the last time. Brain Tumour or something. Thats the magic.