Monday, April 24, 2017

Metal Hammer magazine May 2017 Maiden galore & incoming KEMBARA cds aku baru memperolehi

Hi all.

Firstly.. WRATHCHILD?? WHY???? I will never understand Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson mentality in choosing a setlist for PART TWO of their most successful album tour ever.
2016 has simply an amazing well-balanced setlist for an album tour.
Antwerp Belgium two nights ago, and it was simply suspenseful following the news on the internet as each song is being played in Belgium for fans all over the world.
Great Unknown replacing Tears Of The Clown is amazing but basically swapping Wrathchild for Hallowed Be Thy Name is mind-boggling.
The only valid reason surely is the setlist is very difficult for Bruce as it is.
But still, never mind. Better Wratchild then no more Iron Maiden ever LOL!!
Maiden can just play Wratchchild 5 times in a row and say goodnight and I will still try to be there. LOL!!

Anyway, not many bands with such a long history, dare to play at least 6 new songs each night consuming up to 50 minutes of the stage time, and the audience are loving it and singing to the lyrics and "football chanting" all the melodies and instrumental sections.

A quick post as I require minimum time for thinking as I will be posting lots of snapshots.
I hope to have more time to talk cock soon.
In English for the awesome Maiden laden issue of Metal Hammer Magazine May 2017 issue.
and in Bahasa Melayu for some Kembara cds that I got recently.

I have no choice but nowadays to cramp two topics blog to make one. LOL!!

This is the cover and the outer jacket of the Metal Hammer Magazine May 2017 issue.

My only intention in posting the below photos is I KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE cannot get their hands on the Metal Hammer Magazine May 2017 issue.
Its a very excellent magazine issue for the still surviving Metal Hammer.

Lots of things for everyone,
-some nice articles on German Thrash bands inclusive live reviews.
-some X Japan even So this is really a very nice issue to purchase
-some of other bands that I am curious.
-some of other bands that I skipped completely the pages and photos as I have no interest.
-some very nice and interesting advertisements

and a little matter of SIX PAGES OF interview with Steve Harris.
and a little matter of a weird Top 50 Iron Maiden songs.
IT MAKES A GOOD READING, but for me, how is there to create a top 50 of Maiden songs?
On this magazine Top 50, even though it includes nominations and scores from the writers, the fans, other bands including Kirk Hammet,
but it cannot even fit in Dance Of Death? For The Greater Good Of God? LOL!!

Maybe a Top 100 Iron Maiden songs would be possible for me to try nominating a list.

So here it is, I only try to capture the Steve Harris interviews, and the Top 50 opinion of Metal Hammer staff and whoever they checked with.
Click to make it big, save and enlarge or buy a magnifying glass.
I hope you all can see them.

For those who are not interested or cannot be bothered, enjoy the designs of the pages and pretty photos.




So below it the Metal Hammer May 2017 issue of their selection of Top 50 Maiden songs.

Like I say, its just impossible to select a Top 50, although Metal Hammer May 2017 list done by their staff, other bands and whomever is certainly interesting with the write up for each song nomination,

Maybe a Top 100 may be realistically possibly to nominate top Maiden songs.

but, one glance and there is no Dance Of Death? A few songs from A Matter Of Life And Death..
There is no Einstein Intelligence of a Formula E = mc SQUARE and the description of  an Atom Bomb lyrics of Brighter Than a Thousand Suns? There is no STARBLIND.
THERE IS NO STAR"FUCKIN"BLIND. A genius of a song both musically, delivery and lyrically.
There is a lot of songs I like that is not there. LOL!!
SO a top 100 would be great.

Like I say, this makes a very good read and a good advertisement for Maiden. Thats all.


Simply love on Metallica 2013 Tour, I dont know about other shows, but on the Singapore show he did Where Eagles Dare during his solo.
Here he is talking about the song POTO

Lastly these are the backpage and the cardboard backcover of Metal Hammer May 2017 issue.

On the right is the new issue of the Maiden Fan Club and 


Yes, the master producer who gives amazing production to Maiden, and also Deep Purple's Machinehead and Rainbow albums and of course Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell album...

Love the part when Ritchie Blackmore plays for him the first album of Iron Maiden.

I am lucky I grow up and still is loving on all these musical merry-go-around talents of the above.......

OK Tu hari aku dapatkan empat cd Kembara, campur dengan cd yang aku dapat masa Kembara Mark 1 dan Mark 2 beraksi di Istana Budaya...  so aku suka la pasal aku nak simpan bentuk cd yang dirilis.

campur dengan bootleg2 aku tape, aku nak buat boxset sendiri haha...

so aku pasang balik bootleg IB hari Jumaat nye show yang aku tape...

aku rasa macam sial sangat, macam SIALLL sangat pasal tentu ada yang ingin curious nak dengar cammana suasana malam tu terjadi, walaupun rakaman bootleg.

aku tahu, walaupun bootlegs aku cuma beberapa orang je dengar kat youtube,
dan siap yang tengok pun kasi thumbs down aje..

tapi cam aku cakap, kalau ada satu orang je paham apa aku buat ni semua, then aku happy.
Ni semua akan mati dan hilang gitu sahaja pasal there is no documentation of any official or unofficial release.

Lepas tu audience tape untuk hidupkan seni tu dan untuk peminat satu dunia, yes Melayu tersebar satu dunia...

kau paotokan aku.

Well...... akaun aku dapat balik lepas kena ban setahun so not so bad....


D'arsil said...

seandainya bro deaf di bagi peluang untuk memilih satu lagu dan dimasukkan dalam top 50 tu bro deaf nak pilih lagu apa dan kenapa..haha

harap2 kembara tu aku sempatlah sambar barang sekeping dua..

berteromber said...

aku check sehingga jummat lepas...issue May 2017 ni masih belum sampai JB...harap2 ada la nanti...

Ijau D. Koceng said...

personal favourite aku of course wasted years

tapi kalau ekslusif era bayley, aku pilih como estais amigos

Rafi said...

Aku da banyak kali turun naik klcc cari issue ni tak keluor lagi.yg betul2 lagu IM aku the sign of the cross dgn alexander the great.kembara aku pun tak complete lagi..

Saudagar Mimpi said...
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Saudagar Mimpi said...

Bro, rakaman official Konsert Kembara Esplanade 300313 yg Luncai Emas keluarkan tak de dalam simpanan ke? Ada 14 lagu semuanya...kalau ada lengkap dah...Bootleg buat sendiri ada, official live recording pun ada... :)
Apa pun aku hargai bootleg Kembara Esplanade tu, banters semua lengkap...hahhaha

deaf-angel said...

Aku tak beli pasal tak lengkap official release tu. entah apa apa entah tak complete.