Friday, May 19, 2017

Maiden SCOTLAND pretty photos and short review. (GLASGOW 16TH ABERDEEN 17TH MAY)

A quick one. I am using a tablet so not too familiarise with this,
Full review next time. (Maaf lain kali ok aku cakap melayu, ni aku pendek2 je, kasi intro, kalau tak blog aku sendu , haha)
I will share how I travelled and how much it cost. Or bring your love ones, its possible.
Dont follow how the rich and famous people travel, they all are for show,
Its possible to travel for everyone, nowadays everything is easy and comfortable and if you know how to do it, AFFORDABLE,

So those travelling by yourself can gauge the price on backpacking to some UK places to see your favourite bands play.
Or thise want to travel with your love ones also I think can follow how I did and do my journey for my Maiden UK 2017 trip

Firstly, Glasgow show at the huge amazing dome of SECC was amazing. I think the capacity is 13,000 and I think its full house.
Aberdeen show was beyond amazing, its an all standing set up for the audience and I think its a full house 8,000 show.
Reviews of this shows next time but Aberdeen show has a special touch when Bruce start to mention the names of towns and places near to Northern Scotland I think, and the people around me are so happy.

This is just another example of what Maiden has been extra extra special to many many people all aound the world.
That little human touches here and there.

Travelling around and across Scotland from the southern part to the northern part is very long but beautiful. Its worth the trip,
You see the sea, the fields, the flowers, the beatiful old houses, castles, and fields, and fields, and fields, the mountains and of course the beautiful cows, sheeps, huge horses, cows, cows, sheeps , cows, cows agsin, sheeps, horses, and cows again.

I took an express bus from Glasgow to Aberdeen for about 3 hours.
I took an amazing beautfiul sights train travelling for 7 hours from Aberdeen changing trains at Edinburgh, change again at Preston, and now at Liverpool for the first Iron Maiden show in Liverpool since 1990. It will be very very loud on Saturday I am sure.

This trip can be done, and I do find it easy and comfortable, so those of you planning to bring your families for this kind of trip and creating adventures by travelling on your own selfs, OR THOSE ENCOURAGING YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS TO TRAVEL AND EXPLORE AND IN A WAY MAKE THEM A BETTER HUMAN BEING LEARNING ABOUT OTHER PLACES AND CULTURES, should have no problem. ITS SAFE.

UK has a far more advance and comfortable trip for public transport FOR ALL AGES compared to many other places.

Ok photos time...

Beautiful free roaming cows and sheeps grazing huge huge eternity distance beautiful hills.
I love Scotland scenery. From the south to the north where I manage to pass by.

A bit of Glasgow street scene where I manage to walk thru. Ok Glasgow was easy and I only have to walk everywhere. I slept near the SECC and it takes me a slow walk carrying backpacks haversacks about 25 minutes to reach the city centre where everything is. Buses, trains, food, lots of Halal Food for Muslims and sceneries and wundow shopping.

Aberdeen has this standard colours for buildings,
Beautiful place.
Its again all walking for me.
The harbour, the trains, the buses and the food and malls are again all in one place.

But, to go the AECC for Maiden show, I have to take a public bus, but no worries all is easy and even after the show ends, lots of buses are ready to bring those taking public transport bqck to the central bus station,

Not so in Glasgow, BUT IN ABERDEEN THEY SPEAK A DIFFERENT ALIEN LANGUAGE, BEAUTIFUL, as seen from the signboard above, they have their own.
A BIT LIKE THE MOVIE "braveheart", but I cannot have any idea what they talk about. haha.

Ok, full reports and pretty pictures next time.

Oohh some Maiden photos.. I love this one. I got lucky.
Ok ok, you may find the photos ugly and poor photo taking,
But for me its all HAPPINESS.


A steve harris pix, and a dave murray with janick gers pretty cute photo.

I had resized them and bluetooth around to the tablet so I have no idea on the quality. Sorry if its grainy or blurry.


P.s I was at Aberdeen, warm up band has completed playing, anyway Shinedown was very good. I have no idea at all about this band but choosen by Maiden to open the UK tour, there must be something Iron Maiden like about them,
And the vocalist is a humble person. He knows their place, they are there like in his own words, for the event of 2017, Indeed.

Anyway, when the Aberdeen crowd is jostling for position waiting for Maiden intro to start,
A group of ladies in what seems working attires crowds near me, and guess what? "THESE LADIES ARE POINTING AT THE IRON MAIDEN LIGHTNING RIGS ON THE ROOF OF THE STAGE AND ANIMATEDLY DESCRIBE THE LIGHTNING RIGS, Yes I dont know exactly their language but there are describing about the lightning rigs which will tilt and all that. THEN THEY TAKE OUT THEIR HANDPHONES AND SNAP THE IRON MAIDEN LIGHTNING RIGS!!!".

now this is why another reason i love to travel to places to see Maiden. Extra ordinary moments like these, and there are many of them.
And surely, Aberdeen is a friends and family oriented shows seems a lot of families young and old, and seems everyone knows each other,
Maybe thats the Scotland way, haha,

And the six new songs from new album? Huge roars same like old songs.

Aku sepatutnya FIRST OT THE BARRIER aku dapat message untuk persembahan Aberdeen. Tapi rasa Tak kausa dah aku , tapi aku suka letak nama kat first to barrier ni, tapi kalau dapat, aku tak gi. Haha. Aku rasa aku takut aku kena potong nama dah, pasal buang karen je. Ni not first time dah. Haha.

Ok aku nak gi pasar dorwng ni kat Liverpool aku suka tengok orang mat salleh beli ikan, beli sayur.. hahaha. Tu cara aku kenal tempat orang.
 Apa pun Liverpool ni nampak rebellious orang nye,
Semacam, dan aku suka.
Aku pakai selipar jepun jalan meleser dan aku happy sangat lalu lorong2 belakang bandar Liverpool ni explore shortcut carik makan, Ok je..

Ooohh makan, haha. Nanti aku cerita cammana aku survive backpacking ni untuk budget makan,

Ingat, aku kan lapar nasik nye orang. K bye,


D'arsil said...

satu aku perhati kat luar negara punya gambar, sampah. macam tak ada sampah langsung, nanti letak di posting seterusnya gambar2 lorong kau lalu tu, nak tgk juga mana tau ada sampah atau mereka memng semua buang sampah dalam tong disediakan.

berteromber said...

Thanks beb...benda-benda macam ni memang best untuk orang-ornag yang tak berpeluang nak pegi macam aku....


Rafi said...

background steve harris tu lawa.mayan civilization.tq bang deaf.share dalam grup ngan kat sini.kalo makan nasik kat sana ambik gambo nak tengok..heheh

faizal abd fathi said...

steady.... dapat merasa tengok tempat orang dengan baca blog...hehe