Thursday, June 8, 2017

gezek foto makanan di UK, Iron Maiden tshirt merchandise some tour designs, some live photos (my Maiden UK 2017 Backpacking trip part 3)

Hi all. Scattered post in both English and Bahasa Melayu.
I know its Ramadhan for the Muslims,
but some food photos.
This is a Muslim food place selling halal food in CARDIFF, WALES. As you all know I was backpacking alone for the Iron Maiden UK Tour , not the full whole tour, about half. LOL!!
I will tell more next time...

Nanti aku tunjuk jugak kedai2 aku gi makan...

For those in Singapore and Malaysia, thousands of miles away, but the menu is so familiar.
Kan, korang tengok siap ada teh tarik tu...
nak gelak aku.. brader ni pernah duduk Singapore pun.
Padahal jauh siak kat Wales sana... lain kali aku cerita.

One more, I was starving and I only want rice. I just arrived at Birmingham Bus Station after taking bus from Liverpool. ( I went for both Iron Maiden shows at both cities).
Below is photo of a halal rice dish, Briyani or Beryani, UK Halal Style. in Birmingham, England.
My God, its so dry, there is no gravy like what i am used too.
But I was going crazy, I need rice. Rice is my staple food all my life. Without it I DIE.
LAPAR NASI , nasib baik di Birmingham dan aku makan nasik kedai sama masa aku backpack gi Birmingham 2013 dulu tengok Bon Jovi main kat stadium Villa Park.
Sapa jenis Lapar Nasik paham la apa aku cakap... boleh jadi giler....
betapa jumpa banyak kedai pun tengok makanan semua tak kena...
desperate sampai nampak kedai halal, kedai india soalan ialah "Bro, you got rice? anything as long as rice , I dont care what colour!"haha.

Other times I will tell about places I stopped by while taking long express buses and trains.

This is BRISTOL below, lovely picture that I got lucky in taking it. Well, at least for me this photo is very pretty.
Amazing city amazing place. It was between the Birmingham Maiden show, and Cardiff Maiden show...
Supposed to catch Cranberries in Colston Hall Bristol, but Delores fall sick so its cancelled. But Bristol was amazing...  OOO Lots of amazing and historical photos next time (especially if you are a history buff in regards, Iron Maiden and other UK music legends like the Beatles and such, because Beatles play at Colston Hall too in the 60s)

More of all the above NEXT TIME..

Next, I want to share some merchandise that I got for the Iron Maiden 2017 UK Tour to support the Book Of Soul World Tour.

From left..

1) Maiden 17 - is a very pretty and sweet bootleg tshirt that I saw was on sale at the road side outside of the Liverpool Echo Arena and Birmingham Barclaycard Arena.
I finally decide to buy it for 10 Pounds.
One of the most simple and very pretty design I see of Iron Maiden for a long time. Yes, a bootleg, a fantastic fan design this one.

The rest are tour tshirts for 2017, 
2)with second from left is the UK/IRISH TOUR TSHIRT for the whole UK Tour. 
3) 3rd from left - Thats a new design EDDIE for 2017 with the Mayan Eddie Theme.

4) THAT KILLERS TSHIRT, its always the same problem with Iron Fucking Maiden.

They tease, people got excited thinking Killers was going to be on the setlist once this design was made into a 2017 Tour tshirt.

ALL ARE PRICED AT 25 POUNDS. And, the designs even if you buy it at the Maiden Official Shop will have different tags on the collar, and no dates and places. 
Take note the dates are only sold at the venues of the show, although those who follow the news will realise that earlier on before the tour start, Iron Maiden sold the event tshirts with dates IN ADVANCE about one month before the shows reach UK. But I dont buy it then, I only buy physically at the stands when I am at the venues.
The ones at Maiden Official Shop will be priced at about 22 POUNDS with different collar tags, and no dates and locations. And I dont think that other two tshirts will be sold too. 
(it carries the black label of Iron Maiden Merchandise or something if you buy the ones without dates

this is the behind...

- Check out again the bootleg tshirt.. the behind designed like a football jersey...

- again.. the second tshirt is the rear of the BRITISH/IRISH TOUR TSHIRT
and its has a very very cute Cow.
SO the story is Eddie on the bike travelling all over UK and Ireland, as the front design goes, being a nuisance with a vehicle who got into an accident, the front design has all the directions and places Maiden is going to play with some flags on the flyover.
Eddie got into trouble on the road and hit the poster wall advertising all UK dates, makes a hole and off he goes again.
And as those travelling in UK will know the roads sides are all fields with lots of cute cows so there is one right there being a busybody.

- The rear of the 3rd jersey is also a new design. There are a few other tshirts with this design, but I dont buy all. I rather buy a few more UK tour shirts for my love ones.
- the one most on the right is the Wasted Years design. A song they played on both the 2016 and 2017 section of the book of soul world tour.

This is the tagging... of the official merchandise tshirt sold for the british part of the world tour 2017, and as can be seen for the bootleg, the label (I think its fruit of loom), is snipped off.
I think its a practise of British bootleggers? I am not sure.
I am not cordoning bootlegging for monetary profit. But I think everyone have to admit this is a very pretty tshirt.

OK one more shoot of the cute cow... and the dates..

Allow me to tell you, not only the above pretty thshirts only available at the shows.

but there are others pretty tshirts too, there is one THE RED AND THE BLACK, looks like an American Baseball Tshirt. 

Allow me to say, I have done quite a few backpacking travels for different tours, not only on this tour is Maiden playing beyond beyond expectation and really unbelievable they can top up their usual 666% performances of the past to a new 667% performances for this tour (2016 was amazing but the 2017 was another planet completely)
and the merch is simply amazing this year. Its like so many bands merchandise but actually its all Iron Maiden.
(aku ringkaskan, design2 atas tu Maiden 17 tu tipu nye, orang jual tepi jalan tapi cantik giler, so aku beli satu, Sweet 17 sangat tshirt tu.
Yang lain semua hanya jual kat tempat show je.
Yang British Tour Eddie naik motor tu, ada jual kat Maiden nye website tapi takde dates dan lokasi, dan bukan je takde tarikh dan lokasi tapi tag pun tak serupa, kalau beli kat official maiden website dia pakai tag Iron Maiden warna hitam tu. Yang lagi aku rasa memang tak jual.
Yang design tiga dari kiri tu Eddie lukisan baru untuk 2017

Belakang dia pun sama lukisan baru 2017
ikut tema Mayan Book Of Soul
Yang akhir tu design lama lawak nye korang tahu la tshirt ni ada, orang ingat Killers dalam setlist. Puaka besar ni Iron Maiden ni.

Also tshirt tour British/Irish tu ada cerita , design depan Eddie naik motor, dalam design depan korang tengok ada papan tanda tunjuk tempat2 bandar2 Maiden akan pergi, dan Eddie cam pelesit sampai ada kenderaan eksiden tu korang tengok betul2, ada orang kibar bendera England, Scotland contoh nya.
Kat belakang dia, Eddie tersasar, tersondol banner poster Iron Maiden untuk UK tour ada dates tu semua.. lokasi semua.. lepas tu ok, masuk jalanraya balik.
tapi sapa travel kat UK, naik bas, naik keretapi, tentu tahu kiri kanan semua ladang2 ternakan lembu kebanyakkan jadi ada seekor lembu jadi mak kepo la gi tengok lobang tu ).

OK before ending this post... 


some shoots of Maiden live on stage I took... on different shows, I stand at different places, and managed to move around a bit and there.
I manage to get some pretty photos of Maiden. Actually its more like I got lucky really...

Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers together in one photo. I always got difficulty getting them together in one photo shot. The magnificient Three Amigos. (I think this was in Aberdeen?? I forgot).

There is more of this scene I snapped. I will choose a prettier one next time.
This is just some photos.
I know its not nice, but its what I like, and for me they are all beautiful photos.

Bruce Dickinson, Ohhh I was trying to get him for Death Or Glory.. That monkey sequence and all that , and I think I was a little bit successful. More next time.

Last photo for this blog post, till next time.....

The one, the only, there will be no one more like him ever....

Mr Steve Harris.

Till next time bye.



berteromber said...

adoi...meleleh tengok nasi beriyani tu puasa2 ni...haha...tu rice dosa tu nasi beriyani ker?...

aku cari juga kot2 dia ada translate teh tarik tu jadi apa...haha...

btw...nice picture...berapa pasang agaknya t-shirt maiden yang dah ada dlm simpanan ko yer?....lawa2...

Portdy said...

Guna camera phone or DSLR?

Deaf said...

Pro camera tak boleh bawak masuk
Pakai kamera kecik je boleh masuk poket jeans. Handphone takde grip la. Mampos jatuh hilang terus,

Berteromber, tshurt iron maiden aku sikit je.
Yang aku ada kene mengena je aku beli dan collect
Takde kena mengena aku not interested sangat
Family aku pun sama, tshirt iron maiden biasa aku tak belikan, tapi event tshirt atau tour tshirt aku ada involved baru aku belikan tuk dorang

Ijau D. Koceng said...

tengok kaunter kedai makan tu (1st pic) memang jauh beza dengan yang ada di rantau sini kan?

hopefully next time ada pic 3-amigos dengan gitar pelik2

D'arsil said...

cantik2 bajunya.. bawa motor tu mantap...

Rafi said...

design belakang tshirt tu lawa.taktau pulak kat sana pun ada teh tarik jugak..heheh
tq sebab share gamba konsert.gamba pun lawa2.

::alifdalmim:: said...

Assalamualaikum tuan tanah...lama betul tak berkunjunb kat sini...

deaf-angel said...

Salam sahabat lama di dunia cyber. Apa khabar... Happy Ramadhan ye.

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