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Review HATS OFF TO LED ZEPPELIN -Live In Singapore 2nd June 2017

Lets take a break from talking about my backpacking trip walking around exploring cities and places in Scotland, England and Wales and bus and train journeys all over UK watching Iron Maiden on their just simply spectacular and their jaw dropping performances of the just completed UK Tour.
I did not backpack the whole tour but whatever shows I saw, its just that. Simply magnificent performance from the band with a great setlist for this Book Of Soul Tour (Tears Of A Clown dropped for the 2017 part of the World Tour, and swapped with Great Unknown is I thing its a bit slow and it slows down the pacing after a furious start of the show. LOL!! But I really love Tears Of A Clown live renditions on the 2016 shows I saw)

Today I want to tell about the just completed HATS OFF TO LED ZEPPELIN experience I had, just now. I have to agree with all the accolades given to this UK Tribute Band. Best band, nearest to the real thing, and whatever all else.

Lets switch to Bahasa Melayu Malay Language for a while.

Led Zeppelin beraksi kali terakhir tahun 1980, jadi seperti The Beatles, Elvis dan Michael Jackson (aku recommend tengok Tribute Show - "Michael Jackson Thriller WEST END LONDON Theaters nye show, Smooth Criminal siap ada senget badan, tapi nak tengok clear kena beli tiket mahal, tiket murah paling tinggi, pasal tradisional theater bangunan dia macam opera2 zaman dulu gitu, aku ada cerita pasal persembahan seni di bahagian West End London kat blog ngan details dia sila carik sendiri.)
So... Kalau peminat masa kini nak rasa tempiasnya, nak cuba terokai cammana persembahan2 band ni zaman lampau, maka kena carik tribute performers handalan. 
Hats Off To Led Zeppelin ni bukan calang2 nye band, mereka dinobat antara band tribute terbaik di UK selama beberapa tahun, mereka dapat sponsor2 yang tak dapat oleh band tribute lain, mereka disokong dan diberi pujian oleh mereka yang ada nama dan bersangkut paut dengan sejarah Led Zeppelin.

Dan memang, apa aku saksikan, Hats Off To Led Zeppelin memang dahsyat tadi, 
Takkan dapat aku rasa tengok Led Zep main, tapi dengan nonton band HOTLZ ni, boleh rasa sikit betapa hebatnya Led Zep beraksi dengan bermacam2 lagu dan lagu dorang pun komplikated giler.
Betapa handal nye pemain2 muzik nya, betapa hebat penyanyi nya.
Dan seronoknya, persembahan tadi di Kallang Theater ni pakai lampu stage yang best giler. Jadi memang persembahan nya menampakkan suasana Gah.
Dan penonton pun semua sporting, aku rasa penuh jugak tadi... berbagai lapisan umur. Semua pun minat Led Zeppelin.

Dan pada aku tengok band ni mendengdangkan lagu2 Led Zeppelin, bak kata Jack Black, the greatest rock n roll band ever, macam mengimbau kembali kehebatan ROCK MELAYU.
Ingat tempat ni kumpulan MAY sambut 25 Tahun mereka beraksi, dan Rusty Blade, Unwanted etc pun main kat sini.
Lagi sekali aku cakap, aku sebagai peminat rock Melayu sangat bangga dengan kehebatan 
band2 rock Melayu dari dulu sampai sekarang.
Ada masa untuk Iron Maiden, ada masa untuk rock, dan ada masa untuk jadi peminat heavy metal omputeh dan backpacking Eropah untuk Metal, tapi ROCK MELAYU TETAP DI HATI, dan TETAP DALAM MP3 AKU (contoh bila aku gi Hellfest ,sorang sorang, aku pastikan MP3 player aku semua lagu ROCK MELAYU, ingatkan aku yang AKU NI ORANG MELAYU!!!!!).

So Melayu jangan malu dan terima hakikat dengan kehebatan band rock melayu baik band Malaysia atau Singapore.

 paling seronok tengok bassist dia masa persembahan ni tadi, yang sebijik macam John Paul Jones, tukar2 instrumen. Sedangkan Penyanyi dan Peman Gitar memukau penonton dengan aksi dan kehebatan persembahan mereka, tapi pemain bass seperti mana John Paul Jones yang menambat hati aku dengan sumbangan nya pada persembahan ini. 
Akhirnya, seumur hidup aku, aku baru dapat rasa cammana nak tengok betul2 cara lagu No Quarter dimainkan live. Tak gua tak nangis, tapi gua sedih... Dahsyat bassist main keyboard dekni, sebijik John Paul Jones.
Drummer tak yah cakap la. Ni John Bonham nye posisi siot dia duduk dan main.

Senarai lagu dimainkan , kalau kata aku yang pilih setlist nak lagu2 aku suka pun mau 4 jam tak abis. Tapi of course kalau aku pilih, tentu banyak lagu slow, dan mesti otak kejong siak show jadi slow down. haha.

Dan banyak giler lagu2 popular dan famous dan disukai ramai, dikenali ramai pun tak dimainkan.
Tapi ok la, Hats Off To Led Zeppelin main dalam 110 minit.
Aku tape show ni dan aku dapat bootleg hebat (sorry ye gua masuk bakul angkat sendiri), tak kuat la volume dia so lain kali aku upload kat youtube channel aku, sapa minat dengar pakai speaker komputer atau soundblaster ke hapa ke).

OK aku tukar balik cakap omputeh.. Ni setlist nya...

2nd June 2017 , Kallang Theater SINGAPORE
Total Playing Time (1hr 50mins based on my recorder timing for my personal collection live bootleg)

I hearing back the show, This should be the setlist tonight. An uptempo pace this show. Very energetic.
Its been a very very long time since I hear Led Zep songs in my collection.
So its so refreshing and fun remembering each song.

Or as Jack Black says in front of Barack Obama for the Led Zep Induction to Rock N Roll Fame,
OK song by song played and some info observation.

7. GALLOWS POLE (bassist/keyboardist extraordinaire plays Mandolin this song)
(Drummer swapped snare drum, and band take opportunity to introduce each member to the audience, the guitarist says the singer last year was named as top 4 vocalist in UK in a magazine in UK. A really Proffesional act they are I dont think many people realise it of the drums problem)
11. THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME (Famous Double Neck)
15. KASHMIR (Longest applause at the end of this song)
17. Song of Hope aka Led Zep Wedding Song aka STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (double neck again, of course)

 I would say some fast songs rare gems played.
1hr 50mins.
Excellent, worth the price of the ticket.

Review and opinion of Hats Off To Led Zeppelin live just now.

So what can I say? If this band comes to your town, village, country, void deck of your flat, neigbouring country, etc. Go and See Them.
Buy a bit more expensive ticket so can see more clearly. LOL!!
Worth It.

I will never see Led Zep plays. It is impossible.

So listening to their music, and watching videos of their live performances,
but just now watching Hats Off To Led Zeppelin,
maybe.... just maybe, "I got that just a l,ittle just a little bit" feel of the actual power of Led Zeppelin live.
It must have taken a lot of discipline, talent, practise, hard work to deliver a full Led Zeppelin setlist show.
So like I say, at least I got an idea.
Kashmir was brilliant and rightly receive a long applause.
And at last, I got an idea of how No Quarter is played live and I did not cry. A most beautiful yet Miserable song of all time, this No Quarter.

- So Man Of The Match for me just now is definitely the bassist also keyboardist also Mandolin player.
Though all is amazing performance from whole band.
- The drummer, OMG.
- The singer. (Can Ritchie Blackmore try him out for next year's Rainbow lineup please...I will be there for the first show again, just like in Loreley Germany last year with fans from all over the world, and you have signages indicating Iran fans, so if Iran Rainbow fans is there, surely it means the whole world is represented to salute the return of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow after 30 years)
- The guitarist. So... if he is that amazing, so how could Jimmy Page playing a full Led Zeppelin show be? LOL!!
Hope to see them again.

Like I say above, if I can request songs, at 4 hrs mark the band is still on stage LOL!!
No Achilles Last Stand, no In The Light, no All My Love, no Tangerine, no Communication Breakdown, no so many. But its not possible with so many songs of Led Zeppelin that I really like.

Thats about it.

Next post back to all the travels, food photos of all over UK, photos of exploration of streets and corners and mosque, sight photos of different cities and locations and of course pretty pictures of Iron Maiden on stage taken by me... me ... me...

More photos of the band Hats Off To Led Zeppelin.. below....
If I got time I will upload the full audio of the show on youtube for all of you to check them out.
Remember the audio bootleg does not represent their actual superb sound, but it gives an idea of how good they are...


p.s - To All Muslims, continue to have a great and wonderful Ramadhan.

Does Anybody Remember Laughter??  (nope).

Oh Let The Stars Beat Down Upon My Face.. Stars To Feel My Dreams...
I am a Traveller of Both Time and Space... To be where I have Been...


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21 lagu...pergh...berbaloi-baloi..

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Band-band yang daji sejarah ni boleh dengar material ja. Macam orang gila Pink Floyd la, nak tengok balik atas stage? Almost impossible.

D'arsil said...

rock melayu tetap dihati

Rafi said...

Diorang perform pun sama mcm led zep mmg puas hati la.setlist lagu pun best2