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Belinda Carlisle Live - Heaven 30th Anniversary 11th November 2017 @ Star, Singapore. Review/Ulasan/Bootleg

Hi all. A short review and opinion of Belinda Heaven 30th Anniversary show last night...
I will just narrate in English for this one.

As I am bias, I will rate this show as my second favourite live show of the year 2017.

Number one will be all the Iron Maiden shows that I attend backpacking all over Scotland, Wales and England watching Maiden plays their full UK Tour in May.

Its a treat to able to watch Iron Maiden a few times and also Belinda plays in one year. Two of my favourite "white people" band/performer. But To say these two are my favourites is a bit understatement actually.. LOL!!

Firstly... lets get something out of the way..
BELINDA did you use backing tape for some of the chorus last night??
If you do, there is no need. Your audience are the Hardcore fans surely, they will do the backing vocals in their minds at least.
If you don't, Forgive me.
Anyway, her keyboardist did the live backing vocals mostly.

Secondly, Heaven On Earth is not my favourite album of hers, not even 2nd or 3rd favourite. Some great fast songs, but for me REAL will always be her best solo album.
I think many of her fans will be happy she did Big Scary Animal last night.
I also think Live Your Live Be Free and Runaway Horses are superior albums.
Still Heaven is a great album, but this is Belinda Carlisle and her solo albums are mostly great.
Though the new latest one, I do not understand it (yet!).

What a show last night.
The momentum is amazing from start to finish. She is a master of performing live.
The exciting and thrilling pacing of the show keeps going, even when she plays her slow songs.
There are abundant of nice fast numbers in the setlist.
Live the songs transformed to even better. Heaven Is A Place On Earth is stretched more with audience participation at the start and the band playing on at the end, Valentine is so punchy live and of course Big Scary Animal.
And I will never get tired of that Beatles' George Harrison guitar solo on Leave A Light On.

Belinda's backing band is made up of a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and drummer.
Really rocking band and they are simply awesome.

Belinda is on top form, over 90 minutes and her voice is amazing.
Just like Bruce Dickinson she gets better live with age. (LOL!!)

Minimum talk-cock with the audience, she just let the music do the talking.

Its lovely to watch her full show at last, and not some "sharing the stage with other perfomer" shows where she performed shorter sets.

Song selection wise, Singapore get more songs than most shows in UK for the current tour,
its the same amount of songs like the London show,
but she swapped Runaway Horses with La Luna for the Singapore show compared to the UK ones for this Heaven On Earth 30th Anniversary tour.

I Feel Free
Nobody Owns Me
World Without You
I Get Weak
Circle In The Sand
Fool For Love
Summer Rain
La Luna
Should I Let You In?
Vision Of You
We Can Change
(We Want) The Same Thing
Leave A Light On
Heaven Is A Place On Earth

1st encore
Big Scary Animal
Mad About You
Live Your Live Be Free

2nd encore
Love Never Dies

so not even one Go-Gos song. No We Got The Beat.
no Lay Down Your Arms, no I Plead Insanity, no Little Black Book.., no Always Breaking My Heart (Roxette's Per Gessle wrote this song for Belinda use)
no so many songs!!... if its up to me she would spent the whole night singing the songs I want.

I was just feel she should do Falling Into You  live.
THATS HER SONG!!!!!!!!  before Celine Dion hijack it. Damn it!!
Maybe one day... one day..... hoepfully she will release the demo to that song she did.

so she plays the whole Heaven On Earth album. 
Six songs from Runaway Horses (very happy she played Valentine)
One each from Real, her first album, and Live Your Live Be Free.
so that makes it NINETEEN songs.
Really no complaints, especially as its a Heaven 30th Anniversary celebrations.

She talks about Rick Nowells. She called " MAD GENIUS!!"

I always think she got the best song writers , musicians and backing vocals for her studio albums.
I especially like the songs written by the Go-Gos guitarist Charlotte something for Belinda.

Anyway, as its a Heaven tour, she should call up Wilson Philips all 3 of them to do her backing vocals. LOL!!

Thats about it, worth the ticket, worth it for not coming to work for the night. LOL!!

I have this crazy idea of doing a full backpacking British Tour when Belinda does her next British Tour.

Ohhh she did say " See you Runaway Horses 30th Anniversary "...

Lastly, I really love the way the whole show proceed last night, I mean from the moment I take the escalator to go up, scan the ticket, security checks and everything.

The organiser/promoter are very good, and their staff superb too. Again no complaints but lots of compliments from my point of view.




just in case anybody is interested...

This is the boots from last night... Its just for myself ok...
but there maybe be someone who understand how to listen to a fan bootleg..
though I am very happy with the outcome.

I created a rushed simple cover though -

This is the upload
((((((PLAY IT LOUD!!!!!)))))))

and this is the link  -

For fellows fans only..


Saudagar Mimpi said...

Fuh...tu dia set list. Semua lagu gerek

Rafi said...

Kata nak bagi tshirt maideb kat dia.ada kasi tak?heheh

deaf-angel said...

aku tak pergi meet and greet. datang ngam ngam dia nak start nyanyi

berteromber said...

Thanks deaf for the boots...