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Black Sabbath The End Birmingham (5 disc deluxe version unboxing photos ) - review/ulasan tahap merapu meraban

Salam and Greetings. As usual in English and then in Bahasa Melayu Malay Language.
For value added, i try to make some differences in both content LOL!!

A photo laden and review/ulasan merapu merapek meraban.

I got this Black Sabbath The End 4th Feb 2017 Birmingham 5 disc boxset for two reasons.
Firstly as a souvenir as I saw them last on their very last Donington show with about 80,000 people in the midlands of UK, where basically Hard Rock and Heavy Metal has its foundation and is strongest historically..  Its as near to watching Sabbath plays in Birmingham as possible.

Side track a little same The End tour but the last Donington in Midlands of England...
This was the moment I got a big shock when I arrived on the Main Stage of Donington 2016 on the Saturday as I was checking out other bands on other stages,
and I thought I was fucking early 30 minutes before the headliners for Saturday play,
and this is what I see. It was like the whole Midlands Heavy Metal community was there waiting for Sabbath... 

Lots of whole families are braving the rain which falls heavily later while Sabbath plays

What look like school girls was headbanging and singing along to every song. It was surreal.

Its a memorable environment so I would have wonder what its like to watch Black Sabbath plays Birmingham.

So I like this experience so much,
thats the first reason why I bought this boxset LOL!!!!
to remind of the live songs mostly are the same...  LOL!!

Secondly, I want the 3rd cd, which is the ANGELIC SESSIONS. It has 5 songs that Sabbath re-record in the studio after their final show.

WICKED WORLD in the middle section is worth just to get Angelic Sessions.

So nothing much to say, I have not even seen the blue ray or dvd disc included in this boxset. But I love the 3 cds. I had ripped them all to my Walkman and enjoyed the songs tremendously while walking and on public transportations.
Sabbath added a few songs mostly instrumental medleys for the final Birmingham shows.

I was lucky, since even in my young days I have the opportunity to watch Sabbath plays with different lineups and singers in my life...

- Tony Martin/Iommi/Neil Murray/Bobby Rodenelli (Forbidden era in Singapore)
- Ronnie James Dio/Iommi/Geezer Butler/Vinnie Appice (Heaven & Hell in Singapore)
- Ozzy/Iommi/Geezer Butler/ Sharon Osbourne's drummer (Hellfest and Donington)

So no more isnt it?
Maybe with Sharon's Black Sabbath.

But I got a feeling Tony Iommi will continue Sabbath in either same name or any other name with other Sabbath luminaries.

and out of the 3 singers I saw them with, Ozzy singing for Sabbath, its my least favourite Black Sabbath live moment. He is very good, but... (LOL!!!)

Of course Ronnie James Dio with Sabbath is the best ever... irregardless whatever band name they use.
So I guess I will never see Sabbath with Bill Wards, and of course the late Cozy Powell.

But then, in the heavy rains and floods and a chaotic environment of Donington, with everything is happening, I have to say I will pick Sabbath show as the best sound I ever hear.
Its because their live sound is competing with the heavy rain, the floodings, chaos of the crowd, and still its so powerful and clear.
Its so bloody embarassing clear when Maiden plays the same stage the next day as the headliners for Sunday.
Heavy rains, floodings, chaos among 80,000 - 90,000 all being equal.

So lets talk about the boxset.
Its very nice.
- It has a photo book with some text written by some Rolling Stone reporter. More for the casual fans writting.
- It has three seperate folders which consist of 5 discs. All supported by a black paper holder.
- It has a Sabbath metal lapel pin or whatever you call it.
- It has 3 guitar picks
- It has a laminated pass or something.
All comes in a nice strong box.

These are the "unboxing" photos...

Contents for all whether the 3 cds or blue ray or dvd which make up these 5 discs... 
are these songs...

Birmingham..4th Feb 2017

Black Sabbath
Fairies Wear Boots

Under The Sun/Every Day Comes And Goes
After Forever
Into The Void
War Pigs
Behind The Walls Of Sleep
Basically / NIB
Hands Of Doom
Supernaut/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Megalomania
Rat Salad/Drum Solo
Iron Man
Dirty Women
Children Of The Grave

The Angelic Sessions

The Wizard
Wicked World
Sweet Leaf

Tomorrow's World

cakap melayu pulak...

Untuk aku Black Sabbath paling best ialah zaman Ronnie James Dio.
dan aku suka sangat zaman HEADLESS CROSS.
Aku harap betul Tony Iommi akan keluarkan balik album era FORBIDDEN...
dan aku harap dia akan tour zaman FORBIDDEN dengan pakai dua drummer iaitu Vinnie Appice dan Bill Wards.
Tony Martin masih ok je kan, so letak nama band Forbidden, panggil balik jugak Geezer Butler..

dan last kopek main semua lagu era Sabbath... zaman Headless Cross, zaman Ronnie Dio, dan zaman Ozzy dan boleh main lagu2 zaman Ozzy yang Ozzy sendiri tak boleh nyanyi.

Tapi dalam cd3 boxset ni ada Changes...

Aku pernah tengok Black Sabbath main lagu Changes, tapi Tony Martin, Tony Iommi main keyboards dua orang atas pentas.
Tu jam zaman remaja la kat Harbour Front Singapura,
aku masih ingat time Paranoid , Amy kat audience tengah joget giler giler nye haha.
Tu dia la kot haha....

So... macam aku cakap.. aku nak boxset ni pasal kenangan aku gi tengok tour ni sama kat Donington, yang macam aku pernah cerita paling dekat aku nak tengok dorang kat Birmingham..

macam aku cakap kat blog ni, kawasan midlands UK ni la jantung rock dan heavy metal dunia.

Macam aku cerita atas, keluarga semua datang tua muda lelaki pompuan macam gi piknik pun ada macam foto atas tu ,
budak budak pompuan headbanging dan nyanyi semua lagu ok lirik seketul seketul singalong keluar mulut.

Giler. Sebab tu, aku suka sangat Donington. Memang tempat huru hara macam puaka banjir teruk hujan lebat tak berhenti , dah tenggelam la kasut boot semua, paling selamat kena pakai kasut kuning Phua Chu Kang.. tapi aku suka...
Aku kan tinggal rumah orang kat Derby, aku pakai AirBnB, tiap2 hari aku naik bas, malam rebut bas patah balik Derby penat giler tapi aku sorang giler ah nak camping kat Donington haha..

Lepas malam akhir boot aku seluar aku semua aku buang kat luar rumah tu aku takut tuan rumah marah aku kotor kan rumah dia haha, besok pagi terus gi Primark beli baru haha. Lumpur rabak giler.

aku cita2 nak hat-trick nanti bila Iron Maiden aku speku akan main lagi sekali Donington sebelum mereka bersara.
ohhhh dan Live Chapters album live baru tu ada dua lagu dari Donington, ok la ada suara aku hahaha.

ok sambung balik pasal boxset ni..
Angelic Sessions kat cd ketiga ni...

aku dah dengar sekali cd ketiga dan aku suka sangat persembahan dalam cd ketiga ni.

Wicked World kat tengah nye section tu giler dahsyat best aku suka...

Changes... sebelum ni aku suka versi dalam Live & Loud yang Zakk Wylde main piano dengan Ozzy.
Paling aku nyampah yang anak Ozzy nye version haha.
Tapi version Angelic ni memang sedih... the last song dalam boxset ni

Aku belum tengok versi blue ray dan dvd ni lagi,, takde time lagik..

tapi dalam bas, dalam train, memang goyang kepala la dan orang mesti ingat aku giler jalan kaki tapi senyum sorang2 dengar lagu2 ni.

rumusan dan konklusi nya - 
not bad la boxset ni, bagus jugak kalau korang minat 
Sharon Osbourne's Black Sabbath.



berteromber said...

mampu tengok jer la ni...tak mampu aku nak beli box set ni...

Kaboi Tanduk said...

wow, mantap sangat ni! aku pun baru beli jugak Black Sabbath DVD/CD Live... Gathered in Their Masses, dapat murah kat kedai buku Popular

Rafi said...

Tu la kalo iommi panggil reform forbidden pun ok apa.pedulikan sharon tu.panggil ex band member kecuali ozzy

speedrider said...

ermmmm nak beli ke taknak nak beli ke taknak

Adi Herman said...

lawa gak boxset tu yer

D'arsil said...

Seluar tu buang terus ke.. haha