Wednesday, October 24, 2007

straits time 24/10/07 dah rasa warm up sikit dan berangan kejap

entah aku ngah occupy diri aku ngan bermacam2 aktiviti, tu la langsung tak fikir atau excited sangat pasal nak nengok Megadeth dan Heaven & Hell ( especially Ronnie James Dio ) hari jemaat dan sabtu ni.
tapi nari nye sokkabar, tiga color pages on these two bands, local reporters interview dorang. Kalo aku yang interview kan lagi best. Reporters ni semua tahu ke sapa dan pasal apa dorang interview? atau not all reporters tahu topik apa dorang interview? dorang interview pasal tu periuk nasik dorang. Kena buat. Bukan passion pasal Black Sabbath Dio Years, Megadeth atau certain individuals in these two bands.
Ni gambo2 sorry aku snap asal boleh tak clear so kalo korang enlarge, tak bleh baca, sorry ek..

Anyway kalo aku dapat interview Dave Mustaine for Straits Times, aku tanya dia
- what is your current views on Iraq developments?
- do you still hope to play in Malaysia after all the MegaDEATH ( snigger ) & black metal ( more sniggers ) controversies?
- Do you say never to a Dave Mustaine/Marty Friedman/Nick Menza/Dave Ellefson classic lineup reunion?
- Given a chance, will you return to Metallica to rescue that once glorious band from their current songwriting style?

Kalo aku dapat interview Ronnie James Dio lak, aku cuma nak cakap
- Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio solo years, you are the soundtrack of my life. What mixture you drink to make your voice so melodious?
- Will you please seriously try to reform Rainbow with Ritchie Blackmore?. Even without the late Cozy Powell?
- Will you please come to my humble home? You may have to sit on the mat, but it would be great honour to have you.
- Please come back to Singapore again ok? As your DIO band or with Heaven & Hell or maybe Rainbow.
Lepas tu aku nak ambik gambo ngan Dio, sambil buat ni sign \m/


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