Friday, October 28, 2011

TWO wishlist, ONE bumi berais, ONE just arrived yesterday.

4 things, aku sumbat semua senang..

Wishlist number one
is the autobiography by Herman Rarebell,yes, there other latest and more popular books by and about Ozzy Osbourne and Dave Mustaine etc, but I am not really interested unless the library carries them then I will borrow.
But I think this one seems fantastic..this is the drummer of Scorpions best years to me, the person who help writes another piece of meat haha, and the way I read the 6 reviews at by other readers make me very very keen on this one.

of course like all other true-blue loyal metal maniacs my second wishlist is LULU. HAHAHAHA. ACAH JE!!!
No, my second wishlist is the Paradise Lost Draconian Times MMXI DVD.
I know, they should have added the most happening Sister's Of Mercy Walk Away as its what appears as an extra track on some pressings of the original cd, but never mind we still get the first twelve songs, and the best songs from so remind me of Depeche Mode "One Second".
If, if only Depeche Mode do songs a bit similar to Paradise Lost " One Second ". That would be something.

I dont know, Iced Earth latest cd, is something that is ok for me if I never have the opportunity to listen to it at all but seems whoever buy the cd or whatever, I am not sure, will get access to download Iced Earth latest version of the Trooper.
As you all Iced Earthlings know, Alive In Athens had Iced Earth performing Trooper as a tease at the very very end of the triple cd version.
But this time Iced Earth with the new singer had covered an interesting version of Trooper.
For those Maiden freaks who cant get enough of Maiden, this is the Iced Earth version of Trooper latest -
Sorry what the fuck - YOUTUBE delete it, so until someone else upload it to Youtube , you all have to buy the Iced Earth latest cd to get the password to download this song haha.

Just arrived, its supposed to arrived about 10 November or something, as I only used the normal version of delivery..but its already here yesterday.
I will write it soon...once I go thru it...
All I can say is, bila aku flip sekali dua, terus terang lag nyata, There are a few photos of muka budak2 melayu and abang2 melayu kat buku ni.
It could be your faces inside braders... Something to cherish.

Really really magnificient and heavy book.

I will write more when got time and space and access and if I got chance to flip thru this photo book.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

muka2 north borneo trooper (NBT)... mungkin?

berteromber said...

kalau ikut lirik2 dia...mesti buku Herman Rarebell tu pun lawak...harap2 aku dapat baca someday...

tapi kalau autobiography ni...wishlist aku adalah "Off The Rails" dari Rudy Sarzo...lama dah mengidam...tapi tak mampu...mahal ler..

Dr. Ben said...

Herman Rarebell tu memang meleleh tapi 250pages tu cukup ke nak cover semua? Aku expect 400 pages.

Tahniah atas buku 666 tu. Jeles gua!

iaryylr said...

wah syoknya, berdbar debar nak tengok isinya...he he he!