Wednesday, October 12, 2011

mary long

tak tahu nak kasi post ni judul apa sebenarnya haha. Great live song, cruel lyrics. Tapi masih tak bleh celen Knocking At Your Back Door. Oppss kes mahkamah.

With Maiden lying low except for the recent very strong rumours of them headlining the next Rock In Rio which will be in September 2013 ( as a dreamy fan , I think RIR will be the last Maiden show of the next History Tour of Maiden England DVD official release, similar to Brave New World Tour which we got the Rock In Rio dvd, and I got a feeling for fans in this part of the world, early 2013, Maiden will come to this part of the world for the Maiden England DVD History Tour or it could be earlier 2012 if they really want to compensate for missing the 2011 Japan Tsunami dates. ),
I revisit the music of some of my other fave rock bands, and surfing and reading up on these bands fans discussions in the internet. Not fans who enjoy the band just because its cool or trendy or the band suddenly become the flavour of the month, but real fans. Their discussions are so in-depth especially with some are in the inner circle of actually researching and contributing to releasing of the older very rare recordings etc.

One of them is DEEP PURPLE, and I have been recently enjoying some nice but 'not so clear' bootlegs of the Mk III lineup (I am writting from memory so dont know the Mk number is correct, but its when Coverdale first join in ) especially the shows where Ritchie Blackmore was already playing Still I'm Sad for his solos and maybe during that time he already had planned RAINBOW even without the other members realising.

Its hard to escape the fact that when we say we love Deep Purple, whatever the lineup is, the musical chair that links it to other fantastic bands and individuals will crop up. From Rainbow, Whitesnake, JLT, all the way to present Black County Communion.

Speaking of RAINBOW, I just read somewhere that Rainbow Rising Deluxe Edition which I bought and also blog about it many months back, actually received 10/10 from Terroriser magazine while Classic Rock only gives a 14/20 score.
But like we all know, many times ratings or praises or condemnation of someone else, will be opposite to what we think

Anyway, a blog post will look a bit better with some photos, so again , a very quick collection of what Deep Purple items I have that I found in the messy pigsty haha.

Some complete cds, some cds with no covers, some covers with no cds, some missing the back cover, I got to once and for all clear the sarang tikus ( rat nest ) haha.
The rest of my Deep Purple collection is I hope still recoverable.

Ooo... checking out the photo, you guys may notice what look like bootlegs..

Yes they are bootlegs but official ones. This is sort of similar to what Mike Portnoy did for those special Dream Theater live releases, studio rehearsals stuffs where the fans can get their hands on these sanctioned releases.
For Maiden fans, the idea is similar to the original version of Live In Donington. The 1993 ones with the black and white paper sleeve with no inner prints. The idea of re-releasing it as part of the remastered series with new cover Eddie and inlet is I think weird.

I have always love Deep Purple so I even got their official bootlegs and I remember it was originally in a boxset of six different shows from different years from the Perfect Strangers reunion up to about 2000 but I had thrown away everything leaving only the cds and the front/back cover. Like the cds said, Collectors Edition Bootleg Series 1984-2000.

I think I had seen Deep Purple 4 times? or more I cant recall, but I wished I had seen the Kings Of Dreams line up playing at Kallang Stadium.
Its one of those legendary shows where I can just listen to the stories of those who went. It would have been a great show to see, Ritchie Blackmore was so pissed off that he dont even want to play Smoke On The Water and ends up its Joe Lynn Turner who did everything.

Seeing Deep Purple, just even for one song, lets make it Highway Star and its a marvel. A sight for sore eyes. A ear pleasure too. Seeing them for 90 mins, its always enjoyable though of course I will be cursing they are not playing my favourite songs.

So like I say its always a musical chair, so I hope I can make it for Ular Putih.
To finally see the legendary one and only David Coverdale live ( its like when I finally saw Ronnie James Dio singing live, its like I guess how other people with different taste feel finally seeing Frank Sinatra or Pavarotti live in the old days ).

And speaking of Dio, like I say its a musical chair really, Whitesnake have Doug Aldrich..

Ooo the Killing The Dragon lineup. The PUSH guy.
I always enjoyed watching the youtube of Dio's Push with Tenacious D. Jack Black and his funny pussshhhh..

Anyway, I missed Alice Cooper, no money no honey but nak sedapkan hati, terpaksa kerja.
Ya ya, I am going to miss the teutonic thrash too...

But, the weird thing is I actually miss out the triple whammy of
last saturday...fucking sold out in advance 7000 tickets. but in life no matter how I love Together In Electric Dreams, Human, Summer Rain, We Got The Beat, Little Black Book ( hahaha Siol kan aku? ), Venus, I Heard A Rumour, Hey Hey Goodbye - they are never a priority hehe. Maybe next time.
I read the reports that even after Bananarama who headline it left after Na Na Na Hey Hey, the 7000 crowd was still continuing to sing that song. Must be a fantastic show. And Bananarama was asking for the zouk moves haha.


darkshahrulez said...

tunjuk koleksi Deep Purple nampak??..eleh nyampah mak tengok..hahahaha

aku HIV positif said...

time aku skolah menengah dulu, aku ada '1 almari' koleksi kaset2 yang aku minat kat umah. aku duk rumah sewa.

tau2 aku balik kampung, aku tengok semua kaset tu hangus kena bakar!!

hahaha... meraung aku bro!

berteromber said...

ko sebut Mary Long ni yang buat aku terbako ni...dah la tu hari darkshahrulez tayang cd "Who Do We Think We Are" dia...grrrr

respek aku kat koleksi bootleg ko...ko memang TRUE la...

btw..Philip Oakey bawak lagu "Together In Electric Dreams" ek....bestnyer...tengok kat youtube pun jadi ler...tapi Belinda Carlisle beb??? ko tak pegi!!!

Ijau D. Koceng said...

lespaul goldtop mmg menyerlah atas pentas :D

Saudagar Mimpi ... said...

Tengah hari Jumaat lepas masa lepak dalam kereta sebelum pergi masjid sempat juga dengar Belinda Carlisle ditemubual di 95 FM. Suara lain benar dari suara dalam album...apa pun bro "Live you life be free"...

Aisha Iasha said...

Cenner ko simpan collection ko Deaf? ko boh dalam kotak IKEA kew, ko boh dalam gerobok? Takder org usik2 kew?

banyak & mahal pulak tu... kalo akulah takleh maintain, ada je yg ilang, di kidnap kew apa...

Kaboi Tanduk said...

klu tengok balang shisha mesti teringat, "smoke on the water, fire in the sky~"..