Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fan Club Magazine 90 - Iron Maiden

So Iron Maiden fan club magazine number 90 has arrived.

Another superb one and spectacularly informative (again). About 52 pages of full colour, quality paper of everything Maiden from text to photos.
A short review but this is a nice photo.

- The Interview with Rod Smallwood to summarise the Final Frontier World Tour is very interesting. From the cd release, winning a Grammy for El Dorado and how Maiden feel on winning a Grammy Award, and the number 1 success in many countries, to the preparations, to every part of the tour worldwide up to the end.

The South East Asia part and Rod mentioned about first time playing Singapore, and its 12,000 sold out and a fantastic audience. We all know this because its been said before in previous fan club magazines and the fc online pages reviews by the band members and crew.
On the other hand, I think not many people know the problems in Jakarta Indonesia until reading this interview about the inexperience and equipments to do big shows and how they decide to proceed just two days to the show. I dont know how it feels for Maiden fans over there if they really cant proceed with all the problems there.

- Dave Murray four pages of answering fans questions is very interesting, especially I think to those who are really into his guitars, gadgets and setups. I wish there are more questions and answers from his early days to present and his opinions but 4 pages is quite ok. Also questions on the three amigos writting a song together the 3 of them and a solo album.

- Few pages on John McMurtrie regarding his photo book..

- Interview with the guy who does stage design for Maiden... Very nice to read about other acts that I do enjoy being mentioned here that he worked with - Spandau Ballet, Big Country even Spice Girls.
Interesting to see about acts he got problems with too.
The paintings of the huge backdrops that we love which change song by song, and how its done makes interesting info. They are actually paintings huhu.

- The fans who travelled all over and took the fanclub trips and the Superfans column. Well all I can say after reading this segments is 'some guys got all the luck'.
- The lightning designer guy interview and again Jakarta is being mentioned as a stand out moment. Seems he say when they arrived it looked like a disaster blablabla.. very interesting to read that part and all the interview here if you're a Maiden fan or loves to read about this type of thing.

- A flashback of Maiden Magazine no 8 back from long ago.
- A Super super photo of Steve Harris on the back cover haha.
- As usual some other things inside the mag and of course some superb photos of Maiden on stage, close ups of the Maiden members individually in action and of course the giant Eddie spread all over the pages.

So conclusion I really love the fc mags once they switch to the A4 size now compared to last time, which made me feel not worth it. Now I think its really worth it for me to spend a bit on something I love.

hensem giler Steve Harris kat gambo ni, haha. Suka aku foto ni.


iaryylr said...

Perghh! cantik isi buku bukunie! syabas bro!, ada gambar diorang minum air gas tak?

Kaboi Tanduk said...

final frontier tour memang memorable. kalaulah ada satu magazine ni tapi rasanya utk fan club yang berbayar saja kan?