Wednesday, April 11, 2012

iron maiden en vivo! 2cd

This is what I think and also a bias review of the latest Iron Maiden live double cd En Vivo!.
Firstly Lets clear the small things that I would have prefered differently on this cd.
And I am only talking of the official double cd version only.
- Why put lyrics? I rather have more photos. But I think they are looking at newer fans point of view who wants to have a clearer grasp of things.
- All the Bruce stage banters is edited out, maybe Steve Harris when giving his approval has his own opinions on this reason, maybe as its a audio version, he wants to keep the songs flowing. As we all know, Bruce banter is one of the reasons going to different shows or seeing/hearing bootlegs of different shows even more interesting. If you had listen to the fan recordings bootleg of this show, he mentions about Singapore show, the Muslim world, Japan etc so its a waste its not to have it on official cd.
- No tour dates.
ermmm, thats all haha.

OK Lets continue talk now with lots of favouritism and insisting your people is right even when they're morally and lawfully wrong and screw all those who oppose with a loud "theres only one em and thats fuck em", about the brilliant , wonderful, stimulating, exciting, thrilling, nirvana-inducing En Vivo! double cd now. Yes, I am exxageratingggg...

Cover - I wish for the old paintings created live album covers of the past.
The exciting thing is what looks like the SQUID/ CUTTLEFISH / SOTONG in place of one of "eddie"'s teeth.

Inlet - ok just a few photos , some I never seen before. Wish they add more photos and interesting facts and infos than lyrics though.

The 17 songs on the double cd.
- Yes, Sattelite 15 is split from Final Frontier. I was so fearing its like the studio version. The audience is fantastic on the intro.
- Bruce " sayonara " on El Dorado
- The always make me smile and grinning in public that makes people think I am like crazy.
Even using cheap earphones in the busy/crowded/noisy public transports and walking in the streets, its still obvious on the different LEFT earphone / RIGHT earphone / CENTER earphone, the magic of Dave Murray/Janick Gers/Adrian Smith.
- All the new additional guitar bits that appear especially on the new songs. Maiden always evolve their fantastic studio songs to a superior monster when played live.

- Talisman.
Those in the Singapore show got to see Talisman being in the about after the halfway point of the set. I still remember I blog that this song can only get better live after I saw the Singapore show.
By Melbourne it was switch as its not easy for Bruce. It was a pleasant surprise for me. I think someone informed me or I had read somewhere by Bali show they had switch, I dont know, I never hear the Bali bootleg. But its good thing as Bruce says it on stage in Melbourne or Sydney I think.

I think Talisman and When The Wild Wind Blows and Coming Home and all the other songs from Final Frontier is stupendous on this live cd. Just a waste because of the missing stage banters before the songs. Bruce speeches before Blood Brother is always meaningful.

Other than that, a great double live cd. What can I say of Dance Of Death?, a superb superb live song its the single most happy thing for me that they play this song live on this tour, and I got to hear this song live and feels the excitment of this song a few times.

Steve Harris and Nicko McBrain is always there when you want your ears to seek them out, like I say the three amigos Dave/Janick/H are there on my earphones even in the noisy public streets environment.
But Bruce Dickinson, Bruce is the man of the match. I think this is maybe his most difficult setlist.

And Kevin Shirley really makes it superb for Maiden fans and listeners.

Next...the dvd. And that is a different story.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

uh uh! the burning sensations~

darkshahrulez said...

bulan depan punya sasaran ni..

Kaboi Tanduk said...

looking forward for the dvd..

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hi dep...apa habaq
dah lama x singgah sini
aku tak dak nak cita la
sebab ideya dah habis hehehehe

iaryylr said...

cantik sangat bro!