Saturday, April 28, 2012

dream theater 27/01/2006 singapore near 3hrs show

More than 6 Years ago.
Flashback review.
60mins14sec + 38mins26sec + 53mins50sec + missing endless sacrifice ( my minidisc tape got fucked moment ) + intermission for DT to take a rest in between.
So how long the show was?....

one thing I used to like about Dream Theater is the long shows they play and the different setlist which makes hearing their bootlegs always surprising. Nowadays, I dont listen much to them as I used to, plus I am not going to their coming show unfortunately ( and I miss their previous show here in the rain ), and I dont listen much to their latest shows recorded by fans.

But this is a bootleg from the Singapore show  that I record myself when they first come during the 20th Anniversary Tour. 27 January 2006 Singapore Indoor Stadium. Check out the incredible setlist above. One of the very detailed bootleg cover I ever did.

I was listening to it again, and although the sound I taped was not ideal,  as I always wish I can do much better ( and  only can afford a peasant seat doesnt help ), but I realised how I love this show and the wonderful choices of songs played that night. And I guess, the cover I did for this bootleg, which had lots of details help me refresh my memories. "Missing track - Endless Sacrifice ( faulty recording ). I screw up the minidisc badly I guess till it get all damagey.

Peruvian Skies slow build up that ends with Metallica's Wherever I May Roam certainly has one of the loudest cheers of the night.
Root Of All Evil, Panic Attack, Fortune in Lies, Under Glass Moon, Lie, Peruvian Skies, Strange Dejavu, Through My Words, Fatal Tragedy, Solitary Shell, About To Crash, Losing Time, As I Am, I Walk Beside You, Sacrified Sons, Endless Sacrifice, Octavium, Spirit Carries On, Pull Me Under, Metropolis Pt 1.... phew..
I Walk Beside You is a very nice little pop song, that got me going everytime haha. The urge to sing Loudly 'without love without truth without faith without hope' in fatal tragedy is great when taping. One thing when taping a show, I sing along with the songs but sort of mouth of the words only or at very low volume so as not to catch it on the mic. Thats why I will never tape an Iron Maiden show haha. One try, and it goes to hell with my looney tune moment.

The show was so long, that Dream Theater has an Intermission in between. Guess it eats up to near 3 hrs in total.
I remember I was I impressed with all the Indons fans with their red " When Dream Theater and Indonesia Unites " tshirts in the crowd. Stylo giler.

The tour tshirt sold that night pressed the Hong Kong date as Honk Kong, I still got it somewhere I think. I remember one thing I hate about this show was the over strict security at the entrance which gives me some kancheong moments. Fortunately all clear.

I guess I love this bootleg and I am still listening to it today, since yesterday. ( English pecah sey ).


iaryylr said...

wah, kenangan lau mengusik jiwa :)

Anonymous said...

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