Wednesday, April 4, 2012

bootleg sotw 40th anniversary concert

I thought I am keeping it to myself but Berteromber was asking...
So...Until the official releases come out, this is just something to remember by for anyone interested.

The review of the show was in my previous blog post.

like I say I came a bit late.

But you guys should check out Mistreated, once Hillary Ang of Search join the full line up of Lovehunters and the keyboardist for about an hour of great performance ( they did about 5 songs? so you can see the fun they had with each Deep Purple song ).

and with Hanafie Warren joining on their 3rd song till the end of their set with some Glenn Hughes screams and Yazit Search join in for Space Truckin with a great long drum solo with Saha Lovehunters.

And Yazit Search would later perform with Ramli Sarip/Rosli Mohalim/Hamid Black Dog Bone/Ian Antono Godbless lineup.

But there's lots more as the whole concert was about more than 3hrs

Also for fans of Sylvester Sim he has a bit to say before Soldier Of Fortune and Ramli Sarip has lots to say before Black Night. And its EDUCATIONAL, INFORMATIVE AND FUN.

Enjoy.. its a really a great occasion to see all these performers together. It will be difficult to happen again, especially as it involves the Philippines for example. For most part the sound for the night was awesomely amazing, but it drop a bit at the ending part.. just a little.


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