Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What About Now - BON JOVI \m/

Every new Bon Jovi album release is anticipated.
Either I will like the whole album or I will only like just a very few songs.

This new one is called What About Now.

- This digipak version has 16 songs, seems different packaging has a differnt number of songs.
- Nice packaging, no photos at all of the band.
- No lyric sheets, ok not a problem, I'll listen harder.
Bon Jovi always has cool lyrics whether its about life, love, happy, sad or social commentaries issues.

On first listen I was quite sceptical after reading some of their fanbase reviews,

but song after song, and I like them, Because We Can, I'm With You, What About Now, Pictures Of You, Amen etc etc etc etc  although the songs are quite mellow and there are no heavy hard rockers on this one.
Richie Sambora is still all around everywhere but I know fans wanted more of his solos on this album.
Like I say earlier, there are social commentaries in Bon Jovi songs, and its represented in this album for example 'Whats Left Of Me'.
Thick As Thieves? I was at first wondering what is that haha.

The negative part of this album for me is that
I dont really like it when listening to songs 14 & 15 - Not Running Anymore & Old Habi Die Hard, which really slows things down too much. Nice songs, but it just kills the momentum.

But things picked up on the final 16th song which is definitely a bonus track...
Every Road Lead Homes To You.
Written by Richie Sambora.Vocals by Richie Sambora. His solo effort.
I think this is added on this digipak for the purpose of promoting his latest solo album, and I am not surprised if his latest solo album is more Bon Jovier than Bon Jovi themselves.
Maybe one of these days I'll check that solo album out.


Adi Herman said...

Band gergasi macam Bon Jovi pun skrg rilis album untuk cd dalam bentuk digipak...nak cut cost agak nya

WanBeruas said...

..only stick wiz their 1st.album..

berteromber said...

Kenapa aku rasa lagu richie sambora every road leads home to you tu yg paling best dlm album ni....ntah la...jon ni makin merapu....

alzawawi mukhtar said...

aku tak suka sgt cd dgipak....macam cepat lusuh kalau tak diletak cover plastik.

Portdy said...

sungguh tak menyelerakan....(sebab takda booklet)

Rafi said...

Masa zaman glam je BJ ni best.skang dia pun dah mcm Def Leppard

Portdy said...

Baru tau yang gambar band member ada tapi dalam imej camouflage...cuba lihat betul betul pada inlay sheet tu

Portdy said...
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