Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Complete bootleg of Kembara's reunion for those interested is youtbeded

Seeing one of Malay's language most legendary band reunion of Kembara featuring members from the original line-up and the 2nd line-up all on-stage playing a full 150mins show is a dream come true for many. My review of the show is on the previous blog-post.

Was it like 30 years since the original line up was around, and at least more that 25 years since the 2nd line-up?
Its an honour to see all of them together on stage and play, and they are really superb songwriters, musicians, singers, and live performers.

I bootlegged it for my own personal enjoyment but until an official triple cd of the complete show comes out ( hopefully ) and a dvd, this is for those who were not there but would love to get an idea of the show.
(its an all seater posh concert hall, so I cant manuever much, if you are not used to low quality fan audience audio bootlegs, dont bother to listen)

I was like, just create some simple paint for the backcover thats all haha.


Esplanade staff had really done great all these years by having among others Sweet Charity celebrates their 40th anniversary show and also Lovehunters final concert, and now Kembara reunion.

I wonder if they had ever enquired about Flybaits, another Malay-language band that was famous household name back then. At least some of them are still big names making the news with their works. Now that would be another blockbuster event.

"In His Dream The Mermaid Says,
Fisherman, You're The Son Of The Sea.
Your Sacrifices Will Be Rewarded.

-  impian seorang nelayan.

So whoever we are,  as long as we all earn an honest living, doing whatever job, anywhere, to put food on the table. Thats one of the things in life that matters.


Rafi said...

Wah..best.thanks for sharing bro.lagu best2 tu

WanBeruas said...

Kembara pernah buat opening act untuk Sweet Charity kat Ipoh time promo album Batu...pentas open air..best best best!!!

berteromber said...

Aku baru dengar satu lagu "Sekuntum Bunga Plastik" dah rasa best giler walaupun ni cuma bootleg....terus save semua jadi mp3 senang nak dengar dlm kereta...heheh...

Thanks deaf...

Saudagar Mimpi ... said...

Wah! Thanks Deaf. Bootleg ko ni mengembalikan semula ingatan aku pada malam tu.

Adi Herman said...

Keroncong Untuk Ana versi akustik? Perghh mcm menarik ni...lagu Rupa Tanpa Wajah tetap jadi favourite gua dari dulu hingga sekarang hehe

alzawawi mukhtar said...

isk..lama sungguh tak dengar Kembara...love it!!! thank you Deaf.

spyz said...

terima kasih bro..
memang nostalgik gila..

deaf said...

Good clean fun je