Sunday, June 1, 2014


dua posting dalam tiga hari. Adakah aku sedang "back into the groove??" cehhh...Madonna sey... anggaplah tugas kat tempat kerja semua dahbis ye tak? hahah. Hari Ahad memang best kat tempat k....
walaubagaimanasekalipun,  ni kali posting rock ok, takde jiwa2 nye, takde komplen2 luahan hati nye cam berapa posting lepas... haha.

THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT "WHAT IF'S", and a bit out of topic at the end of the post.
Its a PIXAR Fantasy type of  post except for the ending of this post which is reality.
Been doing a bit of preparation, IF I can really travel to Clisson, Nantes France for Hellfest. I STILL CANNOT HAVE EVEN ANY VAGUE IDEA OR IMAGINATION how the travelling to locate this place will be like. As usual, being a frog in a well, lets just hope for the best.

Final timetable for Hellfest 2014 running order is out at last. Notable changes, I am a bit happier as a fan.

PINK highlighter means I want to 100% be there for the whole schedule of that specific band. Of course I will politely give way to all the more energetic and crazier fans of course LOL!!! 
I will politely, and quitely like RATATOUILLE stay out of trouble haha.

GREEN highlighter means, its either I have to run between two (or three stages) to see bands that I like to see (which I doubt so is possible, but I'll see how it goes), or means I take A BREAK and then seeing the band I want to see.
OOoooo BREAKS!! I got to have lots of them, I want to window-shopping and seeing all the side-shows and circuses and playgrounds at the festival. Oooo and of course people-watching!!.

20th JUNE 2014 (1st day)

- Anyway, as expected MEGADETH CANCELLED, my condolence to David Ellefson. But...How on earth do they got DARK ANGEL as REPLACEMENT!!!. Its unbelievable yet great news.

- PARADISE LOST timing is shifted but still they clash now with Soundgarden, What A Relief for me for its easier to make a choice now. TRUE BELIEF!!! LOL!!! But if there is time I want to see Soundgarden of course.
Its quite a disaster originally as Paradise Lost clash with Sharon Osbournes' BLACK SABBATH timing.

(And lets see if this IDIOT wants to sabotage Maiden again while Maiden is playing on stage. THESE COLOURS DONT RUN!!)

- I think ALL THE COMPLAINS of EMPEROR playing at the same as VREID is really taken into consideration. Now VREID is switched. But all these reschedules now means Slayer clash with Death To All for example.

- IRON MAIDEN's timing is switched also. IT SHOWS ITS NOT NECESSARY A NEED TO PLAY LAST or near to the end to make a band big. I guess its all about PRIME TIME SLOT.
I mean, Maiden is not playing on Saturday anywhere else right? in fact their next show is 4 days later, and I think they have two set of stages set-up alternating at each location on tour,
so there is no hurry for them to play early and to fly to the next next destination so I guess its all about Maiden's management asking Hellfest to give them an early timing for the best possible crowd condition?? originally they were like 2255-0055 hrs with Slayer 0100-0200 hrs.
And anyway, maybe Maiden band members go to bed early??? haha.
But that means Maiden will clash with Watain now. Ooo the horror for some people haha.

- Ahhh... So I guess ICED EARTH is the last to play for all the 3 days that I want to see instead of Opeth on another stage.
ooo please play QUESTION OF HEAVEN!!. I am so liking this pretty song and Stu Block can sing it a bit like Matt Barlow. Anyway, Iced Earth's quality, in my opinion is going down since Matt Barlow left. Sigh....

21st JUNE 2014 (2nd day)

- CLASHES LOTS OF THEM. Every person must have different headaches!!

Besides some I mentioned above, another for me -
Friday all playing at the same time triple clash of Sabaton versus Enslaved versus Electric Wizard is a nice problem.

And another nice problem is Angra versus Urfaust. I am so keen to see both actually. Many years ago, I used to have a penpal or whatever its called who sent me Angra stuff, so I got to know about them and Andre Matos, so its nice to see them play, and the other, something really weird and fascinating.


22nd JUNE 2014 (3rd day)

- Early playing bands, sorry for I am definitely either just on the way, or still exploring the area as a traveller, I guess I wont be coming to Hellfest again (unless Maiden plays there again with another awesome incredible list of other bands playing like this year), so I want to check out the area surrounding it, or even stay back in Nantes, sightseeing this city till the afternoon.

Been to Download Donington, and Soundwave, but definitely Hellfest has the more significant interesting bands for me.
I have never been keen on too much labelling or emphasising of genres in regards to rock or metal bands. As all things in life, Humans like to make it complicated, and that includes micro-genre-ing rock/metal music to such specific details nowadays which personally misleads me most times.
As long as its interesting, thrilling, attractive, nice and pleases me, then I will like it irregardless of anything else.
TOTO it is...

Just got their Blue-ray disc Live in Poland for their 35th Anniversary.

If Iron Maiden do not release a live video this year (I hope its the Donington 2013 show), then this new TOTO live video is hands down best live video of the year.

Allow me a few days, to find some time at home to watch this video. Then I'll review it. LOL!!

There are some guys who already upload footages at youtube, but still this is live dvd/blue ray/album to buy the original and marvel at this band and all who had ever performed for this band.

TWO TOTO performers had now PASSED AWAY,
also I think Mike Porcaro is completely bed-ridden due to ALS Lou Gehrig Disease, but still TOTO flame keep burning...

I watched in awe at this video. ITS HAPPINESS!!! and the ending... is simply breathtaking.



Skip Soungardenla. Kesian.

Rafi said...

pening woo..banyak band best2..nampak gaya kena set mahzab dulu la bermula dari klasik rock -> rock kental/glam -> heavy metal (maiden of coz)-> modern rock (soundgarden etc) sampai la ke rock setan menyetan..heheh..
Hellfest start ngam2 birthday aku lak tu..ishhh..kalo ada yang nak sponsor aku ke sana kan best..heheh

berteromber said...

Sharon Osbournes' BLACK SABBATH??