Thursday, June 26, 2014

tsjuder,impiety,deathtoall at hellfest2014 photos (my Maiden Europe 2014 backpacking to Serbia, France & Hellfest 2014 report PART 2)

I dont really know if I ever get the opportunity to talk-cock about the bands that I saw at Hellfest 2014.

But one thing for sure,
I am going to write and I try to do it in detail with a lot of my own personal mistakes that I made while travelling by myself to Nantes and then to Clisson on a daily basis and returning at night to Nantes again and all the UNFORSEEN difficulties that I faced. 
Maybe just maybe someone will find it useful especially if you don't want to camp.

But for now, here are some SELF-INDULGED (syok sendiri) photos of 3 bands that I took while watching roughly about 30 bands out of the over 150 bands playing from morning till early morning for those 3 days and nights,

as can be seen, I do spent more of my time at the Altar and Temple stages while I am at the festival site as the bands I choose to see usually plays there.
Not exactly pretty fancy photos, just more of me having a terrific deafening time and snapping some photos as memories.

Aside to DOD - hoi Dod,  aku pakai point and shoot camera simpan poket aje...tapi lokasi dod, lokasi...kat tengah kirim-salam la kamera aku penyek kena pijak. Dorang dah la tinggi2 mat salleh ni semua.


Personally for myself, besides watching up-close these bands playing a sort of a "HOME GAME" to their "HOME FANS' with it being Hellfest and all,

I do look out for those tiny miserable itsy gritsy things that actually makes you realise more about LIFE and Human Beings. That is a Red Bull mini fridge with mineral water.
Anyway, that same size mineral water drink will cost you TWO TOKENS at Hellfest bars, you have to exchange tokens for drinks. I remember its like a token is for one euro. I BROUGHT HUGE SIZE DRINKING WATER FROM NANTES daily to save money hahahaha. Sorry, I know I sound pathetic but you got to set priorities in life.

 I don't drink alcoholic beverage, so its water for me, oooohhh and the occasional Red Bull and Orange Juice at the Hellfest bars. 

A Swiss rock fan, who basically travelled everywhere to see his favourite bands, who I made friends with and have a chat with me on the train back to Paris from Nantes,..
he was asking me about the quality of beer sold at Hellfest. Certainly he asked the wrong guy LOL!!

him - YOU DONT DRINK????!! 
me - no..., anyway I am a MUSLIM.
him - So... you are a GOOD MUSLIM?? ( with a serious enquiring face)
me - ................(speechless)...  hahahaha.
(thinking how cramp my fingers are making non-stop ronnie james dio's evil signs on those 3 days of Hellfest).

\m/     \m/


Most of the time, the bar staffs will remove the caps of the mineral water, I guess for stock-taking purpose? or is it to avoid it being used as a MISSLE?? hahaha....

I will try to write more of these stuffs, I think its amusing and I have a good laugh recalling the details of these itsy gritty things...

Oooohhh now for some Singapore band...


Hellfest official report mention Singaporeans band if I recalled correctly.
Like I say, I am happy for them, and its obvious they really got their fans at Hellfest.

ok...the last band to photo-ogle for this posting.


I dont see DTA's whole show unfortunately as I left before the end just to take in a bit of HALF-SLAYER at mainstage 2. Its just not the same anymore for Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer!  Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! , even when Hanneman was firstly ill, Lombardo was still around when I last saw them.

Anyway, I saw at least two seperate guys wearing Jeff Hanneman Still Reigning tshirts at Hellfest.

More will come....

anyway as Muslim Fasting Month Of Ramadhan approaches,

lets stop all these techno pump up the jam stuff... or maybe just tone it down a bit? (giggles.)

and let me talk-cock about museums, and castles, and street scenes of Belgrade and Nantes especially.
and Louvre was fucking awesome, I spent about 6 hours there , and I wish I had three full days at least.

For that time I was in Louvre Museum I felt sophisticated and intelligent, but just for that six hours, after I reach the exit, back to my Dumb and Dumber self. LOL!!!!

ooo no food photos I guess, that can wait after the fasting month.

So one more photo...Hellfest tree, a bar counter and a merch counter, with a nice pink carousel at the background.. I should have taken a ride....
But damn the Q!!!
I am plain miserable lazy to queue haha.


Rafi said...

Wahh..syok baca macam aku sendiri pulak yang pegi..heheh..anyway tq Abg dep


2€ ibarat RM2 aje kat sana. Kesian kena bwk dari rumah dulu. Nasib baik tak kena spot check dula air kena tinggal luar pagar mcm tgk bola.

deaf said...

apa nak buat, nasib badan.

2 euro 2 euro 2 euro 2 euro for every time aku drink, 3.5 for red bull, campur2 aku jimat aku dah dapat spent money on merch dan transportation naik keretapi and bas ulang alik daily.

panas dan bahang dan suasana kering tu, aku estimate untuk drinks je kalau aku tak jaga, aku boleh easily hit more than 50 euro minimum, dan ni bukan belanja untuk beer, cuma plain dan soft drinks dan jugak belum kira makan.

50 euro I can do lots of magic in Hellfest merch booths.

berteromber said...

best report deaf....we want more...more...more....

faizal abd fathi said...

Death to all? band tribute to Death ke??

D'arsil said...

best baca satu perkongsian menarik..

dilabangiWORLD said...

pengalaman yang sangat berharga
shoot memalam cam ni perlukan kesabaran
ak salute aa dep
gambor menawan selalu
lighting sangat shunrtek

deaf-angel said...

death to all mostly mereka yang pernah main dan rakam dengan Death dulu.