Saturday, December 19, 2015

angan2 mat jenin 2016 / building castles in the air 2016 - ACDC announcement makes everything more crazy if anyone wants to do the stupidity act of backpacking for the bands they like.

I just want to share something with the just announced ACDC unexpected dates for 2016.
Maybe if this dream is not possible and don't happen to me, I am happy for someone else to live this dream...

4 days of nice dreamworld happiness or an ultimate 9 nine day looney tunes lunatic backpacking trip sleeping at airports and bus terminals to cut cost wherever possible LOL!!

Building Castle In The Air is what white people called it

"Angan-Angan Mat Jenin" is what us Malays called it. (seems the idiom phrase is referring to while we or someone named Mat Jenin are climbing coconut trees and then while somewhere near the top we start to day-dream and fantasize about marrying a President'daughter or a King daughter or something and we let go of our grip on the tree and we fall down BASICALLY DREAMS THAT PEOPLE SAY WILL NOT HAPPEN)

But crazy lunatic hallucinating dreams and missions sometimes is possible and dreams come true if you willed it in your mind strong enough.

The possibility of a crazy tightly squeezed budget-backpacking trip (AIRPORT and BUS TERMINAL RESTING/SLEEPING to cut down budget on as much days as possible and then sleeping on the bus for a few hours during travels)  to see maybe the final time for some of the best bands play at a possibly as much minimal cost as possible in as much little days is slowly rearing its head.

ACDC (maybe final tour?), Motorhead (maybe final time ever in Donington), Sharon Osbourne's  Black Sabbath  (confirmed final tour and last Donington ever though I wish it will be Bill Wards or Vinnie Appice even Bobbi Rodinelli, any drummer that has played with Black Sabbath before just for old times sake), Iron Maiden (of course I am only willing to put myself in difficulty doing all these and really putting myself at loggerheads with the REAL WORLD WE ARE LIVING and living this fantasy passionate dreams of mine, doing all this only if with Maiden as the main focus)

and also at Donington will be some techno bands that I kind of like - Megadeth (which seems reports from fans are saying they are currently top-notch live with the new line-up), Nightwish (with FLOOR JANSEN which suddenly I am more interested as I think they just got even MORE metal with this 3rd singer LOL!! and I like the way she sing Sleeping Sun on youtube LOL!!),
just announced Ghost with Meliora new album (and they are fantastic live), Saxon, Crusaders! Crusaders LOL!!!
and Rammstein, ok now I know why the sea is salty LOL!!!
Rammstein has all these weird stage effects... More Metallica than Metallica on stage man on fire accident LOL!! This is on purpose setting people on fire with flame thrower is that??? LOL!! crazy Germans these Rammstein. Very nice gimmick.

and some nice others in Donington 2016 though I expect the remaining band announcement will be trendy/modern rock direction KERRANG magazine stories bands, as a bigger than usual proportion of bands on the main stages for the 3 days are already metal-elitist-heavy.

I just hope the bands I like wont be playing so early, because I will be lazy or rather be somewhere else... unless its.. WASP? LOL!!!!

But I do want to see some ''newish'' younger rock bands like Rival Sons, Breaking Benjamin, and I hope The Treatment will be in Donington. Donington is a nice place to explore new UK (or other countries) rock bands especially the younger ones.
I like what I see of The Treatment on youtube. Maybe I will buy their cd one day? LOL!

I think WASP got them to open for WASP. So must be really good? haha.
I am happy the British are still coming out with great new bands that I enjoy.

all in space of 4 days... and Manchester (ACDC on Thursday) to Derby/Donington is basically I think maximum of 3 or 4 hours by an EXPRESS BUS.

and then Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow five days later in Loreley and it will be an incredible week, ( and probably too long a gap but King Diamond is playing London for their own show a week after Donington so the possibility of killing as much birds with one stone is there.)

These are the posters...a combination of 4 days Madness or the ultimate 9 days CRAZY DREAM COME TRUE LOONEY TUNES LUNACY - 

anyway I think West Ham United new home ground will be this Elizabeth Olympic Park which ACDC will play?, so I guess Iron Maiden will never play in Steve Harris beloved UPTON PARK ever?

ACDC at Eltihad Stadium Manchester is on Thursday...

The crazy gamble idea is to dump the backpack at the Manchester bus terminal (which I am sure has a locker system), catch ACDC,
and then sleep at the Bus Terminal. LOL!!!

Next morning at 6am, take an Express Bus to Derby. Reach Derby and as I am going to be alone and I dont want to camp, I will be getting the cheapest room (store-room??) using AirBnb or something, and then travel from Derby to Donington daily by public bus service.

Then sleep at airports LOL!!! - Donington to Loreley..

Spend a few days in Loreley which from pictures is going to be so beautiful and very nature loving environment...

Then back to the REAL WORLD.

Just a dream, just a fantasy, maybe it wont happen to me, but maybe someone else will live my dream for me on this one , seriously, and I would be happy for anyone who will live this dream...

Note to self -

ALL THESE WILL BE SCREWED UP IF metal monsters BELINDA CARLISLE / DEPECHE MODE / OR PET SHOP BOYS or TOTO or ADELE (LOL!!) Or ROXETTE Or evem Vreid (who is like an amazing band to see and the more I discovered Vreid after seeing them play at Hellfest, and the Windir music the more I am in love with all these Sognametal stuffs LOL!!) ANNOUNCE THEIR DATES. LOL!!!!!

This is Vreid last month in Oslo, new song... very nice audience video, everything also very nice. LOL!!

Depeche Mode can retire now, I got Vreid as replacement LOL!!!

They can recycle the costumes LOL!!!

Vreid latest... woo hoooo

Simply a delight this Vreid is..

ooo I try to youtube DM from the 2010 tour when I got time.. very nice tour and songs I think?...

i still havent discover a more evil band in my life than this seriously...

If ever a band I would like to see headline Hellfest, Depeche Mode it will be.


Rafi said...

2016 banyak event best2 eh.dpt tgk maiden ngn king diamond pun jadi laa..

Kaemm Reutn said...

2015, 2016 mmg bes dlm dunia rockk

berteromber said...

Nasib baik Eltihad Stadium...kalau Old Trafford aku nak kirim fridge magnet....

D'arsil said...